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you only like hockey bc of tyler seguine

Okay you’ve caught me. Yup he’s the only reason why I like hockey. Really though you’re wrong. I got into hockey 6 years ago when my dad brought me to my first bruins game. Now if I do recall correctly Tyler seguin wasn’t in the league then was he, no he wasn’t so please do explain to me how he is the only reason I like hockey. I don’t watch hockey because of some hockey player who is good looking and yes I do think he is good looking but that doesn’t mean I’m some dumb puck slut. I watch hockey because I enjoy it. I enjoy watching them go out there every night and playing their hearts out for the sport they love and I love how there is so much passion in the game. I watch it for the talent, for the violence and for the dedication. They go out there and play not only to win for themselves but to win for the city because they love the city and want to make them proud. And no they don’t always play their best but even when they don’t boston is still behind them and cheering them on. It just gives them a reason to play harder in their next game. Seeing how much hockey truly means to these players is so amazing and it’s awesome seeing them play knowing that they’ve finally made it to their dream. Hockey is also much more than just a game to me. Hockey is an escape. When something in my life isn’t exactly going right hockey is always there for me to escape my problems even if its just for 3 hours. It’s nice to know that hockey will always be there. So please do tell me again that Tyler seguin is the only reason that I watch hockey because he’s not. I would still watch hockey even if he wasn’t in the league.

the boys at the parade. thanks everyone for taking pictures! (not stealing anyones pictures, just trying to put them all in one place! :))





Fer and Soupy



horty and the cutest baby alive!



chuk and seids (spirit animal!)

sheriff shane hnidy


cage-face kelly






timmy and Z

our leaders

tuukka and tyler



savvy, with his tounge out!

the last one was by far the best!!!!  let me know if i missed anyone!  thanks again for all the pictures guys!  history is made!

mission28sendoff = mission complete

doitfor91 = “91 we did it baby”

I feel like my heart has been ripped out by the Bruins. There has been way to much change and I do not like it one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the players that are coming to Boston. I’ll give them my full support and give them a warm welcome to Boston but I am deeply going to miss many of the players we have parted ways with. Honestly, my three favorite players have left this year and do you know how upsetting that is. To no longer have Seguin, or Ference or Horton. Not Peverley or Khudobin or even Button anymore. But Segs, Ferry and Horty were my three favorites and now all of them are gone. I don’t think that it is actually going to fully hit me until the season starts and those guys aren’t on the ice. It just really hurts and I know it probably sounds really pathetic but I don’t care. I’m too emotionally invested in sports but it’s too late now, I already care way too much and there is no changing it now. I’m just gonna keep getting hurt by Boston sports and I’m just going to have to accept it. 

Yup. So that sounded super pathetic but I don’t give a rat’s ass, it’s the truth. Some people have a person they love too much and I have hockey. My life is sad. 

This has been the worst couple of days.

The Bruins unfortunately couldn’t bring the cup home but I still love them no matter what. I am so proud of them. 

Ference is not returning next season or at least is a long shot for returning, I still have my hopes up for a miracle. 

Doc Rivers is gone. 

I am currently watching the arraignment of Aaron Hernandez. 

This week in Boston sports has not been a good one. 

Today such a terrible event transpired and I found out not too long ago that my cousin and his girlfriend were standing in between the two explosions….words honestly cannot describe how thankful I am that they are both home and safe. It’s so scary to think that if they had been standing a little more to their left or right things could’ve been so much worse, I don’t even want to think about it. I still can’t wrap my head around how someone could do this. I am sending all my love and prayers to anyone who needs it. I wish there was something that I could do to make this all just go away and have it never have happened. It’s so crazy to think that something like this could happen literally like 10-20 minutes from where I live. This day will forever be in our hearts.