get out of the shot you fool


A/N: If you guys want another part, it’s going to be virgin Shawn smut, but we’ll see if you like this. 

Word count: 4,431

You laughed as you and your friends made your way through the crowd of slightly drunk people. Okay, more than just slightly. Just before you were about to reach the doors to the club, your friend Laurel stopped walking, making you and your other friend, Julia, stop as well.

“Alrighty girls-“ she started, raising her left eyebrow at you.

Oh no, you knew that look.

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Jealousy | Montgomery de la Cruz

Pairings: Monty de la Cruz x reader

Warnings: extreme case of swearing, ALMOST smut and short

Request: “Hey I saw you do 13 reasons why imagines:)) I wanted to ask if you write a jealous Montgomery de la Cruz imagine for me?:) thanks and a lot of love!” 


It was a typical Friday night. Partying, kissing and drinking. You were in Marcus Cooley’s party with your fellow cheerleader friends dancing the night out. After an exhausting day at practice you needed a much needed relaxation and let go.

“Girl, Monty has been checking you out the whole night! Go talk to him!” Sheri said encouragingly while the others nod their heads.

“Sheri! You know I can’t do that. I’ll probably make a fool out of myself.” You muttered.

We continued dancing until you excused myself to grab a drink. You saw Monty filrting with another girl, Christine. You looked away and blinked back a few tears all the while drinking two shots of tequila.

“Damn y/n! Slow the fuck down.” Jessica laughed while grabbing the third shot from you and drank it herself. 

“Hey! What in hell?” You said annoyed.

“Here. Drink this instead.” She gave me a cold beer. “Slow down. He’s not worth it okay? Don’t get too drunk, okay y/n?” She smiled and walked away with Justin.

“Says the girl who gets wasted every party!” You yelled back laughing. earning you the finger from her.

The night passed and soon you found myself playing spin the bottle, Monty sitting right across me. Besided you was Sheri, it was her turn to spin. It landed on Jessica. They kissed, much to the boys amusement, and laughed. Not as funny when Bryce had to kiss Tyler, Tyler fucking Down. You almost died laughing my butt off. 

It was my turn, You spun the bottle and it landed on Jeff. Holy SHIT

Like, Jeff is HOT but you never saw him as more than a friend. Afterall, you like Monty. Jeff laughed and went to you, when his lips was almost touching yours you were suddenly yanked away from him and was suddenly in Monty’s arms.

“Woah? Monty?” Jeff was shocked but you can see the amusement in his eyes. Whats that about?

“Uhm, we’re going.” He muttered and exited both of you away from the group catching a wink from Jessica.

He led you outside while still holding your hand.

“Okay, what was –” You were cut off by the fealing of his lips on yours. The kiss was not rough, instead, it was slow, soft and…sweet. 

“You have no idea how long I wanted to do that” He said between kisses.”Was that okay?” He said pulling away from you

“More than okay.”


FOR @xxtoniaxx

Thank for the request :) Stay safe my butterflies!!! xx

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Unworthy - Part 2 - NewtXReader

Read part 1 again before reading part 2 so it makes sense :)

PART 1: here

Info: Coming to the realisation that you weren’t good enough anymore for Newt, you head back to the lonely apartment, were another confrontation takes place..

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Masterlist: here


“I-I..” newt nervously stuttered, completely unsure of what he was supposed to say. A deep blush hid his freckles, as his eyes grew wide with wonder and his full lips parted in shock. Newt anxiously hovered, time coming to standstill between the two of you. Fear that he had just misheard what you said prevented him from speaking. What if he simply imagined it?

Caught in the heat of the moment you had had finally confessed, worry washing over you as you waited for his reaction. The deadly silence hung in the air until from the corner of your eye a curvy figure approached behind Newt. Confidence radiating every step she took. Just as glamorous as before, before you stood the woman who had been attempting to flirt with Newt all night. Feeling more self conscious than ever, you shrunk back slightly, intimidated by her looks. Upon noticing your presence she shot daggers with her eyes at you, giving you clear signals to leave.

“Newt, are you not coming back inside?You’ll get a cold out here hun ” she seductively purred in his ear, her arm attempting to slither around his.

Newt froze to her touch, although his attention solely on you. He looked completely lost for words, an absolute nervous wreck. How he longed to tell you that he felt the same, but the words wouldn’t form.

You however felt the fool. Here you just blurted out the feelings you’ve felt for Newt, all while he’s in the arms of another woman?

You knew when you weren’t wanted..

Picking yourself off the ground you dashed towards the streets, completely ignoring Newt’s protests. A proud smirk hung on the glamorous woman’s face in victory, now she had him all to herself.

Newt however ripped himself from her death grip, attempting to follow you, but it was too late. Unfortunately you weren’t as simple to track as one of his beasts, no clues left of your sense of direction. You were already gone.

“Bugger”, Newt mumbled under his breath, as he helplessly thought were you had disappeared to.

Ignoring the sinking feeling in your stomach you made your way down the empty street, not daring to glance back for fear of being confronted. Upon arriving at your apartment you dashed into the room completely forgetting to lock the door again. You couldn’t care less, the embarrassment consuming you.

The only relief you got was the satisfaction of removing the painful heels that had been cutting you all night. Although you detested them, you wanted to make a special effort to look beautiful for Newt. Guess that didn’t matter anymore..

Changed into cosy pyjamas, with a mug of warm coco, you sat on the large window frame. Huddled in a heap of cotton blankets staring into the night sky, you willed yourself to forget.

In that moment, the flash of calmness protected you from the pain. Regret washed over like the long slow waves on a shallow beach, each ripple icy cold and sending shivers down your spine. How you longed to go back and take a different path, but now that was impossible. There was no way back, you let your feelings slip. There was no way to make it right.

Staring into the darkness of the night, you softly cried. In the distance you heard light footsteps approaching closer. Lifting your tear filled eyes, your blurry gaze meets the frame of a timid looking Newt, who is completely avoiding eye contact.

“I figured I’d find you here. You always make yourself coco when your upset…” Newt playfully whispered though you saw through his empty smile, his attempt at lightening the mood failing miserably.

“Y/N-” he began.

“Newt forget I even said a word tonight”

Newt remained silent for a period of time, before steadily making his way to the window sill where you lay. He sat down on the other side of the window, however your eyes were trained on the night sky, praying you could just be left alone.

“Did you really mean everything you said tonight” Newt’s tone changed this time sounding more broken.

“Yes” you simply replied, longing to avoid going into detail.

“Even the part-”, Newt shyly avoided being specific.

“Everything” you cut him off.

“What about the ‘not having enough time part’?” He shyly questioned.


“So it’s true….” Newt sadly mumbled under his breath. Guilt washed over his features at the acceptance of his flaws. Over the past few weeks he could barely recall a time he had spent with you, that had nothing to do with the publishing of the book. He’d been selfish with your time.

“I only exsist when you need something Newt…what happened to everything we said we’d do together? As soon as that book became finished, so did the adventure” you truthfully confessed, “Is it even about the creatures in your case anymore?” Your whispered softly. Newt had made you feel unworthy of him anymore, as though his success had made you of less value. That a bond you had once deemed unbreakable was simply a thing of the past.

Newt turned to face you, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. His eyes narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. Anger flustered across Newt’s face, an expression which was a very uncommon sight to see, “how- how could you even ask that? Writing this journal had nothing to do with fame and deep down you know that. You and my creatures are my top priorities in my life”.

“Newt there’s other girls out there.. ones as beautiful as the ones you saw at the party” You softly whispered, feelings of heartbreak coming to the surface, as you came to the realisation you weren’t good enough anymore. Too sad to cry out or wail, you just sat there as still as a statue.

“You make a valid point. In fact there’s 7 billion people in the world Y/N….yet your the only one who matters”. Newt directly locked his eyes with you, something he’d normally be to shy to do. Reflected in his pupils you saw that every word was the truth, looking at you like you were the only person he could see. A small lob-sided grin crept on his lips as his face held a sincere look to it.

“I’m sorry I-I know-w that I’ve been a bit of a mess since the p-publishing of the book and a mess is the last thing you need right now… but this mess in love with you".

Moving closer towards you his large but gentle hand, softly caressed your face, wiping the last tear away. Your eyes widened slightly as Newt rested his forehead lightly against your own, his auburn mop of curls blocking your view slightly and his shaky warm breath against your skin . Leaning closer he pressed a gentle kiss on your lips feeling a sense of fufillment. Although his touch wasn’t fiery, it made you feel safe and protected, reminding you of home. Curling up in his musclar arms, both of you peacefully observed the outside world through the window. The pitter patter of rain sounding from the roof.

It was then you decided that you were worthy of Newt. That you were worthy for each other and success couldn’t change that.

The fame that came from his book hadn’t changed Newt, it just amplified who he really was.

Just a man who was hopelessly in love with you.

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Amelia (Part 2 of 3)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Meet Melissa.

Note: (I’m not sure what time it is for you guys but I need to go to class so I’m posting this early-ish? Sorry yo)

So..?? You guys have been crazy wonderful and supportive about part one and I’m stupid emotional about it?? I was low key terrified to post it bc I hadn’t posted any writing in so long but y’all are incredible and I don’t deserve you holy wow.

Anyway, here’s PART TWO uh oh here we go. I think it goes without saying that this wouldn’t exist without Taryn’s help but also like THIS WOULDN’T EXIST WITHOUT TARYN’S HELP.

enjoy the trash!

Word Count: about 12k whatever (I promise part 3 is less obnoxious)

Late nights working at the bar usually left you exhausted beyond belief, barely able to make it to your bed before you collapsed and passed out until the incessant buzzing of your alarm woke you up just a few hours later. You hated your job. You hated the low-cut uniform and the creepy men you had to serve with a smile. You hated the late hours and the shitty pay.

You hated it, and so you were trying to consistently sleep off the grimy film that shifts at the bar always left on your skin.

This night, however, was different. On this night, you barged back into your apartment after your shift ended at two in the morning with your mind already racing and fingers itching for a pen to start writing things down. You pulled out a crumpled wad of napkins that you’d started jotting ideas, facts and figures onto throughout the night and started transcribing them in more detail into a notebook on your desk– a notebook you hadn’t touched since the last time you had started planning a gallery display.

You stayed up all night, doing research and thinking through logistics and never tiring as you worked towards something for the first time in two years.

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Word Count: 2031
Author’s Note: So I have this personal headcanon that Bones loves filthy limericks, but he’s too much of a gentleman to share them unless he’s really, really intoxicated. This, coupled with his horrible flirting in Into Darkness, gave me this fic to share with you. tagging @youre-on-a-starship​ and @outside-the-government​ because they both expressed such interest in the idea.

You’d heard about the legendary shore leave shenanigans of the Enterprise crew, even before you’d been assigned to her. Rumour had it things got absolutely crazy on the first night, and tapered off from there, depending on your division. Operations was rumoured to party the hardest, partly to remind themselves they were alive, you guessed. You’d been told they remembered to toast their absent friends individually every night. Science was the next most likely to go on a prolonged tear, but you didn’t find that difficult to believe. Science held within it the Medical Corp, and you’d never met a nurse who wasn’t just a little bit wild. Additionally, the science labs were full of the kind of equipment that allowed bored officers to brew moonshine. That left Command as the Cinderella squad, destined to leave before the party really got started. But it was a comparative scale, really, and you suspected with a captain like Jim Kirk, the Command division wasn’t going to be leaving the ball before the fun started.

You’d been aboard for about six months when shore leave was announced, and you hoped your liver was up to the task. The gleam in Christine Chapel’s eye suggested it might not be.

“Come on, Doc,” she gestured to you. “We should find out what they’ve been cooking in the back of the lab.”

“I don’t know about this,” you replied, hesitant. She laughed and linked her arm in yours.

“First shore leave is always the worst. Just plan to alternate booze and water, and put a hypo at your bedside. You can step whoever you wake up with through giving it to you,” she winked.

“Whoever I wake up with?” You gaped. You hadn’t been on the ship long enough to make those types of connections.

“Think of it like a rite of passage, Y/N. Eventually, you’ll make a mistake and sleep with someone on this boat. You’re better off doing it sooner than later. And better to do it drunk on shore leave. Because then you can blame not knowing people better, and too much booze,” she explained. You shook your head.

“I don’t know, Chris, that seems pretty calculated.” You couldn’t help but blush just thinking about trying to seduce any of the crew you’ve met so far. There wasn’t really anyone who did anything for you. Well, there was one person. Who was completely off limits.

“You’ll thank me for this wisdom later, Doc.” She winked, and continued to lead you through the maze of the lab until you reached the very back. “Hey, Jameson, what’s cooking back here?”

“Would you believe I’ve managed a completely flavourless 100 proof coming out of the still right now?” Lt. Jameson grinned. “We’ll have to be very careful with it.” She offered a beaker to Christine who took a sip and tipped her head, her eyes wide.

“Oh, wow. That’s smooth,” she breathed, her eyes wide. “Try it, Y/N.” She pressed the beaker into your hand and you gave her a worried look as you tilted the glass to take a sip. It tasted like water, but it burned going down.

“Oh, that’s trouble,” you commented, garnering a laugh from both women. Christine clapped you on the back.

“Stick with me, Doc. I’ll make sure you survive,” she promised.

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Trick or Treat; Take Your Pick!

(A BTS choose your ending fic~)

A/N: Hello~! I’m back at it again with one of my outrageous fanfiction ideas! xD This time it’s a choose your adventure fic! Therefore, a fic that has 7 different paths/endings! :D The fun part is that I’m not dropping many hints as to who is who~ hehehe~ So, that being said–let’s get into it!

Words: 1,276

Genre: Smut

“I can’t believe you dragged me here, you pixie bitch,” you snarl at your friend, hating the way her glitter covered face stretches into a brilliant smile—her strap-on wings bouncing on her back with every step. In the distance—only a short ways away now—you see and hear your destination—a frat house with blaring music and the most half-assed Halloween decorations you’ve ever seen.

Biting your bottom lip—the cold air brushing over your barely covered skin—you hug your arms tightly and nearly punch your friend when she whistles.

“Wooo~! Look at that cleavage!”

Skipping in front of you, she reaches her hands out and gropes your breasts, pushing them up more than they already are. You immediately move to kick her away, but she knows you too well and is out of kicking distance before you can blink.

“I will bite you,” you tell her, and she winks, lifting up her already short tinker bell dress to reveal her thong-clad hip.

“Do it baby I’m ready~”

You roll your eyes, pushing past her. Your black heels click against the pavement hurriedly. You don’t even care that you didn’t really want to come to this party anymore—all you know is that it’s too cold out to keep standing here like a fool, so you make for the door—no matter how many drunk, horny college students are inside.

“How many shots have you had already?” you scoff when your friend runs up beside you, wobbling even though she’s only wearing a pair of white flats. She shrugs nonchalantly.

“Only 4.”

You scoff. “Right, well, I’ll expect to see you back at our apartment some time tomorrow—alive.”

“Same to you~,” she grins cheekily, and you roll your eyes. She’s the one here to get laid. You’re here because she’d refused to let you stay home alone on Halloween—cuddled up in a blanket and watching shitty movie reruns. Apparently it wasn’t “fun enough”—so she’d dug out her old costume from last year and shoved you into it despite your complaints of ‘it’s so short!’, ‘there’s no way this is my size!’ and ‘don’t you have a different, less revealing costume?!’

So…here you are. Freezing your ass off and wearing nothing more than the sexy maid outfit she had forced you to wear. You had honestly wanted to kill her when she had presented it to you.

I even have a garter belt for the thigh highs!” she had yelled, and in response you had groaned, tugging on the hem of the skirt and wishing that it’d magically lengthen—just an inch or two. If you happened to bend down in this state everyone around would get an eyeful of your panties (which, smartly, you had decided to change into pure black ones before leaving).

As you push open the front door—the lace on your thigh-highs subtly rubbing together—you get an eyeful of the party laid out before you. There are girls in guys in every direction—some chatting politely and some about ready to fuck where they stand.

“C’mon!” your friend says, tugging you inside when you get distracted by a male dressed as Yu-gi-oh.

And so, the door to the house closes behind you, and you’re trapped.

“Try to have fun!” you friend tells you, turning and grabbing your hands. Grinning giddily, she jumps up and hugs you tightly before patting your ass and scurrying off to find the alcohol and catch herself a man for the remainder of the night. Watching her go, you simply sigh and head for the punch bowl—figuring that if you’re going to spend your night here getting crushed within a throng of people than you should at least have some alcohol in your system to make it a little more tolerable.

Grabbing one of the large solo cups, you press your back against the wall behind you and survey the crowd. Immediately you feel several pairs of eyes on you, and you glance down at your outfit to make sure that you’re not flashing anyone before you subtly begin to search for those who have set their sights on you.

The first male you discover is near the staircase—his styled hair covered by a droopy pirate hat. Across his left eye is a black eyepatch, and adorning the rest of his body are worn out, torn clothing. When you meet his stare he doesn’t look away, simply holds your gaze with his one showing eye, cracks a little smirk, and waggles his brows at you before looking away.

The next male you spot is…a hotdog. Plain and simple. It’s a boy wearing a hotdog suit—his hair swept neatly to the side despite his childish choice of costume. At seeing he has your attention, he bites his bottom lip and then slowly glances away—but you catch him looking at you again a few seconds later, and when he sees that you’re still staring at him, his lips quirk.

The third male you spot is…more normal. He’s dressed as a…working class man—fitted black slacks, a button down shirt with the top buttons popped and tie hanging loosely around his neck. A sexy professor, you decide to dub him. Gently pushing up the pair of glasses on his nose, he scans your body up and down before meeting your gaze. And then—tongue poking out to barely wet his lips—he turns away.

Male number four is…a white sheet. A hastily made ghost, from the looks of it. The eyeholes are rigid and unevenly sized, but even so you can see the dark eyes peering at you from inside. Your stares meet and he doesn’t waver. However, after a few seconds the ghost’s shoulders shake with laughter and he winks before disappearing further into the crowd.

The next person you find looking your way is a male in a toga. An easy costume, but he pulls it off well—his hair parted and revealing his forehead. Atop his head is a small gold halo, and he meets your gaze while moving to readjust the piece. Immediately, he smiles. His eyes crease happily, and then he raises his eyebrows teasingly—breaking the eye contact when someone calls for him.

Surprisingly, yet another male is looking at you—this time one wearing a Scream costume. Dressed in a black cloak and the classic white mask, at first you’re not sure if he’s truly staring at you—unable to see his eyes beneath the mask, but after a minute you’re positive that he is. Lifting his hand, he does the classic ‘I’m watching you’ move before finally looking away.

Lastly—how did you even manage to catch the attention of this many people (you blame it on the outrageously scandalous costume)—you find a devil looking at you. Red t-shirt, dark jeans, fake horns and fake tail. He meets your stare and immediately becomes tentative, but he doesn’t shy away. Instead he casually looks you over and then smiles, winks, and turns back to what he was doing.

Still leaned against the wall—the drink in your hand now empty and the music from the nearby speakers deafening your ears—you debate what to do. You know you hadn’t come here to find someone to hook up with, but…why not let loose, right? Just this once. Just have fun and go with the flow.

But…who to go to?

The pirate? The ghost? The hotdog? Honestly, they’re all tempting, you won’t lie.

Finally, sighing, you throw your cup into the nearby trash, push off the wall, and with confidence stride towards the—








Everybody’s Fool.

Pairing: Damon x reader

Titled: ‘Everybody’s Fool’ 

Warnings: the usual, minor language, fluff, Damon feels, brief moment of nudity, and slight angst. 

A/N: I am experimenting with this one shot. I have never written with Damon before so I’m seeing how this goes. This is also my entry for @mamapeterson ‘s album challenge!

How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you to down to my core, where I’ve come so numb. 

Whoever he was though, you weren’t leaving until you at least knew his name.  It was a ball for your mother, the new mayor in town. It was her inaugural ball and everyone from town was intended to be there. You live in a pretty small town. 

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anonymous asked:

i just think it's funny how many times burr foreshadows shooting alexander: "fools who run mouths off wind up dead" (aaron burr, sir) "you've got to be carefully taught. if you talk, you're gonna get shot" (my shot) "why do you assume you're the smartest in the room? soon that attitude may be your doom" (non-stop) "all he had to do was try ... we oughta give it a try" (the room where it happens)

• “I couldn’t seem to die” “wait for it”

• “like you’re running out of time, are you running out of time?“

• "dark as a tomb where it happens”

• “your pride will be the death of us all; beware, it goeth before the fall”

• “he seems to thrive when so few survive, goddamn it I’m willing to wait for it”

• “click, boom, then it happens!”

• all of the ten duel commandments

like damn Burr can you maybe chill

Revenge - Doctor Strange x Reader (Halloween)

Title: Revenge

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: A hell of a lot if I’m honest… Avengers both old and new along with Bucky, Pepper, Darcy, Jane, Laura (Clint’s children were staying at their Nan’s), Wong, Sharon, Fury, Coulson and Maria. And of course the wonderful Doctor Strange and the beautiful, awesome Reader!

Request: Could you do a doctor strange x reader where Tony throws a Halloween party and the reader goes as dressed as a ‘sexy/cute’ girl Strange for a laugh and he loves it? You decide the type of ending… by @littlemisscaptainfandom (No worries it was late for Halloween, I saw it as super early for next year.)

Summary: When you’d decided to dress as a female Doctor Strange you’d never expected it to turn out quite like this… Nor had you expected the Doctor to rest quite in this way…

Word Count: 2130

Warnings: Jumping off of a roof for revenge does not always go as planned and is NOT SAFE so DO NOT JUMP OFF OF BUILDINGS!

When using portals please be careful not to be distracted by ridiculously hot men with amazing facial hair and magic.

The ending hints at smut but isn’t quite smut. A part two could be done for full smutty goodness to happen…

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anonymous asked:

can you please write some jealous draco? please please please

My Writing

Draco watched with narrowed eyes as Dean Thomas approached Harry at the Gryffindor table. Harry smiled and offered the open seat to him. Harry had once told Draco that he thought Dean was good looking.

“Draco, mate, are you alright?” Blaise asked.

“I’m fine,” Draco bit out.

“Really? Because you’ve been sitting there glaring at Harry and stabbing your food for the past ten minutes.”

Draco shot Blaise a nasty look before getting up and leaving the Great Hall.

Harry noticed his boyfriend storming out, and quickly excused himself from the table to follow him.

He looked around the corridor and just saw the blond hair turning a corner, and ran to catch up with him.

“Hey,” he said, grabbing Draco’s elbow to stop him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Draco spat out and roughly pulled his arm away.

“Really? Could’ve fooled me.”

Draco rolled his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Draco.”

“I’ll do what I want, Potter.”

Harry just looked at him expectantly. He knew Draco would tell him eventually.

“Okay, well I’ll be leaving now.”

He turned to leave, but Harry wrapped an arm around his waist, stopping him.

“No you will not. Now tell me why you’re upset.”

Draco let out a long frustrated sigh and turned back around to face Harry.

“Dean Thomas.”

“What about him?”

“He was sitting by you.”


Draco’s cheeks tinted with a blush, which made Harry smirk.

Oh. Draco, you’re not jealous, are you?” He teased.

Shut up, Harry,” Draco mumbled and looked down at the ground.

Harry chuckled.

“Draco, you’re very cute when you get all jealous like this, really, but you have nothing to be jealous about.”

Draco’s head snapped back up to look at him.

“You told me you thought Dean was attractive.”

“Yes, but he’s nothing compared to you, love.”

Draco blushed again.

“Draco…I promise, there is no reason to be jealous, okay?”

Draco nodded.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured.

Harry smiled at him.

“You don’t have to apologize. I know I’m just so irresistible that everyone can’t help throwing themselves at me. I understand why that would raise some concern,” Harry joked.

Draco rolled his eyes and lightly shoved Harry.

“You’re insufferable.”

Harry laughed and then captured Draco’s lips in a kiss.

“But you love me,” Harry said when they pulled away.

“Yeah…I do.”

Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 6

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Paralyzer

Pairing: Danny x Reader, Markiplier x Reader

Word Count: 1,569

Parts:  1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | (6) | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: What? A HtH chapter???? No way! 

Read on AO3

You stripped down in your living room the second the door clicked shut behind you. You started to walk away from the pile of discarded clothing, but you thought better of it. It was Friday and you needed to at least pretend like you were going to start the weekend right. You scooped the pile of clothes up off the floor and dumped it into your laundry hamper. It was starting to look a little full, but you would put that off for at least another week.

You slipped on your silky house robe and tied it loosely at the waist. Tonight was going to be about comfort and relaxation. You slipped into a pair of comfortable (read: old) panties and started to make a mental list of the things you needed to get out of the way so that you could enjoy the weekend.

Your phone vibrated where you had thrown it on your bed and you pounced on it to read a text from Suzy.

You up for going out tonight? We miss our girlfriend! ^^

And then a text from Arin.

Dan is coming. ;) ;) ;)

You stood and slipped out of your comfortable panties and into a pair of cute (read: uncomfortable) panties that you had picked up last time you wandered past a Victoria’s Secret. Okay, so no comfort and relaxation. There was no point in pretending that you were going to start your weekend off right when you would be consuming copious amounts of alcohol in just a few hours.

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The Evil Within || Pt. 1

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Part 1 | Part 2 (Coming Soon)

Pairing : Yoongi x Reader

Genre : Angst, Fluff

Word Count : 2.9K

Request :  Hi, omg I loved your “Paper Hearts” series! Can I request a Yoongi angst where you both fall in love with each other, but he is afraid to admit his feelings for you? Thanks!

A/N : Yay, thank you so much for requesting a fanfic! This request had me thinking about the Wings theory and some of it is based off of  a book called “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”, so I decided to do something like the book. Hope you all enjoy!

WARNING - This chapter includes mentions of death, blood, mental disorders, and homicide. 

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Cold and Close

Pairing: Sam x female Reader

Characters: Dean

Warnings: Lots of fluff (again). 

A/N: I’ve been writing a lot of Dean recently, and I needed some cute lil’ Sammy in my life. Here’s the result. Enjoy y’all :)

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“Cold, Sammy?” Dean turned the fan dial up a notch in the Impala.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sam shot his brother the adorable half smile you’d come to love.

From the back seat, you listened to them talk and argue about the music. It had been going on for the past three hours as you drove to the next hunt. The case was in Maine and it was December. Everything was frozen, and snow was falling. You sighed and curled up under your favorite fleece blanket. Sam turned around when he heard you.

“You okay back there?” He turned around and reached his hand back to rest it on your leg.

“I’m good. Maine is cold.” You chuckled.

“Here.” He shimmied out of his jacket and turned so he could lay it over you. 

“Sammy, no. You’re cold too. I have a blanket.” You felt guilty.

“I’m fine, take it.” He placed the thick material over your upper body and turned back to watch the road.

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BORDERLANDS sentence starters ( radio edition )

“At this rate I’ll never get to kill anything…”
“Your mom sounds like a bitch!”
“Your words are music to my ears!”
“Seriously. Do it now.”
“I lost both my thumbs in a horrific foreplay accident!”
“There are three types of people in this universe: People who need to be killed, the people doing the killing and the people who pay them.”
“If you get shot, I’m all you got.”
“Dear ___, SUCK IT. Love ___.”
“Got twelve of those bitches.”
“If you give me any lip I’ll throw you in a car crusher.”
“Stay for the awkward flirting.”
“Simple, ey?”
“If you don’t buy it, you’ll die.”
“A stalker has you cornered and unarmed, what do you do?”
“I pre-ordered this book before it came out and am therefore demonstrably more wealthy than you.”
“Are you capable of reading?”
“…Decapitates him with a single shot.”
“If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a jakobs.”
“Combat is an art.”
“Beauty through destruction.”
“Number one, Nachos will cease to exist.”
“Number three, I’ll be dead.”
“I spent last night getting inebriated and left 73% of my clothing in an undisclosed location within sanctuary.”
“Take your finger off the trigger from time to time.”
“Humans, aim for the head.”
“It’s a harsh world out there gunslingers, don’t let it beat you.”
“Even when there’s a fool in your cross-hairs and murder on your mind, just remember it costs you nothing to be kind.”
“You can’t kill what you can’t see.”
“You won’t like them when they’re angry.”
“Remember that when things get tough.”
“Some people fight the power. ___ put a bullet in it’s eye.”
“Still, here’s to wishful thinking.”
“Now is the time to pick up a gun and get to killing.”
“That’s nearly three times as many.”
“Did you know that 97% of all living things on Pandora aren’t exploding right now?”
“They are coming… perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow. But soon…”
“Will you be ready to fight back?”
“There are only two types of people in the universe: The oppressors and the oppressed.”

GREED || MAFIA!Jeonghan [Chp 1]

BLURB: Power makes most men weak but you’re his special brand of kryptonite.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, romance

WORDS: 1404

PART: 1 | 2

Everything hurts. That was all you could think as you laid there, swimming in and out of consciousness. Was the sky always this blue? You tried to turn but a sharp pain shot through your arm and you let out an involuntary moan. There was something else; something tugging, screaming, at you to notice it. You touched your stomach gingerly. Oh god. Was that blood? Is that your blood?

“Help,” you croaked, reaching out to the end of the alley where people walked on oblivious to your state. “Somebody, help me.”

You were too weak to move. You could only cry pathetically, tears pricking your eyes as you waited for an end.

A sudden wave of adrenaline coursed through you, forcing your eyes open to the blinding sun.

NO. You couldn’t die like this. You didn’t know how, or why, or when you got here, but every instinct in your body was screaming at you to hold on just a little longer so you let out one last scream before you blacked out from the exertion and the words of your cry already erasing from your memory.

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That’s My Girl ~ Jack Maynard (Requested)

Request: Can I have a Jack Maynard imagine based off “That’s My Girl” by JLS (still my lowkey faves) They’re either at a club or party and he noticed guys eyeing up the reader. Thanks a ton

Word Count: 2,797

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Echoes Of Fashion

Hi there again! This time I bring you a long prompt but I hope that doesn’t bother you. Enjoy!

prompt: Person A is a world renowned fashion designer, who is well known for having a short temper. Person B is an easy going model who loves to have fun and is absolutely loving life.

One day Person B is hired for a shoot for Person A’s new clothing line. Person B has fun on set, messing around a little, making everyone laugh and this gradually irritates Person A.

So much so that, Person A snaps at Person B, telling them to get out of the shoot, which causes Person B to cry. Person B apologises repeatedly, saying that they just wanted to make everyone smile as people are so serious in this industry.

After that outburst from Person A, everyone is on the best behaviour, trying not to smile so they do not annoy Person A. Person A notices this and does not like it… It’s so much more fun when people are laughing and smiling . So, Person A approaches Person B and asks them to help them become more easy going like them.

summary: Dan Howell is a 26 year old famous fashion designer. In the shooting for his new clothing line, what will happen when a new model called Phil Lester gets on his nerves?

word count: 3.1k

no trigger warnings

Dan Howell, one of the most sucessful and passionate young fashion designers was walking towards the studio where the shooting for his new clothing line was taking place. You see? Dan was only 26 and already was one of the most notorious designers of the fashion industry, he was a young genius.

Now, as he entered the studio all he was receiving were serious stares from all the photographers and some stylists. Yes, Dan was also know for having temper issues. He wasn’t a bad person he just was a perfectionist, he couldn’t handle things not being perfect and he often got angry because of this, and after an altercation with some model last year he became an intimidating person whenever he entered a room.

“Hello Chris, how are we doing today?” Dan said to his assistant and long time friend Chris while leaving his coat on an empty chair.

“Oh, good morning Dan” Chris replied, looking at his worn out agenda “some models have yet to arrive, they should be here by 10 am, you can have a coffee if you want.”

“Thank you Chris, what would I do without you?” the designer said, resting a hand on his friend shoulder.

“You would propbably have a meltdown every 15 minutes” Chris made both of them laugh as they walked to the coffee machine located at the end of the hall.


It was 10 o'clock and all the models had arrived, some of them new faces for Dan. He didn’t say, but some of the new male models were really attractive, he would gladly lay in the studio’s dressing room bench or even the floor while some of them ravished him, to be honest.

After introducing himself to them and explaining how the shot would be, they all retired to the dressing room and they began calling them one by one so they could rapidly take a few photos and change onto the next outfit.

The shot was going perfect for Dan’s shake. They all got out on time of the dressing room, clothes nicely put and posing as the photographer asked them, not missing a step. Well, that was till he called Phil Lester.

Phil apparently was a very laid out guy. He loved making people laugh and have fun while working. Now that modeling was his new life, he wanted to make the most of it. When the photographer told him to pose in a certain form, Phil let out a little laugh, thinking that the pose he was making him to do was a bit exagerated, but he did it anyway. Dan heard the laugh, but passed it as a random moment.

When Phil’s time was done he called the next model, and by the corner of his eye, he saw Phil speaking to one some of the prop guys that were waiting Dan’s signal to change the props if needed. Then he heard another laugh. It was Phil’s and the props guys laugh. He stood up and walked to them “Hey, what’s so funny? We are trying to work here” Dan muttered through his teeth, trying not to disturb the photographer.

“Oh Dan it was nothing, Phil was just trying to…” one of the props guys said.

“No, I don’t wanna hear it.” Dan cut him. He pointed his finger to Phil “Now you, go change. I don’t wanna hear another laugh from you, undserstood?”

“Yes, don’t worry” Phil quietly replied and walked back into the dressing room and Dan did the same while stomping a bit back to his seat.

“Okay next!”


They were on a break now, so Dan decided to look at some of his emails.

“Dan, come here a second” Chris said, making him looking from his phone.

Dan stood up and walked with assistant as this was telling him some of the changes on the timetable for next week. He was about to tell Chris something when he heard a loud laugh erupt form the dressing room. “Wait here” he told Chris, taking big steps onto the room and angrily opening the curtains.

There was Phil, a phone on his hand trying to take a selfie of the group of models and stylisht behind him, all pulling funny faces when suddenly they noticed Dan and Phil started slowly lowering the phone.

Dan decided he had had enough and took Phil by the arm and led him outside the room, bringing him into a private empty office.

“Do you think this is funny? Taking selfies and laughing 80% percent of the time while you are working Phil?” shushed an angry Dan. “You know what? You think you are so damn funny Phil, being all so friendly and happy with everyone and you know what, you are not. Stop fooling everyone with that happy face” his voice getting louder.

He took a breath and continued, “I’m trying to make this shot perfect and you are getting on my nerves, so stop playing around with everyone, okay? Now you should leave the shooting before I lose my temper even more. Hope this lesson teaches you something.” and with that last sentence he flew out of the door, closing it furiously.


“Next!” Dan shouted again, only a few models left to finish the shot.

“Dan we might have a problem” Chris whispered so the both of them could only hear.

“What now?” Dan replied, annoyed something else was interrupting the shot.

“Um… Look, we all heard the ‘argument’ you had with Phil Lester earlier and one of the models found him crying in the bathroom” Chris explained. What? Phil was crying? Had he been that harsh with him to make him cry? “You should go and at least apologize, he was getting his job well done, he hasn’t done aything wrong, don’t you think?” his assistant pointed out.

“Okay, I will go, I will let you to continue with this” Dan said, standing up and walking into the bathroom.


Once Dan had reached the bathroom he heard the little sniffles and whimpers coming from the inside. He hadn’t meant to be so angry at Phil, now that he considered, the model was just making the people on the set have a good time. 'Time to face the music’ he thought opening the door.

He spotted Phil, sitting on a corner under the sinks, a bunch of tissues on his hand trying to stop the tears from falling. He lifted his gaze a bit and noticed Dan had entered the bathroom. The designer could slowly listen Phil beating himself up for this “Why do I always try to be kind with anyone, even when I’m kind people don’t like me.”

Phil finally sppoted him and he crawled from his improvised and cold seat and stood up, rapidly speaking up.

“Mr. Howell, I’m so sorry for the way I acted, that was totally unprofessional and I should leave. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I loved working with you. I’m deeply sorry for ruining your shooting, that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to…” he took another breath, seeing as Dan wasn’t planning on interrupting him, he continued, “I just wanted to see people smile, you know? I arrived this morning and everyone was so serious and I just wanted to be nice.”

Dan, still surprised by Phil’s words, didn’t know what to say. So he just nodded and said “Okay Phil, you can come back to the shooting. Clean you face. You will be going out in a few minutes.” and without waiting for the model’s reply he walked back to his spot.


The first thing Dan noticed when he came back was that the atmosphere of the shooting had changed. It seemed like someone had stompped on everybodies puppies and kitties. He noticed the models’ bodies were more stiff when they walked out to take the photos. Also, the some of the stylists were nervously checking their work every two seconds, making sure everything was perfect.

Was it because they all had heard Dan shouting angrily at Phil earlier? Well, he didn’t want to make everyone awkward at his shooting, he wanted professional but comfortable people. Dan didn’t want people to be scared of him.

He called Chris, the shooting couldn’t continue if everyone was so serious. They decided to leave the shooting for tomorrow, so they could come back to work more relaxed, expecting a better mood for tomorrow.

On his taxi back home Dan started to think. His co-workers were scared of making mistakes in case Dan shouted at them angrily. He didn’t want them to see them as a monster, he really wanted them to be comfortable around him, but he didn’t know how to be a more laid back and approachable person.

He would have to figure something out.


The designer managed to get Phil Lester’s phone number and texted him late in the evening. 'Hey Phil, it’s Dan. Could you meet up to talk some things tomorrow before the shooting? If you can please be on the café that is in front of the studio at 9am.’

He had decided to let Phil to teach him how to be a more 'laid back guy’ like he was. When he discovered Phil trying to take that selfie he noticed all the group behind him, even though they were making funny faces, he could sense the happy atmosphere that was there. He wanted the same for when they were shooting.

'Okay Mr. Howell, I ’ll be there’ was Phil’s response.

He read that last message before going to sleep.


At 9am on the dot he entered the café, noticing that Phil had already ordered them both a coffee. Approching the table where he was sitting, Phil handed him his coffee “Morning Mr. Howell, I bought you a coffee, hope you don’t mind.”

Dan noticed Phil was nervous around him. Also, he didn’t like people calling him 'Mr. Howell’, that made him feel old and he was only 26.

He took off his coat and sat down while he gladly accepted Phils coffee with a small smile on his face. “Thanks Phil, and call me Dan please.”

He took a sip of his coffee before speaking up “Look Phil, I first wanted to apologize for shouting at you yesterday. I am quite a perfectionist and I do not handle changes very well, so when I heard you all laughing and having fun that wasn’t my kind of work place so I decided to release all my anger on you. So yeah, I’m sorry.”

“Oh Mr. How… Dan, don’t worry. I was out of line myself and I understand why you shouted at me, don’t apologize. Also, you are the boss, you can do whatever you want.” Phil explained, sipping his coffee.

“That’s the thing Phil! I am the boss and my co-workers are scared of me. I want to work with professional people but I also want them to have fun, but it seems like I’m the worst for that, that’s why I need you to help me.” Dan grabbed one of Phil’s hand in his, “please help me to act like you do, people love being around you, you make people around you happy and I want that.”

Phil could really see how this bothered Dan. He wasn’t a bad person, he was just worried about messing up his work, and he believed that if he let himself don’t be serious that would happen.

“Dan, I will help you, don’t worry. And we are starting today. C'mon.” With that, he laced his  fingers with Dan’s and led them both out of the café, making them cross the street running, both of them out of breath and laughing at the sudden stupidity they had just done.


Phil had told Dan he would mess with some props so the others could see that nothing happened, that way they could see that Dan wouldn’t yell at them anymore. He made Dan promise he would smile more during the models work, letting himself enjoy and admire the work he had done, he deserved it, he was a great designer after all.

Apprently the plan was working, Phil had gotten out first from the dressing room, and he managed to grab some props on his way to the photographer, and playing with them in front of Dan and he cheekily winked at him, making Dan let a soft laugh and giving Phil a light shove before grabbing the props in his hands and sending Phil in front of the photographer.

Phil was glad he had made Dan laugh at least once since he had started working with him yesterday, he should show his dimple more, to be honest.

Once Phil was finished he walked back into the dressing room, spying Dan from behind the curtaing, seeing him more relaxed and not only Dan, also everyone around him seemed to be more comfortable and happy, they didn’t seem scared of Dan anymore.


The shooting had ended a few minutes ago and it went fantastic. The atmosphere had been great and Dan seemed happy with the results. He also noticed how his co-workers had done all his work perfectly, there was no need to look so serous all the time for them to do their job right, they were professionals, they knew what they were doing.

Dan stood up from his chair, calling everyone into the main room. When he noticed everyone was here he began speaking “First of all I want to apologize to everyone in this room. You all know that I am very perfectionist, that’s why I don’t like messing up things and I tried to stay serious all the time because I thought that if I let myself be relaxed for a minute everything would go out of the window, so I am sorry if I made you feel scared of me, that wasn’t my intention.”

He took another breath and continued his speech “Now, thank you for being so professional and amazing and making my job easier, I never would have done this without you all. So thank you so much and I promise I will try to be more laid back and happy in the next projects.”

Dan didn’t expect the sudden clapping from them and laughed a bit, making his cheeks go red with embarrassement.

When the clapping eneded, everyone went to collect their things and go home, but Chris came by his side, giving him a side hug, before teasing him “Well, I didn’t know Dan Howell could be so sentimental… I’m proud of you, you know that right?”

“Thank you Chris” Dan responded, wrapping his assistant and friend in a proper hug.


Dan was the last to pack up everything. He made sure everyone had gone home before leaving the studio himself when he heard a noise that sounded like a yelp coming from the studio’s dressing room. Was someone still here?

He ventured onto the said location, slowly opening the curtain, only to find Phil rubbing the back of his head.

“Hey, what are you still doing here? I thought I saw you leave” Dan said, startling Phil and making him almost hit himself again with the looker door.

“Oh Dan, you scared me.” Phil said, stil rubbing the back of his head, trying to leasen the pain, “I forgot my hoodie when I was leaving and aparently it was in other locker so yeah…”

Dan saw how Phil was still rubbing his head; he clearly was in pain. What if he was bleeding? Oh god please no. “Hey Phil, let me look at your head, you might be bleeding” Dan said, grabbing Phil’s free hand and sitting him on one of the dressing room’s benches.

“Don’t worry Dan, it’s just a bump, it will fade.” Phil explained, trying to mask the pain but not really succeding.

Dan shushed him, putting himself behind Phil and slowly moving his hands and fingers through Phil’s head, slowly examining the bump. Oh, it wasn’t that bad, at least he wasn’t bleeding. He threaded his fingers one last time through Phil’s hair and he heard a soft moan coming from Phil.

Dan thought it had been a pained moan when he accidentally threaded his fingers again and Phil moaned again, definitely not from pain. A small grin appeared on his face, and decided to tease the model about this “Oh, you like people stroking your hair, Phil?” he said, in a soft sensual voice.

Phil, who now had his eyes closed, was only able to let another moan, this time louder. That made it for Dan.

He took the initiative, put himself in front of Phil and straddled him on the bench, putting both of his hands on the model’s hair again, grabbing a little harder and making his head tilt back a bit so Dan could kiss his neck, marking him. Once he was done, he tilted Phil’s head up again, this time the model had his eyes open and had his eyes full of lust. “Dan we…”

Dan shushed him again, “Phil, we can and we should. I want this with you and I see you want this too so please, let’s just do it.”

Phil, looking at Dan’s lips he nodded, before grabbing Dan from the neck and making their lips met in a heated kiss.

Once they parted ways Phil started unbottoning Dan’s shirt but before he could do anything, Dan stopped him, looking at him with a shy smile “Phil I… I never got to thank you for helping me today and making me laugh at work for who even knows how long, so thank you.”

Phil looked at Dan’s eyes and smiled a bit, really glad he could made Dan relax and smile more. “You are welcome, Dan. It was nice to see your dimple, it suits you” and with that, Phil poked it, making Dan smile wider than before.

Dan grabbed Phil’s head and kissed him again, now with a smile on his face before whispering, “can we just shut up now? I want you to ravish me right here right now and if you don’t I swear…”

Phil silenced Dan by gripping his hips and grabbing Dan closer to his body, giving him another open mouthed kiss.

At least Dan was glad he had fulfilled his fantasy of having sex with one of the attractive models on the dressing room bench. And on the floor. And on his bed days later. And on their new house kitchen countertop a few years later on…