get out of here jim

Tiny Jim is not a friend to teddy bears...

“What are you looking at, you titchy blue freak?”

Um… hey, little guy? What are you doing? I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

Seriously, wee bear; I highly recommend you get down from there before he comes back.

Uh-oh… too late.

“If you’re not out of my chair by the time I’ve taken my coat off, I’ll blow your cheeky fecking head off.”

“Wise move, kapok brains. Now get the hell out of here.”

Um… Jim? I wouldn’t get too comfortable, if I were you. 

“What’s that’s supposed to-”

“What the fuck! How did you get my gun, you teeny pest. Give me that!”

“Honestly, the feckin’ eejit. He doesn’t even have opposable thumbs. How did he suppose he was going to fire it?”

Give him a break, Jim. He was just trying to stick up for his pal. I think he was really quite brave to take you on like that.

“Yeah… well… the fact that there isn’t kapok splattered all over your desk is testimony to the fact that I sort of agree.”


“Watch it! And can I have another cup of tea?”

What’s the magic word.



Front Bottoms lyrics to use as Senior Quotes
  • “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care” -Cough it Out
  • “I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t know what I’m gonna do about anything” -Help
  • “Sometimes things just don’t work out” - Jim Bogart
  • ”How did I get here, Where the hell am i?” - Maps
  • ”The good stuff comes, the good stuff goes, the good stuff seems so hard to hold on to” - West Virginia
  • ”Gone forever, gone for good” - West Virginia
  • ”Ride or die. Brothers for life” - West Virginia
  • “No big surprise you turned out this way” - Twin Size Mattress 
  • “there are lessons to be learned and consequences for all the stupid things I say” - Twin Size Mattress
  • ”I just want this to mean something to anyone even if they don’t know who I am” -Swear to God…
  • ”We were getting high, yeah I was smoking pot” -Legit Tattoo Gun
  • Who did I think I was who did I think I could be” - Legit Tattoo Gun
  • ”I’m gonna go crazy” - Legit Tattoo Gun
  • “All your very worst enemies will be gone soon” - Be Nice To Me
  • “nothing matters” - Wolfman
  • ”Goodbye future once so bright” - Lone Star
  • ”Get on your hands and knees and pray for us” - Lone Star
  • “Past few months were pretty rough, a couple of times wished we both were dead.” - Lone Star
  • “Never cried like that before”- Lone Star
  • “What the Fuck” - Molly
  • “Just stop it doesn’t really matter anymore” - The Bass Is Too Loud
  • “I hate my friends”
  • “You wouldn’t smile if you knew how i felt about every single one of you”- You Wouldn’t Be Laughing
  • “Stop please I wanna go home” - You Wouldn’t Be Laughing (honestly like most of this song would work)

feel free to add to this

John tastes like regret. 
He tastes like ash, like cigarette smoke.
Like dirty and garbage.
And Jim's so fucking addicted to it...

I drew some drunk losers because i can and also cos I wanted to draw Jim in Emmett’s wales comic con look~

First I had just the first one but I also wanted to draw little kiss which turned into a gross makeout cos d a m n

also the beanie:

Never Yours - Closed RP


Life as an Omega was hard. It was even harder for the Criminal Mastermind. No one knew about his status, save for a handful of people he trusted. He needed them to know of course, especially when it came to helping him hide his status. Omega’s were supposed to submit, obey, not run a criminal empire that could make some powerful men fear for their lives. Jim was an Omega. Meant to serve, to be owned by an Alpha, to mate and bond. That however, was not in his plan. The Irishman did what he could to hide his status day after day, until now, when Jim looked at an email that came in from his second in charge and frowned. 

‘Your status has been compromised. You need to leave, get out of here now. S’

Jim read it over and over, knowing exactly what status the other meant. The next message though, that made his body turn cold. 

“They sent a man for you. Get out! Details below. S”

The details were short, all point form. Regardless, Jim read it and moved, ‘Time to go into hiding I guess.’ It didn’t help that his heat was expected in a day or two, Jim knew he had to hide before that happened, especially if there was an Alpha looking to bond and mate with him. If it happened, the Irishman would be lost, subservient to that Alpha, not something he was willing to do. Moving quickly, he logged off, grabbed his jacket and head out the door.