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Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.

Time Out.

Hi. Jakei here. The real one.

I’m gonna delete the latest posts because this silly game is over. I learned something about this…”kind” of excersise. It was funny, but very serious as well..

Let’s get straight to the point.

In three days Underverse will have one year since I created the first animation, the pilot showing my favorite Sanses from de AUs. 

When I had the chance I tried to said all time this project started as a mistake, like a lucky moment to show people my love for art and videogames. But I learned to stop calling this story like that. Is just something that came up to my mind and made me feel more confident to do something I love with the chance to earn money with this to accomplish my goal to have my own house where I can live in peace with my only family that is my mother.

That’s my main goal. So, don’t think the rushers and haters are making me feel bad and forcing me to quit. I had to deal with real rude and evil people before, getting paid for being humillated from Mondays to Saturdays and coming back home crying because of a real stressing and miserable situation. I don’t think this is the same case here. I’m not receiving money from them. I keep with this because is a way when I can reach my goal giving love to my current job as a independent artist.

The latest posts were just for joking but I realized that some people was taking it too seriously. I’m very, very sorry for worrying you, but also I want to thank you for supporting me. Please don’t hate people who was involved into that shitpost, and don’t hate people who are really trying to hurt me. I don’t want you get hurt or having a bad time trying to defend me. 

Unlike other cases similar to this one. I learned to stop worrying about this. I prefer ignore this or even taking this with humor like I did this week for distract myself in some way due the delay of Underverse 0.3 has been a bit stressful to me because I’ll continue animating until the video is released. Stereohead Studios has also many important things to do so blaming someone is just useless and unfair.

Something that I’ve learned from other big artists that I admire with all my soul like Crayon Queen and Myebi/ Comyet… is that we have enough living hard situations in this world, in our personal lives, and the less thing we can do as recognized artists in this fandom is trying to make our blogs a nice place and spread positive feelings despite hatred and the amount of terrible asks people make to them, because we’re motivating people and teaching kindness and respect to each other.  Not for nothing exists options on this platforms to avoid those bad comments. Is a waste of time crying and messing up your entire day because two or three guys said something that could hurt you. 

Is not that hard when you’re used to it.

Those guys don’t even know you and You don’t know them. So… man… why even waste your thoughts and feelings when you can keep working on your own stuff and improving your skills? Making a space for you and your fans to laugh, to smile, to show you how far have you came because of their support.

You’re doing something you love and that matter. Probably others not, probably they won’t have to deal with this style of life. And I’m sure many of us started to be recognized thanks to this fandom. Everyone started with a little level or we was too shy to show our stuff. 

Drawing well, animating well, telling amazing stories won’t decide your happiness if you’re not happy, if you don’t try to trust happiness and show them that you’re really fighting for that.

If you feel your blogs or another places with things like “uuh I don’t like this thing i made” “I suck” “this person told me that and i’m so upset i hate them” “that person made something terrible go and hurt them because them deserve it” “i love what i do but my life is hell” “i’m tired of x and y because they want z” … things can’t change in your life if you don’t start by yourself.

I thought many times about cancel Underverse and leave this fandom, not only because of haters and stuff. It was because I was judged by many of other big artists that doesn’t like this kind of fandoms and are working in their own projects. I thought it was unfair because I was getting recognition because something that I didn’t create. I just created a fan story. 

I’m pretty sure when I post the next animation the chaos will be back again but I don’t even care. I don’t have 100k yet so I don’t have a multitude telling me what to do and asking me when. Anyway, if I had them, I wouldn’t still care. Because I have clear what to do and how to make it works. I’m not here just for teaching people how to draw or animate. I’m here too for showing them how to be nice and patient and how those two things can bring you to a better way to see the world. 

That we are real, nice people and we’re having fun, putting effort and love when we’re making something for you. Fandom or not fandom content.

Have a nice day.

And XGaster.

To the corner. Right nao.

Over Planning = Procrastination

I am making this post based on a request by an anonymous user, but as soon as I heard the idea it really resonated with me. When you are a perfectionist, like I am, procrastination comes very easily. As soon as I have a single doubt about what I am doing, I stop and turn to something else, which leads to a lot of unfinished assignments and unnecessary stress. So in this post, I’m going to give you my best advice on how to avoid this very thing and get back to work! 

Methods of Planning

You  need to start by addressing how you are organizing you time and if it needs to change. 

  1. Daily study schedule: This is my least favourite, and in my opinion leads to the worst kind of overplanning. This is when you schedule out your time hour by hour, down to what time you will study, eat, workout, etc. I understand that this works for some people and if you find yourself to be very disorganized, it can work for you. However, I personally find (and I think many would agree) that it ends up giving me anxiety and guilt when I don’t do something exactly at the right time. 
  2. Weekly or monthly schedule: This is ideal for people who like to plan ahead a lot, but don’t want to be too constricted to an hourly schedule. This method involves writing down what you need to study each day, but not declaring a specific time that you need to have it done by. I really like to use this for exam periods or before a big test, so I know that all the topics are covered by a certain point. 
  3. Daily to-do list schedule: This works for a ton of people I know, including myself. It is low-key, but also allows you to know what you have to do and actually get it done. This is what most people use in a bullet journal, which is obviously a very successful technique! It blends together the planning of the daily schedule with the fluidity and low-stress of the monthly schedule. I highly recommend this if you tend to overplan! 

Overall: You might need to re-evaluate the way that you organize your time and find something that is more productive. My personal favourite is the daily to-do list, but if you need more structure in your life, feel free to look at others. 

Dividing Tasks

One big thing that leads to procrastination is not being able to focus on the most important tasks that need to get done. If you put too much stuff on your to-do list or into your hourly schedule, it might actually end up taking away from more important tasks. 

Learn to prioritize. List tasks in order of their importance when you are creating a to-do list or other type of schedule. You can use a numbering system, or colour code them if you need more help:

  1. Red = Extremely important: Things that are due in the next day or two, studying for upcoming tests, steps in a process that needs to get done by the end of the week, bills that need to be paid, chores that have to get done before your home becomes a wreck. 
  2. Yellow = Pretty important: Things that are important to your schedule, but it wouldn’t be tragic if they got pushed off one more day. Re-writing or typing notes, writing out flashcards for a test a week away, working on an application or deadline that is still a while away, chores that aren’t going to affect you if they aren’t finished tonight. 
  3. Green = Filler stuff: Things that would be nice to get done, but aren’t urgent. Cleaning, organizing your desk, finishing a book or movie for pleasure, etc. 

Avoid Procrastination

After you have organized yourself and prioritized tasks, you need to be able to focus on actually getting them done. 

  1. Set firm deadlines. A lot of times, this is easy because teachers or bosses set them for you. But if they don’t, learn to set your own deadlines and stick to them. Write them in your calendar and make note of them in the days leading up to it. 
  2. Make mini to-do lists for an assignment. If you have trouble following deadlines, or value to-do lists as much as me, breaking down assignments and large tasks into small pieces can be super beneficial. For example, if you have an essay due, create a checklist with the intro, body paragraphs, conclusion, editing, typing, and final draft all as separate tasks. 
  3. Find ideal study setting. A lot of people have trouble focusing on tasks when they get distracted easily. I find it really helpful if I’m in an environment that gets me in a studying mood! Going to the library or a quiet coffee shop really motivates me. Finding somewhere with few distractions, limitations on how much noise you can make, and being able to see other people being productive is the ideal way to focus yourself. 
  4. Avoid social media and TV. This goes hand in hand with #3… Being in front of the TV or the computer (when you aren’t actually using it) is super distracting! Go somewhere that doesn’t have these distractions. 
  5. Start with small tasks. Sometimes, tackling your to-do list is easier if you start by completing a few small tasks. When I’m not in the mood to study, I try to do some household chores and update my bullet journal to get the ball rolling.  
  6. Use the Pomodoro technique, or something similar. Use a Pomodoro timer or another type of scheduling to stay focused when studying and take breaks when needed. If you find that breaking it down minute by minute is too stressful, try setting goals like “as soon as I am done studying this chapter, I will get up and make a snack,” and stick to them! 
Story Time! Pt.1

Today’s celebrity crush; Tom Hiddleston

Series Tittle: Interviews

Imagine: You are good working with camera’s amd known for your job. So you get called for a job with a publicity chain. They are going to interview Tom Hiddleston and they want you to make it perfect. There is ofcourse a photoshoot wich will get you a lot more than money.


After several hours of work for the interview yesterday you were ready for today’s photoshoot wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a loose skirt. When you got to the place almost everything was ready so you just needed to get some good shots of the man and then you would get paid and go home. You took the liberty to personalize the place a little and added some of the things that made your job unique.

When Mr. Hiddleston arrived to the place you went over to greet him and get ready to roll, but seeing him enter the room left you breathless. He was wearing formal clothes and his hair was styled so perfectly I just wanted to run my hands thru it and mess it up. I swallowed and smiled when his eyes fell on me, he walked to me with his manager following closely and a bodyguard. “Miss Y/N, pleased to see you again.” He smiled as you shaked hands. “It’s good to see you again too Mr.Hiddleston.” you smiled back and aimed for him to walk with you. “Shall we get started?” You suggested and he nodded with a soft smirk. He walked over to the centerof the white background and you placed yourself behind the camera. “Okay so let’s start off serious. Give me a business man look.” You talked loudly and put on some music to hype up the mood, he smiled liking it. You had asked around what was his taste in music, after all your job was to get his good side. He did as you said and that’s how work started. ■■■■■■■■ Several minutes later you were leaving the seriousness behind so you walked up to him and looked at him in the eye. “May I ?” You pointed at his hair and he smiled nodding. Tom secretly loved getting his hair played with. You timidly ran your fingers thru it, trying not to get any fantasize about it righ there. He closed his eyes to the contact and you chuckled softly. You messed it a bit more and took your hands to his jacket, opening all the buttons and then your hands went to the tie loosening it just enough. He opened his eyes looking at you and you walked back just a bit. You put an eye behind the camera. “Mister, what do you think about that makes you smile?” you ask ready to take a picture, he smiles and you take it. “Pretty ladies like yourself Miss Y/N” he responds putting his hand inside his pockets and you freeze for a second, you take the picture and look at him narrowing your eyes. You recompose yourself and turn to the crew. “Okay I need the fan here right next to me pointing at his hips.” You signal and the crew starts to get to it, you heard a loud thud and then your skirt began to move showing more than you would’ve liked. The fan had fallen next to you. You felt Tom grab your waist and move you behind him so that no one would see anymore than they already had. Your cheeks turned bright red and you looked down fixing your skirt as they got the fan up and fixed whatever was wrong with it. “I’m so sorry Mr. Hiddleston.” you said ashamed and looked up at him. “It was not your mistake Miss” he smiles politely.

“Thank you anyways” you say sheepishly and he nods with a smile. “Please call me Tom” he says and you nod getting back in place, the crew started apologizing and you simply shook your head. “It was a mistake just… don’t let it happen again” they all agree and you continue your work.

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Backup Prince // Yoon Sanha


the prompt: I wanted to request a fluffy Sanha scenario where you’re a theatre actress playing the lead in a musical and he works backstage and the actor playing your love interest drops out so he has to fill in last minute.

words: 2604

category: fluff

author note: i don’t write abt sanha much but when i do it’s always a pleasure. also this took forever to finish for some reason so sorry for the wait.

- destinee

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Blackpink's Reaction To You Being On Weekly Idol With Them

~for anon!~

{ Rosé }

“Trust me, it was the funniest thing!”

Rosé would have her arm around your waist for most of the time. She would probably tease you in front of the presenters and would have no shame in doing so. She would tell everyone embarrassing stories you two have had together, but also letting them know about the cute stories because she knows that she will be scolded by you after the show!

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{ Jisoo }

“You can do it! I believe in you!”

Jisoo would make you get involved in as many challenges as possible and would cheer you on so much. Maybe because she is awkward and doesn’t want to do them herself, but you do it for her because you are dedicated (and a lil competitive). After the show she would comment on how tired you looked and would look after you a lot when you get home.

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{ Jennie } 

“All of the hard work paid off”

Jennie would probably do a surprise rap for you. It would be the most romantic thing ever as the presenters are shocked and dazed. After her serenade, you would blush as you thank her countless times with a kiss. She would go bright red and after the show she would tell you that it took months to prepare it and build up the courage to perform it.

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{ Lisa }

“I told you I know you inside out!”

Lisa would absolutely ace the quizzes. Whether it be on Blackpink or a personalised quiz about you, she would get 100% on all of them. This would reveal a new side to her that you never knew existed. After the show you would question how she knew so much about you, and she would tell you that it comes with being a perfect girlfriend!

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I woke up this morning and realized a few things that kind of took me by surprise. Honestly it’s crazy how my life has changed in the past few months. I’m writing, producing, and working from home and making money doing it. I’m able to pay all of my bills and live in Los Angeles, CA more than comfortably. I have a loving and caring boyfriend who values and respects me and dicks me down mercilessly. I didn’t even realize we’d been officially “together” almost a month and we haven’t had one argument (disagreements, yes, but rare and always respectful/loving/healthy– he’s never even raised his voice at me). We legit just be together all of the time and like doing that shit, and we still check in and remind each other to focus on projects, take breaks to get shit done and come back to each other like it’s nothing. We can work silently in the same room and it’s kosher. I have great friends who love me and care for me and support the fuck out of me. I’m hosting a couples game night tomorrow for them at my place and we’re going to make tacos and get drunk and watch The Office and play charades. My bestfriend from childhood might come to visit this month which would be super lit because the weather is getting awesome and we could go to the beach and I’m sure she’d/we’d have a great fucking time. The Get Down Pt. 2 didn’t disappoint me. I might get a dog. I’m performing all over LA and making a name for myself as a poet and community leader. I’m working hard on my passions and figured out a way to work from home and get paid weekly and generally kick ass at life. I woke up this morning feeling weird because there was an absence of something I became so used to, and it was crying. Like, I haven’t cried in SO LONG. I haven’t been unhappy in SO LONG it seems like. I guess I’m not used to the consistent, unwavering feeling of happiness. I’m not used to it just being chill, it used to feel like something was missing if I wasn’t in pain in some way or another. I know there will be more trials but right now I’m pinching myself because I’ve never felt this secure, happy, and safe and I’m just very grateful that I’m still here to feel and witness it. Ok. That’s all. Ima go buy taco ingredients for these vegan ass niggas coming over tomorrow.

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 14


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

You walked into your dorm room in a haze, still not quite sure what to think of the previous night. Diane was there, and jumped off the bed as soon as she saw you.

“Where have you been?” She demanded as you sighed and sat down on your bed. “Do you know how worried I was? You didn’t answer your phone—what happened to your face?”

You touched your cheek gingerly where you had been struck, and were suddenly more aware of your still split lip.

“Don’t worry about it, the guy who did it now has a broken arm.” You didn’t add the fact that he also had some broken ribs, or the fact that Jaebum now wanted Yoongi dead.

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Bombing Syria for kicks without congressional approval, North Korea vs. America in Part III of the World War Trilogy, Kendall Jenner diffusing a tense situation with a can of caramel-colored genetically-modified high-fructose corn syrup, United Airlines calling the coppers to beat the f*ck out of a passenger who paid for his seat and just wanted to get home, Sean Spicer admitting we are trying to “destabilize Syria”, Sean Spicer (in an effort to one-up himself) tiptoeing into the minefield that is Hitler comparisons and setting off explosions all over the damn place, and this dopey Lake Country FLA sheriff doing his best ISIS impression—this past week or so may have been the stupidest in the history of the United States, proving that no country ‘Mericas like 'Merica 'Mericas. It feels like we’re entering the neo-dark ages, like were knee-deep in idocracy and still wading further out.

‘Cause w/o government, who would stir up all this awesomeness?



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said: Could you write something like Mycroft x reader valentine’s dinner, please?

A/N: This is so late and I am so sorry. x

“So where are we going?” You asked the driver of the limousine but was met with no reply. “Spoilsport.” You stuck your tongue out and was given a disapproving look through the rear view mirror. You finally arrived at your destination and you thanked the driver before exiting the vehicle.

“Dearest Y/N!” Mycroft smiled and kissed you on the cheek.

“Hello, Mycroft,” You replied. He had his best suit on and was carrying his umbrella. “I’m surprised you’re taking me out to dinner. I didn’t think you approved of Valentine’s Day.”

“I don’t. It just celebrates the brutal execution of St Valentine and is just a money grab for the shops. However, it’s a social necessity and you got me something so I felt an urge to get you something myself.”

“Oh.” You were slightly disappointed. You hoped he had done this mainly because he loved you. However, this was Mycroft, what did you expect? There was a pause as Mycroft had noticed something was wrong. He was the one to break the silence.

“Shall we go in?”



“How was your day?” You asked after ordering your meal. You were in a fancy restaurant with the food on the menu that could not be pronounced. Luckily, you had Mycroft to translate for you. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the furniture and curtains were vintage. You had hoped to go somewhere more simple and comfortable but Mycroft wouldn’t have known your desire. He wouldn’t be seen dead in places like those.

“Y/N,” He replied sighing. “Smalltalk has never been your strongest point, has it?”

“I only asked how your day was.”

“Yes…” He trailed off as his mind was obviously occupied by something else. You sat in silence while you waited for your dinner. He still wasn’t the best at communication, despite you both dating for two years. You loved the man with all your heart but he could be so difficult.



Finally, your meal came, which broke the awkwardness.

“Bon appetite!” The waiter said and smiled before leaving.

“He’s cheating on his wife with the manager of the restaurant,” Mycroft stated.

“Mycroft, can you not?” You asked. “Just for tonight. Please?” He nodded reluctantly.

“So…” Mycroft began as you began to eat. “How was your day?”

“Smalltalk has never been your strongest point, has it?” You smirked at him. He rolled his eyes. “But my day was okay.”

“How’s your food?”

“Delicious.” You knew he knew that already but you did just warn him to stop using his deductions. He began to eat.



“I’m stuffed!” You exclaimed. “I cannot eat another bite.” You had both finished desert. You knew Mycroft loved his cake. He asked for the bill and he paid.

“I’ll get us a car back to take you home,” He said.

“Can we walk around London for a bit?” You replied. “Please? Nothing fancy?”

He contemplated. “I suppose.” You both left hand in hand. You found yourselves walking down Southbank. It looked lovely at night when it was less congested. You enjoyed moments like this with the man you loved and you could tell he liked it too. He hated the thought of it but he loved it. You stopped him suddenly and you kissed him. He was surprised at first but quickly found it pleasant.

“We didn’t need anything too fancy,” You said smiling.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” He replied. “But that’s not how I do things.”

You giggled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Prompt: Octavia picks up solider!Bellamy from the airport who has finally come home after being deployed, and they go and surprise Clarke - who thinks he won't be home for another month or two. (or other way around with soldier!Clarke)

Alright, let’s do this! Thank you for the prompt and sorry to have kept you waiting. :D

Disclaimer: I’m not from the US, all my knowledge about military comes from movies and fanfics. I’m gonna be really vague. 

Also on AO3

Octavia actually greets him with a fluorescent green sign that says “WELCOME HOME, BRADBURY” and if Bellamy were any smarter, he’d turn around and leave before she can spot him.

But he’s tired and really wants to come home to his two favorite people, Octavia and Clarke, so he just waves at her.

By the time he makes it through the crowd, she’s bouncing on the balls of her feet and the sign clatters to the floor when she tackles him into a bear hug. Octavia doesn’t believe in half-assing hugs and Bellamy thinks his ribs are probably gonna crack.

(That, or his eardrums are going to be pierced because she’s squealing right by his ear.)

“You’re home! You’re finally home!” she shrieks, moving away to search his face for any signs of change. When she finds none, her mouth spreads into a smug grin. “Oh, Clarke’s gonna be so pissed you didn’t tell her.”

Bellamy ruffles her hair, smirking at the green sign by their feet, and says, “God, I hope she won’t. The whole point was to surprise her.”

His and Clarke’s story is - specific, to say at the very least. It all started with the blonde hurricane of a girl smashing a vase over his head (she swore it was an accident but Bellamy knew it wasn’t - no one bites their cheek that hard trying to contain a grin when it’s an accident), continued with the doctor appearing at every barbecue Bellamy’s friends made and ended with the two of them sitting on the porch of Octavia and Lincoln’s house, getting drunk, being bitter and deciding that their lives are shitty so they might as well fuck it out of their systems.

Obviously, it didn’t work. And three years later, they’ve decided to just go with it.

“I locked up all the vases, just in case.” 

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Poppies [A DR2 Komahina AU Fic]

I got the idea from an unusual AU fic ideas post. That’s all I will say. Enjoy!



“Welcome to Jabberwock Flowers.

Hajime looked around the small flower shop. He’d passed by it on his walk to work several times, but never set foot in it until today. Behind the counter was an unhealthily pale young man around his age. His sickly white hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He was smiling at him.

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I hope you like it! <3 <3 <3

*Warning- Kinky (hair pulling, spanking, biting.)* You have been warned ;)

You’re Mine

I sat chatting and giggling with my friends at the restaurant, I hadn’t seen them in months what with being on tour with Brendon, so it was nice to get out and see some friends before we headed off again.

“Ugh god guys I’ve missed you guys so much.” I gushed, finishing my meal and pushing my plate away.

“I know, it’s so great that you’re happy on tour with Brendon but we miss you when you’re gone.” Anna said, smiling and touching my arm.

“Yeah we miss you.” Johnny said, I felt awkward him saying that with him being my ex, I didn’t know why he was still hanging round with my friends and trying to talk to me, truthfully I didn’t really want him there. He was still behaving so weird with me, even though I was with Brendon.

“Well ya know, I love touring with Brendon, it so fun and I love the guys and we get to travel together.” I made sure to bring up Brendon in front of him, it might make him get the damn hint.

“Yeah but you can’t base your life about his schedule.” I took a deep breath to keep from losing it, quickly wanting lunch to be over now, I’d already had enough of him making comments about me and Brendon.

“If they’re happy and it works for them then that’s great, her and Brendon love each other Johnny.” Jasmine interjected, smiling at me, she knew about how awkward I felt and always tried to support me with it. We carried on talking and catching up, it was cute how Jasmine kept mentioning Brendon and asking about how it was going to help me. Johnny’s friend Robbie was there too, he kept joining in on the comments which was pissing me off, I had had enough now and just wanted to call it a day.

“Look guys, I better get home, I’m so tired from getting home yesterday and just wanna chill.” We paid the cheque for the food and left the restaurant, it was within walking distance of mine and Brendon’s house so they decided to walk me home. Once we had to go our house I realised I had forgotten my keys, I rang the bell, waiting with my friends with me, Brendon answered the door, I had left before he had woken up so he had messy hair, his eyes slightly squinted, he looked so cute. I smiled widely and hugged him.

“Hey sleepy head.” His eyes instantly ended up on Johnny, wrapping an arm firmly around my waist as he pulled me into a kiss.

“Hey baby.” He looked to the rest of my friends with a smile. “Hey guys!” They all said their greetings, I smiled and gave them all hugs, Johnny hugged me before I could argue, I ended the hug quickly and said my goodbyes to them all. Once they were gone me and Brendon went inside, Brendon sat on the couch, I could already tell he was pissed. “So… how was lunch?” He asked, his tone slightly sarcastic and sour, I sat down on the couch next to him, touching his arm gently.

“It was good, it was nice to see them.” I looked at him but it didn’t really look back.

“Yeah?” Was all I got in response.

“I didn’t know he’d be there.”

“Yeah ok, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh for gods sake Brendon it blatantly does matter.”

“Well I’m totally going to be happy about you going to lunch with your ex aren’t?”

“I didn’t know baby, and why does it matter anyway.” I tried to stay calm shuffling closer to him on the couch, he was being so cold with me.

“Because its obvious you still have feelings for him!” I froze, did he really just say that, I kept my cool, I knew losing it would only rile him up more.

“What? Baby, I don’t have feelings for him, I love you, only you.” He went silent to my response so I cuddled up to his chest, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. “We’ve been together over a year now, I’ve been on tour with you, and you really think that I would go back to him? You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I earned a small smile for my comments, his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I’m sorry, I’m just scared to lose you Y/N.” He said softly, kissing me again, I kissed back, slipping my hands up to his shoulders, gently running my nails along that spot on his neck, he shuddered slightly, looking at me through dark eyes, I knew full well I was teasing him.

“Besides, I know where I’m well treated.” I teased, leaving that comment down to his interpretation, he bit his lip slightly, smiling devilishly, I grinned back at him, knowing I was getting to him, he gripped me and pulled me onto his lap, my knees either side of his hips. We stated kissing more, his hands on my back, running along my spine, he groaned slightly as my hips ground down against him, gripping onto my ass firmly. His tongue fought for dominance against mine and unsurprisingly won, one hand sneaking up into my hair to hold my head still, I was firmly in his grasp, I could tell his was going into controlling mode now, my thoughts were confirmed when he gripped my ass in both hands and stood, carrying me to our bedroom as I giggle in his arms.

He threw me down on the bed, looking at me, I wriggled slightly, biting my lip as he looked down at me.

“You know, I might feel jealous of your ex but I know there’s something I can give you that he couldn’t even come close to.” He smirked, hooking his fingers on the waist of his sweatpants.

“Oh… what’s that?” I asked in a teasing tone, standing and walking to our bathroom to check my hair, I didn’t need to check it but I wanted to tease him, he followed behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, his lips met my neck, kissing up and down, onto my shoulder, biting gently. “Well?”

“You wanna know?” He asked meeting my eyes through the mirror, I nodded biting my lip. “Well… I bet he couldn’t fuck you like I could.” He whispered, the husky tone I loved so much creeping into his voice, he smirked at me through the mirror as another kiss made me shudder, I ground my hips back slightly gaining a loud groan. His eyes were fierce and dark, fingers curling against my hips, he gripped me and spun me round, swiftly unbuttoning my jeans and yanking them off my expertly, while he was crouching to pull them off of me he began to place kisses on my thighs, shoving me back against the counter in the bathroom. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder and began licking fast against my clit, my back arching as I threw my head back, he held my as in both hands as he hungrily licked my clit. I secretly loved it when he got like this, desperate to show me why he was the best, his tongue lapped circled over my clit, two fingers sliding inside me, I groaned as he began to pump his hand fast into me, curling his fingers to rub my sweet spot, my hand snuck into his hair, gripping it gently.

“You’re so wet.” He moaned against me, the vibrations making me shudder, I could feel myself getting close to cumming already, he knew exactly how to drive me insane, my stomach beginning to tighten, that familiar feeling of heat building.

“Fuck… Brendon I’m close.” I whimpered desperately which only spurred him on more, he began to move his tongue more aggressively, pumping his hand fast and hard, the leg I was standing on began to shake show he hoisted me up so I was sitting on the counter, giving him better access, I gasped, my head lulling back as I was close to cumming. I noticed his hand slide down into his boxers, stroking himself up and down slowly, he moaned out, the vibration on my clit sending me over the edge. My body tensed up as I came hard, whimpering out his name over and over, I felt him smile against me, his hand still working in his boxers, he kept going for a while to draw my orgasm out. He stood, shoving his sweats and boxers off and gripping my knees, pulling me into him, wrapping my legs around his hips.

“Taste yourself.” He growled, pulling me into a rough kiss, I gripped onto his shoulders as he pushed in roughly, growling against my lips as he began to move his hips, he dove straight into a fast hard pace, his hips snapping against my own. One hand was gripping onto my thigh as he moved, throwing his head back in pleasure, even though we had been together a year I still wasn’t adjusted to him, his pace was relentless, slamming into me aggressively, fingers curled against my skin, I moaned out loud, throwing my head back. He smirked in response, I knew he was getting what he wanted, to show me he was the best. Still moving he stripped my shirt off, unclasping my bra and throwing it to the ground, I followed suite and pulled his own tshirt off, as he moved he dipped his head and began kissing my breasts, biting the sensitive skin there. My head rolled back in pleasure, gasping sharply as I felt his teeth graze my nipple. He began licking and sucking it, only intensifying how I already felt, I gripped onto his hair again, moaning out loudly.

“Fuck Brendon!” I gasped, he moved his head up to face me, pulling me into another kiss, this time his hand ended up in my hair, holding me still, I couldn’t move against him, I whimpered into the kiss, gripping tightly to him, I gave his hair a playful tug, he groaned out. I felt his hand ball up in my hair, pulling it back roughly, exposing my neck, he began to speed up as he bit down on my neck, I couldn’t move my head forward, stuck with it pulled back, I felt my stomach tightening again, I was already sensitive from his earlier assault on me, I could barely stand it.

“You feel so fucking good baby.” He growled, biting my earlobe, I whimpered desperately, beginning to tighten around him, he looked up and smirked at me. “Is somebody close again?” He teased I nodded, he pulled out and yanked me off the counter, spinning me round and bending me over it he hand balling in my hair again, pulling back head back as he slammed back into me. His hips slammed against my thighs as he moved, biting my lip, I felt him tug my hair, a shiver of pain shooting down my spine, I felt his hand crash down against my ass, causing me to moan out loudly in pleasure. “Cum for me baby.” He moaned, hips slamming hard and fast into me, I was so close I would barely stand it, tightening around him over and over as my body tensed up. “Now baby… say my name when you cum for me.”

“Fuck yes! Brendon!” I practically screamed out, feeling my body hit its peak again, he grunted loudly, feeling me tighten around him, my legs were getting weaker by the second I wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. He held me in that position, the way he was holding my hair pulled my back into an arch, allowing him deeper, I could barely think, waves of pleasure fogging over my brain, and still he kept going, not even the hint of being close yet, his relentless movements driving me insane. I felt a hand move under my stomach, supporting me slightly, however rough he was he was always considerate of me.

“You’re so damn tight Y/N.” He moaned, I could see his face through the mirror, his head back, lips parted as he panted loudly, hair floppy and all over the place, the way his muscles tensed in the arm holding my hair, his sexy tattoos on his arm, he was driving me crazy. He yanked my hair hard, pulling me upright, biting my earlobe, his hips still moving, slightly slower now. “Get on the bed.” He ordered releasing me, I complied and walked over to the bed.

I wasn’t given the chance to lay down myself before I was shoved down onto the bed, he climbed in between my legs, pulling me down towards him, I giggled and squealed as he did. He supported himself above me, pushing back in again, he liked being on the bed because he could get the angle I loved, which he instantly pulled me into, slamming into my gspot with every thrust now, I yelled out in pleasure.

“Look at you… so sexy.” He purred, leaning down close to me, our bodies pressed together as his hips moved, I felt myself getting close again, three times, this one was gonna knock me out, I was sure of that. “You’re mine!” He growled deeply into my ear, sending a shudder down my spine, I gripped onto his shoulders, my body getting tense with every snap of his hips. “Say it… tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours Brendon.” I whimpered, he knew he was driving me insane, my body beginning to quiver and shake against him, my fingers curling on his back, scratching slightly, but it only drove him more insane speeding up his hips, I was on the edge of cumming again. I felt my nails scratching his back, he grunted out loud, his head thrown back in pleasure, I felt his own muscles tensing under my fingers, throbbing slightly.

“Baby I’m close…” He groaned out, kissing me hard, biting my lip slightly, I felt the throbbing growing more intense, sending me over the edge, I yelled out in pleasure, screaming out.

“Brendon! You’re the best!” I yelled repeatedly as I came hard, my body going rigid, mind clouding over, I couldn’t barely remember my own name, waves of pleasure sending me spiralling.

“Shit Y/N!” He groaned low in my ear, cumming with me, I felt him throb as he reached his release, moving slow to ride out both our orgasms, he pretty much collapsed on top of me, panting loudly. “Fuck baby.”

“I know…” He rolled off me, both of us sweaty and worn out, he pulled me into his arms, stroking my back, his gentle side returning now. “I did mean all that though Brendon.”

“Hmm?” He kissed my forehead gently, smiling at me, his eyes sleepy again.

“When I said I love you, I really do, I couldn’t bare the thought of losing you. Especially not for some dick who fucked me around.” He gave me a soft smile, stroking my hair and back.

“I know baby, I’m sorry I got so defensive… I just… I’ve never felt like this before… I love you. I’m just scared of losing you.” He blushed as he spoke. “I mean come on, I’ve written songs for you!” We both giggled at the comment, snuggling up together, he yawned, pulling the covers over us.

“Oh come on! You haven’t even been awake that long.” I tried to get up but was stopped by his hand pulling me back against his chest.

“Don’t care, I’m sleeping and we’re having a nap.” He gripped hold of me playfully, nuzzling into my neck, stroking my back gently.

“You’re so cute.” I snuggled into his chest, wrapping my arms around him, as soon as I closed my eyes I felt the tiredness set in, his small little tired groans made me smile as we cuddled. God I was so in love with him, what did I do to deserve him? I didn’t know, but at this point I wasn’t going to question it too much.

I really hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing it! <3 <3

If you get a cold

you don’t have to cancel a date!  Obviously if you are seriously sick or don’t want to go for other reasons, listen to your body and do whatever tf you want.  I just had the experience where I almost canceled a date purely because I was sick and thought he wouldn’t be into me.

So I got this nasty head cold toward the end of my vacation abroad.  I had scheduled a meet with a POT for the last day, and I told him the day before that I wouldn’t cancel so last minute, but he should be warned that I was really sick and very tired.  We met anyway, and even though I was stuffy and had a hard time speaking the language, he took me shopping and wants to see me again.

Right after I got back, there’s this one guy who was dying to see me again after vacation.  I gave him the same warning: I won’t cancel if you don’t want me to, but I honestly have the plague.  We still met and he sent me a picture of him buying me a surprise gift today!

Meeting when you’re sick can have lots of benefits, namely:

  1. You might not even have to kiss him at all!!!  Sometimes he will still want to and say he doesn’t care, but you can definitely shirk almost all intimacy because, well, you’re sick.  This is especially useful for that handsy POT.
  2. Both of the men I met had kids.  Both of them brought out this extremely paternal mentality of I WILL NOT STAND FOR THESE SYMPTOMS.  They both whisked my off to the pharmacy first thing and bought all the medicine and tea and everything I would need to last through the next three colds I get haha.  It was cute, and I didn’t have to drop the $25 on the strong drugs myself.
  3. “I’m just bummed because I’m missing so much work because of it.  I don’t mind being sick, but I’ll probably have to work overtime once I’m better so my paycheck won’t take the hit.  Sorry I probably won’t be able to see you next week.”  Cue lots of sad faces until he takes out his wallet.
  4. Literally Netflix and chill.  When you’re sick, obviously the usual wining and dining and adventure aren’t appealing.  All you want to do is lie in bed and not do anything.  Tell him you just want to snuggle on the couch and drink tea and watch his favorite movie.  No talking, no kissing, you barely have to interact with him.  You’re just doing what you’d do at home and getting paid for it.
  5. He won’t expect you to stay out late.  Tell him at 6:30 P.M. you want to leave at 7 to go home and rest.  Leave at 7, tell him goodnight at 8, and have zero obligation to respond to his late night texts asking if you’re up and stuff.  “Sorry, I took NyQuil as soon as I got home and knocked out!  Guess I really needed the rest!”  Even if you go to bed at midnight, you can start ignoring him so early in the night every night for the next week.
  6. If he sees you when you’re sick, he knows you’re not BSing him (à la Karen in Mean Girls “I can’t go… I’m sick”).  Then if you don’t want to see him the next week, you can say you’re still sick, whether or not you are.
    1. This also will build his trust in you, so if you want to cancel in the future, he is more likely to trust the excuse of illness, whether or not you’re malingering.  (;

Note: If you are seriously sick or throwing up, don’t trouble yourself meeting with someone or putting yourself out too much.  If you have the flu or are throwing up or seriously just need the sleep, stay home!  This is advice for those times of seasonal allergies or the common cold, where you can still put up with doing a few things low key, just as long as you take it easy.  If you wouldn’t go to school/meet a close friend, don’t meet a POT/SD.

As with everything I post, these are my personal experiences.  Not everything will work for everyone, but if this does work for you, go out and get the sugar!  <3


Note: I absolutely loved this series. I finished it last night and actually laid awake thinking about it for a few hours, the images haunting just beneath my eyelids. Another wonderful work by The_Dalek_Emperor.

Part I (Below) | Part II | Part III | Part IV |

It’s a long story, but one you’ve never heard before. A story is about a place that dwells in the woods, on the mountain; a place where bad things happen. And you may think you know about the bad things, you may decide you have it all figured out but you don’t. Because the truth is worse than monsters and men.

At first I was upset when they told me we were moving to some little town out in the Ozarks. I remember staring at my dinner plate while I listened to my sister throw a temper tantrum unbefitting of a 14 year old honors student. She cried, she pleaded, and then she cursed at my parents. She threw a bowl at my dad and told him it was all his fault. Mom told Whitney to calm down but she stormed off, slamming every door in the house on the way to her room.

I secretly blamed my dad as well. I’d heard the whispers too, my dad had done something wrong, something bad and the sheriff’s department had reassigned him to some little out of the way county to save face. My parents didn’t want me to know that, but I did.

I was nine so it didn’t take me too long to warm to the idea of a change; it was like an adventure. New house! New school! New friends! Whitney, of course, felt the opposite. Moving to a new school at her age is hard, moving away from her new boyfriend, however, was even harder. While the rest of us packed up our things and said our goodbyes, Whitney sulked and cried and threatened to run away from home. But a month later when we pulled up to our new house in Drisking, Missouri she was sitting right next me texting viciously on her phone.

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-He tries to get his homework done within the first two hours

-You tell him to put it away if he wants to get paid

-”Uuggghhh but I have a big test tomorrow”

-”Then study at home!”

-You tell him you can study after they fall asleep

-Ponyboy trying to read to them but it doesn’t work whatsoever

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-Pony ending up yelling “Go the fuck to sleep!”

-The kid starts crying and Pony has to take them (and you) out for icecream even though it’s 11 at night

-When the kid finally goes to sleep Pony acttually cuddles with you instead of studying ;)

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Hello! I was tagged by the always adorable @scarlettsoldier for this tag game! (Omgosh we have the same shirt, I’m dying) Sorry it took me a bit to respond.. I had to wait until I got off work to do this. 

My lock screen is a pic of me with Jeremy Renner bc I PAID FOR IT DARNIT and I’m getting my money’s worth! 

Home screen is my doodle of mcu oc Sutton bc I like to think it’s a reminder to actually work on the next story instead of just pretending I’m “outlining” it.

Last song I listened to (on my phone) was “Map To Your Heart” by Copperlily. (Such a cute song!) 

And last selfie I took was actually a bit ago when I was pretending to have a bob! 

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I keep a quote book
  • “Is bronchitis contagious?” -Asked to teacher in Drivers Ed class
  • “I’m a sweet psychopath.” -English teacher
  • “I don’t have a book to read so I’m doing math”
  • “This is why we can’t have nice things!” -German teacher
  • “There’s a breadstick where my signal is”
  • “Gotta have my shorts hiked up for Jesus”
  • “Does it relate to the charge of cations or anions? The answer is no.” -Chemistry teacher
  • “Okay here’s what matters: Nothing.” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • “In math we’re going to take a field trip to hell. It’s kind of fiery. You might need sunglasses.”
  • “I gyrate my hips when I’m nervous.”
  • “I have pants in my shorts!”
  • “No, you can’t just say ‘Jesus take the wheel’.” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • “Quiet please! Nick I’ll hurt you!” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • Student A: “You went from Iowa to Mississippi?”
    Student B: “Shut your mouth.”
  • “I definitely do not get paid enough for what I do” -Home Ec teacher
  • “His wife just gave labor”
  • “She went into birth”
  • “You need to enunciate your writing words”
  • “I didn’t teached PE I taught PE. I guess I should have teached English too…” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • “That’s what’s wrong with the world associating peace with being a stoner!” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • Student: “Aaron wrote his name on the test.”
    Drivers Ed teacher: “Aaron’s going to get punched.”
  • “I eat sporks”

read this article how ppl see tech support and content moderation and corporate social media as faceless…tru. it’s super dehumanizing even more so than retail and fast food imo. u just wanna get paid and go home