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it's called football (miniminter)

prompt: (in honour of the sidemen match i thought i would try something football related.) in which y/n pesters simon with questions during a football game.

warnings: be prepared to be appalled by my ‘football’ knowledge, i am clearly an AFL fan

you were an aussie girl born and bred, but you were currently midway through your exchange program in england.

months prior to this very moment, you had signed yourself up for a two year program at the university of london where you would study psychology in some of the greatest facilities.

you never expected to enrich yourself in the life of the english as much as you had, and you definitely didn’t expect to make the friends that you had. one night you had been out at a bar and came in contact with a group of well known youtubers called the sidemen along with some of their friends, and ultimately you clicked. sarah had taken a particular liking to you and vowed to take you under her wing whilst you were here in her home country.

she wasn’t the only one you grew close to, simon expressed an interest in you that was somewhat different to everyone else’s. you couldn’t quite tell if you were best friends, or something more. either way, you both took enjoyment in annoying the absolute shit out of each other.

which leads us to right now. “i just don’t get it, why can’t the ball just touch your hand accidentally?” you question to simon as he watches intently on the television set in front of him.

simon was taking a day off from editing to sit down and watch the leeds game, and had invited you around to help ‘educate’ yourself on the world of british football before the annual charity match. it was fair to say, he was beginning to regret his decision.

“i’ll explain this once more. it’s called football, if it was suppose to touch you hand - whether it be an accident, or not - it would be called handball” he replied with a slight huff.

“but soccer-”

“football,” he corrects.

“whatever it’s called, it’s still such a low scoring game! don’t you get bored? at this rate you’d be lucky to even hit the score board!” you whine, as you too regret agreeing to simon’s offer.

simon laughs, tilting his head back while he shakes his head. he too agrees that leeds would be lucky ‘to hit the scoreboard at this rate’, but he doesn’t make the effort to comment so.

you had never taken much interest in the whole soccer fiasco. back home the 'APL’ was nothing in comparison to the likes of the 'AFL’, you had been raised to be a footy fan and that’s the way it always would be.

“i think it’s a bit unfair that you don’t get a point or something for hitting the crossbar or even the post” you comment after watching it be hit for what seems like the 5th time.

“y/n, it’s called a goal. you don’t get points” he explains whilst rolling his eyes. it’s clear by now that simon is getting a little bit agitated with all the questions.

“well i think it’s silly, in our ends if you hit the post you get a point, if it goes through you get a goal earning you 6 points. it’s like a reward either way” you remark, leaning back into the sofa.

“look, miss 'i own a kangaroo,’ that’s not how it works around here-” simon says before he cuts his sentence short, standing up from his seat and begin yelling excessively at the ref’s decision.

after some time he finally accepts that the decision is final and returns to the sofa next to you. you roll your eyes at his overdramatic behaviour before speaking again. “for your information i do not, and never have owned a kangaroo. australia isn’t as backwards as you claim it is.”

“yeah, yeah” he waves his hand at you to be quiet as his eyes skim over the screen, reading the stats displayed on the side.

you tried your very best to focus, but you couldn’t help but get bored. it was a 0-0 game after all. at this point in a game of footy there would have been about 7 or 8 goals scored by now.

you knew simon was trying to concentrate, but your need to ask a question was strong, no matter how hard you tried to suppress it.

“i don’t understand how you can be offside if there is no line there to tell you…” you wonder out loud.

simon was losing his patience. he was hoping you would just sit there quietly even if he would never dare to say so. he runs a hand through his hair simply stating, “the halfway line is your indication of being off side. if you are in your attacking half and you receive the ball with no defending player in front you are off side.”

“yeah but i still don’t-”

“y/n, please,” his voice, begging. “can we discuss this at half time? i’ll explain all the questions you have after the game.”

you nod in response not wanting to utter another word to anger simon further.

you sit in silence. occasionally fidgeting with the strings of the sidemen hoodie you were wearing every time the urge to comment, question or insult simon’s favourite sport cropped up.

finally half time arrived, taking its sweet ass time to do so.

“so?” simon asks in a voice kinder than the last time he spoke. “any dire questions you got before second half?”

you take a moment to think, you didn’t really pay attention past the point of simon getting frustrated at you. “no i don’t think so” you tell him shaking your head.

“oh?” he sounds surprised.

“i actually think i might go find vik and see if he wanted to go out somewhere,” you say moving from the couch.

“wait!” he grabs your wrist stopping you from going any further. “you don’t have to go, i’m sorry for snapping at you” he says sincerely.

“no, that’s okay. i was being annoying asking all those questions while you were just trying to enjoy your day off. i’m not mad i promise” you smile back at him to show you’re being genuine. “i’d rather you watch your game in peace, than me having to watch it all.”

he pulls you back towards his lap, with a grin plastered onto his face from your honesty. “i know, but that was no reason for me to get frustrated at you. i did invite you over to watch the game.”

“and this is me uninviting myself and salvaging the rest of my afternoon by asking vik to come get some ice cream with me,” you reply trying to escape his tight grip.

“how about this,” he responds putting an ultimatum in place. “you go hang out with vik upstairs until the game ends, and then when it’s over i’ll take you out for a nice dinner somewhere?”

“is this the simon minter, asking me out on a date? just so he can get rid of me?” you mock being appalled.

“i’m not trying to get rid of you, i was trying to save you of some boredom. i was planning on asking you out either way,” he adds with a wink.

shaking his hand, you agree; “you have yourself a deal minter.”

you remove yourself from his lap, unable to stop the smile spreading from your face at the very thought of yours and simon’s first date.

you make your way over to the bottom of the stairs just as the half time break comes to an end. “oh and simon, i still think you should get a point for hitting the crossbar.”

“how’s about i take you out one day and teach you how to play. you can give yourself as many points as you like?”

you laugh and shrug your shoulders, it’s not a bad idea.

“depends if i get fouled for being offside of that stupid fake line or not first!”

he laughs as well, “that’s cute, that you think you could get it past me in the first place for it to be in your attacking half!”

it can’t even be denied, because he’s right. but you fake being hurt anyways.

“i’m going to go spend time with someone who appreciates me,” you joke, making your way up the stairs.

“whatever you say. be ready in an hour’s time to leave!” he calls after you his laugh following you up the stairs.

you smile to yourself, knowing you’re no where ready to return home in a year’s time.


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Our family has been arguing about whether we should get another dog we have 2 dogs already one is young/playful while the other is elderly/not playful. The young one has become bored of her toys (including new) and has begun barking at every living thing outside and pestering the elderly dog & getting too rough causing him to snap at her. We think another dog would get rid of boredom & excess barking/energy (walks aren't enough) but the others think there would be fights for dominance. Thoughts?

It sounds like your younger dog is bored, which you’re obviously aware of. If she’s bored of her toys, consider rotating them out once a week to keep them “new” to her. Also, are you expecting her to play with them by herself? Initiate play with her with her toys, and that’ll make them much more appealing.

Being bored is almost definitely what’s causing her to bark and pester your other dog as well. Consider training sessions (short ones, only a minute long) when she starts to get restless and looks like she’s about to start shenanigans. Some fun and fairly easy tricks to teach without too much effort on your part are sending the dog to a place, spinning in a circle, long stays, and holding objects to name a few.

If walks aren’t enough, make your walks more exciting! Check out this awesome article for ways to increase mental stimulation on walks, which makes short walks way more productive. You can also use long lines in open areas if there aren’t any off-leash places nearby, and/or set up doggie play dates!

Fighting for dominance isn’t a thing in dogs (or wolves for that matter), but resource guarding definitely is. It’s pretty easy to prevent, but nonetheless a risk when you add any new dog to the family.

Bringing in a third dog to entertain your second dog is risky. It can and has been done often, but you risk ending up with 2 bored dogs getting into trouble. It sounds like entertaining your younger dog instead of expecting her to entertain herself might solve your problems though. Good luck!

- @marlothemountaindog

Scandal (A)

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REQUESTED: an angst Youngjae involving you as an idol being caught in a scandal. 

Reader (you) x Choi Youngjae

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1130

Note: Here you go anon! I hope you like it haha. Tbh I was listening to Sick while writing this and that is how I got my inspiration. Just so you know, I am in LOOOVE with Dean. Bonnie and Clyde is my jam. So plz… I don’t attack me. I love Dean. Have a wonderful day and happy reading :)

You were alone in the practice room, dancing to some tunes just to get rid of boredom. Being under JYP Entertainment was a privilege. Not only were you and idol, but you met the sunshine of your life. Youngjae, from Got7, was from the same entertainment as you. 

Both of you grew close because of the similar taste to music and you were the main vocalist of the group. He confessed to you in the cutest way possible and you two have been going strong for about a year now. Yes, your relationship became public after eight months of dating. Your fans and his were somewhat supportive but you couldn’t care less. You were in love.

Your group just made a comeback with a new song and now you were waiting for your group to arrive at the building. It was your intention to be early because you wanted to see Youngjae. As you danced to a few song, you saw in the mirror Youngjae walking in and closing the door.

“Youngjae-ah!” You smiled as you turned around to greet him. But telling from his face, he wasn’t like his normal self. You walked over to him to give him a hug but, he stepped back.

“What’s wrong?” You furrowed your eyebrows as you tried to think about the possible on why Youngjae was mad. Stepping forward again, Youngjae held up his hand as a sign to stop. His face looked like he was about to cry but he held it in.

“Youngjae, you can’t just stay silent. Talk to me.” You assured him. It was weird because Youngjae never acted this way before. You knew him inside out but this was a new feeling.

“Who is he?” Youngjae finally spoke up, breaking the silence.

“Who?” You asked out of confusion. He knew you weren’t cheating on him because you gave him your undying love. You spent everyday with him and there was no possibility that you cheated on him. Yes, you found other men that you met quite attractive but none of them could make you feel the way Youngjae does.

“What is it about him that you like? Is it because he gives a bad boy vibe?” Youngjae started to act up, clearly getting angry at a situation you couldn’t clearly understand yourself.

“What are you talking about Youngjae?” You slightly yelled at him, trying to get him to explain the situation.

“Dean? You and him are the new hot topic. I bet you knew that already because JYP wouldn’t have released this news about you both if you didn’t tell him.” Youngjae explained with a tone that sound like he was about to break soon. Finally realizing the situation, you realized that JYP released a scandal that involved you and the singer Dean. To your knowledge, Dean and you were just friends and nothing more.

“It’s just a scandal, Youngjae. Don’t believe it please. It’s nothing because Dean and I are just friends.” You pleaded, hoping that he’ll understand. But knowing Youngjae, he’ll believe anything that comes out of JYP’s mouth.

“Scandal my ass, (Y/N). Tell me why Dean is claiming that you’re his ideal type or how he didn’t deny the rumor immediately after they released the article before his interview.” Youngjae yelled. You’ve never seen Youngjae at this state, and to be honest, it scared you.

“I didn’t even know about this until you told me! I swear, Youngjae. I’m telling the truth!” You argued back. You knew Youngjae didn’t want to fight with you but, if he was being stubborn, you had to fight back and defend yourself.

“Then tell me what he’s got? I give you everything I can and is that not enough for you? Just because I look innocent or I can’t make you feel the way other guys do, I can’t just sit here and satisfy you all the time.” Youngjae growled as he waved his arms around, looking like he was about to punch something. You knew Youngjae would never hit you, but it looked like he was about the break soon.

“There’s no one else.” You snapped. “There will be no one else, don’t you know that?”

“No I don’t! It’s because I don’t feel your love and I’m not stupid! Your lies are complete shit and I can’t believe them. I refuse to believe you.” Youngjae spat out with pure venom in his voice. You both were struggling with stress due to the activities your groups had and you both didn’t want to deal with this situation anymore. To be honest, Youngjae’s actions hurt your heart. And you could already feel yourself breaking down into piece.

“I love you, Youngjae. I love you and no one else. This is just a scandal Youngjae, I promise. It’s just stress that’s getting into your head. Please, listen to me.” You pleaded as tears ran down your face. You both stood facing each other without even touching and it hurt you. He kept a safe distance from you because at that moment, he knew that you were both done.

“Well, let me just get rid of the stress.” Youngjae suddenly said quietly, quivering like he was about to cry. “Let’s end this now.”

“What?” You breathed out, trying to take in what he was saying. More tears ran down your face as your heart broke into two. Youngjae tried so hard not to look at you because you were still his weakness.

“I’m done with you and your lies. I’m done with all these rumors of your cheating and going behind my back. Since we’re both idols, maybe it’s best we end this now.” Youngjae told you as he tried to hold back his tears. You stared at him like he was a maniac as you couldn’t believe your ears.

Tears started to blur your vision as you watch a figure walk towards the door and leave. You could believe that he was actually gone. You expected him to come back at any moment, but he didn’t. You felt numb as you tried processed what had just happened. He was gone. And without a doubt, you knew that you two were over.

It wasn’t until months after you finally heard from him. After avoiding him at JYP’s building to avoiding him at award shows, you finally found a message from him. As you sat in the practice room, you couldn’t help but let tears run down your face as you listened to the music playing through the speakers.

The days I spend without you. They hurt so much, how did you and I end up like it, it hurts so much. This is what I’m telling you. I hope that you listen to this song 

[Sick written by Youngjae]

Take Shelter* (Years and Years) x

The struggle of everyday life was starting to wear you out. How the hell did you manage to live like this for the last 6 years? All this mindless bullshit you had to rotate through every single goddamn day; it was all the same. What the hell was the point?

You tugged at your hair, feeling the rough pull of it on your scalp. The need to break something was bubbling within you, too difficult to push back down, so you grabbed a plate off the drying rack and threw it against the wall. You watched as the porcelain shattered across the surface, shards flying in every direction. It felt good. As you reached for another one, you felt a large hand close around your wrist. When you turned around, you saw Mark staring at you in confusion.

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Royally Yours: Part Eleven

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You’re unwillingly engaged to the Crown Prince of another kingdom, whom you had known as a child but then lost contact with. Time, deceit, and politics brings you two back together, but it’s a dramatic stretch to the ascension of the throne.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Grant Ward, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Pots, Peggy Carter, Bruce Banner, Lincoln Campbell, Betty Ross, Clint Barton (more to be added)

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: heyo sorry for the long wait, but I had personal matters come up yesterday with my family, and obviously school today, but part 11 is finally here (don’t roll your eyes that’s rude). enjoy it, I had fun writing it (:


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Something outside your chambers clatters against the ground, and Bucky springs back from you, turning red in the cheeks. You flush, breathing deeply as your lungs burn for oxygen, not having realized your breath had caught itself.

“Forgive me,” Bucky mutters, his previous unfriendliness returning and then leaves your room. He’s gone so quickly that you don’t even have to time to respond.


      You don’t know what’s kept you awake for hours now, and as you slide a robe over your shoulders and slip out past your dozing guards, you realize you can’t pin the insomnia to a single happenstance. James. Grant. Your mother. Their contributions to your sleeplessness spun your mind too tight to even try to rest, so with nothing but yourself you venture through the castle.

Though you’d roamed here as a child, the sensation of running your fingers along the stone walls and the excitement of climbing the grand staircases in races had long since ceased, replaced by age and maturity. You smiled thinly when you remembered how calloused your palms would become when rushing through the halls, holding the walls in the dark to not trip over Steve while he held onto you.

Adventures had flourished here, Bucky and Steve acting as knights and yourself one too, countless instances of dragon hunting quests and servant terrorism coming into a full circle as you walk the halls a decade and some years older.

“Your Highness,” a maid says in surprise, exiting a chamber near to you. You glance at her, startled, and she gives you a hesitant smile. She looks familiar, but you can’t yet place her face. “What are you doing out so late?”

You decide not to shrug your shoulders and instead reply, “I was just wandering.”

The maid purses her lips. “Would like me to make you tea, or a-”

“It’s alright,” you respond.

The other woman hesitates again, and then finally decides to nod. “Good night, Your Majesty.”

“Good night,” you say as she passes you, and you recognize her instantly, “Betty.”

The woman smiles, and continues off down the hall, leaving you alone again.

You sigh.

Your feet take down paths your mind had forgotten, and memories drown out the sleep-robbing thoughts ricocheting around in your head. Daises had once fallen from the ceiling as you pass under a staircase, dumped there by Bucky onto you and Steve. He’d been angry, you recall, and had taken his revenge by throwing the beloved flowers you and Steve had collected without him onto the two of you. His plan had backfired, because it was a vibrant memory, dense with laughter.

Eventually, you come upon an open terrace and lean against the stone railing, inhaling the heavy air and letting the scent of oncoming rain fill your senses.
Below, you can see the multiple hives of flower gardens surrounding the castle on the one side, colors unseeable because of the blotched out moon in the sky.

Thick, frothy gray clouds capture the moonlight like greedy thieves would collect jewels, and only a few stars peek out through gaps in the coverage. It’s beautiful and disappointing all at once.

“Oh! Sorry Your Highness. I’ll just-”

There’s clattering behind you, and someone has tripped on a potted rose bush near to the entrance. They mutter a curse, and you raise an eyebrow at their person.

The unfamiliar is wearing a hooded cape, hair, eyes, and nose hidden in the shadow it casts, and if the being hadn’t already apologized and tripped, you’d have thought he was in league with the clouds.

“Who are you?” you question, still suspicious. The hooded figure jerks up, and freezes, as if not expecting to be called upon, and reaches up to drag back the hood. Now him, he you recognize instantly.

Lady Natasha’s newest lover stands before you, blonde hair illuminated from behind by candlelit halls and demeanor still uncertain.

“I’m Clint, Your Majesty. I’m a knight.”

Your eyes narrow and you cross your arms over your chest. “A knight sneaking through the castle in a hood.”

Clint clears his throat awkwardly. “Well, I wasn’t sneaking, Your Majesty.”

“You’re dressed for it.”

Clint looks down at his hood, and frowns, as if realizing that his clothing was conspicuously sly for the first time. “I haven’t stolen anything.”

“Where are you off to?”


“Where have you come from?”

There’s enough light to see the suggested knight clench his jaw as he swallows. He’s impatient.

“A friend’s.”

“Lady Natasha?” you ask on a sarcastic whim, not realizing your impolite intrusion of question until Clint shuffles.

“All due respect, Your Majesty-”

“Enough,” you cut him off by raising your hand, slightly embarrassed by your behavior. “I don’t care for your business unless you are a thief.”

“I’m a knight.”

You nod, and turn back around. There’s no movement, and then Clint speaks again.

“Is something troubling you, Your Majesty?”

You exhale, breath foggy, and shake your head. “Nothing to concern yourself about.”

Hesitation is evident as it is night until Clint joins your side.

“I’m here to talk to, Your Highness, if you need it. Knights are sworn to serve our royals in any way,” Clint says softly. He’s being friendly.

You look at him out of the corner of your eye. “I’m not your royalty.”

Clint clears his throat, and scratches the back of his neck as he makes himself comfortable on the railing. As comfortable as you can be leaning against stone.
“Nat told me about the forced marriage,” Clint admits, and you sigh again.

“Brilliant,” you mumble. “Now how many more men that she’s bedded know?”
Clint’s eyes sharpen, and you grow shameful. “I’m sorry.”

He juts out his jaw. “It’s whatever. You’re right anyways.”

You let the response hang there, and look back at the gardens. This side of the castle is angled away from the ocean, so the waves you hear pounding on the cliff face are echoes through the courtyard.

“Are you happy?” Clint suddenly asks, and you glance at him fully now. He’s looking at you, waiting for a response expectantly.

You purse your lips, unsure if you should reply to Natasha’s bed mate. Clint seems to realize this because he lets out a light chuckle.

“Natasha and I only share one thing, and that’s a bed,” the knight tells you. You frown.

“That doesn’t seem like any way to live.”

“It’s not living,” Clint replies. “It’s getting rid of boredom.”

You cough, and shudder, as Clint laughs like you two were old friends sharing an even older joke.

“Are you happy?” Clint asks again, and this time his voice is riddled with amusement.

You think for a moment. “I don’t consider happiness a state of being.”

Clint cracks a smile. “You’re going to have to speak with the education of a knight, Your Majesty, I don’t like big words and riddles.”

You suppress a smile. “Moments here make me happy, but when I’m not having those moments, I’m not.”

Clint hmphs. “Well, no disrespect Your Majesty, but no one’s ever always happy in every moment, but overall I mean.”

“Court clowns,” you disagree.

“Haven’t you heard the funniest people hide the greatest tragedies?”

You consider this as Clint adjusts himself again. He fidgets a lot, you notice.

“Our prince is kind of a royal pain,” Clint begins to say, glancing at you to make sure it’s appropriate for him to say. When you smile minusculely, he continues.

“But the kid is golden hearted. I’ve seen him do extraordinary things when it comes down to protecting people he cares about, and I hear about how he’s always trying to do the right thing.”

You exhale, ironically. Bucky could probably spit bad things about Clint all day if you provoked him to, all untrue though.

“Do you know you hurt him?” you ask softly. “He loves Natasha.”

“And I love my job,” Clint replies. “Which is why I’ve been in a different kingdom for months, only having returned the day before the celebration. Natasha was as unattached to the Prince as the flowers are to us.”

You find his analogy confusing, but Clint doesn’t seem to care.

“I don’t believe the Prince loves Natasha though,” Clint says, blinking between looking at the heavy sky and the network of flower gardens. “Infatuated maybe, but not in love.”

“Why do you say that?”

Did infatuated men destroy rooms and cry like Bucky had? You don’t think so.

“Royals are a tricky thing,” Clint murmurs, disregarding your own royalty. “The men seek lovers because they don’t care for breaking the rules, and the women play jealousy games and have hands in triangles they shouldn’t make, but in the end, there is sometimes love that is real. I see every time I walk into the throne room to the King and Queen.”

You consider this. “They do seem to love each other very much.”

Clint nods in agreement. “I’ve only been home for a few days, but I’ve seen the Prince and you. He looks at you like the King looks at the Queen.”

You can’t help but to snort. “Bucky doesn’t look at me like that.”

Clint quirks a smile and raises an eyebrow. “Have you ever seen love, Your Majesty? Because his love begins with the use of that name.”

You fall silent, and the knight beside you smiles winningly.

“Love’s a dangerous game to play for royals, Your Majesty,” Clint says, pushing himself off of the wall. “Especially when you only marry for power.”

You nod your head, because you understand. The marriage between you and Bucky only existed in the name of an alliance, but alliances only ever hold until they break, and if the one between Sokovia and Romania ever broke, it could mean both of your lives. You dismiss this fact.

“I should go back to my chambers,” you say, feeling the tug of drowsiness on your conscience.

“Good night, Your Majesty,” Clint replies.

“(Y/N),” you correct him, pausing before you reenter the hall. “You can call me (Y/N).”

Clint smiles, no hesitation and nods his head. You dismiss yourself and walk the path back to your room.

Clint’s conversation with you has calmed your thoughts and they lie dormant for now, resting as you would soon be in your bed.

Lincoln’s shoulders tense when he sees you turn the corner, and Bruce looks up, startled.

“Your Highness,” Lincoln starts to say. “We thought you’d been sleeping.”

You smile at them. “Go to bed, both of you. Sleep tonight.”

The two guards exchange unsure glances, but then slowly retreat down the hall after nodding to you in respect. You close the door to your room behind you and slide under your blankets.

Sleep accepts you now. 


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Fight Me - Bucky Barnes

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Buckyxreader fic where they dont talk much but she starts a water balloon fight w EVERYONE @ the tower by getting them all w a balloon starting a chaos & he ends up helping her get everybody including Steve (maybe he was a little 2 happy 2 get Steve)

N/A:  water balloon fight is so damn fun!!!!!! i miss doing that.


You hummed quietly, you spent the morning creating your awesome plan to get rid of the boredom that the summer holiday was causing you. So you placed the balloons  that you filled with water in a bag, that would serve as ammunition to help you start the battle. You tied your hair in a loose bun, although you could teleport, you still had to have your hair away from your eyes to prang your victims. Lets do this. You smirked, thinking of your first victim and then materializing in the firing room, you then took a balloon and, after targeting the head, managed to perfectly hit Clint. Using your recorder, you pressed the ‘play’ button allowing Tony’s voice yell ’Fight me’ before you disappear without being seen.

“This will be so much fun!“ you squealed, standing behind the firing room door, you could hear Clint complain and cuss while swore revenge.

You then went to your next victim, teleporting to the lab, where you smiled devilishly to see the two scientists distracted in their duties. You held your recorder to your mouth and took a balloon with each hand, looking carefully and then deftly hitting the two men while activated the recording with Natasha’s voice saying ’Fight me’.  You disappeared one second before they turn, you ran down the hall while listening to Hulk’s growl and the hysterical yell of Tony saying ’Hold your tits, it’s just water!’.

"What are you up to, doll?” Bucky’s voice was at your side, making you jump in surprise, you then smirked raising your hands in innocence.

“Just refreshing the day of my fellas Avengers?" Bucky arched an eyebrow.

“So that’s why I’m listening to the Hulk and have seen Clint wet?” you nodded grinning and he smiled back “Count me in.”

Bucky wrapped your waist with one arm and then you teleported both of you to the common room, where Sam and Thor were. You offered a balloon to Bucky as you picked up one for yourself, waiting for the super soldier to count to throw at the two men who watched distracted the television and squeezing your recorder to Steve’s voice shouting angry ‘Fight me’ could be heard. You just didn’t expect their quick reaction, having to throw yourself in Bucky’s arms to teleport before Thor’s mjolnir could hit you.

“Wow, that was close.” you whispered, Bucky was still hugging you protectively and just dropped you when he saw Natasha turned the hall, walking toward you while reading a file that Hill probably had given 

“Get ready to run.” he warned at the same time he took a balloon and correctly hit at the redhead’s head, you heard a ’I’ll kill you’ before teleporting to the gym.

“Last target?”

“Yes sir.”  you murmured still trying to recover from Natasha threat.


Steve was distracted by discounting his frustrations in the sand bag and didn’t notice your approach. Bucky pulled you to hold on his back and you soon understood his plan. The first balloon hit Steve’s head, the second balloon quickly hit his back. Bucky waited his best friend turn to then hit hard on Steve’s face, the captain grunted confused and annoyed by the surprise attack. You were already laughing when you became teleporting Bucky and you when Steve tried to get you two, while Bucky continued to throw balloons and hit Steve skillfully.

“Dammit! Fuck off you two!” Steve shouted exasperated.

“Language!” you hummed before disappearing.

You stood in the entrance hall, laughing hysterically while recovering from the events and lowering the guard. You looked at Bucky with an amused smile on your face, smoothing his hair so you could face those beautiful blue eyes and then sighed softly. You loved him so much, you felt lucky that he was always at your side even in your crazy moments and stupid decisions. Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against him to lean toward you. You felt your heart beat even faster and Bucky smiled as he felt your reaction, leaning more to close the distance and kiss your lips tenderly. But then your romantic moment was ruined by a strong squirt of water.

“Bonnie and Clyde, you’re under arrest!” you heard Tony shout triumphant, but you and Bucky had no time to react as all your victims had united to take revenge.

“W-wait, I’m innocent! Bucky made me do it!” you tried to make your cute voice.

“We know you’re lying!“ Natasha retorted, throwing a water balloon at Bucky’s head that was laughing.

“It was worth trying.” you shrugged, pulling Bucky for another kiss and teleporting before the others could hit you with more water.


Rated: T

Genre: Fluff, angst - past, comfort

Pairing: Klance

Word Count: 3700

Summary: captured, Lance is left in a cell to rot. He expects torture, questioning, and threats. However, all he gets is a Galra named Keith, who just happened to be in the same cell as him. Lance is sure he is a spy, seeking to attain information. What he doesn’t expect, though, is to find himself befriending the Galra. (Galra!Keith. Comfort. Cuddles. Tears. Prisoners. Hope.)

The steps of the moving Galra soldiers are heard beyond the dimly lit hallways of the cell they were imprisoned in. The sound is muffled by the distance of its source, stretching through the hall. It’s almost familiar to Lance’s ears. Ever since he was taken, this is the sound he hears, around a similar time every single day. He even begins using it as a mean of knowing the approximate hour. It doesn’t help much, really, but he can at least predict when meals and such will come for him and Keith.


The Galra is quiet at this moment, sat at his corner, brooding as always. Keith digs his claws into the dusty, metallic floor, twirling his finger and scraping the rusty metal with a screech. His eyes are closed, and he seems to be humming a tune under his breath, the rhythm unfamiliar to Lance’s ears.

Lance huffs and crosses his arms, deciding to observe the outside of their cell. It’s monotone as always. Dread and misery return to Lance every time he remembers how he ended up in this situation, and just how much danger the rest of his team must be in as they search for him.

“Bored again?”

Twisting his head back, Lance rolls his eyes.

“What do you think?“ he deadpans. It’s more than evident that Lance is the type of person to easily find themselves with a lack of entertainment. He can’t stand still for longer than a few minutes, and spending countless days and nights locked up in a Galran prison isn’t exactly giving him many activities to squander his time with.

Keith shrugs and closes his eyes again, settling against the wall behind him. Keith, unlike Lance, isn’t much of a talkative person, and he rarely speaks, much less starts conversations. Lance doesn’t converse with the galra often, either, for he believes it is suspicious.

“I ain’t telling you nothing,” He said soon after he was thrown into the cell with Keith, dismissing the story he was told. “If anything, you’re a Galra spy wanting to get information about the paladins.”

Keith only arched and eyebrow and let it be.

Lance chuckles at the memory, and frowns as he remembers just how long it has been since he was thrown in this place. Weeks, month or years - he can’t tell. He doesn’t know the time like he once did, and he can only wait to be broken free. The thought seems naive even to himself.

“Do you know what they’re going to do to me?” Lance asks. The question has been floating in his mind for long, but he’s never thought of asking Keith. Even if he has, he likely banished the thought whenever it came. But the mystery has been plaguing him for too long now, and the worries driving him up the wall.

Keith brings a clawed hand to his chin, and furrows his eyebrows in thought. He seems to be thinking about it. Lance is surprised that the galra is actually mulling over the question.

“They’ll probably leave you here until they get the rest of the lions,” Keith tells him, nodding to himself. “Yeah, and then they’ll kill you once Zarkon has Voltron. For now, they need you alive; it will bring the rest of the paladins here.”

“Talk about blunt,” Lance mutters under his breath, running a hand over his face. Now he knows why he’s being kept alive. It makes him feel guilty that he is the bait to bring his friends to their doom.

They’ll get through it, Lance tells himself. He doesn’t know who he’s convincing thought.

Silence descends upon the atmosphere once more, and Lance decides he can’t take it. He needs something to do, to distract himself. And if it means he has to talk with Galran spy, then so be it.

“Say, how did you end up here?”

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liberalautisticnerd831  asked:

Hi Mr. Host, how was ur day today? (I hope that it was good) also do you have any tips for studying and for getting rid of boredom

“‘The Host has had a fine day. For studying, hmm? Do your studying for like 45 minutes to an hour than take 15 minutes off to relax and stretch. And repeat. For getting rid of boredom….’ He paused. ‘Go on a walk.’“


Prompt: You, Bucky and Pietro are left behind in the Tower while the others leave for a few days for a mission. The three of you decide to have a game of strip poker for some fun and to pass the time. Bucky and Pietro start to get annoyed because you seem to be winning every hand. When they are only left with their underwear, you make them a deal, that if they win one hand you will take off everything. 

Warnings: Mention of nudity 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Pietro x Reader

This was actually really fun to write! 

Strip Poker 

The hours have been slowly passing by, both Bucky and Pietro are laying on the sofa, bored as ever. There is nothing to do, nothing exciting happening. It is really affecting all of your moods. Wishing you could go on the mission too. Bucky taps his metal fingers out of his boredom. Trying to think of something to do. That’s when a bright idea pops into your head. Which is fun and will pass the time by. 

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Afternoon Tea and Conversations

Genre: Fluff <3

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning/s: swearing (like, once)

Summary: Dan has a crush on a regular named Phil, and it’s their shared love for Muse that pushes Dan to talk to a person who has paint splattered hands orders green tea in a coffee shop.

A/N: barista!Dan and painter!Phil ayyyy i had like writers block for 3 weeks. happy easter!! hoped you all have a good day! (also it’s my summer so i might write more, who knows?)

ao3 link

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your-abbey  asked:

How is boredom different for an Se compared to Ne? Also I have the impression all the external functions are impatient in different ways. Is that correct or am I way off? Thanks.

This stumped me for a bit.

I had to think about it. I then realized that… I’ve never heard any of the Se’s in my life say anything about being bored. So I e-mailed a friend who is married to an SP and asked her about husband’s thoughts on boredom. She answered back that he doesn’t get bored. Once escaping the tedium and over-stimulation of work, he comes home and fully engages in his various hobbies and interests.

I thought about my Se-dom sister. She’s always doing things. Painting her house. Re-painting her house. (She tends to go big or go home, then get tired of that bold color statement and choose another bold color.) Creating art. Going places. Doing things. She seems to have a good time no matter where she is. Boredom for her might be a fleeting moment in a waiting room, but even there she can find someone to talk to or engage with.

My ESFP friend complained from time to time that the internet was not providing her with enough entertainment, but I don’t think she got bored much either – if she did, she shut off the laptop and went for a drive. Or re-designed her website. Or went shopping. Or took her sisters paint-balling. Point is, Se tends to live so much in the moment, and be so present, that it enjoys experiences. It is Ne (or higher Ni) that is absent from the sensory environment. If intuition can find nothing to engage in, nothing to seek potential in, it gets bored. It thinks, “I’ve heard this story before… already talked about this… I see nothing in this that excites my imagination…”

I can get bored working too long on the same thing. It’s a fight between my Ne (I don’t want to do this anymore, it’s been HOURS) and my Te (it needs done). I get frustrated if I cannot find new conversations to have or thoughts to ponder. But often when I am out and about, I’m not bored.

I think everyone has the potential to be bored, but sensors have a much easier time of getting rid of boredom by engaging with the environment. Intuitives’ first thought is not to CONSIDER that they can, you know, do something with their actual bodies or hands to pass the time. ;)

Impatience: having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.

Judging functions, yes. Perceiving functions, no. Perceiving functions feed information to the judging functions, which decide what to do with it.

Come and Get It

Prompt: Can I request a fic where the reader is terrified of Gabriel? like whenever he so much as talks to her she gets nervous or backs away and it’s just cause she has bad history with angels or something. But he starts to like the reader a lot and he tries really hard to get close to her without her screaming or hitting him and at the end it’s super super fluffy and he finally gets close with her and its all okay i jUST WANT FLUFFY THINGS okai bai

Word count: 1426

Warnings: A sense of fear/panic due to angels, slight angst but it ends happily, mentions of blood (the reader got a bit messy from a hunt, but no mentions of violence or killing, ect.), the reader punches Gabriel once, the pet name “sugar”. Not sure if that bothers anyone, but better safe than sorry!

Author: Kat

The familiar sound of fluttering wings met your ears. Panic gripped you and you immediately reached for a weapon. You thought you were done with angels. You thought that you would be safe. Taking a deep breath through your nose, you steeled yourself to see which winged nightmare had teleported into your kitchen.

It was Gabriel. Your eyes widened. You had heard through the grapevine what this particular angel had done to the Winchesters on a handful of occasions. Only once had the two of you met, and it was under less than pleasant circumstances. Fear trickled down your spine like ice water. Your Angel Blade was in your bedroom, too far away to reach in time. Your mouth was cotton.

“Hey, sugar,” he began lightly.

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High School || Open Starter

It’s been years Andy came back to LA after he traveled the world another time but the vampire was really bored because nothing happened.
LA was such a big city but besides the criminal stuff there was nothing interesting left.

He decided to get rid of the boredom at least a little bit why he registered himself at the high school again. He thought it wouldn’t be that bad to get to know what the kids from today had to learn.

As soon as the first day came he prepared himself in the morning, drank his coffee and ate a little bit and then made his way to the building of the school.
Andy parked the car in a parking lot in front and looked up the building sighing. “Well, let’s have some fun.” he said to himself before he got out of the car and headed to the door.


Trailcutter was slowly getting used to the sound of pings in his audials, so when he got another one, he barely flinched. He was rather proud of the small twitch it got from him. Looking over his spread of downed glasses and slight drippy spills, he grinned as his visor flared before he slumped lightly to the table.

::Hello?:: He called softly. Maybe this would get rid of his boredom.

darlinggroom is now following you

This asylum was turning out to be a fun, easy hunting grounds for Aker. While it was easy to catch prey here, and fun to toy with them, she had to admit she came here more for entertainment than a meal or to sell. The patients were too scrawny to be a suitable meal without having to devour half a dozen or so, and they were all too broken or ugly to sell. However, she liked this place. Surrounded by nature, the mountain air she so dearly loved. The place had a nice atmosphere for her. It was somewhat of an ideal “hangout” for a creature like her.

She strolled through the dim, dusty halls that reeked of sweet death peacefully, carrying a squirming, begging patient under one arm. She’d eaten already, but this one was purely for entertainment, whether she felt the urge to toss him to a few ravenously hungry cannibals or to tear him apart with her own teeth and claws. All that mattered now was getting rid of her current boredom.

The inmate’s loud sobbing and cries for help carried through the halls, alerting all those nearby of their presence but went unheard by his current captor. Hopefully her bait would arouse the curiosity of someone interesting this time. This part of the asylum seemed intriguing enough, mannequins sporting dirty, blood stained dresses filling rooms and sewing machines sitting atop dusty tables. This place was being occupied, she knew.


Maybe Dwalin should be grateful that there was no work for him to do. No work meant that there was no monster out there to hunt and the world might the rid of them for once . But nearly six months of it and the old hunter was getting antsy. Which might be how he got where he was at a bar to kill the boredom.

The old hunter swung the door open and looked around to see if there was no threat and once he deemed it safe He took his hand off his hidden weapon. Thirty years of hunting made him On edge and no work made him antsy. Looking around for a seat Dwalin spotted a gentleman by himself at the edge of the bar, he was good looking and alone. Perhaps he could get rid of his boredom another way.

“Hello. Is anyone sitting next to you ?” He asked with his hand on the bar tapping away as he waited for an answer.