get radical get free

My first self-published zine, Let’s Get Free: a Black Mental Health Resource Directory is ready for distribution!! 

It contains a list of Black mental health providers in Kentucky, some suggestions on what to ask your therapist and other useful stuff. 

It’s free, and I’m gonna put it in places throughout louisville. If you want to pick up a copy holler at your girl. I hope it’s useful!


I try to maintain compassion for the Internet Genderist Crowd because I can see the transparent desperation to escape misogyny that identifying away from womanhood is, but it can be really hard!!! Mostly because of the inherent harm it causes other women. EVEN IF you really could escape misogyny by using they/them pronouns (you can’t!!! oppression is sex based!!!), that solves nothing for your millions of sisters around the world who are suffering. They’re throwing other women under the bus by saying “that’s not my problem because I’m not a woman”, and worse, they’re robbing real feminists of resources and opportunities by creating new causes to stand behind and banners to wave that don’t actually SOLVE anything. And lashing out and vilifying the women who try to attack the real problems at their root is even more counter-intuitive. I just can’t wrap my head around the selfishness of this whole culture. It gets so lonely and defeating to be surrounded by it constantly.