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“If I...” || Wonwoo || Oneshot

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Word Count: 1093

Genre: inconsolable angst, oneshot

Summary: The worst things in life are the unanswered questions; the “what if”. They leave an empty hole in your heart and dug at you for days. Wonwoo had such a question. If he had said the things he wanted to say to you…what would have happened?

Wonwoo sat on the steps that led into the dorms and stared out into the rain. He sat with his knees pulled to his chest, feet resting on the step below, his arms crossed and leaning against his thighs. His head was tilted to the side, resting against the railing. The rain hit the toes of his shoes but he made no move to pull them back. His backpack leaned against him like an old friend seeking comfort, and he appreciated the slight warmth that it gave.

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Your Desk is a Mess Part 4

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

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Part Four

Sprinting down the stairs, you managed to slip out the front door of your apartment building just as someone else was walking in. You legged it to the bus station, ignoring the fat droplets of rain that began splashing onto your coat. It was a drizzle, really, but you were desperate to catch the bus in order to get to work on time.

You made it to the station with two minutes to spare, and pulled the umbrella out from your bag. Luckily for you, that’s when the drizzle turned into a storm.

The bus arrived, and you, along with everyone else at the station, walked to the curb.

“Hold the door!” a voice behind you yelled as you stepped onto the bus.

A few seconds passed, and the doors shut behind you. The bus was always full this time of year; particularly on rainy days, and you often found yourself without a seat.

“Dreadful weather,” the voice said again, and you turned around, recognising it immediately.

He looked down at his clothes, before looking out the window, trying to catch his breath. You’d never seen him like this before. He was always so professional, so mature, so serious. He seemed like a great guy and all, but you’d never thought of him as someone who would be caught running for the bus without an umbrella.

His eyes landed on you, and a grin erupted onto his face.

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California Gothic
  • There is a cloud today, just one. You look at it with a faint flare of hope; It is pure white and holds no hope of rain. You get out your umbrella to encourage it. It’s an airplane trail.
  • It rained last night, and the entire town is hungover. Streetlights blink red, confusing every driver who dares to approach. Half your city is without power. Auto wrecks litter the sides of streets, but each only involves one car. “We really got soaked last night!” They say, smiling behind their sunglasses. There was less than an inch of precipitation.
  • You go into the Valley. You don’t know why you’re here. The road stretches on for miles in front of you, and everything is flat and dead as far as the eye can see. The speed limit is 55, but the truck you are behind is going 30. You pass a sign that tells you there will be a passing lane in 18 miles. The regret grows in your stomach like the piles of tumbleweeds crowding the fences. Free them. Free yourself.
  • You have been in traffic for two hours. None of the signs look familiar anymore, but you haven’t moved. Where are you? Where is the city? All the houses look the same, but there are no more exit ramps. You realize you don’t know what your Freeway number is, and you know true fear.
  • “Let’s go to the beach!” They say. “The beach is great!” It is March, and the water is too cold. “We’ll have so much fun at the beach!” You are already at the beach. The beach never ends. The beach is eternal.
  • You have been driving for nine hours without stopping. You are still in California. There is no escape.
Subtle hints

Bruce Wayne X reader
Description: reader fails at flirting a few times until it actually works. This was a request.
A/n: just a warning, this’ll probably suck because I’m only 14 and I’m writing for an adult character with an actual job and I’m hopeless because I know next to nothing about workspace crushing. Sorry.

You were lucky to get this job. Good hours, better wages, a nice (and super hot) boss, what more could you ask for. You carried a huge stack of paperwork and two coffees into Bruce Wayne’s office. You sighed slightly as you thought about your boss.

It wasn’t like you thought that you had a good shot with him. He is the Bruce Wayne after all. Gotham’s own genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. But still one could hope.

“Mr Wayne? I brought you some paperwork and a coffee to make sure you don’t pass out while doing it.” You said as you walked in.

“Y/n, we’ve talked about this. You can call me Bruce. But thanks for the coffee.” He said as he grabbed it from your hand. His fingers brushed yours and a little jolt went through you. He drank half the cup in one sip before smiling down at you. (because that man is a skyscraper compared to the author)

“Thanks y/n. You’re probably the only one in the entire building who ever gets my order right.” He says as he flashes a five star smile, making you a little weak in the knees.

“Sometimes, I think that’s the only reason you keep me around.” You joked. He laughed before looking at the paperwork.

“I’d pay you extra to make the papers disappear but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.”

“Unfortunately, work makes the world go round. I guess I better get back to mine.” You said as you started to leave. The tiny voice in you was yelling at you. Ask him out! It’s just you and him, you can do it. Come on, do it now before you lose the nerve!

“Mr Wayne?” You ask when you reach the door. He looks up at you and smiles.


“Um… Have a nice day.” You say as you run out of the room. You were so embarrassed. I can’t believe I just messed up like that! I had the chance and I blew it!

Little did you know, Bruce was in his office silently groaning because he had made you freaked out.

“I don’t know what happened. Maybe I said something wrong or did something that made her nervous? I’m a superhero dammit, why can’t I get the courage to ask her out?” He muttered to himself.

The next week, a huge rainstorm hit Gotham. There wasn’t any flooding (yet), but it still was enough to soak someone in three seconds. You were walking to work under your umbrella, when you saw mr. Wayne get out of his car.

The car was opposite from the building he had to enter but you were on the same side he was. You saw him shake his head about the rain and your heart skipped a beat. Here was your chance!

“Bruce! Wait!” You shouted as you speed walked towards him. He smiled when he saw it was you and not a news reporter.

“Hello y/n. This rain is awful isn’t it.” He said. You nodded and noticed his suit, which probably cost more than your apartment.

“Do you want to share my umbrella? It might save your suit from being ruined.” You offered. He nodded and smiled gratefully.

He tried to get under the umbrella but realized that he was too tall to fit underneath. So you ended up huddling next to him as he carried the umbrella across the street.

You got to the main doors of Wayne enterprises and stared at each other. Here’s your chance! Don’t screw it up like last time.

“Well, I-” Suddenly, a car came roaring down the street and through the puddle that had collected. You both were hit by the splash and you just wanted to scream in frustration.

“You have got to be kidding me!” You both shouted at the same time. You looked at him and laughed slightly.

“Jinx, you’re buying me a coffee.” You said. He laughed at you.

“I probably will be. But first, let’s dry off.” He said and you went as red as a tomato. Neither of you mentioned it the entire day.

You carried even more paperwork up to his office. “The struggles of a secretary.” You muttered to yourself as you went to knock on the door. You heard voices inside but it was already a bit too late, since you had already rapped on the door.

Come in.“ Said two voices. You walked inside and saw Damian, Bruce’s son, sitting in front of the desk. You smiled at him and turned to your boss.

"Sorry but the others wanted you to sign a couple more forms.” You said as you set it down. You went to leave but Bruce’s hand on your elbow stopped you.

“No, stay. It’s easier this way because it only takes a minute to sign a few papers.” He said and motioned you to sit next to his son. Damian gave you a look that made you feel like a specimen on a microscope.

“So y/n, anything new and exciting happening in your life?” Bruce said as he started writing.

“N-nope. What about you?” You said and internally cringed at your stutter. Hopefully he didn’t notice.

“Not much, but I did hear that there was a fantastic new restaurant opening up soon.” He said. You nodded and looked at your lap.

You had been planning to ask him today but you couldn’t with Damian there. The poor boy didn’t need to have to sit through that awkward mess. You didn’t realize that he already was going through the awkwardness.

Damian was internally cringing at his father and you. He thought that you both would make a lovely couple, especially since you were the only one of his father’s assistants who didn’t annoy him.

“Tt. For the love of God, Father just ask her to join you when you go to eat at the new restaurant!” He said. You and Bruce looked at him in surprise.

“It’s obvious that you two are attracted to each other. Y/n’s voice is higher and she’s obviously more nervous. And Father, you’ve been talking for weeks about your assistant to Alfred. Did you honestly believe I wouldn’t notice?”

You and Bruce sheepishly looked at each other. “He does have a point. So y/n, would you like to join me for dinner one night?”

“Yes, I’d love to.” You said calmly but inside you were bouncing off the walls from happiness. You two smiled at each other.

“Tt. Finally.” Damian muttered.

A/n: I’m sorry it sucked, I’m not used to writing for Bruce

I’ll Cover You (Chanyeol)

Title: I’ll Cover You (Oneshot)
Words: 1,012
Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader
Summary: Due to a storm and a little brat, you find yourself staying overnight at your boyfriend’s dorm.
Requested by anonymous:

“hey i love your work :) request a chanyeol one shot where you stay over at the dorm for the first time and share a bed with chanyeol ( he also gives you his shirt to sleep in) for the first time and you’re both very shy at first but both like the fact that y'all are close and it ends with you cuddling him to sleep. and in the morning the members find you both together and chanyeol confesses and he steals your first kiss. FLUFF PLEASE. thanks so much!!!! :)”

A/N: This was pretty fun to write, I changed it just a bit, hope that’s okay!
- Admin Avis

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This isn’t the first time you had been at the boys dorm, in fact you were a frequent visitor there, to the point that their couch had an indent of where you sat all the time.  You enjoyed watching tv and playing video games with them, but the real reason you were there was for your boyfriend, Chanyeol, whose shoulder you had been leaning against.

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i wanna ser the male shepherds fight each other for the chance to help robin apply her sunscreen.

Hello Anon. Have a nice long harem fic~

Your name: submit What is this?

You frown at your arms, as you notice that you’re starting to get a sunburn. You look around for some sunblock and see you don’t have any. You stand up and get out of your spot under your pink umbrella to see if anyone has what you’re looking for. You see Ricken seriously applying cream on himself. You walk up to him and ask if you can borrow his tube after he’s done.

“Sure!” he says happily. “I can put it on for you, if you want,” he adds, not quite looking you in the eyes.

“Okay, if that’s–”

“I’ve got her covered, tiny.” Gaius has an arm around your bare shoulders. “Come on, ______,” he whispers in your ear. “I’ve got some adult stuff with me…none of that kiddie lotion.”

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'some people are justfkgjsdfg' wow alex you're so eloquent. all you're really doing is being rude to a stranger but wow amazing so cool

A) get my name out of your trash mouth you fucking broken umbrella stand


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hello can i have bokuto soulmate au ? (hAPPY ENDING PLS) thankyou very much !

I can do happy!

Soulmate AU where you talk and communicate to your soulmate in your dreams but you don’t remember anything about them when you wake up.

 You ate your ice cream happily while Bokuto plopped next to you on the grass eating his.

 "What flavor did you get??“ he asked, licking the cold treat.

 "I got (favorite flavor). I haven’t had it in a long time though so I forgot how good it tastes.” you chuckle and relish in the moments that you have with Bokuto. Your smile you wore soon fades and you look down, picking at the grass with your free hand. “ I don’t want to stop dreaming…”

 "I know..“ you hear him say softly beside you. ” I don’t either. But you know we’ll see each other one day!“ his tone perks up and his head whips in your direction. “And then guess what?? We’ll get to see each other every single day! Won’t that be fun?! Then I’m actually going to get to hug you and kiss you!”

 You let out an airy chuckle and your cheeks are tinged with a light pink. “I can’t wait for you to kiss me and feel your arms around me~”

 "Well how about now?“ Bokuto grins cheekily and drops his ice cream in the grass, tackle hugging you to the ground. A sound of surprise escapes your lips and your eyes widened when you felt the grass hit your back. Your cone fell from your hands, not expecting the boy to throw himself at you. The two of you were laughing soon after, rolling around on the ground with each other until he rolled himself on top of you.

 With one hand next to your head, supporting his own weight, the other was on your left cheek. His thumb was delicately stroking your cheekbone. “I really can’t wait until I meet you.”

 You placed your hand on his, your other on the back of his neck and pull up down gently. “Then that means I won’t forget about you when I wake up.” He leans in and your lips meet his. Right in the middle, you hear an alarm in the background and suddenly you’re pulled from the dream.

 Eyes flutter open, scowl ever so present on your face when you’re taken away with no recollection of what had happened in the last eight hours of your dream. You throw the covers off your body, groaning and get out of your bed in a tired huff. Your alarm was angrily turned off as you went to the bathroom to get ready.

 "Why did my stupid phone have to wake me up then? That was the perfect moment! I was having such a nice time with-…“ You stopped yourself. The only reason being is that you didn’t know his name. Everything you learn from the dream was stripped from you memory. You knew his name when you were with him, sure, but as soon as you woke up- gone.

 With a sigh, you finish getting ready and walk out your apartment door, grabbing an umbrella on the way out since you knew it was going to start raining later in the day. Your muscle memory takes you to the coffee shop you visit right before work. You try to warm yourself up when you step into the small store, hands rubbing up and down your covered arms.

 As soon as the barista sees you, he smiles. "Good morning, (Y/n).” he starts to make you your usual hot chocolate for the chilly winter days that you order.
 "Morning Oikawa.“ greeting him with a tired smile, you walk to the counter and lean on it as you wait for your drink. "I swear it’s cold enough to snow today..” you shiver exasperatedly and the brunette chuckles.

 "Well at least you have your jacket and umbrella with you.“ he hands you your order and you give him a 5 dollar bill. When you’re about to tell him to keep the change, the door behind you id thrown open and you can hear the rain outside pouring down.

 A man with black and white tresses hurries in. You turn around to see that his hair and clothes are soaking wet and the hair is clinging to his handsome face. His golden eyes look around the shop until he spots you standing there in awe.

 The name is on the tip of your tongue and in that moment you blurt it out without realizing anything. "Bokuto!”

 ”(Y/n)!“ the two of you rush towards each other. You’re about to slip on the wet floor but Bokuto strong arms are catching you in an instant and holding you to his firm and wet chest with your arms wrapped around him tightly in a vice like grip.

 The memories of the conversations you and Bokuto had had while dreaming all come to you in a flood. His voice that you heard every night is now in your ear. “I told you that we would see each other one day.”

 "That you did.“ you give a happy chuckle.

 Without another word, he pulls back from the hug to your dissatisfaction. When he cups your cheek with one hand like he did last night, he shows you a dazzling grin. "I also said I was going to get to do this!” Just like before, he leans down to your level and plants a loving kiss to your lips. “I get to do that everyday now!”


i felt the urge to write an office!mingyu scenario at midnight ok leave me alone
this isnt my best work but i hope you still enjoy it!

        Today has been raining non-stop. You thankfully make it into the office with only a few drops of rain. You walk down the hall, towards the elevator. You notice a couple of your female co-workers whispering excitedly, You walk up to them, curious as to what the fuss is about. “What are you ladies so chatty about?”

        One of them turns and looks at you before speaking. “Haven’t you heard? We have a new co-worker!” She says excitedly but you just stare at her, not getting why they’re all so excited about a new co-worker. “We all heard that he’s young and hot!” Says another co-worker. “Oh.” You nod and continue to wait for the elevator.

        “Are you not excited?” The same girl from earlier asks. “Not really. I just don’t care.” You shrug awkwardly. All the female co-workers gasp. “What?!” Just then, the elevator opens and they all get in. “I’ll take the stairs.” You suddenly change your mind, not wanting to be stuck in an elevator with chatty older women. You are the youngest worker in the office so you don’t really fit in with the super chatty older females. 

        You walk up four flights of stairs before finally getting to your office floor. You walk down the hall before getting to the space where all the cubicles are in and see a bunch of your co-workers around a cubicle. You assume it’s the new guy. You groan as you realize his cubicle is beside yours so you have to push through your co-workers to get to your desk. You walk forward and begin with the pushing. “Excuse me. Coming through. Gotta get to my desk. Move out the way.” You say as you pus through, bumping into a lot of people and earning some not-so-nice looks.

        Mingyu is surrounded by all these female (and male) co-workers, greeting him with sweets an drinks and other treats on his first day. He then hears a voice in the crowd of co-workers. Suddenly, you fully push your way through, stumbling a little in the process. Mingyu’s eyes widen a little when he sees you. You two make awkward eye contact before you go and sit at your cubicle.

        You’re the first person who hasn’t greeted him. Some co-workers notice and come up to you. “(Y/N) why haven’t you greeted Mingyu? He’s only a few months older than you so now you’re not the only young one here!” You turn and look at Mingyu who’s staring at what’s happening. You awkwardly bow your head in his direction and turn back to your computer, setting things up for the day.

        A few hours later and everyone is back to working. You’re almost done with your work. You’re exceptionally well at your job and you usually finish before anyone else. After another half hour, you finish and start gathering your things. A few office workers glare at you in envy. You pay no attention to it. You go up to your boss’s office to. “I’m finished Mr. Lee. See you tomorrow!” Your boss smiles at you before speaking, “See you tomorrow as well! Oh and don’t worry about formalities. You know I hate those.” You laugh, “Sorry, see you tomorrow Jihoon!” And with that you’re out and leaving the office. 

        Once you make it downstairs you realize that it is still raining really hard. You groan. You had convinced yourself this morning that the rain would stop by the time you were finished at work. You stand for a few minutes, hoping the rain will at least slow down. You heard footsteps approach you so you turn your head to find Mingyu. You awkwardly smile at him before turning to look back out the window. “Do you have an umbrella?” He suddenly asks, to your surprise.

        “No but it’s okay. I’m sure the rain will slow down soon enough.” You try to say with a cheerful attitude. Mingyu chuckles. “Here.” You look at him to see him holding his umbrella out for you. “No it’s fine, really.” You try to convince him but he doesn’t budge. He keeps edging the umbrella towards you. “Fine.” You sigh and finally take the umbrella. “But how will you go?” You ask him, suddenly worried about him.

        “Don’t worry. My car’s right around the corner. Will you be fine getting home. If you live far, I don’t mind giving you a ride.” He suggests but you turn him down, reassuring him that it’s alright. And with that, you thank him for the umbrella before walking out into the rainy streets and beginning your walk home. 

        You sigh happily, feeling the rain on our hand. You personally love rain so this isn’t that big of a deal. You finally get to your apartment complex after a good twenty minutes of walking. You walk inside and into the elevator. You soon get to your floor and you start walking towards your apartment. When you get inside your apartment you decide to take a warm shower. After your shower you eat some leftovers from what you cooked yesterday. 

        You awake the next day and get ready for work. On your way out, you grab Mingyu’s umbrella so that you can give it back to him. when you walk out, you notice that it is still raining. You sigh and without thinking, you begin using Mingyu’s umbrella. As you walk to work, someone suddenly bumps into you, causing you to stumble and almost fall. “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to I- Wait (Y/N)?” You look up and see that the person who bumped into you is Mingyu.

        He was being drenched by the rain. So that’s why he was running. “Oh my gosh, get under the umbrella before you’re soaked!” You told him and he did as you said. “Let me hold it.” He offered so you handed him the umbrella. “Hey this is my umbrella.” He noticed and you smiled. “I was gonna bring it to you today but it was raining so I decided to use it.” You smiled, a little embarrassed. “Hey it’s okay.” He smiled back at you. You two walked to work in a comfortable silence, listening to the rain hit against the umbrella. Suddenly you remembered something.

        “Oh, Mingyu. What happened to your car?” He looked at you as you spoke. “It actually broke down yesterday so I’m getting it fixed. I’m kind of happy that happened though because I get to walk with you to work.” He grinned at you and kept walking. Your eyes widened a bit. Did he just flirt with me? You ask yourself. But without another word, you arrive at work.

        Mingyu has been working at your office place for a good two months now and it seems like every day at work he grows just a tad bit flirty with you. Everyone in the office has been noticing it but you. You shrug off all his attempts by thinking he is just being nice or helpful. Today though, he gets tired of all the unsubtle hinting and decides to confess like a little school boy.

        “(Y/N), may I talk to you in private?” Mingyu asks suddenly. You notice everyone’s eyes on you but you agree and follow him into a vacant conference room. “What do you need to talk about?” You curiously ask, waiting for his response. “Look,” He sighs before continuing, “The thing is, you. You’re very pretty and it’s distracting me from work and I can’t even think straight because of your existence and- Wait, no, I worded that weirdly. Okay, the thing is, I like you. Will you give me a chance and go on a date with me please?" 

        It took you a second to register what he just said. When you realize, you burst out laughing. Mingyu gets embarrassed and his spark of hope starts dimming. After your calm down, you finally answer him. "That was the most adorable way anyone has ever asked me out. Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” Mingyu’s eyes widen so much and he begins grinning like a fool. With that, you begin blushing. “I’ll see you later then?” You say as you begin walking out. “Definitely.” He waves cutely at you and you blush harder. 

        You open the door to find some of your co-workers fall on the floor. “Were you all eavesdropping?” You ask them. They hurry to stand up. You get a lot of answers in protest. You even see Jihoon there. You look back at Mingyu to find him red faced from laughing so hard. “They are so bad at lying.” He walks up to you and throws an arm over you shoulder. “Come on my beautiful date. Let’s go.” You blush really red and walk away with his arm still over your shoulder. You can hear all your female co-workers squealing and gossiping. You laugh at all of today’s events and look forward to your date with Mingyu.

Umbrella Weather

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veilunderveil  asked:

Since the Warped Tour dates were just announced, could you give some advice on the do's and do not's of warped tour?

Sure thing!

Okay first off I highly rec that you get your tix online and ahead of time. Line’s are superrrr long and waiting to buy tix at the venue is just one more line to wait in.

Speaking of lines…they suck. And you’re gonna be waitin in them all day. If you wanna get in half an hour early, donate 3-5 canned goods, a used cell phone, or 5 bucks. Easy! An extra 2 dollars will get you a sheet of paper with all the bands and what time they’re playing. Honestly, it’s worth it. You don’t wanna have to take a shitty pic of the big inflatable with everything on it, or keep having to come back to it.

The night before, make a list of all the bands you wanna see, and plan your day accordingly. I cannot stress this enough. Nothing sucks more than missing a band you really wanna see cause you thought you could memorize what time and what stage they were playing. Also, make sure to check out some bands you don’t know. Warped is the way hella new bands market their music. You might hear some shit you like, go watch and support! Odds are they’re super great people.

Things you should have:

     Obviously water. So important. Warped tour is in the summer. Which means it’s going to be hot. Unbelievably hot. “but i’ll have to pee a lot!” no you wont. You’re gonna sweat most of that shit out anyways. People literally pass out because they’re dehydrated. Please. Drink. Tons. Of. Water. Security will let you bring in one sealed water bottle, and you can refill it at hydration stations throughout the day.

     BACK PACK. At warped you’re gonna get tons of free shit. Like…tons. Up and coming bands will hand out free CD’s or something to market their stuff, merch guys will give out free merch sometimes. The non-profits give out stuff. You’re gonna want a place to put it all. A drawstring backpack is the best option.

     SHARPIE. You might run into your fav band walking around. It happens. Or you might be going to a signing. Sometimes they don’t have sharpies. You wanna be prepared. Bring a black one AND a light colored one, preferably silver, in case you want them to sign something thats dark.

     Ladies, HAIR TIES are your best fuckin friend. Especially if you have long hair. First off, as I mentioned earlier, it’s hot. You do not want your hair sticking to your sweaty neck all day. And if you’re moshing or crowd surfing? That shit will be PULLED. and yanked. A high bun is the safest style. Your hair follicles will thank me later when they’re still in tact.

     Also for the ladies, PADS AND TAMPONS. If you’re on your period or start while you’re there, the first aid tent has tamps, but their the gross cheap kind that are uncomfortable to put in. Same with pads. Even if you aren’t on your dot, still bring some. Your fellow girls will thank you when they’re freaking out about bleeding through their new shorts (it’s happened to all of us.)

Additional tips:

For God’s sake, TAKE OUT YOUR PIERCINGS. Again, being in the mosh pit or crowd surfing means being pushed, pulled, punched, kicked, and moved. a LOT. Having your piercing forcibly ripped out kinda ruins the day. “but they look so cool!” no one cares babe. trust me, you won’t be looking very cool when your bleeding in the first aid tent.

I know this sounds lame but EAR PLUGS. If you’re lucky you’ll be in the front, and if you’re near the speakers your ears will fucking bleed. Seriously, don’t try and think you can “withstand it” or some shit. You can’t. You’ll lose your hearing. 

COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR. For God’s sakes, that means NO FLIP-FLOPS. You’ll end up walking around barefoot because your flip flops WILL break whether you’re moshing or not. I shouldn’t even have to say this but no high heels. …it’s a music festival. Not a runway. 

DRESS COMFORTABLY. The great thing about warped is that literally no one cares what you’re wearing. It’s hot, it’s humid, and frankly no one looks good walking out of a mosh pit. So dress according to the weather. Shorts and a tank are usually good. MINIMAL MAKEUP too ladies. Trust and believe that shit will run once you get to sweating. 

*****MOSH PITS*******

Okay couple things about this. The main thing is DO NOT ENTER THE PIT IF YOU’RE SCARED. The pit is meant to be fun. If you’re trying to hide in there you’re gonna get torn to shreds. 

Circle pits start out of fucking nowhere. You’ll get pushed back and back and back until a circle is formed. 

IF. THE CROWD. SPLITS. INTO TWO SIDES. DO NOT. STAND. IN THE MIDDLE. OF THE TWO SIDES. This means a Wall of Death is happening and it is extremely dangerous if you’re just standing there clueless while they smash into each other. Get the hell out of there…or participate. Whichever you prefer.

If you see someone fall in the pit, pick them up. If that person stays down they could get seriously injured. Bands will stop playing if they see someone on the ground in the pit not getting help. Just pick them up, see if they’re alright, and if they aren’t, help get them out of there. Everyone falls in the pit eventually and you don’t want people moshing on your head. 

Do not fight in the pit!!!!!! I shouldn’t even have to say this but there’s a lot of stupid people out there. The pit is for moshing, NOT fighting. There’s a huge difference. This isn’t fight club or boxing or wrestling. If you’re seen fighting someone, 9 times out of 10 other moshers will beat both of yall without mercy, and proceed to throw you out the pit. 

Do not grope girls in the pit. Seriously that’s gross. And same thing with the fighting, if other people see you do it, you’ll get your ass kicked and thrown out. 

Extra shit: 

Don’t bring an umbrella. Security will confiscate it. If it’s gonna rain on your tour day bring a rain poncho. 

If you’re being dropped off, check out the venue ahead of time, so you know where the drop off places are. Saves hella time on tour day. 

again, WATER. Pleaseeeee stay hydrated. 

Professional cameras are usually not allowed unless you have a press pass. Don’t get your expensive camera confiscated. 

Since the venues are outdoors, there’s usually a shit ton of dust with everyone running around and dancing. If you have respiratory problems you should check and see if this is gonna be a major issue for you. 

Yes. There will be people smoking there. It can get annoying. If they’re blowing smoke directly into your face, ask them politely to put it out. If it’s just annoying you, move to a different place. 

Don’t even try to smuggle in alcohol. It will be confiscated, and your sober ass will be salty af. 

Bring at least 70 dollars. You’re gonna want food, merch, posters, and hella more stuff. It adds up. 

If you wear contact lenses or glasses, bring extra contacts, contact solution, and/or glasses cleaner. Again, there’s a lot of dust going around and it might irritate your eyes. 

Sunscreen. It’s hot as hell out there. Protect your skin. 

Sunglasses. You might end up at a stage during a set with the sun shining directly in your eyes. Then you won’t be able to see the band. Save yourself the trouble. 

Portable phone charger. Charging stations at Warped cost money. Charge up a little portable charger the night before, stick it in your bag, and it saved you the stress of having your phone die. 

Follow Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman, and all the artists on Twitter, and turn on their notifs. They usually tweet about meet and greets, signings, where they are etc. 

Main stage bands have the longest lines for EVERYTHING. Be prepared. 

I hope this helps! Have fun at Warped!! 

NYCC, in brief

This show, man. This fucking show. Get out your umbrella ‘cause I’m about to drop some NAMES

  • Flew in Tuesday. Did Shipwreck. Cecil Baldwin read aloud my story about bird sex. “He looked at her hungrily, like a french fry on a waterfront pier.” I met Mara Wilson. Took second place to Jon Scalzi. Lost my voice.
  • Wednesday was Batgirl Day/Fraggle Rock Day. Went to Midtown. Too shy to sign comics. Saw Wicked. Cried, was astounded at how beautiful it was. Been listening to that soundtrack weekly for a decade. Amazing.
  • Thursday was NYCC day 1. Retailer breakfast, repping the Valkyries. Not a lot of ladies there, but good breakfast sausage. Interview with CBR. Early to bed, again. Signed so many comics, so happy.
  • Friday was NYCC day 2. Panels with Henson and IDW. Met Gabriel Rodriguez, talking about Edward Scissorhands. Met people at Henson, who were so kind and it was so exciting for me. I waxed on about how much I love what I do and what I tried to do with Fraggle Rock. Saw both projects on giant projectors. So, so cool.
  • Friday night was Brimper party. 200 people (at least) showed up for the Sex Criminals party. So amazing to see the love for Matt and Chip. I felt proud, even though I’m not, like, their moms? IDK. Went to a DC party. That was… surreal. Giant bat-symbol on the wall. Met a ton of my heroes. Tried to be cool. Wasn’t.
  • Saturday was NYCC day 3. Valkyries breakfast was amazing. My first one without Kelly Sue and I had no voice, but man oh man, those things always feel so good and inspiring. My ladies. My heroes. I never know what to say besides “YOU’RE ALL AMAZING.”
  • Also Saturday, I signed with Gabriel Rodriguez and Louise Simonson and Derek Charm. I don’t know what my life is!!! I met Brian K Vaughn (who was amazing to the Valkyries), checking off the second-to-last name in my “comics heroes” checklist. Last is Neil Gaiman. I’ll meet you some day, Neil.
  • Saturday night I had BBQ with friends and was asleep by midnight. Having no voice for 4 days at this point knocked me the F out.
  • Sunday was today. Not much to say! I signed so many books and did sketches and this happened at that was the best way to end the weekend. Oh, I met Dylan Marron! I got a photo with Cecil and Carlos!!!
  • Amazing things I was given by fans: An awesome pair of Sailor Uranus/Neptune earrings, a Catbug plush, some art from kids (!!), tea with Edward Scissorhands drawn on it by BCC buds Kae & June, mini comics and art oh my!
  • Now I drink in an airport and I’m almost home. Thank you friends, thank you BOOM!, thank you IDW, thank you NYCC! I’m going to sleep for a week.
Warm Up

a/n This was supposed to be a blurb but then I went over board. There’s no smut but maybe I’ll do a part 2

pairing: Reader (Y/N) + Michael

word count: 1.5k+

Twenty minutes. That’s how late you were. You were supposed to meet your friend for coffee twenty minutes ago. To be fair, this wasn’t the latest you’ve ever been, one time you were an hour late for lunch. Sure this wasn’t one of your best qualities, but everyone who knew you seemed to overlook it. You just hoped your friend was still waiting for you at the coffee shop and hadn’t left yet. Slipping on your shoes and grabbing your blue umbrella you sprinted out the door, pausing only to lock up behind you. The sky had been overcast all day and you could only hope that the rain held off, you didn’t want to be any later than you already were. You made it about halfway down the street when the sky opened up and it started to rain.

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