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Hi mama, I have a bad habit of rolling/bunching the tips of my hair into little balls and tearing them out. My hair's shoulder length so it's really easy, and even though it's just the very tips and the bunches of hair are really tiny (like a millimeter long/wide), it makes me get split end and I end up with bits of hair on the floor if I do it long enough. Do you have any suggestions for stopping the habit?

Go on stimtastic and other stim toy websites and look for the toys that look stringy or have hair on them and keep that around for pulling. That slime that looks like confusing styrofoam is also an option, you can do the same with the lil’ balls.

-Lou the Lobster

  • you: borderlines are manipulative
  • me, an intellectual and a borderline: as children, borderlines often do not receive adequate love, affection, and attention from people who are supposed to give exactly that (such as parents, but there can also be other sources). as a result, we crave it as older people and feel that we must do Extra in order to earn it because doing Enough when we were young still didnt result in a substantial amount of validation. however, because borderlines are often also put down, ceaselessly criticized, and even possibly bullied or abused/neglected as children, we feel we dont deserve the attention we end up getting so we split on ourselves and spiral into self hate. which leads into another thing people seem to forget: borderlines feel emotions in the extreme, meaning we are not being manipulative when you ask how we are and we answer "dramatically" because thats truly how we feel. we are being honest about how "extreme" we feel and how we need attention and love now to make up for childhood trauma; we are not innately manipulative.

tbh before I saw the movie Split, I was thinking it was going to be as problematic as a lot of people are making it out to be.

But,honestly, after seeing it,as a victim of trauma, I really liked it. The main character wasn’t evil. No. It is shown that there are evil parts to him,but he is a man being overtaken by a very,very severe case of Multiple Personality disorder.  Just my two cents. It didn’t strike me as outright being offensive unless you’ve literally never met someone with a mental disorder.


One thing I really love about Voltron: Legendary Defender is all the split screen scenes.  I love seeing all the characters reacting to the same situation, but having slight differences in their facial expressions.  It lets their individual personalities shine through!  That’s quality animation right there <3

can you imagine when isak and even get married (uhm, fight me???) and they adopt a daughter they’re at a restaurant eating with her once she’s little older and they’re all having a good time and suddenly their daughter’s like “ugh i have no more napkins” and some random boy from the table beside them overhears and is like “oh here have some of mine” and she’s just like “thank you” and it’s literally nothing but even is suddenly tense and he leans over to isak and very seriously and furiously whispers, “that boy is trying to seduce our daughter” and isak is like “??? even what” and even just keeps pushing like “isak we need to move tables” “even what are you saying” “he handed her a napkin” “even oh my god not this again not everyone is flirting when they hand someone else paper” “it worked with you didn’t it” “we are not moving tables even”



Systems against Split!

Hey guys; I’ve come up with an idea and I hope you’ll all like it! I could really use your help! :D

Jess struggles to be a focal point in her videos (which is what puts her off filming a lot) but I thought, with this Split film coming out, what an awesome time for systems to gather and valiantly fight against it together!

So, my plan is this:

If you’re happy to be filmed:
- Film no more than 30-60 seconds of you and why this film is a bad idea/how it will negatively stereotype DID
- Introduce yourself “my name is… and I have been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder” before you start :) (you can use pseudonyms if you prefer!)
- Taglines work great if you can think of any (i.e. “We are a real disorder, not a Hollywood myth”)

*Please ensure that you have an official diagnosis (this is so we can solemnly swear that everybody involved has it if we ever have to justify it’s not an act etc (you’d be surprised that we can get this a lot!))
*Please ensure there’s just one person on screen :D if your friend/partner wants to get involved, ask them to shoot themselves separately (it will look more powerful with more people speaking in separate takes!)
*Partners and friends are welcome too! “My name is… and my mother/friend/partner has DID”
*If you’d rather shoot anonymously, you can! Just use a teddy bear or a mask or a sign etc so the camera has something to look at! :) be as inventive as you’d like!
*By sending the video to us, you agree to be on our channel and give us this right to edit and post as such

If you’d like to take part, please attach your video to email and send to:

The deadline will be next weekend (14/01) so I can stick everything I have together and edit in time for the film coming out ^_^

Thank you to everybody who takes part! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here!

The thing that really gets me is that I try so hard to explain my symptoms, but people don’t listen. If I feel myself getting angry or splitting I say to people, “I’m getting really upset now but I know it’s not rational, it’s a symptom so please bear with me”, but they still get pissed off and shout at me like I’m the bad guy! Or if I tell someone, “I’m feeling really anxious about doing this thing and it makes me not want to do it” I get called weak and lazy!

Like people don’t care that I can’t always control BPD. They don’t care how hard I’m trying, or how well I’m dealing with things. They just see all my symptoms as evil.