get over yourself adam

in addition to being a ruthless murderer, i’d like to remind everyone of all the terrible canon things adam parrish has done 

  • let’s not forget that he stole gansey’s car, stole ronan’s car, spent days fixing up noah’s abandoned car to get it up and running again just so he could steal it, stole matthew’s entire hotwheels collection, and remember that car that helen “gave” him? YEP. stole that too.
  • when people insult him, he doesn’t even say thank you. (uh…ungrateful much? get over yourself adam)
  • that time he hired a dog to burn down a hospital???????? why does NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS???????
  • favorite tv show got cancelled? well you can thank adam parrish. that’s right. adam controls every major television network in the world. and he doesn’t give a shit about your unanswered questions.
  • all those times he claimed he was “””tired”””” from “””””working three jobs”””” when he was actually staying up late at night to write the screenplay for age of ultron 
  • did you know david karp actually planned to purge every inactive url so that other people could use them, but adam told him not to? thanks a lot adam.
  • invented minions
  • cold fusion WOULD have actually worked, if adam hadn’t been so busy using ronan’s feelings for him to manipulate him. WOW.