get out of my morning routine!!!!

SM: Okay so Kai is injured and we need you to step up and dance with Yixing in the MV. Can you do that?

Sehun: Well I wasn’t prepared. The only dance routine I know is the one I do when I see my face in the mirror every morning.

SM: hmm what does it look like?

Sehun: *body rolls out of his contract*


My Voltron headcanon dump

- Lance let his mom cut his hair
- Lance actively tries getting people to do his morning skin care routine to do with
- Almost every time Keith and Lance hold hands they’re surprised at the difference in their body heat. (Lance being cold and Keith being naturally v warm)
- Lance dishes out flirting but cant take it back or he explodes
- Everyone always eats dinner together
- Lance pulls pranks a lot (mostly on Keith)
- Lance secretly lifts so he can show off later to Keith
- Hunk starts cooking dinner for them all
- Pidges room gets littered in tech stuff
- Every time after a tough mission when they leave their lions the pals kinda group up and hug eachother for a couple minutes
- Coran starting off stories with “back in my century” or something similar
- Keith used to stare at his blade late in the night but now he thinks of his new friends and smiles falling asleep
- Shiro either spent years trying to perfect his eyeliner or has Allura do it for him

As we approach the new semester, I thought I’d share some tips to help you get off to a good start!

Before the Semester starts

Routine - Try to stick to a morning and evening routine. If possible, set out your clothes, pack your backpack, and pack your lunch the night before. If you’re not someone who does things the night before, develop a system for making things run smoothly in the morning.

I personally don’t pack my backpack the night before. I make a checklist of everything that needs to go into my bag on the Iphone reminders app. Every morning, just check or uncheck everything that’s on your list. This is a quick way to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Organize - I don’t just mean tidy up, but really organize! Take the time to get your desk, bookshelves, room, and bathroom just how you want it. Declutter by getting rid of the things you don’t need. Dust all your surfaces and clean your sheets. If you have time, go through your computer and delete unnecessary files that are slowing it down. Once the new semester starts you will have a clean working and living space and you can stress a little less!

Find a study space that works for you - Experiment with a few different combinations to find what works for you. Desk or floor? snacks and drinks? Candles or incense? Music or no music? Windows open? Having the perfect study spot can make all the difference.

Get all your supplies together - Pick out pens, pencils, notebooks, and a bag that’s functional for you. Invest in a good thermos, water bottle, and lunch containers. (Discount stores and dollar stores are a great spot to shop for these things on a budget!) I try to wait until the first day of my class before buying textbooks so I can see which ones I actually need and the cheapest option for obtaining them.

Once the semester starts

Syllabus - The first few days of school when you don’t really have any homework, go through your syllabi! I don’t just mean read through them once and call it good! Take notes on your syllabi like you would with any other important subject and put the notes at the beginning of your notebook/folder for that class.

Textbooks – Once you find out which books you really need look for downloadable pdfs or people in your class who have the pdf, chances are they don’t mind sharing. Professors also sometimes have a pdf of the book that they will give you if they’re on the nicer side haha.

Make friends in your class - This will save your ass!!! Having a couple people to text if you’re absent or wondering which chapters are going to be on the test is super helpful! You usually end up making friends with the people who sit right next to you so if you want on the first day of class (go ahead and be a little judging a book by its cover) sit by people you think you’d like to be friends with if you saw them outside of school. This helps make it easier to strike up conversations and become study buddies, share notes, phone numbers, etc.

Find your spot - It’s important to have a spot on campus where you feel comfortable studying. It doesn’t have to be the library, take some time to explore areas of your campus you didn’t even know existed!

Study every day - Even if it’s just for five minutes try to study every day! Make your own study guides by writing down vocab words and key points that you can add to as you go.

PREREADING- Chapter pre-reading is your best friend! Make a reading schedule to make sure you have covered each topic before the lecture about it. I know this can be tedious, it’s what I struggle with the most, but it will help you tremendously when you face a difficult topic.

Try to keep your focus during lecture – Some lectures are almost impossible to sit through and your grades can easily reflect that. Take notes to keep yourself busy and try to keep good posture. ALWAYS KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS AND WATER WITH YOU! Snacking is the best way to keep you awake in class. If your teacher doesn’t allow snacking you can drink water whenever you feel yourself falling asleep.

“Befriend your professor”- I’m not saying be a kiss ass, but speak up in class and ask your professor questions! The more chill you are with your professor, the more likely they are to warn you about a slipping grade and give you opportunities to bring it up. Also, you’re going to need some professors to write your letter of recommendations and they always sound better if your professor actually remembers having you in the class. The best part of befriending you professor is that some of them have a literal library of books and pdfs that they’d be willing to share with you if you show interest. This tip is most important with professors who are teaching classes from your major!

Join a club - You have time to be in a club!!! Clubs are a great way to gain leadership experience, get active on your campus, and make friends! I was skeptical at first, but joining a club has seriously been the best decision of my college life!


Don’t overwhelm yourself with your bullet journal! – Remember, it’s only effective if it’s functional for you. Try starting with a minimal layout and adding things as you need them. As soon as you come home from school open your bujo or planner and take a look at what you need to do. You don’t have to start your tasks right away but it’s good to have them in your mind. Leave your bujo open on your desk so that you’re reminded to actually do the things you wrote down!

Start your bullet journal’s weekly spread with Sunday, not Monday - This is totally a personal preference but I’ve found it helps me be more productive through the whole week. When Sunday is at the end of my week I have a habit of not writing in my bujo for it and waiting until Monday to take care of my responsibilities.

Set up an assignment tracker - Write down every assignment you do in each class and the grade you received. This will help you see how you’re doing in each class as well as help you calculate your grade towards the end of the semester. It’s frustrating to rely on the professor to upload your assignment grades online so do it yourself!


Build a morning exercise routine – Find something that works for you whether it’s a 10 minute yoga session or an hour long workout. Exercising in the morning can help wake you up and you should see a positive difference if you add meditation into this routine.

Take Breaks - If you find yourself overwhelmed by studying, take a break! This can sometimes be a slippery slope so set a timer on your phone for when your break is over! It’s best to do something productive during your break because it helps you to stay in an active state of mind. Howevr, there’s nothing wrong with scrolling through tumblr for a while as long as you can switch back to your studies.

READ - Not just for school but books that really interest you. If you’re not a big reader it might be because you’ve yet to find something you really like so keep exploring! If reading is a problem for you try some audiobooks! Reading helps you build your vocabulary and writing skills and it’s a never ending source of knowledge and imagination. Seek out books that will help you gain knowledge for your future career path!

Sleep - The most important and most overlooked thing in any college students schedule! I don’t try to go to bed at the same time every day but I do plan my bedtimes based on what time I have to leave in the morning. Look at what time you need to wake up and go to bed eight hours before that. You might have a different bedtime for every day of the week but stick to that on a week to week basis!

Get 2 hobbies! - One that helps your mind and one that helps your body! For your body try skating, bike riding, running, sports with your friends, yoga, hiking, etc. For your mind try writing, drawing, knitting/crocheting, embroidery, painting, gardening, ceramics, etc.

Hope this helped (:

changeling headcanons


Ok but 

Changelings that still hold human-like fears even in troll form and vice versa

Changelings that get nervous around rocks breaking while around their human friends, and they’re just like?? Why are you breathing so hard it’s just construction are you alright?

Changelings who get scared around spiders or snakes even if the venom or bites can’t hurt them, and other trolls are just like?? It’s?? A tiny flesh creature what even??

Changelings that are so used to their human bodies they try to do their morning routines in their troll bodies.

Changelings that have almost stepped out of the house in their troll bodies multiple times.

Changelings my dude, changelings

morning routine

Daddy: Princess …. time to wakey wakey …

Me: *whines* 

Daddy: look!  the sun is up and he wants to say hi *nudges*

Me: *inaudible mumbling and whining* *pulls the blankie over my head and rolls into a ball*

Daddy: *pulls the cover down* okay, time to get your cute little butt out of bed

Me: *rubs my eyes* can i have icecream for breakfast?

Daddy: …

~my morning routine~ 

It’s 6am which means I have to get my lazy body out of bed. Okay, 5 minutes of struggling and I’m awake. All of this proves, that a new day has become and I really should start doing something. 

Good morning! I usually wake up at 6am, but it also depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel really down in the morning and decide to treat myself with another 30 minutes of dreaming. My school starts at 8:20 and I live quite far away from it, so I have to leave the house at 7:30. Which means I have an hour and 30 minutes to get ready. Trust me, for me it’s not a lot of time at all.

I’ve read lot’s of different post and articles about perfect morning routines but all of them take too much time. So, I’ve decided to write my own in order to help other busy students organize their morning. Let’s get started! 

  • I always go to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water. Trust me, this might not be the most pleasing ritual but it does wake you up. 
  • Then I head downstairs to get myself some breakfast and a cup of coffee. 
  • At 6:20 I go upstairs and I still have more than an hour to be ready, so I usually let myself get under my soft blanket and scroll through all the mails and messages I got during the night. REMEMBER!!! Do not fall asleep. If you feel like that, get out of bed and do some exercises. 
  • Speaking of exercises. When it’s approximately 6:40 I start doing morning yoga, which I’ve found somewhere on Tumblr. It usually takes only 10 minutes but I feel really stretched after. 
  • At 6:50 It’s time to get ready. I choose what to wear to school. We don’t have a strict uniform but we do have to wear official clothes like black pants and skirts + white blouse or a t-shirt. And being in the last year gives you an unwritten permission to dress more casual, so I often wear black jeans. When I’ve chosen what to wear, I start packing my bag with all the books and notebooks. 
  • After that it’s time to put my makeup on (my favorite part). I won’t get too deep in my makeup routine because it’s very long. I usually go with natural makeup but sometimes I can do something brighter (today is that day yay) 
  • When i have put on my cozy coat and scarf (it already feels like winter) plus some trainers I am ready to go! 

That was my every morning routine, which i do every day (except for sunday) before school. Hope it was somehow useful for you!

Shirt Thief - Jaime Reyes x Reader

Prompt: “Why do you keep stealing my shirts babe?” Jaime Reyes x Reader (requested by anon)

You woke up at the light streaming in through the windows. It was one of those lazy mornings where neither you of Jaime wanted to get out of bed so you stayed in each others embrace for as long as possible. But eventually nature called and you needed to get up to go to the bathroom and get something to drink.

You reluctantly crawled out of bed and Jaime pouted at the sudden lack of your warmth at his side. You picked up his shirt from the night before and pulled it over your naked torso as you padded to the bathroom to start your morning routine.

A few minutes later Jaime came into the bathroom behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

Why do you keep stealing my shirts, babe?” Jaime asked you sleepily as he rested his head on top of your shoulder.

“They’re comfy and convenient, but mostly comfy. Do you want me to stop?” You asked.

“Please don’t. I love seeing you in my clothes.” He insisted placing a soft kiss against your cheek.  

“Good. Because I don’t plan on leaving this house today and if I have to wear clothes want them to be yours.” You caught his chin and turned your head to meet his lips with yours. You slowly and lazily moved your lips against each others.

“I vote you don’t wear any clothes at all, mi amor.” He whispered with a wicked grin.

“I think that can be arranged.” You winked and sauntered back into the bedroom making sure to torment him with the casual swing of your hips. He grinned wider and followed you dutifully back into the bedroom. You made good on your promise.

Some new questions for the people of dogblr, because you always give great answers! 

1). What time is your dog’s/dogs’ last meal?
2). What time do you and they go to bed - are they in your bedroom or somewhere else?
3). What time do you get up in the morning?
4). Optional extra! - What’s your ‘going to bed’ routine for the dogs?

I find the different ways you all co-habit with your dogs endlessly interesting! For me, we go to bed at 10pm (small supper, out for a wee, onto his bed, lights out) and get up at 5:30am - Joe starts whining as soon as he hears my bed creak in the morning because he wants his breakfast! Of course he can’t differentiate between weekdays and weekends so no lie-ins for me anymore. I could ignore him, but going much past his expected brekkie time tends to end in bile pukes. Task master!

So, how’s it work in your house? :)

I’m so conflicted 

On one hand I love fitness and I know I truly enjoying working out 

BUT being so this trip has made me realize that my daily trips to the gym aren’t always allowing me to live the happiest life

I used to get myself into such a routine of working out in the morning that when I couldn’t, it would actually put me in a bad mood and although I love working out I don’t want to be dependant on it y’know?

So that’s why this trip I made it a goal to NOT workout, which feels so friggen weird because how is that even a goal???????

But the more I force myself to not workout, the more I realize how chill and relaxed life actually can be

Waking up and not having to rush to the gym or even going through your day without thinking  “I gotta make sure I make it to the gym later” is a really nice feeling and honestly, the more relaxed I am with myself, the more I will actually wanna workout because IT’S FUN and not something I feel forced to do

Not to mention, my body is FINE?!?!?!? Like i used to think that ONE day without the gym would make me a noodle or a potato but that isn’t the case and the more I realize that - The easier it is to be okay with not going to the gym on the daily

Sorry for the rant but today I was second guessing my choice to stop being so hard on myself and STOP living my life for fitness because it’s easy to feel lazy or like you’re making excuses but FUCK IT, it’s my life and I feel so much better waking up and going to Starbucks or to go out for breakfast and just lay on the couch then I did when I used to get up and force myself to the gym like a walking, tired, exhausting zombie 

Okay HAPPY MONDAY this has been a rant lol 

Last year we spent Christmas and New Years in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was magical, I truly loved this city. This was the first place in our travels that I dropped my shield, I let go, and I allowed myself to experience the place I was in rather than let my fear and anxiety dominate everything. I started going for walks and errands by myself, and I made a routine every morning to walk down to the loveliest smoothie shop and pick up our usual orders while Kevin waited for me on our hotel’s cute little veranda where he worked from every day. Remembering where I was a year ago while observing where I am now is very special. I can see the growth and I can appreciate the decisions I have made. I can say that I spent the last year pushing myself out of my comfort zone, working hard to get what I want and where I’d still like to be, and trying to love myself and others to the best of my ability. 2016 has been one of the most humbling years of my life, both for reasons that left me in awe of the world’s beauty and its cruelty. It has taught me a lot about myself and those I surround myself with.  I have continued to work towards my dreams, and so many life goals were completed. I’m so blessed to have a life partner to always encourage me to pursue my dreams and say yes to any adventure. This year, we will experience an entirely new adventure together and I can hardly believe it’s real. In 11 days, we fly to India. In 2 months time, we will be living in the Himalayas and immersing ourselves in Nepalese culture. This life is truly what you make it, and when you realize it’s all just a game and you can do whatever the fuck you want… it’s pretty freaking amazing. 

Dancing Away With My Heart Pt. 3

Summary: You’re a ballerina dancer, and your baby sister is taking up gymnastics, with none other than Lance Tucker as her teacher.

Pairing: Lance the Fucker Tucker x ofc (Stella)

Warnings: language (no fucking shit, right?) sexual tension, fluff.

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The next day, I didn’t figure I needed to wake Sarah up, so I just started my own morning routine. I’m not in any hurry, so I don’t figure I need to rush.

Starting my shower, and setting my leotard out on the counter. You know how us women like our showers, I’m talkin’ Satan’s piss hot. I want my bathroom completely fogged up before I even get in the shower. Stripping out of my robe, and stepping into the shower, I feel my pores opening, and my body waking up.

Once I get out of my shower, dry my hair and throw it up into a high ponytail, I head downstairs for my morning mug of coffee and a quick breakfast. I’m shocked to see Sarah sitting down here in the kitchen already. She’s never up before 8 on a sunday.

“Oh, good morning Sarah.” She looks up at me and gives a half tired smile. She’s still in her pajamas, and her hair’s a mess so I’d say she just woke up.

“What are you doing up so early?”

“Coach wanted me to practise a few things on my own today for a few hours, so I figured I may as well get a head start.” I nod, grabbing my purse and my car keys, about to head out the door.

“Isn’t coach going to see you at work today?”

“Yeah, his mini me wanted to spend more time with me.” I smile thinking back to little Luke, he’s the sweetest little boy I think I’ve ever seen. It helps that he looks like his daddy.

“I think he likes you, you know.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured that by the way he didn’t want me to leave.”

“No, I mean coach Tucker.” I blush, looking towards the ground

“It’s only been two days, Sarah. I think you’re thinking too much into this.”

“No really, when you were playing with Luke, he kept turning to look at you, in fact he got distracted easily.” I roll my eyes.

“He was probably just looking at his son to make sure he was okay, he WAS there you know.” She rolls her eyes at me this time.

“He knows he was in good hands, why can’t you just admit he may like you?! It was obvious you liked him too, I almost gagged with all the flirting.” I blush again.

“Whatever, Sarah. I have to go to work, I’ll see you after work. Pick what you want for dinner.” Finally making it out the door, 10 minutes later that I usually am, I’m gonna have a few students standing outside waiting for me. Good thing it’s summertime, it’s already 75 out. 15 minutes later, I make it to my studio.

I was right about having a few students outside waiting. My students range in age from 8 years to 18 years, I have quite a haul of kids. There’s 24 of them, and it’s just me who teaches them. There’s 5 students and their parents outside, but the only one I notice is Lance and Luke, sitting outside the door, and Lance reading him a book. Smiling, I run up to everyone and unlock the door.

“I’m so sorry I’m late everyone, I got caught up this morning.” One of my oldest students  comes up to me, leaning over to whisper into my ear.

“Is that Lance Tucker?” I don’t know why I’m surprised that she knows him, he is a gold medalist, after all.

“Yes, he’s Sarah’s teacher, and he wanted to stop by and see me today, so I figured I’d let him.” She smiles, and doesn’t say anymore. Opening the door, and standing to the side, letting everyone in to head to their lockers. Lance picks his son up, and his backpack, walking up to meet me at the door. I find myself smiling at him.

“Good morning, Mr. Tucker.” He smiles, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

“Good morning, Stella.” Luke gasps in joy, leaning over in his daddy’s arms, reaching towards me.

“PRETTY LADY!!!” I laugh, reaching out for him and grabbing him, holding him close to me. He wraps his arms around my neck.

“I missed you pretty lady!!” I laugh, hugging him close to me.

“I missed you too, sweetheart.” Lance looks at us both, smiling.

“You should have seen how hard it was to get him to go to sleep last night. He kept wanting me to call you.” I giggle.

“Is that a sneaky way to ask me for my number?” I grin, hoping he gets the idea that I’m trying to flirt. What? I’ve never really flirted with anyone before. He laughs.

“Well, now that you mention it, I would like your number.” My face heats up, and I reach into my purse and pulling out my business card with my one free hand.

“It’s my personal number,” I say as I hand it to him. “I do hope you’ll call me sometime.” Looking down, I set Luke down on the ground.

“Well, make yourselves at home, I have a class to teach, but we’ll take a break here in a couple hours.” Lance, looking down at my business card, looks back up and smiles at me.

“I’ll try to keep my eyes to myself.” I blush more, chuckling and stepping up to him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He hugs me back, smiling into my hair.


A couple hours later and several dance sessions of feeling Lance’s eyes on me, we head into break. Luke runs up to me, and I lean down and catch him in my arms before swinging him around.

“WEEEEE PRETTY LADY! You’re so fun! And pretty! And I want daddy to date you!” I laugh, secretly thinking I wish your daddy would date me too..

Lance comes up to me, Luke’s things packed.

“You about ready to head home, Luke?” Luke looks up, a sad look on his eyes.

“But, pretty lady..” I laugh and hug him close to me.

“Well, I was just about to ask the pretty lady if she would like to go out to dinner with me tonight.” As confident as this man is, I can tell he is nervous.

“I’d love to go to dinner with you, Lance.” Blushing and biting my lip, but still managing to keep eye contact with him.

“YAY! Does that mean daddy and pretty lady will kiss?!” It’s Lance’s turn to blush.

“I don’t know buddy, I’d like to kiss her right now…after all, she was just dancing away with my heart.” As cheesy and corny as it was, it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. I launch myself against him, and pressing my mouth to his. I don’t know what came over me, he’s just a smooth motherfucker, man. His arms go around my waist as he returns the kiss. I can feel Luke grabbing my pants and jumping up and down. Lance pulls away and smiles, licking his bottom lip before pulling it between his teeth. Picking up Luke, he leans over and kisses me on the cheek.

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“I’ll call you tonight. What time do you get off?”

“5.” He nods.

“I’ll call you at 5:30” He’s half out the door before I run up to him, grabbing him by the arm, effectively stopping him. I press my mouth to his once more.

“Can’t wait.” He winks.

I can’t wait to see what tonight holds

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As most of you know; most of my lifting is always skin care products and I’ve gotten quite a few messages asking what products I swear by, what I’d recommend for certain skin types, how to get rid of/prevent break outs, and how to overall have better skin, so I decided to just delete the asks and make a post.😊
Most of my skin routine takes place at night and on the weekend.

Mornings: I wash my face with St Ives oatmeal scrub. It’s targeted towards dry skin. I’d recommend this product if you struggle to find a face wash that doesn’t dry out your skin and/or cause irritation. If you try to stick with earth friendly products; I’d also recommend because instead of exfoliating plastic, the product uses nuts, which is obviously biodegradable.😊
Lastly, I moisturize with Neutrogena Oil Free face lotion for combination skin.

First, I use a cotton pad and remove my make up with Garnier micellar cleansing water. I swear by this make up remover, as it doesn’t burn my face nor eyes and lasts soooo much longer than makeup removal wipes.
Then I splash my face with warm water and use Clinique Sonic Facial Soap with my Vanity Planet skin spa brush and scrub my entire face then rinse. Afterwards, I moisturize with Freeman Beauty infusion mask. It’s an overnight mask that evens skin tone, corrects dark spots, and moisturizes. If you have trouble with your makeup flaking up on your nose; I’d recommend this product because I haven’t had a problem with it since I’ve been using it. I think it was like $5 at Ulta, or you could just get it for free like I did.😇 I also rub some vasoline on my lips to keep them moisturized before bed.

Weekends: weekends are basically my spa days. I take baths with bath bombs, use face masks, etc because I don’t have time to do all of that during the week.
I use Biore black head removal strips on my nose, then I use Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask. Afterwards, I once again use my night mask that I referenced above. It’s important to use moisturizers after face masks so that you don’t dry out your skin.

*Also, I have combination skin. My face gets oily on my nose and forehead, my nose and next to the bridge of my nose gets dry.*
All products mentioned are pictured above.

My morning routine


When I start preparing a new exam, I usually wake up at 6AM. - Starting from one week to the exam, I set my alarm at 5AM. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of my bed, so I generally set an alarm on my iPad too and then hide it on a shelf, so I’m forced to get up and turn it off.

Cold Water

As soon as possible, I wash my face with cold - veeery cold - water and it helps me to open my eyes, wake up and feel more active. It’s also a good trick to keep your skin nice and clean, because cold water removes dead cells and shrinks skin pores.

Caffeinated Routine

Even if I drink redbull, I don’t like it in the morning, so I prefer to drink a large cup of ginseng coffee and then I drink my redbull - if I need it - in the afternoon. 


While waiting for my coffee to cool down, i stretch all my body for 5-7 minutes. It’s very good for your muscles, especially if you have to stay sit on a chair for hours…hours and hours. 

Coffee  & Tumblr 


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Checking my bullet journal

I organize my day, writing down a to-do list and prioritizing study tasks. 

Make up my room

I hate to study when I’m surrounded by clothes, sheets, shoes, socks etc…so before starting with my work I make up my room, and when everything is in its own place I’m ready to start studying. 


Busy Coffee Shop Conversations

Request: Can you do an imagine where y/n and spencer are regulars at a coffee shop but they never really talked until one way when it was really busy

I always enjoyed getting to the coffee shop early to sit down, sip my coffee, and read my book. The shop was typically quiet, with just a few regulars coming and going as the morning progressed. Today, however, the shop was packed full of people who were out of classes for the summer, and folks traveling for vacations.
      The amount of noise in the shop didn’t bother me much, so I continued my usual routine. I was so engrossed in my own little world that I jumped slightly when someone spoke right next to me.
      The Right to an Answer by Anthony Burgess. I’ve always been fond of that book.”
      I immediately looked up, and saw one of the regulars standing there. I had always found him to be very attractive, although prior to now, the most interaction we’d ever experienced was the occasional polite smile.
      “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to ask if it’s alright if I sit here - all of the other spots have been taken. I promise to do my best to not bother you.”
      His voice was sweet and calming, and he appeared to be nervous to talk to me. I quickly nodded and began moving my things out of his way.
      “Oh, bother me as much as you like. I was just so focused on reading that you managed to sneak up on me.”
      “Bother me as much as you like”? That’s the best flirtation you can come up with? You pushed your embarrassment aside and smiled at him as he sat down.
      “I’ve done that many times,” he said with a soft chuckle. “Thank you for letting me join you. My name’s Spencer Reid, by the way.”
      The two of you made small talk, then you began discussing your book, among many other things, such as other books, poetry, music, movies, shows, etc. You had never felt so at-ease with a stranger, and you were amazed that he was actually interested in what you had to say; that rarely happened to you.
      As Spencer was leaned back in his chair laughing, the clock on the wall caught your eye.
      “Oh my god, I’m going to be late for my class,” you realized aloud, then hurriedly began putting your things into your bag.
      “Your students may attempt to leave if you’re over 15 minutes later, Professor,” Spencer remarked with a grin.
      “I don’t doubt that.”
      “I should also be leaving, before I’m late for work.”
      “Yes, you should avoid being late, lest your coworkers leave on another adventure without you,” you said, smiling at him as you stood and slung your bag over your shoulder. Spencer chuckled, then stood and followed you to the door. Once outside, the two of you stood, staring at one another and smiling for a few moments, before he broke the silence.
      “Will I see you tomorrow?”
      “Of course.”
      “Fantastic,” he replied, his smile growing even wider. “I’ll see you then.”
      “Same to you,” you said, then began walking to your car. Before you could stop yourself, your turned around and called “Maybe then you’ll ask for my number!”
      You could see his smile as you turned back around and continued on your way.

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ok but this gifset got me thinking about jimin as a paperboy, delivering newspapers every morning while riding his bike and singing cheerily in the morning then one day he throws the newspaper onto a porch but - “oi did you just throw the paper at me?!” and oops jimin’s accidentally hit one of the neighbours, and hey. it’s actually a pretty cute kid “actually i came out to tell you that your singing every morning is getting on my nerves, who’s even this cheery in the morning anyways”

but jimin’s not easily let down, he still sings every morning anyways and today he does see the boy but he intentionally hits him with the paper and it becomes part of his morning routine, hitting the kid with the paper while the kid scowls at him. clearly the boy is okay with it (maybe he likes me, jimin thinks) because why would he purposely stand there every morning when he knows jimin’s gonna come by and hit him with the paper?

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Today, I fucked up... by calling my newborn daughter a retard

This actually happened less than 5 minutes ago.

My daughter was born last week, 10 weeks early. My wife and I have settled into a routine of visiting the NICU every morning. Because I already work remotely, I just use the wifi at the hospital.

Between lack of sleep and too much reddit, I’m starting to get a little foggy brained.

While my wife was reading some children’s book to our daughter, I hear her say “You like that?”

Without thinking, I finish the sentence with “You fucking retard?”

Even the nurse in the room felt the look of death.

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Prompt: My neighbour’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident.

Word Count: 850

Warnings: brief mentions of nudity (v v PG), brief mention of totally letting Bucky feel you up (v v NOT PG), brief mention of alcohol, language,

Author’s Note: Okay, so I couldn’t pass this one up. It was too great in my mind. I, I could just see it happening. The gif has Steve in it for reasons you’ve probably figured out.


Hmmm, hot water. You loved it after a long run. You came out feeling nice and cool. It was a daily routine. Running water brought your mind to this morning, actually just twenty minutes ago.

The weather was fairly cool in this October air. Hence orange leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween ads. Maybe you’d dress up this year. Or get drunk. Yup, totally getting drunk. It was a good time of year, in your opinion.

You ran the stairs to your apartment. The damn elevator was still out. You just thought of it as more exercise.

As you reached your apartment, you saw your neighbor, Bucky, struggling with all his groceries. He was obviously strong enough to hold them, but there were so many bags. You carefully approached him.

“I’ll unlock it for you if you want.” You offered. Bucky’s head turned to see you covered in sweat but softly smiling. Something in him, rationality mostly, told him you weren’t threat. Also, you two talked often enough.

“I’d really appreciate it.” He said. You were grabbing his keys in seconds, easily unlocking it. He kicked the door open gently to get in. He put the groceries on the counter before heading back to talk to you.

“Why so many groceries if there’s only one of you?” You asked lightheartedly. You were always the joking type, especially with you neighbors. He’d been pretty nice after he got used to you bothering him.

“My friend is coming over for the first time. I thought it would be nice to cook him something.” Bucky said with a soft, nostalgic smile on his face. The smile on your face got cheesy.

“Is he your boyfriend?” You joked. Bucky rolled his eyes but laughed.

“With how he bosses me around, you’d think so. But no, Steve is not my boyfriend. It would be awkward.” Bucky said. You nodded with pursed lips. He raised an eyebrow at your expression.

“Nice to know. I’ll have to meet this Steve…if you’re willing to let him around these hot bods.” You winked before pointing to his and your body. Bucky groaned loudly.

“Go take a shower. We can’t be friends for the next…hour.” Bucky said. You fake pouted before walking away. You both knew it was all out of humor. That’s why you liked him so much. He was a pretty funny guy under all the glares and long hair.

The memory left you smiling. These last few run-ins left you with a warm feeling in your chest. Bucky was very attractive, so it was a-okay to pine over him.

Bucky’s face popped up next. His strong muscles that were defined in his shirt. Those thighs of his. What you wouldn’t give to let him run his hands all over you and let him tou-

The sound of your apartment door opening startled you bad. You highly doubted it was Bucky coming to carry out those fantasies for you. You shut off the water, nervously grabbing a towel. It was quickly wrapped around you. There was no time for clothes at this point. You could hear the person messing with your electric keyboard.

You held the towel extra close as you tiptoed to the living room. A tall blonde looked all around at the pictures you had hanging. It was just some family and friend pictures. Bucky was actually on the wall. You managed to coerce him into taking a selfie with you. That was for another time to reminisce about.

“Wh-what are you doing in my apartment?” You asked with a shaking voice, moving so he could see you. You wet hair was moved to see him. The man looked back to you, then his eyes widened when he saw just a towel. Bucky definitely didn’t look like that.

“Is Bucky Barnes here?” The man asked. Your face conveyed how uncomfortable you were. There was a shake of the head.

“He’s across the way, 308. This is 307. You must be Steve.” You said. The man nodded, then began apologizing. You took in a deep breath before having him follow you.

You hugged yourself with the towel to block out the chill. Damn October air. Your knuckles rapped on the door.

Bucky opened the door with a smile, but seeing your towel clad body shocked him. Though to your surprise, it was not a look of disgust. More like he wanted to know what was underneath. You blushed before moving to show a very blushing Steve.

“Give clear instructions on where you live next time. Please.” Bucky glared at Steve, pulling him in by the shirt.

“I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again.” Bucky apologized while Steve slinked further into the apartment. You nervously giggled. Why was it so damn cold?

“It’s…not okay, but I’ll live. You owe me a warm shower.” You winked before going back to your place. You stayed out just long enough to hear Bucky yell at Steve about the hot girl across the way, and also thank him for it. You smirked to yourself. Some fantasies do come true…

(if you want a smutty part two, let me know)

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Since your taking prompts how about jimon- I always hear you singing on your balcony (below mine) every morning, but suddenly you've stopped

Don’t Lose Your Voice || Read On AO3

Every morning was the same ever since he moved into the apartment almost six months ago. It would start with his alarm going off and then him getting ready for work before he’s having his morning coffee out on the balcony to listen to the guy below singing. It’s a nice routine he has and he loves it. He’s not entirely sure who it is that lives beneath him, but he still loves it. He does never really meet any of his neighbours, always tired when he comes home from work, or they’re asleep while he’s going off to work. So far, this morning was going as it usually did but when he opened up balcony door, he was not greeted with the soothing sound of his neighbour’s voice and that didn’t sit right with him but he pushes it aside, maybe the guy is sick. Yeah, that sounds like a good enough reason, sighing, he drinks his coffee as the sky starts to turn a shade of purple as the sun is coming through.

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