get out posers

April Fool’s Day? Psh. That’s for posers. Get out of here with your little goofs and giggles. Every moment I’m alive is a joke. I’d like to see any of you wannabe Amy Schumers survive the real fool life like I do. You wouldn’t even last a second. Bye.

anonymous asked:

evanescence are fucking lame. Amy is a poser and I by no means say this inanely in regards to her style, but the songwriting has been the same concept about pain and singing to somebody about feelings like ugh. Nightwish, Epica, heck even WT are of better quality than ev

There are so many things wrong with this ask, I don’t even know where to begin, so I will make a list:

  • Why? Why would you just go to someone and try to bash some people? Is your life so empty you only get gratification from trying to be a bully? No, what you are not saying is not an open discussion or debate where you could say I don’t like x or y. You wouldn’t need to hide beyond anon then.
  • Why me? I don’t even post about evanescence that much. Once in a blue moon. Sure, I love Nightwish and Epica and Within Temptation, but did you just think I’d go all “x is the best. the rest suck?”. Because I won’t.
  • A “poser”? What does that even mean? She’s not metal enough? What the fuck is your problem? who are you to judge who is what. She’s fake and poser. She knows more music that you will ever know in your entire pitiful life. 
  • She only writes about feelings? Oh boy oh boy did you hear that? Someone dares to write about their feelingfs. How unusual. She must be the only one. How have I never realised? Yes, maybe her songs keep a sort of gloomy and painful outlook, but not all. I think you got stuck at those 5 songs everyone knows from them. Bear in mind that most of those were written when she was a teenager. What were you doing as a teenager? Showing that you\’re real emo and not just a poser. Get out!
  • Stop already with the band comparisons. Everyone is doing their thing. Of course we can say look these guys do it like this and they do it like this. or I like them better. But why this need to always set them against each other? To create drama? Because they have girls and boy we love to see a catfight? THey are all good. amazing. talented. great bands. You wouldn’t know it.
  • Lastly, please, find yourself a hobby. Try meditation. Read a book. Find meaning in your life without dragging other people down. Don’t like a band? Don’t listen to them. You ain’t gotta be a nasty little anon bitch about it.