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Yet Another AU

Saitama, a disgruntled and overworked businessman who never gets a moment to relax, gives himself three days to choose whether to quit his job or not. The first night, he decides to drink himself stupid and chances upon a high class bar. He goes in and settles in at the bar for a night of terrible drinking. Halfway through his first drink, he hears the most beautiful, hypnotizing voice he had ever heard. It throws the stress from his shoulders, makes him forget about his job, and makes him, for the first time in ages, feel okay. He turns around and sees a young, gorgeous blond singing into a microphone. He asks the bartender who that is and she tells him that’s Genos, their resident lounge singer.      

Get Some -  Chapter 5

“Hey.” He says softly.


“Just, ah, thought I’d let you know that Cameron and the baby are back in their room.”

“Oh, thank you.” I tell him and he goes to leave. “Oh, hey. I really appreciated the way you handled the whole situation.”

“Well, I’ve been in a few of those situations before.” He tells me sadly.

“Does it get any easier?” I ask him.

He comes and takes a seat in front of me and exhales. “No.” He tells me. “Just more familiar.”

“I’ve been trying to work out what to say to Cameron.” I admit to Peeta. “I’ve been thinking about… what would have helped me… when I lost Thom. Whether there was anything that anyone could have said or done.” I sigh. “I can’t think of anything.”

Peeta nods, understanding exactly what I mean. “You’ll think of something.”

Chapter 5 of Get Some is now available on AO3

Get Some - Chapter 4

“Who’s got a date tonight.” Prim squeals down my phone, almost deafening me.

“It’s not like that.” I remind her, finding a quiet corner to hide in while I speak to her. “And I don’t want a big deal made out of it. It’s just casual.”

“You’ve still got a date tonight.” She reminds me. “You need to get excited. You’ve got a date. With a man.”

“It’s be scheduled and postponed for a month now, so…”

“That’s what makes tonight important. Dates have a shelf life. Over the next few hours, you’re going to get a bit doubtful.”

“I’m always doubtful… Doubtful that he’s going to run for the hills or get scared off if I say something.”

“No, happy thoughts.” She beams. “The thing is you have been quite low-key about this Henry thing.”

“No, I haven’t.” I tell her. “I just don’t think I can cope with any big reactions.”

“Tonight is a definite date so when I’m at Mom and Dad’s am I allowed to tell them?”

“No, this is what I want. Say nothing but if it comes up you can be honest.” I tell her and she agrees. “Do you understand it’s about keeping it casual? Signify your understanding?”

“Though it’ll hurt me to do so, I will try to follow that plan.”

“Bye Prim.” I tell her, hanging up.

My phone rings a second later and I answer.

“You’ve got a date tonight.” She squeals.

Chapter 4 is now up on AO3. Quite a bit will be revealed, some questions asked and further developments for Katniss.