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“The most common thing that I get is, ‘Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Anna Kendrick is pretty? And you’re like, ‘No, you’re not the only one. Arguably, all of the boys in my high school agree with you.’”

- Anna Kendrick

Happy birthday Anna Kendrick!!!

Seth Rollins - Prompt #80

Prompt: “Does he know about the baby?”
Requested: by Anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1700+
y/s/n: your sons name
y/t/n: your twitter name

It had been just over 6 months since the birth of your baby boy and you were making your return to smackdown tonight. Not a lot of people even knew you were pregnant. You had injured your knee and that’s when you found out you were 9 weeks pregnant so you just told everyone that your injury left your future in jeopardy. The only people that knew were Renee, Dean, Maryse and potentially Mike if Maryse told him. They are your closest friends, Renee and Maryse even made it out to Florida for the birth. 

You arrived at the arena in a blacked out car. Renee and Maryse met you in the parking lot. They quickly helped you and y/s/n into a private locker room where Dean and Mike were waiting for you. Your return was going to be a surprise. You hoped the crowd was still on a high from Wrestlemania 33 and that they remembered who you were. 

“Let me see him!” Maryse cheered taking the blanket off the baby carrier to reveal your sleeping baby. “My god he is cute!”

“You better start some procreation of your own” you smirked nudging Mike 

“I mean we have enough practice” He smirked back at you

“Speaking of the baby…Does he know about the baby?” Dean asked 

“Way to bring down the mood Dean” Renee mumbled 

“Well sorry. But he’s still my friend and I still believe you should tell him. Do you know how hard it has been to keep it from him?” Dean sighed “He asks about you a lot” 

He being Seth. You boyfriend, even your fiance at one point in time. Everything had been great, you had the perfect relationship. Everyone warned you about him when you came up from NXT. He didn’t have a great record in relationships. So you played hard to get and made him chase you for an entire year before you caved and went on a date. Everyone said that you changed Seth, and for the better. He was a nicer person outside the ring and worked hard inside the ring. After two and a half years together, he asked you to marry him in front of a house show crowd. It wasn’t until a year later that everything went south for your relationship. Ideally, you would have gotten married in a matter of months but both of your schedules were hectic so it was going to be some time before you were able to get married. 2 months before your wedding your world went from the happiest it could have been to the lowest of the low. You hurt your knee and was taken to a hospital where you found out you were pregnant. Seth was on a different leg of an overseas tour and was going to be coming home in two days. You were so excited to tell him and decided to do it in person. 

However, that didn’t happen.

Renee found you the day before Seth came home and showed you some photos that had surfaced online. It was Seth and a bunch of random girls that you had never seen before. They were all of him and he was grabbing them and kissing them. Your world fell around you and you told Renee about the baby. Within 24 hours, Dean, Renee, Maryse and Mike helped moved all of your stuff out of the home you and Seth shared into Dean and Renee’s house. The next day when Seth came home it was basically world war 3. A lot of yelling, a lot of crying on your side and a lot of begging on Seth’s side. He said that he was drunk and that he was sorry but you just couldn’t do it, so you left and never saw him again and never told him you were pregnant. 

When the draft happened you were pregnant with only the people who needed know knew, you were drafted to smackdown with Dean, Renee, Maryse and Mike while Seth was on raw with Roman. Seth tried to meet up with you to talk but it never happened. You made sure about it. You kept your pregnancy out of the media as well so he had no idea.  

“You realise next week is the superstar shake up right?” Mike said “He might get moved to smackdown or you might go to raw” 

“Or both might happen and we won’t be on the same brand still and he won’t have to know” you shrugged. “Ryse will you watch y/s/n while I’m out there?” 

“Of course!” Maryse beamed

“I forgot how amazing that felt!” You cheered coming back through the curtain hugging the other women in the division. None of them knew you were coming back let alone in the building so when you went out there they were all shocked. 

“They loved you out there” Alexa smiled 

“You didn’t miss a beat! Knee feeling okay?” Nattie asked 

“Uh yeah it feels good” you smiled, if only they knew that your knee injury was fine a month after you were injured. 

“So we have to go out to celebrate” Becky smiled “Not only the return of y/n but also the fact that were not all gonna be here next week” 

“I would ladies but uh…I can’t. First night back and I’m really tired” you lied. It took some convincing but you were able to weasel your way out of it. You didn’t stay for the rest of the show. You took y/s/n back to the hotel, still able to keep him away from prying eyes amazingly. 

That night, your son slept perfectly, yourself… not so much. You barely got any sleep. At about 3 am you decided to get on twitter and see what the world thought about your return. 

@RomanReigns - She’s back! @y/t/n you killed it 
@WWEEMMA - Can’t wait for this shake-up, hopefully I’ll be brought back to my girl @y/t/n
@SashaBanks - yess girl! @y/t/n 

You kept scrolling through twitter when a tweet caught your eye. Seth. 

@SethRollins - get to see @y/t/n back out there. She hasn’t missed a beat in nearly 2 years xx

Should you reply? You hadn’t really been keeping up with his career or life over the two year. You knew he got injured, came back and got injured again and won his match against triple h at WrestleMania but other that you didn’t know anything. You decided to leave it and turn to reality tv to help you sleep. 

“Thank you, everyone for meeting with us today” Triple H said standing in front of a small group of talent that included Dean, Maryse and Mike. 

“Why are we here?” You asked 

“Well as you know you, the superstar shake up is this week and you guys are the ones being moved” 

“Oh god” You mumbled as you looked at the raw people who were going to Smackdown. Kevin Owens, Charlotte, The New Day, Rusev, Lana, Sami Zayn, The Shining Stars, Sin Cara, Jinder Mahal and Tamina. No Seth. That meant he was staying on raw and I was going to raw. I grabbed Maryse’s hand “He’s gonna find out, I’m going to have to tell him” 

“It’ll be okay” Maryse rubbed your hand “We’ll be there for you” 

We had to stay for a few more moments before we were dismissed. 

“Maybe it’s time he knows” Dean shrugged “I know he was a dick but y/s/n is his son too, he has a right to know” 

“He wasn’t a dick, he was thinking with his dick. He doesn’t deserve anything” you hissed. That night you held y/s/n close to your chest. Your mind raced with the worst possible things that could happen when Seth found out. He could yell, he could try and take your son away from you or what you thought would be worse is that you open your mind to letting Seth be a part of your son’s life and he rejects the idea…

The next day you headed to raw with the rest of the smackdown crew. You were all being given a private locker room to share meaning they were about to find out about y/s/n. Everyone was pretty shocked. Mickie went straight into mummy mode and Alexa was all over him. They also all promised to keep the secret as well, which was nice of them. 

You, Alexa and Mickie made you way back through the curtain after it was revelaved that you were on raw. You stayed in gorilla to get interviews done for and the youtube channel. Although you wish you hadn’t because that was where you ran into Seth. You had thought when you saw Seth for the first time face to face you might have felt angry or sad or even love but you felt nothing. 

“Hey y/n” 

“Hey Seth” you smiled at him. If he was going to find out about y/s/n sooner or later you were at least going to be cevil with him before he found out. Your eyes widen as you heard crying and over Seth’s shoulder you saw Bray Wyatt walking towards you with your son. 

“I’m so sorry y/n he won’t stop crying and Dean wasn’t there, or Mike, or Maryse and I didn’t know how to help” He said. He looked really worried as if he had done something wrong. You smiled and took y/s/n from Bray. 

“It’s okay, Bray he probably just missed me. You didn’t do anything wrong” You smiled “Thank you” Bray nodded and headed off. 

“W-W-Who’s this?” Seth stared at the baby in your arms 

“This is y/s/n” you said biting your lip calming him down. 

“Is he…is he….” he was in shock, he just couldn’t get the words out.

“Is he yours?” you asked, Seth nodded “um.. yeah he is” 

“We’re so sorry y/n!” Maryse said running up with Mike and Dean “they pulled us for interviews we were gone for like 2 minuets” 

“Its okay guys” you reasured them. 

“They knew?” Seth asked 


“Dean you knew? And didn’t tell me?” 

“Look man I’m sorry. It was her choice I couldn’t go behind her back and tell you” Dean said 

“I understand Mike not telling me bu you, You’re my friend…” 

“And so is y/n and she is Renee’s best friend too” Dean said 

“I can’t believe this” Seth shook his head “I can’t do this” and with that Seth walked away. 

American Idiot, both song and overall album, has some of the cheesiest and most seemingly specific-to-that-time lyrics, and yet… is so relevant to our current political disaster, possibly more than it was in 2004

it stands with “Eve of Destruction” in “super-dated and yet really, not at all, protest song that I keep revisiting in our real-world dystopia”


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Getaway C.H

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Anon : Hey loveeee, I was going to ask if you do au’s? cause I was wondering if you could do an gang!calum imagine where you’re a getaway driver and you’re the best that there is like the new movie baby driver and he gets interested in you?
I’ve actually never seen the movie so it might not be anything like that but I do really like the idea so here it is!

 Word Count: 3.5k +

Warnings: Drugs, detailed murder, abuse, gangs, violence, profanity



A/N: Parts will be updated every Friday so be ready! If this part gets to 100 notes before Friday I’ll post it earlier. I hope you guys like this, I worked really hard on it, and thanks so much for this request! Sorry, it was late, but as you can tell, it’s kind of long!

“Hurry up and get the money from him Mike!” Calum barked orders left and right to his gang. They quickly collected everything they needed, killed the guy they got it from, and looked around for their getaway driver.

“Where the fuck is she?” Calum muttered as they stood outside the man’s house they collected money from. Calum’s gang was mainly for drugs. They sold drugs and collected money. They even loaned people money sometimes, but they always had to get it back someway or another.

That’s what they were doing on this mission. Ashton called Y/n, their get away driver up and asked where she was. “I stopped by some Donut shop, got hungry.” She had said with her mouth full, “I’m about a block away, and I hear the sirens going off so it’ll be fun this time.”

Calum could practically hear the smirk in her tone, he knew, along with everyone else, Y/n loved her job best, when there was a good ole car chase. She drove up, and stopped with a screech. “Hop in losers!” She yelled ash Mike stuck up the middle finger towards her.

Her laugh echoed around the car as she shifted the gear and revved the engine. “You guys ready for some fun?” She asked as the cops appeared in front of the car. She backed us up, a violently spun us around. She howled and cheered as she sped quickly.

Calum was sat in the seat next to her, and all he could do was admire her. “Hey, Y/n, you know you look really hot today?" Calum smirked. She quickly peered over to him and scoffed, she looked in her rear mirror and saw the cops losing them.

She kept twisting and turning around many different blocks and roads until the police were not in her sights anymore. "That was really fun guys, now let’s get back to the house.”

They all shared a house together, it was like a little thing for the gang and everyone in it. Many of them shared rooms, but, since Y/n was the only girl, she had her own room, to much of Calum’s complaints.

When they pulled up to the house, they loaded the bags of money out onto the table and split it all up. He had owed them 15 grand, so that was three for all of them, the boys, and Y/n.

“Thanks boys, I’m thinking of getting some new sneakers, and maybe a newer motor on that getaway baby.” She smiled and smacked the stack of money she held. Calum chuckled and followed after her when she went into the living area.

There were multiple people sitting in there, just watching a football match that was going on. When she sat down on the couch, he placed his butt down right next to her. He placed his arm around her shoulder as she rolled her eyes.

“Cal, what are you doing?” She asked him in a bored tone. Calum just chuckled, “Nothing at all, just sitting next to a pretty girl in our house.” He smiled at her and she gave him a lopsided smile back.

“That’s really sweet Cal, but I know your reputation with girls.” She said as she patted him on the check and turned her attention to the t.v. playing in the background.

Calum sighed, “If I wanted a quick fuck, I think I would have done it already.” He said as he shook his head. Y/n laughed, “Even if you wanted to, I wouldn’t have let you.” She smiled at him.

“What if I wanted something real?” Calum asked carefully as his palms started sweating. She turned to look at him with shock written all over her face. “Wait, what? You would really want to go out with me?” She asked as she turned her body to face him.

“Well, yeah. You’re really cool, and pretty.” He said awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck. Y/n sighed and shook her head, “You know we’re in a gang right? I’m just a getaway driver, most rivalry gangs don’t know about me. but if I started dating you the leader of this gang, I would be in some serious shit.”

She had a good point, Calum hadn’t even thought of that. The rival gangs would most definitely kill her off to get to him, that’s why no gang member has any relationships with anyone.

“Come in your room with me, we’ll talk there.” Calum said and pulled her up as they both walked to her room in silence. When Calum shut the door, he plopped down on the bed and Y/n came with him.

“What if we dated secretly? Like, we never told anyone, didn’t have any PDA, but we still did couple things around the house and in your room, or something.” Calum suggested as Y/n sat thinking.

“Listen Cal, I like you. Ok? But I don’t think that would work, I like being able to show off what I own, it’s what I do.” She joked as she shoved his shoulder with his. He chuckled and smiled. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a side hug.

“Y/n I really like you, and I would never let anyone hurt you. No one will come between us, and no one will ever harm you. They know if they do, I’ll kill them with my bare hands.” He threatened.

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his waist. His stomach started getting butterflies and he smiled like a dope. “Ok Cal, I’ll give this secret dating a try.” She said quietly and he started cheering.

“Thank you Y/n, you won’t regret this, I promise.” Calum squeezed her into a hug and she sighed with a smile. “I better not Hood.”

Y/n P.O.V

The next day it was like we never got together, I didn’t get any closer to calum then I normally was and it worked. I was still around him everywhere, but we were together.

We would steal kisses from time to time, and hand holding while under the dinner table eating breakfast or dinner. And he would always be in my room with me at night. We slept next to each other in my bed and cuddled every night.

I would wake up to his handsome face everyday and wake him up anyway I pleased. Sometimes it was by tickling him, sometimes it was by poking him, but this morning, I did something a little bit different.

I woke up and looked to see Calum sleeping still, to wake him up, I sat on his abdomen and started planting butterfly kisses all over his face, on his jaw, down his throat, and on his neck too. He moaned and smirked when he woke up.

“Hey baby, good morning.” He said in his raspy morning voice that I loved so dearly. “Hey handsome, time to get up, don’t want anyone seeing you in here.” I said as he groaned. “I hate having to sneak around, but it’s for the best right?” He asked in confirmation as I nodded.

“I don’t want to die now.” I teased as he nodded with a smile. He grabbed my waist and slammed both of us onto the bed again. He started peppering kisses all over my face as I squealed and giggled. “Cal, stop it.” I said with a giggle.

He stopped and smiled at me. He leaned in and captured my lips with his. I kissed back and ran my fingers through his curly hair. I tugged lightly and he breathed out a deep breath. He pulled back and rested his forehead on mine.

He gave me one last peck and smiled at me. “I’ll see you in the outside world my love.” I giggled and he smiled largely. He kissed my nose and got up. “We have another deal today, so be ready ok? And be careful.” Calum warned her as she nodded.

“Don’t get hurt, be careful Cal, I don’t want to have to see you come back with bruises or cuts, or not even at all. Just be careful, I’ll be there to pick you up, just let me know when you’re done.” I said seriously as he nodded and gave me one last as he walked out. I waited about ten minutes until I walked out too.

Calum’s P.O.V

Gregory Gene. The man that owed us four-hundred thousand dollars. We had a top notch gang, one of the largest out there. We earned, and stole lots of money. Our gang loaned people money and expected it back within a certain time limit. His limit was up, we were going to collect it today. The boys and I walked into Gregory’s house and burst through the door.

He and his family were sitting at dinner when we bust in. “Hello Gregory,” Luke sneered with a fake smile. His face paled which caused the boys and I to chuckle.

“Honey, who are these gentlemen?” HIs wife asked as she eyed us suspiciously. I glared at her and she shrunk down into her seat. “Calum, give me more time, I just-”

“We did give you more time, we gave you two extra months, but you owe us, and you owe us Now.” I growled to him. His daughter, around 14 years old looked at us. “What does he owe you?” She asked, her dad tried to shut her up but she wouldn’t listen.

The boys chuckled and Michael tried explaining it to her, “We gave him money, and drugs, now he needs to pay us back.” The girl glared at us.

“My dad does not do drugs, and he owes you nothing!” She said as she tried to look menacing. I chuckled and pulled my gun out. The family gasped and I noticed his wife trying to call someone.

“Put the phone down, or else I’ll shoot.” I said calmly as she put the phone on the table. I smirked and shot her in the head anyway. Blood poured out of her forehead and she face planted on the table.

The daughter and son both screamed and started crying. Ashton walked up to Gregory and pulled him up by his collar. “Where’s the money?” He asked in a low tone. Gregory gulped and started shaking. “I don’t have it yet, just give me time.” He tried pleading.

Luke chuckled and pulled his gun out as well. He walked to the mother and through the phone at the wall, smashing it. “How about, for every time we ask about the money, and you don’t give it to us, we shoot one of your children?” Luke asked as he spun his gun around in his hand.

Michael smirked and stood next to the son as Luke stood near the daughter. Ashton pulled Gregory out of his seat while I grabbed another chair and sat it near where I stood. Ashton sat him in it, and I grabbed some robe we brought and tied him to the chair. He tried struggling, but I smacked him with the butt of my gun.

“Stay still and watch your children suffer.” I growled at him. He nodded with tears in his eyes. I laughed, “Pathetic, crying, all because you refuse to give us the money. Now where is it?” I asked as I circled him.

He twitched in his seat, “I told you! I don’t have it yet! Just give me a couple of days!” He pleaded. I looked over to Michael, who still stood near the son, who looked to be about 16, and nodded. The boy shook his head and looked to his dad with tears. Michael nodded and smirked and Gregory, and then the son, “Blame your father kids.” He said before he shot the son in his right leg.

The son cried out, and so did his daughter, “Marcus!” She yelled with tears streaming down her face. “Dad just give them the money!” She yelled at him.

I looked at Gregory and mocked his daughter, “Yeah Greg, just give us the money.” I forcefully said as I hit him with my gun again. “I don’t have it, why don’t you believe me?” He cried out as he looked at his bleeding son. “Because you’re a lying bastard, I’ll never believe you. Your son is going to die soon anyway, might as well keep the fun going.” I smirked.

“Mike, put another hole, but in the other leg,” I said as he smirked and nodded, “Should have never believed your dad kid, he ain’t a good man.” Michael said before he shot ‘Marcus’ in the other leg. “Oh yeah?” Marcus asked, “Like you guys are any better than him.” He spit.

Michael growled and slammed the butt of his gun down onto Marcus’ head, hard. The daughter screamed as his skull was split open and started bleeding. Michael looked at Greg, “Give us the money, and he might live.” Michael threatened as Greg shook in his chair, trying to get out.

“I don’t have it! I don’t have your money! Just leave him alone!” Greg screamed at Michael. Good thing he lived in a secluded area. I shook my head and tsk-ed him. “Mike, you want to put that kid out of his misery now?” I asked Mike and he nodded.

He took his gun, lifted it to the kid’s temple, and shot. His eyes dulled, and closed, the his head fell back in his chair. I looked over to the daughter. “Next time he doesn’t give us the money just kill her, I’m done playing this game.” I said with a brush of my hand. Luke nodded, but I could tell he wanted some fun too.

“Now, where’s the money? Or your daughter dies.” I said with a menacing smile. He started crying, “I told you I don’t have it!” I sighed and turned around to Luke. I nodded my head and h shot her right in the heart. Gregory cried out and screamed.

I shot his leg to shut him up. “Shut up, the only thing we have left to do is look around and then kill you since you wont cooperate with us.” I said as I had Luke watch him, “If he does anything, don’t hesitate to shoot him and put him back in his place, we’ll go get the money.” I said as me, Ash, and Mike grabbed the bags we brought.

We went into his room and searched for any code, or secret door there. “Hey guys, check this out.” Ashton said and we turned out attention to him. He found a lever in the wall behind a picture frame. I smirked and nodded at him to pull it.

He pulled it, and that whole side of the wall shifted and opened up to a vault filled with money. “Lying son of a bitch.” I heard Michael mutter and I silently nodded my head. “Get the duffle bags and just collect all of it, I’ll get the rest from the room with Luke and we’ll take all of it. it’s not like he’ll be needing it in his death.” I chuckled as they nodded and started filling the large duffle bags.

I walked out and saw Greg all shot in his legs and Luke staring at him with an un-amused expression. “What happened?” I asked as I grabbed the remainder of the bags. “He tried escaping while I went to pee.” Luke said nonchalantly as I chuckled. 

“Just kill him and help us get the money.” I said as he nodded and shot him in the head. Luke walked back with me and all four of us started filling bags up. When we were almost done, I called Y/n.

I walked out and into a different room so I could talk to her. “Y/n, we’re done, and we got all the cash. We might be a tad bit bloody so, sorry about the car.” I smiled sheepishly through the phone and she groaned, “You’re so lucky I like you Hood, or I would have never let you in the car.” She said, trying to sound serious, but I could tell she was smiling.

“Ok, well, just come soon, ok? I’ll see you then, bye baby.” I said as I looked around to make sure the boys, hadn’t heard anything. Lucky they were still working on getting the last of the money.

“Bye handsome, I’ll see you then.” She said and hung up the phone. I sighed and walked back out to the boys, “You were talking to Y/n right?”

 Oh shit. “Um, yeah, why?” I asked, putting on my poker face. “We heard you say 'baby’ and were just wondering.” Michael smirked and walked out with the bags. We all followed after him with the rest of the money and I cursed under my breath.

Y/n told me she was there, and we went out to load the trunk. When we all filed in I sat in my usual seat and looked over at Y/n, and Luke started talking. “So are you guys a thing or something?” He asked as he smirked and looked between Y/n and I. She choked on her spit and whipped her head to look at me. “Why would they think that Calum?” She said my name in a dark tone that sent shivers down my back.

She looked back to the road, and waited for my response, but Ashton jumped in before I could say anything. “We heard him call you 'baby’ through the phone and we got suspicious. Plus, Mike says that Calum is almost never in the room they share at night, which could mean he sleep in your bed with you.” He said with a smirk.

I sighed and shook my head. I looked over at Y/n trying to read her expression, but she had gone poker faced. “Well, Calum, guess it’s out.” She shrugged with a sigh. The boys’ eyes bulged out of their heads, and Mike’s mouth dropped.

“You and Calum are actually together?” He asked shocked as Y/n nodded. “Yeah, only for a few days though, and we didn’t want anyone to know so there isn’t such a huge target on my back. I didn’t want any rival gangs like, using me to get to Calum or something stupid like that.” She sighed, and I grabbed her hand in mine and squeezed it.

She squeezed it back and shot me a small smile. Luke cooed and I flipped him off with my other hand. The boys just laughed. “We wont say anything to anyone, Y/n’s a great friend to us all, and we wouldn’t want her getting killed off either.” Ashton said as he ruffled her hair. He was practically like her older brother in the gang.

She lost her family and came to us, much like most of everyone in our gang, and Ashton got attached to her quickly. They have a brother-sister relationship better than any actual siblings I know of. “Just don’t hurt her Calum, we may be brothers, but she’s my little sister.” Ashton threatened as I nodded with a small smile as I looked at her.

“I won’t Ash, I swear.” I said as Y/n pulled into the gang’s house. We got out, and me and Y/n stayed close, but not too close. We walked in and held up the bags. Everyone cheered and we had Tommy, our best calculator, look at the money in private, and try to determine how much he thought was in it.

“Well, it seems to be all hundred dollar bills, in seven different bags, all in same size, and there’s an estimated 200 stacks in each bag, and each stack looks to hold 50,000 dollars, so that would be about,” He trailed off and stood looking at us wide eyed.

“We have to keep this hidden, if any other gang knows we have 70 million dollars all from one steal, they’ll all come at us and try to kill us. We can’t tell anyone.” He said as the five of us stared at each other.

“Well shit,” Michael said, “I didn’t think we took that much.” He chuckled. Y/n slapped his arm with a small giggle, “Shush Mike, this is supposed to be serious.” He faked hurt, and rubbed his arm with a small smile. I knew it was just Mike, but I couldn’t help the small amount of jealousy that ran through my body.

“Well, we just have to tell the guys it was only about 500,000 dollars and pray the believe us.” I sighed as Tommy nodded and ran his fingers through his hair. “Ok, I’ll let you guys tell them, since I don’t want to get questioned or anything.” I sighed and walked out to go into his own bedroom.

We were in Mike and I’s room, so we just left our things in here, since we knew no one would ever dare to come into our room. We were the leaders of this gang and they respected us.

Unknown’s P.O.V

“Boss, Calum’s gang just received a huge load of cash in their last steal. Over 70 million dollars worth of money in their house.” I said to my boss, “And get this, my inside guy said Calum got a new girlfriend. He overheard Michael, Ashton, Luke, and Calum talking about it. Her name is Y/n Y/l/n, and she is very  easy on the eyes.” I smirked, as did the boss.

“Alright then,” Boss smirked, “Let’s pay these guys a little visit, and maybe get to know this girl of his.”

You can request a part two here. :-)


Happy Stoniversary

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  Every year, Harvey and Mike indulge in a little tradition. Each year they skirt closer and closer to that invisible line. What happens when they finally cross it?  (Explicit)

Find it on AO3 here.

                                                      5+1 Things

1.  2012

Three things happen when Harvey Specter gets stoned; he loses his inhibitions, becomes very touchy feely and lastly, he gets super horny.  As a rule, he doesn’t get stoned.  But Harvey trusts Mike, and the kids Grammy just died, so he lights the damn joint and smokes up, in a show of support.

Mike has a colourful history with weed, so when he gets stoned, he still gets high, still gets horny and giggles his ass off and maybe gets a little clumsy, but because of his eidetic memory, he can mostly still function as an average human.

It’s Harvey that brings up pissing in somebody’s office, and Mike is delighted.  Stoned Harvey is life, and Mike can’t get enough of him, he thinks this might have been what Harvey was like back in college because he looks and acts so boyishly, a broad grin lighting up his face.  They come up with a plan of attack on Hardman, and Mike volunteers to down the Gatorade.

On their way to the firm, Harvey pulls and pushes Mike around like he’s a toddler, he even reaches across in the cab and fastens his seatbelt.  Mike thinks it’s weird and it must show on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Harvey asks, eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

“Nothing really, you’re just super tactile and very DIY when you’re stoned,” he answered, watching Harvey closely.

Harvey started laughing, and those four perfect creases at the corner of each eye that Mike loves, appear.

“You’re right, that’s pretty much my M.O. when I’m high,” he replied, as he reached over and ruffled Mike’s hair.

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I’m gonna tell you a story about what that man did for me. And why I think you should trust him.

anonymous asked:

Could you do Mileven for the Autumn asks? I don't care which ones you choose, I just want something Mileven related 😊

Thanks for the ask, anon! I just decided to do all the asks, because why not?? 💜

1. Is your OTP into pumpkin spice lattes?
When they’re adults, Mike ends up falling for the pumpkin spice craze, blaming it on his love for his mother’s pumpkin pie. El thinks they’re far too sweet and insists they taste nothing like real pumpkin. She does, however, love to make pumpkin bread throughout all of October and November. 

2. Would they prefer to go outside and walk in the brisk air, or would they rather stay inside and keep warm?
They love doing both, but their favourite thing is to sit on the porch wrapped in a heavy blanket and reading together. The best of both worlds.

3. Which one says it’s too warm to wear a sweater in early September and which one wears the sweater and gets overheated anyway?
They’re both sweater fiends and as soon as the back to school season hits, they’re back into long sleeves. 

4. Which one would be excited for school and which one would dread going back?
El, once she’s able to attend school, is always infinitely more excited than Mike. She loves the yearly routine in which Nancy takes her into the city to buy a back-to-school outfit and brand new school supplies—she absolutely loves stationary. 

5. Which one would knit a sweater for the other?
El is the knitter, thanks to Karen teaching her how. It takes her a long time, and several tries, but she eventually knits a striped sweater for Mike. 

6. Would they wear a couple’s costume for Halloween? If so, whose idea would the costumes be?
They usually prefer to participate in group costumes with the rest of their friends, but even within the group, their costumes tend to match. Han and Leia the year the group does Star Wars, Aragorn and Arwen the year they do Lord of the Rings, Batman and Wonder Woman the year they do the Justice League, etc. 

7. Which one takes dozens of pictures of anything remotely fall-related and which one says “Would you please get off Tumblr?”
El carries a camera everywhere, especially in her first few years back in Hawkins—she refuses to miss a single moment and is scared of forgetting all the experiences she’s having for the first time, so she’s always clicking away, filling photo albums of the pumpkin patch, piles of leaves, and other fall-themed things. 

8. Would your OTP go apple-picking?
Yes, they’d go on the crispest, sunniest day in October and El would use her powers to pull down the plumpest apples from the tops of the trees and Mike buys them cider at the end of the afternoon, when they can barely feel their fingertips in the cool wind anymore.

9. Which one of them makes better Jack-o-Lanterns?
They’re both absolutely terrible at carving pumpkins. Mike can never get the proportions right and El’s always end up a little lopsided. They decide to infinitely allow Will to do the pumpkin carving.

10. If your OTP were to make a Thanksgiving dinner, what would they cook?
El helps Karen out in the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner and she’s a master at making the best mashed potatoes. She even quickly picks up on Karen’s “secret” recipe for stuffing (her and Mike’s favourite Thanksgiving dish). Mike is a disaster in the kitchen for pretty much the entirety of his teenage years, so his job is to place the pecans on top of the pecan pies—and he manages to do a pretty good job at that. 

11. Would your OTP miss summer or be looking forward to winter?
They’d both miss summer and feel nostalgic for the warm sun on their faces as they lay on the grass after a swim in the lake. But, as soon as the first snowfall hits (usually in late December), they are beyond thrilled and all thoughts of summer disappear. 

12. What fall sports would your OTP do?
El and Lucas head out to the park to play baseball—one of them throwing and the other batting. Mike tags along to watch, but doesn’t usually get involved. 

13. If your OTP were in marching band, what would they play and how well?
Did someone say marching band AU? Mike would play the trumpet (he’d be pretty new to it and doing it only for college applications) and El something smaller, like a clarinet (she’s extremely talented). 

14. Which one offers their jacket to the other when they complain they feel cold?
Mike constantly offers his jacket to El, even when she’s not complaining about feeling cold. Often, he even brings a spare sweater along with him. 

15. Would your OTP be excited for any early snowfall?
Yes and no. They both love the snow and all the fun that goes along with winter activities, but they’d want to enjoy the beauty of autumn for as long as possible.

Bonus: An autumn-Mileven aesthetic: 


Justice for Mike Brown. So far most of the powerful evidence I’ve seen. Please add any if you have something different & feel free to take credit for something’s. I was so heated in the time that I made this I didn’t think about it. Also sorry for misspelled words, I stayed up all night to make it.