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Korrasami/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover

(or: maybe just an elaborate excuse to draw abs)

I SAID I WAS GONNA DRAW IT tumblr this crossover is giving me a lot of feels~

softly spoken magic spells

Pairing: Jace/Alec (although any interaction mostly happens in Alec’s memories)

Rating: T

Summary: "Jocelyn had mentioned how ancient the tracking method’s supposed to be – old enough to be less precise than anything they use today, but it still doesn’t prepare him for how violent it is; how quickly it pulls him under before he gets the chance to stop it.“

Notes: This is mainly a character study and an exploration of the parabatai bond and of Alec’s feelings (both towards the bond and Jace himself). Based on 2x03, if you hadn’t guessed already.

Title: i promised myself i wouldn’t let you complete me
Rating: M
Warning: smut. cheating. angst. the list goes on.
Character: Eisuke Ichinomiya
Moment: Post-Main Story
Song: ghost
Summary: She was scared. She was so scared of the things Eisuke did and the way he made her feel that she ran. And now things are messier than ever and she still can’t stay away. She sends a silent apology to Takahiro and allows herself the delicious fall from grace.

Work goes slowly these days.

It’s always the same- waking up, leaving the employee dormitory, going through the motions of cleaning room after room, and the occasional conclusion of seeing Takahiro for a short while before retiring once more to the room she no longer feels is her own.

It’s coated with the same sense of predictability she once reveled in. She spent so many days craving her old lifestyle, and now that she has it, she isn’t so sure she knows what to do with it.

And god, is she tired. The fake smiles, the meaningless small talk, the constant pretending that she is okay with watching Eisuke from afar. It’s all an act and she isn’t sure she knows the script.

Not for the first time, she finds herself gazing at the man that could have been hers. The strong line of his shoulders, the soft tossle of his hair, the easy confidence that practically radiates from his tall frame- everything reminds her of how it felt to be with someone like him. And though he was demanding and cruel and so fantastically arrogant he was also more captivating than anyone else she had ever met.

But she was a coward and there was nothing she could do to change that. No matter how much her heart aches and relentlessly calls out for him, anything they could have been has passed like a hurricane that leaves wreckage in its wake.

Then he turns to get in the penthouse elevator, and for the first time in weeks, their eyes meet. Her breath catches and her heart is louder than the thunder that has been plaguing the hotel for days. There’s a heaviness in his gaze she’s never seen, she can’t place exactly what it is but she’s sure he’s never felt it before, and she wonders if she should read into that.

Abruptly, it’s gone, and the determination he gets when he’s planning is there instead. Even from this distance she can feel as his gaze sweeps over her face, to something behind her, and back to her own eyes. His lips tilt upwards in something resembling that infuriating smirk he wears proudly as warpaint, and she can feel her insides turn to jelly even as her suspicions skyrocket.

The elevator door closes far too soon for her liking. She could just look at him for days and never get bored- he is that enigmatic. She nearly moves towards him, a futile effort even before it begins, when she feels a familiar hand resting lightly on her shoulder.

Takahiro is smiling down at her, the boyish charm she fell for when she first began work at the Tres Spades ever present. She feels guilty for her reaction to Eisuke, reminding herself that she’s hardly being fair to her boyfriend.

“Are you free tonight?” He asks, casually taking some of the bedding she had been carrying from her grasp, ever the gentleman.

She gives him a grateful smile. “I believe so. What did you have in mind?”

He shrugged, and she follows as he works his way to the back room to deposit the bundle. “We haven’t had the chance to meet up this week. Would you want to grab some dinner after work?”

She nearly declines the offer, for no reason other than a sudden desire to be alone with her thoughts, when she shakes it off. She’s being ridiculous. She can’t keep pining after Eisuke. It’s not fair to anyone, especially Takahiro.

“Of course.”

Apparently her grin is convincing enough, as he tells her to meet him in the lobby just before six. He leans in to brush his lips faintly against her cheek, and she responds by squeezing his hand lightly in her own. She makes up an excuse about having to assist Chisato with something and she can’t help but feel like she’s running away.

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What are you, fifteen??

Couldn’t resist, got myself black lipstick and eyeliner with a star stamp. It’s my birthday next week and I’m only about twice the age I last wore such things so why not.

“…Take me back to the basics and the simple life
Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease
Your touch, my comfort, and my lullaby
Holdin’ on tight and sleepin’ at night…”

i doodled a sloppy kagehina partner assassins AU bc i needed it in my life

i cant draw guns so i just scribbled pls spare me

(kags is supposed to be a sniper and hinata a close combat specialist. i think kags would be a one bullet and done sort of assassin while hinata gets too excited and leaves things a little too messy for his partner’s taste and they end up bickering bc “now we have to clean this up, dumbass!!!11″)