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Great Comet after credit scene because I am a fucking award winning writer

ANATOLE: [walking to leave for Petersburg]


Balaga: This is your stop, yes? Would you like to get out?

*Marya D has whip, Sonya has brass knuckles, Mary has a fucking gun*

Marya D: ….yes…

Sonya: Next time you don’t steal Natasha

Mary: *kisses her cross, also a fucking gun*

Marya D: But first… floor it

i headcanon miranda as someone who struggles with english, which further adds to how nervous she is during social interactions. i also think she’d have a heavy german accent.

this would further explain why marie is so comforting to her; he can speak english better than she can and helps her with words she doesn’t know how to say

legend has it even inspector howard link helped miranda improve her pronunciation during downtime on missions - no one can tell he has an accent except when he starts yelling at allen walker

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I had a dream that Joseph, robert, and Mary (also I was there but I was just a background character tbh) were all trapped in this alt universe and if they didn't get out they'd cease to exist, also Mary had another baby which, thankfully, didn't have blonde hair. At the end of the dream, they get out and Joseph realizes that it's unhealthy for Mary and he to continue their marriage, and it ends with them all sitting in this giant, stone ring in the middle of a lake on a stone platform

huh.. thats a little strange but also very interesting

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories are usually compiled together in publishing order, not chronologically, so sometimes Watson’s married and sometimes he’s only courting Mary (and sometimes her name isn’t even Mary, because Doyle’s stories are filled with continuity errors), but it’s kind of hard to tell sometimes, at least for me, where in the timeline the story is.

So in The Speckled Band, I didn’t immediately realize Watson was still living at 221B Baker St. with Holmes. The story opens with Holmes walking into Watson’s bedroom and waking him up at the crack of dawn, and for a few minutes all I could think was Mary just tapping her husband on the shoulder all, “John, dear, wake up, Sherlock broke into our bedroom again.”


Supernatural Parallels: Mary Winchester | Jo Harvelle

“I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old Dad”

Gif sources:
Mary [1] [2] [3]; Jo [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

if my life were a sitcom and i were the sitcom character i act like i am, i’d get all my gay friends to go to marie’s crisis and they’d all walk off with cute theatrefolk and i’d be left alone 12 cocktails in screlting ladies who lunch so it would be happy ending all around

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