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that beautiful moment when you start a new show/new book and see/read about two characters which you think would be cute together, you research them and find out that they’re TOGETHER later on… 

Me: *Finds a spell jar for motivation and focus*

Me: Oh! This is going to be really useful! *Likes and Reblogs it*

Me: *Lacks motivation and focus to make said spell jar*

kittrook  asked:

heLLO! I'm just wondering... is there a possibly that you can cook up some one shot that features kit, ty and a swan?


it was a hot afternoon in california, and kit couldn’t see. not because of the blinding sun (blinding son haha), but because ty was covering kit’s eyes as they walked outside. 

“so… where exactly are we going?” asked kit.

ty smiled and kissed the back of kit’s head, where he stood behind him, each hand covering one eye. “that you will find out shortly.”

“i swear, if you and livvy planned something-”

ty sighed, “we didn’t! i promise.” 

kit placed his hands on top of ty’s slender fingers as they continued to walk, until they stopped. ty removed his hands and kit saw a picnic before him- a blanket with a bunch of desserts and drinks on top of it. kit turned to face ty, who was smiling nervously. 

“do you like it?” asked ty anxiously, opening and closing his hands. 

kit took ty’s face in his hands and gave him a kiss of reassurance. “i love it. i love you.” 

ty smiled in relaxation and kissed kit, who gasped because it was so sudden. kit took a step back during the kiss, pulling ty’s shirt so he could be closer, but of course, kit slipped on the blanket, falling back onto it, pulling ty down with him. ty fell on top of kit, and kit grinned, kissing ty again. 

as things started to get heated, kit heard a noise while ty’s face was buried in his neck, a noise that ignited something bad in his stomach. kit kept hearing it and became distracted, making ty stop. he lifted his head above kit, lips puffy and hair messy, a purple mark forming on his collar bone underneath his grey shirt. “what’s wrong?” his grey eyes were concerned.

“i, uh… i just heard something. sorry.” the sound sounded again. kit looked around, not getting a good view because he was stuck on his back. ty looked around into the lake. 

“you mean that swan?” asked ty, pointing to the water. he looked excited to see an animal.

kit shot up. “it’s a fucking swan?” ty tumbled back. 

ty beckoned the swan forward, tossing it bread. it swam closer to the shore and kit shrieked. “fuck no!” he got up and ran a few feet away. ty looked at kit curiously as he walked next to him. “you don’t like swans?” 

kit shook his head, staring at the white bird with a weirdly long neck. 

ty laughed. “you’re such a herondale.”

“what does that mean?”

“one of your ancestors, will herondale, he was terrified of ducks. jem carstairs told us. they used to be parabatai.”

“ducks give me cold feet, too.” 

“but swans are pretty,” argued ty, tossing it some more bread. 

“i’m prettier,” replied kit, chin up as he turned and walked back to the institute. “not today, satan!”


kit and ty walked to the institute’s backyard as they returned from a shitty shadowhunter event. they had to leave early because emma and zara started fighting, which everyone thought was “extremely unfortunate,” but kit felt absolutely blessed. 

though the good thing about the party was that it was semi-formal, which gave kit the privilege to see ty in a suit. and when kit saw him walking out of his room all dressed up, he felt like he was going to die on the spot. 

“that was awful,” said ty, removing his headphones and wrapping them around his neck. 

“at least we got to leave,” replied kit. ty nodded.

“the backyard’s pretty at night,” kit noted aloud. it was darker out now, and the institute’s white picket fences was strung with fairy lights, which were lit up. the flowers and vines made it all the more beautiful.

“yeah,” agreed ty. “do you want to stay here? we could go back inside.”

“yeah, let’s stay.” kit pulled out his phone and started playing music, which was all part of a plan. “we can listen to real music,” he grinned, referring to the bad music the event played. ty laughed a little. the boys sat down on a swinging bench, swaying their feet on the ground slightly so that it would rock. kit would sing along sometimes, and nudge ty, which made him smile and blush for some reason. sometimes ty would nod in response to a song, or press his lips together, listening to the lyrics. and suddenly, a specific song started to play, which was all part of kit’s little plan. and the plan was to play some songs from his playlist to seem casual, and then oh-so randomly have a slow song play, and then oh-so randomly asking ty to dance with him, since the timing was so fitting. ty’s eyes were closed from the last song, but they snapped open, realizing the song slowed down. kit suddenly felt nervous about his plan, and he wasn’t sure about asking ty to dance with him. what if he thought kit was being weird? what if he’s not a dancer? not that kit was either.

“i know this song,” smiled ty. “livvy likes it.”

“yeah?” responded kit, voice shaking. 

“yeah.” silence. it was quiet for a moment, crickets chirping and wind blowing, the last bit of the sun almost gone. “do you want to dance?” blurted ty. kit inhaled sharply and turned to face him, black hair blowing and strands of his hair golden from the sun. his lips were parted, eyes full of question.

“yeah, of course,” he smiled. ty’s face broke out in relaxation and he stood up, hand extended out to kit. kit immediately blushed and took ty’s hand. they were holding hands. kit felt small electric shocks every time their fingers moved, and if he died in that moment, he knew he would die happy. they walked to the center of the yard, the music floating behind them. 

“do i um… yeah, just… okay,” said kit and ty, shuffling around, figuring out where their arms went. kit was a little shorter than ty, so his arms went around ty’s neck, his palms clammy against the back of ty’s hot neck, just above his headphones. ty’s hands slowly snaked their way around kit’s torso, just shyly above his waist, and all kit could think was oh god oh god oh god because ty was touching kit, the way kit wanted to be touched by him for so long, and kit wanted to drown in his arms. kit looked up and smiled at ty, who was flushed and smiling shyly back as they swayed to the music. they remained like that, silent for half a minute, until somehow kit managed to stumble on a tree root, arms wrapping around ty’s shoulders to prevent himself from falling. he let out a gasp as ty clung onto him, hands secretly sliding onto kit’s waist. 

“you okay?” murmured ty, mouth by kit’s ear. 

“yeah,” kit managed to say. he slid his elbows lower, keeping his hands on ty’s slender shoulders. he allowed his fingers to move, touching ty the way he wanted to since he’s met him. ty inhaled sharply and gently tightened his grip on kit’s waist. everything was in slow motion. kit kept his head right by ty’s temples almost touching. ty’s hair tickled kit’s cheek and kit shivered in delight of it. 

“you look nice tonight,” mumbled kit. more than nice, he thought. you look beautiful. you always do.

“do i?” ty whispered back, voice so light kit wasn’t sure he even responded. his breath against kit’s ear made him shudder. kit wanted to bathe in this moment, to savour it. 

they swayed more, until the impossible happened. the lovely lyrics i don’t wanna be your friend, i just wanna kiss your neck played, and as it nearly ended, ty turned his head slightly to face kit. kit’s body grew still and they stopped dancing. ty ducked his chin down to accommodate to kit’s height, to be level with his neck. his nose was tickled by kit’s blond hair, which was starting to get long. kit clung onto ty even tighter, and ty let out a soft breath before pressing a kiss to kit’s neck. 

kit’s eyes closed and he gasped, surprised by the kiss. it was so gentle and caring, and kit wanted nothing more than to be with ty. and after a second of being dazed by ty’s action, kit realized what ty had done. the lyrics, what ty’s kiss meant. 

kit pulled his head back and so did ty. kit’s eyes opened again, and ty noted how his eyelids were fluttering. he also noted how handsome kit looked in a suit. how he looked so bewildered by something so simple. ty felt as if there were butterflies in his stomach, he surprised himself, too. he didn’t think he could bring himself to even touch kit’s hand. they still held each other, staring into one another’s eyes, and all kit thought was how beautiful how beautiful how beautiful before ty leaned forward and kissed kit, taking his face in his two hands with desperation.

kit gasped on ty’s mouth, and he kissed ty as if the world was about to fall apart. it was desperate and so tender, and neither of the boys could believe that it was finally happening. what they’ve both wanted for so long. kit’s lips were soft against ty’s, and his eyes were closed again, and ty’s eyes must have been closed too because kit felt his eyelashes fluttering against his face. i think i’m falling… i’m falling for you.

and when they pulled away and the song was finishing, their foreheads pressed together as they both smiled at each other, teeth glowing in the night, eyes crinkling at the sides. they had dropped their hands and they were now being held low by their thighs.

“you look nice, too,” whispered ty. kit laughed.

“how nice?” teased kit. 

and ty kissed him again.

Everytime Cassandra Claire releases new series I fall in love more.

I liked Jace and Clary (Loved the Lightwoods, Simon and Magnus tho).

I adored Tessa, Jem and Will.

But I would sell my soul to protect every single person in Lady Midnight.

I’ve never perfectly understood a character more that I have with Julian Blackthorn. I’ve never loved a character more than I love Tiberius Blackthorn. And I’ve never wanted to softly hug and make warm tea for a character more than Mark Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs and Christina Rosales

Don’t get me started on Kit “Oh no this boy threatening my life is hot” Herondale, because I would die twice for that boy.

Kit the advocate

So i know this has been done before, but I REALLY BADLY WANT Kit to teach the Shadowhunter world about mental health, as well as things like Autism. We know the fact that the Shadowhunters lack of knowledge on the matter really frustrates, and annoys Kit, so what if one day he snaps and does something about it.

He’d want to start with Autism because of his relationship with Ty, and it was realising that Jules had no idea was Autism was, made him realise their lack of knowledge was a problem. Once he’d educated on that, maybe madness, or something similar in tribute for Uncle Arthur. And if @justafangirlwithideas hope of Cassie writing a character with mental illness is done, Kit would definitely raise awareness in that too. Once Kit gets started, he would absolutely continue.

In summary: I want Kit Herondale to educate the Shadowhunter world on Mental Health issues and make it less of a taboo!

When people post rp comments on my art on DA

When people post an rp comment on my picture of a friends narrators persona

When people from my tumblr ask blogs find me on DA and send me an incredibly wtf note of them being in their character ‘talking to mine’

sleepysmnerd  asked:

Hi, I've recently started a technical theatre course at a theatre high school (i think it's high school. I'm british, sorry) and I'm specialising in SM and I was wondering what are the essentials I need to buy to create my own SM kit?

Hi there!
Thanks for asking us. It is a really good idea, to get started with a kit so early. One thing to remember is that an SM’s choice in supplies varies depending on their personal experiences. For instance, Janell carries quick-stitch tape, a cotton sock full of rice, and a ratcheting speed wrench in her kit. Leslie has found keeping a stopwatch, an architecture ruler and small LED flashlight handy is very useful. She also keeps hole reinforcements stocked, because you never know when you or anyone else might need it. And Katie likes to keep sunglasses and honey (for sore throats and for people with blood sugar needs) with her. If you find something you like, keep it with you!

A solid kit can be broken into 5 parts: health, office supplies, costumes, tools and a miscellaneous catch-all

- Band-Aids
- Neosprin cream
- Acetaminophen
- Ibuprofen
- naproxen sodium
- tampons
- pads
- tea (especially if you work with singers)
- cough drops ( Ricola is popular)
- Ace bandage
- gauze
- hand sanitizer
- lotion
- ice pack
- tissues
-saline solution
-contact case
-eye drops
-Latex gloves

Office Supplies:
- Post-it Notes
- legal pads
- pens, pencils, and highlighters for you
- pens, pencils, and highlighters for performers
- erasers (I personally like the white vinyl erasers, they’re less messy than the pink ones and you will be erasing A LOT. -L)
- stapler (and staple remover)
- 3 hole punch (spend money on a good one)
- scissors
-dry erase markers
-pencil sharpener

- wig caps
- hair bands
- Bobby pins
- hair pins (these are different than Bobby pins)
- baby powder
- cheap combs
- needles
- black and white thread
- safety pins
- stitching pins
- hair gel
- travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and soap (I’m allergic to bar soap and don’t want it in my kit just in case, so I carry body wash - J)
- tweezers
- makeup removing wipes
- lint roller
-small mirror

-box cutter (you might want to wait until college for this one. -L)
-measuring tape
-hot glue gun

-Sunglasses (if your lighting designer is like, “USE ALL THE SIDE FILL” then you can look at the stage without going blind -K)
-Desk Clock
-Tennis ball
-Emergency snacks
-Eyeglass screwdriver

Obviously some of these things are more for rehearsal, while some are for backstage, and some are just things that are good to have around, either in your office, locker, car, wherever. Everyone’s kit is different and as long as you have what you need, you’re golden.

Good luck,
J, K, L (emenope)


“I’m in this great place right now where I feel really led to create on my own and just live and breathe inside my own head for a bit. The beauty of the situation is that I really prefer being alone most of the time and so having the skills to be able to write, produce, mix, and do everything in between is super inspiring. I’m a real creature of whim and so I’m always in some kind of phase or zone, and this chapter currently is just me alone in the studio doing what I do without any outside input. I don’t think anything I do or will ever do under the moniker Owl City will ever sound or feel different from the Owl City that fans know because everything I do is just inherently “me” in a way that I couldn’t change if I wanted to. So it’s real great to have that freedom.”

sweetxjesus  asked:

I'm looking for a set of brushes. Do you guys have any recs? I'm looking for like the basics/good quality that won't bother my sensitive skin. (I'm fairly new to makeup) Thanks 💖

These are my personal recommendations for brush sets that I think everyone can get the most use out of:

Check our FAQ for coupon codes 💖
- Sabrina