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Part 1? Yeah I just managed to get so many hairstyles ready until today. I’ll do the rest of the hairstyles in part 2. It’s just my easter holiday break ends in about two days and I wanted to share something. Next week, I’ll probably need to adjust to daily school life again and prepare for some upcoming exams, so yeah…

9 Hairstyles, kind of hat compatible (I don’t promise anything), all 18 EA colors.

Thanks to @your-sims-world for playtesting these hairstyles!

As always, if there’s anything wrong with my custom content, feel free to leave me an ask or a message!

Sneaky EMP + Barrage! ✅✅✅

McGenji Week 2k18 - Dates, Information, and Content Policy

Hey y’all! This blog is under new management! We’re still working on getting some things together for the ~ big official announcement post ~ but here’s the info we have right now!

McGenji Week 2018 will be taking place the week of August 5th through 11th

An official theme and daily themes will be included in the more official announcement post, which will hopefully drop sometime in late May or early June. For now, get hype and get ready! 

You can do as many of the days as you want, with art or fics of any length. We’ll do our best to make sure themes can be effectively answered in both visual and literary format! We’ll be checking the tag daily and reblogging all the wonderful things you post! If it’s been a couple days and you think we might have missed something of yours, feel free to shoot us a message! 

Now, that said, we won’t be rule free. The intention is to make this event a safe and fun environment for everyone. (NSFW entries are accepted and will be appropriately tagged.) With that in mind, we’re instituting the following policy:

McGenji Week 2018 will not be promoting fic or art featuring incest, noncon/dubcon, racist themes, or romanticizations of abuse. We also will not be posting otherwise allowable content from content creators known for being associated with these themes. We thank you all for your understanding in this matter, and would like to note that while our askbox is open for questions and clarifications, this rule is not up for debate.