get started kit

Everytime Cassandra Claire releases new series I fall in love more.

I liked Jace and Clary (Loved the Lightwoods, Simon and Magnus tho).

I adored Tessa, Jem and Will.

But I would sell my soul to protect every single person in Lady Midnight.

I’ve never perfectly understood a character more that I have with Julian Blackthorn. I’ve never loved a character more than I love Tiberius Blackthorn. And I’ve never wanted to softly hug and make warm tea for a character more than Mark Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs and Christina Rosales

Don’t get me started on Kit “Oh no this boy threatening my life is hot” Herondale, because I would die twice for that boy.


I crie eveerytiem
But really, the neglect they’re giving Hel is so bad.
I have a good kit idea: Every time a player says Hel is a crappy god, their Respawn timer gets increased by 10 years, that’s her passive. Don’t even get me started with her kit. 😚


“I’m in this great place right now where I feel really led to create on my own and just live and breathe inside my own head for a bit. The beauty of the situation is that I really prefer being alone most of the time and so having the skills to be able to write, produce, mix, and do everything in between is super inspiring. I’m a real creature of whim and so I’m always in some kind of phase or zone, and this chapter currently is just me alone in the studio doing what I do without any outside input. I don’t think anything I do or will ever do under the moniker Owl City will ever sound or feel different from the Owl City that fans know because everything I do is just inherently “me” in a way that I couldn’t change if I wanted to. So it’s real great to have that freedom.”