get rid of the stigma

Can we please get rid of the stigma that people who want to pursue a cosmetology career aren’t smart? Just because I don’t want to follow the traditional route of a four year university and be a fucking doctor or engineer doesn’t mean I’m not an intelligent person. I was telling a family member that I didn’t have to take any more math courses at my community college, in which they proceeded to say “Well yeah, beauty school students only need to know how to count to ten.” I’m not one to give a fuck about what people think of me, but damn. I’m irritated. As a future cosmo student, I really hope to change that stereotype somehow.

According to a girl in my English class, apparently people with psychosis should die?

So today in English class we were doing peer reviews on our argumentative essays. Mine was an essay on the stigma of mental illness and the media and how the media portrays mentally ill people (mainly those with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar, ocd) as evil and how that effects the mentality of society. It’s a topic I actually hold pretty dear to me since I am someone with Bipolar and Psychosis, and I want to get rid of the stigma attached to my disorders. 

I was partnered with a girl who’s topic was why we help. Her explanation was basically eugenics. One of her points was that, and I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something like: people with detrimental psychotic behaviors are lesser members of society. And she continued on with something about how the best survive and those with psychosis shouldn’t pass down their genetics and they should basically die alone because they “lack empathy and happiness and cannot help the human race.” 

I was, of course, stunned and very much taken aback by this paper. I was also sad. This was me she was talking about. She was telling me that I was a useless member of society. I was, honestly, about to cry in the middle of class. But I didn’t, because this was college and I’m not about to start explaining to some chick that her paper is offensive and out myself to her, since her opinion is so… bad. I awkwardly reviewed her paper, and she even said she liked mine! She obviously didn’t get the point if she said that and wrote what she wrote! 

This only goes to show you how right my paper is. Stigma exists. Yes, we’ve all heard it towards Depression and Anxiety. But what about against those with Bipolar and Psychosis? Schizophrenia? Why are we still portrayed as the bad guys in movies? The murderers in TV shows who didn’t take their meds? It’s stupid and I’m honestly tired of it. I’m not useless in society. Neither is anyone else with psychosis. We’re amazing people. I love all of you. 


When people ask me why I continue on spreading awareness about drug addiction this is why; these comments were screenshotted off recent news stories about addiction and alcoholism. These are only a few out of MANY comments that show how out of touch society is with addiction, how judgemental and uneducated. The fact is even in 2015 people continue to dehumanize addicts, judge addicts, hate addicts and spread ignorance about addicts. Addiction is an epidemic if you want addiction to stop you need to RID the stigma, get educated, offer support. in a world where being an addict is looked at as being a failure or a waste of space can you blame addicts for not wanting to come forward and ask for help with their problem? I am envious in a way of people who can think things like this and worse about addiction and addicts because they obviously are lucky enough to have never been touched by addiction however, I am angered by their uneducated, harmful opinions. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a huge contributing factor to the addiction epidemic and lives lost due to addiction.

The Shallows

Can we please talk about this? Another goddamned fucking suspense film demonizing sharks (not to mention another helpless white chick).

We’re trying to get rid of the stigma around sharks, why the fuck is the film industry doing this?

First of all, I get the whole thing with her being dragged off her board, the shark thought she was a seal, but after that it would probably leave her alone. (Oh yeah, and the ‘sexy’ shot of her putting a tourniquet on? Really nice. Objectify someone’s trauma, you fucking dipshits.) And the tour guide or whatever leaving her there? Seriously? Movies are so unrealistic, no wonder our expectations for life are so askew.

But no, really. Jaws did enough damage to the shark populations. Don’t see this movie.


Signal boost this please!
Mental health is a sensitive subject but it doesn’t need to be. We need to talk about it more, get rid of the stigma. What better people to bring that to the forefront than these guys? They are mentally strong and they are willing to talk about it. The good thing is the guys who have lost limbs and the guys who have visual injuries are the ones helping out the other guys. It works really well. It’s hard for people to comprehend what’s going through other people’s minds. Every person is unique. There is not one solution for everybody. All I will say is that if you can understand you have a problem straight away and someone can help you, then you are curable, you are fixable. Mental health and any issues involving your brain - my understanding is it’s not permanent, you can get help so we need to be able to understand that and appreciate that these guys need a little bit of support, they don’t want pity, just support and then they can get their lives back on track.
—  Prince Harry highlighting the issue of PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- which he said needed to be taken more seriously.