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It Takes Two - Negan Imagine

Theme: Fluff

Chapter Summary: As much as you attempt to keep out of the Saviors’ way while they raid Alexandria, your daughter decides to have a word with Negan.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: You live in Alexandria with your very sassy daughter, Riley. After Negan takes over, Riley grows to be the one and only person that challenges him - and to say the least, he loves it.

Word Count: 2.1k

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings & A/N: so basically halfway through writing this i realized the daughter was giving me Lilo vibes - so if you could imagine, she’s very much like Lilo :) | no warnings



Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

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“Where’s Maggie, Mommy?” your daughter’s high-pitched voice met your ears as she stumbled down the hall. You turned to her, closing the book in your lap, “She’s not here anymore, she - .. ‘moved,’” you stuttered. Technically, you weren’t lying. After the run-in with the Saviors, she would be better off, and much safer, not in Alexandria.

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Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of the Prince AU. You can find part 1 here and part 3 here; enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

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  • School started up again soon after the holidays, and you were all ball of nerves about seeing Daniel again
  • You weren’t sure how you two would act together at school, if there would be any difference
  • If you two talked, the entire female population would attack you; and if your friendship had to be kept a secret, you would be disappointed
  • On the first day back, you could hardly focus in any of your classes before math
  • When the bell rang for you to leave your previous period, you ran to the bathroom and checked yourself out in the mirror, simultaneously scolding yourself
  • why am I this shaken up over him Jesus christ (Y/N) get it together
  • You shook your head in disbelief at yourself as you finally just sucked it up and walked to math
  • You trudged in the room, sketchily looking around with your head down, before you heard someone call out to you
  • “Hey (Y/N), we are switching seats this semester, come sit here!! Let’s be seat partners!” Daniel called out to you, a huge smile on his face, patting the seat next to him
  • He… he really just lives freely, doesn’t he? Take a lesson from him, (Y/N).
  • You couldn’t hide your happiness as you sat down next to him, right in the front of the class
  • “You’re good at math, right, (Y/N)? I’m totally going to cheat off you now!!” Daniel exclaimed, relentlessly poking your arm
  • The class soon started, and you both just played hangman and tictactoe and chatted over a piece of notebook paper, the teacher rolling her eyes at the both of you
  • You two weren’t disturbing anyone, and the teacher knew that 1. Daniel wouldn’t pay attention either way, and 2. you would do well on your tests/quizzes anyway
  • Suddenly, school had become a lot more fun
  • Word spread quickly around the school, that Daniel had a new friend… a new girl friend.
  • Suddenly you started getting weird looks from people, and sudden requests to become your friend
  • You were taken aback by the sudden attention, but didn’t do anything about it
  • You just hung out with a couple of your old friends, who thankfully didn’t even bother questioning you about Daniel at all; they seemed to know you would tell them when you were ready
  • They had already known about your childhood friendship with Daniel, anyway
  • Ong and Jaehwan, though, got all the information they needed from Daniel
  • They learned the entire story, and they had also known that you were Daniel’s old friend
  • Anyway you didn’t see Daniel really for the rest of the school day, because you two were in different classes/years, so it wasn’t a surprise when you didn’t meet him again
  • This pattern continued throughout the week: having fun with Daniel in math, only for him to be whisked off to the palace by his bodyguards as soon as school ended every day
  • But something different happened on the Friday of that week
  • As you walked out of school ready to bike home, but your bike was nowhere to be found
  • Instead, you saw two men in black suits standing near the racks
  • “Please come with us, Miss (Y/L/N). Your bike is in the car,” one said, pointing at a sleek black car parked in front of the school. “The Royal Family requests your presence at the palace.”
  • “Uhhh what nobody told me about this,” you mumbled, as the men leaded you towards the car
  • You entered the car, to find Daniel in the seat next to you
  • “What’s up?”
  • “As if I would know, dumbass,” you rolled your eyes, punching his arm
  • For the car ride to the palace, you and Daniel just theorized about various reasons that the King and Queen would want to talk to you
  • “Maybe you clogged one of the toilets at the party”
  • “What the hell, man”
  • “Or you fell asleep on the couch in that room and drooled on it and now you have to replace it hA”
  • “jesus fuck Dan just shut up”
  • When you two finally arrived at the palace, you two got out of the car, Daniel slamming the door behind him as you tried to exit from his side after him
  • “Prince. Please don’t delay us, we need to meet the Queen and King.” a stern voice called (probably one of the bodyguards), shutting up Daniel’s weird laughter (you know what I’m talking about)
  • “Ha, take that loser,” you called back at him, exiting the car
  • “You’re the loser, have fun with whatever my parents want you for,” Daniel said, playfully shoving you, walking away from you and the guards, probably to his own room
  • “Prince, you also have to come along, the King and Queen also want to see you.” A guard said, confusing the both of you
  • What matter could concern the both of you? Another party? What is going on
  • You and Daniel were both sat down in a very fancy looking room, with multiple seats arranged around a round table
  • You two whispered to each other, before the King and Queen entered, sitting down across from you both
  • “Daniel! (Y/N)! How are you both? How was your day at school today?” The Queen excitedly asked
  • You both looked at each other in confusion, before saying what you had “learned” in math today, Daniel revealing that you were now seat mates with one another
  • “Oh, well that’s just great! Glad to see you two are getting along so well, it looks like you two should be able to settle down together very well in the future,” The King said, bobbing his head in an approving nod
  • You and Daniel were in complete confusion, staring at Daniel’s parents as they both beamed at you two
  • “Ah, well I guess we haven’t really explained this properly, but you two get the gist, no?” The Queen said, catching sight of your confused gazes. “Well it’s obvious that (Y/N) here is the most reasonable choice for the Princess; out of all the women we have seen for the past couple of years have not even come close to the bright and genuine aura (Y/N) exudes! You two are perfect together!”
  • Your mouth had dropped open, blankly staring at the King and Queen, who were just excitedly giggling to themselves
  • You turned your eyes to Daniel, his eyes narrowed at his parents
  • “You two can’t be serious. How can you force her to get married at such a young age? Shouldn’t she have input in this matter?”
  • You blankly nodded. Marriage? What the hell?
  • You had wanted to get closer to Daniel, but marriage? That was a rest of life thing here, and you were perfectly content with your crush on him; being the Princess would make your life so unbelievably complicated
  • “Oh, well we don’t want you two to get married now, at least finish your college first, we just thought that you should both just be aware of this arrangement,” The King clarified
  • “Still! How can you expect to even want to commit to this now?” Daniel stood up, his hands on the table, as you nodded along
  • You didn’t dare speak out against the King and Queen, so you were thankful at least Daniel was being sane here
  • “Oh, well (Y/N) technically doesn’t have to commit to the marriage now, we just at least want the both of you to give a shot at a relationship and living together. We aren’t letting (Y/N) pass by, she is the first girl we have approved of in the years we have been looking for someone. Don’t take this as a joke, Daniel. You know the legacy of the family name is very important to the establishment of our rule.” The Queen said
  • “Yes, and if it happens that after trying with one another that (Y/N) or you do not feel like this is the best arrangement, then we will not have to continue with the marriage. What we are asking is very reasonable in our opinion; we aren’t forcing anything onto you in the long term. We are just kindly requesting that you will both make an attempt. This is a very serious matter.” The King continued
  • Well, that didn’t sound so bad. You two could just hang out for sometime, and then say that you two just want to remain as friends in the end.
  • You looked at Daniel and shrugged, signaling that this was fine with you
  • Daniel sighed, and nodded at his parents, grabbing your hand and leading you out of the room
  • You forgot sometimes, but Daniel was really a Prince, he really was royalty. For fuck’s sake, he was Prince of the entire country
  • For how down-to-earth he is, you sometimes forgot that you two really had completely different lives.
  • Daniel silently dragged you to a flight of stairs, leading you up to the second floor. You hadn’t been up there since you were like five
  • Happy memories flooded you as you stared down the huge hallways, remembering the old times where you, Daniel and Jisung used to race down the corridors
  • You were caught up in your own thoughts, not noticing that Daniel had led you into a huge bedroom
  • Daniel finally said something
  • Well, it was not really a coherent word
  • More like a primal scream, as he jumped face first onto a humongous bed that looked really fluffy
  • He let out really weird sounds into his pillow, slamming his legs repeatedly into the mattress
  • You walked up to him, poking his shoulder, making Daniel stop and stare at you through half-lidded eyes
  • “Try it, (Y/N). It’s therapeutic.” Daniel said, turning his face back into the white bedsheets, scooting over to make room for you
  • You weren’t even skeptical; you plunged onto the bed, both of you acting like deranged demonic toddlers
  • The both of you, at the moment, had nothing to say to one another – you both were equally taken aback at this sudden news, and for the time being, this was all you two could do
  • After a couple minutes of this… exorcism or whatever it was, your cries of the both of you just turned into tired sighs, once in a while kicking the bed
  • And without realizing it, you just fell asleep in Daniel’s super comfortable bed
  • “Do you want to stay for dinner today? It’s already evening,” Daniel called to you from the other side of the bed, facing away from you
  • He was met with silence, and crawled over to you in response, pulling your hair
  • Still receiving no reaction from you, he peered over your motionless body to see your eyes shut, deeply asleep
  • “That fast? Stupid,” Daniel laughed, about to pinch your nose to stop you from breathing, before his hand stopped in front of your face
  • He looked at you, unable to stop his concerns from popping into his mind
  • Wife? Princess? (Y/N)? We just reunited as friends, and now that has to change?
  • He breathed out, moving his hand back and plopping back on the bed next to you
  • Not that I would mind (Y/N) as the princess, he thought, staring at the back of your head
  • Pretty funny that this is even happening, I used to joke about marrying her when we were kids…
  • Daniel knew that for royal families, marrying someone you truly love is a very rare occurrence, and most marriages are completely arranged
  • I’m lucky enough Mom and Dad are trying to find someone who is more than a business deal, but that would mean (Y/N) would have to be cooped up in the palace for the rest of her life, and live completely in the public’s eye…
  • Daniel deeply sighed and smothered his face in his pillow again, pushing all the thoughts that were consuming him out of his mind
  • Ah whatever, this is so confusing, let’s just forget about all of this now
  • He forgot all about bugging you for dinner, and fell into sleep next to you
  • zzzzzzzzz….
  • You two slept peacefully for around an hour before a sharp noise blared into Daniel’s room
  • “Prince? Miss (Y/L/N)? Dinner is ready. Please come to the dining room,” a voice called through an intercom, waking the both of you up
  • You opened you eyes, and rolled around in the bed, only to come face to face with Daniel
  • You were about to scream, slapping your hand over your mouth, your heart rapidly picking up pace
  • jesus christ could I get a warning here?
  • You stared at Daniel’s face, his teeth gritting together once in a while as he slept – the intercom failed to wake him up
  • I can’t believe this is happening, getting to spend time with him… but marriage? Isn’t that a bit much…
  • You were deep in thought, before the voice from the speakers blared again, asking you two to immediately come down
  • “Daniel, Daniel wake up,” you said, gently shaking him so that he would wake up
  • “Stopppp ittttt,” Daniel whined, pulling the blanket to cover him face
  • You couldn’t help but laugh at his sudden burst of cuteness, seeming like a little kid, making you think of similar situations when you two were younger
  • Jisung and you would always team up and torture Daniel with tickle fights (he was super sensitive) when he was sleeping
  • Without realizing, your hands had slid under the blanket, grabbing Daniel’s torso and evilly giggling before you started violently tickling him
  • “(Y/N)!!!!!! YOU BETTER STOP THIS!!!”
  • “nEVER!!!!” (lmao never) you screamed back at him, before he grabbed you and started tickling you back
  • “wha- NO NO NO NO NO NO NO STOP NO” you gasped, out of breath, as you writhed under his grasp, unable to fight back
  • “HA, take THAT” Daniel yelled, tackling you and flipping you over in bed, pinning both your hands with one arm while tickling you with the other
  • “Looks like you two are getting along quite well.” a different voice called out to you, making both you and Daniel freeze in place, you pinned under him, the both of you realizing just how close to one another you two were
  • You both looked up in unison, finding a bodyguard dude at the door with his arms crossed, the King and Queen behind him
  • You and Daniel sprang apart, desperately claiming to all three that it wasn’t what they were thinking, still breathing heavily from the tickling
  • “I knew something was going on; Daniel’s never late for dinner,” the Queen snickered, dragging the King and the bodyguard out of the room, saying that they should “let you two do what you needed”
  • There was no point in arguing with the King and Queen, after all they were the ones who wanted you two to get married
  • You and Daniel stood there in his room, quiet once again, your face heating up in embarrassment
  • You looked up at Daniel, his own eyes darting shyly around the room to avoid your gaze, his own cheeks tinged with a pink blush
  • You two just stood there like the awkward people you are, until your stomach growled, the weird atmosphere between the two of you instantly clearing
  • “Okay, (Y/N), we’ll go eat now, whatever you say,” Daniel said, patting your stomach, making you jerk back in response, still sensitive from the tickle fight but mostly shocked from the sudden contact
  • “Too soon, man, too soon,” you managed to blurt out, kicking him, running out of his room to the dining room, to escape from Daniel
  • Daniel… he still acts like the kid he used to be… but it feels so different now…
  • Do I like him for real?

Part 1, Part 3

A/N: Sorry for that kinda sudden ending, lmao. This was getting kinda long and I wanted to post for y’all :) I guess this AU isn’t wrapping up yet, wanted the progression to be ~natural~ so looks like there will be another part of this, at the least.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for not updating in the past few days! 

Also thanks for 600 followers!

#5 Caught

Ethan: “Oh god, Ethan.” Your back was arched high to the ceiling as Ethan hooked your thighs, pressing his face farther into your pussy. His tongue ran circles over your clit, his tongue stiffening to a point so he could flick the throbbing bud causing your legs to shake. Ethan didn’t want to admit that it was almost embarrassing how much he loved having his head between your legs, it was his second favorite meal next to pancakes or pizza. He wrapped his entire mouth around you, sucking harshly. Whenever he did that it always made your head spin in crazy ways. Your cheeks turned red and face hot from the way he sucked and slurped at you. “Ethan baby, don’t stop please.” He hummed against you, his tongue moving faster as he moved down and began tongue fucking you. You knew already that his lips and chin were covered in moisture from you and you didn’t care, seeing him like that was always sexy. Your moans bounced off the walls and it only made Ethan work faster. You pulled and tugged at your nipples and grinded onto his face when the door burst open, Grayson stumbling in with his phone in his hand. “Dude, look at thi- Holy mother, I’m sorry! Jesus Christ!” You squealed and Ethan popped up, lying over you to shield your body the best he could, groaning aloud. “Grayson! Knock next time bro!” “I’m sorry! I didn’t know she was here!” “If you couldn’t hear by her moaning, yeah she’s here!” “Just get out!” You screamed, shaking your head as Grayson apologized again before backing out with his hand over his face and slamming the door. Ethan shook his head and groaned again, “That totally killed my boner.” You both shared a nervous laugh before he promised to finish what he started later on when Grayson was asleep. “I swear to god I’m going to kill him.” He mumbled, emerging from the room to talk to Grayson.

Grayson: The bed creaked beneath the two of you as Grayson pounded you into the mattress. “Fuck baby, this pussy’s so damn tight.” Whimpering you bit down on the pillow, Grayson letting his hand recoil far enough to bring it back down for a quick smack. This was the only night this week you and Grayson got to have the apartment to yourselves and of course you both took full advantage of it. First the shower, then bent over the couch, propped up on the kitchen counter and lastly in your shared bedroom. Grayson pounded you hard, his balls slapping hard enough that it almost stung and he gripped your waist hard enough that you were sure you would have bruises in the morning. “Gray, god, fuck. You fuck me so good.” “Yeah baby? How about you ride me? Show me how good you move these sexy hips.” He smacked your ass again and pulled out, sitting up against the headboard and pulling you down onto his throbbing length. He filled you up completely and you moaned, reaching behind him to hold the headboard, making sure to push your breasts into his face. You started to bounce slowly, grinding back and forth and flicking your hips, all of the tricks making Grayson throw his head back and his breath to come out straggled. “God I’m going to come.” “Me too. Fuck.” He aided you in bouncing up and down before the door opened, Ethan walking in on your orgasms, the both of your moans deafening. “Woah! I am, so fucking sorry! Jesus.” He dropped his head Grayson grabbed a blanket, throwing it over your entire body, peaking out from around you. “Ethan! Seriously?” “What? I had to a-ask you something about the uh, video and editing?” Grayson groaned and you tried to move off of him but he kept you still with a death grip. “Can it wait? You kind of walked in on our orgasm.” “Gray!” You squeaked, hiding your face in his shoulder. “Just get the fuck out Ethan, I’m coming.”


Request from @crystalbaby12 for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#13 - “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

#88 - “After everything…I’d still choose you.” - A/N - I left this one out as I didn’t know how to put it in. Hope that’s okay!

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“I can’t believe this shit.” you curse, pulling at the restraints on your wrist. Swearing loudly, you kick over a stool near your feet, the wooden chair smacking against the floor. You listen, waiting to see if your detainers come to see what the noise is about, but everything remains silent.

“I’m gonna rip his fucking heart out as soon as we get out of here.” Jax snarls from behind you, his back pressed up against the opposite side of the pillar. Even though you can’t see his face, you know his forehead is scrunched up in anger, the way it always does.

“If we get out of here.” you correct him, resting your head against the immovable post. “I dunno about you, but it looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

“Now ain’t the time to talk smart.” he snaps, referring to your sarcastic tone. You roll your eyes, huffing in annoyance yet keeping your thoughts to yourself.

Minutes later, Jax sighs loudly, the silence broken by his now softened voice. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” you reply quietly, not knowing how much longer you’re going to be able to last, your back stiff and stomach rumbling from being kept hostage for well over a day now. “You think they know where we are?”

“I dunno, but we better hope they do.” You close your eyes, his response truthful yet lacking the hope you’re aching to hear. “Unless the club can somehow come up with half a mil in two days, we’re fucked.”

“Wow, great pep talk. I can see why they chose you for president.” you say, rolling your eyes. Jax brushes his hands up against your own, his restraints stopping him from holding your hand in his own.

“I’m gonna get you out of this, (Y/N).” he replies, determination in his tone. Tears prick at your eyes, heart heavy with panic, body heavy with fatigue. “I’ll never let anybody hurt you.”

“Bang up job you’re doing.” you sniff, your nose tingling as your vision turns misty, defeated tears falling down your cheeks. “I forgot, only you’re allowed to hurt me, yeah?”

You know it’s a low blow, the past between you and Jax still raw even though it’s been a good six months since you found out he was sleeping with Colette behind your back.

“You really wanna do this now?” he questions, his voice surprisingly calm, as if he knows you’re on the edge.

“What better time, Jax?” Your voice cracks as you say his name, frustration thick in your veins as you try to hold yourself together. “Might not get the chance after he slits our throats.”

“Jesus Christ!” He tugs at his restraints mercilessly, the pain in your voice like nails on a chalkboard, his skin crawling with red hot fury. You flinch as he shouts, more tears escaping from your eyes.

He remains silent for what feels like forever, the tension level high as you try to face the fact that you might not make it out of here alive.

Your head pounds as you cry silently, unable to bear the thought of never seeing your family again, or never seeing the club again.

“I argued with Tig before we got picked up.“ you start, your throat thick with emotion, the lump refusing to budge no matter how many times you swallow. “What if he blames himself?”

“Fucking stop it, (Y/N).” he warns, defiance in his words. “We’re not gonna die here.”

“How can you be so sure?” you argue, your bubble of hope completely deflated, your mind screaming at you to be realistic. “We live in the life, Jax. This sort of shit happens all the time.”

“Not to us, alright? This isn’t how it’s gonna end for you, (Y/N).“ Shaking your head, you wish his words could cut through the negativity in your brain. “I promise I’ll get you home safe.”

“Okay.” you agree falsely, tired of the same empty promises.

You feel yourself being shaken awake, the throbbing in your skull the first thing you feel once you begin to stir. Blurry vision focuses on Jax, a worried expression on his face as he studies you. “Shit, I thought you weren’t going to wake up.”

“What happened?” you ask groggily, your throat dry due to the lack of fluids. Taking in your surroundings, your eyes widen in horror as you spot the bleeding body near the door. “Oh my god.”

“Hey.” he calls, his cold hands cradling your face as he tries to direct your attention back to him. “It had to be done. Once I cut loose, it was either me or him.”

You know it’s true, though it doesn’t make it any less horrifying. Nodding, you try to blink away the black spots dotting your vision, cold sweats creeping up your body as you try to remain calm.

“Jax, I don’t feel right.” you complain, nausea sweeping over you in waves. Jax presses the back of his hand to your forehead, his icy touch bringing you temporarily relief. “I think I’m gonna pass out.”

You can barely hear him talk, his words muffled as a loud piercing sounds in your ears, beads of perspiration dripping from your neck down to your back. No matter how much you try to fight it, you feel yourself slump to the side, reality slipping from you as you lose consciousness.

The unmistakeable fumes of disinfectant fill your nostrils as your eyes flutter open, a white ceiling greeting you as you do so. A hiss escapes from your lips as you shift, the hefty needle hanging out of your arm being the cause. “Welcome back, sleeping beauty.”

You turn your head to the side, a smile slipping onto your lips at the sight of Gemma. “Gem.”

“I’m so glad you’re alright, sweetheart.” she mumurs, standing to place a loving kiss upon your forehead. The simple gesture brings tears to your eyes, relief flooding though you at the realisation that you’re back where you belong.

“Where’s Jax? Is he okay?” you ask, a million and one questions sitting on the end of your tongue. Gemma smiles knowingly, before nodding, a heavy breath leaving your lips.

“He’s been worried sick.” she says, squeezing your shoulder comfortingly. “I’ll send him in.”

A minute or so later, Jax slips into the room, your heart skipping a beat at the sight of him. His eyes look tired, though they spark once they land on you, his skin looking a little less pale. “How you feeling?”

“Alright, considering.” you respond quietly, pushing yourself to sit up as Jax sits on the side of your bed. “How long have I been out?”

“Couple hours. You scared the shit out of me.” he admits, running his fingers over his beard. You reach up bravely, taking his hand within your own, squeezing lightly.

“Thank you for keeping your promise.” He’s taken aback by your actions, not expecting you to greet him with such warmth. “I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

“I’m sorry I gave you a reason to.” he says, his eyes flickering to your lips before he clears his throat, pulling away. Leaning down, he places his lips upon your forehead, lingering for a few seconds. “I’ll leave you to rest.“

You wrap your hand around his wrist, stopping him from exiting. “Will you come back later?”

“You want me to?” You nod shyly, unsure where you stand with him. He raises his brow in surprise, before a small smirk appears on his face. “Then I’ll see you later.”

“Alright.” you reply lamely, a hopeful flutter in your chest that maybe you can work past the hurt, and maybe there is a silver lining to this situation after all.

A/N - Ahhhhh I’m really not sure how I feel about the ending of this but hopefully you guys like it! Thank you for being so patient, and thank you for reading❤ let me know what you think!!

Break Time Activities

Word Count: 1800ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Skinny dipping, public nudity (only Dean and Reader see each other naked), unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), a shitty attempt at writing smut

Summary: The reader needs a break from a long night of researching, and Dean helps her unwind.

A/N: I dedicate this to my lovely friends @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @melonshino…. I took a break from my Sam crisis to write this just for you guys ;-)


“Hey Sammy, you find anything yet?” Dean asked tiredly through the speaker of his phone. “Y/N and I are starting to exhaust our options over here.”

“I’m still at the library… it seems like I’m not going to be leaving anytime soon,” Sam answered tiredly. You could almost picture him rubbing his forehead as he talked. “You’d be surprised at how big the lore section of this library is. I’ve never been to a library that is open all night.”

Both of the boys sounded drained, as did you. The three of you had been researching for a case for nearly three hours now - Sam left for the library while you and Dean stayed behind to look online for information. So far you had come up with squat.

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ok, this has been on my mind like all day

i wanted to talk about just how god damn gay Keith was in the episode Taking Flight

“Oh come on!” *jabs sleeping chamber impatiently*

not even a minute in and we get Keith being impatient af to make sure Lance is ok

tfw you get scolded for being worried about your boyfriend

look at how happy Keith is to see Lance is awake and ok!! he isn’t just smiling, he’s grinning

…and then Lance is bein’ a flirty little shit again towards Allura and Keith is just “wow ok”


and then we have Lance being all flirty towards Nyma

“wow ok”

and then there’s the discovery that was made today where Keith was totally checking Rolo out like jesus christ Keith your gay has been showing this entire god damn episode

also, gotta love the use of colors here too. Bi flag colors and fucking rainbows reflecting off the water



also “this kid can flat out fly”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keith is Lance’s knight in shining armor as he effortlessly gets the shitlord’s lion back. and then proceeds to fUCKING FLIRT WITH LANCE LIKE “OH WHAT? SORRY YOU’RE CUTTING OUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU HAHA LOL”

“oh come on i thought we bonded!”

also, look closely at this picture. notice how the black, yellow, and green lions are present by Rolo and Nyma’s ship? where did the red lion go? despite being a little shit, Keith still left to go get Lance because Lance asked Keith to come unchain him and i think that’s the cutest thing.

also lets not forget the fucking rainbows because there they are again in this picture.

tbh this is probably my favorite episode it was great and very gay A+++

Mr. Best Golfer Alive

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Request: @rt-fan-trash  Could you do an Ethan (Crank) where the reader and him go one a mini gold date and end up angry and screaming at there shit golf skills like in the Golf With Friends game and its hella cute because Ethan is like on the ground yelling at the ball to listen to the reader. Thanks!

Word Count: 946

“I’m really glad that you came today.”

“Yeah, me too! It’s been so long since I’ve played mini golf.” Ethan had just payed the man at the front and he turned to look at Y/N and saw the excited grin on their face. A smile played on his own lips and he didn’t notice that he was staring until they arrived at the first hole and Y/N shook his arm.

“Ethan? You ok?”

A small blush crept up his cheeks. “Yeah, I’m great! I’m in my natural habitat.”

They raised their eyebrow but smiled nonetheless. “Natural habitat?”

“Yeah, I’m the best golfer alive, this is my domain!”

They didn’t say anything else, but the smile on their face turned into a sly grin as they motioned to the golf ball. “Alright then, Mr. Domain, work your magic.”

He hesitated a little before grabbing the golf club and walking towards the ball. “Don’t mind if I do!” He swung the club around a little until Y/N cleared their throat, causing heat to crawl up his neck. After stalling for almost a minute, he finally lined up the ball and swung the club back, only to completely miss the ball when he swung back.

“That was fantastic! You’ll have to teach me that move sometime!” Sarcasm was dripping from every word they spoke as they slowly clapped their hands.

“Oh please, I’m just warming up.”

After another ten tries, however, Ethan had only hit the ball once, but by the thirteenth time, he finally hit it into the hole. The whole time he was violently groaning as he tried to stay calm. He didn’t want to look like an even bigger idiot than he already did. Y/N, however, was leaning against a wall with a smug smirk on their face.

“Ok Mr., I’m the Best Golfer Alive, step aside and watch the real champ show you how it’s done.”

                                       *five minutes later*


The golfers around them were giving them dirty looks and on guy yelled over to them, “Hey guys, it’s just a game, calm down.”

Ethan looked up from his spot on the ground, where he had been yelling at the golf ball, his face as red as Y/N’s. “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?”

Y/N hit the ball again and it passed right by the hole, just barely missing it. “GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. I TOLD YOU TO GO IN THE HOLE.”


They tried again and finally, it went in the hole and Y/N screamed out in surprise. They turned to Ethan and wrapped their arms around his neck.


“Heh, that’s what she said.”

They gave him a deadpanned expression but it soon broke into a small eruption of giggles. Ethan looks at them and smiles but his smile falters, which Y/N notices.

“What’s wrong?”

He hesitated as he fiddled with his thumbs. “It’s just that, I brought you here because I wanted to impress you. I was going to show you how good I was at golfing, which I am, by the way! I don’t know what the hell happened today, but I am great! And then I was going to offer to show you how to get a hole in one, and I was going to do that cheesey thing like in the movies, you know the one?”

“Ethan,” They took a step towards him and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, “I’m having a really great time. I believe that you’re good at golf, you were probably just nervous, I know I was.”

They both grin at each other and continue to the next whole, where Y/N motion Ethan over to them. “Go ahead.”

He raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Do the thing.” It took him a few more seconds to realize what they were talking about but when he did, he squeaked out a small, ‘oh!’ and rushed over to them. He didn’t automatically put his hands around them, instead he hovered them over their shoulders until they chuckled and pulled his arms around them.

It only takes a few seconds for him to relax and wrap his arms around them tighter and rest his chin on their shoulder. They line the ball up with the hole but before they hit it, Y/N turns their head towards him so that their faces are only a few inches apart. They can feel each other’s breath as they both lean in a little until their lips connect.

When they pull away, they’re both smiling like idiots and Ethan buries his face in their neck. They stay like that for another minute before finally hitting the ball, only for it to go nowhere close to the hole. They don’t say anything but it seems like everyone at the golf course is waiting for one of them to blow up. Still in the same position, they look at each other and nod.







They’re both yelling so intensely that they don’t notice the employee walking over until he taps on Ethan’s shoulder and tells them that they have to leave. Supposedly they were being “obnoxious,” and “not appropriate for the children,” and evidently “you can’t cuss out the golf balls.” After flipping off the golf balls one more time, they leave the course with their arms wrapped around each other and happy grins on their faces.

Gasoline: Chapter 7

Members: All

Words: 1.3k

Genre: Gang AU

Warnings: Death, murder, knives, swearing, violence, don’t read if your sensitive to that stuff! 

Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 , Chapter 8 

Originally posted by radgies

“What was she doing out there?” Another man spoke up, adding to the force in front of me, willing me away. The light caught on something in his hand, and fear turned my legs to stone.

This was the danger Ten wanted Johnny to warn me about.

“Smoking.” I lied, hesitation in my shaky step backwards. “I’ll go back in around the front, it’s okay.” I gave a nervous smile. As I turned sharply to exit, a silent prayer crossed my mind, hoping that he wouldn’t follow me.

“What are you doing back out here?” Johnny questioned, seeing me back away. “I’m not telling you anything right now.”

I gave him an urgent glance, a futile attempt at conveying the fact that he needed to shut up right now.

The sound of heavy footsteps behind me sent me spinning back round, praying that nothing would come of Johnny’s presence.

“She’s with someone!” The square-jawed man alerted the other.

I threw a desperate look at Johnny as the man with the knife and my brother exited the room, the five of us in a gridlock of uncertainty, set on the brink of a fight.

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He was six years old the first time he’d heard it.

“Stephen!’ His mother had snapped as soon as she opened the door to her husband’s study.  “Stop annoying your father, he’s got important things to do.”

Steve had stopped dead in his tracks, his story about his new friend from school ending abruptly.  He’d glanced at his father, hoping to hear some dismissive words along the lines of “it’s not annoying,” but his dad had just glared at him.  Steve had quickly left the room, being shooed off to play with the nanny.

He never did end up finishing that story.

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anonymous asked:

how long is your time travel au going to be?

idk but here’s some more of it

(the rest)

Castle Evermore is bad.

Neil travels, but he doesn’t know where or when he is most of the time, too disoriented to pay attention. Once or twice he actually sees Andrew, strapped down in a bed, eyes haunted and unsurprised at Neil’s appearance. When Neil opens his mouth to say something, his vision clouds and fades to black.

Once he ends up on the roof next to Andrew, not his Andrew, one who must already be sober. He looks Neil up and down, taking in his changed appearance—the bandages on his face, hair scrubbed and re-dyed its natural color, Ravens gear—and his mouth quirks in something approximating a frown.

“Where are you supposed to be?” Andrew says.


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family is everything ~jack avery

warning: cussing lol but when don’t i cuss so it’s nothing new lol i wrote half of this at 2am and i’m writing the other half in the car on my phone so excuse the shittyness

requested: requested by @noodles-send-n00ds​ lmao i was told to write this as fluffy as the heavenly clouds so ima try

“jack!” you exclaimed, catching his attention as he took a wide left turn. “could you drive any goddamn slower!?” you yelled, semi jokingly. it seemed as though he was purposefully driving at a snails pace just to push you over the edge of annoyance. it was working.

“aw calm down, baby girl. we’ll be there in just a few minutes,” he taunted, taking your hand in his and bringing it up to his lips, placing a dramatized kiss on it. the loud smooching sound at the end and all. after he pulled his lips away from your hand, you flung it towards the wheel, grasping it in an attempt to get us there faster which obviously didn’t work.

“what the fuck, y/n!? are you trying to kill us!” he panicked, taking your hand off of the wheel but not dropping it. just holding it tightly in his.

“no,” you defended. “i just wanna get there!” you whined. “i miss your family!”

“good thing you miss them cause here we are,” he chuckled as he pulled up to an empty spot by the curb. you flung the car door open and tried to get out while the car was still moving.

“jesus christ!” jack yelled, stopping the car immediately. after you got out of the car, you held the car door open and stood there, making dead eye contact with jack until it turned into a full blown staring contest.

“okay,” he sighed once he finally blinked. “go say hi,” he said, a huge smile stretched across his face. the fact that you were so excited to see his family just proved to him how much everybody got along and it warmed his heart. if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, his family has to like you.

“yay!” you cheered, leaning jack into the car and kissing his cheek gently. the last thing you heard before you shut the car door to run into the house was jack’s adorable laugh that always made you the happiest human being alive, no matter the situation.

you turned away from the car and ran towards the house. you ran up the cement driveway, down the short gravel path with flat stones places every which way for you to walk on to reach the front porch, and up the four or five stairs that led you to the front door. once you got there, you pulled open the screen door so that you could knock. you instantly heard footsteps sprinting towards the door and you assumed they belonged to isla. you were right.

“hey, sweetie!” you beamed when she pulled open the door. not that you were trying to pick favorites, but you and isla always seemed to get along really well. you acted as if you were best friends, even if you were about ten years apart.

“y/n!” she cheered, lunging forwards and wrapping her arms around your small frame, squeezing the life out of you. after hugging for a moment to make up for the lost time that you two had, you picked her up with a groan, causing a giggle to escape her lips. you placed her on your hip and walked into the living room, assuming that was where sydnie would be since honestly, when isn’t she.

“hey, syd!” you smiled once she came into your view.

“oh my god, hi!” she replied, jumping up from her spot on the couch, pulling off her beats headphones and going in for a hug. you didn’t put isla down, so it honestly turned into more of a group hug than anything.

“isla,” you heard the love of your life scoff from behind you. “why does y/n get all the attention?” he asked, pretending to be offended that he hadn’t gotten a hug yet. isla shrieked and you placed her down onto the cold wood floors so she could grant jack’s wish. after setting her on the ground, you crossed yours arms over your exposed stomach since you were wearing a crop top that day and watched jack and his sister. it was truly the cutest thing ever.

the way that he squatted all the way down to the ground to wrap his arms around her and how he leaned the entire left side of his body against the wall nearest to him as him and isla started conversation. then, how he completely gave in when isla grabbed jack’s hand and used all of her weight to pull him upstairs to her room so that she could show him something. the way that he turned around to look at you as he was being pulled away by the little girl to mouth “be right back” is what truly did it for you. this was it. this was everything you’d ever wanted. right in front of you.

“you really love him, don’t you?” sydnie smirked, clearly catching on to how much you were fonding over your beloved boyfriend.

“i do,” you replied, a small blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“he loves you just as much. i can tell,” she assured you. you smiled from ear to ear before asking her the question you had been wondering for the past few minutes.

“where’s ava and kristen?“ you asked.

"oh,” sydnie chuckled. “well they didn’t think you guys would be here for a little while longer so they went to get ava’s eyebrows done,” she smiled, causing a laugh to leave your lips.

“y/n!!” you heard isla shriek from upstairs. you looked towards the stairs in confusion before running up the stairs and following the voice of the little girl.

“what is it?” you asked as you walked into the girl’s room that has been redecorated since you were last here. you burst into a fit of laughter as soon as you saw jack. he was sitting in the middle of the floor, his hair thrown into a man bun by none other than isla herself. he had a tiara placed perfectly on top of his head and he had a pink, fluffy boa around his neck. finally, he had his feet shoved into a pair of kirsten’s heels. it was truly a sight to see.

“do you still love me, baby?” he asked as he stood up from the ground, struggling to walk towards you in his heels.

“god, no,” you joked once he finally reached you. he removed the boa from his neck and wrapped it around your shoulders, using it to pull you closer to him. he brought you closer and closer until our bodies were nearly touching.

“how about now?” he smirked.

“eww!!!” isla screeched from behind us just as you opened your mouth to reply. you and jack laughed at her response and he wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you walked over to her bed. your legs were draped over his and you were comfortably seated while isla was showing the two of you how she switched up her room.

“JACK’S CAR IS OUT FRONT!” you heard ava yell from downstairs just as isla was finishing up the tour. “WHERE ARE THEY!?” she asked sydnie. just seconds later, you heard her footsteps sprinting up the stairs.

“oh my god, hi!” she yelled, running into your arms for a big hug, which you obviously gave her.

“your eyebrows look amazing,” you laughed, causing her to smile widely.

once you two turned around, your arm still wrapped around her, jack had a pout on his face.

“aww what’s wrong, baby boy?” you asked jokingly.

“i thought i was getting the first hug,” he sighed, sticking out his bottom lip. ava playfully rolled her eyes and pried herself away from you, walking into jack’s open arms. a huge smile was on his face and his eyes were squinted shut as he hugged her. even though you couldn’t see ava’s face, you could tell she had the same expression. they really missed each other, understandably of course.

“mom!” jack called out, the realization hitting him that he hadn’t yet said hi to his mom. you laughed at him and followed him down the stairs. you smiled at jack and his mom’s reunion before having one yourself.

all six of you sat around the living room, talking about everything that you hadn’t been able to talk about for the past three months that none of you had seen one another. you and isla were lying on the biggest cushion of the couch, her arms wrapped around your shoulders. jack was holding your free hand tightly while talking to syd and his mom who were sitting in the chairs across from us. ava was lying on the other side of jack, her head on his shoulder.

it was like this for hours. you looked down at one point to see isla sound asleep with her head on your shoulder, her arms strung around your neck. you smiled down at her before looking back up at jack and your smile grew. he was such a family oriented guy and it warmed your heart.

about an hour later and it was 1AM. sydnie, kristen and ava all separated to their own rooms. jack stood up to go make coffee in the kitchen and when he came back, he saw the most beautiful sight. your arms wrapped tightly around isla and hers around you while you were both sleeping peacefully.

he leaned against the wall, just looking at the two of you with pure happiness etched on his face. after a minute or so, he came over to you two and carefully sat down next to you.

he planted a kiss on your temple before falling asleep with his head on your shoulder as well. it was perfect.

a/n: not as fluff as i hoped but oh whale

The Birds and The Bees

“Finn, c’mon we have work to do.” John called as he rapped his knuckles against the smooth wood of his brother’s bedroom door.

The sound made you guys stop, you looking deep into Finn’s eyes as realization washed over you both. You begged with your eyes not to let them find you two like this, twisted in nothing but each others arms and the airy sheets. Finn tore his eyes away from you then, looking towards the door.

“Uh, he probably won’t come in.” He said a little more calm. He smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips.

“What do you mean ‘probably’?” You whispered quizzically once you pulled away.

“I mean he probably’ll go away if I don’t answer so let’s just-” He doesn’t finish his sentence as he gets lost in your eyes and craves your lips again.

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impossiblepizzapeace  asked:

Can I have a dood ship please. 5'7 on the chubbier side of the scale. I have green eyes and blonde hair. My friends all say I'm really pretty. I'm hilarious, but kinda shy. I like to read sing and act. But again (I really only sing with friends and family cause I'm really shy) love your blog and thanks in advance 😘

Requested by: @impossiblepizzapeace

I ship you with Embry!

Originally posted by twilightimaginesandgifs

-Embry is a goofball. 

-Simple as that

-And when he met you, this hilarious, sassy girl who was dropping sarcastic remarks under your breath left, right and center, he wanted to befriend you.

-The tribal school is kinda small on the reservation, and the student population isn’t that great, so he’s curious as to how he hasn’t met you before.

-Like, its big enough to not know everyone, or remember all faces, but let’s be real, he should have known you.

-Turn’s out, your parents had moved back to their hometown, and up rooting you from your formal life, you were internally flailing everywhere here.

-Jesus Christ, why this place be so wet? Just this morning you slid down the front path of your home because the Ice God decided to take you the fuck out

-Embry see’s this as a way to get to know you when he finds out your new to the area. “Have you been down to La Push yet?” and, “This place runs through your very vein’s Y/N, I will ensure you know all the secrets here.”

  • You learn the best hiking trails
  • And he helps you learn to Surf (that just turns into near death experiences for both of you!)
  • (It’s a mutel unspoken agreement to not teach you after you nearly drown him.)
  • It becomes a fun story to tell others though.

-Being friends with Embry has made the transition here sooooo much easier. Opening you up to a better friends group and High School experience. 

-Quill and Jacob like you, finding your comments and attitude endearing. 

-Quill and Jacob become pretty protective of you when they realize how you and Embry act together. 

  • Your pretty sure a guy in your year group tried to ask you out once but Jacob scared him away. 
  • you tried to hint at it with Jacob but he turned those big eyes on you that were practically smirking themselves with a shin in them, and he looks at you and goes ‘nope. Don’t know what your talking about’
  • He totally knew. But he loves Embry and he wants you two to bang
  • (Jacob will never admit that aloud)

-Embry has met your parents and you’ve told them a million and one times that ‘ you guys are just friends’ but your beginning to realize you guys weren’t just friends. 

-Jacob has disappeared, and he’s not returning calls and texts anymore. His father says he’s sick. 

- Embry and Quill are hurt because this Sam guy has started some stupid gang and roped Jacob into it. 

  • Sickness your ass. 
  • You, Embry and Quill see Jacob with them in town sometimes.
  • You all try and get Jake to talk and say something to you
  • now he pointedly freezes you all out
  • you can’t be sure but one day, you think you see Jacob mouth ‘i’m sorry’ to you. But you can’t be sure your not just being wishful

-You stay over some nights at the Call house, because you guys are close enough for that

-His mum makes sure you are always falling asleep in the spare room and not Embry’s.

- you did wake up one morning with Embry in the spare room with you, but he was gone before his mum woke up

-Something must be going around. Embry keeps suffering heat flashes in school. You convince him to go to the school nurse. His parents pick him up with a knowing look on their face. 

-Embry isn’t answering your calls anymore. Not even your texts. 

-You asked Quill if he’s heard anything. He hasn’t. 

-You can tell Quill is pretty hurt by this betrayal. So are you. And it hurts pretending your not feeling forgotten and neglected.

-Jacob has returned back to school after being away ‘sick’ for a long time. 

-Why does Jake look like he has been taking steroids??? 

-Jacob is still freezing you and Quill out. He won’t sit with you at lunch. He’s somewhere else. 

-You make sure Jacob knows your feelings when you have Gym together

  • It’s dodgeball
  • you’ve made sure your on the other team. Just so you can target Jacob.
  • you have now hit him five times in the face with the balls. 
  • You think you see a hint of a smirk on his face from your behaviour. 
  • You throw a ball at his face again.

-You have a feeling Embry will still be away with this ‘sickness’ for a while 

-You and Quill are sitting together at your usual table. 

  • “Quill … your not going to get robed into this gang stuff are you?”
  • “No. I’m not a jerk like them.”
  • “I wouldn’t abandon you either, just so you know.”
  • He smiles, “I know. You’re the last true friend I have left here.”
  • It was the same for you to.  

-You don’t know why. But you feel like its going to get worse. 

-Quill says he saw Embry in town after school yesterday, and he looks like Jacob by taking steroids. 

-Embry is freezing Quill out too.

-Its the weekend and you have lots of homework, so you don’t go out and see Quill. 

-On Monday, back at school. Quill hasn’t turned up. But you see Jacob across the cafeteria, and he looks at you with sympathy. 

- You try getting in contact with Quill. Same result with Jacob and Embry.

-You don’t like to sit alone. So you focus all your energy on passing you exams

-You spend all your lunch times studying in the Library.

- You bump into Jacob in the halls one day

  • -he totally did it on purple as an excuse to talk to you
  • “Sorry, Y/N” he says helping you pick up your things. 
  • “Why? Your not a stranger to hurting people on purpose, why on accident then?”
  • “I don’t want to do this to you. Just know that.”
  • Having gathered everything back, “Have fun in your little gang, Jake.”
  • You’ve hurt him. But you don’t know that.

-Your in second period when you hear the news, Embry is back. 

  • Your excited, to know he’s back. 
  • But your also very bitter and lonely right now. He doesn’t know how much he hurt you the most. His absence cutting into you like an unhealing wound that refuses to close. 
  • Your toss between confronting him or leaving him be. 
  • After all, if he is fine leaving you without even a vague explanation, why run back?
  • You skip third period you would of had with him and go to the nurses office, just so you can think better without his presence. 
  • When its lunch, you go the library in your usual seat. 
  • you make it the rest of the day without seeing him.

-Its raining outside when the bell goes, and you make sure your the first out the door. You make it home in record him.

-You try holding back tears, refusing to let yourself cry for him. 

-You let the tears fall in the shower, because you can let the tears be disguised in the running water. 

-You get the first text back from any of them. It’s Embry.

  • Hey

-You can picture him when he sends the message. Bored and wanting to kill time, so he messages you. 

-Don’t message back. Don’t give satisfaction. 

-You don’t, instead, you go out. You are Y/N. And you will not wallow in your room. 

-You put on your boots and go on a walk in the forest, along your favorite trail. Ironically, it was Embry that showed you this one. The path was more narrow, less traveled. 

 -In the corner of your eye, you see something zip past you. 

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

-It was too fast for your eyes to catch. But you know you saw something. 

-YOu paced yourself as you walked down the track, listening around you. It was like your skin was crawling with the eye’s that were on you.

-You made your way back, faster, this time. And again, it was like something was watching you, closely. 

-getting in your car and locking it, you peered out the front window and into the treeline. 

-There it was. Not a bear. But a wolf, the size of a horse. YOur jaw went slack as you stared back at it. 

-You felt a weird sensation coil inside you. Despite the shocking intimidation of the wolf, it looked … tamed. Could you say that. It’s eyes never left yours. 

-When you got home. YOu told no one what you saw. Strangely protective of the information.

-At school, the guys you used to call your friends pulled a complete 180 on you. Even Quill had returned. 

- You’ve seen Jacob. But you hadn’t seen Embry and Quill yet. … And man did you fear for what they were pumping into their bodies. 

-There was a lot of things you wanted to say to them at that moment, tangents and vents loaded and ready to be said, but instead all that blurted out was: “Didn’t your parents ever say to stay away from Drugs?”

-They grinned. This was the You they knew. 

- Jacob was grinning. Quill was smirking, barely containing his happiness and Embry was just staring at you. In a way that made you feel very self-conscious.

  • Jacob was the first to speak
  • “Skip school with us, just this one day.”
  • “No.”
  • Quill leaned forward, “Y/N, trust me, you’ll love this. You won’t even be angry anymore.”
  • “Nuh-ah, I’m not even an athlete, there is no way I’m getting into and taking whatever the hell you are. 
  • They rolled their eyes. 
  • “I promise you we’re not recruiting you into a gang, sort-of.” 
  • That was it with your resolve. Not that you put up much of a fight. You missed them all dearly, and you knew they would never put you in danger. 
  • “Fine.”

-Turned out they weren’t in a Gang. 

-they told you the truth. 

-After all, the stories of the Spirit Warriors is in your heritage too. 

-Embry walked with you down the beach, “So, how much do you remember about imprinting?”

You stared at him, taking in his hopeful expression, “Y-you did not?”

He grinned, “Yeah … your my imprint.”

- You loved it. 

~Admin Bree

Father’s Day

Originally posted by hauntedduckdefendor

Paring: Chibs x Reader

Warnings: Suggestions of adult themes, that’s probs it, this one is pretty tame, tbh

A/N: In receiving my friends Netflix password I have discovered a love for a certain Scot, as many of you could probably tell from the influx of Chibs fluff on my dash (I sincerely apologize, btw, I’m trash and I must be stopped). I decided to add to this. Hope you enjoy. (also, das gif ist nicht mein).

Halfway through the night Y/N had gotten out of bed, quite literally slipping from under her old man’s arm and creeping into the living room when she set an alarm for 5:30 the next morning, and hour and a half before Chibs woke up. Hopefully her alarm was loud enough for her to hear, but quiet enough to keep him asleep, as he’d always been a pretty light sleeper. She piled the throw pillows under her head and curled up under the blanket they kept on the back of the sofa before shutting her eyes and falling back asleep.

Her alarm went off and she was quick to shut it off. She crept down the hall, peeking into her bedroom to find Chibs laying spread eagle on his stomach in the middle of the bed, the sheets wrapped around his waist, his hair poking in all kinds of directions and his mouth wide open. She smiled. He was still asleep.

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quavoswifeee  asked:

If yhuu don't mind can ii get no.90 with Roman please❤️

#90- “Birds can’t fly without wings.” (Roman Reigns) —>  From this drabble list

Originally posted by leakees

        Roman sat in the living room when I walked in. The television sat glaring at him with a true crime documentary playing in front of him and the volume on mute. He didn’t look up but the small flinch his body made told me that he heard me walk in.

           “Hey Roman! You feeling alright?”

           “Yeah.” His voice was a whisper. He finally turned to look at me, before casually saying, “I go back on the road tomorrow.”

           I dropped my coat on the dining room and made my way to the couch where he sat. Roman sighed and I wrapped my hands around his waist, placing a gentle kiss on his stubbly cheek.

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Prince Charming {Jared Kleinman Imagine}

woooo i stopped procrastinating this imagine holy shit!! just a warning:it has a bit of a buildup, but some fluffy jared in the end. i hope you enjoy it!! feedback is much appreciated, and requests are still open!

Warnings: swearing, a really shitty stepdad, and the slightest mention of sex in the last sentence


Word Count: 1050

Parents often times suck. When your mother marries an egotistical douchebag, they can be even worse. Y/n had been living with her mom and Sean for around 5 years now, But she and Sean had been butting heads since Y/n had introduced them to each other. Sean was your stereotypical asshole stepdad. At first he tried to be her friend, Making the whole “i’m not trying to replace your dad speech” but Y/n could easily see straight through him. Sean was shallow, but Y/n did her best to put up with him, for her mother’s sake.

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Forbidden Flame

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: OK so I’m thinking one or two more parts!

Isaiah had helped you get dressed and ready like you asked him to. He was cautious of you, you had almost immediately stopped crying and had become calm.

“Where are you going (Y/N)?” Isaiah asked increasingly worried, as you hadn’t said a word since you came back home crying and now you were heading for the door.

“The Garrison.”

“It’s 1 PM, why are you going there?” He was confused quickly rushing to get his coat on to follow you out the door.

“I need some time Isaiah,” You turned to face him staring right into his eyes. “Give me some time, I’ll come find you tonight.”

“(Y/N) wait,” he called after you but you didn’t answer you kept walking leaving him standing at your door alone. Your mind had become numb, you loved Isaiah you really did. But you loved your family too. Rage filled your lungs thinking about Tommy and his sick twisted ways, what he was trying to do was not fair on you. But what if this deal made your brothers safer again, protected your family. Your mind was scrambled as you headed down the road to the garrison. You swung open the door even though the place was closed.

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“James,” Aleks set the controller down, “I need to tell you something.”

“That I’m kicking your ass?” James raised an eyebrow, sitting cross-legged on the couch - barefoot and wearing a fucking t-shirt and boxers, his hair down and crazy.

Had any of the others been home, Aleks doubted that James would be so bare. Since their crew had started to disintegrate, he’d become much more distant with everyone in a way that was almost hard to notice if you weren’t looking for it. Aleks, who was sometimes too attuned to James’ every move and emotion, had noticed.

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