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These days everyone’s all about sparkly vampires and tyrannical dictatorships trying to make you get with cute boys, and I’m just over here with my 90s YA heroine, who hangs out with marmosets and egg-laying mammals and rides dinosaur skeletons over tyrannical dictatorships before breakfast. 

I really wanted to stick a tubby little duck-billed platypus into the final cover - and I still might. Don’t tempt me!



…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.

Spy AUs

•Ugh I hate teaching the trainees they’re so weak and annoying…. how the eff did you take me out? Could you teach me that??

•I know you’re pretty strong on the physical side of things, but holy eff dude, you are hitting that bag so hard that your KnUckLes are bLeEdiNg.

•Why am I tied up? Oh, you caught me? Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts for.

•We’re both professionals and we’re both super good at our jobs but hOw could we resist using our sneaking powers for evil and teaming up to play the most fRuStrAtInG game of hide and seek 

•We were on a mission together, something went wrong and the building exploded, you’re off telling our manager that everyone inside died, but I hear a cry so get your ass over here and help me get this cute little boy out before he dies!

•Epilouge to the above - we saved the kid, adopted him, and I’m trying to take care of him, but you taught him our insane spy skills so now I can never find him without climbing into the vents! 

I don’t think it’s “cute” when boys get possessive over me, and here’s why:

When I was fourteen I watched two grown ass men fight with guns and knives over who would get to fuck me legally the day I turned 18.
I walked away that night feeling flattered that they were fighting over me. I didn’t realize the seriousness of what I had just witnessed. I was too naive to believe that one of them would actually hurt me. He was seven years older than me when he took my virginity and continued to use me until I turned 15 and finally got up the nerve to say I was leaving.
He got angry with me when I decided to leave. He got violent and told me I wasn’t allowed to see anyone until I turned 18 and he could have me again.
To get back at me for leaving him he told my next ex boyfriend where I lived and how to find me at any time of the day.
So for the next few weeks I received text messages from my ex asking me why I wasn’t responding when he could clearly see my car parked in my own driveway. He would come visit me at work and make sure I wasn’t flirting with anyone-even though him and I were done.
When I was seventeen I fell in love with a man who thought I belonged to him.
Before we were even dating, every time I’d remind him that he didn’t own me, he’d get angry and he would start threatening to leave. But I thought I loved him so I started staying silent. I let him hold on to me too tightly when we were in public together and got used to staying quiet any time another guy was around.
He would get so angry when I didn’t want to have sex with him because he thought that he owned me and that I should do whatever he wanted. He started punching walls and banging his head into things when I said I didn’t want to have sex. He would get so violent and angry that I’d end up giving in to him and letting him have what he wanted. He had my mind so twisted that I thought this type of behavior was okay. He reminded me that he’d never actually laid a hand on me so everything he was doing was acceptable.
He would yell at me if I tried to look pretty. He would tell me I wasn’t allowed to look that nice because my body was only for him to enjoy. He would yell at me for wearing crop tops even in the sweltering heat of august. He would threaten me while he watched me put on my makeup because he thought I was getting too dressed up for someone other than him.
I missed out on countless opportunities to go to the movies or the beach or do anything with my friends because I wasn’t allowed to go without him. He thought I belonged to him and he wouldn’t let me leave without telling him exactly where I was going.
He hated me when I wanted to spend time with my family and once when I went out to coffee with my best friend, I checked my phone towards the end and I had more missed calls and messages than minutes I’d spent with her.
I went on a family vacation to the lake and he would get mad at me every single day because I would not allow him to drive the six hours to see me. He would get angry with me because I would not tell him the name of the lake because I was afraid he was actually going to drive all that way when I got too busy with my family to answer his messages.
The time that I spent with my best friend got less and less when I was with him because he wanted to keep me all to himself.
She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just leave him, but every time I tried he would threaten to take his own life or even mine.
When I did finally break up with him, he spent nights crying on my doorstep and mornings sitting outside my bedroom window. He would show up at my work and wouldn’t let me do my job until I promised to call him when I was off.
He ended up in the hospital because I finally refused to keep in contact with him. He was so hysterical over the fact that I said I didn’t belong to him that he slit his wrists.
He threatened me and my friends and my family when he found out I’d moved on.

So no, I don’t think it’s “cute” when boys get possessive over me.
I’m careful about who I spend my time with now.
Sure, a little jealousy comes normally but I won’t let a boy get possessive with me.
As soon as he starts mentioning things that I’ve learned should make me uneasy I’m leaving his ass behind me.

—  Selena V Vargas

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  • Important first date question: Do you drop a frog that pees on you or keep holding it
Yoongi - Christmas Party ~ Part ll

Holy fucking shit I took way too long to finish this up and I have no excuses but it’s like super motherfucking long and dirty so hopefully that makes up for it? I think I write too much sometimes, I’ll start writing shorter scenarios. Also just pretend for the beginning a dare to kiss your best friend happened during a Truth or Dare game and yeah.

Approx. reading time ; 15 min ~

Warnings : Threesome, LANGUAGE, spanking, deep throating. Jesus Christ just please be aware that this is some nasty ass, dirty sexy shit.

“It’s just a game,” you perch on the edge of your best friends bed. “I mean, it’s not like it’s going to mean anything.”

“It will to me y/n,” Jin sighs and you scrunch your eyebrows.


“Let’s just get it over with, the boys will come in here and shove us together if we take too long,” your best friend squats down in front of you, his hands resting on your knees. “I’ll lean towards you so you don’t have to..”

His eyes stay locked on you and you don’t understand why he leans up so slowly but as soon as his plump, soft lips press against yours, your brain throws out every other thought besides wow.

It’s merely a short peck before Jin pulls back and you chase after him, stopping yourself once you realize what you’re doing. He was your best friend, that was it. You couldn’t make the same mistake twice by dating another boy in the band.

“Jin we shouldn’t-”

Suddenly standing up, Jin grips your chin and smashes your lips together again. You lean back with the force, your arms swinging back to hold yourself up. Jin takes a deep breath before kissing you harder, a guttural moan reaching your ears. Leaning on the bed between your legs, he gently lays you down and hovers over you, hands trailing down your body. He grabs your hips and lifts them up so he can press his soft cock against you through both of your clothes.

“Jin,” you gasp.

You hold onto his broad shoulders while he kisses your cheek and down your jaw to your neck. “Fuck, been waiting so long,” he sloppily sucks on the juncture of your already bruised throat, hips gyrating in small circles against you, heavy breaths fanning over your skin as he grows in his jeans.

“Well well well,” you let out a small squeak as Jin jumps forty feet away from you, both of you turning to look at the rude intruder with wide eyes. Yoongi crosses his arms and leans against the door frame, smirk splitting his face open. “What do we have here?”

“Yoongi!” You yell, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him. He smacks it to the floor and laughs.

“Don’t stop cause I’m here guys, continue with what you were doing.”

“What?” You and Jin ask at the same time.

“Keep going. You obviously had no intention of stopping,” he makes himself comfortable on the floor after closing the door and locking it. “Don’t worry, Namjoon and the kids are watching a movie now, you guys were taking too long.”

“What the hell Yoongi,” you curse. “We’re not doing anything with you in here.”

Yoongi nods and stands up, Jin watching from across the room as he walks towards you. His eyes widen when Yoongi yanks you up from the mattress until you’re standing in front of him, his arm moving to wrap around your waist and bring you flush against his side.

“If I recall,” Yoongi whispers into your ear, quiet enough Jin couldn’t hear. “I’m the one who makes the calls here, not you. So you will do as I say or I will spank your ass until you’re bleeding, right in front of him. Do you understand?”

Yoongi leans back a little and looks down at you, his eyes darkening with his question. You don’t respond and he nods.

“She wants to play Jin,” he says, letting you go and sitting on the bed.

“No no no I’m sorry,” you say quickly, resisting when he grabs your wrist. “I’ll do it. Jin come here.”

“Too late Princess,” Yoongi pulls particularly hard and you fall over his knees, the air being pushed out of your lungs when his thighs make rough contact with your chest. He holds you down by your back while he rids your upper half of your tank top, his other hand pulling your skirt down and exposing you.

“Yoongi!” Jin yells, missing the moan you let out.

“Jin calm down. She’s such a slut for having her ass smacked, aren’t you baby?” Yoongi grabs your hair and pulls your head back. You whimper but nod as best as you can.

“Fuck yes,” you breathe out.

“Use your nice words Princess and tell Jin what you want,” Yoongi demands.

“Please,” your voice shakes as you try to speak so Yoongi loosens his grip. “Please hit me, hit me so hard I cry, Yoongi please.”

“That’s a good girl.”

Yoongi releases your hair and Jin stands in shock, heat flushing from his face straight to his dick. He knew the two of you were kinky but not that kinky. He snaps out of it when Yoongi’s hand lands a nice loud smack on your left cheek, then another equally as loud on the other. He soothes over the red, stinging prints in the shape of his hand before delivering a third sharp spank on both cheeks. You cry out and Jin gets worried.

“You’re hurting her!”

“Not hard enough,” you gasp out, tears blurring your eyes. Jin gapes at you and takes in Yoongi’s smug smile as he slaps you more times in quick succession, beautiful whining noises escaping passed your lips with every one.

“Are you going to listen to me now?” Yoongi asks.

“No,” you shake your head, a little harder than necessary so your hair whips him in the ribs. Like you wanted, he grabs onto your ponytail and rips your head back.

“Oh?” Yoongi remarks, punctuating it with a rough spank that has your back arching with your scream.

Yoongi lets your hair go and slides his arms underneath you, lifting you up and laying you across the bed on your stomach.

“No more for now Princess,” he whispers. You feel him lean over you, feel his soft lips press kisses to your ear and down the back of your neck, trailing down your spine. He stands up. “Jin, kiss her better.”

“W-what?” Jin stutters but you were too spent to say anything.

“I hurt her,” Yoongi says obviously. “Kiss her better.”

“Oh okay, um..”

The bed dips under your body when Jin straddles the back of your thighs. His big hands grip the sides of your arms and you smile over your shoulder at him, encouraging him to just do it. His mouth glides over your shoulder blades, his hands moving to your waist as he makes his way down your back.

“All along right here,” you hear Yoongi tell Jin before you feel a cold pair of lips caress the dips at the bottom of your spine. The coolness felt amazing in contrast with your scorching back side and you let out a low moan. “Oh Princess likes that. Keep going. All around.”

Jin continues to pepper gentle kisses on your bruised, flared skin, hands rubbing up and down your sides. You lift your head up and rest your chin on your hands when Yoongi walks around the bed. He kneels on the floor and brings his face close to you.

“Did I hurt you?” He asks and you shake your head. He smiles and leans forward to kiss your nose. “That’s my strong girl.”

“Gimmie real kisses,” you cutely beg him, softly moaning when you feel Jin sucking and nibbling on the back of your thighs, right above your socks.

“Nice words baby,” he reminds you in a whisper.

“Please give me kisses,” you pout. Yoongi stares at your bottom lip before leaning over to peck it. He pulls back slightly, using his arms as support to hold himself up on the edge.

“Spread your legs baby,” his nose brushes over yours. You do as you’re told instantly and Yoongi kisses your pout again. He reaches around you and pushes Jin away, his hand straying dangerously down to your wet pussy. He rubs you from behind.

“Can Jin have a little taste of you Princess? I’m sure he’ll love to try,” Yoongi kisses the corner of your mouth, catching the small whimper that leaves when his thumb skims over your clit. “Wouldn’t you Hyung?”

“What?” Jin asks cluelessly, ripping his eyes way from where Yoongi was playing with you.

“You wanna taste her don’t you?” Yoongi asks. Jin bites his lip, his chest raising up and down and Yoongi smirks knowingly. “Yeah you do. Baby can Jin-”

“Please,” you beg, already pushing your ass further into the air. Yoongi and Jin share a similar taken off guard look before your ex shrugs.

“Dig in.”

Yoongi’s fingers disappear but are quickly replaced with your best friend’s rough tongue, prodding at your hole.

“Holy shit,” you gasp, your jaw dropping open. Yoongi’s fingers reappear in your mouth, tips reaching the back of your throat.

“Suck a little Princess,” he massages the back of your tongue and you clamp down onto him, suckling your wetness from his digits.

Your knees are gripped from behind and pushed further apart, Jin’s nose rubbing against you as he ravished mercilessly at your clit. You whine on Yoongi’s fingers.

“He doing a good job baby?” Yoongi taunts and your eyes flutter closed. “Hyung, lick her hole open. Get it nice and wet, she likes that don’t you Princess?”

Jin’s thumbs separate your spit slick lips and his tongue plunges into you, your ass arching high into the air and pushing back, air being ripped from your lungs.

“Yoongi,” you plead, on the verge of tears. You felt like you were about to explode.

“Let him have just a bit more fun love,” Yoongi pulls his fingers from your mouth, replaces them with his strong tongue. He kisses you deeply and cradles your jaw, distracting you from the intense pleasure of Jin eating you out so you didn’t come too early. He had a lot more planned.

After a few more minutes he stops Jin and you all move over to his bed. He sits his back against the headboard, pulls you to sit on his lap, his hard on pushing up against you through his thin basketball shorts.

“Fuck,” you whisper, circling your hips, grinding down on him. He kisses the back of your neck, below your ear.

“Show Jin how much you love to suck cock,” he whispers and you look at your best friend.

Yoongi’s hands slide down your thighs as you reach for Jin. The eldest shyly grabs your hand, allowing you to pull him onto the bed. You adjust him in front of you, only mildly distracted by Yoongi’s tongue tracing patterns into your shoulder, hands grabbing his hips and reaching for his zipper.

“Wait wait.”

Everyone freezes and looks up at Jin.

“Should we do this? Is this a good idea?” He asks and you bite your lip. His innocence was such a turn on.

You grab the hem of his shirt and yank him down to his knees in front of you, your lips capturing his in a sloppy kiss. He whines when your teeth sink into his bottom lip, his hands grabbing yours and guiding them to his bulge. You rub him through the rough material of his jeans, pulling away from your kiss and trailing your mouth down his neck.

“Okay we can-” he cuts himself off, gently pushing you away to stand up in front of you again. This time he lets you unzip him and pull his pants down, Jin impatiently bending down and helping you take them off completely, throwing them to the side. Your hands wrap around his meaty thighs and pull him closer, Jin tripping and leaning over you, catching himself on the wall the bed was pushed against. You didn’t mind because at least this way, his dick was closer.

You’re surprised at the size of his boner, your mouth watering when you see it twitch and soak the grey material with precome a second later. Behind you, Yoongi was holding onto your hips and grinding up into you, you could hear him cursing under his breath at the friction on his own straining cock.

You jerk forward, giving Yoongi a better view of your ass as your mouth softly suckles on Jin’s briefs.

“Shit,” he breathes above you, watching you from between his arms. You peel his underwear down, your small hand curling around his thick base.

“Holy shit,” you mumble, leaning forward and licking hesitantly at the head. You had no idea how you were going to fit him into your mouth; you wouldn’t say it out loud but he was significantly bigger than Yoongi. Longer, a bit thicker, a deeper red color and covered in a lot more veins. Yoongi was pale with one or two bulging veins, about an inch or two shorter and held lightly in your hand unlike like Jin, who had a bit of weight to him.

You carefully wrap your lips around him, just the tip for now, and he lets out a deep groan, his hips barely jerking forward. You tongue at his slit and slowly stroke his base as a distraction until you figured out a plan.

Yoongi behind you holds you up while he shimmies out of his shorts, leaving them bunched at his knees. He throws his head back and moans, Jin’s attention moving to him, when he guides his tip to your tight entrance.

“Baby gonna fuck you,” he warns breathlessly, his fingers pinching your hips and lowering you down onto him. You moan at being filled, Yoongi moans at being gripped tightly by your walls and Jin moans from the vibrations you sent through him.

“Fuck,” you call in unison.

Yoongi smacks your ass and sends an order your way. “Suck him properly.”

You force yourself to swallow as much of Jin’s thick cock as you could, your nails digging into his thighs as he powerfully thrusts up and effectively chokes you.

“Sorry!” He apologizes quickly and you try shaking your head with your face stuffed with cock.

“She can take it,” Yoongi grunts, shallowly pushing up into you.

Seokjin tests his boundaries and reaches down with one hand, keeping himself propped against the wall with the other. With the gentlest touch you’ve ever felt, he brushes the stray hairs from in front of your eyes, his large hand easily gathering it all into a loose fist. You pull back and tilt your head up.

“Tighter, be rough,” your voice is scratchy when you talk, Jin’s eyes flashing with lust.

He lets your ponytail loose and combs through the front and curls his fingers tightly into the top of your head. The familiar burning sensation on your scalp blooms in your nerves and you return back to his cock, which he confidently guides into the hot tunnel of your mouth.

“Mmm, tight baby,” Yoongi groans, circling his hips before pushing up particularly hard, burying himself deep inside you. His force sends you far down Jin’s shaft, his swollen head making you gag as it so suddenly is going down your throat.

“God yes,” Jin holds your head down and you squeeze your eyes closed, tears leaking from the corners and streaming down your cheeks. A smack to your ass from the palm of your ex only adds to the pleasure you’re feeling.

You start choking, unattractive noises gurgling in your throat but when Jin tries pulling back, you bring him in even closer. You swallow around him, taking in a few deep breaths through your nose to ease the slight pain. After you collect yourself you give him a thumbs up to continue.

“Fuck, your mouth is so full,” he whispers, his hand pulling your head back so he can see his cock fuck deep into your mouth. It arches your back and causes Yoongi’s dick to reach a spot inside of you that has you seeing stars. You whine, muffled, sucking and slicking Jin’s shaft as much as you could. Your jaw was aching but in the best way possible, Yoongi now slamming up into you and making your body bounce. Your ex boyfriend’s breath hitches when you purposely squeeze around him, making his grip on your waist tighten.

“Okay stop stop stop,” he pants, you pulling off of Jin’s cock immediately thinking you hurt him. You look over your shoulder at Yoongi, who was urging you off of his lap. You crawl between Jin’s legs and sit at the end of the bed.

“What happened?” Jin asks.

Yoongi throws his head back, breathing heavily, “I almost came,” he whispers and you snort.

“Let’s just switch places,” he heaves his body up and off the bed, gesturing for Jin to sit in his spot.

“I…” Jin blushes up to the tips of his ears and down the expanse of his chest, his eyes darting around the room. You share a look with Yoongi.

“Do you not want to fuck her?” Yoongi asks and Jin coughs.

“No! No it’s not that I just.. I have to be on top,” he murmurs. You giggle and he flushes an even darker red.

“Jin you can be on top, I don’t mind.”

“You don’t?” He asks.

“Why would I?”

“Let’s get this show on the road people, I need to come.”

Yoongi rushes you into your positions, you on your back and Jin laid out on top of you. Your ex crawls up behind you, his cock hovering over your face, his hand slowly stroking him to full hardness again. You just now realized you’d have to suck him upside down. You figured you could do it if he helped you but your attention was on Jin, who was kissing up your neck and jaw. He lightly kisses you on the lips, stickily pulling away.

“Are you okay with this?” He asks quietly.

You nod and grab his shoulders, you just needed something back inside of you

“Jesus are you guys going to start dating or something?” Yoongi grumbles in jealousy, his hand smoothing over his pale stomach. You look up to say something about his snarky remark but Jin is slowly pushing inside of you and stretching you wider than Yoongi did. Your nails hook into his skin and you let out a long moan as he sinks into you.

“I won’t last long,” he breathes against your ear and you roll your hips to get him to start moving. You didn’t care, as long as he lasted at all.

Your best friends hands roam over your body as he pulls back and thrusts back in, the breath being stolen from your lungs at how deep he could reach on the first try.

“Fuck Seokjin, come on,” you beg, your hands moving further down his muscular back and forcing him closer, deeper. You moan and a groan reaches your ears, but it wasn’t the man on top of you’s.

You tilt your head back to see Yoongi, slowly stroking himself right above you, watching Jin grind into you with hooded eyes.

“Fuck her hyung, Slut wants it so badly,” he whispers. His face scrunches up in pleasure and you can’t help but to reach up and grip him yourself. The angle was awkward but you made it work, moving your fist over his shaft by twisting your wrist and pulling. Yoongi’s hands curled by his sides, his teeth sinking into the flesh of his lip in an attempt to hide the groans that he spilled out. He breaks and reaches down to push two fingers passed your lips, his body moving in sync with you. “Your hands baby girl, fucking perfect.”

Jin was finally fully seethed inside of you, shallow thrusts trying to ease you into a new familiarization before he couldn’t take the agonizing pace anymore. He was thrusting into you with a new speed, your hand tightening around Yoongi and your core clenching in accidental reaction, causing both boys to release identical drawn out moans.

Your body was shoved up the bed every time Jin slammed his hips into yours, headboard banging loudly, sending pleasure bursting through you as your walls clung to his thick length, the feeling of pulsing veins driving gasps up your throat from around Yoongi’s fingers.

“Need your mouth baby, let me stuff you full,” Jin whines at Yoongi’s words, lips sucking bruises into your rightfully already fucked neck. Yoongi’s fingers disappear and both of his hands are tilting your head back as far as it can go, holding onto your jaw as he shuffles forward. You take it into your own hands to stretch your neck and swallow Yoongi’s tip down. His head falls to his chest, his eyes boring into the sight of you, trying hard to suck him off while simultaneously getting roughly fucked by one of your closest friends. He holds your face still so he can thrust forward, his thighs tapping against your head and pushing you down on Jin when he pushed you up. You swirl your tongue around, your hand reaching down to tease your clit but you’re smacked away and replaced by rough pads of fingers circling your clit and making your pleasure ignite.

“Beautiful lips,” Yoongi whispers, mostly to himself while he drinks in the erotic sight of you. “Mouth stretched so pretty..”

You’re so suddenly taken off guard by Jin’s particularly deep thrust, tip hitting your spot dead on and throwing you over the edge. Your back arches high up into the air while its wracked with euphoric electricity, muffled whines escaping your throat, resulting in both boys slipping in deeper and reaching their own highs. Jin buries himself as far into you as he can while he unloads with a twitching cock and guttural moan right in your ear, Yoongi on the other hand pulling out and jerking himself off in quick strokes until he’s spilling over your cheekbones and lips, his mouth falling open in a silent groan.

You fall back to the mattress, breathing heavily with a panting best friend burrowed into your neck and a heaving ex boyfriend lent over the both of you with sweat dripping down the sides of his face. You look up at him with tired eyes and he smirks lazily, reaching down and smearing his milky come around with his thumb, sweeping it up and pushing it into your mouth.

“Be a good little girl,” he whispers. “And swallow it all.”

me: I’m reading stone ocean, so I might as well draw some of those characters-


I’m probably going to clean this up properly sometime tomorrow if I feel the urge to do so, but for now, have another Rohan Kishibe because i cannot get enough of this boy and his awful outfits

Head on over here to see the cleaned up new version.

A Girl Worth Fighting For- 5

Summary: When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.

AN: I wrote this for @sincerelysaraahh ‘s July month of Fairy Tales.

Words: 625

Warnings: Language, because I can’t seem to write without it.

Tags: @annwhojumps @avengerofyourheart @bovaria @beccaanne814-blog@buckyywiththegoodhair @crapythings @gold-liess @romanovoff@howdoesoneadult @kaaatniss @kmwiinchester @lenavonschweetz@marassberry @marvel-ash @noticulous @sebastianstanismyobsession@time-to-dance-rey @wholockiand @-i-miss-you–

Masterlist   Part 4 

Originally posted by uncensoredsideblog

“Hey, Billy,” Dugan shouts at you, and you look up at him from your place on your bed, a book between your hands. “Get your ass over here and help me whoop these boys at Texas Holdem.”

As it turned out, you were exceptionally well at counting cards. The men didn’t know that, but the longer you played the more confident you grew. You found yourself having a good time, up until the door flew open and you, Dugan and the others whipped your heads around.

“Howdy, boys,” Barnes gave a lopsided grin, strolling into the barracks and clapping a hand on your shoulder. “I hope that’s not real money you’re gambling.”

“No sir,” the man at your left shook his head, twirling a chip over his knuckles. “All in good fun, Sarge. Care to join?”

“Thanks, but I just came to let you know Phillips will be in tomorrow. So be on your best behavior or I’ll have to stick you in time out.”

“Whatever you say, boss.” Dugan laughed. You stared at him, incredulous that he would speak to the sergeant that way. It shouldn’t have surprised you, because Barnes was one of the most friendly people you’ve ever met. “You should stay, though. L/N here must have an ace up his sleeve, he’s won the past four rounds in a row.”

“That so?” Barnes grabbed a chair as the other men scooted around, making room for him between you and Dugan. “How’s that?”

“Just lucky, I guess.” You smile at him and he returns it, folding his arms on the table to watch. As the game progressed, you found yourself lightening up bit by bit.

“-never seen a little guy with that much upper body strength.” Gabe Jones was laughing, throwing you a bright smile. “You gotta tell me your secret, L/N.”

You flash a grin at him, putting your cards face down on the table. “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.” The table laughed and you leaned back in your chair, picking your cards back up. You glanced around the table, your grin softening into a fondness as the men carried on. If Will were here, they would have loved him.

They were exactly the type of men he would have been friends with if he didn’t spent most of his life working. They were good men and hard workers, like Will, but when they had a chance to sit back and relax, they were overall pleasant to be around. You wondered vaguely how many of them you would be shipped out with, if any, and the thought that you might never see some of them again made you a bit solemn. But then you made eye contact with Barnes and something in your gut wrenched at the sight of the creases around his eyes, the pearly teeth between his lips, and the way his grin seemed to grow when he saw you. You tore your eyes away, grinning blatantly at the cards in your hands.

The joking lasted well into the night, long after lights out. Barnes didn’t seem the least bit upset, even after the cards were forgotten and the men had taken to arm wrestling. You, of course, opted out and cheered them on from the sidelines. The shouting filled the barracks, a happy noise that pounded in your ear drums.

“Alright, fellas.” Barnes stretched, pulling himself up to his feet. “I think it’s time we call it a night. See you boys bright and early, we’ve got courses to run and Phillips will be here before dawn!” There was a collective groan as the men started cleaning up. As soon as everyone was in their beds, a quiet fell over the camp.

Part 6

psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: boo seungkwan is the best quality!

psychic: what the h ECK

me: it’s true

“My door was closed for a reason,” Lucian mused, his tone playful as he kept his back to the intrusion. With his hand tucked in the waist of his loose sweatpants, the man idly stroked himself as he looked through his wardrobe. “I have a meeting that I need to leave for so,” the man began to explain, turning to look over his shoulder as he pulled his hand from his pants to fasten his watch around his wrist, “unless you’re here to give me a damn good reason to stay– like throwing me on the bed and fucking me like the man you are, or getting over here and showing me just how much of a good boy you can be– then you’ll have to come back another time…”