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Into the Badlands: Every Fight Scene  

1x01 “The Fort” — Sunny vs. the Widow’s men (x)

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am i the only one who hates gardienne/Erika? she's so stupid

cut her some slack the poor girl has been imprisoned, lied to, used as a bait, almost chocked to death by a psychopathic plant, nearly drowned and died and she just lost her family and friends and her whole life basically bc the people she trusted betrayed her in the worst way possible

I’m fukign crying i can’t beleive it was urektt
God y'all irregulars was the cause. Fkjing Enryu and his OP rain made the whole floor a literal Hell and urekt made it Worse…………….. started hell joe and shit

At least the lonely rapper-wannabe took responsibility to fix his Mistake…………took a long time to do that Tho….

And now ppl are forcing ~another~ irregular to fix this floor They do Not Learn….. ……. …

i never really got that impression. whether she intended it or not, her spiel about taking the war to homeworld seemed to imply there would have to be casualities on all levels. the stone statues she was shattering looked a little too much on the level of quartz soldiers, and she seemed ready to shatter steven at the end of their battle. 

also the diamonds are gems, and just personally, i think i agree with rose in at least the regard that shattering gems, even the diamonds, isnt the best course of action. 

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13: Muse that the mun is most like. (if applicable) 14: Favorite Pokemon? 15: Are you artsy?

Muse that the mun is most like:

Probably a cross between Jazi and Risri. There are elements of me in both of them and as they are the ones I write for the most, they get some of my flaws.  Jazi has a scar that I actually have and Risri has my semi-shyness.

Favorite Pokemon:

Well, I’m a bit older than Pokemon. I was an adult when they were a big thing, but I do know Pikachu and always liked it. I’m told that this one is like Risri so this one, deerling?

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Are you artsy?

Sadly the most artsy that I’m like is with writing, my daughter got all the art talent.  See how talented she is!

Thanks for the asks!  Also @lumenwolf asked about the muse question :)

In the show, can we maybe skip the whole ‘alec slut shaming and being super jealous whenever magnus mentions literally anyone from his past’-part? Like, i feel like CC basically made that a third of malec’s story line and it was just really biphobic and i really want Shadowhunters to do better than that. Can we just get a lot of malec screen time and fluff instead, please? T h a n k.


Marti Noxon (Executive Producer/Writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer):

It was always that balance, you know, ‘cause if she doesn’t make mistakes, that’s not drama. That’s Superman in a way. And I’ve always loved him, but there’s a reason why Batman’s more popular.

You all realise It’s incredibly unhealthy to pick apart everything a celeb says or does or to hold them to these unreachable crazy standards that y'all have in your head, like no one can live up to level you hold celebs at literally every single person is problematic and says shitty things, it’s become this stupid trend to just jump on the band wagon and blindly hate someone because you heard from somewhere they were ‘problematic’. It’s more than okay to call them out if they’ve said something offensive or stupid but it’s not okay to then bully people that still chose to like them. Stop trusting the people of tumblr so much in who to like and who not to, its your choice and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it. The media is one sided and you see a fraction of who they are and most of the things u hate them for are from completely unreliable sources or some blogger said it so it must be true . Like how do y'all have friends if you’re this way about strangers, Jesus.

Ngl I had a bit of a tearful moment earlier

because even though Tom Hiddleston’s being bombarded with fans (No offence if you’re one of them, but you can understand that it’s a bit over whelming for him) He’s just endlessly sweet and charming. I haven’t seen a single account of him being anything less than lovely, signing stuff and doing pictures and chatting to everyone and just UGH he really is incredible and I admire him even more now


Putting aside the fact that Ultron himself had a really weird idea of what “peace” meant, he probably had one of the best quotes in that movie.

“I think you’re confusing peace with quiet.”

Who’s Coming to the Flaws Skeleton Party, Pt.2?

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Time for another Flaws Skeleton Party.

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