get on the streets

slowly but surely the gucci haul from back in december will be on full display and we’ll get to see harry strutting around at events or streets with eye catching material clad to his body

You can really tell when a group of people feel called out for obvious immoral behavior, wow.

I hope that the stalker larries get shut down along with the on-the-street stalkers and the update accounts, when the time comes. At least they make clear who they are, to the people being stalked who are watching, because bragging is just too much of a temptation to resist.


Dear Diary,

We had a lot of fun, didn’t we?  Prom decorations, yearbook committee “private PRIVATE” notes—it’s been great to read back through you.  Sorry I didn’t take you to college, but frankly, I was just too busy.  Being Big Sim on campus is a lot of work.

I’m back in Widespot now.  They’re building houses all over, and I was able to get one across the street from the Harts.  Mom helped out, because of course, being mom, she’s fucked up her second marriage as well and needs somewhere to live.  She always used to talk about holding out—who wants the cow if you’re giving away the milk for free and all that—but I don’t know who she thinks she is now.  It’s embarrassing.  She dresses like she’s younger than me, and trust me, it’s not a good look for her.  She’s started dying her hair!  Am I going to turn into this?

I have a job with the Widespot Gazette.  Guess who else works there? River Land!  I barely recognized him; he grew up so much.  I may have gone a little too far…I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, but he seemed…different, and I thought maybe we…well, it turns out he’s married to Queenie.  Married!  God, that makes me feel old.

Of course, a lot of other people are married, too.  Scot, Dixie, even my own little brother married Goldie Hart.  Seems like it’s just me and Woody left.  Woody…

I never gave Woody…well, you know.  I guess I just always figured someone better would come along.  And Woody’s always just…been there.  I could do worse than Woody, I suppose.  I just thought that when I finally gave in, it would be because I was…you know, swept off my feet, not just bored and lonely.

I suppose the one thing I can always count on with Woody is that he’s always going to want me.  I mean, he wants every girl he sees, but at least he doesn’t play games about it.  Maybe at the end of the day, it’s better than being alone.

my neighbours dog somehow always gets out and goes around the street for a few minutes before someone goes out to get it which isn’t surprising considering i haven’t seen anyone walk her in years

“Honestly, not to rain on anyone’s parade because seriously, that’s so uncool and you know I’m all about being free, letting you do you and having fun. But I wish there could be just one day. Just one…where I can leave work, walk down Bourbon Street and not get either a. flashed or b. asked to flash by some drunk tourist. Is that so much to ask?” 

anonymous asked:

My roommate and I walked around downtown of our college town till 2 in the morning and here's some of the things we experienced: an old couple giggling while waiting to get into a club, a street musician alternating between pink floyd on the guitar and irish dance music on the violin, my roommate irish dancing to said music on the street, a boy told us to get home safe and sound and not to worry at all, a girl was chasing a bunny and laughing. These are the moments you stay awake and alive for.

Omg these are all fantastic! I love street musicians they are so talented! I remember hearing some truly amazing street music in San Francisco when I was an art student. And I hope the girl caught her bunny! Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments Anon!

nuggetoli  asked:

that was a nice story, here's a weird one. when i sprained/fractured my ankle they didn't give me anything to help with it and it was really sore so i had to hop around everywhere. i was at my nanna's one day during this and i heard the ice cream van and my nanna always give me money for it but she forgot about my ankle so she didn't help me over or anything so there was just 9 yr old me hopping furiously over the street to get ice cream. you don't know true pain until you have to hop with icecr

dude during my move down to a first floor apartment my sisters and i heard and ice cream truck and literally dashed at least 4 blocks in search of the thing and fucking cornered it in a dead end