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Hey do integers stress you out because lately they started stressing me out like, they feel like they're totally arbitrary points on a number line where we pretended there weren't an infinite number of reals (Xenos paradox or whatever I don't know I'm just stressed) but integers naturally evolved in human understanding before reals and though that makes intuitive since it stresses me out that we devoloped counting before numbers?

you might think that the development goes from naturals to integers to rationals to reals, but in fact, once you get to the rationals, you are faced with a choice: you can either go to the reals or to any of the p-adic fields.

merely being contained in something does not make the thing you are contained in more primitive than you; in fact, rather frequently the opposite is true

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I just want to thank Steven Moffat for that episode. People always are telling you to face your fears, and that once you realize they aren’t real or rational, then you can get over them. You always hear that it’s just like when you are a kid and you learn that there is no reason to be afraid of the dark. As if people who have phobias or anxiety disorders don’t know that.

We aren’t ever told that it doesn’t matter if it’s irrational or not. I don’t think I’ve ever been told that the fear will never leave me, but that it’s ok and that fear can make me better. No one else has called fear a super power, without sounding condescending and insincere. Clara’s speech is one of the most empowering and reassuring things I’ve heard in years, and it means so, so much to me.

whenever old ladies stare at me, my immediate though process is that it’s me from the future trying to get my attention. rationally i know that is not a real thing but my brain defaults to it every single time what is wrong w me

I’m not worried about Patty Spivot at all. I think her role in Barry’s life will be what Sara & Ray were to both Oliver and Felicity. In other words, someone that will open both WA’s eyes that neither of them can fight their feelings for one another. Sure it may take Iris longer to fully realize that she loves Barry but she will get there, she is still mourning Eddie after all. I can see why Iris will want Barry to be happy if she can’t give it to him, you always want the person you love to be happy even if it isn’t with you. Barry did it too with Eddie. In the end tho, I think feelings will get in the way of rational thought: Iris will accept her real feelings towards Barry and he’ll see that no matter how much he tries to move on: He CAN’T. The whole: “What other girls?” statement is about to get even more personal ;).