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Before Lorian embraced his brother’s curse, he was a knight who single-handedly slayed the demon prince, but the victory eternally scorched his sword with flame.

Part of team ‘they aren’t dead until we see a body’ tbh 

I want them both to fake dead and go into hiding until the perfect time to strike back against Ruby.


i just started reading part 4 and im deep into josuyasu hell

- Everything is fine, I promise.


And so, Anima grind #3 begins.
I also wanted to properly share my new glamour.

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I was playing D.Va in competitive and our Rein and 76 started shit talking our Mercy (who didnt have a mic) and I remember the Rein was like 'wow she doesn't fuckin heal me wtf' and I'm personally a Mercy main so my blood was fucking boiling at this guy so I was all like 'Well she cant heal you if shes dead and maybe if you guys would fucking protect her enough then maybe you'd get some heals' they shut up after that but continued to bash our Mercy like 8 seconds later like????


- I Dream of Sleep -

my first illustration series!

Sleep is a part of my life that I either have a whole lot of or have none at all of. Which is weird given how many important biological and emotional processes take place while we sleep; functions like healing, getting some space, remembering and organizing all your thoughts, etc.

In this series, I picked out some of the processes that occur when we sleep that really stuck out to me, and illustrated them using imagery from plants and herbs related to each one. Originally painted in watercolor and gouache paint, then digitally retouched with text implemented, I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed painting them :) 

Thanks for looking!


Every now and then people ask what tattoos I have, so here they are in order of when I got them, including the octopus I got a few days ago. If you would have asked me three years ago if I would ever get a tattoo I would have laughed. But here we are 7 and counting haha.

So I hit Diamond on Overwatch today!!! =D It certainly wasn’t easy but I definitely need to thank my plays as Mercy… I made a couple of really simple changes and now I survive a lot better and get some heals DONE! This is a screenshot of a match I had this morning, hitting my all time healing high. So satisfying~

9/10 I find the support and heals from my peers are pretty shit and useless, often finding I have to walk away to get a med kit just to heal up, or just die. As a support main I fucking STRIVE to keep people alive! I will go into the fire, heal, and walk out the other side. Unless Soldier is solo-ulting me… That happens a lot more than it should do. Either way, DIAMOND HYPE!!

If anyone asks too, which isn’t likely, I play on the Xbox.

A concept:

You are feeling super sick and tired. Luke is away, touring Europe with the boys. Normally you’d call him ‘cause it always makes you feel better talking to him, hearing his beautiful voice and the way he talks to you, and only you. But he is supposed to be on stage the time you get home so you wash your face and crawl straight into your bed, in hopes to get some healing sleep.

Your best friend texts you and asks you how you are and how your day was. You reply and tell her that you are sick and might have to throw up and that you miss Luke like hell, especially right now, like always when he’s away and/or you’re not feeling too well. You ask her to send him a message to tell him he shouldn’t be mad or too worried about you if he wouldn’t be able to reach you after the show because you know you will fall to sleep like immediately. You know he would be totally worried if he wouldn’t hear from you but you are too tired to even type another message to your bestie.

The next morning you’ve already got a message from Luke asking you how you are doing and that he hopes you feel better. You reply and tell him what happened and that you’re doing a lot better. He says he was really worried about you and that he hates to be away, especially when he knows you’re sick and tired. He admits that he called your bestie right away after reading her message about you feeling rough and that she called him a “stalker boyfriend”, but not in a mean way of course. She just found it super cute that he was thinking so much about you that he even thought about leaving the stage for a while to get to know how you were doing. 

He says he likes to be a “stalker boyfriend” because he loves you to death and always wants to know how you are, how your day was and everything else and that he misses you like hell 24/7 and that he can’t wait to be with you again. 

You reply with “I love you more than words can say my “stalker boyfriend”. ♥


I will find that child first. I will find her and atone and atone again. If only I could compensate for that scar… even if I have to sell Seungjin Group, I will compensate for it.

I love how Clarke got to see another side of Lexa as the commander. A softer side when she was with the kids.

I also love how when Clarke asked Titus if he talked Lexa out of it, he said no and that maybe Clarke could. He knows how much Clarke means to his Heda.


Tribes - Get Some Healing (Preview From New Album Wish To Scream)