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Local Trust Fund Baby Found Accepting Bribes in the Form of Confectionery 

Taemin is a chocoholic! Which is a bit ironic because dogs can’t eat chocolate. Reminds me of the time Jumin wanted to make wine that cats could drink lol

Here something I was working on before stuff blew over – thanks for giving me the motivation to finish it – especially since it is a Jumin piece ;;v;; Oh it’s also related to this ♥ Jumin is probably bursting with happiness because he finally has a decent photo with his son ♥

I missed painting so I tried refining this one – same art style, just with more depth and detail :D I can’t have messy sketches all the time – I also want polished stuff for keeping ♥ 

++quick bonus page because why not :D it’s so messy tho ill just fix it this weekend hhh


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

(dont tag as mcr//eaper i will Fight You)

hey!! so a lot of you were asking about the day and night universe and how stuff works there and i tried to think of something less half-assed and seriously thought this through. and i would like to warn you if you were expecting some kind of science related explanation or something cries i deeply apologize

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The War Boys call him “lucky,” to be favored by the Imperator.

The Sisters call him her “support/partner.”

Furiosa calls him “reliable.”

Max thinks the correct term they’re looking for is “furniture.”

But all things considered, he’s been used for worse before. He doesn’t mind being of use to Furiosa.

I said I wanted to draw a series of doodles of Furiosa using Max as various forms of furniture mostly to lean upon…and him making bemused grumpy faces.

The Throne is especially for bonehandledknife 

I know none of you care about this because it’s not America, but here in the Netherlands we have a thing called Serious Request every december in the run-up to Christmas, where 2 radio dj’s from 3FM get locked up in a ‘glass house’ with very little food, to raise awareness and money for that year’s topic for the Red Cross campaign. 

This year, a little 6-year-old boy who’s terminally ill came in to visit, and he had a last wish. He wanted to raise money through polishing people’s nails. He was hoping to raise 100 euro. 

At the time of writing, there’s over 700.000 euro raised and they’re expecting to hit one million soon. Through painting nails. There’s a hashtag (#lakaan), half the country - male AND female - are getting their nails polished, and literally everyone’s talking about. Plus he’s rocking beautiful, bright pink nails himself. 

So not only are we raising money for charity, but we’re doing it because a little boy wanted to put paint on people’s nails. Breaking down gender stereotypes while breaking records. 

(in case anyone’s wondering, this year’s topic is lung infection, which kills 900.000 children each year.) 

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 Based on this post/prompt

Darcy/Bucky, Soulmate AU

Word Count: 1855

(I know Darcy is American, but I just can’t bring myself to refer to Philosopher’s Stone as Sorcerer’s Stone so assume her copy of the book came from England or something, if you need an excuse for that).

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