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and jeremy was never seen again

Here’s some more content for the Incredibles AU

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today’s mood of the day

complete lack of faith in your artistic ability and just a smidge of existential crisis.

  • Kieran: [changes his hair color]
  • Kieran's haters: lOOK he's trying to manipulate Mark, omg, omg ABuSe
  • Me: Wtf
  • Kieran: [moves his hand]
  • Me: ...

LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

Okay I just realised people on here actually send hate to studyblrs?? And I’m so ??? Damn freaking confused??? Like jesus you’re telling them they don’t know how to run a studyblr? Like are you for real? All you have to do is reblog pics to be a studyblr.

This whole Mal/Harry/Uma debacle that Dove has started, has lead me to the ultimate conclusion that I have every reason not to like that girl. She has done this passive aggressive shit before with my baby sis Zendaya and now she is trying China although both girls are doing their things and making bigger moves than her. She throws stones and then hides her hand. She needs to chill and stop coming off so insecure. She has Thomas, although I really think their relationship is so disingenuous but whatever, but Idk why she feels the need to push their characters together also. If she causes Descendants 3 to become this awkward mess because no one is here for a Mal/Ben/Harry triangle or cause Thomas to act funny around China and it translates on screen. Everybody will be catching these hands. I mean everybody.


honestly these polaroids are iconic:

  • comet drawing devil horns + a tail on mao in every pic
  • apricot’s little blush
  • comet’s tiny teardrop bc he’s always looking sad
  • mao’s hearts between apricot & comet + comet scribbling them out + mao re-drawing them + comet crossing them out again + comet writing “MAO STOP” + mao trying to erase comet’s message but it’s in permanent marker lmao
  • comet writing mao sucks in retaliation + mao crossing it out and writing comet’s name instead + comet accepting defeat
  • apricot’s artwork + the fact she signs her name with a literal apricot

*flies in*

*throws a pokeball and a feraligatr comes out*

No one cares if you don’t like pop-culture spirits! Stop complaining to people who aren’t hurting anything! Who cares if they have an Pokémon companion? Or a companion that’s from a video game? Or even a companion that’s a dragon from Dragon Tales? Let people live their lives.

*My feraligatr carries me out*

Okay, someone tell me,,

Tomorrow we are going to a zoo and it’s gonna real fuckin hot so I was gonna wear a dress, a very simple t shirt looking dress with stripes nothing fancy at all, but I was just told “ you don’t wear that to a zoo” and “you’ll look stupid” like??? Is it taboo to wear a dress on a hot day??

Need some Ziam right now

After such a shitty zigi filled moments.. I need some Ziam loving to get me going again!

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tell me more about jay halstead’s past [28/∞]