get stoned series


“Do your thing. Do the–do the stuff. Talk about yourself, man.”


PINK AGATE -#2 in the “Get Stoned” series part #4 - P.O.T.W. - CULT COSMETICS - LAGUNA

  • Cult Cosmetics - laguna
  • Essie - mod square + tart deco
  • Revlon - expresso
  • O.P.I. - casino royale + y'all come back now ya hear?
  • Sally Hansen - white on
  • Wet n Wild - 2% milk
  • Sinful Colors - skylark

This is the first look using Cult Cosmetics - laguna. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.

Life, the Universe and Other Annoyances

Enjolras/Grantaire, Courferre, Marisette

Summary: Marius is one a quest to find his One True Love, Grantaire and Courfeyrac are in a far too good mood since both of them are getting laid regularly and Bahorel might be a bit too unbothered by the recreational drug use in his kitchen. Montparnasse just wishes he would have never made the decision to work in a coffee shop.

Part II of The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee.

(Part I)(Part III)(Part IV)

Rated: T

≈ 3600 words

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It’s not that Montparnasse hates people who talk. Everyone talks, it’s kind of inevitable, sadly. He just hates people who talk  too much and if he sometimes considers two words too much then well, everyone has the right to their own opinion, freedom of mind, bla bla, some idealistic bullshit, whatever.

So when on a Tuesday morning a lanky, dishevelled young man who looks like he’s about twenty but has an air about him that makes him seem more like fifteen bursts through the door of the coffee shop, steps up to the counter and starts talking… Well, it’s just Montparnasse’s civil right to absolutely despise him.

“Hey, hello, good morning, I’m looking for Courfeyrac, is he here? He said he’d be here, I mean he said so yesterday when he left so I don’t know, I just really, really need to talk to him, it’s important, I met the love of my life!”

Montparnasse stares at him.

“Who the fuck are you?”

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The popularity of the Touhou Project according to Google Trends, for both the Eastern and Western fanbases.

It’s actually kind of interesting to see how the popularity grew. It didn’t actually kick off in the West until PoFV, and even then it didn’t get really popular until UFO. DDC was the most hyped game in the Western fandom, and UFO was the most hyped game in the Eastern fandom.

It looks like Touhou has always been relatively popular in Japan but in the West it came as a sudden surge of popularity (and also appears to be declining again, oh no….)

(Note: The graphs aren’t to scale, Touhou has always been significantly more popular in the East. Also, Google isn’t as big in Japan as it is in Western countries, so the data might not be that accurate. I just thought it was cool.)


AFGHANITE - #1 in the “Get Stoned” series Part 5 & P.O.T.W. - Revlon - mysterious

  • Revlon - Mysterious
  • O.P.I. - no room for the blues + bling dynasty
  • Sally Hansen - pacific blue + indi-glow + white on
  • OCC makeup - pagan
  • Essie -butler please
  • Forever 21 - marina

This is the last look using Revlon - mysterious. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.



CHECK OUT PARTS ((1)) ((2)) ((3)) HERE<– & click on the title to see the inspo image and original post!

  1. Mother of Pearl 3
  2. Pink Agate
  3. Fluorite
  4. Brazillian Opal
  5. Raw Aquamarine
  6. Fluorite Chacopyrite
  7. Opal Dendrite
  8. Amethyst Lace Agate
  9. Amber 
  10. Rose Quartz 2.0



BLUE AGATE - #1 of the “GET STONED” series part 3 and P.O.T.W. - Bettina - #194

**i do not own inspo image**

  • Bettina - #194
  • Love & beauty - mint
  • Revlon - midnight affair + stiletto
  • L'Oreal - royally yours
  • O.P.I. - y'all come back no ya hear, ogre-the-top blue
  • Sally Hansen - white on

Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail are featuring this and other featured polishes of the week!


LABRADORITE -  #6 in the get stoned series part 2. & P.O.T.W. - L'Oreal - royally yours

* i do not own the inspiration image.

L'Oreal - royally yours, Sally Hansen - black out, Sally Hansen - white on, Sally Hansen - pacific blue, Maybelline - fierce n tangy, Love & Beaut - light orange, Love & Beauty - sky blue, Love & Beauty - blue, Love & Beauty - royal, L.A. Flare - twinkling, Revlon - copper penny, O.P.I. - warm & fozzie, O.P.I. - bling dynasty, O.P.I. - my boyfriend scales walls, O.P.I. - austin-tacious turquoise, B.P.S. foil #10, small black hex glitters.

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PART 3 of the “GET STONED” series!

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AMETHYST ABLAZE - get stoned series part 2, #2

Sinful Colors - let’s talk, O.P.I. - tomorrow never dies, O.P.I. - funky dunky, L'Oreal - lacey lilac, Sally Hansen - white on, Martha Stewart craft foil - charoite

Ps: sorry i haven’t been posting as often, it will pick back up more this week! :)


GET STONED PART 2! second set of 10 gemstone/mineral inspired designs! Click the name of the stone to see it’s post!

  1. Rose Quartz
  2.  Amethyst Ablaze
  3. Lapis Lazuli Love
  4. Black Opal - in green/blue
  5. Red Red Rubies
  6. Labradorite
  7. Of Quartz!
  8. Busy Bismuth
  9. Mother of Pearl 2
  10. Ammonite

Check out part 1 of this series here:

and yes, Part 3 of the “get stoned” series coming VERY soon!! :)


UNAKITE - #6 of the “get stoned series” part 3 - & P.O.T.W. - Essie - sew psyched

  • Essie - sew psyched + power clutch
  • Milani - green impressions
  • L’Oreal - macaroon me madly
  • Revlon - pink chiffon
  • Sally Hansen - white on
  • Sinful Colors - innocent
  • O.P.I. - a good man-darin is hard to find

Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches from this and previously featured polishes of the week!


TORTOISE SHELL - get stoned series part 8

10 Professional Nail Lacquer - perfectly clear, Urban Outfitters - orange 3, Wet n Wild - sunny side up, Love & Beauty - copper, Sally hansen - black out, O.P.I. - bubble bath, O.PI. - hong kong sunrise, Revlon - midnight affair, Sally Hansen - hard to get, Essie - tart deco, seche vite, gold nail art beads.


OPAL DENDRITES - #7 in the “Get Stoned” series part 4 - & P.O.T.W. - OCC - dangerous

** i do not own the inspo images made for the collage**

  • OCC - dangerous
  • Sally Hansen - white on + black out
  • Sinful Colors - hip to be a square
  • Essie - bikini so teeny

This is the third look using OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS - dangerous. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.


AMMONITE - #10 part 2. of the “get stoned” series - P.O.T.W. - N.Y.C. - Park Ave.

Ammonite fossil with a crystalized statement ammonite! This is the last stone inspired design from part 2 of the “get stoned” series.

  • N.Y.C. - park ave.
  • Wet n Wild - sunny side up, grey’s anatomy
  • Revlon - electric, stiletto
  • O.P.I. - bling dynasty, skyfall
  • sally hansen - white on
  • urban outfitters- brown, nude 5
  • loose iridescent glitter

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AMBER FOREVER - #9 in the “Get Stoned” series Part 4 + P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - I just can’t cope-acabana

  • O.P.I. - i just can’t cope-acabana + y'all come back now ya hear? 
  • Spoiled - designated driver
  • Love & Beauty - cocoa
  • Sinful Colors - cloud 9
  • Color Club - pearl district + sparkle & Soar
  • Wet n Wild - under your spell
  • Sally Hansen - white on
  • gold rings
  • lt. brown Swarovski Crystals
  • gold nail art beads

This is the first look using O.P.I. - I just can’t cope-acabana. Stay tuned for the rest of the designs using this polish and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches


GET STONED SERIES - part 1 of the series and many more to come!

Here are the first 10! Click the name of the stone to visit the original posts.












FLUORITE CHALCOPYRITE - #6 in the Get Stoned Series part 4 & P.O.T.W. - OCC - poison

** i do not own the inspo image**

  • OCC - poison
  • O.P.I. - kyoto pearl + i just cant cope-acabana + no room for the blues + green on the runway + don’t you lilac it?
  • Sally Hansen - green with envy + black out
  • Revlon - not so blueberry
  • Sinful Colors - bright lucite

This is the last look using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - poison. Stay tuned for the rest of the P.O.T.W.’s using the “unknown pleasures” collection by OCC cosmetics. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.