get ready to forget you have legs

Please pay attention to the following:
When you see the person you “like”
does your palms get sweaty? Knees get weak?
Arms are heavy? Butterflies floating all around in your belly?
You’re nervous, but on the surface you look calm and ready
to spit game, but you keep on forgetting
the pickup line that you picked out
you’re stuck in a trance and your legs are moving now
you’re in front of the person that you like
and your feelings won’t come out – you’re choking now
the room feels smaller now, then you run to the bathroom
and it’s all over now

No I’m joking.

When you see the person you “like”
do you find yourself staring at them?
Picturing a future with them?
Having daydreams and night dreams about them?
Going through happy times and heartbreak
but not minding it one bit as long as
you’re going through all of that with them?

Stop. You’re falling victim to the Falling in Love disease. Please get that checked out before it becomes incurable.

When you see the person “like”
do you find yourself hesitant to text them?
When you press send, it feels like you’re bothering them?
And now you’re anxiously waiting for their reply
and every time your phone chimes you rush
only to be disappointed because it was your stupid game app
and waiting feels hopeless but you still have hope
and when they finally text no matter the time length
your heart is beating fast and you’re thinking
“What am I going to say next?”

Stop. You have the Falling in Love disease. Please go check with your local doctor to find a cure.

When you see the person you “like”
do you see yourself and them together
every time you hear a love song?
Do you find yourself overthinking responses
just in case they talk to you today?
Do you find yourself disappointed when they don’t talk to you
but then convince yourself that you’re fine
then go home and say you don’t need nobody
and you play i - i love myself

Stop. There’s no hope for you.

When you see the person you “like”
do you find yourself writing about them?
You never were a poet or loved poetry before
but they give you this inexplicable feeling
their presence drove you to dedicate lines to them?
And when you finally felt the courage to express your feelings
you found out that they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend
and you feel crushed because you don’t like them
you love them and that’s why like was in quotation marks

So stop because the doctor found out that you were already in love, and there’s no diagnosis on how long your heart has to live.

Are you in love? Because I am.

—  Are You in Love?

to todd howard: it’s been almost a full year now, since the last e3. a full year since we had that chat on discord. since i asked you to cancel your lies, and since you threatened to cancel my life. it’s been hard since then, but i will never forget that day. that promise you made. one day, you will have to make good on that promise. you’ll have to kill me, todd howard

You Abandoned Me-Part Nine (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: The team has swooped in to save (Y/N) and Bucky, thinking it wouldn’t be so hard. However they seem to be at a disadvantage as (Y/N) is kidnapped once again, hidden somewhere in the facility. Time is running out for them to get her back and not everyone is in a stable condition to do so.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Avengers x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Violence, blood, guns, swearing, arguments, distressing scenes


I felt extremely exhuasted, my eyes were aching as I tried to pry them open. That horrible ringing noise you get after a night out at a loud nightclub was ringing in my ears, making my headache spike. A huge wave of pain erupted through me and out of instinct I clutched onto my leg. It wasn’t bleeding so much anymore but the pain hadn’t subsided. Dry and wet blood surrounded the wound, seeping into my clothes and pooling around me. The shock was not as bad as before, though my mind still couldn’t process that I had been shot.

The room was dimly lit again, it was more of a corridor. It seemed that I had been left behind, lab coat wasn’t here and I couldn’t hear anything. The others were coming, I knew that, it was just the question of how long would I have to wait? How long had I been waiting? Surely it couldn’t have been long, I could have died from blood loss. I had no idea how big this place was, it could be hours until they found me. I prayed that everyone was safe, they had to find me soon.

As it seemed that I was in some sort of corridor, I could see doors at the end to my right. Could I make it all the way over there? Should I really be moving with my I injury and with people looking for me? Using what strength I had in me, I pulled my body into a sitting position, already feeling the toll. Maybe I should at least try to get round the corner, see what was there. Affer debating on what to do, I decided to try dragging myself to the exit. There was no way I was going to stand up, I had no strength in me. Using my good leg along with my arms, I tried with all my might to push myself across the damp, marble floor. It helped me to slide but the weight of my injured leg was holding me back. Groans, screams and tears were coming out of me; I probably had the worst strength in the world, this was the hardest thing I had ever had to endure.

My body collapsed flat out, heavy breaths escaping me as I gasped for air. This was pointless, I wasn’t even halfway. My hands were becoming blistered, another part of me that now hurt. Where were they!? I had never felt such pain before, was this what dying felt like?

“HELP! IS SOMEBODY THERE?!” I screamed, it echoed off the walls.

Of course there was no reply. They wouldn’t have forgotten about me but I really wasn’t sure how long I could last out here. I had never been shot before so I couldn’t compare it to anything else.

“Please….someone.” I whispered out.

As if someone had heard my prayers, I could hear footsteps coming my way. Although a part of me figured it could be someone who was not my friend, I didn’t want to live what could be my final moments in negativity (despite this whole situation). My eyes landed on their boots before seeing the rest of them, I immediately knew who it was.

“Steve.” I cried but this time in happiness. He was here.

“(Y/N)! Thank god you’re still alive.” he breathed out as he ran to me, taking me into his arms, having to ignore my cry of pain. He spoke into his coms.“I’ve located (Y/N), I’m on my way back. Get Bruce ready, her leg is still bleeding.”

I quickly kissed him, trying to forget how much it all hurt.“How long was I here for?”

“Too long. Did you try to drag yourself along the floor?” he asked as he saw the blood stains.

“Yeah. I wanted to get out of here.” I explained as he bandaged my leg quickly, pulling on it tightly to stop the blood flow.

Effortlessly lifting me into his arms, he started sprinting towards the door I had tried to crawl to. He was here, Steve, my Steve. We were finally getting out of here.

“Bucky! Let’s go!” Steve called out as the other super soldier waited up ahead.

“I’ve got to do something first.” he shouted back.“Head back to the quinjet, I won’t be long.”

Before we could stop him, he ran out of our sight. Steve seemed split, he knew he had to get me back to the quinjet but his unstable best friend was about to do something reckless. I knew Bucky was important to him but I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

“Steve,” I caught his attention,“I need to get help. Call one of the others to go after him.”

He nodded, continuing to run as he spoke into the coms.“Is anyone there? Bucky had gone rogue. I need someone to go after him.”

We arrived at a pair of double doors which Steve kicked open, revealing the outside world. I instantly shrinked away from the light, covering my eyes as they stung. Steve held me closer as he kept on running. I heard the engines whirring and felt us stepping onto it. Squinting through my eyelids, I could see the other members of the team, all looking worried as they spotted my leg. I was laid down onto the makeshift hospital bed, Bruce instantly rushing to my side.

“Steve!?” I cried out as I saw him move away.

“I’ll be right back, I promise!” He turned to me.

“Don’t leave me again, please don’t go!” whatever Bruce was doing, it was hurting.

“I’m just getting Bucky back! I love you!”

He was gone again.

I heard Clint’s voice.“Rogers! Get back! We need to leave now, there are hostiles surrounding the area!”

Then Tony’s.“Cap if you don’t get back here now, you are putting us all in danger, especially (Y/N). We don’t know if we can hold these guys off.”

No one knew what to do. They couldn’t leave the super soldiers behind but they had out us in a hostile situation. Bruce carried on with his work, injecting me with some sort of anesthetic. Steve had abandoned me again. Why couldn’t someone else go after him? All of the past events started to catch up with me, mixing in with the drugs. All my caring left me. Not wanting to face it anymore, I let sleep consume me, desperately hoping that everything would be better when I woke.


I startled myself awake by coughing, my throat feeling awfully dry. A cup of water was brought to my lips which I gulped down graciously. As my senses came back to me I realised I was laying in a hospital bed and I knew I was back at the tower. The nurse took back the cup, moving around me to check my vitals. As I splattered a little more, I felt how much I was hurting. Lifting the bedsheets, I saw the leg I was shot in now bandaged up.

“How are you feeling?” the nurse asked, clipboard in hand.

My throat was croaky.“It still hurts.”

“You were lucky it went straight through. It didn’t hit anything serious, so a nice and easy surgery for us.” she smiled.

“Thank you.”

“I’m going to get you some food and your medicine. I’ll be right back.”

Sighing to myself, I closed my eyes as I felt a cool breeze come through the window. It looked like such a beautiful day outside. I couldn’t tell by the nurse’s body language whether the team was alright or not. I needed to see Steve, even if I was a little upset with him. I heard someone coming back, assuming it was the nurse, which meant I was surprised when Sam entered the room. I smiled at him, glad to see a familiar face.

“Hi.” I mumbled, still trying to regain my voice.

“Hey, how you doing?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Alright considering I was shot in the leg.”

“Good. Doctors said if we didn’t find you sooner the operation might have not been so successful.”

I shivered at that.“What about the others? Is everyone ok?”

His smile disappeared.

“Sam? Sam what’s happened?”

“Mostly everyone is fine. It’s just….I don’t know whether I should be telling you so soon out of surgery-”

“Well you have to tell me now!”

“Steve went after Bucky. Bucky was trying to locate the leader of this whole thing, wanting to kill him. Something must have come over him.”

“He’s still recovering.”

“You’re defending him now? Thought you hated the guy?”

I stayed silent.

“Uh, turns out all of the guards were protecting the leader, Bucky and Steve walked right into it. They tried to fight them off-”

My hand clutched onto his arm, nails unintentionally digging into his skin.“Oh my god, Sam they aren’t dead are they!?”

“No! Not dead, just….very badly injured. Both are in care but Steve hasn’t woken up yet.”

“I need to see him! Take me now!” I started to sit up, not caring about the pain.

“No, you can’t move yet. I’ll see what I can do but just lay back down.”

I did as he said, still panicking.

“We don’t know the extent of the damage yet-”

“If he had just listened to me he wouldn’t be hurt! I told him not to go after Bucky, he even asked you guys to go after him.” I felt the tears building up in my eyes.

“Steve never contacted us when he was rescuing you. Only to let us know he found you.”

I slowly looked up at him.“What?”

Sam wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I was there when he said it.”

“It may have not come through, communications could have been down.”

I wanted to believe him, I really did. But if they hadn’t heard him, if he hadn’t contacted them, that meant he wanted to go after Bucky himself. He got himself into this mess because he always had to play the hero. Bucky definitely wasn’t getting out of this either. Two idiots putting my life in danger because they were too stubborn to just leave when they were instructed to.

“Is Bucky awake?”

“Yeah, but I’m not-”

“Take me to him. I need to speak to him.”


“He just put all of our lives in danger, he needs to be set straight.”

She's Going to Burst!

(The descriptions still need work.)

She told me I’m too goody-goody in the bedroom. Most of the time she wants a gentleman but once in a blue moon she’s in the mood for something else.

“I want you to hurt and humiliate me and we’ll have fun!” were her exact words. She elaborated with a list of things like dog collars and horse whips but my fantasies were headed in a different direction.

I came up with a naughty plan but didn’t tell her the whole thing at once. I said we’d carry on like it was a normal day but she had to follow my rules. She didn’t know where things were going but she was ready to play along.

I told her to change into something nice with a short skirt and we’d go out.

“The first rule is you have to swallow anything I tell you to.” I demonstrated by taking out a juice box and inserting the straw between her shapely smiling lips. “You can nullify this and all other rules by telling me the safeword,” I added as she sucked on fruit juice.

She took the straw out of her mouth long enough to ask one question. “Do you pick it or do I?”

She choked with laughter when I said the safeword was “burst.”

We needed groceries so that was the first thing we did. I promised her things would get more interesting. She was perky and optimistic.

When we carried the bags to the car I made her stop to perform a favor. I took a water bottle out of the plastic and pointed it at her mouth.


She looked annoyed but unscrewed the cap and started drinking.

“Faster!” I said. I got a kick out of watching the muscles in her neck work as she glugged it down. When she finished she was struck with a look of embarrassment. Some people were staring at us.

“Another!” I commanded. I was gonna make sure more people stared. “Drink this one like you’re dying of thirst.” I took off the cap and physically stuck the neck of the bottle into her face. She drew back a bit then eagerly wrapped her lips around the plastic. She made exaggerated sounds of quenched thirst as she drank the water so quickly and sloppily that some of it ran down her neck and made her top wet.

“Good girl!” We continued to the van.

At home she started walking to the bathroom before the groceries were put away. I grabbed her wrist.

“Uh-uh-uh!” I scolded. “That’s the second rule. No going to the bathroom without asking me for permission.”

“Can I have permission?”

“Not yet.”

After we’d put away the groceries she asked again.

“No,” I answered again.

“How do I get permission?”

“You’ll find out.”

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss.

“Good girl! You can’t go to the bathroom though.”

Her enthusiasm was waning but she perked up again when I said we should go on a romantic picnic. She wasn’t hungry yet so I suggested we take a long walk to work up an appetite.

I used the bathroom before we left. She just stood outside the door with her arms crossed.

We selected a picnic site and packed everything up and took to the bike trail. I spotted the bathrooms before she did.

“I know what you want,” I said and I motioned to the silhouette of the woman in the dress.

“Yes I want it,” she said.

“Do you really need to?”

“I do.”

“Then you need to ask.”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

“That’s poor grammar.”

“May I go to the bathroom?”

“Still not right.”

“May I please have permission to go to the bathroom?”

“No.” I had something else in mind. I took hold of her hand and led her to the drinking fountain. She started to struggle when she noticed where we were headed. “You have to swallow,” I reminded.


“That’s the rule. If you’re sick of funny rules you know what to say.”

“No I won’t use the safeword. I want to see how this plays out even if it’s no good.”

Once she relented I was able to bend her knees and press her head down to where her mouth could receive the stream of water. I turned the knob and made sure she got a nice long drink.

“People are looking,” she whispered accusingly when I released her. She used her wrist to wipe away the water that was running down her chin. “They think you’re hurting me or something.”

“Then explain it,” I whispered back. “Try to sound frisky.”

“Don’t mind us,” she said to the elderly couple who were walking by. “We’re just playing.”

“That was nice,” I said. “You got the flirtatious sound without laying the sexiness on too thick.”

“Now may I have permission?”

“Not yet.”

Before long we were at the picnic spot. We were both pretty hungry by then but she had a more urgent need. I could tell by the way she was skipping and hopping around as we set down the blanket and got the food ready.

“What do I have to do to go to the bathroom?”

“I’ll tell you later. Try not to ask so often.”

“It’s hard not to!”

“Don’t get testy.”

We sat on the blanket. She fidgeted a little but got comfortable and seemed to forget her need. We had a nice dinner and didn’t talk about bathrooms. I was sure to remind her before we packed up.

“Do you want more to drink?”


“But you’ll drink it anyway. Watch while I pour.”

She snapped her legs together and shuddered as she watched the thin stream of yellow liquid slowly flow into the clear plastic cup.

“Those are such nice liquid sounds,” I teased. “Wouldn’t it be great to hear that happening under you while that shapely bottom of yours was perched on the comfortable horseshoe seat of a public toilet?”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked in a desperate tone. “I’ll do anything. Not literally anything but…” she trailed off as she shifted into a different sitting position.

“I won’t let you use the bathroom here but you may use the one at home.”

“That’s a long walk,” she complained as she uneasily stood up.

“What’s the matter? Think you’ll have an accident?”


“Did you already have an accident?”


“Why don’t I check?” I only brushed her leg but she jerked away forcefully.

“No!” she repeated in a more playful way.

“I bet the seat of your panties is all wet.”


“Then show me.”

We ran around a bit and once more attracted attention to ourselves. I brought the chase to a stop by saying “I can make you drink the rest of the lemonade.”

“No! There’s most of a liter bottle left!”

“Show me your panties or I’ll make you swallow every drop.”

She spun around and flipped up her skirt and her white cotton underwear caught the bright summer sunlight.


When the skirt fell and she stood up straight again she noticed a woman with two little kids was looking at us wide-eyed.

“Sorry! I got a little too frisky.”

“Good girl!” I said to my red-faced sweetheart.

“This is no good!” she said in a not so frisky voice as we were walking back home.

“What did you want?”

“Something kinky.”

“That’s what this is.”

“This isn’t what I asked for.”

“You asked me to hurt you.”


“Well doesn’t it hurt?” I asked as I motioned to her crotch.

“Yes but that’s not it.”

“You also asked me to humiliate you.”


“But aren’t you humiliated? You’ve made a few scenes in public.”

“Yes but it’s not kinky.”

“I think it is. I’ll tell you one thing I’m having fun.” That was about when we passed the other set of bathrooms.

“What do I have to do to go to the bathroom? Flash my panties again?”


“If we go over into the woods I’ll flash my breasts.”

“I still won’t let you use that bathroom.”

“I’ll flash everything! I’ll take off my panties. I’ll bend over a tree trunk. You can go to town! Just please let my go to the bathroom!” She accentuated the end of the sentence by stamping her foot like a child throwing a tantrum. It was a natural motion because her legs had been jumping and dancing around a lot lately.

“You’ll use the bathroom at home.”

“That’s such a long way to walk!”

“We’ll take a shortcut.”

The shortcut took us to a babbling brook.

“You jerk! You’re doing this on purpose!”

“Of course.”

“Where’s the bridge?”

“We can step over this creek.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

“Just a hop.”

“I don’t think I can do it.” Her legs were plastered together and she was rocking from side to side.

“Then I know what to do.” I put the bags down and walked to her.

“What are…” she stopped saying words and let out a shrill squeal instead as I hoisted her up off the ground.

“Are you all right?” I asked the woman in my arms.


“Still dry?”

“Yes! Just carry me across the creek already!”

I did and then I crossed over again and back for the bags. She had her hands over her ears.

“Can’t stand the sound of flowing water?” I asked as I took her hands by the wrists.

“You’re touching me so much today,” she said. I was starting to feel like I’d gone too far but then she took my hands and pulled me close to her. “Don’t stop.” I could feel her squirm uncomfortably as we hugged.

“It’s not that far to get home,” I said. “I’ll race you! We’ll each take one bag and if you get home before me the rules are all null and void.”

“If you get home before me?”

“Then you’ll need permission to enter the house.”

She didn’t stop to think about it. She just ran. I’ve never seen those legs work so hard. But my legs are longer and stronger. I was waiting on the back porch as she trotted up panting and shaking.

“You must be parched. Have some more lemonade.”

She didn’t fight it but she wouldn’t put her hands on the bottle. I fed her like a baby as she laid on her side.

“That’s enough,” she said after swallowing about a quart and standing up.

“No it’s not!” I grabbed her around the waist and made her sit on my lap on the steps.

“If I have an accident it’s gonna go on you,” she pointed out.

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” I said as I inserted the neck of the bottle into her mouth.

This time she was the one who noticed we were being watched. As I lowered the empty bottle she hollered “We’re just being lovey-dovey!” to our neighbors across the street.

“Good girl!”

“May I use the bathroom in the house?”

“Not yet.”

“How do I earn permission?”

“Keep being lovey-dovey.”

I sat on the porch swing and invited her to take a seat next to me. She sat down and leaned over and practically melted to my body. She kissed me all over my head and neck and ran her arms up and down my body. I’ve never seen (or felt) her so lively before. Her legs were kicking in the air.

“Good girl!” I said when she slowed down and put one hand between her legs. “You have permission to enter the bathroom.”

She shrieked in delight.

“You may use the toilet once you perform one final act.”

“No! What? Oh whatever let’s just go inside.” She ran in place as I took out my keys and unlocked the door. She ran to the bathroom and waited inside. She had an urgent look in her eyes as she stared at the toilet without a word.

“What do I have to do?” she asked as I came in with some old towels. I covered the floor in case of an accident.

“You can use the toilet after I do.”

“That’s all?”

“But you have to watch. Get down on your hands and knees. There’s a good girl.”

She was on one side of the toilet staring at the bowl she desperately wished she was on top of. I stood on the other side. I felt a little silly about what I’d planned but I still followed through. I unzipped my fly and opened the seam in my boxers. The look on her face when I pulled out my manhood assuaged my embarrassment.

“I’ve gone too long without seeing that,” she said.

“The toilet?” I asked with a smile.

“I meant your penis but that’s true too.” She changed her position so she was sitting with her legs crossed and both her hands pressed between her thighs. “I’ve got a feeling between my legs that’s killing me and I don’t know how much of that is one thing and how much is the other.”

“Good girl!”

“I’m not just saying that you know.”

“Get back in your stance. Your legs have to be apart and your hands have to be on the floor.” She obeyed.

“Good girl,” I said again as I began relieving myself. I’d had a long wait too. I didn’t mean to make a sound but I exhaled loudly as the pressure in my bladder dropped.

I heard other sounds that weren’t coming from me. My lover squeaked and then whimpered softly. Those sad longing eyes were focused on the jet of liquid I was emitting with such pleasure. It hissed against the side of the bowl and made deep rumbling liquid noises as it turned the water yellow and foamy.

I managed to stop moaning but she started. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as she let out this long pained sound. All four of her limbs trembled. My stream kept going strong. She had a while to wait.

“You can always say it” I reminded.

“I’ve waited too long to quit,” she said in a voice somewhere between a sob and a whimper. “Keep going.”

I did and boy did it feel good. It was just winding down when she made me jump.

“It’s coming out!” she screamed. There were a few drops on the towel below.

I was so startled I lost control of my direction and made some drops of my own. She closed her eyes and scrunched up her face.

“Good girl! Still in position.” My bladder had attained a comfortable feeling of near-emptiness so I cut off my stream. “You’re such a good girl you have permission to pee in the toilet!”

Before the sentence was over she was sliding her panties down her thighs. There was a dark yellow spot shaped like a figure eight but the rest of the cotton was white and dry. I offered my hand and she took it. I pulled her off the floor as she glued her thighs back together and thrust her other hand in for good measure.

A golden drop was hanging off one of her knees at the end of a long liquid trail. More spots had appeared on the towel and new ones were showing up by the second. When she neared a standing position I saw two more drops slide down from behind her hand. The flesh was white she was applying so much pressure but something was still leaking through.

Between her efforts and mine we managed to get that pert little bottom of hers onto the toilet seat. I put my penis away and zipped up.

She moaned again and the volume and feeling were now multiplied by ten. But even the pleasureful sounds coming out of her lungs couldn’t muffle the liquid sounds coming out of her bladder. She went at that toilet bowl like a sandblaster. The hissing was intense. So was the roar of the urine rushing into the toilet water. It was like the rapids of a wild river.

Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted. She had an expression of utter pleasure that I’ve never seen on her face. Not in such good lighting at least.

Once her moaning abated she opened her eyes and noticed the extreme interest I was taking in her body and the liquid flowing from it. She spread her legs wide and scooted back so I could take in the view. I’ve fired urine off that forcefully a few times in my life but I never thought I’d see that kind of pressure from a woman. It was like a raging golden waterfall.

“Oh God! I thought my bladder was going to burst inside me!” she said as her stream slowed. I was staring at our combined output. I’ve never seen toilet water so yellow.

“Thanks for not saying ‘burst’ before we were done. I’m sorry I made you suffer for my gratification.”

“Are you kidding? I loved every minute!”

“That’s impossible!”

“I was acting…to some extent. Thanks for the lovely day.”

“It was a lovely day,” I concurred.

“It’ll be a lovely night too if you’re in the mood.”

We Make This Work For Us (1/6)

Pairing: Dasha(OFC)/Steve, Dasha(OFC)/Bucky, Bucky/Dasha(OFC)/Steve (NO m/m)

Rating: Explicit

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut (Lots of Smut), little Angst

Warnings:threesomes, double penetration, oral (male and female) fingering, metal arm kink, Captain/Sargent Kink, praise kink, pregnancy, poly relationship

Summary: Steve, Bucky, and Dasha try and find out how to make a relationship between the three of them work for them. 

A/N: Please let me know what you think!

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“Fuck Steve, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I am losing patience.” Bucky growls, his steel blue eyes locked onto his prey.

“I know Buck,” Steve sighs, “but we can’t scare her off.”

Bucky’s gaze snaps over to the blond male, “Scare her off? Damn it Steve, she wants it just as badly as we do. If you can’t see that then…”

Steve cuts the former assassin off, “I know she wants us, I am not as helpless with women as everyone thinks. You know that. I just want to make sure that she wants both of us, not just one. And understand just what she is getting into.”

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Let’s Pretend (Part 2)

Summary: AU! Dean and the reader are neighbors and close friends. As a huge favor, Dean asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family wedding and the reader agrees. 

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: Hope you guys like! Let me know what you think. I’m having so much fun!

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Dating Jungkook Would Include...

This is a present for our Kookie! I got help from a group of people so if they’re reading this rn they know who they are. Thank you!

- Him teaching you literally everything you don’t know very well since he most likely knows it and wants to show off.

- Going on dates that are relaxing and tranquil, which take place mostly during the evening.

- Him taking photos of you, drawing you, or writing about you. Sometimes he’ll show you what he did but most of the time he keeps it a secret until he finds a way to give them to you as gifts.

- You becoming his muse or inspiration for the things listed above.

- Him requesting you to sing or dance with him even when you say you’re not good at them.

- You being teased about your height constantly. However, when you’re angry at him for it he’ll end up trying to please you until you’re happy again.

- Showing very little pda when you’re not alone, and only holding hands or kissing each other’s cheeks.

- Him being more affectionate when you’re alone together. Sometimes you’ll end up cuddling, other times it’s more than that 😉

- You copying his “trademark” outfit which consists of; timberlands, a white t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a beanie.

- Getting him different colored shirts since you like seeing him in shirts that aren’t white. You also think he has enough white shirts that could last him a whole month, so you never really get them.

- Sharing music with each other, stealing earbuds or phones to listen to said music.

- You getting him stuff for his phone so he doesn’t crack it and can actually have it be unscathed for more than a day.

- Talking to each other constantly cause he wants to hear your voice even if he isn’t that far away from you.

- You checking up on him if he’s on tour or in a different country but end up talking until it gets quite late for one of you.

- Going to any concerts, fanmeets, or hi-touches that you can go to in order to show your support for him and bts, or just to surprise him.

- You being his biggest fan and trying to get him to be embarrassed or shy because he knows that you’re watching his every move.

- Taking funny pictures of each other when you’re not looking. Keeping these pictures a secret until you need them as blackmail.

- Going out on dates to the arcade, fair, or amusement park and just having the best time together at those places.

- Him being competitive and winning any arcade game or video game you two play together.

- You being upset you lost but he gives you the prizes and a peck on the cheek.

- Him playing with your hair as you’re sitting together, sometimes messing around with different styles that he doesn’t see you wear.

- You being carried around or picked up as much as possible throughout the day.

- You accepting the fact that he’s not gonna put you down until he wants you to. Sometimes you’re so relaxed that you fall asleep in his arms.

- You messing with his hair and giving him little ponytails all around his head or a man-bun if his hair’s long enough. The hair ties you use for him are usually ribbons.

- Him letting you win in video games, sports, or other things cause he likes to see you be happy.

- Him getting up early in the morning to cook you breakfast. Sometimes it’s breakfast in bed, other times he carries you to the kitchen and set you on the counter as he cooks.

- Making sure you’re awake in the morning by giving you kisses on your face.

- Him asking you what your fav songs are and learning them so he can sing them to you when he wants to cheer you up.

- You stealing his clothes and never returning them even if he wants them back. Eventually he just stops caring about what you stole, not that he cared in the first place; since he likes seeing you wear his clothes.

- Getting matching jewelry (mostly earrings) and never taking them off unless you have to. Sometimes you switch your jewelry just for the fun of it.

- Going on trips to the grocery store basically everyday since you always seem to forget something or are too lazy to go until you absolutely have to.

- Him giving you back hugs or hugs in general 24/7 cause he loves having his arms around you.

- You sitting between his legs whenever you’re sitting together. If you try to leave he always pulls you back.

- You waking up before him and getting ready for the day. If he still isn’t awake by the time you’re done you splash freezing cold water on his face.

- Him always getting mad at you for waking him up the way you do and chasing you around the house until he gets his revenge by tickling you or splashing cold water on your face.

- Him playing with your fingers or vice versa as you’re holding hands or if your hands are close to each other’s.

Plain English PT2

Part 1  // Masterlist

Request: Hello! Can I request a scenario for Yoongi where you are an English actress who doesn’t speak Korean but is working with BTS for some mvs and both of you are crushing on each other, but he is finding it difficult to communicate and express that to you? 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Rating: T (moderate swearing)

WC: 2548

Originally posted by buingkook

Running, running! Why is it always goddamn running? Yoongi groaned, falling back on the blanket, feeling the crunch of the grass beneath, wet with morning dew. I thought we agreed no more running after ‘Run.’ Fucking trilogies.

When he joined an entertainment company, he never expected part of that life would having to wake up at one in the morning to be at the location by three, running for two hours straight just to get five seconds of a music video. The orange morning light barely penetrated the purple night sky in the east, the lights of the city still shining bright in the blackness to the west. He didn’t know what it was about early morning that made it perfect for that melancholic look on film—all he knew was that he hated being up before the sun. Humans just weren’t made for that. It’s why we can’t see in the goddamn dark.

He sighed, too exhausted from running all morning to be awake, but too obligated to be ready for whenever the director decided to continue the shoot to fall asleep. All the people working on the music video shuffled around in the dark, wearing sweaters and sweatshirts, boots wet with dew and damp pieces of grass pasted up their legs as they moved set pieces and rolls of wire. Thankfully, someone had the inclination to bring these blankets to lay out on the grass when they needed a break. The vast field around was empty except for the waves of grass and the circle of cars behind their makeshift set, making it a not-so-bad resting spot.

The other members had just arrived on set and had been rushed to hair and makeup. They got a pretty good joke at his expense due to the fact that the one out of them who valued sleep the most had to be at set the earliest. However, the most of their jokes for the past few days centered around something else—you.

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BTS reacting to you having worked out too much and now having sore muscles

Oh, who doesn`t know that pain a day after having worked is indeed painful but you at least know that you were productive the day before:)

-Kiki <3



“I will prepare a nice warm bath for you so your muscles and your body can relax for a while…Do you want to drink something special for your bath?” *caring*

Originally posted by cappujjino

(ignore Jimin or don`t, it is your choice haha;))


“See, THAT is the reason I don`t work out…and rather sleep.”

Originally posted by jiminthebun


“Okay…then we will do some more sport so you don’t feel the pain from yesterday! Gotta keep it up and stay active.” He says motivated.

“But Hoseok, my legs are burning just from walking up the stairs…” You whine.

“That`s how it is supposed to be.” He answers seriously and drags you from the couch.

Originally posted by btsuga-r


“Well…I don’t really know how to help you with that but I once read that…” He starts but you interrupt him:

“Don`t you dare throw in a philosophical fact comparing it to my sore muscles I swear, Namjoon, you are single after that.”

“I actually wanted to say that I read that a long bath helps and I could prepare one for you if you like but okay…feeling slightly offended now.” He chuckles.

“Oh I am sorry, babe…a bath sounds great…”  You smile and hug him.

He rolls his eyes: “It is ready in 10 minutes…mind if I join, though? As a reparation for ‘you are single when you say a word about philosophy’?”

“No, not at all.” You laugh.

Originally posted by baebsaes


“I could massage your legs and back with a special oil, it always helps me when I have sore muscles…ah forget it, I am just going to get it and do it.”

Originally posted by jitamin


“We can cuddle!” He suggests.

“How is that supposed to help my sore muscles?” You ask confused.

“Don`t know, I just felt the need to cuddle with you…why do you even work out so hard…you don`t even need to overwork yourself with weights. Now cuddle with me.” He smiles and draws you in a hug.

Originally posted by hellosarang

(gosh those eyebrows)


“Should I give you a massage so you stop whini…oh oh.” He grins embarrassed, turning red as you glare at him.

“What did you say? I whine?”

“I said nothing! Hang on, I am getting this oil…!” *disappears for an hour*

“This kid…”

Originally posted by baebsaes

Thanks for reading!:)

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re at a party with Kol and you play ‘Never have I ever’ and then he asks you if you’ve ever had sex at a party before and when you don’t drink he says ‘Would you like to change that?’

Author: puellaigmotum

Reader gender: female

Word count: 2,685

Warnings: smut, blood drinking

       ‘I can’t believe he’s talking to Ruby Adams! I mean, she’s in the jazz band! The jazz band! Who in their right mind would join the jazz band of their own free will?’

You started to blank out Caroline’s ranting at this point. Despite her being very much in love with Tyler, Caroline still had opinions about who went out with whom. For example, Oscar McCoy, whose party you were currently at, couldn’t date anyone but a cheerleader as he was a jock. So, the fact that he was dating Ruby Adams, who was, according to Caroline, very low on the social food chain, was beyond outrageous.

‘Remember, Caroline, that you are in love with a hybrid and the original hybrid loves you,’ you remarked as you took a swig of your drink as you watched Bonnie and Elena dance in the middle of the makeshift dance floor of Oscar’s house.

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anonymous asked:

Can i get a senario where you're watching Got7 with iKon's Yunhyeong and you accidentally call him Yugyeom? You apologize to him and it leads to smut where he makes you scream his name over and over again? BTW your blog is my favorite :)



“Aren’t they amazing” You say smiling wide at the tv as you watch one of your favorite groups perform. “Yugyeom is doing great”

“Yeah” Yunhyeong, replies not really paying attention to the tv. He is more interested with whatever his phone is showing him.

You decide to just ignore him and let him do what he wants. He isn’t bothering your time with Got7 so no need for you to bother him.

You sing along with them, having a huge smile on your face and now this catches Yunhyeong’s attention “Are you going to be just like this when iKon starts to perform?”

“Of course and probably even more because my precious boyfriend Yugyeom will be performing” You smile, then turn back to the tv, not even noticing the scowl coming from Yunhyeong.

“What did you just call me?”

You turn back towards Yunhyeong, raising your eyebrow “Yunhyeong, duh”

He shakes his head “No you didn’t”

“Pretty positive I did”

Well, you didn’t. You called me Yugyeom”

“Oh” You shrug “Sorry”

“Sorry? That’s it?”

“What else do you want me to say?”

“Well, I’d like you to say my name correctly and not call me some other guy. Kinda feels like you think more about him than you do your own boyfriend.”

“You know that isn’t true”

Yunyeong is quick, he pushes you back on the couch and gets on top of you. His eyes are filled with lust as he stares down at you. “I’m going to make sure that it isn’t. You will be saying my name so much pretty soon, that you won’t ever be able to forget it.”

He leans down claiming your lips in a rough kiss. His tongue swipes your bottom lips, then slides his tongue inside of your mouth. Your mind goes blank as the kiss just keeps getting hotter and hotter. When he breaks the kiss your lips are swollen and you both are panting heavily. Just looking into each others eyes, while trying to catch your guys’ breath.

Once you guys have Yunyeong gets back to work.

Clothes are soon scattered all over the living room floor and Yunyeong grabs your legs. He bends them, then spreads your legs slightly.

“Ready to scream my name?”

You only nod, just wanting him in you already.

He smirks and thrusts into you hard. He doesn’t miss a beat and keeps snapping his hips fast and hard.

Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you start moaning out his name in pure pleasure. Yunhyeong lets out small moans as he keeps thrusting. His hands are lightly holding on to your waist, but they soon slide up to your moving breasts, where he takes them in his hands and starts to massage them.

You arch your back, moaning his name out even louder as he hits your g-spot after changing his position slightly. He smirks and keeps hitting at the angle, loving the sound of his name leaving your mouth.

“Yunhyeong! I’m close” You warn him

“Me too” He groans and closes his eyes as you tighten your wall around his dick.

Yunhyeong!” You scream loud and cum first, your body shaking a little at the amount of pleasure when you climax.

Yunhyeong follows soon after, moaning out your as he cums. He slows down his thrusts, soon coming to a complete stop as he pulls out.

“How was that?” He asks still hovering over you.

“Hmm” You pause “Another round in the shower will do it.”

First Day Of School - Charles/Elsie - Downton Hotel AU

Charles dipped another piece of bread into the mixture of egg, milk, and cinnamon, then placed it on the griddle. So intent on what he was doing, he almost lost track of the time.


Finally taking a glance at the clock, he called out, “Elsie, come on! It’s a big day today! How long does it take to get ready,” he muttered under his breath. “We can’t be late,” he added.

He was certain he was anticipating this day more than anyone in the house – the first day of school! The patter of little feet brought him out of his daydream, and he turned to find himself almost bowled over by little arms wrapped around his legs.

“Ready for your big day, are you?”

“Da? Can’t I stay here with you? I don’t wanna go to school.”

“Oh now, you have to go to school – but you’ll meet lots of new friends, and you’re going to get to do a play today, and I’ll bet by the time you get home, you’ll forget all about how you didn’t want to go. Now come on, your breakfast is ready, and I made you your favourite….French toast! Now can you get the glasses, and put them on the table for me?”

Living With 5sos

(I’m going to make this a series so if you have any suggestions for what these should be about then let me know and I’ll try and make it (: )

U: Alright guys we leave in thirty minutes for the conc- Calum no clothes again? Really?

C: What? It’s not that bad.

U: Except for the fact we are leaving in thirty minutes. Go put some clothes on!

C: Fine.

L: Y/n Michael his my penguin again.

U: Michael we really don’t have time for this. Give it back to him.

M: He took my controller.

U: What are we three? G-

L, M: Yes.

U: Oh my god. Luke give Michael back the controller and Michael give Luke back the penguin.

L: But he said I suck at FIFA!!

U: Do you want your penguin back or not?!

L: Fine. Here’s your controller.

M: And here’s your penguin.


U: Boys! Get ready to go! Twenty-fie more minutes!

U: Calum seriously?! You forgot pants!

C: I knew I was forgetting something.

U: Where’s Ashton?

M: Kitchen.

U: Ashton come on! We have to leave in- Why the fuck is there pineapple everywhere?!

A: Cuz I got hungry.

U: You’re cleaning this all up when we get back.

A: Where are we going?

U: Seriously Ashton?

A: Oh right!! The concert!!

U: Yea. Now get ready to go. Twenty minutes.

U: Michael don’t hit Luke.

U: Luke don’t let Michael hit you.

U: Will you be careful Luke?

L: It’s my long legs. I can’t help it.

U: You can learn to walk on them.

U: Seriously Calum? Now you don’t have a shirt on.

C: I couldn’t find one that went with these pants.

U: *face palms* Go find a fucking shirt before I scream.

C: Yes ma'am.

U: Ashton put the pineapple back in the kitchen.

A: But I wanted to bring it.

U: Well you can’t.


L: Coming!!

C: Race ya Luke!!

U: Be careful!!

U: Ashton get out of the fucking kitchen.

A: But the-

U: I don’t care about the pineapple right now. Get in the car so we can go to sound check.


M: Okay, okay. Geez.

U: Finally.

C: I have to go to the bathroom.

U: You are waiting until we get to the venue.

*thirty minutes before show*

U: Why are you guys still chilling back here? Thirty minutes left! Get going!!

L: I’m ready. I got my guitar.

U: Earplugs?

L: Thanks y/n. You’re always on top of everything.

U: It’s cuz you guys aren’t.

N: You guys are going to smash it tonight. I can feel it.

U: Yes Niall they are. Now can you please go because I’m trying to get them ready for-

H: Hey guys!! Came to wish you good luck on your show tonight.

U: Thank you now if we could please-

LT: Good luck 5sos!!

L, C, M, A: Thanks guys!


N, H, LT: Sorry.

U: Thank you.

U: No Calum. You can not go nude on stage.

C: But it will make great entertainment.

U: No!

M: Y/n can you help me with these ear plugs?

U: You got them tangled again? Michael please be more careful.

M: Sorry.

U: Alright. You guys ready?

A: I think so.

U: You think so?

L: Well I know so.

C: Suck up

L: Shut up!

U: Hey! No fighting before the concert.



U: Break a leg losers!

U: I can’t believe they are playing in their first stadium.

N: Hey y/n. I see you got them out there quite alright.

U: Yup I somehow managed to do it.

L: *into the mike* I would just like to say that if it weren’t for y/n backstage and at home we probably wouldn’t even be here on time. She really gets us all together when we need to be altogether.

A: *into mike* You’re such a kiss up Luke!

L: *into mike* Hey, the nicer I am to her the longer I get to keep my penguin each day.

U: They are such idiots.

*after concert*

U: Great show guys!

U: NO! Calum! Clothes stay o till we get back to the house!

C: Awe but its celebratory nudity!

U: Please never say that again.

A: I could really go for some pineapple right now.

U: Ashton, just stop. I think there’s some over there if you want to go look.

L: Did you bring Penguin?

U: Right here.

L: Yay!!

U: You’re such a child.

U: Calum, why are you sitting on Michael’s lap?

C: He likes it.

M: No. Get off of me you dweeb.

U: Calum get up.

U: Luke don’t eat everything! You’re going to get a stomach ache.

U: Michael you can’t take up the whole couch!

U: CALUM! Shirt. Stays. On!

U: We just can’t have one normal day can we?

how to get ready to draw

heres a handy list for those who have trouble starting 

1. get your materials all in one place (possibly including snack)

2. make a proper pillow support for your back

3. put blanket over your legs (optional but recommended)

4. clean your glasses/screen

5. warm up your hands

6. forget about it and watch netflix until you fall asleep

Better Than Your Dreams


Harry respected y/n, loved y/n. So he felt a little guilty about the fact that he was sitting here in his bathroom, desperately working his cock to the thought of y/n’s lips wrapped around it. She was just so pretty and soft and always had a warm smile stretched across her pink lips. Y/n was cuddly and sweet and looked dangerously fuckable in Harry’s old t-shirts. Especially when she’d reach for something on the top shelf and Harry’d get an unexpected peek at the shell of her plump little bum. Speaking of y/n’s bum, Harry’s pretty sure it’d look glorious covered in red handprints as he takes her from behind. Her arching her back, moaning out his name as he plunges deeper into her tight little… 

“Auggggh,” Harry comes with a loud groan, coating his tummy and chest in thick ribbons of cum. Harry allowed himself a few moments of bliss before the thoughts started creeping in. 

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The Bedroom

Just my little one shot ficlet on Molly’s bedroom. Thanks for reading and hope you like it.




Molly’s Bedroom
2.00 am.

Sherlock: (startled up) Why are you in my bed, Molly Hooper?

Molly: (tugged herself into her warm bed) Why are you in ‘my’ bed, Sherlock?

Sherlock: (frowned) Well…we agreed that I need some spaces and you will be sleeping in the guest room.

Molly: (shifted and turned away from him) I had a long tough day. I need to sleep in ‘my’ bed tonight, Sherlock. You go, sleep in the guest room.

Sherlock: Your guest room is too small and too bright.

Molly: Then go….home, Sherlock. Goodnight. (Turned off the bedside lamp)

Sherlock: (huffed) No!!

Molly: (rolled her eyes) I am tired, Sherlock. Can we just share the bed?

Sherlock: Share the bed??!

Molly: (sighed) Come on. It’s not like that I am going to jump you or anything. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it.

Sherlock: (frowned) I am not making a big deal out of anything, Molly.

Molly: Good…then go to sleep, Sherlock. I am tired.

Sherlock huffed but lied down on his back beside her. The pathologist fall into a deep sleep very quickly. Sherlock shifted and turned to face her. For a long moment, he lied quietly, listening to her soft snore.


Sherlock placed a sweet kiss on Molly’s lips. Molly opened her mouth and welcomed the warmth of his tongue. She shivered as his hands wandered down her back, to her thighs and up under her pajama. Her soft moan painfully aroused him. He shifted and hovered over her, resting his forehead against hers. She cupped his face with her little hands.

Sherlock: I want you.

Molly: I want you more,Sherlock.

Sherlock: (kissed her forehead) I want you most, Molly Hooper.


Molly’s Bedroom
8.00 am.

Sherlock Holmes hovered over Molly Hooper. He tried to kiss her again but this time she did not let him. She covered his lips with both hands.

Molly: Sherlock….Sherlock, wake up!!
She tried to squirm away from his strong embrace.

Molly: Sherlock!!

Molly slapped him once on the face.

Molly: Sherlock, focus!!

Sherlock’s eyes flew open. In the split second, Molly pushed him off the bed. The consulting detective landed on the floor, dragging the bedsheet down with him. He moaned loudly in pain.

Sherlock: That’s hurt, Molly!

Molly rushed off the bed and kneeled down beside him as he continued to moan loudly.

Molly: (panicked) You hit your head or anything?! Is it that bad? I didn’t mean to hurt you, Sherlock. I just wanted to wake you up.

Sherlock: There is a thing called an ‘alarm clock’, Molly.

Molly: Any alarm clock would not be working on you under the circumstance, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (rubbed the back of his neck) Under what circumstance?

Molly: (blushed) You seemed to have a dream…em…about….

Sherlock: Dream? What dream?

Molly: (frowned) You don’t remember anything?

Sherlock: Statistically 98% of people forget their dreams within five minutes after they are awake. I tend to be one of them.

Molly: (huffed) You really don’t remember. (sighed) Never mind…I’m going to get ready then.

Molly sighed again and got up. She straightened down her pajama to cover her bare thighs and headed to the shower.

Sherlock waited until he heard the sound of the water running in the bathroom then looked underneath the bedsheet that was covering his legs.
Sherlock inhaled sharply in frustration as his passionate dream in bed with Molly Hooper clouded his mind and intrigued his sexual need again even more painfully.

Sherlock: Damn it!!!

The consulting detective closed his eyes and served through his mind palace, looking for something to calm his…himself down. Lucky for him, he opened one door and found Mycroft, sitting in his armchair watching Mrs.Hudson’s exotic dance clips on youtube with wide eyes.



I want to get to know you forever.
Hear me out.
I want to get to know you forever.
I want to get to know you on Monday mornings
with when you’re cranky as shit,
and your crazy, mad scientist hair won’t let you tame it
and you’re over the day before it even begins.
I want to get to know you on Tuesday evenings
when you’re sprawled out on the sofa,
your endlessly long legs tangled up in mine and
your mind completely absorbed in the latest tv show you’re obessesed with.
I want to get to know you on Wednesday nights
when you’re fresh out the shower and ready to call it a night,
silently thanking god the week is halfway over and done with
as you melt into me and forget everything else.
I want to get to know you on Thursday afternoons,
when you'e reading a new book or an article online
that you can’t get enough of and rambling on and on telling me how i have to read it too
with those pretty brown eyes lit up like exploding stars.
I want to know you on Friday at midnight,
when you’ve got your leather jacket and fitted cap
on with those jeans i like and are ready to take the night by storm,
feeling damn near invicible.
I want to get to know you on Saturday just before dawn,
when you’re relaying to me all the wondorous thoughts and dreams in your beautiful mind
and all those fears about the future,
that you can never quite seem to put to rest.
I want to get to know you on Sunday at midday,
when you’re still half asleep and that lazy smile tugs at the corner of
your gorgeous mouth pulling me in closer,
begging me to get lost in you and those grey bedsheets.
Hear me out,
I want get to know you for the rest of my life,
however long that is.
One thing i know for sure,
I’d be the luckiest fool alive
If i got to spend it,
Getting to know you.

(Written and submitted by @ilmiodolcevita)

Love doesn’t exist - Sam Wilkinson - Part 12

Side Note: Heey guys i know i haven’t postet in a long time but last weekend I was at some football cup the whole weekend so I didn’t have time to post it there, or yes I posted part 11 late at the night. But now I also started in school again, but now I go to school from 8am to 3pm and when I get home the only thing I actually just wanna do is sleep. So do not expect as many updates as you used before. I hope you like this crappy part :) Enjoy

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The clock neared five and then it was time to get ready for this ‘date’ or whatever it was. It was a little annoying that he couldn’t take an answer as a no, but then there’s not so much work for me to do.

It’s like he has two sides of himself, the annoying side and the sweet side. It’s like he swings around between hell and heaven. And if he ever finds its way, I hope he find the heaven.

But other than that i couldn’t wait to go on this 'date’. Omg i don’t even know what to call this! He didn’t say a date but 'You wanna go out with me’ isn’t that some kind of password for date? Or what? Maybe i should call Kate and ask if she could help me getting ready for this thing.
Like i’ve never been on a 'date’ or whatever you wanna call it before.

And i’m super nervous and Kate have been on tons of dates, she is one of those girl’s the boys always look after. And I’m just sitting here as a spectator.

I had written to Kate about my 'date’ with Sam and to say this nicely she flipped out like a monkey, but this is Kate. She was very happy for me and she would come over as soon as she possible could.

It was definitely very surprising how well she actually took it. She always used to ask 100 of questions but she has been acting a little strange here at the moment so it was probably all good i think..

“YO GIRL! WHERE U AT! WE NEED TO GET YOUR ASS DONE FOR YOUR HOT DATE!” she yell from the front door with a smile on here lips.“Okay okay first of all i’m right here and second of all it’s not my ass there should be done” I directed her.

“Ohh Rose one of those days? Seriously?” she says dropping her body down on the couch. I ran to her and jumped on her, a very awkward position but what the hell.“Haha don’t worry Kat i’m never boring, come on we should get ready! And you need to give me some tips because i don’t no what to do on a 'date’ ” i said taking her hand and lead her up to my room.

“Okay first of all, did he say what kind of date it was? Like classy date with a dress or like a casual date?” she asked and i just stood there like 'what the fuck is she talking about’. “Eh no” i just said but it was true, he haven’t said what kind of date it was.

The next thing i know is that, that Kate opens the window and yell something i don’t no, like why would she yell out of the window? Is she crazy or what?

After that she close the window “it’s a classy date” she says with a smile on her lips. How did she know that? Ohh nooo she didn’t!! Did she just yell to Sam about our date? Omg this is not happening rigth now.

“Did you just yell to Sam?” I asked calmly.“I may or may not have just yell to Sam about your date later” she says sitting down on my bed.“Okay you know what? Forget it! Let’s just get ready” i said and jumped on my legs.“THAT’S MY GIRL” she says running to me and hugging me.

“Ohh this one is so hot Rose you should try it” it was a white dress and me and white dresses is not best fri(end)i think i don’t need to go deeper there..

“I don’t-” and before i could say more she interrupted me.“Noo this one Rose, this is the real deal, this is the one date dress. Ohh just wait to he sees you in this little thing. Damm” she said, holding a red beautiful dress up. The strap was loose and it looked like it sat a bit tight and at the hip it went a little way out and otherwise it was loosening more. And it went to about the knees.

This dress was definitely my dress and i couldn’t wait try it and none other than that i couldn’t wait to see Sams face when he sees me in this little thing.

We let my hair be smooth, because we’re not together, so i don’t have to make me totally hot for him. It would be totally different if he was my boyfriend then i would probably have curled my hair for him, but he is not soo.

It rang suddenly at the door. “ Okay Rose wait about five minutes up here ” she said and stood up. “ Why? ” I asked, why couldn’t i just go down there when he was there anyway? “ Hard to get, remember? ’"She said and walked out the door this time. Ah hard to get it’s just me, or something like that..

I heard quickly footsteps running up the stairs. ” Okay, he’s here! And you look amazing! ’“ She said and gave me a hug.’ 'You’ll seriously get the D tonight girl’ 'she said as she released me, I laughed a little bit of it and said thank you for the compliment. After she left I did as she said, I waited for 5 minutes and then i went down.

I stood in front of the stairs looking down, i was so nervous that i couldn’t even believe i was so nervous if that’s even make sense.

It was as if time passed slowly, the clock stood still and Kate stood still. And all of a sudden I was down with Kate on my right side and a smiling Sam in front of me. Wow is he smiling? Or is it just me who has visions? Our eyes were locked together and the world around me stood again still and the only thing I focused on was Sam’s eyes on my eyes.

’'You look beautiful tonight” he said still looking me in the eyes.
Okay dose that mean that i looked like crap yesterday or what? Since i look beautiful toninght. But whatever i don’t wanna  correct him now. Tonight was going to be the best night ever.

“Thank you” i said with a smile and looked down nervous.

“Shall we go princess?” he said smirking and there we got his cocky person out, yes. I just rolled my eyes “i guess, just let’s us get this over with” i said and went out of the door, Sam right after.