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  • me: *writes in a tumblr grapholect easily recognized by most who use this hellsite*
  • them: I have no idea what a grapholect is. I am going to attempt to correct your grammar, because of this, when I'm not even using the same grapholect as you.
  • me: so ur a pretentious, ignorant, prescriptivist, ableist, piece of trash, i gotchu.

anonymous asked:

theres a youtube channel called Videos from Space which is just astronauts fucking around and showing you shit in space and theyre pretty fun to watch but anyway astronauts dont shower, they use water pouches and towels to essentially wipe themselves down its weird, but that image might be even funnier to imagine kepler doing lmao

here is how you wash your hair in space

i’ve been watching these videos for a very long time someone pls rescue me from the lure of seeing mundane operations being done in microgravity