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Time-Travel Series Missing Moments: Request

↳ Pt. 2/?

“This is such bullshit!” Stiles says as he drags the dead body through the woods.

To say that this was not the first time this has happened would be a major understatement. But now it was just getting ridiculous. Why did every date he have with Derek have to be hijacked by some fucking idiot with a revenge plot or over inflated ego.

“Fucking ridiculous,” Sitles continues his voice accompanied by the sound of the dead body dragging through the grass and rocks on the ground, “All I wanted was to have a nice dinner and watch a fucking movie but no, you just had to go and antagonise that witch didn’t you?”

Stiles doesn’t even bother to look at his boyfriend who was carrying the dead body of a hideous witch who had just moments before tried to curse them all and Stiles was pretty sure she had insinuated that Stiles didn’t look like he was good enough for Derek. I mean he had been used to people raising an eyebrow at him whenever he met up with Derek at a coffee shop. The ‘really, him?’ looks they shot in Derek’s direction wasn’t exactly a great boost to a guys confidence but then the way Derek would make it up to later that night was always a bonus. 

Derek who despite still being a demanding and sometimes completely dense boyfriend when it came to the supernatural side of their relationship, was incredibly sensative to Stiles age and inexperience. He liked to think it had a lot to do with the fact that for most of his life that was how he had felt around Stiles. A relationship with a time-traveller wasn’t easy but Derek seem to go along with all the crazy with a certain amount of aplomb. Yeah, 'aplomb’, Scott’s SAT revisions were finally seeping into Stiles sub-conscious.

But none of that mattered right now, because he was spending his first free weekend after his dad grounded him for catching Derek sneak out of his room late at night, and really how was that Stiles fault? Derek was a freaking werewolf and he didn’t hear Stiles dad coming home and walking up the stairs to check on his son before going to bed? Highly suspect and he was pretty sure Derek had done it out of spite, either that or the kissing had distracted Derek so much he had forgotten what time it was and that he wasn’t actually allowed to be in the Stilinski house unless he was invited by the Sheriff. Stiles still didn’t think it was his fault. He was the victim, the kissee not the kisser. His father didn’t seem to think that way.

Anyway, the point was this was all Derek’s fault.

“What the hell are you going to do when I leave for college huh?” Stiles says trudging through the forest accompanied by his still silent boyfriend, “I’m honestly surprised you and Scott are still alive at this point.”

A weary sigh finally escapes Derek’s lips and Stiles freezes and turns to the werewolf.

“Something to share with the class Mr Hale?”

Derek’s face does a weird contorting thing as though he couldn’t decide if he was angry, amused or exasperated with Stiles. 


Stiles waits his eyebrows slowly narrowing as he watches Derek struggle to form coherent words after listening to Stiles complain eversince they had been kidnapped by the witches. What was that, like three - four hours ago?

“Shut up, Stiles.”

Stiles gaped at his boyfriend before he turned and continued dragging the dead body. Yeah let’s not forget that. He was dragging a dead body through the fucking creepy-ass forest because his idiot of a boyfriend couldn’t keep his mouth shut and had to act all territoral and insult the witches who were passing through the town. Not to mention the shit-storm this was inevitably going to unleash on them all and he had freaking finals next week. He did not want to deal with a coven of angry witches when he was supposed to be studying for chemistry.

“Tell me to shut up,” Stiles mumbled, “I’ll tell you where you can shove -”

“Alright I’m sorry!” Derek says suddenly causing Stiles to turn to the werewolf once more, “Is that what you want to hear?!”

Derek drops the dead body in his arms onto the ground and he is suddenly breathing heavily and runs a hand through his hair, which ew, note to self, dead witch in boyfriends hair - don’t touch later.

“I’m sorry,” Derek throws his arms up in defeat, “I’m sorry that I was an idiot, that I had to mouth off the witches, which I didn’t know were witches in the first place, but okay. I’m sorry alright! I’m sorry that our first date in weeks had to end so horribly. I’m sorry that I had spent those weeks while you were studying and grounded to plan some stupid romantic dinner and that I was planning on taking you back to my family home to show you all the progress we’ve made rebuilding it…”

Stiles stared at Derek in surprise, dropping the legs of the dead witch he had been dragging onto the ground. 

“I’m sorry that I had wasted time placing fake electric candles around the house, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to light real ones when we had only just started rebuilding and furnishing the house - but that I also wanted our anniversary to be romantic.”

Stiles faltered at that.

“I’m sorry that you’re stuck having to deal with a guy who becomes distracted and can’t even think when he’s around you because he’s been head over heels in love with you since he was eight years old. I’m so fucking sorry that all I can think about as we were fighting off those witches was how much it would kill me if you got hurt because of me - again.”

Derek made a frustrated noise before looking at Stiles once more.

“I’m sorry alright! I’m sorry!”

Stiles stared back at Derek in shock.

“Now can we fucking salt and burn these bodies before they rise up and try to kill us again?” Derek said before leaning over to lift up the body he had dropped earlier.

“Um…"Stiles said clearing his throat, "Did you say anniversary?”

Derek froze and looked back up at Stiles.

“I mean…I’m pretty sure we didn’t start dating until September…right?” Stiles took a moment to consider this, “Pretty sure September…late September - early November?”

He looked over to find Derek glaring at him. 

“You are never allowed to complain about anything - ever,” Derek said picking up the dead body and walking off before Stiles could say anything more.

“Wait!” Stiles shouted after his boyfriend, “Definitely early - mid November…right?”


“Yeah?” Stiles said as he struggled to catch up to Derek.

“Shut up.”

*Okay I know that anon asked for Derek proposal scene but this is what happened instead -__-; I’ll keep working on the proposal scene but I thought I would post this anyway since the Sterek fandom has hit an iceberg and we are losing people left, right and center. So this is my life-raft - heck this is my wooden door, that I ripped off as I was running along after you guys. We have to stay alive guys, get on my shitty life-raft and keep shipping*