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Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

Reblog if you’re an artist and you ARE NOT okay with people modifying and reposting your art without permission.

Or do it if you’re not and you believe that it’s wrong because I’m trying to prove a point to people who seem to think that we’re okay with this or that we “should be flattered”.

No offense but I just had a Steven Universe x Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney crossover dream and it was the best thing ever

guess who

tfw you get too into the music you actually forget to keep drawing……….

a selection of some of my professors’ responses to the whole “getting into a phd program” thing: “yeah!” [it should be noted that there was more in this email but like “yeah!” is a pretty strong start] and “you made my day. no my week”

Wanting one of the A’s in LGBTQIAAP+ to stand for allies instead of asexual or aromantic. Is like wanting the B in BLT to stand for bread.

Seirin Week Day 5:   1st years /future

The now first years showing some support at a rl nervous Kagami being announced as seirin new captain. 

Kagami would be a pretty decent captain, really  inspiring and all that

sorry im so late…i already have the sketch so better finish it…

epic rap battle of purseowner …begin!

souji seta? or yu narukami? what is your name, by the way?
it’s pretty hard to call you since you never speak anyway.

for a “bigshot” protagonist, with all of these spinoff ( game ) remakes,
sadly you’re still butthurt single & can’t pick best bitches.

i may be a robot that has no heart, but for the sake of me winning,
i’mma throw out a shading.

pls don’t get me started on yo standard personality & appearance, but do us a huge favor & stop reloading old saves.

— After Party

( — @247minseok )

Jiyong would prefer one of those family dinners than what the host called a party. A funeral could be so much more entertaining than that but as he looked over people faces and noticed not all of them were as blasé as his, he then began to question whether his standards were just too high or the concept of thrilling fun sounded unfamiliar to them. He would rather lean towards the second possibility, though.

Even the drinks served by someone who claimed to be Seoul’s best bartender couldn’t step up to the mark and give a beverage which at least would treat him with slight dizziness. Was it a juice he was sipping on? He grew more and more convinced that it indeed was.

Stumbling across a yet another stranger, he suddenly started to respond solely with nodding to not come off too rude or ignorant. Jiyong only hoped that they wouldn’t ask him any questions because he would automatically hum instead of making a proper impression that he was listening. But of course, he wasn’t.

His eyes trailed off as he put his glass down on the table before a person with an attitude seemingly similar to his came into his sight. Excusing himself, a smile unwillingly crept onto his lips before approaching the man who could be his saviour. The corners of his mouth went upwards and formed a more genuine grin. “Hi, how are you doing?” Trying to ignite a conversation, he silently hoped his observation about the male’s mood wasn’t wrong and they could escape this dull hell hole together.


it’s 3am and my solstice playlist is 3 and a half hours long

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scorpio (female) & sagittarius (male) relationship

I’m in this combo tbh. Sag won’t take what you say seriously and you’ll get use to their blunt and silly comments because you realise that they’re just being honest and you’d rather have that than them lie to you. They’re very innocent at heart and that makes us hella weak and empathetic towards them. In the long run you need to push sag to do what needs to be done but don’t over do it because they’ll start to get insecure. Yo care more about the intimacy and sag cares more about the time, a balance must be formed and this match can have deep passion and a comfortable future c: