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Effective skincare routines for less

I’ve tried my best to think of an effective skincare routine that would be also affordable. This is just a post to help out and give you some ideas. These are some of the things I did/learned from living in poverty.

 -A short one-product routine: The least you can do to maintain healthy skin is cleansing and moisturizing. For this combined you could use just one product: safflower oil. it’s the most affordable I could find; 16 ounces for $7 on amazon (for scale, 30ml lasted me for 2 months to moisturise with) It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and a high concentration of linoleic acid. Making it very beneficial for the skin. You can oil cleanse with it, oil cleansing will remove all your makeup and has a slight exfoliating effect, removing some dead skin and hardened sebum. I prefer oil cleansing over a regular cleanser because it doesnt strip your moisture barrier as most inexpensive cleansers will. Safflower oil is also a good moisturiser as it absorbs quickly, NOT leaving you with a greasy face. Thats why its also suitable for oily skin and acne prone skin as it has the comedogenic rating of 0!!
Other oils good for this but more expensive: Argan and hempseed. 

-Vaseline: If you have dry patches this could save your life. Vaseline acts like a piece of foil over your skin, put in on after moisturizing to prevent the moisture from leaving. Its especially beneficial when living in harsh temperatures. - 

-Toner: Green tea ($2 for a box of 24 tea bags) is good at combating acne and soothing redness as a toner. I havent found spot on scientific evidence for this but theres plenty anectodal evidence. Using it on a cottonpad will also give you an exfoliating effect. Its very rich in antioxidants, thats why you should be drinking it as well. Its found that drinking GT can also reduce inflammation. It also appears to balance hormones, whose imbalance causes acne. And balances out or lowers insulin levels.

 -Acne treatments: Acne has many different causes and finding something that works for you might be a chore. These are just a few things that may help.
Many people have had great results using neem oil (6oz 7$) to combat (cystic) acne. Just be careful; it smells bad, but its an effective spot treatment and a good substitute for tea tree oil which is more expensive. As research studies have shown neem oil effectively controls the harmful bacteria that cause the infection and reduces inflammation.
Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%/5% 100ml for $3 Benzoyl peroxide has been the most effective acne treatment for me personally. if you struggle mainly with closed comedones and zits this is the treatment to get. Start with 2.5% as its a strong treatment. Apply it at night on areas where you break out.

 -More moisturisers: CeraVe PM is a cult favorite, its $13 dollars though and there are cheaper alternatives. I love to use argan oil (100 ml for $10) as a nighttime (and sometimes daytime) moisturiser, it leaves the skin smooth, soft and healthy. It has the comedogenicy rate of 0 too so its suitable for my acne prone skin. Its rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, making it a great anti aging product. Its not greasy and absorbs very quickly, giving you a healthy glow. Hempseed oil (24 oz for $16) would be more suitable for oily skin as it dries more than argan oil and has the same benefits. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil can dramatically decrease skin dryness and soothe itching and irritation. Both of these oils last long as hell as ive used up 50ml bottles of both in 5 months, with every day use.

-Exfoliants: For inexpensive exfoliation you tend to reach out to physical exfoliants, neglecting the fact that they cause more irritation and acne by micro tears. As an exfoliant I reccomend The Ordinary 5% Lactic Acid ($8) for a gentle exfoliantion. It gets you rid of blackheads and often also acne, fades acne scarring and gives you smooth skin and even skintone. This is pricier than other products on this list, but its much better than physical exfoliants, and its the cheapest out there probably. The Ordinary makes other inexpensive AMAZING products worth checking out. 

 -Body Care: Shea butter (16 oz 10$) and coconut oil (500 ml 6$) for me, work better than any other body butters I’ve ever tried. Dont use coconut oil on the face as its very pore clogging, but suitable for the body. I love to oil cleanse with CO sometimes and regularly moisturise my body with shea butter. 

 -Masks: Putting honey (500 ml $5) on your face as a mask can give you great effects, as its softening, anti inflammatory and locks moisture into the skin. Green Clay (400gr $3) is my favourite clay mask, gives immediate results and visibly makes my pores smaller. Extracts excess sebum from the pores.

a small rant on charcoal peel masks because i hate them so much

if you’re using a charcoal peel to try to get rid of what you think is blackheads on your nose, cheeks, chin, etc. but nothing is working, chances are those ~blackheads~ are actually sebaceous filaments. they usually look like little tiny grey or tan dots and they’re in groups, usually on the T zone, and they are COMPLETELY NORMAL and healthy. think of them as the elevator up to the surface of your skin for the oils that your skin produces naturally. (your skin NEEDS that oil don’t screw it up. there’s a reason people with oily skin age slower than people with dry skin.)

blackheads and pimples happen when crap gets clogged up in your pores but your skin continues to produce the same amount of oil– blackheads turn black because they reach the surface and get oxidised while whiteheads remain white because they’re under the skin. to get rid of them, products (toners, scrubs, creams) with salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (google that), tea tree oil, etc. are a much better alternative.

the trend of nose strips and charcoal peel masks to try and get rid of the sebaceous filaments, mistaking them for blackheads, is actually doing your skin more harm than good. you’re literally ripping skin off of your face. it rips out the filaments, leaving your pores open to any bacteria and pollution in the air. using a timer helps with that but it definitely doesn’t cancel out how harsh it is on your skin… try exfoliating gently instead to reduce the appearance of them

god i hate charcoal masks i wish they weren’t such a big thing

(also even once the filaments are extracted they’ll be back in like a month there’s no point. there’s no way to get rid of them permanently. seriously stop using charcoal masks or pore strips they are so so so harsh on your skin.)

i’m not an expert on this by any means this is just what i’ve learnt at work and from experience and it kills me every time someone comes in and asks me to help them find a charcoal peel mask. it’s giving me so much stress for yalls skin my dudes

What to Use and What NOT to Use to Get Rid of Blackheads

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads are pores in your skin that have become clogged with natural skin oils and other debris that become oxidized when they hit the surface of your skin. Some people think the dark color means they have dirt in their pores, but that’s not it. Just as an apple will turn brown if you leave it out in the air, the natural skin oils and skin cells trapped in your pores will also turn dark when exposed to the air.

What Causes Blackheads?

If you have blackheads, it doesn’t mean you’re not cleaning your face enough. Instead, it means you likely have oily or combination skin, and tend to produce more natural skin oils than those with normal or dry skin. This excess oil backs up in your pores, clogging them up instead of flowing naturally to the surface of your skin.

Part of the problem is in your genes, and of course there’s nothing you can do about them! There are other factors involved, however, that you can do something about:

  • Dead skin cells: In a blackhead, the excess oil mixes with dead skin cells that have not yet been sloughed off the surface of the skin. Therefore, exfoliating to help get rid of those dead cells can help.
  • Seasonal changes: Hormonal changes and seasonal changes can affect how much natural oil your skin is producing. During times of high heat (summer) or during your monthly cycle, you can take extra steps to absorb the excess oil from your skin, to reduce blackheads.
  • Improper skin care: Failure to cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day can leave makeup, oil, and residue on your skin that can encourage the formation of blackheads.

What NOT to Do

Millions of people have blackheads, which means that there is no shortage of products out there marketed to help you get rid of them. Unfortunately, some of them can actually make your acne worse, or may cause damage to your skin.

Here’s what NOT to use when you’re trying to get rid of blackheads:

  • Harsh scrubbing motions: Blackheads are too deep in the pore to respond to scrubbing, so you won’t get rid of them this way. Worse, you can irritate the skin, which will only cause it to produce more oil in its defense.
  • Pore strips: These seem like a good idea, but they remove only the surface of the blackhead, leaving the rest of the clogged pore to rise another day. That means you’ll be using them again and again, which will eventually backfire on you, as they will irritate skin and cause more blackheads. Worse, the ripping motion actually leaves your pores more open and vulnerable to bacteria, which may actually make your pores look bigger and encourage the breakout of whiteheads.
  • Cleansers with irritating chemicals: Cleansers that contain alcohol, sulfates, and other drying and irritating chemicals may leave your face feeling clean, but will also leave it feeling tight and dry. That means your skin will be compensating later by producing more oil—not what you want!
  • Squeezing motions: It’s tempting, as it may dislodge the buildup temporarily, but again, this can backfire on you in the long run. First, your fingers have oils and dirt on them which can contaminate your skin and lead to more blackheads later. Second, you can damage and irritate the skin by squeezing, and create more visible pores as well as redness and swelling.
  • Heavy moisturizers: It may seem obvious that applying oily products to your skin may increase blackheads, but determining just which oils to avoid can be difficult. After all, some natural oils are actually good for oily and combination skin! As a general rule, avoid “heavy” and petroleum-based oils like mineral oil, lanolin, and cocoa butter, along with products that have chemical moisturizers like isopropyl palmitate and butyl stearate.
  • Inappropriate products: Sometimes we concentrate only on our cleansers and moisturizers when trying to get rid of blackheads, and forget that we also put sunscreen and makeup on our faces. It’s just as important to check the ingredient lists on these products to be sure they don’t contain irritating, drying, and pore-clogging ingredients.

What To Do

Now that you know what not to do, what can you do to get rid of blackheads? First, get into the habit of performing a blackhead-free skin care routine every day, which includes these steps:

  1. Cleanse appropriately: Cleanse your skin at least twice a day with a product made for acne-prone skin. Choose carefully, and go with a product that has natural, non-irritating ingredients that will help unclog pores. 
  2. Tone: Toning helps restore the pH balance disrupted by cleansing, and is an important step for helping your skin to remain blackhead-free. Again, choose something gentle and alcohol-free.
  3. Moisturize: Your skin may be producing excess oil, but you still need moisture. If you don’t moisturize, your skin is likely to continue its excess oil production to compensate for the dryness. What you need is a moisturize that will help re-balance your skin’s own oil production. 
  4. Exfoliate: You need to get rid of those dead skin cells on your face, but you need to do it the right way to be sure you don’t overly irritate or inflame your skin. You can try a homemade scrub by combining baking soda and water.
  5. Use a mask: Masks are a good way to get rid of the blackheads you have, and encourage your skin to become clear again. Use only 1-2 times a week as needed.
  6. Consider gentle acids: Acids like salicylic, glycolic, and malic can help dissolve plus and prevent blackheads from forming. These can be too harsh for sensitive skin, however, so if these don’t work for you, consider a honey mask or one made of fruit enzymes. Use 2-3 times a week, as your skin needs it.

That’s your basic routine to help your skin recover a more healthy balance of oils and return to a more smooth, youthful appearance. In addition, try these tips to help keep blackheads away for good:

  • Keep your hair away from your face: You know those blackheads that form on your forehead and temples? Those could be caused by the oils and products in your hair. Try keeping your hair away from your face and see if that helps. Also be careful when applying styling products, that they don’t get on your face, as they can also clog pores.
  • Always wash makeup off before bed: Leaving makeup on your face at night means that the oils, dirt, and chemicals in the makeup will likely sink into your pores and cause blackheads in the future.
  • Wash your pillowcase ever week or more often: Skin oils and bacteria come to rest on your pillow as you sleep. Change it more often to reduce the risk that these elements will be deposited back on your skin.
  • Keep your hands away from your face: The oils, bacteria, and dirt on your fingers and palms are like poison to the skin on your face!
  • Clean your phone daily: Any surface that comes against your face needs to be cleaned—often.
  • Try some makeup-free days: When you don’t have to be anywhere, trying going without makeup to give your skin a break. The fewer the products on your face potentially clogging your pores, the better.

excuse my shitty edit, but i’ve decided to put together all the links into one place that i’ve found that i want to reference, mainly writing and food. (will be adding more constantly) (updated: 1/26/16)

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anonymous asked:

is the only way to get rid of blackheads to squeeze them out? i was trying to squeeze one and i ended up getting a big scab on my face. it didn't even come out or anything :-{.. just pain and grossness. what do i do?

no you can use a BHA exfoliant (salicylic acid)

anonymous asked:

What do you think about those black masks to remove blackheads ? Healthy way to get rid of blackheads ?

Cut out the oils if you have blackhead farms on your face and back. :)


First of all, I want to say that this method is better for oily, tolerant skin. If you have sensitive skin this might be too harsh and/or drying for you.

First step. You will only need 2 teaspoons of baking soda and a couple drops of water. Mix in your hand and start rubbing it in very gently to the blackhead prone areas of your skin in circular motion. Leave it on for a couple of minutes. (Note that the baking soda I use does not make bubbles when it is mixed with water. Since my mother language isn’t English, I might be confusing baking soda with baking powder. That’s why I wanted to make sure that you use the right ingredient by explaining this. The one that makes bubbles is better to use in masks, but is more irritating as a scrub.)

Second Step. After you have washed off the baking soda, take some green clay into your hand and add a couple drops of apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on the areas where you are oily and blackhead prone. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, and then rinse off. The mask shouldn’t be feeling tight or uncomfortable. Don’t wait until it has dried out completely, because that will overly dry your skin. Use a lightweight, preferably gel based moisturizer afterwards. Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Hi dont you know some good way to get rid od blackheads?? Some people recommended me tea tree oil, some masks from lush but it just made my skin really dry...

salicylic acid exfoliants, TT oil wont do anything and neither will lush

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on getting rid of blackheads?? I have so many they wont leave ever, like i have had them for years and they are ruining my self confidence TuT thank you anyways๐Ÿ’•

Honestly blackheads exist and you can’t get rid of them you can just minimize their appearance by keeping your skin clean, imo chemical exfoliators do a good job at that. Anyway don’t use pore strips they may even enlarge your pores over time !

anonymous asked:

Hello there :) Can you recommend me your favorite clay masks? or other masks/products to help get rid of blackheads

Sure babe!

Clay masks will help a lot with blackheads but there are ways to fully utilize your mask experience for best results. 

Before any clay mask, exfoliate! Exfoliating will buff away any dry skin or clogged skin so the mask can really clean the pores with no obstacles standing in the way for a deeper clean. You’re allowing the mask to get closer to the actual black head so it can pull it out and clean more efficiently. 

Follow your clay masks with a moisturizing mask and then an exfoliating toner. Following with a moisturizing mask isn’t necessary but I find it help keeps my skin plump and happy instead of dry and tight afterwards. Following with an exfoliating toner will continue the deep clean from the clay mask. Exfoliating toners resurface the skin while the mask pulls out impurities and deep cleans the pores, together you’ll get the deepest clean which is essential for getting rid of blackheads because they’re so under the surface.

Clay masks I recommend

Moisturizing masks I recommend

Exfoliating toners I recommend

anonymous asked:

How do you get rid of blackheads and get your pores smaller? Do you use any specific brand's products?

blackheads are one of the hardest things to tackle when it comes to skin care issues… getting rid of blackheads varies… depending on location of the blackhead and how sensitive your skin is… 

there is such things as extractors that can be used to pull black heads out, as well as specialized creams and serums that will dissolve the dirt and bacteria (over a short amount of time) out from the pore… there’s also a great skincare tool called a Clarisonic that has varied brush heads and techniques that has worked WONDERS for skin issues as such…

pores? the best recommendation is a treatment serum. almost every cosmetic line has a specialized serum that when used with consistency… consistency is everything… like i’d said before, you will noticed an astonishing difference… my personal favorite is Lancome’s Visionaire serum… 

anonymous asked:

fatimom leak your skincare routine plthhhssss

ok !! so first of all i highly recommend u seeing a dermatologist if ur acne is affecting your self confidence even tho acne doesn’t define u and u beautiful with or witout it!!! and if it hurting u and it really bad anyway love U
-i went to my dermatologist in early June and she gave me a gel and a cream to use every night for my acne and that’s helped me a lil bit its very important to wash ur face every night and every morning with a face wash (any from de drug store fine, check with ur dermatologist if u go to them)
-now what i do once a week is exfoliate with …..egg whites sjdjrn and i put it on using any brush and then i put tissue over it and let it sit on my face for 20 min and i peel it off and i see the nastiness come off my kid!!
(I plan on doing a charcoal and toxic free glue (from de tube) mask cuz I’ve seen it on YouTube and it literally shows u the nastiness under ur skin it crazy )
-after i do the mask to get rid of blackheads on my nose I put a mixture of cinnamon and honey and a lil bit under my eyes (not det much cuz it can string u) and i let it sit on my face for like 5 min and i take it off with warm water
-then i also get a mask from any place u can get some @ ulta for like $4 or even at like forever 21 for $2 it crazy and I do that once a week too (I normally do it like 3 days after)
-I drink HELLA water my kid!! i drink like 7 liters a day it’s crazy i pee every 5 min but my skin lov it and i LOV water (water sign BICH!) So ye chug water whenever u can (don’t actually chug sjsjd)
-ALSO SIDE NOTE wash ur pillow case once a week cause nastiness can build on it and make ur skin nasty too!!
DET it thank u for visiting me, fatihealth

So these are my fav BEAUTY products! 💕 starting from the left; MOROCCANOIL intense hydrating mask: so if you’re like me and youve bleached your hair too much or maybe straightened it or you just have horribly dry and yukky ends, then this stuff is the bomb. It cost me about $40 and the tub seems to never end. (I only apply it to the lower half of my hair and its a conditioner-replacement). LUSH bubblegum lip scrub: so this stuff is pretty much an exfoliating scrub, I use it after wearing Mac lipsticks because they tend to dry my lips out like cray. It lasts forever too beccause you onky need the tiniest bit. Its also very delicious. BIO OIL: this shit is the… shit. I get crazy stretch marks on my booty, they look like tiger stripes. I rub the bio oil on before bed and before I get dressed in the morn and it works like a charm 👌. BODY SHOP aloe vera face moisturizer: this is just my basic go-to moisturizer. I rub a tiny bit on after I wash my face at night, so far it has lasted me over a year and I still have a few months left in it NUTROGENIA Pore refining exfoliating cleanser: this is super good for cleaning up your face and getting rid of dead skin, also helps to minimize pores and blackheads! BODYSHOP tea tree facial cleanser: honestly just straight up smells so insanely good and makes your skin feel like a pure angel unf do reccomend 😇😇

anonymous asked:

What are some of your beauty tips?

Always use moisturizer! Lemon juice and baking soda to get rid of blackheads. You can use coconut oil for everything basically! Buy a jar and use it for a moisturizer/hair conditioner/shaving cream. Always use a highlighter on your cheekbones/cupids bow. Toothpaste on pimples to dry them out. Curl lashes always before putting on mascara. White eyeliner helps make your eyes pop. Wash your hair with cold water or at least have the final rinse be cold. Honey + oatmeal is the best facemask. Silk pillows help reduce wrinkles. Most importantly love yourself and the skin you are in!! It’s cheesy but it’s true :-)

DIY-Get Rid Of Black Heads & clogged pores In 5 Minutes- use half lemon from the fridge (doesn’t matter if some juice is already squeezed from it) and put 3-4 drops of honey on it. Rub the lemon on your face, emphasizing trouble areas. Leave the lemon and honey mixture on your face for 5 minutes and then wash it with cold water. You will be able to see the results immediately. Additionally, lemon juice will also fade other marks/spots on the face and honey will moisturize.

Not your type highschool love story... w/ scarletscarfmikasa

Highschool, or what everyone else calls it, ‘the best four years of my life, besides college, that is a different story’… Of course those highschool years would be nice to most people, but those were semi-popular, to highly popular kids that got through school without a single care, concern, or issue.

Eren on the other hand, well, it wasn’t all that easy. Being one of the smarter kids in the school, the brunet already had that out for him, but of course he had to get stuck with braces. Yes they were supposed to come off in time for the school dance coming up in two months, but wow he just wanted them off now so he could finally eat certain foods.

Finally, the thing that every kids dreads to see in the mirror… Pimples, yeah, he had quite a few, and no amount of popping or removing blackheads, would ever get rid of them. He absolutely hated highschool, and pretty much everyone in it except for his friends, and of course his long time crush… Who, he would never speak about, or interact with in his state of condition.

Adjusting his red rimmed glasses up onto the bridge of his nose, looking through his locker for a moment to make sure everything was tidy. Taking out his Chemistry book, he was shocked as to watch said book get slapped out from his hands. Oh no. Next he felt the cold metal impact of the lockers, and two muscular hands were keeping the poor brunet up against the doors of the lockers, as well as his feet off the ground. Who could it have been, Jean Kirschtein, of course, not only was he insanely popular, but he also was the boyfriend to Mikasa Ackerman…

“What are you doing there, you little scrawny nerd?” He barked, pushing him harder into the lockers, “Nothing! I was just getting my books so I could study…” - “Dude, that’s all you do is study, god you should just live in the library if you’re going to be such a bookworm nerd.” - “Actually it’s against school policy to sleep in there, rule thirty-four, part three…” - “Shut up.”

anonymous asked:

hi bf!! i have really awful blackheads on and around my nose and on the tops of my lips and ive tried so many products (i even bought the $$$ glam glow mask) and nothing seems to get rid of them :// any suggestions?

Hey! Blackheads are caused by pores clogged with an excess amount of oil, once that oil is exposed it oxidizes and turns black (x). Finding an oil controlling cleanser might do the trick! But because your pores might be clogged an exfoliating brush might also help. I use this one from Target ($6), you’ll need to replace it after 2-3 weeks though. 

This topic is kinda tricky cause there’s products that claim to ‘strip’ your skin of blackheads when in actuality they’re removing sebum. Blackheads do form because of built up sebum BUT sebum is as natural as having pores (x)(x)! It’s also worth noting they do grow back fairly quickly cause your sebaceous glands are responsible for them (x). I hope this helps !

- Gly