get the drummer some


Tiny Hoarder is a Highschool band that consists of four members: Nick, the lead singer and the only one who uses his band status to get some tail.
Finnick, the chain smoking drummer who is super passionate about music and is in the band because of his love for it.
Honey, the guitarist who grew up with Nick and Finnick and loves the band because it got her her girlfriend (Winter)
And Flash whose the bass player (they very carefully plan when the bass is in their songs and there original work has long durations because of it).
If you asked they’ll tell you that Tiny Hoarder is a rock band but they’re sluts for a stage and audience and will sing whatever they have to to get a gig. 
They practice in Nick'a garage after school, surrounded by beer cans, ash trays, snack cakes, and scribbled on paper where they write down ideas for songs. 
They’d be mildly popular at school, considered talented burn outs. People on the bottom of the popular poll love them but most of the jocks and socalites enjoy their company in alcohol and parties. Nick MAY have a cheerleader secret girlfriend that’s undecided.
BUT THEN BUT THEN BUT THEN: Judith Laverne Hopps moves onto the street. A sweet, proper speaking, skirt wearing, straight A making, never took a sip of anything stronger than lemonade bunny who’s a musical prodigy, kicking TAIL on the violin and piano. AAAANNNNDDDD she has the voice of a freaking angel!
Nick hears her sing one day and thinks: “Damn she’s good.” Then imagines her in Tiny Hoarder and then realizes: “FUCK I WANT HER”


i don’t know why but i just started laughing because imagine batfamily + musician/rock band AU???? like…

  • Dick’s the hot singer that has all the fans (who, s2g, are “in it for his talented voice and not his hot ass”)
  • barbara as the technician/behind the scene producing, mastering, cleaning the vocals/tracks for the band (but she also produces her own stuff too under the dj name: oracle)
  • bruce is their manager who used to be part of a diff band (yes this is a reference to the JL) before going solo and then focusing on managing bands
  • damian is the drummer who gets way too much attention, in tim’s opinion. some ppl think he shouldn’t be in the band, because of his dad. some people love him because he’s such a lil punk.
  • jason’s the ex guitarist who had a tiff with their manager and ended up getting kicked out of the band (let’s just say he got into a rivalry with another musician and was pissed as hell his manager didn’t side with him)
  • jason’s now in a diff band with his good friends: kory and roy
  • tim’s the guitarist who replaces jason. he’s a good guitarist, but ppl keep comparing him to jason. dick likes him anyway.
  • cass is the bassist. nobody questions her skills whatsoever. everybody respects her. (you always respect the bassist, no matter what).
  • steph is their merch girl who goes on tour with them. she does back up vocals whenever needed for bab’s stuff and the band’s stuff. she’s so versatile that she’s practically done everything for the band: from back up rhythm guitar, back up vocals, etc. What hasn’t she done???

i don’t know why but this just came to me and i ended up headcanoning a bunch of things???

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Jen Sincero, ‘You Are a Badass’

Can you imagine what our world would be like if our biggest heroes succumbed to the perils of comparison? If the guys in Led Zeppelin compared themselves to Mozart? 

“’Dude, That guy’s huge! Way huger than we’ll ever be and he doesn’t even have a drummer! I think we should get rid of ours and add some harps while we’re at it.’”