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LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.


honestly these polaroids are iconic:

  • comet drawing devil horns + a tail on mao in every pic
  • apricot’s little blush
  • comet’s tiny teardrop bc he’s always looking sad
  • mao’s hearts between apricot & comet + comet scribbling them out + mao re-drawing them + comet crossing them out again + comet writing “MAO STOP” + mao trying to erase comet’s message but it’s in permanent marker lmao
  • comet writing mao sucks in retaliation + mao crossing it out and writing comet’s name instead + comet accepting defeat
  • apricot’s artwork + the fact she signs her name with a literal apricot
Need some Ziam right now

After such a shitty zigi filled moments.. I need some Ziam loving to get me going again!

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  • Saeyoung: C'mon I wasn't that drunk~
  • MC: You were getting really clingy with Saeran.
  • Saeyoung: And? He's my brother so what?
  • MC: You asked if he had any family.
  • Saeyoung: So?
  • MC: He said no.

tell me more about jay halstead’s past [28/∞]


Aah my Mihashi need is satifies for now. I might do a matching set of Abe’s too. (and if I’m feeling like it and have the time, maybe the team and momoe and just everyone)


headcanon: damen writes really cute, flirty (and probably filthy) love poetry to laurent (in perfect veretian, cuz damen’s a smartass)

laurent decides to return the favor but his akielon is a little rusty so he gets help from nikandros (who really doesn’t get paid enough for this)

A post about trans headcanons.

Its okay to have them.
It’s okay to draw them.
It’s okay to write about them.
It’s okay to write smut about them.
It’s okay to draw smut about them.

It’s okay to adore them and talk about them.

Do you know what’s not okay?

Erasing every other aspect of their character.
Romanticising being trans.
Making every character in the whole show/book/movie/anime/whatever, trans. Being trans is not common.

That’s it. Literally. I’m not gonna cry about “objectification” because i really couldn’t give less of a fuck. Do what you want, but don’t add onto the whole “trans is interesting and cool and everyone can be it!”


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