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Mistakes, part 14. (Neymar imagine)

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‘Careful!’ I quickly grab Neymar’s elbow as he gets out of the car. Rafa walks up to us with his crutches so he can walk by himself. He looks frustrated, trying to walk. It’s not only his leg, but also his back and his neck. He’s in a lot of pain.

'It’s ok.’ He mumbles, and hobbles after us, while we walk into his house. Well, it’s my house too, but all my stuff is still in the hotel, and in my car which is still at the hospital. I took everything with me when I moved into my apartment. Oh.. With all the things going on I forgot about my apartment and how I still need to get the rest of my stuff.. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget how I’m probably replaced for the role in my movie by now. I didn’t bother to call the before, which was very unprofessional. I also need to call David, he knows Neymar is awake but that’s about it. I haven’t bothered to look into my social media, because by now the news about what happened probably got out. I sit down on the couch and rub my temples. My head hurts, and the things I need to do keep piling up. So many things to do.. 
I sigh and make a list in my head of all the things I need to do, and I decide that the sooner I’ll start, the sooner I’ll be done. And when I’m done I can focus on Neymar. 

I go to the room Ney and I once shared, but now feels empty. He’s laying on the bed. His foot on a pile of pillows for good support. He looks up when I walk in and smiles. I sit down next to him and he takes my hand.
'I need to take care of some things. My stuff at the appartement, the hotel, and my car..’ I hesitate to tell him about the movie, considering that my opponent is the reason he was so mad, and got into a car incident. He isn’t supposed to remember that, and something in the back of my mind wants to test him. 
'I also need to talk with my manager, and Theo..’ I add, and I watch his facial expression change. It’s the tiniest change and barely noticeable, but I noticed. A troubled and angry expression, for a tenth of a second before his face went back to normal. 
'Everything okay?’ I ask nicely, as if I’m not doing something terrible. He’s been in a car accident and told me Davi and I were the only reasons he woke up. And here i am, testing his honesty.
'Alright, what else?’ He asks, his voice sounding normal. 
'Some other things but I’ll take care of that later.’ I lean in and kiss him softly, leave him wanting more as I walk out of the room. 

 It was just a tenth of a second, a tenth of a second his facial expression changed but it’s been consuming my thoughts for the rest of the day. I call the owner of my apartment building, letting him know that I’m moving out, and I’m dealing with all the stuff. I tell him a u-haul will come by tomorrow, which will also get my stuff from the hotel. I call David and we decide to meet up in the weekend. I go to the hotel lot with a taxi, to find out my car had been parked in someone else’s spot, which means it got towed away. When i finally have my car, and i get home, I’m exhausted. Rafaella has cooked and Davi is napping on the couch. I walk into the bedroom, finding Neymar sleeping too. I lay down next to him and he turns around. He’s on a lot of medication due to the injuries on his back and leg. I feel guilty looking at his pained face.  

 It’s time for dinner and we quietly eat our spaghetti, only interrupted by Davi, giggling every time he tries to lift the spaghetti with his fork and it glides off onto his plate.
'What’s wrong, aren’t you hungry?’ Neymar asks, taking a sip of his soda. I shake my head.
'Nauseous.’ I mumble, and Rafa glares at me. The smell of tomato sauce makes my stomach turn. Just like the smell of meat, onions and garlic. It’s been like this for a couple days now, and Rafa knows why I’m sick but she quietly continues to eat her meal. 

 After dinner, I take a long shower, scrubbing my body till my skin is aching. I slowly massage my stomach, and close my eyes. I take extra long, because I decided to tell him. I can’t wait any longer. 
I put on my pajama’s, and get into bed. Neymar takes of his shirt and gets in next to me.
'Ney..’ I start, and he puts up his hand to stop me from talking.
'We need to talk.’ He says, and I raise my brows.
'What’s wrong?’ I ask, and he reaches for my face, softly caressing my cheek with his fingers.
I sigh, closing my eyes and leaning into his palm.
'I need to tell you something.’ He says, before I can start. I smile and nod. He hesitates, and looks agitated.  Angry even.
'You know, that day I woke up and we talked?’ He says it as a question so i nod again, anxious about what is to come.
'I lied about something.’ I feel how my body gets cold and how the tips of my finger feel numb, intertwined with his.
'Continue.’ I say, sounding braver than I feel.

 ’I remember.’ 

 Those two words. They’re supposed to hurt. They’re supposed to make me feel bad, but deep down inside i knew. And a part of me is happy he told me now, because it would be worse if i found out myself.
'I know.’ I simply say, and he frowns leaning on his elbow.
'What?!’ He asks, whispering loudly.
I almost want to giggle at his response. Instead I sit up and he does the same.
'I knew when I mentioned Theo today, and saw your facial expression. I’m supposed to be mad, but I’m glad you told me.. Honestly, when you told me you forgot, I was kind of sad because that would mean you also forgot how badly you wanted me back.’ I smile, but he still looks confused.
'I’m so sorry.’ He says, and reaches for my arm but I push his hand back.

'I need to tell you something too..’ I say, and he looks like curious. Even though I practically give myself away, by putting my hand over my belly, and I see his lips slightly part.

(Hey darlings, i can’t belive there’s only one part left! Thanks to everyone who read this series, and sent me nice messages :) I’m sorry it tooka little longer to write this one, but the last part will be posted this week too! Thank you)