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Some tips on getting started with animation!

I’ve been asked about getting into animation, so I thought that I’d write something for all of you who might be interested. If I can help anyone get started with animation I’d love to <3 I’ll try to keep it simple, but honestly I really suck at explaining things shortly so this will be a long post. If there’s anything that I fail to explain, or you have other questions, feel free to ask me anything!

This is a pretty long post, so be warned. Read more below.

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“I’m in this great place right now where I feel really led to create on my own and just live and breathe inside my own head for a bit. The beauty of the situation is that I really prefer being alone most of the time and so having the skills to be able to write, produce, mix, and do everything in between is super inspiring. I’m a real creature of whim and so I’m always in some kind of phase or zone, and this chapter currently is just me alone in the studio doing what I do without any outside input. I don’t think anything I do or will ever do under the moniker Owl City will ever sound or feel different from the Owl City that fans know because everything I do is just inherently “me” in a way that I couldn’t change if I wanted to. So it’s real great to have that freedom.”

isobeltheperpetualnun  asked:

Hi, I've recently started a technical theatre course at a theatre high school (i think it's high school. I'm british, sorry) and I'm specialising in SM and I was wondering what are the essentials I need to buy to create my own SM kit?

Hi there!
Thanks for asking us. It is a really good idea, to get started with a kit so early. One thing to remember is that an SM’s choice in supplies varies depending on their personal experiences. For instance, Janell carries quick-stitch tape, a cotton sock full of rice, and a ratcheting speed wrench in her kit. Leslie has found keeping a stopwatch, an architecture ruler and small LED flashlight handy is very useful. She also keeps hole reinforcements stocked, because you never know when you or anyone else might need it. And Katie likes to keep sunglasses and honey (for sore throats and for people with blood sugar needs) with her. If you find something you like, keep it with you!

A solid kit can be broken into 5 parts: health, office supplies, costumes, tools and a miscellaneous catch-all

- Band-Aids
- Neosprin cream
- Acetaminophen
- Ibuprofen
- naproxen sodium
- tampons
- pads
- tea (especially if you work with singers)
- cough drops ( Ricola is popular)
- Ace bandage
- gauze
- hand sanitizer
- lotion
- ice pack
- tissues
-saline solution
-contact case
-eye drops
-Latex gloves

Office Supplies:
- Post-it Notes
- legal pads
- pens, pencils, and highlighters for you
- pens, pencils, and highlighters for performers
- erasers (I personally like the white vinyl erasers, they’re less messy than the pink ones and you will be erasing A LOT. -L)
- stapler (and staple remover)
- 3 hole punch (spend money on a good one)
- scissors
-dry erase markers
-pencil sharpener

- wig caps
- hair bands
- Bobby pins
- hair pins (these are different than Bobby pins)
- baby powder
- cheap combs
- needles
- black and white thread
- safety pins
- stitching pins
- hair gel
- travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and soap (I’m allergic to bar soap and don’t want it in my kit just in case, so I carry body wash - J)
- tweezers
- makeup removing wipes
- lint roller
-small mirror

-box cutter (you might want to wait until college for this one. -L)
-measuring tape
-hot glue gun

-Sunglasses (if your lighting designer is like, “USE ALL THE SIDE FILL” then you can look at the stage without going blind -K)
-Desk Clock
-Tennis ball
-Emergency snacks
-Eyeglass screwdriver

Obviously some of these things are more for rehearsal, while some are for backstage, and some are just things that are good to have around, either in your office, locker, car, wherever. Everyone’s kit is different and as long as you have what you need, you’re golden.

Good luck,
J, K, L (emenope)


Did you know it’s International Women’s Day today (March 8)? Eeames and I are both feminists, and this is the perfect time to highlight something we can all do to support women around the world.  

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(I also took a look at other gifts that matter like this one on the CHF site, and another favourite would have to be the Bee-Keeping Start Up Kit. You know I love bees.)