get stronger without you

breathes in

stop!!! trying to!!! paint ushijima as some horrible person!! stop making him out to be the bad guy!!!

he’s literally a really nice (albeit blunt) young man who cares deeply for his team and strives to impress his dad. he takes pride in his school and in his team and would legitimately do anything for them.

ushijima is blunt and to the point. he doesn’t understand social cues. he doesn’t comprehend certain things you should and shouldn’t say and the most important thing: he just. doesn’t know how to phrase things right and it makes him sound rude to some people

“you went down the wrong path.”

that sentence is not insulting oikawa or anything abt him; it’s expressing that ushijima is frustrated over the fact that oikawa hurt himself so badly and was in so much suffering to do better, when shiratorizawa was the place ushijima feels oikawa would get the most out of. he’s frustrated that it lead to oikawa fucking his knee up so badly.

his thought process was basically like “if you had just come with me you could of gotten stronger without getting such an injury,” because ushijima hates to see oikawa suffering. coming to shiratorizawa was what ushijima thought was the best for oikawa and where he would thrive from. he’s literally not insulting anything or anyone.

he’s not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings and he wants to drive his point across but he just doesn’t know how. he’s not being mean.

stop putting oikawa on a pedestal to shoot ushijima down. oikawa has plenty of good traits and plenty of bad ones and trying to throw ushijima under the bus to make oikawa (and iwaoi in particular) seem better is just annoying. oikawa is a really good, sweet, hardworking, driven boy and you can see and we can appreciate him without all that bullshit.

just fucking stop and leave the kid alone he just wants to play volleyball it’s not like hes the antichrist

To Celebrate 200 Followers!!
  1. ”Who’s it’s possible that both of us took out the trash
  2. God, that woman pisses me off to no end!…but that’s why I want her 
  3. “I’m on middle of the fucking fight! Stop it!
  4. I’m gonna throw up, I hope that’s cool 
  5. Come on woman! 
  6. I broke two lower ribs, my stomach is full plum color.. Sleeping is kinda hard
  7. “Jump!”
    “Aim for the tree!”
  8. “Do you think this is a good idea?”
    “My honest opinion is that this is the worst idea I’ve gotten since going to college, but..”
  9. You broke me out of the prison for this? As grateful as I am for getting me down from that wall, I don’t think you want me messing with that
  10. The kid was around adults all day, he knew how to approach them easily. 
  11. Toni was uncomfortably leaning backwards  on her hands as Scott stitched the wound inches below where the sport bra ended.
  12.  I have a breathing fucking creature inside my stomach, if you want to talk to me, you better fucking speak nice to me.    
  13. “Did you eat my lasagne last night?”
    “I haven’t even seen you in weeks.”
    “That doesn’t mean you haven’t broken into my flat. Remember, I know you.”
  14.   did he just..? Tell me he didn’t just put foot through my door
  15.  “What’s happening with Tom?”
    “Oh it’s full war with him.”
  16. ”Are the knots too tight?”
    “I don’t care.”
    “Well they’re on you..”
  17. She got her ribs kicked in for this?!
  18. “You sure that this is good idea?”
    “This is an great idea, what are you even talking about?”
  19.  “Can I get you something stronger?”
    “What would you suggest, barkeep?”
    “Rum and coke, without rum of course.”
  20. She’s the type of person who will pull the trigger for you when you’re too weak to do this yourself
  21.  You couldn’t have choice the worst time to do that
  22.  She could barely move her toes without grimacing in pain.
  23. With a broken nose and a stitches on her cheek, she showed up at senior’s prom and started a fight
  24. “Who are you?”
    “I’m someone who the people you own money are afraid of.”
  25. “Was that a gunshot?”
    “Gunshots don’t echo, fireworks do.”
    “Was that yes or no to the gun”
  26. I think she grew up with at least one broken rib at any given time
  27. That’s a brave fucking kid
  28.  I stared down at my hands, as people walked past the stairs, laughing and talking to each others. I was starting to feel the pain on my knuckles.
  29. Charlotte lifted her hoodie over her head covering herself from the world and stuffed her hands into the front pockets of hers jeans hunching hers shoulders closer to hers body as if trying to be unnoticeable.
  30. The itching rope was rubbing against my wrists as I tried to yank the rope off, they had bound my legs from ankles and up my knees. Something was tied around my neck, it restrained me from moving, which was obviously doing it’s job right. 
  31. To family. What wouldn’t she do? She took the punches for her siblings, from fists of her father and words of so many who ever were relevant.
  32. “Don’t run!
    “But he’s staring right at me”
  33. You have to admit, she’s great at what she does.
  34. If they trap us, we have good 50 minutes before we could get help. So don’t mess up.
  35. She was the first one to reach there and she took the worst of it
  36. He tightened his grip on my arm again and dug his nails into my skin.
  37. Three of them all squished into the back seat of the car. 
  38. Tyler had my teel backpack on his shoulder, his big form looking ridiculous with such a color
  39. “You thought he was crazy and you decided to just sat down next to him?”
    “He’s an nice guy”
  40. “You can’t deny that this isn’t relaxing.”
    “We are in prison. Nothing relaxing about this”
  41. “We don’t speak about the accident, Dara!”
    “No, no, we do not talk about it! Only mention it several times and wait someone to snap at us!”
    “They will beat us down and yell until we tell them the secret behind the accident.”
  42. Joisie knew that smirk on Rosa’s face. It wasn’t even a smirk, it was just disturbing lift of her red painted lips as she marched through the dance floor.
  43. “What are you doing?“
    “Depends are you going to judge me  or not?“
    “It really depends if you’re cleaning blood off your shirt?”
  44. Her head hurt. Almost enough for her to put a bullet in her own head
  45. “Pretended to be my sister!”
    “Seriously, again? Who lies about having a sister to get a girl?”
  46. “This is going to hurt.“
    “To be honest, you’d done much”
  47. “If I one more time wake up with duct tape over my mouth, I will throw you out of the fucking balcony.”
    “It’s not my fault that you snore!” 
  48. “You could’ve called, Kurt.”
    “Is he home?”
    “Passed out cold mid-way up the stairs. 
  49. She can pass the polygraph easily, you know that.
  50. Following people isn’t nice, you know. 
  51. Someone came to clean up the place?
  52. “Can you contact him?”
    “It isn’t so easy..”
    “Can you or can you not?”
  53. “You look bit homeless there”
    “I am bit homeless, though” 
  54. My clothes weight so much because of this damn mud. 
  55. I can’t hold you, you fat bastard. Use your feet to climb
  56. Only you would ask somebody who you met for the first time to break you out of a damn prison
  57. She will kill you if that’s the only way to get him back
  58. You know what they called me. You know my reputation 
  59. “You didn’t actually kill him, did you?”
    “Well now, you really have to define killing and accidentally letting him die”
  60. Not answering the phone is not a new thing for her
  61. Should I apologize and kick you or not apologize and kick you.
  62. And once again we are on the starting point. Crying on the playground.
  63. I’m working on my anger issues and seeing you angers me the most, so stay the hell away
  64. I’m not saying we should worry, but we have no breaks and the bridge is ending.
  65. We have a lead. Well, it’s more of a stupid ass guess, but it’s somethin’
  66. “Where did you bury her?”
    “Lake Baika”
  67. “We have possible sighting of her in Waterfront Park, Seattle”
    “How sure?“
    “It’s her. It’s definitely her.”
  68. “Your name is James? But you’re a girl“
    “My father was in drugs when he decided it“
  69. Explain the blood
  70. I pulled the trigger, hoping that the bullet magically would turn around and kill me instead
  71. “I’m a graphic designer, not a firefighter!”
    “Nobody told you how to throw water to a fire?”
  72. who did you manage to fell asleep in the bathtub?
  73. You really have high tolerance of pain, don’t ya?
  74. “Does your shoulder hurt?”
    “I have a butcher knife sticking out of me! What the fuck do you think?!”
  75. It’s amazes me how you are willingly to put your body through everything only to hurt her
  76. “Will you dig me out if this collapses in?
  77. She slowly brought the spoon to her mouth, closing her eyes as the warm liquid touched her lips. It was like she was afraid to eat. 
  78. There was no sympathy in her words
  79. Her past flickered in her eyes, the torture and pain coming back in waves.  
  80. Have you eaten breakfast yet?
  81. If she hits someone again, she will get kicked out
  82. She might be in prison by then
  83. She threw her bag and the cigarettes on the backseat
  84. She laid on her bed, pouring last of the mashed up chips down her throat. Relaxing her arms and letting them slam down against the mattress. 
  85. She didn’t fight back, not against him.“
  86. Tell me that this is never going change”
    “But the truth is, this is going to change.
  87. I jumped to the couch, placing my leg on his lap. “Touch me.” I dramatically whispered, “I just shaved.” Isaiah laughed, pushing my legs away. 
  88. Ohhh, that ain’t good
  89. I don’t aim on being the sweetheart one
  90. I kept the helm of the dress up, as I ran towards Leo, grabbing him into one arm hug
  91. After I had kicked the ball to Gordon, a third leg intervened, tackling me to the ground. 
  92. His leg managed to connect left side of my face
  93. On second period, I dragged myself in my car and passed out in the backseat
  94. She and Diego did every single thing that a parents would do for their kids
  95. You still don’t seem to understand. She doesn’t care if she dies, and that’s a biggest problem for us
  96. I am parked outside your house, so get your ass out here or we’re gonna leave
  97. Okay, I just want to put you on mute right now
  98. My girl, you are crazy as hell
  99. Bennett leaned against the wall, staring down at my shoes as I nervously tapped it against the ground
  100. You do whatever you hate to do to save her
  101. “Don’t be an asshole this time, okay?”
    “If you mean the blood mojito thing, it wasn’t my fault –“
    “It was definitely your fault, so shut up.”
  102. She had her head over the sink, both doctors stapling her busted up head
  103. “Put a towel under your head so the sheets won’t be bloody.”
  104. The bandages around my torso constricted painfully as I drew in a deep breath, hoping the stitches wouldn’t tear. 
  105. It’s special if he choice you from 23 girls.”
    “Yes, or he might be a serial killer or creepy otherwise.”
    “Or like last time, it might be grandpa of one of our girls and you have to bring your medical past back up.”
  106. Okay, that was an aggressive door slam.
  107. ”Just a heads up, Eric’s looking for you”
    Of course he is.”
  108.  One week here, and she stabbed three of our staff members, landed seven patient into medical care.  
  109. She’s the best damn sniper in this base
  110. I mean let’s be honest. This isn’t exactly working. 
  111. You still believe in happy endings? 
  112. Both of them could see the silvery white scar, about a half an inch wide, midway down her rib cage. 
  113. Ronnie was regretting her idea of putting high heeled ankle boots as she struggled to keep up with Nikki, who was walking ahead, kicking the snow and sleet
  114. Half-finished cigarette stumps were scattered on the last step
  115. My job is to run in front of everyone and not to get killed. Simple
  116. I jumped around to keep the balance as I ripped my shoe off, chunking it away to corner.
  117. “Anslo is going to kill you”
    “Quite many people are going to kill me”
  118. “I don’t think you understand.. I’m not an angel. I kill people, I murder people.. it’s my work, my job is to kill.”
  119. “If you ever again hurt her, look at her bad way.. I will kick in your miserable little balls. I will show you how it feels like to be beaten by somebody how once said ‘I love you’ to you. I can make it to hurt..”
  120. ”You should get somebody who actually wants to help you”
    “I will buy you double”
  121. “Could you explain why you are even with him?”
    “Somebody’s gotta do it. I’m taking a bullet for everybody else”
  122. “How can you even sleep next to him?”
    “Well, the snarleks is paying off with other things”
    “I don’t wanna even know.”
  123. Hey Mikey! Your father wants you to phone!
  124. You want to play her game? Don’t. You don’t want to get into it, believe me.
  125. Drown on a fish pool asshole
  126. Apparently I’m only good at taking beatings
  127. “I trust her”
    “It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t trust herself.”
  128. Someone just proposed in our dorm. Anybody know who’s Marley
  129. The dwarf looked her with disgust
  130. “Do you think she will stay?”
    “Knowing her.. I think she will 
  131. “You were supposed to bring the ladder”
    “I did. The bike is the ladder.”
    “No! Bike is not a ladder.”
    “I hold it, you climb up the wall of amazement.” 
  132. She wouldn’t last much longer, both of them knew it. Her knees were going to give up soon
  133. She leaned her forehead against the wall, letting the cold water run down her back.  
  134. “The safe house in Casablanca has been compromised”
  135. He ran up the stairs of Pinehurst Avenue 
  136. On the back roads of Nebraska, custom made Harley left a dusty cloud behind as it roared down the gravel route. 
  137. “I got inspired by genius but insane dictator Adolf Hitler, and got six.”
    “I can’t possibly imagine what word you got.”
  138. Lee can’t stop laughing, so I already have thoughts about this.
  139. “Question is, would I lie to you?”
    “She totally would.”
  140. I once had to dive out of my girlfriend’s window because his father tried to chop me in half with an axe
  141. Whatever she says, you do and you follow her 
  142. Don’t get into a fucking knife fight
  143. “Do you want me to do it?”
    “Are you sure? Hundred present sure? I have great change of breaking his neck”
  144. I just need to you are  alright, call me back.
  145. I may be getting way too old for this
  146. “I have to… go.. Need to shower my.. cat”
    “She doesn’t want to talk you assbag, go along”
  147. “Shut up, you don’t have option in this. Take the fucking leather tie off and don’t do anything stupid.”
  148. “Yeah, give her a reason to trust you even less!”
    “It’s not my fault that she can’t trust anybody!”
    “No, it’s exactly people like you why she can’t do that anymore.”
  149. You can’t just keep hitting everything you see 
  150. “You look like..”
    “Mess? I’m aware”
  151. You just fucked up our dinner!
  152. “What are you –?”
    “My father was one of the nutcases that were obsessed with zombie outbreak. Turns out that fucker was right.”
  153. Let the man in before he breaks my doorbell
  154. “I’m going to stay out of it this time. My old man is going to send me in Chicago if I get expelled one more time.”
    “What’s in Chicago?”
    “Not him.”
  155. I hold my books up against his chest, to keep his face coming even inch closer. 
  156. “Don’t be childish!”
    “What does that even mean?”
  157. If you haven’t noticed, huge part of my leg is in the desert in Afghanistan
  158. Charles had never understood her, but he had accepted that he couldn’t  
  159. John poured half bottle of vodka on me
  160. “He’s passed out in very weird position in the bathroom.”
  161. Stop slapping me with rings on! It h.u.r.t.s!
  162. Stop asking me to be your girlfriend! 
  163. Help me get off these stupid boyshorts.
  164. I can’t feel my thighs 
  165. Do you know how much replacing doors cost? Windows are also so fucking expensive.
  166. just remember personal space with her and you will be alright
  167. “You are so needy right now”
    “I’m aware”
  168. the game of ‘don’t touch the jellyfish’ is more painful than I thought
  169. there’s no people in 10 miles and I managed to run into a maniac
  170. “Do I have to?”
    “Sooner or later.”
    “Well I’m sure she’s willing to tell everything to you.”
  171. Do you think I can swallow the charge cord?
  172. “Do we have a ladder?”
    “If you’re trying to take the perfect photo of Empire State Building in our roof. No, we do not own a ladder.”
    “I just want to take the poster down from the ceiling.”
  173. “Are you and - ?”
    “Jackson. We are roommates.”
  174. “It’s landlord!”
    “Okay, we practiced this! Go, go!”
  175. yeah, you tried to drink beer out of you eye, it was quite amusing to look actually 
  176. Who did you run into a gun wielding gang within a two minutes entering here?
  177. “That’s not smart!”
    “I’m not trying to be smart!”
  178. “He has slight problems”
    “I mean, we can discuss this whole night but”
  179. “When’s the last time you ate? And I mean real food.”
    “I had those ribs two days ago at your house”
  180. She has friends in high places, that’s why she has the job
  181. “How’s she alive?”
    “I’ve been asking that since she was born”
  182. “Does she have TV in there?”
    “Had. But her idea of shutting it off was to shoot it, so”
  183. “Go low!”
    “Low? What do you mean low? Stop confusing me!”
  184. You wrapped pizza box.. most amazing birthday present ever 
  185. “You mind if I crash here?”
  186. He uses fancy words that I don’t understand
  187. “Is your hair still green?”
    “I don’t think my mother really wants to me to ruin my hair again”
  188. Just pull your hood up. 
  189. You are same age now that your mother got you, she may not be worried but I am! 
  190. Your father looks like bodybuilding Santa. It’s quite attractive 
  191. “I know nobody here. What I’m going to do?”
    “Blend in.”
  192. Can you stop hanging out alone in the bathrooms when we are in parties? 
  193. What we discussed about the B-word?
  194. “So he can call you bitch but I can’t?”
    “You already call me slut. Easy with the insults okay?”
  195. “Why do you have a shirt with my face in it?”
    “You’re my best friend”
  196. “What’s wrong with you?”
    “I have kind of fucked up nerve ends”
  197. I got no fucking gun!
  198. What does under control mean to you? Because you have bazooka in your hands and I don’t think it’s safety to blast it inside the house  
  199. “You’re dating a firefighter?”
    “Well dating is a strong term to use”
  200. It’s like you don’t even know how much I love you

anonymous asked:

I dropped out of college after I was raped. It was very violent and bc I left for 2 weeks after it happened people didn't really believe me when they couldn't hear the coarseness of my voice and see the strangely distinct finger marks and bruising on my neck. I couldn't concentrate, I was terrified to shower, I started sleeping during the day & staying awake all night so I'd always be around other people. Forgiving our rapists doesn't help anything. They don't deserve any more of us. Fuck that.

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

I’m so sorry.  As you know you are experiencing PTSD and if they are telling you to forgive your rapist it’s obvious you have poor support services around you.

“Forgive your rapist” is a patriarchal religious means to handle the problem. In sour society all the adjustment in on your side, because they wouldn’t dream of tackling patriarchy or the rape culture; that’s impossible. I’m 30 years and still hate him every day in my sole for the damage and what it took for me.

This is why - the answer is for you to channel all that anger/depression into activism.  Your role in life now is to become the next greatest sexual assault advocate that the 21st century every saw.

First, I need you also to get off of anon and make a lavender blog.  You need an a place where only you and lavender sisters discuss things and you have a fictitious writer name.

Second, You need to really educate yourself about everything.  Feminism, patriarchy misogyny, your activists role models, panic-attacks, PTSD.

The most important thing my therapist told me was if I was smart enough to make it to college, I was smart enough to figure out my own health.

You have to take what patriarchy has learned, psychology, sociology, medicine, and then leave it at the door when you know it’s wrong and make it better.

What type of activist you become from a therapist, SART nurse, artist, musician to the next state senator or like me an internet magazine, will be where your talents and anger take you.

Right now, you need to write and write and write and write. 

Your energy is stuck, angry and unorganized and as you write and write your voice will appear and get stronger and stronger.  You start to challenge people because you know without a shred of doubt that you are in the right and know exactly what you want.  

Third, you need to develop a music mood mgmt system that works for you.  

Girl’s Run the World & Formation are excellent songs to put on those ear buds and either go on a punching the air walk/run or dance hardcore until you feel de-escaled enough to mediate in a warm lavender bath.

Overall you have to become an expert in channeling all that energy into the best dam sexual assault advocate that every was born.  

This will be your greatest challenge and success you face, turning those lemons into lemonade.
Behind the Bookshelves, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Ever wondered what Ron and Hermione would be doing while Harry was spending his blissful afternoons with Ginny? Maybe, Ron wasn’t complaining very much. Maybe it gave them the time they needed to untangle their feelings?

Genre: Romance

Rating: T (Brace yourself for Ron’s language and thoughts, rest is safe)
Words: 6.6K
Era: 6th Year Hogwarts (Post Ron’s 17th birthday)

A/n: This story is a personalized gift for one of my internet besties and beta @callieskye . She loves sixth year Ron, Romione and fluff, so expect all of those in here. Additionally, as this story is a surprise for her, she hasn’t beta-read it (yet). Errors, if any, are all mine. Special thanks to another dearie @jenn582 for providing her valuable inputs. Happy Reading! A review will be highly appreciated.

(edit: Yay, she proofread and made it all shiny!)

PS: I have never written anything so fluffy, so if it causes diabetes, blame @callieskye :P

“Did ya see that coming?” Ron indicated vaguely at a couple in the distance. Hermione glanced up briefly from the book she was absorbed in, responding leisurely, only after completing the paragraph she was reading.

“For a while now, yes. Didn’t you?”

Ron looked away from the tree that was partly obscuring his view of a raven head, that was far too close to a glorious red one. Exhaling softly, he lay back on the grass, arms tucked under his head.

“I guess, I just assumed she’d have outgrown her crush by now,” he admitted.

“Not all of us outgrow our crushes, Ron. Sometimes the feelings remain, get stronger even-”, she shrugged without taking her eyes off her book, “-you just learn to mask it better,” she added casually, and he stopped trying to figure out what his sister and best mate were doing and turned sideways to watch her instead.

Was she saying..? Did that mean… Could she have-? Nah, he had messed it up horribly, he was sure. But then…

Ron watched the petite girl sitting on an old Gryffindor bedspread; a couple of books lay next to her while she held one on her lap. Her soft blush could have been due to the sun, but it was a pleasant spring afternoon; in fact, there was still a fair bit of chill in the air. Moreover, she was hidden in the shade of the enormous oak tree under which they sat.

With his heartbeat picking up a little, he watched as she paused and pretended to be engrossed in the book again – pretended for sure- he had known her long enough to know she wasn’t reading anymore.

“Perhaps Ginny dated other guys only because she got tired of waiting for Harry to notice.” Her voice was so soft that he had to wonder if she wanted him to hear her at all.

“How could Harry not notice? She was right there in front of him all this time.”

The irony of his words struck him hard and he averted his eyes sheepishly before being drawn to the sound of her soft laughter. Merlin, he had missed that sound and more than that, missed making her laugh.

She shook her head as she chuckled, the curly ponytail swinging enticingly as he watched mesmerised. It took him a minute to realise that he was grinning like a dork and adjusted his expression quickly. Hermione finally snapped the huge volume shut and placed it next to her, hopefully, to give him her full attention.

“You know, Ron, boys can be idiots.” she observed playfully, mirth reflecting in those pools which Ron realised he had been gazing at for a while now. Once again, he looked away quickly, ears embarrassingly red.

“I have to agree with that,” he confessed trying his best to rub the redness of his neck away. But by then his eyes found something new: Hermione’s hand was on her book, tracing the odd Rune symbols on the cover.

It was absolutely barmy the way she made him feel. In the past, he would have assumed that he was just a horny, female-companionship-deprived teenager. But he’d had his fair share of ‘companionship’ in the last few months, however, nothing, not even those intense snogging sessions with Lavender, compared to how he felt around her. His heart ached for Hermione in that delicious sort of way that made his brain go all fuzzy. And it happened all the time- even during the most mundane moments like when she was in class busy taking notes or during dinner when she sat next to him, reading while she ate. It even happened when she was not around him at all. He was not a confused fourteen-year-old anymore, and knew well enough what his feelings for her were. Unfortunately, a six-feet-three-inches tall, seventeen-year-old ginger moron called Ronald Weasley had gloriously fucked up his chances with this girl.

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         HAPPY FURUMIYU DAY! [½] °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

The Souvenir - some Gladion x Moon fanfic

Okay so i had this idea for a long time, and since i couldnt find a writer to do it, i wrote myself.

My english sucks and im not a good writer so im very sorry if your eyes bleed after this.its also very short, but i hope you dont die of disgust. Lol. Here it goes:


The weather in the Alola region had always been hot, thats not a surprise to anyone. But this day was one of the hottest day on Alola, and Gladion wasnt content with it at all.

He had been sitting under the shadow of a tree all day, trying to avoid the roasting day.

The fact that his outfit was all black didnt help a bit.

So there he was, nearly dying under a tree, when suddenly he saw a blurry figure aproaching him. When it became clear enough he realized it was Hau.

Hau stopped just in time, and standed in front of him.

-“ Hey friend! Look at what Moon gave me!” - The boy was excitedly showing him some rare tiki figure he had never seen - “ Isnt she just the best? These are souvenirs from Akala Island! They are really pretty but really expensive too. I cant believe she got me one! She also sent one to Lillie, i think”-.

Gladion quickly examinated the object before muttering an “Hmph” and return to his initial position.

The tikki wasnt anything special,he concluded. But why was he feeling so…. empty?

He wasnt feeling bad because she hadnt got him one, it just couldnt be. He had stated they werent friends in the past, so there wasnt any reason she would get him one . Hau and Lillie were her friends, he wasnt.

But, deep in his heart, he wished there were. He wished they could be friends. Even more.

The blonde blushed at the least thought. Were did that had come from? There was no possiblity of that happening. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day.

-“No possibility..”- He whispered to himself with a tone full of sadness in his voice.

Later that day, during the evening, he went for a walk trough Iki Town. The sun was setting, so it wasnt so hot anymore, but the characteristic alola warm remained.

The purpose of the walk was taking that stupid tiki of his head. Why would it matter if she hadnt got him one? It didnt mean anything. They werent anything.

- “Ugh! Why am i feeling like this? This isnt supposed to be how i should feel! We are rivals, nothing more”- He growled.

Finally, the boy let out a sigh - “ But i wanna be more…”- He said to no one.

 When Gladion turned to go back, he bumped into someone.

“ Oh, im very sorry! ” - Said the voice - “ Let me- Gladion?”-.

Of all the people he could have bumped into, it just had to be her,he meaning of his mentan crisis: Moon.

Solgaleo had to be playing a joke on him.

-“Wow! Long time no see, eh?”-. Moon let out with that beautiful smile of hers. Wait, beautiful? When had he started to asimilate those kind of adjetives with her?

-“ Humph, thats a lie ” - He answered - “ We saw each other last week”.

The girl giggled - “Well thats a lot for me,silly. Friends are supposed to see each other more often, dont you think?”.

Friends? Did she really considered him a friend? But how? The only he had done for her was battle her without reason, and drag her into his family mess. He even stated they werent friends! So how-

Moon noticed the look on his face and continued - “I know you dont consider us friends, but you are special to me, you know? You helped me improve, get stronger, become a better person. I wouldnt be where i am without you - She took a bit of breath - “I guess what im trying to say is… thank you ”-.

The champion of Alola grabbed his hand and put something into it. It was a tiki. The same souvenir Hau had showed him before

Gladion wasnt the best at expressing himself, that was a fact,so he did the best he could: He hugged her. With that action he was letting her know all the happiness she had brought into his life,one he had been seeking for so long.

The hug lasted what it felt like hours, until they finally broke it.

- “Um” - Moon was so red she would had been confused with a Magby -“ I- i have to go. Promised my mum i would help her with dinner. Alola! - And before he could say something, she was gone.

He couldnt feel more… alive. He had a friend. The first person he could entirely trust with his heart, and he was happy to say it was her.

Gladion looked at the tiki one more time, and blushed.

-"Some day, maybe even more…”-.

On Top

Imagine: Being dominant with Dean for the first time


A/N: WARNING! this is my first smutty smut, so PLEASE LET ME BE WITH MY MISTAKES.

You’ve just gotten back from a hunt with the Winchesters. They’ve taken you under their wing over a year ago─jumping into your hunt out of nowhere. You and Sam were both psychics, Azazel both killed your mothers. After finding out on how your mother died, you did some research and found the world of supernatural and hunters, becoming a hunter─Just like the Winchesters.

You love the boys but they can be annoying as hell at times. You always saw Sam to be the big brother you never had, always close and told each other everything. Where as with Dean, it was different. You both knew something was between you two and at the beginning had a tough time actually processing what was happening. The both of you afraid to fall for the other and soon lose them. Finally one of you broke the wall in between you two. Expressing their feelings for the other, both of you poured out what you both felt and knowing it may not work; you gave it a try. The past five months with Dean were the best five months in your life really. You never thought someone could love you or care for you this much; made you feel wanted in this world.

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Daddy Final Chapter

Daddy final chapter!

Later that day you were extremely nervous when Nick showed up at your house.

After twenty minutes of screaming, you tried to hear what your boyfriend was saying to you.

“Y/N, hear me out, that dude was never good for you, I was here to protect you, I’ve been here for you even before you went to Moscow, I was always here for you. Everything I did was because I love you and I always wanted you to be mine, please babe, try to understand, I just anticipated the inevitable, he would leave you anyway, I just gave a little help on that.”

You were fuming when you finally threw the guy out of your house, how could he say that he loved you and be with you for almost three years based on a lie?

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anonymous asked:

Hey ! Can you do a scenario with aomine+kagami where their crush plays basketball and is jealous of them ? Pretty please :)

Aomine Daiki: Aomine never goes easy on anyone in basketball, considering the sport was something he valued above all, and you’re always furious at the end of one-on-one matches with him for that reason.

“Daiki, you’re my boyfriend.” You scowl. “Go easy on me for once, will you?”

“Che. Why should I have to do that?” He replies, spinning the ball on his finger before casually flicking it up into the hoop. “You wanna beat me at basketball? Get good.”

“Asshole.” You look away from his shameless showing-off with an irritated huff. It was true - the only way you were ever going to stand a chance against him was to improve your own skills, not moping about in your own jealousy. “I’ll definitely beat you someday, okay?" 

Aomine grins. “That’s more like it.”

Kagami Taiga: “Kagami-kun, congratulations on winning your game!” You’re waiting for him outside of the Seirin locker room, and he breaks out in a goofy grin as he spots you.

"Yeah, thanks! We had it pretty rough during the first quart -” He breaks off, frowning. “Wait, I should’ve asked this straight away - how did your game go?”

You wince mentally, having hoped to avoid the topic of your own basketball game by talking about his. 
“We lost,” You admit dejectedly with a sigh. “Pretty badly. 104 to 70. They were too good.”

“That’s…too bad.” Kagami pats you comfortingly on the shoulder. “I know your team is strong too. You’ll just have to try harder next time, right?" 

"Yeah.” You reply, not really meaning it. “But I wish I was as strong as you, Kagami-kun. If I had even an ounce of your stamina or speed - or even your jumping power - I’m sure I would’ve been able to turn that game around.”

His brows furrow a second time, but for a different reason. 
“Hey,” He stops in his tracks to look at you, and you glance at the ground in embarrassment. “Don’t say stuff like that, _____. You’ll get stronger, without having to rely on me or anyone else. I know you will.” 

You can’t help the smile that flickers across your lips. 

fantasticalfascination  asked:

I have trouble with actually seeing my weight on a scale. On the one hand, if I look at it, I'll want to look at it every single day, and that's not healthy, and it winds up discouraging me. On the other hand, if I don't look at it, I can't see that my weight is changing, and I don't think I'm making any progress, and it winds up discouraging me. I want to know my weight, but I don't know what a good interval would be so I don't obsess or get discouraged. What would you suggest?

One of the main problems with fitness culture is that we place such importance on weight. Weight loss is so often seen as the primary measurement of progress and success. Hell, it’s the entire reason why so many people become actively engaged in exercise and “healthy” eating habits. Everywhere we turn, we’re outright told by diet commercials and training programs that being unable to lose weight is the ultimate form of failure.

But that’s just not true.

Remember that weight is not synonymous with progress - You can make huge strides in your abilities and training without ever losing a pound. You can get faster, stronger, healthier and happier while never seeing your weight budge.  

So often, the best thing that you can do for yourself is start looking towards non-scale victories: Try to shave 20 seconds off of your mile time. Try to add another 10 pounds to your deadlift. Try to cook that new recipe without burning anything. When you accomplish these things, it’s going to feel so good. These goals aren’t based on appearance, they’re based on how awesome your body is and the amazing things that you can do with it. That’s not something that can be taken away from you.

The sheer experience of living well should be enjoyable and rewarding in itself. I don’t expect you to completely stop weighing yourself, but I can say that it’ll be much easier to forgo the weighing ritual once you have other goals to work towards. Plan out new things to work towards and, with time, weight won’t be the most important thing on your mind. You’ll feel pride and happiness in terms of what you’ve accomplished, rather than feeling anxiety towards how your weight might have been affected.

Good luck!

anonymous asked:

Why is it important to have a strong sense of who you are?

To help you have confidence in this world. It’s important to not hesitate when speaking your mind or about yourself whether it be at a job interview, standing up for yourself or something you believe in, or in a relationship.

I think it helps you feel good about yourself because when someone tries to insult you, you can literally just laugh it off. You know what you are about and what you want so when they’re absolutely wrong about you, it doesn’t change anything in your world. Knowing who you are just makes you a stronger candidate for getting through life without much damage being done to you by others and I hope everyone will discover themselves and keep rediscovering themselves.

Reactive vs. Proactive

When you’re trying to unlearn a habit, you can’t just rely on your urges as a guide. In fact, your goal is to not have urges in the first place. So why would you wait for the urge first to test out your replacement habits? Nope, that makes no sense.

Instead of reactively trying to train yourself to reach for your tangle toy whenever you have the urge to pick, you need to proactively instill new habits so that you won’t have the urge to pick. I’ve been playing with my tangle toy constantly, to retrain my muscles and senses to adjust to this new sensation instead of craving the old one.

You can’t tell yourself, the next time I’m craving cookies I will eat an apple instead. Hell no, that would never work. You want a fucking cookie. Instead, you eat an apple around 8 pm so that by the time your usual cravings kick in at 8:30, you’re already full. You don’t go to the gym late at night when you’re depressed and can’t sleep. You go to the gym during the day so that you won’t be depressed. Going to the gym gets your endorphins going, it prevents the depression from setting in. No one wants to go to the gym after the depression has set in.

When you’re having anxiety (or in my case, anger and rage), you can’t think about anything else but picking. You can squeeze a stress ball, but you’re just delaying the inevitable. You still want to pick, and you’re still GOING to pick until that sensation is satisfied.

You need to start getting out that frozen bag of peas and sitting on the kitchen counter with your feet in the sink, and squeezing them through a tiny hole as if it’s a homework assignment. As if your life depended on it. Because honestly, it does, doesn’t it? That bag of frozen peas is what’s keeping you sane, it’s giving you hope, it’s muscle training.

You lift 10 pound dumbbells this week so that 3 weeks from now you’ll be able to lift 15 pound dumbbells, right? So you buy 10 bags of frozen peas this week and squeeze through all of them so that 3 weeks from now, one month from now, your fingers will be trained to squeeze peas instead of squeeze zits.

Every time you make it through an urge without picking, you get stronger. And every time you train your muscles to do something else, you’re helping untrain them to pick.

Bleach's most hardcore fighters argue about who loves fighting the MOST

As requested by anon. :)

This is serious business. Who in Bleach loves fighting the most?

Kenpachi: Hello!

Kenpachi: Captain of Squad 11 here!

Kenpachi: AKA, the strongest squad that loves fighting the most!

Kenpachi: I laugh while I’m fighting!

Kenpachi: I laugh while my nose gets sliced in two, while swords get plunged into my chest!

Kenpachi: I wear an eyepatch to suppress my spiritual pressure just so the fighting can go on LONGER!

Kenpachi: I defy ANYONE to claim that they love fighting more than me!

Nnoitra: I remember fighting you.

Nnoitra: You wanted the fight to end BEFORE I was dead.

Nnoitra: And you claim to love fighting the most?

Nnoitra: Don’t make me laugh.

Nnoitra: Any guy who’s unwilling to take the fight to its logical conclusion can’t claim to love fighting!

Unohana: I killed many, many people.

Unohana: I founded Squad 11.

Unohana: I was out killing people and reveling in violence before it was cool. 

Nnoitra: Yeah but now you just sit around in Squad 4 healing people.

Nnoitra: Like a fucking loser!

Unohana: I just recently fought to the death, you know.

Nnoitra: Ooooh one fight in a thousand years! How violent of you!

Unohana: You don’t want to take that tone with me.

Nnoitra: Like I could be intimidated by a WOMEN!

Grimmjow: ENOUGH with the pointless arguing!

Grimmjow: Look, if you love fighting so much, Unohana, you wouldn’t have stopped. And if you loved fighting, Nnoitra, then you wouldn’t sit around in Hueco Mundo waiting for fights to come to you!

Grimmjow: You know what *I* do when I want a fight? I break into the human world and fucking find one!

Grimmjow: Rules be damned! Number of arms be damned!

Grimmjow: That’s a true love of fighting, right there!

Kenpachi: Hey I once hunted Ichigo for like 15 episodes.

Grimmjow: Yeah, in Soul Society. When you’d been ordered to.

Grimmjow: Don’t even try to make that sound cool!

Ikkaku: Hey! Don’t you dare malign the captain!

Ikkaku: Even though I think I love fighting more than him. Or anyone.

Kenpachi: Say what now?

Ikkaku: No offense captain, but come on!

Ikkaku: You just learned the name of your zanpakuto! You’ve been holding yourself back for years!

Ikkaku: I think somebody who really loved fighting would throw themselves into it, body and soul, doing whatever it took to get stronger, without holding back!

Kenpachi: Yeah and if that was you, you’d have a bankai, wouldn’t you?


Ikkaku: Or I could bow out of this fight.

Ichigo: Uh

Ichigo: I don’t really feel like arguing, but I’m probably the guy who likes fighting the most.

Ichigo: All of you are shinigami or espada. Guys who fight as part of their career.

Ichigo: I’m just some human who picked up a sword and never put it down. Just kept throwing myself into fights again and again just ‘cause I wanted to get stronger.

Ichigo: So yeah. I think I should win here.

Kenpachi: You know, there’s probably a way to decide this.

Nnoitra: Without all this stupid talking.

Unohana: I have no objections.

Grimmjow: You won’t see me turning away from a brawl.

Ikkaku: I’m back in after all!


Ichigo: I have a bad feeling about -


take-me-when-you-g0  asked:

Dyrus I just got dumped by a girl who I loved and dated for 3 and a half years. Please tell me something that will make me feel better. Even just saying hi will help.

I’m sure you’ll find someone else who comes a long. It’s painful but you can’t get stronger without it.

Just like all the fangirls who have their hearts broken because I’m already taken currently, and unfortunately i’m not a terrible toxic boyfriend who treats his girl badly so I won’t be breaking up anytime soon.

On the bright side fans like you or me will get excited when their idol answers or msg them which makes us all feel happy so like all of us here, I’m sure you will find someone else who comes along.

assuming ur below 30 years old because I ain’t old enough to tell yet. I’m still a kid, if you want grown up advice I can suggest you to my dad who was with a 21 year old girl when he was 40 and fat. that’s just how smooth he is.

glhf with life

One of the things bothering me about people attacking Tony for his reaction when he found out about Bucky

Is that I keep seeing “He should have reacted differently.”

Ohh hohohohoh young ones.

Those angry gaping wounds?

Those festering sores?

They don’t go away when you get older.

The longer you go without answers, resolution?

The stronger the pain grows. It might even swallow you whole.

People compare Black Panther’s reaction and immediate forgiveness

But this has happened in a matter of days and that makes it so much easier.

Because what he was searching for WASN’T REVENGE. It was RESOLUTION. It was understanding a sudden, violent, and meaningless event that took something very precious from him.

He wasn’t dealing with a festering pus-filled wound, 20 years old, filled with self-blame and guilt and desires that can never come to fruition.

Young ones. Getting older makes ALL the shit worse, so deal with it now.

And understand Tony. I definitely do. There are people I would kill today that I might have only punched at the time. Time changes things.

Under My Skin (Part 2 to Oh Fight Me)

Written by: mypatronusiswadewilson

Word count: 1420

Read Part 1 here

Kylo Ren x Reader

Reader Gender: Female, again, it it mostly neutral through the whole thing tbh

Summary: Some have said that the definition of a soulmate is someone who can push ALL of your buttons, the good and the bad. Well, let’s just say the bad buttons are smashed first for both you and Kylo. That is, until a couple of good buttons get hit in the process.

I’ve made the reader a bit of a sarcastic asshat, but then again, how many of us aren’t?

Warnings: None that I can think of? Some mild language, but if someone notices something please message me and I’ll put it in.

(Also, I would recommend listening to Control by Puddle of Mudd while listening to this, kinda goes along with the plot line, minus the sex. That’ll probably come later ;).)

Hope you enjoy!


The next few weeks aboard the First Order’s colossal ship felt like years to you. You had been moved to a stronger holding cell once Kylo and yourself discovered your abilities, one where Klyo Ren could keep you pressed under his observational thumb at nearly all times. Each day began with your waking to his cloaked figure leaning against the steel wall, glaring at you beneath his mask. Each day you greeted him with another smart-assy remark that got under his skin. Your favorites were “Dark Prince of Gloominess”, “Sir Scowls-a-Lot”, and the ever sarcastic “Master Solo”. To be honest, you enjoyed pressing all of his buttons until he exploded in a temper tantrum. Granted, a few of those bursts of anger nearly left you without an arm, but they were never close enough that you couldn’t get out of the way.

This fact always seemed to baffle you. Why keep you alive like some sort of circus animal? You knew he wanted an apprentice desperately, as if it was some sort of stepping stone to prove how much of a Sith he truly was, but why go through this much trouble? You guessed it was the occasional reward he got when he could set your teeth on edge instead of vice versa.

Every time you would act your usual defiant self and refuse to listen to his vigorous teachings, he would pry another painful memory from the recesses of your mind; the emotions and imagery feeling exactly the same as when you first witnessed it. He would grin mischievously as he forced you to relive the heartbreaking moments again and again until so much anger welled up inside of you that you managed to throw him backwards like you did the first time you were interrogated. Each time you did so he would laugh haughtily, knowing that your doing so was stepping you closer and closer to the Dark Side.

“Good, Y/N, use your anger. Use your hate. Let it be the fire that drives you forward into victory,” he had smirked.

“Go to hell,” you had spat.

Soon enough, a whole month passed by and you were getting stronger. Now you could move things without being heavily provoked by Kylo Ren, and you only listened when he told you to call a glass of water or a fork to you because you hoped it would mean you would be left alone. It didn’t.

The old wounds from your initial interrogation had become scars that only reminded you of what got you here in the first place. Damn General Organa. Couldn’t she see that her son was long gone from the light? And why had nobody been sent to rescue you? These questions only made you angrier, which fueled both your control of the force, and your sarcastic tongue.

Today, Kylo stood in a corner with his arms crossed over his chest, his mask set neatly on the bolted down, metal table in the center of the room. He seemed mildly bored with your progress, wanting to push you further and perhaps get you to lash out. To be brutally honest, he didn’t understand his fascination with you. He played it off as wanting you as an apprentice, but there was something deeper than that. Yeah, you annoyed the living hell out of him, and you made him want to burn down a thousand villages, but part of it was kind of an itch he couldn’t scratch on his own. You did it perfectly, and he didn’t know if he liked it or not.

“You can stop now. It’s time for your dueling practice,” he said, interrupting your concentration on the three steel balls you were rotating in circles around each other midair, causing them to hit the floor with a  ‘Cra-cra-craashh’.

You felt your blood start to boil already. Everything was fine between you two as long as he kept his pouty mouth shut.

“You know what, Benji?” you asked rhetorically, turning to him sharply. “You can suck my-” you didn’t get to finish your remark before he sent you flying into the opposite wall, leaving a person-sized dent in the middle of it. You gasped for the air that was knocked out of you as you fell onto your knees. Well, that was at least one rib either broken or dislocated.

“Shut up. Stand up. Grab your saber,” he said monotonously, unsheathing his with the all too familiar whirring sound.

You glared at him as you held your side and got to your feet once again, unhooking your saber from its place on your belt and it thrumming to life in your hand. The red glow from his saber lit his half of the room in a scarlet lambency, while your f/c saber tried as it might to compete with the intensity, only to be swallowed up inside it.

“You know, your mother and I were close when I was with the Resistance. She told me stories about when you were young,” you started as the two of you circled each other like wildcats, knowing a mind game would easily give you the upper hand. “How you boasted about how you would be the greatest Jedi ever born.”

Kylo wasn’t going to have any of that and quickly struck, an advance you anticipated and promptly blocked with your saber.

“If she told you anything, then you should know that I already have achieved my goal. I am the greatest Jedi in the galaxy. And yet you speak to me without fear, how is that?” he asked, though he shoved you backward with his blade.

“Simple, my dear Solo. You’re not fearsome in my eyes,” you replied, lunging in at him. “You’re a boy playing at being a monster.”

Kylo redirected your saber into the floor, his earthy brown eyes staring into your e/c ones with a ferocious intensity and a light smirk “That’s because you haven’t seen the monster yet, my dear,” he said menacingly, sending a chill down your spine. He flicked his wrist quickly and began laying down a barrage of strikes at you, each swing a struggle for you to deflect. Scrambling to keep pace with each timed attack, you backed into the wall behind you while trying to gain some distance to attack back. He grinned as you looked for an exit, but he had you right where he wanted you. With a heavy strike, he knocked your saber out of your hand and to the floor where it retracted with the familiar ‘zzwwoop’. You had watched it, and your chances of winning the duel, plummet with a heavy heart. When you looked back at Kylo, he had his saber risen up to your throat, both of your chests heaving laboriously.

“Fearsome enough for you?” he asked cockily with a quirk of his eyebrow.

Even in times like this, it seemed the smart ass answer was the only one that could come to your mind. “Still no, but bravo.” A growl was your reply.

“What is it with you?! Everything you do makes me furious!” he shouted at you.

“Oh good, the feeling’s mutual,” you said, rolling your eyes but being careful not to move too much as to avoid massive burns.

A low, irritated, rumble could be heard from the back of his throat. However, neither of you expected what would come next.

In what seemed like a blur of motion, Kylo sheathed his lightsaber and let it drop to the floor, freeing both hands so he could cup both sides of your face in his palms.

“What’re you doi-” your protests were cut off by his lips on yours forcefully, the heat of anger radiating off of them like sun rays off of a sheet of metal. Your first instinct was to push him away, but he seemed to predict your actions and let one hand fall to your waist, where he held you tightly against him, leaving your hands balled up against his chest with no room to push back with. Why was he kissing you?! There was no- oh god, his lips were a lot softer than they look.

No! Damnit Y/N, You can’t let this happen!! Your brain shouted at you, but you soon melded into the kiss, and into him; a reaction that Kylo did not anticipate, but reciprocated with a loosened grip.

He did, however, pull away after a moment enough to say something. “I hate you,” he said, his chocolate orbs staring unwavering into yours.

“I know.”