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The Panda -  Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1157
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, John The Panda
Warnings: swearing, kissing, talk of parents death, pandas, fluff (literally)
Requested by @jaderz-mega-yikes
Authors Note: p1 of authors note: i am so fucking stressed and thats why ive been sucking at getting imagines out im so sorry. p2: i want a panda so fucking bad


The lights were making your eyes bulge out of your head. The silence was driving you insane. The work was getting harder by the minute. All you wanted to do was scream, but you knew you couldn’t. It was late in the Avengers facility, and everyone would kill you if you woke them up.

People would call your friends’ lives crazy, and they are, they’re Avengers. They save the world all the time, and it’s amazing what they can do. But when someone isn’t attacking, they get breaks. Sometimes, you really wish you could have a break from your life. Everything would be so much easier.

Being close friends with Tony Stark allowed you to live in the Avengers facility, as you monitor the comms on most missions to make sure everything is going to plan. You also check over a lot of Tony’s work, since he can be so busy being Tony Stark.

But looking over Tony’s work wasn’t bad. You would visit him almost daily as a child as your parents worked close with him and you spent a lot of time watching and learning from Tony. You knew how his mind worked by now, and when your parents were killed in an attack on Stark Industries, Tony felt he needed to help his dear friends. Only making for a closer friendship with you.

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Gail giving a lecture about homicide cases at a conference Holly’s attending


                 Takes place 14 months after Holly left for San Francisco.

 “Gail……..Gail, wait up!” Holly called after her retreating form. Gail stopped but didn’t turn around. Dropping her head back, deflating her posture like a busted teenager, Fuck, I do not needs this today. Holly jogged up behind her and took hold of Gails shoulder as she spun round to look at her face, gently running her hand down her arm to her elbow. Steering her out of the way of oncoming delegates exiting the hall.

‘I don’t have time for this now Doctor Stewart,” Gail bit out.

 Holly was a bit taken aback at the harshness of Gail using her full name and the glare on her face.

Even when they had fought Gail never looked at her like that.

 “Please can we talk. I need to talk to you, I didn’t think you were going to be here today, but as you are I would like to spend some time with you, to talk, maybe….I thought Traci, sorry Detective Sergeant Nash was doing the the introduction to the film and answering the questions after.” gesturing behind her at the lecture hall……. “I was going to call you tomorrow anyway, to see if we could meet up at the weekend but I have to go back the day after tomorrow ….but you’re here now,…so, could you make time for me, maybe have a drink, catch up?” Holly went into full on ramble mode. At one time Gail would have thought it was adorable.

Things were different now.

 “Its been 14 months, Hol…. and nothing. Now you want to talk?” Gail barely controlled her anger, shrugging off Holly’s hand. Stepping back to get some much needed space between them, “I’ve really got to go.” Holding her ground now that she was on a more sound foundation of hurt and anger. Her surprise at seeing Holly in the audience earlier had thrown her brain into a turmoil of emotions.

 “Ok,” she relented.

 Holly sighed feeling a little relieved, “What time can you get back here or I could meet you somewhere?”

 Gail thought for a moment trying to organise the things she still had to do in her head. Glancing at her watch, “How about 9ish, I’ll come back here.”

“Ok, I’ll meet you in the bar?”

“No.” Gail replied a little too quickly. “I’ll come to your room? If thats ok, it’ll be quieter and more private. Number?”

“Ok, 1156, see you later,” Holly turned and walked back in the direction she had come.

Dangerous territory Peck. Gail thought as she backed away from Holly.

Things are different now.

Holly returned to the conference hall and back to her seat.

 “Everything ok?” her colleague inquired. Holly nodded and sat down, her face impassive as she rearranged her notes and stuff for the next lecture. A couple of hours later the lecture was winding down with stupid questions Holly thought why couldn’t people just listen carefully then all the questions would have been answered in the actual lecture. Her thoughts drifted back to Gail, she would’ve rolled her eyes and complained that “these people are idiots, Holly, just idiots,” she could hear the tone of her voice in her head. Holly let her mind wander as to why the blonde had been so short with her, she realised it was alot to ask her to see her again but Holly had regretted letting Gail hit the pause button on their relationship, friends or otherwise.

 Declining an offer of a drink in the bar with her colleague Holly headed to her room. She had a couple of hours to kill before Gail would be turning up. She couldn’t decide what to do first, shower or work? She settled for showering, long and hot to get rid of the aches of sitting all day. Redressing in comfy yoga pants and an old TorontoPD sweatshirt she settled down at the small table with her laptop to organise the days information and fired off a few quick emails, some work, some personal.

 True to her word Gail turned up just before 9 o’clock. Holly opened the door with a big smile on her face, and immediately went in for a hug. Feeling Gail stiffen she relaxed the embrace and kissed her gently on the cheek. “Hey you…You ok?”

“No, not really…it’s been a peculiar day.” Gail wandered around the room contemplating where to sit. Finally perching on the arm of the small couch.

“You not staying then?” Holly quipped pointing at Gail. “Make yourself comfortable?”

“I can’t really stay, Hols….” Gail slipped easily back into the affectionate shortening of her name.

“Why?” Holly inquired doing that adorable head tilt.

“I need to get something to eat, then I’ve got to get to a meeting.” Gail deliberately didn’t expand on what kind of meeting.

“Well, we can eat here, downstairs or I can order us some food. I haven’t had a chance to eat yet either.” Holly moved over to the table to dig out the room service menu from under her pile of papers. Handing it to Gail “See if there’s anything you fancy?” Holly busied herself stacking her papers and closing down her laptop, putting both back into the case on the floor. She pulled the table out slightly from the wall so it would be more comfortable for them to eat at.

 Gail flipped open the menu qiuckly scanned the listed items. Looking over to Holly who had just picked up the phone and pressed the room service number, “So, what’ll it be Officer?

 Gail ignored the itimate intonation of Holly’s question, “Chicken salad and some water please.”

Things were different now.

 “Ok…?” Holly doubled up the order as she spoke adding her room number to the guy on the other end, “Ok 30 minutes that be fine,” she replied looking at Gail. She shrugged her shoulders and mouthed ok.

 Holly came over and sat beside Gail, “Is this weird for you because its definitely, weird for me….Who are you and what have you done with my ex-girlfriend….. See you look the same, but different?…. Shock horror Gail Peck has, one,” she started to count off on her fingers, “ordered a chicken salad… salad far too healthly and water and not beer. So what gives?”

 “Girlfriend, I think that’s pushing it a bit, Holly,” Gail exclaimed intentionally using her proper name, “I don’t think we actually got that far as to call ourselves girlfriends could we?” The question being a rhetorical one. “No, Holly, what we had was an affair or a fling,…..yeah a fling, thats probably more like it. Nothing serious right just had some fun, didn’t we?” The sarcastic tone wasn’t lost on Holly. “So what now, you just wanna be friends or something, like with all your other exes?” Gail just couldn’t stop the sarcasm dripping from her tongue.

 Holly flinched, ouch that hurt, “No, ….well yes… I just wanted to see you, see how you are, but evidently you  don’t want to or are not interested in catching up with me.” Holly turned away from Gail and her voiced trailed away. “Do you want to tell me why you were doing Traci’s job today?”

 “Leo’s in hospital,” Gail blurted out, not that she thought Traci would mind her telling Holly what had happened the night before.

 “WHAT?” Holly exclaimed.

 “Calm down, nothing too serious, he and Dex were in a minor RTA last night, just some bumps a few bruises from the seat belts, but somehow Leo managed to break his arm so the docs had to pin it. He was kept in overnight and Traci was in no state to do this today so I offered to do it.”

 “Why? You hate public speaking.”

 “—Yeah, well, I helped Traci with the case originally. And helped put together the presentation, so it seemed obvious to me to do it, so Oliver didn’t have to order me to do it. Much less stressful that way.”

 A loud knock on the door interrupted the conversation, “I’ll get it,” Gail said leaping to her feet. Immediately her bodylanguage stiffening, Gail checked the peephole, making sure it was the room service guy. Before opening the door, unconsciously her hand hovered over the top of her right hip. Useless of course you idiot remembering she wasn’t in uniform.

 “Hey, Gail it’s ok,” Holly soothed softly as she came up behind her. “Go on let him in.”

 “Good evening, ladies where would you like me set it up?” The fresh faced young man asked, pushing the trolley into the room.

 “Can you leave it and we can sort it out ourselves, if that’s ok?” Holly replied, Gail not having left her position of holding the door open for the young man.

 “Of course ma’am,” a slight hint of a southern accent, “When you have finished just leave it in the hall, and if you could call down to room service and it will be collected.” The young man bowed slightly and backed away from Holly turning towards Gail, who had not taken her eyes of him since he entered the room.

  Holly laid the table up. “Come on, sit down,” taking her place at the table. “So, you wanna tell me what’s been going on over the last few months?” Ripping the cellophane of the top of the water bottle and pouring out two glasses. Holly knew exactly how many months, weeks, days and hours it had been.

 “Few months, Hol, it’s been over a year and no, I don’t want to talk about it.”

 “Oh, ok, so is there anything you do want to talk about?”
 “Not really,” she looked everywhere else in the room except directly at Holly.

 “Stop being a brat Gail.”

 “Fuck off, Holly….You sound like my mother.” She stated matter of factly. “You know I don’t do small talk.”

 Holly was a bit taken aback by Gail’s vehemence.

Things are different now.

 Holly took a few moments to compose herself, she didn’t want to get into a pissing match with Gail this evening, but this really wasn’t going to plan. Time to change direction she thought. So she went into full on ramble mode. About how wonderful her life was in San Francisco how much she loved the city, the appartment she lived in, what a wonderful view of the bay she had. The fact she loved getting her nerd on researching, finding new interns to teach.

 Great everything Holly fucking Stewart was just peachy. Gail thought. Makes me want to puke.

 Gail used to love hearing Holly talk, she loved with way her dulcet tones soothed the inner voices clattering about in her head. Used to. Before. But not now, this was just too painfull to listen to. It wasn’t that she was jealous that Holly seemed to have gotten on with her life. More to the fact that she seemed to have gotten over  her so quickly. That hurt. Fourteen months later Gail was still trying to piece together the not so broken bits back into place. Holly stopped talking and looked at up into those steely blues, “Hey, you ok?”

 Gail stopped playing with her food. She floundered a little, “I can’t do this Hol, I thought I could, but I can’t. I want to be the bigger person, I really do, but I’m gonna go, ok?” Gail pleaded, placing her cutlery on her plate. Rubbing her hands down the tops of her thighs, pushing herself up off the chair. She didn’t want to be here in such an enclosed private space any more.

 As Gail came level with her shoulder, Holly reached out and caught hold of her hand, “What’s wrong, honey?”

 Gail just stared at the hand holding hers, she didn’t pull away and yet she didn’t respond.

 “Come on, talk to me. We used to tell each other stuff, right?…..Holly paused and turned towards Gail. “I’m really sorry about Sophie,” she flinched, and waited for the fall out, of knowing that bit information.

 “How did you know?” Gail asked quietly now gently squeezing her hand.

 “I have my ways, you know!” Wiggling her eyebrows, trying to lighten the darkness decending over Gail. Realising she had misjudged the situation she tugged on her arm, “Traci….. We had a case just before I left. She need some more information so she emailed me about eight or nine months ago. We had a few telephone conversations. I was determind not to ask about you, because I didn’t want to know that you had gone back to Nick.”

 “What the FUCK, Hol!” Gail wrenched her hand away from Holly. “Why would you say that!” she started  pacing around the room.

 “Because you have before.” Fuck, fuck, shit. She thought as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

 “That was really low, Hol… I’m supposed to be the mean and spiteful one….. I think we are done now, I am leaving.”

  “No, no, please don’t go, I’m sorry, I…I….just don’t go, please?” Holly got up from the table, went over to Gail, “This is not how this was supposed to go, I’m sorry, that was a horrible thing to say. I’m sorry…Please….stay.”

 “Can I get you a drink? I think I need a drink.” Holly gestured towards the mini bar.

 “No, thanks, I can’t, but don’t let me stop you.”

 Holly raised an eyebrow, but let the subject drop. She helped herself to a glass of wine and sat on the other end of the couch. Feet up. Studying the side of Gail face, she could she the muscles in her cheeks working as she clenched her teeth. Neither spoke for quite sometime. Both lost in their own thoughts. Holly berating herself for being foolish and flippant. Gail thinking about how much she should tell her if anything at all.

 “I’m sorry.” That’s all Holly said. Gail didn’t react or moved. She just sat there staring across to the otherside of the room. “I’m sorry….for everything… I think I fucked up bigtime.”

 “What the hell are you talking about?” Gail turned to look at Holly.

 “When I saw you today, it was totally unexpected and it through me off guard.” Holly said quietly, suddenly finding her wine glass more interesting. “I wasn’t lying earlier. I was going to get in touch with you, I just kept putting it off. Then we were here and you’re standing infront of me.” She took a sip of the wine, turned and placed it on the table behind her. Pulled her knees close she rested her chin on her hand, elbow on her knee, “I hate it.”

 “What do you hate, Hol?”

 “Just my life!” she smiled shyly and whispered, “I should never have left.”

 “So, what’s happened in the last half an hour, cos to my mind you’ve just been rubbing my face in the fact that your life is just so fucking wonderful.”

 Holly paused before answering, “I miss you. I should have fought harder with you, for you. You said that you were an impetuous brat. You maybe the brat, but I’ve done my fair share of being impetuous…..I was the one to run away from us, not you…..I’m not good at relationships either Gail. That evening in The Penny with my friends, it was…..” she paused to think about how she going to phrase the next sentence. “Before you overheard what Lisa said, you were looking at me like I had just given you everything. I was feeling alittle pressured….. that I would never be able to live up to everything you needed me to be. So I brushed it of as us having something insignificant. I know we have been through this before but I want say that you changed me, it took me while to figure it out……..Seeing you today was unexpected but has cemented in my mind that I want to come home, so I’ve just quit.”

 “You’ve done, what?” Gail exclaimed swinging around to face her. “But… But why?”

 “Many reasons, I miss my family, my friends, you… My dad’s not been too well recently, so I have been back a couple of times. I wanted to reach out to you but what you said to me before I left played heavily on my mind.”

 “Oh Hol, I’m sorry about your dad , I know you are quite close to him…But I’m not in a good place either and I think it would be a bad idea for us to do something about it. I mean we fucked up everything before cos of bad timing. What makes you think we could make a go of it now?……. Have you been keeping tabs on me?”

 “No, why should I have?”

 “So you only know about Sophie?”

 “I’m really sorry that didn’t work out. I know how much you wanted to make it right for her.”

 Gail pointed her index finger at herself, “I thought I was doing the right thing for both of us. But really Lauralee was right Sophie needed a more solid foundation, more than a single mother. More than being passed from pillar to post….. In a way, maybe it was the idea that she could never leave me.”

 Holly smarted at the tone in Gail’s voice. “I begged you to come with me, but I knew that Sophie was more important.”

 “Don’t you dare say that. I didn’t know what you were going to do……. Look I don’t want to get into this again. We’ve done this all before.” Gail’s inner voice was going mad, the back and forth of what and how much she needed or wanted to tell Holly. “We are different people now, things are different now…..l’m different now.” her voice drifted off.

 “Ok, so what do I need to know. And I will tell you now, that not much is going to change my mind about you Gail…. I’ve done nothing but think about you ever since I left.”

 Gail stood and walked over to the window. She could feel the darkness from outside start to seep into her bones, she started slowly and quietly recounting the last year of her life.

 “This is gonna be hard, I think, for you to hear.”

 “It’s ok,” Holly reassured her, studying her back.

 Gail turned around leaving the city lights twinkling behind her, leaning against the windowsill, long fingers gripping the edge,“I’ll try and cut a long story short.” a brief smile filtered across her face. She dropped her eyes down to study the generic hotel carpet and started her long monologue. “A little while after you left, Steve was arrested.”

 “What the fu–”

  Gail held up both of her hands, “Stop….Please, don’t say anything until I have finished otherwise I might never start again.”

 “Oh… Ok, I won’t, I’m sorry I won’t interupt again.”

 “I was there when he was arrested. I didn’t know what to think or what was going on, but we had been investigating the bombing at 15 and it all sort of came out. He had done one fairly innocuous thing to start with, which led to something else etc etc and it snowballed. But by this time my parents were involved too…. My father asked, no told me to get on the stand at his prelimary hearing and blatently lie for him. …..I could have done with my real friend that day.” Gail looked up directly at Holly who didn’t verbally respond. “Anyway with my family falling apart I stepped away from the adoption, but at the end of the day I think, no, I know it was the best thing for Sophie and that is all that matters to me.”

 Gail took a deep breath and continued, “Going back to when you left, I had started to hit The Penny quite hard but you know me, I can handle my alcohol, yeah, right, so I thought so too. I had quite a few nights were Chris or Dov would take me home and throw me in bed……. But hey, I still managed to get up to go to work the next day….. God only knows how I was never over the limit to work. Traci called me out on it a couple of times but I just bitched back to her, then after Steve she wasn’t speaking to me either.”

 She started to pace back and forth across the window, Holly never took her eyes of her, trying to read her body language, waiting.

 “So after the initial fallout of Steve came the investigation of my parents. Elaine has taken early retirement but Dad, he’s been relieved of his duties, has been formerly arrested and is being investigated. He is tagged but at home. Now I have to watch my back, nobody and I mean nobody is going to help me, they think I’m crooked like the rest of them. Which I’m not, by the way, in case you happened to be going there.”

 She stopped pacing and turned towards the window again, resting her forehead on the cool glass. “Next came Sam and Andy’s wedding, which I was so hoping that you would be invited to and obviously fly back to come to a wedding of people you hardly knew. So stupid of me….. Any way I got completely trashed, I was gonna say fucked but that was later and with someone I don’t even like.” She gently knocked her head against the glass, “I was so stupid….. I’m sorry Hol……..She was on loan from Guns and Gangs, but she’s no longer around either, cos being associated with me and having worked with Steve a while before, she was investigated then dismissed……. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since…..”

 Holly cleared her throat, “I was….. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but as you are laying it all out for me, I will say I was invited and I declined the invite, making up some bullshit excuse. But in reality I was here, it was one of the times I came back to see my Dad. He was quite poorly at the time and we all thought that it wasn’t worth him carrying on with the treatment, but he turned a corner that week and I’m glad that I was there to see it.”

 Gail continued, trying to ignore the hurt she felt at hearing that bit of information. “You know it will all end in heartbreak anyway. Sam had a child with Marlo a few weeks before they got married and I really don’t know how McNally is dealing with it all…..”

 “Maybe they’ll work it out.” Holly replied.

 “Yeah, maybe….. Anyway that’s them not me.”

 “I know I have absolutely no right to ask this… But has there been anyone else?” Holly asked quietly to  Gail’s back, curiosity taking over her normal level headed self.

 “Oh….Holly, I don’t know what to say….. No, no not like that.” She could see the disappointment on Holly’s face in the reflection of the glass. “Can I finish please? I will tell you, but it’s not something that I’m proud of.”

 Holly nodded but remained quiet. Gail took that as a sign to carry on. “About a week after Detective Anderson was fired I was called into Oliver’s office. As I had already had a suspension in my file as well as a sexual harassment notation, I had to hand over my badge and gun, I was offically now being investigated and put on suspension again, for a miniuim of 3 months.” Gail heard the drawn out ‘shit’ from the brunette on the end of the couch. Holly got up and moved over to the mini bar to pour herself more wine and returned to the couch.

 “Hang on a minute, back up a bit. Sexual harassment?” Holly spluttered with the sip of wine she had just taken. “What the fuck?.. Gail?”

 “It was so, so stupid,” Gail hung her head, “I think subliminally, I was already trying to self destruct. I don’t know why I did it.”

 “What did you do? Holly asked in her authoritative voice.

 “I literally bumped into Lauralee at the station and accidently squeezed her ass….But it didn’t mean anything, I swear, I just…..I didn’t……” she huffed out. “I didn’t even know she had put in a complaint about it.”

  Holly looked completely dumbstruck, “I don’t quite know what to say to that, …..probably wasn’t going to help with the adoption, now was it?” Holly replied tersely.

 “Can I continue?”

 “Come and sit down?”

 “No, I can’t continue if I look at you because this is the bit that I am really ashamed of.” She clenched and unclenched her hands down by her side then lifted them to the cool glass planting fists next to her head. “So, now I have absolutely nothing to do….. So I start to get to know rather itimately Jose, Jack and Jim. There were more than one or two occasions that Chris came home to find me passed out on the couch. Empty bottles discarded on the floor.

Dov, by the way, had moved in with Chloe by this point. Not that I think he wanted to, but more to get away from me, so his name wasn’t associated with a Peck.

Chris, bless him, and his big brother ways….. Well, I fucked that up too…. He had been seeing this woman Jamie, the ex-boss’, ex-wife, on and of for ages. She was, no, is a cokehead, and with him trying to keep clean, he would stop seeing her for a while if she got too bad. Anyway I digress, she came over one evening, Chris was working lates that week, so I said she could stay and wait for him. I was already well on the way to getting my tequila buzz on.” Gail relaxed her fists and lay her palms on the glass.

 “Urmm……do I need to hear anymore, because I think I can guess were this is going?” Holly barely managed to hide the disappointment in her voice.

 Things are different now.

 “Yes, you do, because you need to know. Before, or even if we meet up again.”


 “You know the phrase of having to hit rock bottom before you crawl your way back up again, well I think this was my ‘rock bottom’………..We were well on the way to finishing the bottle, she was being quite entertaining at the time and I was just being a complete bitch as usual, she was flirting with me a bit and being a bit suggestive. …Next thing I know…..”


 Gail paused trying to figure out the easiest way of telling Holly what happened next. She slapped her palms gently against the glass and turned her head so that her cheek was flush against it. “Next thing I know…..” she huffed out a breath, “……is, she…Jamie is cutting coke, I’m pouring more shots, we’re getting high… and before I know it ….I’m…we’re….fucking on the couch.” she closed her eyes as she recounted that evening. “Chris came home and….well….?

 “In flagrante delicto?” Holly whispered.

 Gail turned to face Holly, covered her face with her hands and nodded. “Chris…..he threw me out…..of the apartment and I realised that he was the last one looking out for me……So I royally fucked up there, I sobered up a bit and called Traci. She…we hadn’t been close since Steve so it was a long shot. But she came and picked up my sorry ass took me to her place, luckily Leo wasn’t there. She berated me for a good hour then put me to bed. The horrible thing was she had to tell me everything again the next day.”

 Holly remained stoic, she didn’t speak just took a couple of large swigs of wine. Only now it had taken on a rather bitter and acidic taste. She put the half empty glass down and pushed it away from her.

 Gail turned back to look out the window, feeling Holly’s eyes boring into her back.

Things are different now.
 “Are you getting help?” the words stuck in her throat. She took a few deep breaths, pushed herself up off the couch and walked up behind Gail. Very gently resting her hands on her hips. Gail jumped slightly at the contact. She leaned back as Holly slowly put her arms around her. Gail nodded, tears welling up in her eyes.


 “Yes, I have started to get my act together, I have been clean for just over 3 months now. Nothing but healthy living for me now.” a wry smile on her lips.

 “Sucks huh?” resting her chin on her shoulder.

 “In a word, yeah, but the thing is… I do love my job but I’m not sure if I can fight everything anymore…. I was reinstated 8 weeks ago, but it doesn’t feel the same….Oliver’s ok, he’s been great actually. I could cope with the Peck stuff but the fact I seemed to have fucked over all of my so called friends, I just don’t know what to do….. I feel like nobody has my back which makes me nervous and that in turn doesn’t make me a good partner to be on the streets with.”

 “It’s just a job.” Holly stated quietly and calmly. “It’s just a job.” Turning Gail in her arms, “I’m sorry…..Really sorry…….”

 They stood there for a while. Holly stroking her fingers through the short fine hairs at the back of Gail’s neck. “You’ve stopped bleaching it?”

 “I’ve stopped doing a lot of things!” Gail smiled as she leaned back, “I should go…..”

Holly released her and stepped back, “Can we stay in touch this time, please?”

 Gail nodded and turned towards the door.

 “I’ll be back before Christmas, maybe we could……”

 At the door Gail turned, placed her palm against Holly’s cheek, tears glistening in her blue eyes. She paused before searching deep into those molten chocolate eyes……..“You were the one who always had my heart, you know? You were the one, the only one….. and you were amazing.”

But things are different now.

 Holly went to speak but Gail removed her hand and placed a finger on her lips, as to quieten her whilst undoing the door handle with the other. She swiftly turned and walked out the door. Leaving Holly staring at the closing hotel room door….. “I’ll be home before Christmas…..”
A/N The last line of Gail’s dialogue is taken from The movie Gia.
This is my first attempt at fanfiction writing, well writing anything, so please be gentle with me. Please let me know what you think.

Enchanted Chapter 5(Part 1)

Nothing too heavy to say to my lovely Dersha fam. What I will say is this: Hope you make it to the end. Happy reading!!!!!!! Likes, comments and re-blogs are always welcome  and i appreciate it from every single one of you who show support! BTW…I stayed up until 3AM to finish so I hope you guys are happy with what I have in store. 

3 Weeks Later- 9AM

The young bodyguard sat in his car going through emails, deleting old ones massaging the back of his head.

“All this junk and I’m just now getting rid of it, ridiculous” Complaining to himself.

Usually he was in good spirits but today just wasn’t his day and it wasn’t going to get better. As he closes his phone heading inside the mansion, his phone vibrates in his hand. He looks at the caller id and instantly gets moody. He clicks the red circle declining the call. His phone goes off and he rejects it again. He presses the button on his keys to lock all his doors and it sounds yet again. He didn’t let it ring twice before clicking on the decline button on his screen. For the fourth time, it rang and it was obvious now that this person wasn’t going away. Devin bangs his head against the steering wheel repeatedly, feeling defeated. His phone went off another six times before he finally gave up and picked up the call.


“Who you think you’re talking to?” The unknown caller asked him.

“You nigga aight you!”

“Better watch yourself, don’t forget who you’re talking to”

“Look man what do you want? I really don’t have time to sit here and let you harass me over the phone”

“Chill out wit all that. No need for the hostility, I just want to make sure you’re doing what I asked of you”

“The fuck are you talking about?”

“Well you weren’t returning my phone calls” The voice ceased.

“On purpose?” Devin said sarcastically.

“I just wanted to make sure you were straight that’s all”

“Well as much as I appreciate that, I don’t need a babysitter. I’m a grown ass man, not your child”

“Never said you was. Did you do what I asked?”

“Yes been watching their every move since day one”

“And?” Caller investigates.

“And nothing”

“Well what about the report on TMZ about Ahsha?”

“Already taken care of. Publicity stunt and a huge misunderstanding. She was just upset with Derek, it didn’t go anywhere” He explained.

“That’s a good start. Now all you gotta do is push him a little more over the edge and we’ll be good”

“Over the edge? What do you mean?”

“You know, put the moves on her and expose it to him. That should do the trick” Caller states and Devin explodes in a sequence of laughter.

“What’s funny?”

“You, that’s what”

“And why is that?”

“Because you really think that will happen and it will work. I may not have been around that long but one thing that I do know is that she loves the hell out of that man. She would never look my way and I wouldn’t give her a reason to” Rebuffing the plan.

“You will if I tell you to”

“That’s not what you hired me for”

“Well now it is”

“I was hired to watch them, not cause any trouble” He protested.

“Plans have changed, now that’s exactly what you’re going to do”

“Nah, I’m not wit it”

“What the fuck do you mean you’re not wit it!” Caller retorts angrily.

“You heard me. I went to school to learn to protect people and destroying relationships is not what I signed up for. As a matter of fact, our business is over”

“It’s over when I say it’s over!”

“That time is now” Devin cuts him off.

“Did you forget that you owe me?”

“You’ll get back every dime. Believe that. I don’t need your help anymore. I’ll handle this on my own”

“You sure you want to say no to me Devin, I know everything!” He challenges him.

“I know and I don’t give a damn. Do with it whatever you will and keep my daughter and wife out of it”

“NO! No you will make this happen you got it!”

“You want it to happen? Do your own dirty work then” Devin dismisses the caller making the call short before they could respond.

He takes a deep breath, still shocked about what he just did but it had to be done. Devin’s past isn’t anything he’s proud of so when somebody comes along offering to give you a second chance at life, you jump at the opportunity. So when he was asked to do this job, that’s all he expected from it, an opportunity. Now that he knows this wasn’t the case, he wanted no parts of it and for sure wasn’t putting his family at risk over his failure to not recognize what was in front of him to begin with. He cut all ties. It was for the best. These thoughts lingered in his mind before he heard his phone go off, but this time it was someone he actually wanted to talk to.

“Hey baby”

“Hey, you sound off what’s the matter?”

“It’s over Nia”

“What do you mean?”

“Turns out the job I got hired for was part of some ruse”


“Trust me the less you know the better. I’m not doing this his way that’s all I know”

“Well…” He interrupted his worried wife.

“He may have helped get me the job but he’s not the one who decides if I keep it, Derek is. So until Derek says it, far as I’m concerned, I still have a job”

“What if he comes after me and Lia?”

“He won’t! I’m not going to let him hurt you guys”

“He knows where we live Devin”

“No he doesn’t. The address I gave him was fake”

“What made you do that?”

“Well when a guy you haven’t seen in almost a decade comes to town to get you out of prison with no explanation and gives you a job shortly after you’re free? You gotta wonder why. You know I trust these niggas out here as far as I can throw them. My pops taught me that”

“Ahhhh well well, smooth move husband”

“Streets made me remember? My mama ain’t raise no fool. You knew that before you married me girl”

“Oh please I know this! After all you never let me forget it” Nia jokes giggling.

“So, you’re going to keep the job then?”

“Yes. I don’t see why not. Besides, more money coming in for my girls. Where’s Lia?”

“At daycare”

“Oh, alright well kiss her for me and let her know daddy will be home soon”

“He better be!”

“He promises that he will”

“I love you”

“I love you too babe, I gotta go though I’ll call you after work” He says to her.

“Ok honey” Nia responds making kissy noises into the phone.

He mimics her actions before ending the call getting out of the car heading inside the Roman sanctuary. The moment he step foot into the place that morning, he realized things between the royal couple were everything but fine.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?”

“Sorry? You think you can just say sorry and its fixed right?”

“No but it’s a start” Shrugging his shoulders trying to pull her closer.

“Come on baby this is stupid”

“Oh so my feelings are stupid now? The way I feel doesn’t matter to you!” Pulling away again walking around the counter.

“NO! See there you go again putting words in my mouth not listening to me! I’m just saying that you’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion. Okay, yes I missed our date night and I should’ve told you about the meeting, but it’s really not that serious” Derek states his case.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew he was right but her stubborn and petty streak was taking over and she wasn’t letting up.

“That’s your problem right there! Nothing you do to disappoint me is that serious!” Pushing him out of the way heading for the stairs, walking past him with a pep in her step, totally ignoring Devin’s presence in the room.


“I don’t wanna hear it Derek!”

Still stomping upstairs where you hear a door slam abruptly. Derek puts his head down, face palming himself, agitated.

He hated when she chose to do this because whenever they fought like this, it lasted a very long time. It was going on their third week. Derek was so distracted by his mood, he didn’t know that Devin had been watching the scene between him and Ahsha unfold before his eyes. He finally looked up.

“Oh, sorry about that man, didn’t see you there”

“It’s coo”

“I didn’t want you to have to witness that”

“Trust me I know what it’s like. What’s up with her anyway?” Derek pauses for a second.

“Nothing she’s just…still trippin about me missing our date-night and the emergency meeting”

“Ah man, it’ll blow over soon, don’t sweat it”

“Yeah when? It’s been almost three weeks” He laughs lightly and nervously.

“Well, then you just gotta give her time to cool off”

“Time huh? And…three weeks isn’t enough?”

Derek makes fun trying to lighten up the mood. Both men engage in laughter for a small second before they hear the thumps descending the stairs.

“We have company, lovely. Hey Devin”

“Hi Ahsha, sorry I hope I’m not too early, I just figured with everything happening at the arena you might want an early start on things”

“Not a problem, that’s exactly what I need right now. You ready?”

“Yeah, we can leave now if you want”

“Let’s go, bye Derek” Giving him one last glance before turning away, going out the door.

He was ready to let her have it but he had zero energy to fight with her anymore. Devin looked at him for permission.

“Go on, take her to the arena. I’ll be over shortly”

“Aight man, stay up”

“Word up, aye keep an eye on her”

“You got it” Devin replied and left. He hopped in his driver’s seat seeing Ahsha texting on her phone in the backseat completely unbothered. He started the ignition.

“You alright back there?”

“Peachy” Eyes still on her phone.

“Alrightyy if you say so fire-cracker” Teasing her. Her head shoots up.

“I’m about to light a fire up your ass if you don’t drive”

“Ok drama queen I hear you loud and clear”

“Just drive please”

She says in an irritable tone and the two drive off to their destination. 


Back at the Arena- 930AM

Jelena was getting down to business as usual prepping the girls for their next home game performance for the play-offs. The Devil’s nation were in a bind after losing three consecutive games in a row. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that they lost because Derek’s head wasn’t in the game like he’s known to be. Not all instinct, his head was not clear, at all, and Ahsha was the culprit. Their house didn’t feel like a home with all the bickering and quarreling going on between the duo and it didn’t feel like it would get any better. Luckily though, Ahsha found her escape from the madness in her dancing. This time was very crucial, she still had a wedding to plan, a dance to choreograph and per-fect, and on top of it all, she had another very important decision to make. 

To either accept or decline her audition in New York. Which by the way she still hasn’t had the time to tell Derek about. The original deadline had passed but she called the company and asked for a longer extension and separate audition set up for her. Ahsha was one of the best choreographers in LA, so they agreed. All she had to do is make a firm decision about it. Fast. These ideas plagued her mind and poked at her brain as she walked into the dance studio. Her heels clicked hard against the hardwood surface as she made her entrance. All eyes in the room suddenly turned towards her and the captain herself came her way.

“Keep working girls! Hey Ahsha, glad you’re here, I need your help with something” The captain announces. She does the weirdest thing and reaches for Ahsha’s hand bringing her closer to the group.

“With what? Is the routine not working or”

“No no, the routine is going pretty well but I just feel like something’s missing. Can you watch the girls and help me figure out what the missing piece is?”

“Sure” The woman says.

“Ok ladies get in position” Jelena orders cuing the music. Demi Lovato’s voice blared through the room as the ladies stood in their respective lines.

“5, 6, 7, 8 and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and go! One two, three, and four…nice! Twist! Jump! One, two, pique” Jelena directs while Ahsha observes.

She watches Jelena construct the ladies in a very subtle manner. The routine was sexy, wet and wild and so tempting it had the power to turn a straight woman lesbian and a gay man straight. Ahsha continues to watch carefully pressing her finger on her thumb deep in thought. The ladies complete another pique and drop it low before Ahsha glances at Jelena, signaling her to stop the music.

“Stop, that was good.  Not good enough”


The dancer orders her team. She may be trying to make amends but she was still cold as ice in her career. It was her only position of power, where she had full control over everything she wanted to happen, and everyone including the co-captain knew this to be true. Ahsha hated to admit it but in a way Jelena was right. The dance was moving along really well but it definitely had a missing piece in the puzzle. Ahsha tapped Jelena’s shoulder cornering her on the sidelines.

“You got something don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, and I think I know what’s missing”

“And that is?”

“Three words…not sexy enough” Ahsha conveys with a sly grin grimacing her face.

“Sorry I’m not following”

“Trust me, I know what we need to do. Just watch. Ladies, gather around for a sec” Bringing the girls together.

“Thank you. Okay, so I love the energy you all are bringing and I know we bout to kill this shit, but there are a few adjustments we are going to make. Remember when we drop to the floor in a split?” She asks them. The girls nod in unison and Jelena continues to listen.

“Well, there is a part I want us to include that would spice it up a bit, yawl want to see?”

“YEAH!” The girls cheer. Ahsha nods in agreement motioning for them to spread out so she can demonstrate.

“Cue music Jelena” She requests and Jelena obliges.

The sounds of Body Say begins to play through the studio and Ahsha proceeds to the middle to start. Just as she’s about to get in her zone, the king of the Devil’s enters the building. He heads to the court where practice is held and he hears the music blasting from the other room and he spots her, causing him to take a peek.

If I had it my way I would take you out

At first he just stood by the door, but away from the window so he could still be behind the scenes. Once he got a small glimpse of her backside, he moved closer into the room, to the point where he was actually inside the room. She was in her zone and so wrapped up in her choreography she didn’t even pay attention to the fact that he was in the room. The girls felt his presence and didn’t say a word. The tension in the room was at an all-time high.

And if my body had a say, I would come again

It wasn’t until the music got louder that she started to really dive into it. She changed positions, moving into her signature one-legged kick in the air and that’s when their eyes met.

And our eyes are crossing paths across the room

They locked eyes and the world disappeared. Right now, there was nobody in that room. No Jelena, no devil girls, not even Kyle. Just them. Derek and Ahsha. She continued her dance, fire in her eyes like an open-flame. Never drawing her eyes away from him. He returned the gesture, his eyes giving off a dark look. The look that makes a woman melt. Drives her crazy in every way. It doesn’t matter how much these two get into it because the love is what keeps the spark between them. It drives, pushes, encourages, making them crave for more.

If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away

Her eyes stayed on him as she dropped down into a split, twerking her very perky and round bottom on the ground twice, looking back at him with lust in her eyes and sex on the brain. Derek licks his lips forming a smirk as he watches her shimmy back up. Desire took over, and they got lost in each other, over and over again. For a moment there, all of the things in life that are seemingly bringing them down became a spectacle, figure of their imagination. All worries put to the side, leaving them to focus on only each other.

And if I had it my way, I would take you deep

Touch, make love, taste you

The lyrics being spoken in the room were describing exactly how Derek was feeling. If it were up to him, he would take her right now, with no care in the world. Go home. Make love to her for hours. The legs shaking and toes curling type of love making. He would show her just how much he loves her and how sorry he is for neglecting her the way he’s been. That’s what he wanted to do, needed to do.

If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away

The music stops. The devil girls gather around Ahsha again buzzing in her ear about how much they like the new moves. Unconsciously, she looks back at Derek as they begin to lock eyes again until one of them turns away. Ahsha does and turns her attention to the team. And that’s when he proceeds to make his move.

“So what do you think?”

“It’s perfect. The question is are we using it” Jelena tells Ahsha.

“I’ll leave that up to you Captain”

“Well co-captain, I say that…we use it” Jelena grins.

“What do you say?” Proposing her hand. Ahsha connects their hands together making it final.

“Let’s do it!” Both girls cheering right before the Roman strides their way, blocking the moment.

“Excuse me Jelena I need to borrow my lady for a second”

“No you don’t”


“Derek, I’m working. I’m sure whatever it is can wait until later”

Giving him a glare. Jelena stepped back between the couple before speaking.

“You know what its fine. Why don’t you two go chat and I’ll get the ladies started until you come back”

“That’s not necessary Jelena”

“Go on Ahsha, just jump in when you finish”

Lightly touching her shoulder, walking past her. Derek grabs ahold of her hand leading her out the door heading for the locker room. Her hand fidgets in his as they sped through the hallway.

“Did your ass forget that I have heels on?”

“If you would’ve listened to me this morning you wouldn’t have that problem now would you”

“Tuh! You don’t give me rules, especially since the way you’ve been acting. Man please” She scoffs.

He walks steadily, ignoring her picking up the pace.

“Derek, slow down… Derek I can’t walk that fast in these heels slow down!” He doesn’t, and still ignores her.

“Damn it Derek stop! Slow down!”

She screams at him.  Out of nowhere he picks her up from her feet throwing her over his shoulder, carrying her now. It was his only attempt to get her to shut up.

“Derek what the hell are you doing put me down”

“Be quiet”

“Put me down now! Derek I’m serious put me down, stop!”

Hitting his back with her fist while he kept walking, not phased at all.

Finally reaching the door, he turns the knob with one hand and shuts it with the other, Ahsha still hanging over his shoulder. He gently puts her down and the minute her foot touches the surface, she wiggles herself out of his grip, turning to face him.

“Seriously Derek! What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“You…Are what’s wrong with me”

Charging towards her and then crushes his lips onto hers. Placing his hand on her neck, he continues to attack her mouth but is quickly stopped by Ahsha pressing her hand on his chest, breaking away. Their lips disconnect and all you hear is a loud smack across the face. Derek’s face.

“The hell you hit me for!”

“Because you’re an ass!”

His cheek red like blood. It stung.

“Yeah and you’re the pain in it! But you constantly have to make my life harder” He spat.

She looks at him, full of rage raising her palm against his cheek again until he blocks her gesture. Trapping her wrists, he backs his warm body into hers, pressing her back into the lockers placing both arms above her head. She could feel his breath on her, their lips literally inches away from each other.

“You drive me really mad sometimes you know that Ahsha”

Staring into her big, brown eyes.

“Then why are you here?”

“Why are you?”

Room falls dead silent and the two lovers gawk at each other without one word.

“Because nobody can fuck me the way you do Derek”

“Cuz you’re mine!” & his lips find hers again.

Lips danced violently, nothing gentle about this kiss. It had been three weeks and they both were feening for something quick and on the wild side. Hostility between them was up the roof but one thing we know for sure is they missed each other, sexually so to speak and they were about to show each other just how much. They continued to go at each other as the temperature in the room started to rise.

Derek slid his tongue in and out of her mouth, begging for entrance. She parted her lips giving him permission now. He massaged his tongue with hers as they kept on with their wet, and nasty kiss. Ahsha was in need of wanting to be in some control so she bit down on his lower lip, hard. Derek groaned in response and then mirrored her actions by biting down on hers. He slipped his tongue out of her mouth in the mood for some hard core teasing. He ran his tongue across her bottom lip, moving down to her throat. Running his tongue up and down her skin, he planted an open mouth kiss tenderly on her neck. She tilted her head giving him more access, wrapping her arms around his head. She pulled his lips back to hers, yearning for more. He created a trail of kisses starting at her lips, down to her chin, her neck, and breasts. He smothered his face in them, kissing her nipples through the clothing, noticing they were hard already, poking out in his face.

“Aaaanw” She moans.

He continues his affection, only this time, he lifts her shirt up, reaching behind her back, unsnapping her bra and kisses up her stomach. Moving back up to her breasts, he pulls one to his lips and sucks on the nipple, biting and tugging in between. He does the same thing to the other, sucking on it like a piece of candy and glides his tongue down the middle, to her stomach again. He kisses her center through the clothing and strips her down to her panties and bra. He French kisses her center through the see-through, lacey material.

“This needs to go”

Looking up at her and removing her panties swiftly, to her ankles. He kisses the inside of her thighs as she places her dainty hand on top of his head. He kisses her skin one last time lifting her right leg up over his shoulder and drives his head between. He flicks his long tongue against her clit, teasing her at first. He dips his tongue into her delicate walls. He puts in work sucking, licking and nibbling at her labia all at once. He drags his tongue up and through her pussy.

“Aaaaaanw” She moans again. The pleasure he was inflicting on her body almost had her on the brink of tears. He chose to make things worse by inserting not two but three fingers inside her slit. He made sure to go up, down and around her area over and over. He could feel her water on the tip of his tongue signaling her climax.

“I’m about ta-aah” She whimpers.

“Not yet” Removing his head from her thighs. He grabs her by the waist lifting her up, high above the ceiling. She wraps her arms around his neck as she says

“I’m still mad at you”

“I know” Removing his shorts uncovering his piece, entering her slit and her body is hoisted up a little more.

“Aaaah” Letting out a muffled moan. He thrusts his dick into her, aggressively but slowly.


He glides into her gradually, guiding her hips with his hands on them. Gripping her thighs, he picked her ass up, stroking her up.

“Aaargh shiitt” She gasps.

“Damn you feel amazing woman” He grunted, clutching her by the neck.

With every strike made, he was releasing all of his inhibitions to her, only her. But he wanted more, needed more and he rammed faster into her deep abyss.

“Aaah! Ooooh fuck Derek!” She wails in his ear, trying to keep her balance and he holds her up firmly but still plunging his dick into her with no remorse. Her nails dig into his back as she tries to hold onto him tightly.

“UGGGGHH!” Screaming now. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if the whole arena could hear her echoes of pleasure. Derek was used to it, she stayed loud between the sheets. He didn’t care though, he enjoyed every minute of it. Her arms fell to the sides and he puts them back above her head, stroking rapidly inch by inch. Her body began to shiver, her legs quivered and he could feel her reaching her peak. He pressed his lips onto hers and she moaned in the middle, biting his lip softly as he continued his exploration. You could hear their bodies banging against the lockers loudly as he buried his dick deep, so deep inside her pussy walls. She was trapped, his piece imprisoned her center and she had no way of escaping. Her legs started shaking under his grip, her body informing her of the end.

“Cuuuuumming” She sang.

And with that her sweet nectar spilled into his seed. She panted as he gave her one more stroke and she squirted. Derek let go at this time, the best orgasm they’ve both had in weeks. She bit his shoulder and her head fell back.

“Mmmmmm, ooooh, that was good” Raising her hair up playing with it.

“Surprised?” He smirked detaching his body from hers. She hit his chest pushing him away a little.

“Don’t flatter yourself” Obtaining her pants from the floor.

“Where’s my panties?” Looking up to see Derek dangling them in her face. She snatches them from his hand.

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome” He snickers.

She slips her panties back on while he throws his shirt over his head and his shorts back on. She wiggles into her pants, strapping her bra in place putting her top back on, headed for the door. He sidesteps her.

“Woah woah where you going?”


“How about you skip that and we go home and finish what we started?”

“Derek, this is our job, I can’t just skip, especially now with the playoffs and all. Neither can you. Besides, I gave you enough to last you for the rest of the day” She argues.

“Hmm rest of the day?”

“Okay, maybe not but at least until we get home”


“Yes home Derek, where else” She repeats. He encircles her waist, pulling her in.

“So does this mean you’re not mad at me anymore?”

Caressing her cheek. She leans in, kissing his lips softly. She pecks his cheek and lips, looking him in the eye deeply and desperately.


In a flat tone, smiles wickedly, and leaves the room. He scoffs, sighing sharply and walks out. The dancer walks back into practice, very proud of herself and giddy as hell. Of course, only one person would recognize that.

“And what in the hell took you so long?”

“Nothing, Derek just wanted to talk”

“Well that was some talk then huh. Just tell me, was it good?”

“Kyle” She says shyly.

“Just blink your eyes once if it was coo and twice if it was great”

“Kyle seriously” She hesitated.

“Come on Carebear, you know you wanna tell me” Looking over at her best-friend. Ahsha rolls her eyes but blinks twice.

“That’s my girl” Tapping her ass.


Devin was sitting in the SUV, waiting for Ahsha to come out of practice and his phone sounds. He picks up the phone glancing at the caller id. Blocked number.

“I thought I told you to stop calling me”

“Welllllll I’m giving you one more chance”

“To do what?”

“To change your mind”

“Well you can kiss that goodbye because it ain’t happening”

“So you’re not going to do it?”

“Hell noHe confirms.

“Alright. Well I gave you a chance, and you didn’t take it so you’ve just confirmed your fate”

“Is that supposed to be some reverse psychology?”

“No, not at all actually. It just means I’m doing this alone”

“You’re doing this alone?”

“You told me to do my own dirty work and that’s exactly what I’m going to do” Phone line goes dead. At this very moment, Devin didn’t know what to think. All he knew is he needed to set a warning. Fast.

9PM- Pitch Black

Jelena was walking out of the arena headed towards her red convertible. Walking quickly to the car, she fishes for her keys, digging in her purse.

“Where are those damn keys? This is really not my night” She says to herself. She keeps looking into her purse, digging for gold. Her hands roam to the bottom.

“Come on…come on…yes!” Feeling accomplished, having found her keys. She presses her thumb against the un-lock button on her keys but she’s interrupted by a deep, male voice and the click of a glock!

“Drop your purse”

“I’m not giving you my purse”

“I SAID DROP IT” The stranger clicks the trigger. She drops it to the floor. He leans down retrieving the purse, lowering the gun which Jelena uses to her advantage trying to take off in her car. The man quickly catches on pointing the gun back towards her.

“Take one more step and I’ll shoot” She freezes, shaking but she holds up with a straight face. Honestly, the woman was scared shitless right now but her pride wouldn’t let her show it.

“Listen, you can have whatever you want just don’t kill me”

“I’ll be the judge of that give me your keys” She hands over her keys but stops in her tracks once she sees what occurs next.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Another male voice appears. Long behold, it happens to be the ghost of ex-boyfriends past. Terrence. Holding a pistol at the man’s head.

“Look man I wasn’t going to hurt her I” The man stutters.

“Oh I know you wasn’t and that’s why you’re going to give the lady her keys, get into your car or wherever the hell you came from and leave, right? Don’t nod your head say it” Terrence cautions. The man nods, hands Jelena her keys back and Terrence exonerates him but grabs him by the collar. Jelena watches the scene unfold before her eyes in complete disbelief.

“If I catch you around here again, I promise you, you’ll never see the day of light again” Terrence threatens and lets him go. The man flees into the darkness. He picks up her purse from the ground, handing it to her.

“Didn’t know you had a gun” Receiving her bag.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me”

“Guess you’re right” Some sass in her voice.

“Are you okay?”

“Perfect, never been better”

“You sure?”

“Yeah…I’m fine. I’m just going to head home”

“Jelena- I” He stumbles.

She starts to turn her key into the door but her hand trembles and the keys drop on the concrete. She reaches down to pick them up but Terrence does it for her.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Proposing the keys.

“I told you I’m fine Terrence” Dropping them again.

“No you’re not fine, look at you. Come on I’m going to drive you home” He pleads with her.

“I don’t need you to act like you care I told you I can get myself home”

“Jelena, I know you. You’re shaken up about this, I can tell. Please, just let me do this” Holding her hands in front of them. She squints up at him, with wet eyes and a tear falls.

“Please” The man prays.

“Okay fine” She surrenders quietly. He takes her keys, intertwining their fingers together, hesitantly and walk to his car. They drive away and he drops her off and ends up staying with her through the night.  


Back at Kyle’s- 11PM

Ahsha and Kyle were sitting down on her sofa, drinking hot cups of green tea and English toffee cookies. After practice Ahsha had planned to go home and confront Derek about what happened in the locker room today. But she needed a listening ear and she ended up at Kyle’s instead. They had been arguing for the past three weeks and had “make-up sex” all over the lockers. Was she regretful? No, not at all. It’s not even the fact that they did it because the whole world knows she can’t say no to that man. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she couldn’t put her finger on how she was truly feeling. Yes they had sex, but was it make-up sex? And even if that’s what it was, it still doesn’t resolve any of their real issues as a couple. It’s times like this where Derek chooses to use sex as a defense mechanism when he’s in avoidance and pure denial about the problems they face. Truth be told, Ahsha was sick and tired of being sick and tired and it was all becoming too much. A conversation needed to happen and changes needed to be made, otherwise nobody would be walking down that aisle. Ahsha took small sips from her cup and placed it down on the table while her best-friend watched her carefully.

“It’s not about the sex Kyle, I’m just very…conflicted”

“Conflicted about what?”

“Everything. I told myself that I wouldn’t be like this but I just don’t know. I can’t seem to get anything right anymore. Between the wedding, Devin, being co-captain? I’m just all over the place” She confides.

“Carebear I know that this may seem like a lot but you two have been through way worse than this. This is just another trial you have to persevere through. It’ll pass” Kyle reasons.

“I’m not so sure about that”

“What do you mean?” The best-friend asks.

“I haven’t been completely honest with him, or even myself”

“Ok??” Kyle speaks in complete confusion about her statement. Moment of truth was coming.

“I’m scared to marry him Kyle. Completely terrified…” She confesses while Kyle continues to listen attentively, taking a sip of her drink.

“Kyle…marrying Derek means letting go of all my insecurities as a woman, and letting myself truly love for the very first time, in my life. I’ve never ever met a man who loves me the way Derek does. We may have our issues and I may feel neglected right now but I’ve never questioned him loving me, the real me, flaws and all. When we first met, I knew he would be trouble. Why? Because I knew right then and there that he was the man that had full potential to break my heart. Knowing this is scary enough and the desire to spend the rest of his life with me scares me even more. I love him so much, but in the end I just know I’ll end up messing him up. I can’t do that to him, I won’t. He deserves more, so much more than that. He barely put himself back together the first time we broke up. I’ll leave him before I hurt him like that again. I put that on everything”

She finishes her thoughts. Under normal circumstances only Ahsha would be the one to break down but after seeing her best-friend so broken up about this, Kyle couldn’t help but tear up. A tear fell from Ahsha’s cheek as she played with her fingers, with the cup in her hand. Kyle takes the cup away placing it on the table then pulls her friend in.

“Come here” yanking her hands, embracing her.

Ahsha rests her head on Kyle’s shoulder as the tears fall freely. Kyle soothes her back comforting her. They part a little.

“Carebear, listen to me. I know that you’re scared of what’s already happened to you, love. Believe me when I say that, yes love is scary but it’s always worth the risk. As women, the one thing that we are afraid of the most is giving love and getting it back. Disappointment is the name of the game. That may be true for others but it is not for you. You have a man who loves you completely, puts you above everything, even his first love of basketball, and worse than that, his own mother. You’re running scared. Stop. Anybody that sees you two together can easily recognize the love you share. It’s pure, it’s honest and it’s real. Love has no limits” She starts.

“When it’s there it’s there. You can’t do this to yourself or to him. He loves you and I know you love him, you can’t run from that. I know it’s a lot easier said than done but you have got to stop pushing the people who love you the most away. It’s not healthy and you Ahsha, deserve better than that for yourself. Feeling neglected by him? Say it. Scared of marrying him? Tell him. Want him to spend more time with you? Speak up babe. He’s going to be your husband, not your king. Its time you realize that” Kyle vents.

Ahsha’s eyes well up in more tears hearing her best-friend speak to her with so much conviction. She wasn’t ready to admit it yet but deep down she knew Kyle was right. Time is of the essence and she couldn’t go on like this forever. It’s time to finally let go and allow herself to really be happy.

“You’re right Ky. What if it all goes wrong?”

“It won’t. Just trust yourself and you’ll never go wrong”

Placing her palm over Ahsha’s. Ahsha covers Kyle’s palm over hers. She exhales slowly, taking a long deep breath.

“Thank you blue eyes”

“What are friends for” & the pair hugged once more.

“Have you told him about New York?”

“No” Shaking her head.

“Have you confirmed your audition?”

“No” Chuckling softly.

“Do you want to go?”


“Yes” The blonde answers.

“I really want to go. I just don’t know how Derek’s going to feel about this”

“What are you going to do Carebear?”

“I don’t know, Kyle…I don’t know” She shrugs sighing heavily.

Roman’s Mansion- 12AM

Ahsha pulled back up to the home her and Derek shared. She hopped out of her vehicle with the intention of going inside to hash it out with Derek once he got home. Unfortunately, her very worried bodyguard sitting on the steps put a dent into her plan. She was looking for her keys and spotted him.

“Devin? What are you doing just sitting on the steps, it’s late”

“I need to talk you and Derek. It’s important”

“About what, can’t it wait until tomorrow?” She looks at him suspiciously. He stands up to approach but looks down.

“No it can’t, where’s Derek?”

“He’s not home yet but he should be back soon. Probably out with the team for drinks or something”

“Ok…” Devin reacts rubbing his temple.

“Devin you’re shaking what is it?”

“I think we should wait for him”

“No, tell me what’s going on” She ambushes.

“It’s complicated”

“Complicated? Quit speaking in riddles Devin and tell me what the hell is going on” Reaching for his shoulder. Before he had a chance to speak, two black hooded figures appeared as he got off from the steps to face Ahsha. The next events happened so smoothly neither one of them seen it coming.

“Ahsha-watch-ou” Devin yelled before the first hooded figure threw a bag over his head and knocked him out. Ahsha began to scream in horror and shock.

“Aaaaaah!” Her screams became quiet as the second accomplice came behind her covering her mouth with a cloth. Immediately she felt dizzy and drowsy, very drowsy. This burning sensation clogged her throat, cutting off her circulation. She couldn’t breathe.

“So we meet again”

“Please. Please… I’ll do whatever you want just let me go”

“Sorry sweetheart, I can’t do that”

“I’m begging you, please” Ahsha cries, fidgeting in the man’s grip on her. Suddenly, her whole body grew numb from the waist down.

“Shhhh, don’t be afraid. I’m going to protect you now. It’ll all be over soon I promise” He whispers softly in her ear before sticking the needle in her neck. She tries to speak but her vision goes blurry passing out in his arms, falling over now.

The first hooded figure throws both bodies, Devin’s and Ahsha’s over his shoulder.

“What else do you want me to do?”

“You’ve done enough. Take them to the van. Tell the driver to transport them to the warehouse. I have one more stop to make. Go…NOW”

So the plot thickens. Danger finally came to claim its prize and this was surely set out to be an battle of death. For better. Or worse.

You made it! Hold on, part 2 is coming! Thank you again for reading:)