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Riptide Ch.1

(author note: take heed imma about to break this fool)

It happened so fast that he wouldn’t be able to recall any details even if he was clear headed.
The fight, the fleeing, the planets destruction (don’t think about all those people you failed), the wormhole fracturing from the outside in (don’t think about everyone being lost to time itself), the searing pain of being ripped apart (don’t think about mamma…don’t think about mamma…)

Achilles was hit in the ankle and brought down…Lance just lost his entire leg…

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Oooh, yeah! Get ready as the park hosts the greatest wrestling event in all the land, and Mordecai AND Rigby become… a tag team? Just wait ‘till you see who else enters the squared circle, as Ryan Ferrier (Kennel Block Blues) and Regular Show series artist Laura Howell bring you the newest original graphic novel Regular Show: Wrasslesplosion!

When slacker park employees Mordecai and Rigby settle an argument with a backyard wrestling match, they suddenly find themselves transported to an all-wrestling dimension, where they’re forced to compete for the greatest championship in the land… or risk losing their souls! WELCOME TO POUND TOWN! 

When Mordecai and Rigby accidentally miss the biggest pro wrestling show of the year, their argument about who should have won turns into a backyard wrestling brawl … and sends them on a one-way journey to Pound Town, an all-wrestling dimension! Can the dudes work together to win tag-team championship gold and their freedom? Or will they be trapped forever in an endless tournament? Writer Ryan Ferrier (Kennel Block Blues, Secret Wars: Battleworld) teams up with artist Laura Howell (Regular Show, Angry Birds) for an epic wrasslin’ adventure. Also features a short story by Eddie Wright (Regular Show, Lake Imago) that introduces Mordecai to his washed-up wrestling hero!

Looks like back when I said the 2017 Special comic might be the last time we get a Regular Show story (or stories) I was wrong, that’s a relief. Above are 3 summaries of the upcoming 4th Regular Show Original Graphic Novel, following Vols. 1-3, which were HydrationNoir Means Noir, Buddy, and A Clash of Consoles, respectively. Coming out a little over a year after Volume 3, Wrasslesplosion releases June 28th. It’s listed as $14.99 but some other sites have it down a bit at the moment to around $10.

I knew about this volume before hand but I saw it in a list of results when I was searching for Regular Show stuff a month or so ago, I thought it was released already. Guess I’m late, maybe you guys already heard of it since it’s coming soon. I should research more often. In that case this is a reminder for anyone who knew.

It’s not over yet guys.

In honor of Thick as Thieves being released May 15th, Fuck Yeah Queen’s Thief has decided to host a Queen’s Thief Appreciation Week in the week leading up to the release of the new book!

Post your art, fanfiction, graphics, meta, videos, or whatever else to get the fandom all ready for the book (not that we need to be any more excited but hey if we’re all gonna be collectively losing our shit, might as well do something with all that energy). We will be tracking the tag “qtappreciationweek” so be sure to tag with that to ensure your posts get seen and reblogged!

And don’t worry, we will be posting reminders periodically just in case people forget/don’t see this/get a cold and die for a few days like I did.

SO without further ado, here are the themes for each day!

Day One (May 8) - Favorite Book
Day Two (May 9) - Favorite Character
Day Three (May 10) - Favorite Ship
Day Four (May 11) - Favorite Object
Day Five (May 12) - Favorite Minor Character
Day Six (May 13) - Favorite Myth/Folktale
Day Seven (May 14) - Free Day!


Can’t wait to see what everyone has planned!


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

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getting ready for another year of graphic design studies more like preparing for a funeral (but black is such a happy color indeed)

Part of the Persona fandom : Just let P4 protag go already… He’s suffered enough…

Yu : I’m having so much fun woohoo! Best anti-shadows method ever!


逆巻 シュウ 

Happy birthday @legalizetentacles ✧₊*