get ready to kick some tomatoes


Things are getting serious in the Mushroom Kingdom! The Princesses are stepping up to kick some butt. A worrisome Peach fights for her Kingdom, the powerful Exor in hand. Daisy heats up the field with her Fire Bar sword, and recharges with a juicy Maxim Tomato. Rosalina swings away with her colorful Beam Sword- and thanks to some interstellar connections- has a few devastating Smart Bombs ready to toss! 

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Where The Boys Would Take You On A Date
  • Italy: This cheerful Italian would take you to a nice little cafe. You two would sit there and talk for what it seemed like for hours. Italy would pay for everything, and at the end of the date, he would give you a kiss.
  • Germany: Germany would bring you to a national park and you two would go rock climbing. The entire time while you are climbing, he would have his arm around your waste just so you "don't fall". When you two reach the top, you would sit and look out at the view. You two might share a kiss or two up there too.
  • Japan: This quiet guy would take you to a lovely park and you two would just hold hands and chat the entire time. It may not seem very romantic, but Japan rarely lets anyone touch him, or even hold his hand. But to him it is very cute, and to you too.
  • America: America is all about the thrill in life, so he would take you to an amusement park for a date. He would buy the both of you one of those passes that lets your practically cut the line so you guys can go on as many rides as you want. If you are afraid of a ride, he would hold your hand the entire ride and comfort you the entire time. Also, he would win you a stuffed animal from one of the games they have.
  • England: England would want a simple date, so you would come to his house and you two would sit on the couch, cuddle, and watch Netflix all day. You two would be like two peas in a pod, watching Doctor Who or Sherlock all day long, it would be the best time ever. Every so often he would make popcorn for you and whenever you open your mouth, he would put a couple pieces in there.
  • France: Wanting it to be the best date you had ever been on, he would cook you a nice fancy dinner for you two to eat under the moonlight. France would try to impress you, so he would make a ton of really fancy food. The entire night he would look at you lovingly and try and act real smooth. France might even try to feed you some food, but having it miss your mouth and going everywhere. But he would clean up the mess with some kisses.
  • Russia: This loveable Russian would take you ice skating for a date. If you don't know how to, he would help you the entire time. And if you did know how to, he would hold your hand the entire time you two were skating. At the end of all of this, he would buy you hot chocolate and you two would sit and watch the other skaters. You might even get a few kisses in there too.
  • China: China would take you to all of the pet stores that he knows so you two can look and squeal at the adorable kitties that they have. You two would have so much fun running around the stores petting and looking at all of the animals that they have. In the isles in the way back, he might sneak some kisses in where no one can see.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn't know what do to for a date, so he may just take you down to the city so you two can walk around and look at the stores and shops they have. You two would hold hands the entire time, and you would drag him to a store that you see something cute in. If you really want it, he may just sneak away for a minute and buy you the thing that you wanted. Afterwords, you would shower him with kisses.
  • Prussia: You know what's totally awesome? Prussia and laser tag. Prussia would totally take you to a laser tag place so you two can go and have a crazy time. You two would be on the same team, so you would team up together and beat the opposing team. If you get shot, he would hold you in his arms and cry, screaming "WHYYYY" as a joke and carry you back to start.
  • Romano: Romano would take you to a beach for a date. When you get there, he would put on your sunscreen for you, making sure not to miss any places. You would do the same for him, but you would purposefully make a huge mess. When in the water, he would pick you up and throw you, even if you completely object to it. If he thinks anyone is looking at you in a way the he doesn't like he would glare at the person and let out some curses.
  • Spain: Spain would find the most amazing garden ever and bring you there. You two would hold hands and chit chat while lookig at the beautiful plants that they have. If someone walks by, he would wrap his arm around your waste and kiss your cheek. Spain would find a tomato plant with ready to pick tomatoes and try to steal some. But he would get caught and get you both kicked out. Luckily, he managed to sneak one out so you two could share it.
  • Austria: Austria would want a peaceful and quiet place for a date, so he would bring you to an art museum. Since he is a slow walker, you would get to look at a few pictures longer, but you wouldn't get to see all sections. If he feels like it, Austria would let you hold his hand. When you two are the only people in an exhibit, you might sneak a few kisses.
  • Switzerland: Since Switzerland doesn't really want to spend money, you two would have a casual date and his house. You would just flop down on his bed and talk. Switzerland would get some snacks and chocolate that he made. Sometimes he would even feed them to you. When he isn't looking, you would hop into his lap and beg to cuddle. Switzy would try to say no, but he couldn't resist the look on your face.