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It was amazing shooting that scene where he says that to Sarah because we’re shooting my perspective before he turns away and walks off to commit the ultimate sacrifice—Tatiana was just sitting on an apple box next to the camera and she was just crying. Her eyes—she was so focused on me and she was just giving me so much to react off of. She’s such a giving actor. It’s not even her perspective. It was beautiful for me to play off that emotion. And another wonderful thing was, I told Helen Shaver at the beginning of the shoot, “Push me hard and I trust you and I’m not going to take any notes that you give me personally.” Literally probably did 50 takes of it. She was so great because she just gave me every opportunity to get it right and get it in as many ways as we possibly could, and to finally pick what would be the best way to portray the emotion that he had for this girl. But yeah, a lot of the gals and guys that were on the set that day said there weren’t a lot of dry eyes in the house, that’s for sure. – Dylan Bruce

nowhere | tommy shelby

@chrystalcaper request: I had an idea for Peaky Blinders. What if Tommy met a gal while in France, an American or French nurse. They stayed pen pals throughout the war and afterwards. She ends up going to England on his invitation and he meets her at the train station, they reunite and fluff? 


Tommy was maybe 10 paces away when a nurse came barrelling out of the clearing station and threw up into the treeline. He tucked the cigarette he was about to light back into his pocket and stepped off the makeshift path of wheel tracks and flattened mud.

“You alright?”

She answered with another retch, hands bearing into the nearest tree to steady herself. He sighed, pulling the cig back out and lighting it.

“Bad day?”

He heard her scoff, lifting his head from the match, throwing it away to land in a puddle that was speckling with the first fall of rain.

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Javid Titanic AU - Chapter 18

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Content warning for minor physical violence. Also there’s a brief mention of rape but not referring to anything that’s actually happened. Last chapter for at least a few days, I promise :’)

Feeling acutely like he was under house arrest, Davey glared at his mother as she paced the room in front of him. Sarah was still at his side, silently providing some measure of support, but he knew she could only go so far to try and protect him without ending up in some kind of trouble herself. The crewmembers had left when Jack had been taken away; Mayer had followed, unable to stand being in the same room as his son after knowing what he’d done; but Snyder remained, leaning against the door and looking down on Davey with narrowed, untrustworthy eyes.

It was uncomfortable to know everyone was probably thinking about him and Jack. What they’d done and where they’d done it. He knew Sarah wasn’t going to judge him, but that didn’t mean he was exactly happy with her having seen Jack’s drawing of him. Considering Esther had seen it too, he was glad it was locked back up in a safe that only he and Sarah could open. If she destroyed it, he’d hate her even more. It wasn’t something that appeared to be on her mind, though, as she walked circles around the room, unable to even look at her eldest son.
Davey couldn’t stand the silence. They were all thinking so much that not talking about it was making the room close and stifling with the unspoken. So he voiced one of his thoughts.

“He is everything I have ever prayed for,” he admitted, his voice steady and certain.

When he’d still been futilely trying to like girls, he’d prayed that someone right would make him feel something. When he’d accepted the fact it would never be girls he was interested in, he’d prayed he’d find someone patient and gorgeous and kind. Jack ticked every box and then a dozen more for things Davey never even dared to pray he’d get. Still, Esther couldn’t see that.

“You stay quiet, or you’ll end up right down there with him,” she warned, as if she thought that was a bad thing. Davey would have given anything to be with Jack, but he knew Esther thought it might still be possible to save him whilst it was too late for Jack. He didn’t want to be saved.
“I deserve it as much as he does,” Davey pointed out.

“David,” Esther warned with a growl.

He didn’t get it. If the crime was loving a man, he was guilty. If the crime was being intimate with a man, they had what amounted to almost corporeal proof he was guilty with Jack’s sketch. Davey had no idea how Esther had managed to get Jack taken away, and not him. Unless, of course, she’d told the Master at Arms that he was the victim, that Jack coerced him and convinced him to go to bed with him against his will. Davey shuddered, hating the idea that there were people on board who thought Jack was both capable and guilty of rape. He felt sick at the thought and it only added to the anger that was slowly boiling in his stomach.

“Do you think I didn’t want it?” he asked, practically spitting the words. “Do you really think I didn’t ask him, beg him, to touch me?”

Before, he’d never have dreamed of saying it out loud, he would have hated to even think it. But he was done pretending it was something to be ashamed of. Even if the words were said mainly to rile up his mother, every one of them was true.

Esther froze in her pacing and finally turned to look at him, her eyes wide with shock and despair. Davey met her stare with his own, one of defiance. There was nothing she could do to him that would make him regret a single second he’d spent with Jack.

There were a few beats of silence, calm enough that Davey could feel his own heartbeat in his veins, until Esther lunged forwards and slapped her son across the face as hard as she could manage. Davey refused to give her the satisfaction of crying out, instead clenching his jaw and gritting his teeth to bear the bloom of pain, defiantly maintaining eye contact. Sarah shrieked, instinctively covering her mouth and cowering away before realising that Davey wasn’t going to protect himself if Esther decided to hit him again and scrambling to her feet and put herself between him and their mother.

“Enough,” she ordered. She knew Davey was strong enough to endure the verbal harassment he might get, but physical harassment wasn’t going to be happening to her little brother whilst she was around.
“That boy is a corrupting influence,” Esther hissed, pretending Sarah wasn’t even there.

She glared at Davey over her daughter’s shoulder, willing him to see what she was certain was true. This wasn’t the son she had raised. She stepped closer, like she was going to bodily move Sarah out of the way to reach Davey again, but a sudden knock at the door stopped her in her tracks.

Frustrated, she pressed her fingers to her temples. “Not now,” she called out.

The door swung open anyway, a steward bustling in. He paused for a second when he saw the scene in front of him, but he brushed it away after a second’s thought, knowing better than to meddle in the lives of passengers.

“Excuse me, I’ve been told to ask you to please put on your lifebelts and come up to the-” he began, clearly repeating a spiel before he was cut off.

“Not now!” Esther repeated sternly, losing her patience.

“I’m sorry to inconvenience you, Mrs Jacobs, but it’s Captain’s orders,” the steward insisted, crossing the room to open a cupboard and pull out the room’s lifebelts. “Now please, dress warmly. It’s quite cold out tonight.”

Davey blinked, concerned. If they were handing out lifebelts then that meant the ship really was sinking. Suddenly Jack’s absence got far more pressing. He remembered a conversation he’d had with Mr. Andrews, the head designer of the ship, whilst walking circles round the first class deck. There weren’t enough lifeboats for half of the people aboard. Fear crawled up his back to curl around his shoulders like a cat, leaving tiny pin pricks of pain from its claws. Wherever Jack was, he wasn’t safe.

“This is ridiculous,” Esther scoffed, still not understanding the severity of the situation.

The steward tried to hand her a lifebelt, sighing and placing it on the end of the couch when she refused to take it.
“Don’t worry, Sir,” he said, catching the fear in Davey’s eyes. “I am sure it’s only a precaution.”

Davey nodded mutely, unable to tell this stranger that he wasn’t worried about himself, but about the man he was in love with who was somewhere else, somewhere that wasn’t right beside him where he belonged, on a sinking ship.

The steward left, moving on to the next cabin along, and Esther resumed the conversation as if nothing had even happened.

“I’m telling you now, David, never think about that man again,” she threatened. This all had to be Jack’s fault.

Davey laughed bitterly. He didn’t care what she thought anymore.
“I wanted men long before I even met him. I had dreams about it, even before Albert. If there is a god, they made me this way, not Jack,” he said, not caring that the words hurt her. It wasn’t his fault she couldn’t accept them. “And I’m in love with him. I could never stop thinking about him,” he added as a second thought. He hadn’t properly said it out loud yet and he was a little disappointed that the first person to be hearing it was his mother, but he was so sure of himself that he wanted to say it as many times as possible, starting now.

Esther gasped like Davey had returned a hit of his own. It was one thing to know he had slept with another men, but it was another to hear that he had genuine feelings for the boy that he didn’t even seem to regret.
“I can’t listen to this,” she said, holding back tears and taking a step towards the door. When she reached half way she turned, her eyes narrowed. “Sarah, out.”

If there was one thing she didn’t trust, it was her daughter not to encourage Davey’s unhealthy addictions. Sarah pouted, desperate to stay with Davey. To make sure he was safe and to eventually pry some gossip from him about how his evening had gone. It sounded particularly colourful and she was dying to get as many details as he’d tell her.
“Mama-” she protested.

“Out,” Esther interrupted. “You are not to speak to your brother again. Mr Snyder?” she prompted, turning to the man by the door.
“I will watch the boy,” he promised calmly, too calmly for Davey’s comfort, not even needing to be asked.

Davey just groaned, feeling more and more like a criminal in a cell. He didn’t need to be guarded, he wasn’t dangerous. Sarah pulled him in for a hug before she had to leave, and he took the opportunity to whisper a hurried message in her ear.

“Sarah, Jack- He’s not safe down there- Please-” he mumbled, his thoughts scrambled. He needed to get out, to get to Jack, but he had no idea how he was going to get out of the room. Snyder almost certainly had a gun on him and, while Davey was pretty sure he wouldn’t actually fire it at him, it wasn’t something he wanted to test. He had a long and happy life with Jack planned, and he wasn’t keen on a bullet putting an end to that before it could even begin. That meant Sarah was his only hope.

“I’ll do something, I promise,” Sarah whispered back, reluctantly pulling away from the hug and leaving Davey alone with Snyder as Esther grabbed her by the arm and dragged her from the room.

Once they were gone, Snyder stepped in front of the door and turned the key in the lock, dragging a chair across so he could sit in front of it.

“You’re a disgrace, boy,” he spat.

Davey rolled his eyes and stuck up his middle finger, refusing to dignify the remark with a verbal response. He couldn’t bring himself to say sat still, getting up from the couch and pacing up and down the length of the living room, his fingers playing with the hem of Jack’s blue shirt at his hips. Always. More than once Jack had said that he’d always follow Davey, and now it was Davey’s turn to return the favour – just as soon as Sarah got him out of his cell.

Sing To Me (Soulmate!Ashton)

Hey guys! Hope you like this new Ashton imagine. The only name that’s an insert is the main character because in a story this long it’s a hassle. If you have any questions let me know! And to address the elephant in the room, the reason the age gap is the way it is is because I wanted it to kind of be Ashton sort of going through different stages with her like first he’s a best friend, then he’s a big brother that sort of thing. I wanted them to have like a spectrum of relationships before they actually dated. Plus, that first scene with him is adorable.

This imagine is strictly feel-good. There is no great problem to address. I just wanted to write something more fun and cutesy for once. Also, this is only part one, and it’s 10.9k words.
Soulmate AU in which you’re born with a timer, blah blah blah, you know how it goes.

“This can’t be right.”

“What?” The woman in the hospital bed struggled against her drowsy state and tried to push herself up into a sitting position. She was tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep, but if something was wrong with her baby she wanted to know now.

“Her clock, Miss.” The doctor looked up at her, confused beyond belief, and the woman looked at her baby in his arms with absolute panic.

“What? What’s wrong with it?” She tried to push herself up further, but a nurse off to the side rushed forward and held her back on the bed.

“Well it’s… It’s 04:06:27:19… only four days from now, Miss.”

The woman didn’t know if she should be elated, worried, or depressed. The doctor certainly seemed confused which was reason enough to be worried, and if something was truly wrong with her clock being that short then that would definitely be depressing. On the other hand, if it was right, if her daughter was meeting her soulmate in a matter of days that would be so exciting.

The woman chose to focus on the excitement, that seemed best. “My daughter’s going to meet her soulmate before she’s even a year old?! That’s… That’s so exciting!" 

Over the course of the next two days in the hospital a steady stream of hospital employees and visitors to other patients dropped in on the woman and her child. Having a child who met their soulmate in the first few years of their life was incredibly rare, and having a child who met their soulmate in the first few days was unheard of. Everyone was ‘ooing’ and 'awing’ over the tiny numbers printed on the little girls wrist.

"What did you name her dear?” Currently the little girl was being held in the lap of an elderly woman in a wheelchair who was in the hospital with her husband who had just had surgery. The older woman had come to visit the new mom and her baby several times over the last two days while her husband slept. She had imparted so much wisdom on the new mother that she would be forever greatful for.

The new mom bit her lip nervously and thought for a moment. She had had the baby early, and with the number of complications she had had during labor none of the doctors had wanted to rush her to fill out a birth certificate just yet. To be fair, with all the people dropping in on her she hadn’t really given a name much thought. She had a few picked out before she came, but none of them really seemed to fit the delicate bundle of joy.

The woman squinted her eyes at the guest tag pinned to the older woman’s shirt with her name printed in big bold letters and smiled. “(Y/n).”


It was only a few hours later, after the birth certificate was filled out and all of the release forms were signed, that a hospital nurse wheeled the woman down to a cab that was waiting for her out front. As she was loaded into the car, the woman looked down at her daughter’s wrist again, partially hidden in the pink blanket they had wrapped around the girl. 01:19:46:17.

She smiled as she watched the seconds tick away as the cab driver pulled off. It was so close!

Her mind jolted out of it’s haze when her phone started beeping. “Hello?” She answered.

“Sarah! Hey,” The woman, Sarah, was greeted over the phone by her best friend from school.

“Hi Anne, I just got discharged; we’re on our way back to the house now!” Sarah looked down at her daughter as she said 'we’ and smiled. She was so beyond happy now that she finally had her baby girl in her arms again. She wasn’t alone anymore. All the aches and pains had paid off, and she was finally holding the most important person in her life. “I’ll see you soon, right?”

“Of course, we’re gonna drive up to your house on Friday. I can’t wait to see my goddaughter!” Anne gushed over the phone. Anne had been just as excited for Sarah’s new baby as Sarah was herself. They had been friends for ages; it was a safe assumption Anne would be deeply involved in the girl’s life.

“Great! I can’t wait to see you!” Sarah hung up soon after, seeing that they were turning onto her street. She decided it best not to tell Anne about her daughter’s clock. God only knows how she would react to a thing like that.


Sarah sighed heavily and straightened up the pillows on her couch nervously. She hadn’t seen her best friend in about 6 months, and she was very nervous about impressing her.

Last time Anne had seen her she’d been a wreck. Her boyfriend had just found out she was pregnant and left her sad and alone; her parents had abandonded her for getting pregnant with a man who wasn’t her soulmate; she’d been fired from her work due to cutbacks; and the counter on her arm still had over a decade left on it.

Sarah had improved a lot since then, and she just wanted to prove it, not because Anne would judge but because she would worry. She had a new job; she’d gotten over her ex; she had her daughter now.

A knock on the door stopped Sarah’s situating, and she bit her lip in nerves and excitement. Straightening her shirt quickly, Sarah rushed over to the door and threw it wide open with a smile. “Anne!” She gushed and pulled her old friend into a hug.

Anne hugged the woman tightly for a moment before she pulled back and examined her carefully. It had been a while since she’d seen Sarah, and she couldn’t help but worry. “You look good,” Anne smiled widely as her friend let out a sigh of relief. “I think that baby is doing good things for you already. You seem a lot calmer.”

Sarah could feel the tension easing out of her body, and a smile spread itself across her face. “I feel a lot calmer to be honest. I think you’re right. Now that I can actually hold her in my arms I’m a lot more relaxed.”

“Momma! Momma!” The women’s attention was drawn away from their conversation to the little boy clutching to the side of Anne’s pants. “Momma I need to use the potty!” The little boy practically cried out.

Sarah smiled down at the boy who she recognized immediately, despite not having seen him in six months. He’d grown a little since the last time she’d seen him, but he still had all the same facial features, making him very easy to distinguish.

“Ashton, maybe if you ask nicely your Aunt Sarah will let you use hers.” Anne spoke softly to the boy, a little smile on her face as she pulled his hand from her pants, directing him toward the woman in the doorway.

“Aunt Sarah, can I please use your potty?” Ashton said, rocking back and forth between his feet, looking absolutely desperate for relief.

Sarah let out a quiet chuckle and stepped to the side, pointing him down the hall. “Second door on your right, little man.”

Ashton rushed passed her into the house and down the hall while the two women laughed to themselves in his wake. “He’s grown up so fast,” Anne gushed, stepping into the house as well and following Sarah as she showed her down the hall to the baby’s room.

“I feel like (Y/n) has grown up too fast for my liking as well… You know she was born with her clock?” Sarah spoke. She might as well tell Anne before she sees it for herself. That would be a shocking thing.

Anne smiled and shook her head, “Ashton still didn’t have his when I checked last. I’m glad he was born without it though. I don’t want to think about my baby boy growing up so quickly.”

Sarah nodded, “I’m worried about her. Her clock only had a few days on it… She’s supposed to meet her soulmate today, actually.”

“What?” Anne’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. That was a shockingly short counter, almost impossible to believe. “That poor baby.” They reached (Y/n)’s room, and Sarah opened the door, waving Anne on in as they continued their conversation. “That’s pretty soon to have a thing like that forced on a person. I mean the two of us aren’t even going to get to see ours for years!”

Sarah glanced over to the crib and saw that her baby was still asleep, so she led Anne over to a set of chairs in the corner. It had taken ages to get her to finally go to bed. She really didn’t want to have to try and get her back down for a nap again later. This could wait.

“I feel like she’s being pulled right out from under me almost.” Sarah gushed her feelings to Anne. “She’s not even able to walk, and she’ll already be tied down to one person. It’s a lot to ask, especially not knowing the rest of the details. I don’t know who she’ll turn out to be, what she’ll like, what she’ll hate. I don’t know if her soulmate will grow up to be a good man, or even a good woman for that matter. There are so many variables.”

Anne reached across to her friend with a sympathetic smile. “It’ll be all right. Soulmates are the one person in this world that we are really truly meant for. Whoever it is will grow to be the perfect person for your little (Y/n) and vice versa.”

“Momma,” Anne and Sarah jolted a little. The pair looked up and saw Ashton, climbed up on the side of (Y/n)’s crib and looking down at the baby inside. They hadn’t even heard him come in.

“Yes Ashton, honey?” Anne got up to go get Ashton off the side of the crib, and Sarah joined her on her feet with a sigh, prepared for (Y/n) to wake up waling, as usual, now that Ashton would have jostled her awake with his climbing.

“She’s so tiny.” Ashton whispered, staring down at the baby in the crib with what was almost a thoughtful expression. “She’s not gonna break is she?” There was a hint of worry in his voice that made Sarah’s step faulter slightly. “Was I ever that tiny?” Anne and Sarah came to a stop next to the crib and looked at Ashton with a mixture of shock and confusion. “She has really pretty eyes.”

Sarah looked down into the crib and saw that (Y/n) was, in fact, awake like she expected, but she wasn’t waling or crying or even pouting. The baby was just staring up at Ashton like he was the only person in the room that was worth her time.

“Ashton, when did you get that?” Anne picked her son up off the side of the crib and pulled back his sleeve, revealing his arm to the women’s gaze. There, printed across his wrist clear as day were two black zeros, a timer that had run up before Anne even saw it was there.

“A few days ago, but it wasn’t that. It had other numbers. They counted really fast though. I didn’t keep up.” The boy replied very nonchalantly.

Sarah’s eyes flashed from Ashton’s wrist to the baby in the crib. Leaning over she pulled up her daughter’s sleeve very gently and saw the same printing on the inside of her wrist as well. “No way,” she murmured, her eyes turning to look up at Anne’s shocked expression.

(Y/n) didn’t seem to like being jostled around like that, and her eyes tore away from Ashton for the first time since he entered the room. She let out a whimper followed by a sharp cry that made Ashton visisbly flinch in his mother’s grasp. “Momma, is she okay?”

“She’s fine sweety,” Anne reassured him, setting him back down beside (Y/n)’s crib as she finally came to terms with the thought. “Ashton, do you remember when Mommy explained soulmates to you?” Anne glanced up to make sure Sarah was all right with the situation, and she found her best friend shooting her a wide smile as she picked up the baby.

Ashton’s face fell into a very serious expression, or as serious as a boy who was still just shy of three years old could manage. “I remember.”

“Well, Ashton, the numbers on your arm were counting down to you meeting them. (Y/n) is your soulmate.” She waved a hand up to the baby now cradled in Sarah’s arms.

Ashton seemed to think on it for a minute before he decided, “Wow!” That made the two women laugh again, for some reason unknown to Ashton.

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Ok so - if you know me at all you know that I have been ADAMANT from the beginning that Beth knew that Sarah would be at that train station at that time. That’s just WAY too big a coincidence, plus she shows no surprise when she turns around and sees Sarah’s face, AND she leaves her shoes as if to say ‘step into my place’. It’s all been very clear but for the life of me I could not figure out HOW this could be true.

Until today when @punk-rock-science and I realized something: it is entirely possible that the entire plot of Orphan Black rests on -


Yeah, that Bobby. The bartender.

We know that she knows Sarah through Felix. We also know that Beth had a serious substance abuse problem. So, it is entirely possible that -

-Bobby knew Sarah when she was with Vic.
-Beth came into Bobby’s bar at least once, possibly several times, but most notably on the night before she confronted Evie for some liquid courage.
-Bobby happened to mention how 'oh wow, you look exactly like my friend’. They strike up a discussion about this friend and how she is coming back into town that night on a train. She knows this from Felix, who (in this theory) was complaining in the bar about Sarah’s absence and her sudden intent to reappear in his life (We know he had advance notice of this because he is expecting Sarah when they first meet up in the bar).
-Beth leaves the bar and has a Pretty Rough Night, during the course of which Evie tells her to 'use that gun on yourself’. However, instead of doing this, she remembers Bobby’s story about her friend who looks 'exactly’ like her. Her friend who is coming into town that night on a train. And makes a different call.

Now, you could say that Beth knew exactly who Sarah 'the Lost Clone’ Manning was from her previous digging into clone lives, or you could say that she just assumed this was a random new clone - one she wouldn’t be letting down by stepping in front of that train, but still could trust to take over for her. Either way, it could work.

A Siren’s Song

Originally posted by amjeth

God finding gifs are hard, the only saving grace is that I get to stare at this beautiful face. This doesn’t fit really into the plot but I mean look at him.

Heya guys Imma here and I hope you are having a wonderful day. If you are not then I hope I might just make you smile. Oh, maybe this joke might help.  What is the worst thing about throwing a party in space? You have to planet. :D 

Get it? You’re in space and you know planet. Ugh, you guys are no fun, fine on with the show.

Prompt submitted by  freakykrazykenzie:  Can I have an imagine where the avengers go to recruit a possible new avenger as she is singing at a bar in town and after when they asked her to prove her powers (use of voice to hypnotize men, can fight with screeches like black canary) she hypnotizes one of the avengers to kiss her? Thank you!

“So, you’re telling me that our newest recruit is a super attractive singer at a club in downtown New York?” Sam questioned following Natasha down the hall of the new Avengers compound. “Because I’ve been saying this for a long time we need to take a day and relax. I am just so tired of being shot at every damn day!”

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Happy Valley and why you need to watch it

Alright Tumblr. I’m about to tell you about your new favourite show. All 12 episodes of it (it’s a BBC show, what did you expect?).

First things first: This show has 100% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. 100 bloody percent.

Second, it’s written by a woman, the fabulous Sally Wainwright, and the central character is a middle-aged woman.

Meet Catherine Cawood. She looks like this:

Originally posted by shawshankedbylindsey

In her own words: I’m forty-seven, I’m divorced, I live with my sister - who’s a recovering heroin addict - I have two grown-up children. One dead and one who doesn’t speak to me. And a grandson!

She’s a police sergeant in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire (the titular Happy Valley) and she’s been doing this job a long time. She’s seen it all and none of your shit surprises her anymore. Despite this, she cares about her community.

Tough, compassionate, flawed and real, she’s played by Sarah Lancashire delivering a masterclass in acting.

Originally posted by fourteen-thirty-two

So what gets under Catherine’s skin? Tommy Lee Royce.

Originally posted by indibell

This is Tommy Lee Royce. He’s a good looking man. Despite that, you won’t be shipping him with anything except a taser to the balls. Even when you find out about his tragic, squalid childhood, you still want to punch him. Repeatedly.

Tommy’s fresh out of prison and Catherine is not happy because of something he did which tore her family apart. She suspects he’s going to get up to shenanigans now he’s free, and she isn’t wrong.

Fair warning: Happy Valley is brutal. There are two particularly violent scenes you will be watching from behind the sofa. (There are also references to sexual violence, but it is never shown). However, there’s a strong vein of humour running all the way through, grim as it may be sometimes.

Originally posted by shawshankedbylindsey

Series 2 finished airing last night and is now up on Netflix, which means 1) you can watch it RIGHT NOW and 2) there will be subtitles if any of you struggle with the accents. So now you too can enjoy 12 hours of the best drama around! 

Seriously: if you want excellently written characters, realistic dialogue, amazing acting, and to find yourself swinging between laughing and hiding behind your hands, you know what to watch this weekend.

Then come talk to me about it.

newsies It Shoulda Been You au
  • sarah jacobs as rebecca, getting married to jack (brian)
  • sarah’s family is jewish
  • jack’s family is…… well…………. all the manhattan newsies
  • you see the problem
  • anyway
  • davey is sarah’s brother (of course) and the Inferior Twin because he is a HUGE NERD
  • anyway katherine shows up and EVERYONE thinks she should have married katherine while they were still dating
  • davey and katherine, who used to be best friends before sarah and kath broke up, have a super cute friendship song and make up
  • aaaaaaaaand then kath tries to stop the wedding
  • it doesn’t work, but pretty much nobody wants the wedding to happen by that point
  • all the ladies get their hair done together and mama jacobs has trouble relating to these Millennial Childrens
  • meanwhile romeo is getting Extremely Drunk in a corner somewhere
  • along with specs and smalls, the stoic and extremely tolerant hotel employees who push him around on a luggage cart throne
  • the wedding goes off without a hitch after that
  • that is, until davey walks in on sarah and jack making out with the WRONG PEOPLE
  • it turns out jack and his best man crutchie are dating??????
  • and also sarah and her maid of honor, snipes????
  • davey freaks out
  • shit goes down
  • kath only tried to stop the wedding because she KNEW sarah wasn’t into guys AT ALL
  • so after all this davey, who has been in charge of most of the wedding planning, is a lil pissed off because was that seriously all for nothing?????? davey paid for the cake. he is personally offended. not by the gay tho. by the money. seriously? ugh
  • and then mama jacobs gets n his ass about something and he’s like FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT
  • he sings a very nice song about Not Being The Inferior Twin
  • and then kath walks into the room
  • and then davey kisses kath on the mouth
  • this is very confusing but very nice
  • davey may have gotten a little caught up in the moment but he likes where this is going
  • so now kath and davey are together, everyone else is gay, and they’re already married
  • eventually both other couples decide to come clean to their families about everything
  • sarah and jack got engaged because jack could only get an inheritance he was set for if he married a woman (this part include several very explicit observations by one crutchie morris)
  • also sarah is pregnant with jack’s baby because of an Incident which involved lots of alcohol
  • (speaking of alcohol, romeo is still massively drunk)
  • and then sarah and jack decide to get divorced and within like 5 minutes of this decision propose to their respective boy/girlfriends
  • everyone is cool with everything????? but also disappointed that the wedding planning all went to waste
  • and spot is like “i mean we need to have at least ONE wedding”
  • but they’re not divorced yet………
  • “fuck it let’s fucking do it today is already fucking crazy enough”
  • so they get married
  • mama esther jacobs learns what memes are and also how to use siri
  • spot sits back and smiles. his work here is done
  • romeo, specs, and smalls all ended up making out with each other at some point during the wedding
  • the end

no but seriously imagine helena accidentally eating cosima’s pot brownies and getting the munchies

“You’re a shite burglar”

Crossfire: Chapter 1 (apocalypse au)

SUMMARY: The year is 2018, and the human race has been endangered by a deadly plague that turns them into killer, mutilated versions of themselves. To save themselves from these walkers, or zombies, the survivors have banded together into groups for a higher chance of survival. Camila Cabello is the weakest link in her own survival group, especially after the events of the past year. Through the accidental death of another group member, Camila is removed and left for dead. It is then she meets the beautiful Lauren Jauregui and her group of three girls, the deadliest fighters Camila has ever met. 

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OB/Hogwarts AU - HUGE Polyjuice accident


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