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what's with hot potato before lip syncing 'baby'? warming up? lol

i think i might have been humming it or some shit while i was getting ready so she starts laughing cause i guess the way i was humming it w my swag didn’t mix and she pulls out her phone. by that point i was checking out my outfit and starts recording and she calls me bieber. lol so immediately it clicked and i knew what she was trying to do and i ran w it. then made her record me doing bieber poses to bieber because i’m overdramatic and u wanna see bieber i’ll show u bieber we’ll listen to the same damn bieber song from 2010 for over an hour while i pose to it go big or go home viva cuba

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of March 5 - 11, 2017

You know I’m not gonn’ diss you on the internet, ‘coz my momma taught me bettah than that. –Destiny’s Child

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

I hate to say this, but the only bitch standing in your way right now is you. You really have some serious doubt issues going on and it’s beginning to get the better of you. If there’s ever a time for you to shed any type of uncertainty from believing that you’re the shit, this is it. The more time you take wallowing in self-pity, the less you see the opportunities that are right before your facial.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

We know you’re a quick-ass bitch, but are you able to match speed with strategy? I sure fucking hope so, because this week is about to put you through the ringer and your only job is to survive. Not only do you have to keep your head afloat from the shitshow that’s about to befall yo ass, you also need to keep your saboteurs at bay. Good luck! And need I remind you: Gurl, this ain’t no fucking drill.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Validation is something you’re really needing this week, and gurl, all I can tell you is that the more you rely on others to do the big V for you, the more disappointed you’ll get. Can’t you just, like… I don’t know… fucking endorse your own damn self? You know yourself better than everyone else and if you believe in you, that says a lot about your accuracy and your taste.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

You’ve been in such a controlly, micromanagey world lately, that I think, this week, you need to let some other bitch steer your fucking ship. You really need a break from your own damn self for a bit. And look, giving up the reins is not that easy – it’s just not part of your nature. But if there’s ever a time to practice letting go, it’s now, gurl.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

It’s been a long ass journey on your path to self-fulfillment and you can see the finish line from where yo ass is plopped down. But whenever you get closer to a prize, you have the tendency to start thinking about all the times you didn’t reach your goal and then it’s like, that shit starts to fuck with you. It’s like a part of you feels that you don’t deserve the great things that are about to come your way. Well, bitch, snap out of it!

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Get ready to go through some real emotional shit on that road trip with your soul. There are some demons lurking in the trunk of that car which you’ll need to deal with. I believe for a fact that you’ll get through this latest soul-searching escapade, because gurl, let’s face it, you are BOSS. But I gotta tell you: it’s gonna be a fucking process. So when the bad parts happen, thinking about the rewards will help you ride that shit out.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

There are some haters in your midst, and bitch, that’s when you know that you’re doing the right-ass thing. You have come a long way in such a short time and these other hos wish that they got to where they are twice as fast; these divas are bound to be resentful of your trajectory. And gurl, play nice all you want, but at the core of it, you don’t need their fucking approval. Capiche?

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This is the time for you to be thinking about the idea of partnership and teamwork. Every decision you make is crucial, because bitches be depending on that juicy ass. Whether this is what you signed up for or not, the reality is that you’re all in this. It’s time to fucking commit and to make sure errbody’s taken care of. It’s not just you anymore, LIBBY.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

That moment when you’re ready to take on the world with your determined face, your unyielding resolve, the army of loyal, fierce friends who support you and last but not the least, your intense SCORPIO eyes…

…and you have no fucking clue where to start. Have fun with that!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Your CAPRICORN friend says, “You’re not taking this game seriously,” while your GEMINI friend is making questionable moves all over the place. Your ARIES friend is telling you to hurry the fuck up, “it’s your turn,” while your TAURUS friend is already passed out drunk on the sofa. Just another game night with the gals and you’re loving every moment.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

For a lot of bitches, being overwhelmed is their Achilles heel. But with you, gurl, you crave that shit. The more tasks people throw your way, the more you get this fierce determination in your face as you say, “Sir, I’ll have another!” You’re a bit of a fucking show off the way you spin those plates around while your taking off some go-go boy’s G-string with your teeth. You do you, gurl.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

That bitch you pushed under a bus a long time ago is back and she came to play, gurl! And you can try to play nice, or you can make excuses as to why what you did is this other bitch’s fault, or, here’s an idea: you can admit your responsibility in this tragic occurrence so you could leave room for the two of you to get to the heart of where this all fucking started. Aren’t options great?

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

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Do you think we'll get Season 3 for shadowhunters? :(

With the clues they’re dropping, its like they’re going all out for 2B- they’re probably worried they won’t get season 3 that’s why they’re trying to put a lot of things on 2B. I am praying every night that we get another season! I don’t even know how to help with the ratings because i’m not really sure if Netflix views count(because I am not from North America). Do what you can to help the show during 2B!

You and Me (Ch. 4)

Summary: Without warning Terry Milkovich gets released from jail. He tries to sabotage Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

Word Count: 2095

The morning of the wedding has arrived. For the first time in a long time, Mickey wakes up earlier than his husband-to-be. Ian is facing him with tight grip on his waist. Mickey is facing him as well, refusing to move from the protective touch. He brings him fingers to Ian’s head and traces the outline of his face. Watching Ian Gallagher sleep was an absolutely breathtaking moment.

After a while, Mickey begins to notice Ian’s eyes start to flutter. “Mornin,’” Ian says incoherently.

“Morning, mumbles.” He nudges himself closer to the taller boy and closes his eyes again.

All of a sudden Ian starts to laugh. “We’re getting married today, Mick.” Mickey nods and smiles, still with shut eyes. “We’re gonna be real life married, not just ghetto married. Can you fuckin’ believe it.”

“I can,” Mickey says softly.

“When did you know you were in love with me? Don’t say I’m gay and ignore the question because yes, I already know that I am gay,” Ian says. It amazes Mickey how quickly he wakes.

Mickey bites his tongue at first because this is something he would never admit, but for Ian, it might be worth it. “Um–” Mickey puts his head down. “I-I kinda knew I was in love with you the second you came after me with that crowbar.” Ian hears the bashfulness in his voice. “What about you?”

“You were straddled on me and about to beat me to a bloody pulp with that crowbar. Then you dropped the thing on the side of the bed and I saw that look in your eyes right before we ripped each other’s clothes off,” he laughs. “That’s when I knew it.”

“We were so fuckin’ young.” He laughs and breathes into Ian’s body. “Guess that’s how we know it’s real though.”

Ian squeezes Mickey tightly. “And here we are about eight years later, getting ready to get hitched.”

“That’s some crazy shit, man.” He reaches around Ian to get a smoke. “Fucking crazy.” He kisses Ian, and comfortably lays his head on the other man’s chest.

* * *

“My brother is getting married!” Mandy screams at her father. “To my best friend! To a person he fucking loves! Not a some Russian whore that you forced him to marry the first time! A whore took his baby and ran back to her fucking motherland!”

No one knew Terry Milkovich was getting released from prison anytime soon, and this happens to be the worst day for it to happen.

Terry pushes Mandy out of the way so he can get to the guns. Before he can grab which one he wants, Iggy steps in front of him, placing a knife to his neck. “Listen, Terry. You’re a fucking sucky father, so if you come anywhere near my brother and his soon-to-be husband, I will have no problem slitting your throat.”

“Show some fucking respect to your father,” Terry pushes his son. “No faggots are allowed in this family. I’ll kill him before you even have the chance to kill me.”

“You’re not our fuckin’ family, Terry!” Jamie screams out. “You’re not fucking ruining this for him.” The Milkovich siblings could careless who Mickey decides to be with, but their homophobic, piece of shit father does.

While the two boys are threatening Terry, Mandy sneaks around them to grab the AK-47. Without much thought, she cocks it and presses it to her father’s neck. “If you come near us, Mickey, Ian, or any of the Gallaghers tonight, this bullet’s goin’ through your neck. You understand me?”

“Fuckin’ ungrateful, piece of shit, good for nothing children,” Terry spits and walks out of the house without a weapon.

The three Milkovich siblings give each other worried glances. “Better stack up. No way I’m letting that asshole step into this wedding,” Iggy says. “No one speaks a word of this to Mickey.”

* * *

“Do you, Ian Clayton Gallagher, take Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” Kev asks. They decided it’d be better to pay him to marry them in the Alibi than some priest they don’t know in a church that neither of them belong to.

“I do,” Ian answers beamfully.

“And do you, Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, take Ian Clayton Gallagher to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in–”

The words get cut off by the doors being slammed open. Terry Milkovich is standing there, beer in his right hand, gun in his left hand. The second the Milkovich kids see him, they pull their guns out on him.

“Kev, finish it quick!” Mandy yells before cocking her gun at his father who starts to proceed toward the two boys.

“In sickness and in health, until death do you part?” Kev speaks quickly and nervously.

“I do, I fucking do,” Mickey says with love and worry in his voice.

As Terry nears where Ian and Mickey are standing, Iggy launches himself onto Terry, punching and holding him down. Mandy keeps her gun aimed while Jamie joins in on the beatdown.

“You may kiss your groom!” Mickey pulls himself into Ian. Their lips crash together. As the kiss deepens, their hands run through each other’s hair. They have no awareness of the yelling and fighting around them at this moment.

When they separate, Mickey places one last kiss on his husbands lips before joining his siblings. As if they knew what he was about to do, they all back up, leaving Terry to scram to his feet. Because of his drunkenness, he doesn’t have enough time to react to the sight of Mickey. Mickey punches him hard in the face and smiles as he watches his dad fall to the floor. “I’m fuckin’ married, bitch,” he leans to say in his father’s ear. “To a fucking guy.”

The police come rushing in then. They take Terry without any hesitation because they know he was the initiator of this brawl. Tony makes sure that his coworkers don’t ask for a statement from the attendees of the wedding, he instead pushes all the policemen out and congratulates the newlyweds.

When Terry and the cops are all out of the Alibi, V screams. “You fuckin’ did it! You got married!” She jumps. “Let’s party!”

The Gallagher clan and the Milkovich clan begin their drinking for the night, but Ian and Mickey are left staring at each other. Ian grabs onto his husbands shirt and pulls him in for a kiss. They lean their foreheads together and smile into each other’s mouth. “We did it, baby,” Mickey smiles widely.

“I wanna make a speech!” Frank shouts in a drunken voice. Everyone moaned but no one stopped him because they didn’t think much harm could come from it.

Frank makes his way to the front of the Alibi. “When Ian was about fifteen, I caught him and good ol’ Mick fucking in the back of the Kash n Grab. At that time, you all thought Ian was a closeted gay army boy and Mickey was a straight Southside piece of trash. Just about every single one of didn’t know about them, but I know that none of you would’ve believed that they would end up here if you did know back then, but I did. I saw it in Mickey’s eyes– the protectiveness and worry, I mean. I mean, for fuck’s sake, Mickey tried to kill me after that! He thought I’d run my mouth to Terry so he almost killed me so Terry wouldn’t kill Ian! He’s a protective and possessive son of a bitch, but shit, that’s love right there. That’s some real fucking love.” He stumbled back to his seat at the bar.

Mandy raises her hand to stop anyone from taking a chance to speak before she can. In her six in stilettoes, she runs to the front of the room and places herself where the Gallagher father was standing before. “Hey!” Mandy exclaims “Shut the fuck up and let me talk!” Everyone quiets, but Ian and Mickey just grin. “I most definitely did not find out about the hardcore relationship between my brother and my bestfriend that way I would have liked, but I was one of the first people who were told. On the day of Mickey’s first wedding– which was forced by our piece of shit father– Ian got completely wasted. Not even lying I’ve never seen him so drunk. Anyway, I was in the middle of trying to make Lip jealous when Ian stumbled over to his brother and starting sayin’ some shit about watching the guy you love get married to a commie skank. I will fucking tell you I didn’t believe that he said love until I saw Mickey come home that night. He was a fucking wreck, but I thought it would pass, y’know, just some drama that’d mean nothing a month from that time– well I was fucking wrong. When Ian left I thought Mickey was dying, I’ve never seen him so distant and out of the fucking world. It was a few months but then they found each other again. They saved each other They found their way back through the shit that was dumped on them. I wish I could find someone to love me through anything the way you two do, but it’s not fucking normal what you have.” She raises her glass. “So, you better fuckin’ appreciate it.”

“Me next!” Lip made his way to the speech making area. “Man, I remember when Ian told me he and Mickey Milkovich were hooking up. I thought it was fucked up. Warned him everyday how bad of an idea it was because I thought the biggest thug on the Southside was incapable of feeling anything other than hate. I told Ian Mickey was using him for sex and that he couldn’t give a shit about him even if he tried. Turns out I was wrong because I’ve never seen love like this, not even from Kev and V– sorry, guys,” he points at them. “I’ve watched this relationship nearly blow up in flames one too many times, but no matter what I know they’ll survive the fire.” Lip goes to hug his brother as the rest of the group claps and drinks.

“My fucking turn!” Iggy shocked everyone by walking to the front of the bar. “One time I walked in on my brother getting a hummer from that redhead over there. What shocked me most about that was that I didn’t fuckin’ care. I didn’t fuckin’ care that my brother was with a dude. Us Milkovich’s aren’t like Terry, we love and support you guys because it’s fucking real. Real fucks with real,” he says and everyone drunkenly claps.

“I love Mickey because he helps Ian,” Liam runs to the front to say and then runs back to Fiona’s side. The crowd of people laugh at the younger child’s confession.

“Boys! You have to make a speech!” Fiona exclaims and looks at the newlyweds. “Show us how much you love each other!”

“Fuck off,” Mickey says to her.

Ian shakes his head. “We’re doing it, Mick, I want to. I’ll go first,” he grins. “I’ve been in love with Mickey Milkovich for eight fucking years, which is a long fucking time. I don’t know where or what I’d be without you– probably more insane than I already am. We been through so much shit since then but no matter what we come out stronger than ever. After all the fucking shit, we’re here,” he turns to Mickey. “It’s you and me, Mick. It’s always been you and me.”

Mickey laughs and begins to look around the room before he speaks. He immediately tenses up but then feels Ian’s hands on his knees. The younger man placed himself in the chair in front of him and grabbed his face. “Talk to me, babe, just me.”

“Fuck, I fell in love with you so quick,” he huffs out a breath. “I tried to fight it. Literally did everything I could to make you hate me, but your stubborn ass made me fall harder and harder everyday. You made me who I am today, Ian. I’d do anything for you, from day one. It’ll always be that way because like you said,” he grins, “it’s me and you.”

No one screams just yet. The family members and friends all shared similar looks of amazement. “We’re a Southside miracle,” Ian jokes.

So i started reading Killing Stalking...

Killing Stalking is soooo fucked up…but in the most perfect way. What is it with me and shipping fictional murderers with innocent people.?! I think a lot of people in the Hannibal (or rather Hannigram) fandom might enjoy Killing Stalking. Give it a try but get ready for some real good fucked up shit.

I mean look at that art, it is so great !!! And the story is is so good too !!! Ah I am in love ><


“God, (Y/N)…why haven’t you come to me about these things..”

On a date to the movies...
  • Aries: Watches the movie, but when you let your guard down, attacks you with some new type of sexual shit multiple times and acts like they didn't do anything; total sweethearts though, that will embarrass the hell out of you, be prepared or skips the movie and take you some where dangerous but cool as hell because they go on adventures like that and end the date with some home-made smoothies at their house because your still breathing hard and they are worried
  • Taurus: Paid for the food as you paid for the tickets, eating the snacks they bought or snuck in via bra, hat or pants (get creative) , but always feeds some to you without taking their eyes off the screen unless they see you waste the food they just bought for you-- bitch you better eat the rest of that fucking cinnamon roll
  • Gemini: Low-key flirting with you, pats your thigh a lot or plays with your hand; discusses with you when to take bathroom breaks and who would keep track of the story-line in the movie OR discusses the movie with you as they slowly take some of your nachos and eat the shit in your face-- be careful when staring at them, look at their lips more than twice, your gonna get it after they make you laugh your way into some nicely formed abs
  • Cancer: Keeps looking at you from the corner of their eye, you both share the drink with two different straws, but get confused on who's is who's, end up having an indirect kiss which causes this cutie to blush... or cuss you the fuck out, there is no in-between, btw you might watch some movie on Netflix (Minions) afterwards at their house that came out last month or something because they have been wanting to watch it and they get what the fuck they want, now cuddle them hoe
  • Leo: Wore a more relaxed outfit today and is more chill about things; tells you jokes from stand-ups they have watched and at the end of the night makes you spit out your soda, helps clean you up but ends up kissing you and we all know where that leads to... Yeah that's right- WALMART because they wanna play with some toys cause Walmart stays open and they don't want to go home yet
  • Virgo: Trying their best to not freak out on sitting near by another couple who is making out pretty roughly, smiles a lot when you nudge them at certain scenes (wink wink or nah); low-key wished they could go back to working but realizes that is was worth throwing away their schedule for you and... is low-key thinking about sexing you tonight... like, their mind is just filled with thoughts of THAT BODY and all the ways they can make you scream-- I'm not joking. Bring a condom. (Be safe kids. D:)
  • Libra: Just so many shy smiles, happy smiles, careful smiles and flirty smiles-- don't know how else to explain it besides the saying: "When your happy, I'm happy."; or just really happy to be out of the house and doing something with one of their favorite people (your not the only one, shhh, it's okay, your still special) plus, if the mood calls for it, will talk with you about some deep shit and make you realize... what the fuck is Goofy on? Like dude, spill your secretsssssss-- Who has the hook up? Is it Pluto? That dude is never there like, bruh. Is he selling drugs to other Disney characters? No wonder everything looks so lit
  • Scorpio: Will keep trying to hold your hand, just stares at you-- probably the type to take you to a movie that they truly recommend, not just some trend; at the end of the night will make sure you go home with a smile or ... make-out with you passionately somewhere breathtaking only they and their exs know about and its all planned out and shit. Then surprise you with that good-good and you end up in bed with them in the morning, realizing that you have been de-flowered and you loved every moment of it as they kiss you on the head and mutter the words "Now get the fuck out." (NO CHILL)
  • Sagittarius: Will tease the hell out of you the whole entire time, don't take offence though, they just don't know how else to communicate how much they l- l- lo- like that boootah-- just kidding, but they will make jokes like this to make awkward situations more awkward just for the hell of it; you laughing at their jokes makes their heart grow-two-sizes-more or some corny bullshit like that
  • Capricorn: Honestly, like, the hell man? These Caps are true gentlemen/polite ladies because they will honestly... make sure your night goes out with some weird shit; Now-- Be warned, they are crazy when hyped off of sugar and shit, but its cute, so it's okay
  • Aquarius: Get ready to learn a lot of shit, they are about to drop some mad fire of knowledge on your ass, all while taking you to the park after the movies and walk around that shit for while till they see the moon rising and wink at the sky because their alien comrades are watching you guys like some fucking movie-- they are shipping you guys HARD; Oh! Will also tell you stripping is not as bad as it seems, and that you should try it out, they will visit and give you some feedback
  • Pisces: NOW, us Pisces will treat you to some cool shit and pay to watch a movie and then movie hop the shit out of that theater because we aren't gonna pay fucking $16.50 to see some bs movie we can see on YouTube 3 months later-- Buuuuuut don't get mistaken, we will take you on the ride of your life afterwards ;).............. Street racing, get your mind out of the gutter and put on your seat belt and look safe, the cops are lurking
  • (First time trying this, like it or not, not my fault. Just how I view the signs. WATER SQUAD. SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD. Alright, bye.)
30 Day SWTOR OC Challenge

Day 18: Companions

Who is their first friend among their companions? Who ends up being their best friend? Who do they hate the most (or like the least)? Is there anyone they wouldn’t have recruited by the game gives you?

Bonus: Rate your class’s five ‘original’ companions from least favorite to most favorite. Explain why.

Most to least:

Kira Carsen

Lord Scourge


Sergeant Rusk


Kira Carsen ends up being Rain’s best friend during the storyline. She was the one who understood her, who could see not only a Jedi but also a person inside. She wasn’t by-the-book, wasn’t boring and brainwashed, had her ideas about making things better even if they wouldn’t be tolerated in the Order. And she had more in common with Rain than she ever knew. Rain never told her the truth about her past, not even when she found out about Kira’s background. She felt like a coward because of it, a liar, but she was darker in heart than Kira ever was, she was the one the order had doubts about even without that knowledge, and thus she hid the truth even from the only best friend she had at that time.

Lord Scourge was the kind she never met before. He was fully dark, and yet his rage was cold, his eyes still, he was a mystery to her, and for some time – a source of her passion. He was her advisor, and some time after that – her lover, though it could hardly be called a romance. She had sexual tension towards him, and later – some feelings, but they could rather be called passion than love. Scourge felt nothing of the sort for he wasn’t able to. What they had was literally to show Rain the particular part of the dark side, to let her passion consume her, at least, for a time. Scourge was her mentor, and she learnt much from him, but in the end she was still a disappointment, when he realized that light inside her couldn’t disappear, no matter how dark her actions might be.

T7 was her first friend and the one she’s been with longer than with everybody else. Even though T7 was a droid, Rain considered him a person and one of the closest friends. But she was never as close to him as she was to Kira. T7 was by-the-book, believed in everything the Republic and the Jedi Order stands for, and was some kind of portable Jedi Code, ready to judge Rain at any moment she didn’t act like the ideal kind of Jedi. Even though Rain sometimes considered him boring and naïve, she was still attached to him, and during the reign of Zakuul over the galaxy, she thought of him as the only connection to her past she had left.

Rain was never really close to Sergeant Rusk. He was a soldier to the core, and she could rarely see a person hiding inside. But they rarely argued and had common methods regarding dealing with the enemy. Thus, Rusk was a valuable ally, but Rain never thought of him as a friend.

Doc was Rain’s biggest pain in the neck and the one she regretted taking on-board most of all. She tried to avoid him at all costs. His flirting was driving her crazy, his hints made her angry. He considered her one of many women he once had, those playing hard-to-get, and no respect towards her was shown. Having no knowledge on how to deal with such situations, Rain responded with insults and mocking, and thus, never became neither a girlfriend nor a friend of Doc’s.

Aftershocks Part 10b

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Fluff, PTSD, Smut

Word Count: 935

Summary: The morning before the mission

Authors Note: This is just a little sweetness before the rough ride that’s coming. I wanted one last bit of adorable fluff before we get into some shit. Get ready for the mission to rescue Nat, Part 11 will be dropping soon.  Feel free to message me with thoughts and feelings, feedback is deeply appreciated. Tagging is open, just ask <3

Tags: @crapythings @buckyismyaesthetic @endless-dawn @ckwylde,@cambodia5, @wxnchestervevo @fantasticimpaladoctor @chillnadia @stone-cold-mustache @katbird787 @helloitsgrc

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

The alarm sounds at 5:30am, the loud beeping yanking you from your peaceful slumber. You jerk upwards feeling a limitation in your movements as you realize the pressure of Bucky’s body still wrapped around yours. “It’s just the alarm doll,” Bucky whispers, voice heavy with sleep as he moves to silence the beeping, his warmth leaving you momentarily. 

You sit up in the bed, pulling your legs to your chest, your arms instinctually wrapping around them as your jaw rests on your bare knees. Bucky leans back towards you, arms wrapping around your balled up form, his lips grazing over your shoulder, “Y/N?” He asks, looking up at you with worry. You dislodge from his touch, moving to stand beside the bed. 

“I need to shower.” You mutter as you move quickly towards the bathroom. You disrobe and turn the shower on, letting it heat up. You catch sight of your naked form in the mirror, noticing the scars left on your body from your time with Ward. Feathered white marks litter your skin, puckered slightly away from your flesh, the remnants of Ward’s electric ministrations. 

It’s ok to be scared. A quiet voice echoes in the back of your head. You feel a sob tumble out of your mouth as you brace against the sink, eyes locked on the mirror, tears carving out silent pathways down your cheeks. “Y/N?” Bucky mutters on the other side of the door, “You alright doll?” “I’m fine,” you manage to steady your voice, convincingly. 

You quickly retreat to the shower, feeling the burning water scorching your skin. Your muscles immediately relax as you stand there letting the water wash over you. “You can do this.” You repeat over and over to yourself as your fingers drag through your wet locks. “You are not broken. You can fucking do this.” You think of Bucky, think of the way he holds you, how he protects you. If you can’t do it for you, you have to do it for him. You have to do it for Nat. You have to do it for you, Y/N. 

“He does not control you. You are stronger now. You can do this” You turn off the water, stepping out and wrapping yourself in a towel, your shoulders settling into a confident position, ready for the day ahead. You walk out of the bathroom to find Bucky bent down by your dresser tugging through the bottom drawer, his boxer briefs pulling tightly against his toned thighs and ass. 

You bite your lip at the site “Oh, so this is where all my sweatpants and quarter-zips have gone!” He stands up, his hands holding multiple articles of his clothing a scolding smile pulling at his cheeks. “Whoops.” You whistle, smiling at him sheepishly as he discards the clothing, moving forward to encase your body in his arms. “Yeah,” he laughs, “Whoops.” He rolls his eyes as he leans down to press his lips against yours. 

You reach up into his hair, pulling his lips down to press harder against yours. “Y/N, you up? We’re loading and leaving in one hour.” Steve’s voice rings curtly through the door, Bucky rolls his eyes, mouthing “He’s in Captain America mode” mocking the heroic stance of his friends past. You giggle slightly as you reply “Yeah, I’m up. Message received Cap.” Bucky smirks at you. 

You dislodge from him, moving around the room to select your outfit for the day. “I should probably get back to my barracks so Cap doesn’t have a heart attack if he can’t find me.” You laugh softly at his jokes, you feel your body relax even more, the interactions feeling natural, comforting. 

He walks over to kiss you briefly before leaving, as if he’d been doing it every day for years, almost like a habit, making you wish for the day it would be. He smiles at your closed eyes as he pulls away to depart, moving back towards the door, leaving you to return to your routine “I’ll see you in a bit doll. Remember to pack your… your…” Bucky’s voice trails off as you drop your towel from around you, reaching to put on your undergarments. 

“My god.” Bucky breathes out, his eyes locked on your naked form as your eyes flash back to him, “Buck.” You roll your eyes at his dramatics, bending to pick up the towel. He moves quickly towards you, arms wrapping harshly around your bare body as he lifts you up to his lips. “Bucky,” you warn as his lips kiss down your neck. “Sorry doll, never really saw you in all your glory before.” 

He lays you down on the bed, positioning himself above you, “You are a marvel” he breathes, as his fingers glide delicately along your torso, cupping your breast in his hand as he wraps his mouth lovingly around the other one. “Bucky, we are leaving in less than an hour.” You groan, barely able to ignore the wetness forming between your legs. “Don’t worry doll, we’ve got plenty of time.” 

You see the flash of his mischievous smile as his fingers slide inside you, forcing your head to roll back as you gasp in pleasure. God this man. What I would do for him. Bucky. My Bucky. My love. Your eyes snap open as you think it I love you, you gaze down at your lover, his lips trailing down your naked body, worshipping every scar, every imperfection, his eyes devouring the site of your exposed body. You mouth wordlessly, chewing the feeling of the words in your mouth.

  I love you.