get real be rational

me: Yeah, I got promoted, and I’m being asked to do things above my pay grade without being compensated. I was even told that I wasn’t qualified to do some of these requests because I’m not even supposed to have access to the tools I need simply because of my current job title.

you: You’re really bright and rose really quickly so I’m happy for you.

me: Yeah, and I guess you have to struggle for a while. I just wish that I’d get that promotion if I’m being asked to do things at that level.

you: Listen to me. Don’t get ahead of yourself. SLOW DOWN.

outside me: Haha of course those are just dreams. I don’t expect things to happen just like that in the real world.

rational me: I don’t get why you want me to slow down in terms of my success. I mean, I’m not the type to feel entitled to things. I know I need to put in my work. There are probably things I still have to learn, and I know I’ll get better as I gain more experience. I just believe that people should be compensated when they go above and beyond. Going above and beyond to the next pay grade is not something that is a job requirement, and doing so will help fuel the broken system if you expect people to keep working longer hours with less pay. You helped me out a lot, and maybe you’re saying this just because you want me to be careful and play the game well.

inner me: You should want me to get another promotion. You should want the system to change so people are adequately compensated. Long unpaid hours should not be the norm in a field with high burnout. You’ve become one of them now. Don’t oppress me. F*ck you.

whenever old ladies stare at me, my immediate though process is that it’s me from the future trying to get my attention. rationally i know that is not a real thing but my brain defaults to it every single time what is wrong w me

I’m not worried about Patty Spivot at all. I think her role in Barry’s life will be what Sara & Ray were to both Oliver and Felicity. In other words, someone that will open both WA’s eyes that neither of them can fight their feelings for one another. Sure it may take Iris longer to fully realize that she loves Barry but she will get there, she is still mourning Eddie after all. I can see why Iris will want Barry to be happy if she can’t give it to him, you always want the person you love to be happy even if it isn’t with you. Barry did it too with Eddie. In the end tho, I think feelings will get in the way of rational thought: Iris will accept her real feelings towards Barry and he’ll see that no matter how much he tries to move on: He CAN’T. The whole: “What other girls?” statement is about to get even more personal ;).