get out of california

Self care is buying your uncle’s 1983 Ford Fiesta for $300 and running away from home at 17 with only your earnings from working at KFC over the summer and exploring the continental United States before meeting a homeless woman in Kentucky who you end up motel hopping with until you get to California and you find out she was a ghost of the Hollywood Hills and she grants you a wish for taking her home and you wish for a 1984 Ford Fiesta and then drive off into the sunrise for Arizona where you plan to live out your days as a desert dwelling sand spirit


joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]

Top 10 Future Fics

1. Those Stanford Girls (218)

Description: Established relationship. Lydia is at MIT and Stiles is at Stanford. When Lydia sees pics of girls getting to close to her boyfriend, she has no problem flying out to California to start her spring break early to clarify that she is the only one for Stiles.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Established Relationship

Author: reportergirl13

2. Couches and Table Ornaments (173)

Description: college fic where scott walks in on stiles and lydia and says something like “you two have too much sex, that can’t be healthy”

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Comedy

Author: scottmczall

3. Take My Breath Away (173)

Description: Stiles and Lydia’s wedding

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: stilinski-loves-lydia

4. Start of Time (166)

Description: Stydia talks about what they want in their future together. Marriage, children, moving or staying in Beacon Hills, etc. Lots of fluff please

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Established Relationship

Author: eyasilvers

5. Who Taught Her That (159)

Description: Where, o where did Little Girl Stilinski learn such a foul word?

Rating: T

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Established Relationship

Author: cravingtheworld

6. Falling Slowly (158)

Descriptiont: Lydia finds out she’s pregnant and tells stiles he is supper excited and says he can finally have kids with the women he is in love with + Falling Slowly From Once song fic about Stiles and Lydia’s story

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: niggletsune

7. You’re so Stupid, I Love You (155)

Description: a fanfic where Stiles and Lydia are in college now, best friends or maybe even roommates, and Stiles is trying hard to keep a distance and get over her (unsuccessfully) while Lydia actually is trying to show him that she loves him too.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance

Author: periwinkle-skiees

8. Under the Mistletoe (142)

Description:  Lydia and Stiles first Christmas as a couple *-* with a little scallison.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: martinlydias

9. See You Again (136)

Description: In a relationship. Lydia notices that Stiles never gets jealous when guys try to hit on her and she asks him why. He gives her a sincere and confident answer which in return turns her on.

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Romance, Established Relationship

Author: scottmczall

10. The Road Here Wasn’t Easy (131)

Description: a cute little fluff where Stiles and Lydia meet their son for the first time and just how their first week goes as a family

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Comfort, Established Relationship

Author: bittersweetsomedays

ellen was one of the only good things i had in my life for over four years

before i moved she slept next to me every single night no matter what

if i wasn’t home, she slept on my pillow and waited for me to get back

and when i was leaving, she’d come down the stairs and sit and say bye to me

i remember the first time i came back from one of my long trips, i opened the door and she sprinted towards me and right into my arms

she hated not knowing where i was in the house

and every time i stopped petting her she’d always grab my hand and put it back on her head (i still have some scars from the moments when i’d move too quickly and her claws would try to catch me)

if i was crying she’d lay down on my stomach and let me hold her even if i ended up crying on her fur

she’d bring me mice to try and get me to catch them and she gave me a dead bluejay once

i love zeppelin and i loved my other cats who are also no longer with us as much as i loved her, but ellen was therapy and family when i didn’t have anyone, and idk if i will ever have an animal like her in my life again

Beautifully Broken

An anon requested a one shot based on Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. I have no idea what you had in mind, but I hope this suffices. I listened to the song too many times to count, believe me. I was trying to get a feel for the song, but I’m a bit iffy on this one. I had so many thoughts running though my head, but when I sat down to write, my mind went blank. Anyways, I hope you like it. 

Word count: 5,035. (I didn’t mean to make it so long it just happened.)

Trigger warning: toxic/abusive relationship and mention of cancer.

Riley was finally feeling like herself again after getting out of a toxic relationship. She had spent her summer vacation in California with her Aunt Morgan. It didn’t take a lot of convincing. Her parents, everyone really, thought it was the best thing for her; and it was. Now, her smiles reached her eyes, her laughs were real, and she was her bubbly self again.

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The Reason Why Weiss Schnee Is The Best

So basically, this girl gets slapped and betrayed by her awful family, and then cries for like 5 seconds before she gets up and moves her freaking probably California King sized bed out of the way to work on her summoning!

On a side note, I’m guessing the planes that flew by were significant?
General Ironwood maybe?

Some memorable stuff from that stream

-“HAYYYYY” -Human Bill
-“Real bill has no mouth but human…human Bill has mouth for miles” -Alex Hirsch
-Dana saying “Get out” and the stream crashing
-Dana: Sorry I’m getting distracted by California girls and what may be a cockroach slipping under the door
I’m gonna go kill that
*harsh slamming of a shoe in the background while California girls plays*
Mission accomplished.
-Alex and Dana laughing.
-Soos and Stan singing.
-Talking about whatever the hell they wanted about the censors.
-Human Bill in general.
-Talking about older Dipper and Mabel during the teens.