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Pamper Night

Harry glanced skeptically through the small containers his girlfriend had laid in front of him. His eyes flew from her hands back to her face that supported a small, excited smile to confirm that she was in fact serious about this. Spa day, she had exclaimed, clapping her hands together happily. She said it was both of what the two needed, a full day of pampering and loving their skins until they were glowing of healthiness.

Who was Harry to disrupt his girlfriend’s moment of glory? Besides, she had finally convinced the boy to accompany her after weeks of imploring at large puppy eyes, which he couldn’t seem to resist anymore. Anyways, the thought of relaxing with the girl he loved…along with her skin itching to be rubbed with oil by his large hands…yeah. That’s something he’d like. Although reluctant of what to expect, Harry agreed to a spa day.

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Night Changes - chapter one.

Summary: On a subconscious level, Eddie has always been attracted to Richie Tozier. He was quite happy for life to go on with Richie blissfully unaware of the feelings he had towards him. But then everything changes when Richie goes away the summer before their senior year, and comes back looking hotter than Eddie ever thought possible. He’s not sure he can hide his feelings that well anymore. 

Word Count: 2.6k

[Chapter one] [Chapter three]

Eddie Kaspbrak spat out the remainder of his mouthwash into the sink, and used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth. He checked his reflection in the mirror one final time, standing on his tiptoes to get as close the mirror as he could, pulling at his skin with his hands to stretch it, searching for imperfections. He was disappointed to find that he had a small cluster of spots appearing on his forehead, red and irate, despite his diligent skincare routine.

Puberty, in Eddie’s opinion, had failed to be kind to him. His skin had always been clear as a child, but now it seemed that for every blackhead he managed to get rid of, at least three more appeared in its place. His voice was still in that awkward stage where it was cracking at unexpected moments and resulting in Eddie to make the most unusual sounds, mostly low rumbles that resemble donkey calls.

It had made him exceedingly self conscious, but the nail in the coughing for Eddie was that puberty had done very little to improve his height situation. He had only grown 2, maybe 3, inches, meaning that he had graduated from extra small child to petite woman height. The only thing Eddie had hoped to gain from puberty was the one thing that wasn’t granted to him.

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Day 150

a small rant on charcoal peel masks because i hate them so much

if you’re using a charcoal peel to try to get rid of what you think is blackheads on your nose, cheeks, chin, etc. but nothing is working, chances are those ~blackheads~ are actually sebaceous filaments. they usually look like little tiny grey or tan dots and they’re in groups, usually on the T zone, and they are COMPLETELY NORMAL and healthy. think of them as the elevator up to the surface of your skin for the oils that your skin produces naturally. (your skin NEEDS that oil don’t screw it up. there’s a reason people with oily skin age slower than people with dry skin.)

blackheads and pimples happen when crap gets clogged up in your pores but your skin continues to produce the same amount of oil– blackheads turn black because they reach the surface and get oxidised while whiteheads remain white because they’re under the skin. to get rid of them, products (toners, scrubs, creams) with salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (google that), tea tree oil, etc. are a much better alternative.

the trend of nose strips and charcoal peel masks to try and get rid of the sebaceous filaments, mistaking them for blackheads, is actually doing your skin more harm than good. you’re literally ripping skin off of your face. it rips out the filaments, leaving your pores open to any bacteria and pollution in the air. using a toner helps with that but it definitely doesn’t cancel out how harsh it is on your skin… try exfoliating gently instead to reduce the appearance of them

god i hate charcoal masks i wish they weren’t such a big thing

(also even once the filaments are extracted they’ll be back in like a month there’s no point. there’s no way to get rid of them permanently. seriously stop using charcoal masks or pore strips they are so so so harsh on your skin.)

i’m not an expert on this by any means this is just what i’ve learnt at work and from experience and it kills me every time someone comes in and asks me to help them find a charcoal peel mask. it’s giving me so much stress for yalls skin my dudes


Pairing: nct dream x reader

Summary: “Getting rid of blackheads was fun, NOT.”

doing stuff with the dreamies masterpost

“I’m bored.”

“Okay? What am I supposed to do about it?” I ask, looking up from my phone. Chenle pouts, putting his chin on my thigh as he lays on his stomach. I sigh, running my hands through his hair. “I still don’t know how I’m supposed to help, Chenle.”

The Dreamies were currently at my house after declaring they were incredibly bored at their dorm. With that, they went knocking on my door in the middle of the night and demanded that I entertain them. Luckily, they only woke me up and not my family.

“We came to you, so we’d be less bored!” Jaemin whines, following after Chenle and placing his chin on my other thigh. I groan and run my hands down my face.

“I can’t believe you woke me up for this.”

“You’re sleeping at nine! Who does that?” Haechan exclaims, rolling his eyes.

“People who like to get the right amount of sleep every night.”

“Loser,” He says, sticking his tongue out. I glare at him, wanting to throw hands.

“Anyway. Why do you doofuses think coming here would help your boredom?”

“Because you make everything fun,” Jeno smiles.

“Except for right now, you old fart,” Haechan adds.

“Enough, Haechan. We did go knocking down your door late at night,” Mark says and smiles at me. I pout at how much of an angel Mark Lee is.

“It’s only nine?” Haechan exclaims, groaning about how nobody got that fact.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I have things I can do now that I’m up.”

“Can we do it with you?” Renjun asks, sitting up. The rest of the Dreamies follow after him and sit up, looking like seven puppies begging for a treat. My eyes widen, a little taken back as I sigh.

“I highly doubt you’d want to, but just come and we’ll see,” I say and the boys cheer before I’m shushing them. They giggle and nod, following obediently. “Honestly, what am I going to do with you boys?”

We stuff into the small bathroom that I share with my siblings as I look in the cabinets for what I need. The boys watch me with curiosity, wanting to know what it is I’ll pull out.

“You guys are just like puppies, it’s actually kinda cute.”

“Did you just compliment us?” Jisung asks, smirking and I roll my eyes.

“I guess I did,” I say and pull out my tube of blackhead remover.

“W-What is that?” Jeno asks and I show them the label.

“Did you really drag us here to watch you put on a mask of blackhead removal?” Haechan asks.

“You were the ones who wanted to follow,” I say and turn to the mirror to apply the mask. The boys gasp and whisper, watching it spread on my face. “Would you boys like to try?”

“Do we even have blackheads?” Mark asks.

“Well, you can see if you do,” I say and raise the bottle up. They push Mark forward and he sighs. I laugh at his expression. “If everyone’s doing it, tie up your hair.”

“Let’s all match and wear it apple style.” Jaemin smiles as we do just that. I finish quickly and wait for Mark to be done, so I can apply it on him.

“Is it going to hurt?”

“Only if you have sensitive skin.”

“How long do we have to have this on?”

“Ten to fifteen minutes.”

“Do I have to do my whole face?”

“Whatever you want. If you’re scared it’ll hurt, then I can just do your nose.”

“Let’s all do our faces, it’ll be fun!” Chenle says with a smile.

“But what about-”

“Mark, do you want to get this done or not? Stop asking questions,” I say and he blushes, nodding. He kneels down on the floor and I apply it all over his face, making sure not to miss a spot. Then, I had them line up by age to apply the mask on them.

“YOU GOT IT IN MY EYE,” Chenle exclaims and I shush him.

“I didn’t get it in your eye, stop being so dramatic,” I say and he pouts. I laugh and continue. Once I finish, they gather around the mirror and giggle as they look at themselves in the mirror.

“Woah, it’s so weird feeling,” Jisung gasps.

“Wait until it hardens and you can feel it pulling on your face.”

“It’s going to pull?” Mark asks, eyes widening and I nod.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.”

“So we have to wait for how long again?” Jeno asks.

“Ten to fifteen minutes, so do whatever you want until then. Just don’t touch your face.”

They nod and run out of the bathroom to find things to entertain themselves with. I sigh, cleaning up my hands and putting away the tube.

“Don’t go breaking anything,” I trail off, walking downstairs to find them holding a broken piece of pot. I shoo them away, not wanting them hurt. “I leave you for not even two seconds and you already broke something.”

“Chenle and Jisung were trying to touch us, so Mark had to intervene and stop the fight. They rolled around and the pot dropped,” Renjun says, pouting.

“It’s just good that you boys didn’t get injured and my family didn’t wake up which I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.” I furrow my eyebrows, wondering if they would wake up if there were burglars. “Now go play video games or something, just sit still and don’t hit each other.”

“There is no guarantee,” Haechan says as they turn on my brother’s game console while I clean up the mess. Mark crouches down beside me and smiles, helping me with the mess.

“Mark, you don’t have to-”

“I want to, we did all this.”

“You’re such a blessing,” I say and he giggles.

“I’m bored again,” Chenle whines when Mark and I go to the living room. I throw my hands up in defeat.

“But you’re playing video games?”

“Actually, Jeno, Jaemin and Renjun are. I’m just sitting here.”

“Chenle, please.”

The Dreamies and I hang around, doing whatever we can to pass time until the masks are ready to be taken off.

“I can feel it hardening,” Jaemin says.

“My nose kinda itches and I can’t scratch it,” Jisung pouts.

“It really is pulling on my face,” Haechan says.

“We can take them off soon, time’s almost up.”

“We should move to the bathroom then,” Mark says as we follow after him to the bathroom.

“Make sure to pull from bottom to top, okay?” I say and they all nod. “I’ll go first then.”

I get a grip of the mask on my chin, slowly pulling at it from the bottom to top. The boys watch in amazement, seeing this unfold in front of them. They crowd around me, wanting to see the blackheads I pulled from my face. I point them out as the boys yell excitedly. I quickly wash my face before turning to them.

“Now it’s your turn, who’s going first?”

“Mark!” They say and he sighs, stepping forward. He grabs hold of the mask and slowly pulls, whining from the pain. Chenle laughs and points at the older boy. I roll my eyes and help him the best I can.

“It hurts,” Mark whines and I chuckle.

“You must have sensitive skin then,” I say, helping him the rest of the way while he continues to whine from the pain. I giggle when it’s completely off and Mark grabs the mask to see if he had some. “You can wash your face off now.”

He nods, doing just that before gaping at the blackheads he pulled out on the mask. I turn to Chenle and his eyes widen.

“Since you laughed, you’re going next,” I say.

“It’s not going to hurt, Mark probably exagger-AHHHHHHH.”

“Chenle! Don’t yell!”


“It’s not even that bad.”


“Would you stop yelling? You’re going to wake up my family.”

“But it hurts,” Chenle pouts and I sigh.

“Sensitive skin then.”

I help him the rest of the way and when it’s completely off, he’s staring at the mask in fascination.

“Jeno,” I say and wave him over. He walks up to me and attempts to smile, but can’t due to the hardened mask. “Ready?”

“Yup,” He says and I help him. He winches at the pain, trying hard not to yell. I laugh and urge him to finish by himself. I turn to Jaemin and he’s already pulling it off by himself. Renjun, Haechan and Jisung follow after, pulling at their masks. They all pout and whine, making me want to laugh at how cute they are.

“I can smile through the pain. I can do this,” Haechan repeats, trying not to tear up.

“I can’t do this,” Jaemin repeats with Haechan.

“This is something else,” Renjun says through tears.

“Help me,” Jisung pouts and I nod, slowly pulling it off. I help Jaemin, Haechan and Renjun after they start to complain. They all marvel at the blackheads in their masks, grinning from ear to ear as they compare.

“I have more than you!”

“I did better than you!”

“Why are you comparing blackheads?” I ask, crossing my arms. They look up and laugh, shrugging. “You boys are strange.”

“Can we try face masks now?” Renjun asks and I sigh.

“How about tomorrow when I’m not sleeping?”

“We’re probably going to come when you’re sleeping,” Haechan says and they nod.

“Great, I’ll be looking forward to my daily Dreamies visit.”

“Of course you will, we’re great.”

excuse my shitty edit, but i’ve decided to put together all the links into one place that i’ve found that i want to reference, mainly writing and food. (will be adding more constantly) (updated: 1/26/16)

personal health tips:

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beauty tips:

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food tips:

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🍒 basic skincare how-to / master list 🍒

💖what’s your skin type?

if you don’t know what your skin type is, this section is for you.

💞 wash your face, don’t put any product on

🦋wait for an hour

💜the skin you have now is your skin type!

🍉if you still can’t tell, take 4 pieces of tissue paper and stick them on your forehead, cheek, cheek and chin.

your skin type is…

🍑oily: all 4 pieces stick.

✨dry: none stick.

❄️normal: all 4 stick and fall off quickly.

🌈combination: the tissues on your t-zone stick.

🌊you also probably have dehydrated skin! unless you’re someone who regularly follows all the steps below, it’s likely you have dehydrated skin and a compromised moisture barrier. a moisture barrier is what helps keep acne away - many acne problems are caused by dehydrated skin, which is further worsened by many acne products because they contain drying agents.

💦how to fix dehydrated skin

🐳drink 1.5-2l of water every day! seriously, this is so important. it’s also good for the rest of you!

🐬cut out any products with drying agents like alcohol (very common in most cheaply made anti-acne products.) if alcohol, sd alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or ethanol appears in the first 6 ingredients, stop using it on your whole face.

🐡stop exfoliation for a while, both chemical & physical. physical exfoliation is bad anyways.

🦑moisturize moisturize moisturize!

now that you know your skin type, we can move onto skin care routines for each skin type.

🍎oily skin type skin care routine

🥐cleanser: foaming cleansers are good, they are more drying than other type and thus suited to oily skin. double cleansing with an oil is also good.

recs: cosrx low ph good morning cleanser, too cool for school egg mousse soap facial cleanser, argan oil, safflower oil, hempseed oil

☔️toner: contrary to popular belief, please don’t use an astringent! instead, use something calming and hydrating.

recs: rosewater, green tea (make your own for both), thayer’s alcohol-free rose petal witch hazel with aloe vera, almost anything  as long as it’s not stripping.

🥝moisturizer: don’t use an oil or cream based moisturizer, instead, use a gel-based moisturizer since it is less heavy. if you’re feeling up to it you can also use a dry oil to moisturize.

recs: origins ginzing energy-boosting moisturizer, neutrogena hydro boost water gel, aloe vera, rosehip oil

👛bonus: acids / spot treatments / clay masks

if you have oily skin, you might also have blackheads/ visible sebaceous filaments / closed comedones / etc. in order to get rid of these, acids and various spot treatments are recommended.

recs: cosrx bha blackhead power liquid, 5% lactic acid, 10% azelaic acid, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, mario badescu drying mask , effaclar duo(but honestly just look for ingredients, going for brands is unnecessary.), kaolin clay

🌸dry skin type skin care routine

🌹cleanser: always use a non-foaming cleanser as foam cleansers dry out your skin. double cleansing with oil is also good.

recs: cerave hydrating cleanser, avene extremely gentle cleanser lotion, glossier milky jelly, micellar water, argan oil, safflower oil, hempseed oil

🍄toner: you’ll want something hydrating so anything with hyaluronic acid in it is good. those with very dry skin might also want to do a few “skins”, i.e. putting on a few layers of toner.

recs: hada labo goku-jyun clear lotion, rosewater, etc.

☘️moisturizer: something heavier will be better for your skin! if you live in an extremely dry place, cold cream can also work (e.g. avene). you can use oils to moisturize too.

recs: embyrolisse concentrated lait cream, cerave pm facial moisturizing lotion, glossier priming moisturizer rich, aloe vera, argan oil, sea buckthorn oil

🌺bonus: essence / masks

for the extra hydration!

recs: benton snail bee high content essence, cremorlab mineral treatment essence, raw honey masks, lululun sheet masks, dr. jart water replenishment cotton sheet mask, etc.

💫normal skin type skin care routine

you lucky ass mofo! compared to the other skin types, you have less worries, so you can basically use anything from any section but you’ll still want to be gentle with your skin.

🍂cleanser: non-foaming cleansers are still recommended, as is double cleansing.

recs: cerave hydrating cleanser, avene extremely gentle cleanser lotion, micellar water, philosophy purity, glossier milky jelly, almost any oil except coconut.

🌾toner: had labor goku-jyun clear lotion, rosewater, simple soothing facial toner, the ordinary glycolic acid 7% toning solution, etc.

🌻moisturizer: benton snail bee high content steam cream, nivea soft moisturizing creme, cerave moisturizing facial lotion pm, etc.

🌈combination skin type skin care routine

combination skin takes characteristics from various skin types and combines them so you can spot treat with the previous routines listed. start with the normal skin type skin care routine and adjust to suit your type of combination skin.

🍩bonus section: acids

acids are separated into ahas, bhas, and phas. they all exfoliate chemically.

🍚ahas: these help with uneven skin texture, closed comedones, whiteheads, hyper pigmentation and anti-aging.

🍙bhas: these help with congested skin, active acne, blackheads, and sebaceous filaments.

🍘phas: ahas but gentler.

anyone can incorporate these into their routine but it is important to start slow and not overload your skin which will lead to over exfoliation.

🍧all in all, skin care is very personal and different things are needed for different people. but with consistent cleansing, moisturizing, and masking you should see slow improvement.


🍇always use a low ph cleanser (5.5~) to preserve your acid mantle (body’s natural protection against acne)

🔮check everything on cosdna before you buy it!

❤️things like aspirin, sugar, lemon juice, coconut oil, baking soda, etc. are all bad for your skin. check your sources!

🍋take acids slowly, start once a week, move up. some people can’t take salicylic acid 2% daily, that’s ok.

🥞washing face with hot water is not good

🍠everyone’s skin is different - what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

💝never leave the house without spf!

sourrcherries  asked:

FOR BLACKHEADS.. i am a skincare junkie and the only thing that has actually successfully gotten rid of my blackheads was getting a clarisonic. i know that shit is mad expensive so another alternative is get a one-time pore cleansing facial and then after that steam ur face and use mud masks once a week to keep them away. i know these arent the cheapest options but its what worked for me

honestly im down to pay for some expensive shit bc im like completely annoyed with buying tons of skincare products that just dont work!!! im gonna look into this stuff and def try it!!! thanks a lot girl!

anonymous asked:

Is there a cheapish product that gets rid of really annoying blackheads (especially on nose) efficiently?

the best ways to really get rid of blackheads is using a washcloth to wash your face + steamy (not scalding) water, and exfoliating regularly! it opens up the pores! Any activate charcoal mask (origins, aztec clay, biore) will help as well. OXY pore pads are strong w/ quite a few chemicals but work fast and well in a pinch. gentle spin brushes help. biore strips, og

anonymous asked:

To the anon who wants to get rid of blackheads. I know that healing clay/healing earth (for example by Luvos, if that's available in your country, I only know it's available in germany) is great for getting rid of pimples, and I heard it may be good for removing blackheads as it dries out and cools(?) the area. You can get it as powder and mix it with water (description on box), or already mixed. You usually apply it to the area in a thin layer. Good luck!

Thanks! Hopefully the other anon sees this!

  • how the skincare threads on the instagram explore page are: "first, i wipe of all my makeup with baby shampoo, THEN i wash my face with the st. ives scrub - REALLY gets into your pores! i tone with undiluted tea tree oil and follow it up by moisturizing with coconut oil :) also use a mixture of lemon juice & baking soda to get rid of any blackheads!"

anonymous asked:

Hello there :) Can you recommend me your favorite clay masks? or other masks/products to help get rid of blackheads

Sure babe!

Clay masks will help a lot with blackheads but there are ways to fully utilize your mask experience for best results. 

Before any clay mask, exfoliate! Exfoliating will buff away any dry skin or clogged skin so the mask can really clean the pores with no obstacles standing in the way for a deeper clean. You’re allowing the mask to get closer to the actual black head so it can pull it out and clean more efficiently. 

Follow your clay masks with a moisturizing mask and then an exfoliating toner. Following with a moisturizing mask isn’t necessary but I find it help keeps my skin plump and happy instead of dry and tight afterwards. Following with an exfoliating toner will continue the deep clean from the clay mask. Exfoliating toners resurface the skin while the mask pulls out impurities and deep cleans the pores, together you’ll get the deepest clean which is essential for getting rid of blackheads because they’re so under the surface.

Clay masks I recommend

Moisturizing masks I recommend

Exfoliating toners I recommend

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the facemask I'm using.. I don't know if you can find it where you live, bc its from a brazilian beauty company??

damn! i was really excited bc i can’t find a good one in america that actually gets rid of blackheads. :/

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How do you get rid of blackheads and get your pores smaller? Do you use any specific brand's products?

blackheads are one of the hardest things to tackle when it comes to skin care issues… getting rid of blackheads varies… depending on location of the blackhead and how sensitive your skin is… 

there is such things as extractors that can be used to pull black heads out, as well as specialized creams and serums that will dissolve the dirt and bacteria (over a short amount of time) out from the pore… there’s also a great skincare tool called a Clarisonic that has varied brush heads and techniques that has worked WONDERS for skin issues as such…

pores? the best recommendation is a treatment serum. almost every cosmetic line has a specialized serum that when used with consistency… consistency is everything… like i’d said before, you will noticed an astonishing difference… my personal favorite is Lancome’s Visionaire serum… 

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fatimom leak your skincare routine plthhhssss

ok !! so first of all i highly recommend u seeing a dermatologist if ur acne is affecting your self confidence even tho acne doesn’t define u and u beautiful with or witout it!!! and if it hurting u and it really bad anyway love U
-i went to my dermatologist in early June and she gave me a gel and a cream to use every night for my acne and that’s helped me a lil bit its very important to wash ur face every night and every morning with a face wash (any from de drug store fine, check with ur dermatologist if u go to them)
-now what i do once a week is exfoliate with …..egg whites sjdjrn and i put it on using any brush and then i put tissue over it and let it sit on my face for 20 min and i peel it off and i see the nastiness come off my kid!!
(I plan on doing a charcoal and toxic free glue (from de tube) mask cuz I’ve seen it on YouTube and it literally shows u the nastiness under ur skin it crazy )
-after i do the mask to get rid of blackheads on my nose I put a mixture of cinnamon and honey and a lil bit under my eyes (not det much cuz it can string u) and i let it sit on my face for like 5 min and i take it off with warm water
-then i also get a mask from any place u can get some @ ulta for like $4 or even at like forever 21 for $2 it crazy and I do that once a week too (I normally do it like 3 days after)
-I drink HELLA water my kid!! i drink like 7 liters a day it’s crazy i pee every 5 min but my skin lov it and i LOV water (water sign BICH!) So ye chug water whenever u can (don’t actually chug sjsjd)
-ALSO SIDE NOTE wash ur pillow case once a week cause nastiness can build on it and make ur skin nasty too!!
DET it thank u for visiting me, fatihealth

So these are my fav BEAUTY products! 💕 starting from the left; MOROCCANOIL intense hydrating mask: so if you’re like me and youve bleached your hair too much or maybe straightened it or you just have horribly dry and yukky ends, then this stuff is the bomb. It cost me about $40 and the tub seems to never end. (I only apply it to the lower half of my hair and its a conditioner-replacement). LUSH bubblegum lip scrub: so this stuff is pretty much an exfoliating scrub, I use it after wearing Mac lipsticks because they tend to dry my lips out like cray. It lasts forever too beccause you onky need the tiniest bit. Its also very delicious. BIO OIL: this shit is the… shit. I get crazy stretch marks on my booty, they look like tiger stripes. I rub the bio oil on before bed and before I get dressed in the morn and it works like a charm 👌. BODY SHOP aloe vera face moisturizer: this is just my basic go-to moisturizer. I rub a tiny bit on after I wash my face at night, so far it has lasted me over a year and I still have a few months left in it NUTROGENIA Pore refining exfoliating cleanser: this is super good for cleaning up your face and getting rid of dead skin, also helps to minimize pores and blackheads! BODYSHOP tea tree facial cleanser: honestly just straight up smells so insanely good and makes your skin feel like a pure angel unf do reccomend 😇😇