get the tuba


Ok I know i’ve flipped out about The Vienna Horns playing Pirates of the Caribbean, but this…. IS FREAKING AWESOME (plus the faces he makes are very entertaining) (eyebrows)

The Instruments Arrested
  • Bassoon: neighbor reported maniacal bouts of laughter and crying
  • Oboe: stabbed someone in an alley with a reed knife
  • Flute: "poisoning" an enemy
  • Piccolo: practicing in their apartment at 2AM and refusing to stop
  • Clarinet: murder
  • Bass Clarinet: Public Indecency
  • Saxophone: streaking
  • Horn: drunken escapade that resulted in a tale never to be told again
  • Trumpet: wild house party that got out of hand
  • Trombone: suspicious activity
  • Euphonium: too good to get caught by the police
  • Tuba: drunken ranting
  • Percussion: loitering
  • Violin: had a mental breakdown in public- started screaming about aliens or something
  • Viola: doing something outlandish to get attention whilst unknowingly doing something illegal in the process
  • Cello: being too darned cute
  • Double Bass: an elaborate and convenient mistake in which they are mistaken for a serial killer and are then promptly released

my band direction is really adamant about replacing our contras with sousaphones but im just like????if I wanted to march a fucking steel hula hoop id go to some weak ass school with little weak ass tuba players who dont march the weight of an entire nations sins on their left shoulder