get rid of your gum

“I’m so sorry.”

A/N: guess who’s back. back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You, Shawn and the rest of his team we’re eating dinner at some restaurant. The food there was delicious and everyone thought the exact same.

Everyone was eating happily and enjoying themselves and you were in a conversation with some woman in Shawn’s team about life at home. You were sitting next to Shawn and he was in a deep conversation with Geoff.

You were kind of happy you went to this dinner. You hadn’t been feeling very well, because you had been reading a lot of hate comments online lately and you just couldn’t put it out of your head. Everyone was telling you to lose a bit of weight and to be honest, you didn’t blame them. You weren’t fat or something but you could lose a couple of pounds. So that’s what you were trying to achieve.

You had been skipping meals and working out more and Shawn hadn’t mentioned it so you were pretty sure he wasn’t catching up on it yet, if you could just lose a couple of pounds you would be content.

You guys had just finished dessert and were about to leave when you excused yourself to go to the bathroom real quick. Shawn was still deep in a conversation with Geoff so you just announced it and went to go and look for the bathroom. You knew that what you were doing was wrong but the dinner you just ate held a lot of calories and it just didn’t feel right, you had to get rid of it.

You did your thing, washed up yourself, put in a gum with mint flavor and went back because they were about to leave.

When you got back to the table Shawn was waiting for you. As soon as he spotted you, you asked him. “Where is everyone?”

“They went back to the cars, ours is waiting at front.” Shawn looked into your eyes looking for some answers and you felt like he knew what was going on but you weren’t giving in.

“Ok let’s go.” You said and the two of you walked to the car.

As the two of you sat in the car with just the driver holding you company you felt Shawn grabbing your hand tightly and rubbing his thumb over it.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m great, why wouldn’t I be?”

‘Don’t lie to me Y/N.” Shawn simply said. You got confused and looked at him only to see he was already looking at you with sad eyes.

“I know what you’ve been doing. Don’t be so surprised that I figured it out, my only question is why?” Shawn asked.

You let go of his hand and turned your head away from him.

“It’s nothing don’t worry about it.” You really didn’t want to talk about this with him and especially because the driver could hear every single detail of your convo and you really didn’t want stories going around about you.

Shawn kept quiet because he knew what you were thinking and he didn’t blame you, but as soon as the two of you arrived back at the hotel he sat you down.

“I want an explanation.”

“You don’t need one.” You answered him.

“Y/N stop being so stubborn I want to help because what you have been doing is not healthy one bit.”

“So what? I’m losing weight? Everyone should be happy about it. Especially your so-called fans.” You exclaimed and the room fell quiet.

Shawn looked at you with sad eyes. “I’m so sorry I didn’t notice this earlier.” He said.

“Don’t apologize it isn’t your fault.”

“You don’t need to lose weight, they are just being complete assholes. I love you and your body.” He said and pulled you closer by the waist. “Don’t go and do these things on your own, talk to me last time, I don’t want you dealing with this on your own I love you I want to help.”

You just nodded and buried your head into Shawn’s neck breathing in his scent taking in this moment. “I love you.” Shawn whispered into your ear. “So much, please don’t let anyone change you.”

Harley Quinn!Michael

Pairing: Y/N and Michael

Words: 1.5K

Warning: Smut :))

Summary: So this was requested and I had no idea who Harley Quinn was so my beautiful best friend Liv (Who has written other smut on this account) wrote this! So I hope you enjoy!


After years of being a struggling actress, trying to find parts any where you could, you finally had your big break. You were picked from thousands of applicants to attend the final auditions for Suicide Squad, an upcoming DC movie about the super villains.

You knew every detail of the movie, thanks to your boyfriend Michael. He was super hero and villain obsessed. Ever since the movie was announced, he’d talked about it non stop, and you’d ended up applying for a part.

When you were called back for the final round of auditions for the part of Harley Quinn you were surprised to say the least. You were determined to get the part. There was no way you were getting that far just to go back to the start. So, you spent weeks and weeks learning your lines, rehearsing in front of the mirror and in front of Michael. He was so excited, and his knowledge of the character really helped you perfect your role.

You knew the lines and the character inside out, and the final touch - the hair. Thankfully, with Mikey’s hair dying experience, soon you had your long hair dip dyed pink on one side and blue on the other.

You got the part.

Then the hard work came in.

You loved every minute on set, and every interview you attended. The trailers you got to see made you feel so proud and you loved your fellow cast members. Especially working with non other then Will Smith. He was Michaels favourite actor and when Michael came and visited you once he nearly had a heart attack. Every day was so much fun, but the early mornings and late nights were the hard part, and Michael didn’t enjoy it too much either.

You’d come in from the set every night at almost midnight, and go straight to bed. At that time he would still be wide awake and playing video games or his guitar, but you needed the sleep. He wanted to spend time with you, but he couldn’t. This was your biggest role yet, and he knew how much it meant to you. He was also really looking forward to seeing you in that role, that costume. He didn’t want to ruin anything.

You loved the role too. Thanks to Mikey, you’d fallen in love with the character too. Due to his long lessons on her origins and how she became a villain. You somehow found her story transfixing. How she was simply The Joker’s psychiatrist but he turned her crazy as she fell in love with him. They were crazy together. Sure their relationship wasn’t all smiles and rainbows, The Joker would never be the perfect boyfriend, as imaginable. But she, she was interesting.

There was no way you’d have all that knowledge without Michael. You wanted to thank him. He’d been so supportive, helpful and kind about it all, even when you knew he wasn’t happy about it. So, you came up with a plan. After a day of filming, you pulled your jacket on over your costume. Hair still in bunches, Harley’s makeup perfectly in tact. The director and your co-workers didn’t ask any questions, you just simply made your way to your car. You were still chewing the bright pink bubble gum from your last scene and you dropped Harley’s baseball bat into the passenger seat.

You drove home, a small smirk playing on your lips imagining Mikey’s face when you came in. You just hoped he liked it as much as you thought he would, he deserved a little treat after putting up with the lack of time you’ve spent together recently because of all the filming and press events.

After locking up the car once you’d reached your house, you swung the bat over your shoulder and walked through the front door. Michael was sat in the living room on his ps4, as expected. You strolled in, swaying your lips and chewing your gum.


He looked up, eyes widening and his lip catching between his teeth. He loved Harley Quinn, and he thought she was one of the hottest characters ever. You knew he’d love it.

“Oh my god.” He muttered, pushing his headphones off and dropping his controller.

With fish net tights, skin tight hot pants, a tight shirt and temporary tattoos, you weren’t surprised at his reaction. You twirled the bat in your hand, tilting your head to the side slightly and smiling.

“What is it?”

He jumped up and walked over to you, taking one of your bunches into his hand gently and staring at you like you were some kind of miracle.

“You look incredible.”

“Thank you puddin’, I do try.” Harley’s signature nickname for The Joker rolled off your tongue easily after saying it so many times on set. His eyes proceeded to roam your body, his tongue darting out to dampen his lips as he did.

“I thought that you deserved a little treat,” You pushed him to sit down in the armchair beside us “after me not being around so much.” You leaned down, pressing kisses to his jaw and neck. He moaned softly, his hands coming up about to grab your hips. Playfully, you hit them away with the baseball bat then tapped him lightly on the shoulder with it.

“No touching.”

He groaned and you giggled, getting rid of your gum then straddling him and rolling your hips against his. He moaned again and you bit your lip.

“You’re so sexy Y/N.”

“I know baby, I know.” You smiled seductively.

He groaned, looking at you with so much lust in his eyes he looked almost animalistic.

You slid your hands down his body, slipping them under his thin Metallica t-shirt. You lifted it off his body, tossing it onto the floor beside the chair. His pale skin now revealed soon became scattered with dark purple and red marks. His soft moans made you just want to mark him even more, and claim him as yours. He was yours, and nobody could take that away from you.

He reaches to do the same to you, to peel the tight top off your body.

“Nuh-uh, no touching baby. Follow the rules.” You scolded with a firm tone. He whined, wriggling beneath you, causing you to simply grind yourself down on him harder.

After a few moments you got up and pulled your top off yourself, then unclipped your bra. You could feel his eyes on you, and you smirked at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Fuck, please let me touch you.” He practically moaned, making you giggle at him again.

You slowly stripped off all of your clothes and repositioned yourself in his lap. Almost instantly you felt his fingers slip inside you and you gasped, placing your hands on his shoulders. He was watching you intensely, and slowly you began to move yourself up and down on his fingers, moans falling from your lips. He moaned watching you, beginning to pump his fingers as you moved.

Your slow movements soon became rapid bounces as his fingers moved quickly inside you. He was sucking hickeys down the side of your neck and you dug your nails into his shoulders. Your bounces were causing friction against his crotch and soon you were clenching around him. You kissed him deeply, your tongue sliding between his red lips and tongue pressing against his. His tongue fought against yours, resulting in a passionate fight for dominance.

You pulled away, whimpering and moaning. “Michael, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum on my fingers baby girl, cum on my fingers.”

You moaned loudly, grinding yourself down on them hard, before cumming.

His jeans were stained with your cum and you got up, grabbing his hand.

“Your turn.”

You pulled him up and began leading him to the bedroom, pulling on your costume jacket and picking up your bat once more. You pushed him into the room and kicked the door shut behind you.

You turned back to face him and pressed the top of the bat against his chest, pushing him backwards with it until his legs hit the edge of the bed and he fell back onto the mattress.

“Gonna tell me what you want puddin’, or am I gonna have to figure it out for myself.” You teased, running the bat up his thigh before dropping it onto the bed beside him.

“God, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do to me babe. You’re being so sexy right now that I don’t even care what the hell you do to me.” He almost whispered, looking up at you with wild eyes.

“Well then, let the fun begin baby.” You announced before winking at him and pulling the bunches out of your hair, letting it fall down your back.

He bit his lip and replied “let’s do this my little harlequin girl.”

You giggled and unfastened his jeans, looking up at him through your eye lashes whilst sleigh beginning to slide them down his long legs and then tossing them aside. This was going to be fun.

Part 2

Why Won’t Anyone Believe Me?

I get a lot of messagesasking about how to tell other people about having misophonia, and how to getthem to believe you. One of the hardest things about having misophonia is thatit sounds like a bunch of bologna…which doesn’t make it any less real for thoseof us who suffer from it. Often, it is difficult to put into words exactly what we’re feeling, and even when we do, it’s nearly impossible to sound relatable. We get responses like, “Why can’t you just ignore the sounds?” or “It doesn’t bother anyone else!”, and we have no idea how to begin to convey our discomfort by any sort of credible approach. I hope that by the end of this post, you may feel a bit more confident in your ability to defend yourself!

The very best you can do right away is to become as much of an expert as you can about your misophonia. Do all the research you possibly can about it, take notes, and watch YouTube videos. The better that you know your own condition, the more believable you are going to sound when you explain it to people, because you won’t be so at a loss for words. Learning scientific terms associated with “autonomic arousal” (which is the activation of your autonomic nervous system) and being able to factually clarify the “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system will help you sound more credible when explaining misophonia. You’ll also sound like you totally know what you’re talking about, which will give people more incentive to leave you alone. Good sources for research are Google Scholar and online databases that you can access usually through your school’s library.

Another thing you will need to work on if you are going to get people to believe you and, better yet, help you is being as nice as humanly possible. Be so nice that you are practically exuding butterflies and rainbows out your pores and you want to kill yourself because your niceness is so disgusting. (Okay, maybe not quite to that extent, but you get what I’m saying. Basically be your nicest self!) I know that it is especially hard to be nice to other people when they are triggering you, but I am telling you, it’s the way to go. People are much more likely to help you out and listen to you when they are not feeling threatened. This being said, I also want to stress that when you are explaining your condition to people, you should not make your reactions sound like anyone else’s fault. Remember that it is your brain that is the offending factor in the situation, and the other person is literally not doing anything wrong, especially if they are ignorant of your condition. Never use “always” or “never” language when you are talking about something the other person does a lot that triggers you. Instead, try to be understanding and polite, and engage in sentences that say “makes me feel”. So, for example, never say, “You always pop your gum, and it always drives me crazy!”, but instead say something like, “You tend to pop your gum a lot, and it makes me feel unbearably anxious when you do.” Instead of, “You never go out of your way to help me!” instead say, “It makes me feel like you don’t care about me when you don’t get rid of your gum after I ask you.” You do this because people can’t argue with how something makes you feel, but they can argue with the fact that they are apparently “always” doing this or that.

It helps to recognize that the way you may be asking people to help you may be hurting their feelings, too. When you tell someone that something they do makes you feel a certain way, allow them to reciprocate. You may feel like they need to change their ways, and they probably do, but there’s always the possibility that you need to change yours too.

It’s always good to have a sort of monologue prepared for when you need to tell someone about your misophonia. Mine usually goes something like, “Hey, would it be alright if I asked you a question? I’ve got a neurological disorder that causes my brain not to process sounds correctly, and when I hear noises associated with the nose and the mouth (like chewing and gum-popping), I get very overwhelming anxiety that’s impossible to shut down. Do you think you could throw away your gum for me? It would really help me out!”

I have no idea if it’s the way I ask, or because I am on a university campus, but I literally cannot remember the last time someone was flat-out like, “No, I will not help you! Go peel potatoes, you peasant.”

It is always really helpful, as well, to give information to people who you explain your disorder to. There are so many websites and blogs out there with great explanations of misophonia and lots of credibility, so I highly recommend you share the sources you researched with your family and friends.

Misophonia is hard to tell people about and I know it can be scary. I will literally leave events because I would rather exit the scene than tell people about my misophonia. To me, it feels like having to tell someone I wet my pants when I have to be like, “Um, excuse me, can you help me…?”, and so I usually don’t. But, when I’m in situations where I can’t leave, it’s good to be confident enough to be able to take the necessary initiative. I hope maybe this post will help you to be able to do the same!

Stay brave out there.

POI Rewatch - S1 E10 - “Number Crunch”

You can’t get rid of me. I’m like that gum on the bottom of your shoe. Still here on the internet. Still full of feelings. 

Shit I remember from last time I saw this ep:

HOLY SHIT IT’S THIS ONE. Please excuse me while I–

Oro liveblogs the ep:

OH LOOK. HERE. HERE ARE SOME MORE FEELINGS. MADE JUST FOR ME. (Reese, wandering the library when he can’t find Finch, opens the book Ghost in the Machine (HAHAHHAHAA) and finds this photograph of Harold and Nathan Ingram (altho he doesn’t know that yet)

Reese: “Where did you come from?”

Finch: “I breached the space-time continuum.” (Reese looks like he doesn’t know what to think, but like he MIGHT NOT BE SURPRISED.) “Not really.”

Meanwhile, Carter’s starting to come under heat about her relationship with the Man in the Suit (just waitttttt).  UG, poor Carter. @__@ 

I really like how in this episode they use the security camera footage from the car accident as a repeated framework throughout the episode. It’s such a subtle, evocative way of structuring the scene sequences and slowly doling out information that corresponds to the non-machine things we’ve seen. And, like many things in this show, it does a really nice job of reinforcing, both visually and plot…ly, the Big Player Behind the Scenes, aka the Machine. 

OOOhhhh Reese strong-arms Finch into going out in the field… THAT’S NOT GONNA END WITH GUILTY FEELINGS LATER… DEFINITELY NOT NOPE.


It’s SNOW!  AHHHHHHHHH! *clears throat* AHHHHHHHH!

Pictured: Reese’s attempt at blending in…

And while Reese gets his hair done, Finch is watching the other number…. and…

“Hold on. Someone left a stroller… I don’t know where the mother is… Oh my god it’s a bomb!”

“Get down. Get down on the ground, Finch!”

“I have to warn him!”

Aside: Can we create a support group for Harold? “People I love and/or feel responsible for are always exploding and or trying to blow up” support group? I mean (narratively we’re not aware of it yet) but it’s… a BIT of a problem for him (SHUT UP I’M FINE HERE EVERTYING’S FINE… SO FINE) It also says so much about his character that when he realized it was gonna go boom, his first instinct was to run towards the bomb. And, ug, Reese is so good at comforting him after the explosion and the loss of the number (and keeping him on track… It doesn’t surprise me that both men are the sort that cope best by getting right back into the midst of things.)

Looool. “Detective Fiasco.” 

Fusco glares. “Fusco.”

plot plot plot plotttttt. The two foster sisters are lovely. plot plot plotttttt.

Carter confronting Snow is glorious. Snow, of course, repays her snappy words with absolutely bullshit that is juuuuuuuuust close enough to the truth to be scary. 

I also appreciate that when Harold goes on his undercover missions he has different pairs of glasses. I just envision him having like, a whole box of them. His version of a sneaky mustache… He also still, adorably, believes the best in people. Oh Harold. :( <3 Although he seems less surprised now than the first few times…

And Carter. <3 OH CARTER. She thanks Reese for saving her life. And then calls Snow in on him. I probably would have done the same thing. And then Finch watches the footage from the precinct. And his Face. OH HIS FACE, when he hears her turn Reese in. 

AND OH GOD THE SONG…….. you laid it on the line/the shadow’s where you hide/a life that was designed/ you’ve been cheated oh so blind… and he looks so betrayed by Carter. Oh baby… And then when he calls Finch (TO SAY GOODBYE…… ) Finch looks about ready to break.

“I wanted to say thank you, Harold. For giving me a second chance.”

“It’s not over, John.”

And Carter, realizing she fucked up and realization she can make it better, coming down after him and making that split second and forever impacting decision to help, understanding that Burdett is Finch and Finch is Reese’s partner, and The Man in the Suit is still just a man, a man who is bleeding…. 



phoenixsfeathers  asked:

Hi, I found out about misophonia (did I spell that right?) about 10 minutes ago and I don't have it but how can I help to be as pleasant as possible to be around for people who do?

That’s so sweet of you to ask! (Yes, you spelled it correctly :)

  • First and foremost, you could help us out tremendously by not chewing gum in public! It’s one of the most universal triggers.
  • Try not to eat crunchy things around other people like chips, popcorn, crackers, pretzels, nuts, or trail mix. If you’re in a theater, don’t buy popcorn! If you’re in class, don’tpull out chips or a vegetable tray (that actually happened to me once!) or anything crunchy and start eating it. 
  • Don’t bring raw vegetables, apples, or grapes as snacks either. 
  • Consciously chew with your mouth closed.
  • Some people also have the trigger where whistling bothers them, so maybe keep in mind not to whistle?
  • When you have a cold and are sniffling, please, please blow your nose instead of sniffing it back up!
  • If you’re sick with any sort of soupy, wet cold in general and are making lots of noises, stay home and get some rest :)  
  • Try not to tap or do any repetitive movements, even if you’re hyper.
  • If a person asks you to get rid of your gum or to stop doing something, oblige and don’t ask them a bunch of questions or get angry with them. 
  • Ask them how you can help them! I’ve got a friend who asked me once, and now never chews gum or eats in class because she doesn’t want to bother anyone else who might have what I have. It makes me feel really happy and thankful every time I think of her! 

If you could do even half of these things, you’d be helping people like me in a very big way to exist in the world! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm to help! My fabulous brethren and I appreciate it :)