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Contains : roommate!jungkook, angst, SMUT !

Words : + 3,5k

Group : BTS

Member: Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Summary : You hated everything about Jungkook, from his cocky smirk to his annoying voice, and he could say the same about you. But the both of you were stuck together, forced to live with each other because of the landlord, it wasn’t a choice.
Yet, you didn’t know if he really hated you, or if you really hated his voice once you came home from work, hearing your name tumbling from his mouth in breathy moans.

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A/N : You can leave your feedback or requests here ! Please remember that english isn’t my first language and this is my third smut ever.

You took a deep breath, trying to containt yourself. Both of your hands flat on the kitchen counter, you closed your eyes. You didn’t want to get mad, especially this soon in the morning.
You opened your eyes, before staightening your back and adjusting your shirt.

« Jungkook. », you called, hoping he would hear you through the noises of cars and shot guns coming from the tv. Your roommate simply hummed, not taking his eyes off of the screen.

« Jungkook, listen to me. », you harshly said. He paused his game to look at you, eyebrows raised at your boldness. The noises stopped abruptly, immersing the room in an almost religious silence.
Jungkook moved his head, questionning.

« How many times do I have to tell you to do the fucking dishes ? », you asked through gritted teeth.
The boy only rolled his eyes, shaking his head. « Argh, I’ll do them later. », he simply said, his face turning towards the tv again.

« Jungkook you need to do them now. », you started, making your voice a little louder so he could hear you over the noise.  « We don’t have any plates or bowls. », you continued, making your way to the living room.

You really didn’t want to fight him, last night was enough, but everything was dirty in the kitchen, and you needed to eat before going to work.
Your rubbed your temples, breathing in.

« Jungkook, I need to eat, I have to go to work. », you said, like you were talking to a child, standing in front of the screen.

« Y/N, move ! », almost screamed Jungkook, making motions with his hand before looking up at you.

He saw your determined look, arms crossed. He got up from the couch, tossing his controller, and he swore to himself that he would make you pay for it.

You took a deep breath, exiting from your car. The cold air ghosting over your skin, calming your nerves. You had a long and stressful day, the door of your apartment seemed like the door to heaven.
You looked up at the dark sky, before your attention got caught by the light coming from the window of your living room.

It was rare for Jungkook to stay in the living room, normaly he would watch a movie in his room, but maybe he was still playing his game, you thought.

You quickly walked towards the building, you were craving to feel the soft fabric of your duvet and rest for the week end.

Your hand grabbed the cold door handle, opening the heavy door of your apartment building. You were bending to take your shoes off and allow your heels to rest before you heard it.

The pounding sound of music, and you already knew where it was coming from. You cursed, rapidly climbing the stairs.
You didn’t even had to pull your keys out of your purse, since the door of your apartment was wide open.

Almost immediately, you started fumming, fists clenched. From the hallway you could see silhouettes moving around, dancing to the music.

« You got to be fucking kidding me. », you mumbled to yourself, walking into your apartment. The smell of alcohol was obvious, but you couldn’t care less, actively looking around to find Jungkook.
People were dancing, and you looked horrified, as you noticed some people you didn’t know on your couch, an obvious stain on the arm rest.

You looked around, trying to find someone you knew. You made you way into the crowd, feeling out of place with your working clothes.
Your body was pushed against other people, and suddently, you felt a pair of hands on your hips, pulling you into the person’s torso.

« Y/N ! You’re finally home ! », the person giggled, hugging you from the back, and you instantly knew who the voice belonged to.
« Jungkook, what the fuck is going on ?! », you almost screamed, turning around and freeing yourself from his embrace.

Even if you hated Jungkook, you knew him enough to tell that he was at least tipsy, a gummy smile on his face. The boy’s hands went back to your hips, pulling you into him once again. His head went to the crook of your neck, and you couldn’t help but move your head away.

« We’re just having a little party. », he explained. « Dance with me. »

His request took you off garde, your palms went to his torso so you could look into his eyes. « Jungkook. », you said sweetly.
The boy hummed, hands locking behind your back.

« I want everyone out of here in 30 minutes or I’m kicking you out. »
Jungkook’s smile instantly vanished, his normal self coming back as his touch disappeared.

« Oh, you forgot ? », you asked, fake pouting. « If the landlord finds out that you organised a party without informing him, you’re out. »

In reality, you were just threatening him. Yes, the landlord would probably kick him out if he found out, but the neighbours were on vacation, so no one was there to complain about the noise. And on the other hand, even if you hated Jungkook, you would rather live with him than paying the full rent, because, let’s be real, finding a new roommate was hard.

If eyes could kill, you would probably be dead. Jungkook was enrage, and you only smiled at him, feeling victorious. He licked his lips, looking around, and you knew you had won, walking away to your room, pushing away everyone too close to you.

You quickly slammed your door, sighing as you untied your hair.

After a few moments, the apartment was left silent, Jungkook apparently got rid of everyone pretty quickly.

Your head fell on your pillow as you wrapped yourself in your duvet, sighing in relief. Your muscles started to relax slowly, starting to fall asleep, before you heard it.

A girl moaning. 

You rubbed your eyes before tossing your duvet away from your body, you had spent one of the worst night ever.
You were already exhausted, your eyes closing without your will, and it was hot, way too hot, the duvet sticking to the thin layer of sweat on your skin. And on top of that, Jungkook fucked some random girl he certainly didn’t know.

You knew he was doing this just to piss you off, you could already see his annoying smirk on his face.
You sighed, getting up, your feet meeting the cold wooden floor. You walked out of your room, not caring about your appearance, you were only wearing a long t-shirt and your underwear.
You were craving for some tea and you needed it now. You quickly brushed your teeth, noticing no signs of Jungkook’s presence and made your way to the kitchen.

To your surprise, the living room was clean, no cups of the floor, no empty bottles. If it wasn’t for the stain on your couch, it was like nothing happened.
You raised your eyebrows, at least you wouldn’t have to fight with Jungkook.

Pouring the hot water in your cup, you absently watched as the water turned brown. You slowly added the milk, before feeling two hands on your hips, rolling your eyes as Jungkook’s head dropped to the crook of your neck. 

You groaned, getting away from his grip, leaving your cup on the kitchen counter to take care of your toast.

« I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every day. », he said, with his low morning voice, leaning in the corner of the kitchen. Your back was turned to him, but you could feel is eyes travel down your legs.

« Fuck you. », you simply said, spreading your chocolate on the bread. Jungkook didn’t respond, silently watching you.

You made your way towards your cup, but the boy stood beside you, his hand sneaking once again on your hip.
« Is that for me ? », he asked. His head moved towards the plate, humming the smell of the toast, while doing so, his breath ghosted over the skin of your cheek, his perfume he was wearing making you dizzy.

Your hand smacked his torso, « What the fuck, no. »

« Wow, after cleaning the living room I thought I would get some kind of reward. », he said, his tone changing at the last word.
You turned around,« Oh so, I should give you a reward because you cleaned the mess you’ve made after you threw a party ? »

Jungkook opened his mouth, but you continued, « Besides, even if you ended the party, the girl you fucked was way too loud. », you said, leaning against the kitchen counter and taking a sip of your tea and putting the cup down.

He almost looked embarrassed for a split second, before regaining his cocky attitude, leaning towards you.
His hand went to your jaw, his thumb lightly tugging at you bottom lip. His boldness caused your breath to get caught in your throat, and he saw it.
Smirking, he hummed, « You can tell me if you’re jealous, you know. »

He licked his lips, watching your own lips, and unconsciously leaning towars them. 

« You need to clean the stain on my couch. », you breathed, before escaping from his embrace.

 After the “accident”, nothing like that happened again.

Yes, you thought about it, was he really going to kiss you ? Are was it just another way to annoy you ?
If he wanted to annoy you, it was working, and what pissed you off more than anything, was the fact that you couldn’t stop thinking about how close he was, and he didn’t seem to care, as if it never happened.
And you wish you never happened, you wished you never felt you heart beat so fast.

Of course, you got back to Jungkook, stealing his video games until he cleaned your couch. He had to clean it himself, and hated every second of it. And once again, he swore he would make you pay for it.

And he did. You had a sleepover at your best friend’s house, and Jungkook knew it. While you were getting ready, he took his chance and sneaked into your room, easely finding your bag.

He knew you would probably kill him, but his plan was too perfect.
The next day, after the sleepover, you and your friends would go to the club. He knew you were excited about it, and he didn’t feel an once of guilt when he poured the ink of his pen on your red dress.

He was going to ruin your night just like you ruined his in the first place. Quickly folding the fabric and shoving in back in your bag, he closed your it before going back to the living room like nothing happened.

And you should have knowned that he was up to something when he sweetly smiled at you before you closed the door.

But Jungkook’s plan wasn’t that good, he thought that you would only see the ruined fabric after the sleepover, just before going out. But you were too excited to show your new dress and unpacked your bag as soon as you entered your bestfriend’s house.

Your heart sank when you unfolded the fabric, discovering the wide black stain in the middle of the dress, before rage took over you.
Cursing loudly, you didn’t give your best friend any explaination before storming out of her house, blood boiling, fingers impatiently taping on the steering wheel at every red light.

You almost ran up the stairs, before taking a deep breath when you were faced by your door. « Calm down, you don’t want to kill someone tonight. », you thought.

But another voice in your head reminded you that the dress he ruined costed a lot, and you really needed this night out with your friends to relax and suddently, all the rage that was starting to fade came back in a wave.

Opening your door, you were greeted by the darkness of your living room, and for a second you thought Jungkook was gone, maybe out for the night, but you heard something. The boy was probably playing some game with his friends.

Quietly walking without turning the light on, you followed the faint noise before freezing in the middle of the room.

The noises, it’s wasn’t him talking, it was him moaning.

You were so shoked, you almost dropped your keys. You didn’t know if you had to laugh, open the door of his room or just run away as quickly as possible and act like nothing happened.

Putting your keys down on the kitchen counter, you leaned against it. You could hear your rapid heat beat along side Jungkook’s moan, sweat starting to form on your forehead.
You wanted to get out, so bad, but you were stuck there, unable to move. His moans were getting louder, his breath ragged, little whines coming from his lips from time to time.

Your cheeks were starting to heat up, when you heard a particularly loud moan, before

your name.

Your eyes opened, wide, starring at Jungkook’s bedroom door. You moved your head, you swore to yourself it was just your brain tricking you.

But you heard it again, clearer this time.

« Y/N, fuck ! »

And your heart sank, once again.
Your name was tumbling from his lips in broken moans, your legs felt like jelly, his breath got more and more erratic as yours got caught and suddently,

it stopped.

It stopped, and the whole apartment was silent, like nothing happened. Your eyes still wide, you started to breath normaly again.
You took your keys, head dropping to look at the floor, before you heard the door.

Oh, fuck.

You immediatly looked up, cursing yourself for not running away when you could. You froze as you saw Jungkook, walking out of his room, obviously frustrated. His hand running in his hair, his sweatpants hanging low on his hips, a layer of sweat visible on his torso.
He looked up, and froze.

For what felt like an eternity, no one talked, looking at each other like a deer caught in headlights. Your throat was dry, unable to talk, your mouth opened and closed without letting out a single sound. The air was thick, your eyes traveling from his red lips to his rising and falling chest.

Jungkook was the first to open his mouth, breaking the silence.

« Y/N, I, eh, didn’t hear you come in. », he said taking a step forward.

« I, eh… », you tried, stepping back, forgeting why you were there in the first place.

« How long have you been here ? », he asked, a hand rubbing his collarbone. 

« I- », you started, before your back hit the wall, knocking the air out of your lungs.

Jungkook licked his lips, eyes traveling from your mouth to your eyes.

« You heard me ? », he asked, even if he knew the answer. His breath ghosted over your skin, one hand beside your face on the wall, the other holding your chin.

« Yeah. », you breathed, looking into his eyes, you didn’t know if it was the lack of light but they seemed a shade darker.

The boy licked his lips again, blinked a few times before boldly asking.

« Can I kiss you ? »

And without thinking, you nodded, a sigh leaving your lips when your roommate eagerly kissed you. Jungkook instantly moaned into your mouth, pressing himself against you. His hand detached from the wall, falling to grip your hip.

His soft lips moved against yours, before his tongue licked your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you immediatly gave. And it was a battle for dominance, Jungkook’s hand left you chin, sneaking under your shirt, eager to feel you skin against his.

His head went to your neck, and you didn’t move, letting him kiss his way down to your collarbone. He was craving to do this since the kitchen accident, your skin looking way too flawless to his liking. And all he wanted to do was to mark you, all over your body.

A sigh ran down from your lips when he found a special spot, and he started sucking on your skin, leaving a purple mark.

Both his hands pushed the fabric of your shirt up, and you got the hint, taking your shirt off. Your arms wrapped around his torso, feeling his skin against yours, you lips founding his neck, but before you could start your torture, he stopped you.

« Y/N, don’t tease. », he breathed. And god, he sounded so needy, out of breath and you only kissed his neck, you wondered how wrecked he would be after you’re done with him. 

Seeing that you didn’t respond, Jungkook pressed himself against you, making you feel his boner, and he was hard.

Your lips went back to the base of his neck, while your hand traveled down his torso, until you met the hem of his sweatpants.

« Y/N, plea- », he started, getting cut when your hand palmed him through the fabric. His head rolled back, a moan tumbling from his lips.

You liked your lips, watching him in awe, his fingers digging in your waist.

« Don’t tease. », he said through gritted teeth, pulling you closer. His hand grabbed yours, kissing your knuckles to your elbow.

« Jungkook. », you breathed, wrapping you arms around his neck. He hummed, eyelids heavy.
His cheeks were slightly red, lips swollen, and you couldn’t help but kiss him again instand of answering.

He walked you towards his room, lips never leaving yours.

Leaving the lights off, he softly layed you on his bed before towering over you. Your fingers went to the hem of your jean, taking it off.
Jungkook’s hands unclapped your bra, tossing it somewhere, his mouth instantly wrapping around your nipple.

« Jungkook, we don’t have time for that. », you moaned, feeling the uncomfortable wetness starting to form in your underwear. The boy was as eager as you, leaving you breast before almost ripping your panties.

« Fuck, I’m so hard. », he moaned, when you took his sweatpants off. He quickly got up, opening the drawer of  his nightstand to take a condom. He hurriedly opened the package, rolling the condom on his shaft.

You signed when his hands went on either sides of your hand, feeling the heat of his body. Your hand grabbed the back of his head, pulling him towards your lips, kissing him again, never getting enough of the feeling.

He pulled back slightly, a smirk streching his lips.

« Babygirl. », he called, waiting for you to open your eyes. One of his hand grabbed the back of your thigh, placing your leg on his hip.

« Who are you wet for ? », he asked, a devilish smile on his face.

You wanted to slap him, but you needed him, and you breathed.

« You. »

Jungkook almost moaned, his head went back to your neck before entering you. Jungkook groaned, his breath ragged. You arched your back, your nails digging into his shoulders.

« Jungkook, please. », you moaned, and he started rolling his hips in a slow but deep pace. Your head dropped back, you started biting your lip, trying to muffle your moans, but Jungkook noticed.

« Don’t you fucking dare. », he started, thumb tugging at your lip.  « Moan for me or I’ll stop. »

You whined, and Jungkook started slamming back into you. His hand grabbed your hair, pulling at it to expose your neck, and he started biting and sucking on the skin, breathy moans coming from your lips.

Your other leg wrapped around Jungkook’s waist, his dick was hitting a spot making you moan at every thrust. Jungkook was a moaning mess on top of you, his broken whispers transforming into long moans and deep groans.

He was getting closer and closer, but he wanted to make you come first, he needed to see it.

« Are you gonna cum for me ? », Jungkook ask, teeth biting on your lower lip. You could only whine, your hand gripping his hair.

Jungkook’s hips started making deep and slow thrusts, one which was particularly hard, helping you reach your high.

A last moan filled the room, before your came around Jungkook, your eyes closing, mouth falling agape.

Jungkook groaned, feeling your walls tighten around him. « Fuck, such a good girl. », he complimented through gritted teeth, before reaching his climax, softly moaning near your ear, your name falling and falling from his lips as he came in the condom.

He collapsed on top of you, the both of you trying to catch your breath, bodies sweaty.

Jungkook chukled,« Sorry for the dress. »

Sherlocked USA:

Interviewer: “We now can take to the audience for some questions. You, in the back, with the face. Yeah, you. Someone get her a mic. Go ahead.”

Me: “My question is for Mr. Gatiss.”

*we exchange pleasant smiles*

Me: “Mr. Gatiss, last year you made it a point in a panel interview to discuss appropriate LGBT representation on television. You made certain it was unethical to cast every LGBT character as a villain, because the audience would associate villainy with LGBT sexuality. Could you please tell us why you chose to make every LGBT character shown on screen in Sherlock a villain?”



Me: “There are only two possible reasons, you might as well pick one at this point.”



Me: “Loved the series, by the way, Doyle would’ve been proud.”

I let a guy touch me and I thought I was drunk enough to make myself want it but I started shaking so hard that I had to push him away. The only time you ever made me shake that hard was when I found out about her.

Nobody would ever think I’ve been in love. They can’t see any scars across the left side of my chest and they don’t feel the way my throat burns when I think about letting somebody new in. They think I’m scared, but really I can only fall for the ones that make me feel like I’d be a fool to think that they’d love me.

I turned into a girl who gets drunk on tequila by herself and drinks the whole bottle of wine without wincing. I turned into the girl who became so scared of the addictive way I could love you that I made myself find an addiction that is less toxic than trying to be good enough for you.

No matter how many empty bottles I go through, I still don’t let strangers get too close. I still shake so hard at the thought of someone else’s arms around me that I’ve started watching TV to help me try to fall asleep. I was never enough for you, and I’m scared I’ll never let myself stop remembering everything I need to forget.

—  TV screens are the only thing that put me to bed now that you’re not there to hold me
how to make reactions

A/N: Heyy, don’t worry, this isn’t a dumb question! I’ve been enjoying making reactions myself since i started this tumblr account. I’m not the best account but many of you seem to like my work so here you go~

My first tutorial post on how to make reactions!

1. Decide on a topic and idol

This part is completely up to you. At first when my account was new i did not get requests and so had to come up with my own ideas!

TIP: Be creative! do not do something that many people often do, your work will not stand out :)

2. Make sure you know your idols well

Personally, i think this is incredibly important to make a reaction because readers often look forward to reading something that’s realistic. 
It would be weird if you wrote a quiet, kept to himself idol like Yoongi to be loud and hyper like Hoseok. It just doesn’t seem realistic.

TIP: I study psychology so i can tell apart personalities really easily but this isn’t the case for everyone, My tip is that you watch a lot of their videos, TV shows, and interviews so you can kind of see how they react in certain situations better

3. Start writing!

What I do on my blog is that i actually list all the names of the members and start writing their reactions based off of their personalities. It can be kind of difficult sometimes but if i get a writer’s block i watch some of their videos to just get inspired again, (i’m not going to lie… sometimes i get lazy ^^) 

TIP#1: Despite the fact that most of us see them through screens most of the time, please remember that these idols are REAL people with REAL emotions. Avoid writing them to be so robotic and emotionless (e.g. Yoongi) bc behind what we see through the screen they’re just like us ~

TIP#2: Avoid writing the members reaction to be similar, of course there will be members who have similar personalities but not everyone will react to certain things the same way. You have to look more in depth to their personalities ~

4. (Optional) Add gifs

When i surf through tumblr, my favourite reactions are the ones that have gif’s in it so i can kind of picture the members faces in the certain scenario. 

TIP!!!!: This one is kind of important - I prefer to make sure that the gif’s in my reactions correlate to what’s happening in the reaction because it annoys me when it doesn’t. Image reading about a sad breakup and seeing a gif of your idol smiling and jumping around… doesn’t sound very nice to me 


                                         HOW TO ADD GIF’S:




( he’s my ultimate bias by the way ;)) 

4. ~ gif is automatically added when you click on it ~

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Well there you go, it’s not very good but I tried. Hope this helps and good luck in making the reactions for your blog anon! ~

                                                   -bangtan angels-

Villain; KJI

Member: Kai | EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 5.8k

a/n - i saw the logan trailer and got inspired, enjoy - ♤

summary: Being the good girl was a role you never played in your life. 

It was a normal day in the city.

It was in the brisk of afternoon, adults were tending to their daily jobs, kids were attending school as some were getting off from school. The busy sounds of city life, the cars running, the horns blaring, and the chatter amongst people, were adorning the lively streets of the downtown metro area. You were also a part of your own lively day, just in your own apartment, music blaring as you twirled around, singing, dancing as you moved around your living room apartment. Your eyes would look at the TV waiting for the news report to begin as you began to water your strung up plants that hung from their respective places.

Earlier you had caught the morning news, the reporters telling you to watch later for a special report on a crime that had taken place downtown late last night. The article of course piqued your interest like any viewer would. However, your reasoning for being into the story was quite different from other reasons people would watch such a story.

Way different.

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Can I Send a requests for a scenario with Yoongi Where He Never believes that would Fall in Love with someone at First sight but then He Meets you , a solo Idol who just made her debut and has a Beautiful and powerfull Voice ? 😍(+the way He would try to ask you out)

Member: Yoongi (Suga)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.1k


I slowly woke up, refraining from rubbing my tired eyes as I had already gone through hair and makeup. “Hyung, wake up.” I felt the younger boy shake the sleep away from me and I groaned. My vision cleared up after a few blinks and I found myself looking up at Jungkook. “Aish, I was having a good dream too.” I mutter, getting up and straightening out my jacket.

The rest of the guys look like they’re already to go to the backstage area so I rush over to one of our stylists who happens to be beckoning me over. She sets me up with my mic and I focus in on the TV screen in the corner of the room.

On the screen there are Wendy and Chanyeol, introducing a new girl band to be the next performance. The screen then switches to a live feed of four girls who introduce themselves one at a time. One of them looks particularly nervous and when it gets to her turn, she stutters out, “I’m Y-Y/N. P-please c-ca-re take of me!”

I scoff. She can’t even say her own name. How is she supposed to perform. Our stylist eyes me and says, “Why are you staring at her like that?” “Like what?” I ask defensively.

“Like it was love at first sight?” She laughs, resuming her work of concealing my mic wires.

“Haha. Very funny. I was just entertained by her stuttering. Also for the record, love at first sight doesn’t exist. Especially not with whatever her name is.” “Y/N,” she corrects. Whatever.

Our stylist eventually lets me go and I walk over to join the rest of my members.

“I feel so bad,” Hoseok says to no one in particular as we walk down the narrow hallway to the side of the stage. “Why? ‘Cuz that newbie messed up?” I ask. Why does everybody care so much about her?

“You don’t feel bad?” Jimin says from me. “Nope.” I say popping my ‘p’.

“Why not?” Jungkook asks, slowing down to get in on the conversation. “If you’re going to be an idol you should at least act like one. It makes no sense, you’re too shy to introduce yourself but you aren’t too shy to sing live?” I shake my head, hoping they’ll understand my reasoning. “Honestly, she just shouldn’t be in this business.”

“You’re too cold, Hyung.” Hoseok says, shaking his head and wagging his finger at me disapprovingly. I just roll my eyes though.

We get to the side of the stage and in front of us are the rookie group about to get on stage and perform. I see Y/N getting scolded by one of her older members and I smirk. Surprise, surprise.

We move forward and take their place once they walk on stage and get into their positions. I turn my head and lean against the wall to watch the Feedback screen, awaiting to be entertained by Y/N’s miserable performance.

Instead, I have the air knocked out of my chest when I see something change in her eyes just at the light come on and the music plays. There’s a twinkle- lighting energy coming off of her. It wasn’t there before but now as I see her dance in-sync, swiftly and perfectly, it’s everywhere and it’s overwhelming. I can’t take my eyes off of her. I follow her dyed pink flame that dances across the screen. There are three other members and a chanting crowd but it’s like all of a sudden I have a tunnel vision and all I see is Y/N, moving her body, shaking her hips and twirling across the stage. She’s mesmerizing.

And then it’s her turn to sing and my heart is shook. Her voice drips off her mic like honey and I don’t want her to stop. I’m not listening to the lyrics or trying to analyze the song like I usually do, I’m just listening to the sound of her voice. I’m not looking for flaws because there aren’t any. At least I don’t think there are because I’m feeling so entranced by her. I’m feeling- I’m feeling- Love?

And then it’s over, way too soon for my liking. I see Y/N coming and I start to panic. I want to say something, anything. Good job? No. You were amazing? Understatement. I’m in love with you. Overstatement? Maybe not.

“Hyung, are you okay.” Jungkook says shaking me as he did earlier. I had completely tuned out my members, not hearing their praise for Y/N’s performance.

I don’t reply to Jungkook. Instead I grab a towel from our stylist and make a beeline towards Y/N. As soon as I approach her I get a better look at her and I know I’m in love. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I honestly don’t care that’s she’s sweaty at all. I just want to know her.

“Hi.” I say handing her the towel. She looks up at me and I smile at how she’s returned to that shy girl, completely opposite from the fierce idol who just performed.

“Hi,” she replied, a smile taking over her lips.

“I-I just wanted t-to give you- this.” Now it’s my turn to stutter and it does suck.

She giggles a bit and takes the towel. “Thank you.” She says sweetly.

I’ve never felt this way before but I feel like I just want to keep talking so that I can keep hearing her voice.

“You were phenomenal just now. Absolutely amazing.” I say in the most genuine voice I can pull.

I can see her blush now. “Thank you.”

In the corner of my eye, I see Namjoon beckoning me over but I ignore them. Then I hear our Bangtan being called over the PA and I groan. I love performing but not right now.

“You should stay and watch Bangtan perform,” I say, slowly backing away from her.

“Oh I will. I’m a huge fan.” She says playfully and I raise my eyebrow at her. “Oh yeah? Who’s your favourite member.” We are almost yelling at each other now as we gain more distance.

“I don’t know his name. He’s really nice and caring from what I’ve seen. And he raps really well and is an amazing songwriter and composer. Not to mention very cute. I think his name was.. Salt?”

I throw my head back in laughter. “Stay right there. I’ll be right back.” I wait to see her nod before I join the rest of the members on stage. I ignore all of their teasing and think about what I could do especially for Y/N during this performance. I hope that she’ll be there after because even though I literally just met her, I miss her already. I guess there is such a thing as love at first sight.


Hey Anon! I hope this is something similar to what you imagined. Please let me know readers if you liked it. Thanks so much for reading!


Love Sickness (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey again!! Haha wow, three stories in a day? Wow😂 Btw, I kinda had fun writing this story, if only this was how I could get my crush’s attention, if I had one haha. Anywaysss, enjoy!!

Tag: @barely-emily

Request: Bucky x Reader where he has a thing for Reader wearing glasses please ?

You pushed your glasses up as you stared at the TV screen, too lazy to wear your contacts as you didn’t have any missions today as well. You turned around when you heard footsteps walking behind you.

“Morning, Bucky,” you greeted as the soldier turned to look at you, stopping at his footsteps as he just continued to stare at you. You frowned at him as you waved your hand. “Hello? Earth to Bucky.”

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Not That Joystick - Tim Drake x Reader

Ayyy I had a Timmy obsessed anon who requested a “ I meant to grab the popcorn, not your crotch, sorry” prompt. I apologize for the title it was not my idea but it made me laugh too much to not use it

Words: 630

“TIM GET IN THE BUSH!” you yell as you shove another handful of popcorn in your mouth.

“I’M WORKING ON IT, BUT EDWARD IS NOT COOPERATING!” Tim talks back as he tries to maneuver the pirate on the screen into a bush before anyone sees him.

“I think it has less to do with Edward and more to do with Operator Error,” you snort.

“Shut up,” he pouts as he finally manages to hide in the bush. The icon in the corner turns gray again to show that he’s anonymous.

“I thought you were good at this game.” You snuggle deeper into the couch and reach for the popcorn bucket sitting between the two of you.

“I normally am,” he mutters.

“Then why have you died five times in the past fifteen minutes?”

“Shut up.”

You laugh at your playful banter. Soon the gameplay draws your full attention again as he tries to infiltrate a restricted area with as little conflict as possible. So far he’s doing a pretty fair job. He’s managed to lure a few enemies to the bushes before assassinating them, and he’s using poison darts where he can.

It’s going great until he hits the wrong button. His character whips out a pistol to shoot the nearest enemy, and soon enough he’s swarmed by people trying to kill him.

With eyes glued to the screen, you reach over to grab another handful of popcorn, but you reach a little too far. Without thinking about the fact that your hand hasn’t made contact with food, you squeeze to grab popcorn anyway.

The screen tints red as the assassin desynchronizes, and Tim makes a deep uncomfortable noise in his throat that you’ve never heard before.

It’s then that you realize that you’re touching denim. And that it isn’t the denim covering Tim’s legs. Rather, it’s the denim covering another part of him.

Immediately you jerk your hand back and jump about a foot away from him, causing the popcorn bucket to bounce and topple over, sending a flurry of buttery snacks all over you, Tim, and the couch.

Your hands fly to your mouth. “Oh my god Tim I meant to grab the popcorn not your crotch I am so so so so sorry!” You voice has raised by a couple of octaves, and a nervous heat is creeping up your cheeks. Tim’s face is as red as the desynchronization screen, and he just keeps staring at the TV with tight lips.

“I swear I didn’t mean to! Timmy, please don’t be mad! I’m sorry!”

“Y/N, I am the exact opposite of mad,” he chuckles, but his voice is a little shaky. He looks at you with soft eyes, but his cheeks are still beet red. “I just wasn’t expecting you to get that friendly.”

“Drake have you finished killing people yet?” Damian walks into the living room. “I would like to watch my documentary on—Why is there popcorn everywhere? And why are you so red?”

“Nothing Damian,” Tim says without looking up.

Damian stares at the two of you for a few more seconds before rolling his eyes with a huff and storming out of the room, muttering the whole way. “Stupid Drake with his stupid games and his not stupid girlfriend.”

At the word ‘girlfriend’ Tim’s cheeks brighten again, and your heart beats a little faster.

“Well, I guess that’s one less conversation we have to have.” You start picking up popcorn and putting it back in the bowl. Tim just gives you a look before turning back to his game.

“Fine. If you’re going to be that way.” You bounce right next to him with your arms draped across his shoulders and kiss him on the cheek. “Try not to die this time, Timberly.”

I'll Love You Every Which Way There Is To Love You

Pairing: God!Chuck x fever!Reader

A/N: See, the last time I got sick, I wrote Oh God, Please Don’t Let Me Sneeze on My Angelic Crush (Castiel x Reader) and now this…? Fever!me is weird…


Once again, a body-quivering sneeze erupted from the otherwise quiet Bunker, followed by a disgruntled groan as you wiped your runny nose with one of the many tissues you had with you on your bed in your room at the Men of Letters bunker. “Oh my god, this fucking blows.” You grumbled, glaring at the TV screen, which was playing Grey’s Anatomy, a slightly-guilty guilty pleasure of yours. Hey, if Dean could get away with his knock-off version of Grey’s, then you can damn well have McDreamy all to yourself.

“Hey sweetheart, you called…?” All of a sudden, the very familiar voice of your boyfriend Chuck was heard right outside your door, you letting out a panicked shriek in response.

“No, no, don’t come in-” Of course, this only made him more curious, so he pushed the door open slowly and peeked his head in, his frown immediately softening as he took in your current condition; hair messed up from rolling around in bed all day, a slightly-used tissue balled up in your hand, a tissue box next to your blanketed self and Grey’s on the screen. It only took him a split second to smile in amusement, making you pout. “I swear to you if you laugh at me, I will actually throw this used up tissue at your gorgeous face.” You threatened your godly boyfriend in half-seriousness.

“The huntress doesn’t look so badass now.” He pointed out with a grin, you chucking the tissue ball at him, the omnipresent being deftly avoiding it by side-stepping. “Look at you, defenceless without your tissue!” He poked fun at your currently bad aim, coming over to stand by the side of the bed you both shared when he spent the nights not having godly duties. “Scoot over.” He gestured to you, making you frown.

“But I’m sick.” You pointed out.

“And I’m God, (Y/N), I don’t get sick.” Reluctantly, you moved over to give him some space on the bed, him getting under the covers with you. When he noticed your subtle distance from him, he motioned for you to cuddle up to him like you always would, but you shook your head.

“I am way too gross for cuddles with God, Chuck.” You stubbornly stayed at your side of the bed. To your surprise, your omnipresent boyfriend only scoffed at your reply. “What?”

“I’ll love you every which way there is to love you, (Y/N), snot dribbling from your nose or badass stabbing monsters every other week.” He rolled his eyes fondly at you, as if he wasn’t convinced you would even say such things, being the ‘badass huntress’ you were. “So does it really matter if you’re sick or not? All I want is a cuddle with my beautiful huntress girlfriend.”

To Chuck’s alarm, your eyes began to well up with tears, and him, misunderstanding your sudden tearful state. began to panic, before you waved his worry off. “No, no, I’m okay, I just…that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me, a-and that’s the f-first time you said…y'know,” You gestured wildly as if he would understand you meant it was the first time he said ‘I love you’. “So I’m a little more than overwhelmed-”

This burst of babbling from you prompted your boyfriend to pull you into a hug, kissing your feverishly-hot forehead before pulling you tight against his broad chest. “I’ll say that every single day until the end of the world, (Y/N), I hope you know that.”

“I love you so much, Chuck.” You whispered tearfully against his chest.

“I know, sweetie.” He said, holding you in the ensuing silence, until-

“Hey, Chuck…?” You said hesitantly.


“I…I think I got some snot on your shirt…”

anonymous asked:

2 and 10 for the drabble prompts with Bucky please?

“Buck?” You asked timidly, placing a hand on his back. “You okay, man?”

Bucky sat straight; palms formed into a fist, with his face hard and grim. His steady breathing was the only indication that he didn’t actually fall into a catatonic state from what he just witnessed.

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Dubsmash Wars

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

Request: hey Grant Gustin one shot? Where you and him have a dubsmash war (like the one the Marvel actors did and you both post them on Twitter and all the fans ship it and then you end it with a really cute one of both of you and everyone just really loves you together?

Notes: I’ve never experienced what the logistics of Dubsmash are so some of the technical things might be wrong. Otherwise I hope this was kind of what you were looking for, there are only a few ‘dubsmashes’ because otherwise this would be super long hahah. Hope you enjoy!

Y/F/N is “Your friend’s name”

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Bad Girl Ch 5: Call

Xiumin’s POV

“Hyung you can’t be serious,” Baekhyun snaps at me. He throws his glass of whisky on the floor before running his hands through his hair in frustration. “I told you guys that we were going to torment her, not to fucking kiss her!”

“Stop your yelling,” Chanyeol snarls back. “We were all a bit dumbstruck that is all.”

“She looked exactly like her,” Sehun basically whimpers.

Kai is next to him, his leg tapping mindless, hands shaking, “I honestly thought it was her for a minute, I almost ran to her.”

“Hyung beat you to it and look at him,” Baek scoffs. They all turn to me, judgment and pity in their eyes. The whisky bottle is in my hand, my eyes are blood shot and still pouring tears but I can’t help it. She looks exactly like her, sounds exactly like her, I’m half ready to swear on my life that that little girl is my baby but I can’t get myself to voice it.

“I’m still going to see her,” Sehun deadpans as he stands up.

“No you are not,” Suho joins us in the living room, rage obvious in his voice. He scans the room until he finds me and quickly storms over. He lifts me up by my collar, allowing the bottle in my hand to fall and spill on to the carpet. “What the hell Hyung? You kissed her? Are you fucking nuts?” He yells in my face.

“Yes I am,” I admit with a dry chuckle. “I had to see her Suho, you don’t understand. I had to look that girl in the eye and see how Jiyong could just replace her with a copy but now I understand.”

“I don’t understand? You can’t just pretend that you were the only one close to her. We loved her too, I loved her so much. I know how it feels to loose her, the feeling that your whole heart has been ripped out of your chest, I felt that too. What the hell do you mean you understand him? That girl is not Jooyoung, not matter what you do to her face or her body she is just a copy.” He spits in my face, absolutely fuming.

“A perfect copy,” I hum sadly. “She is so beautiful. So perfect, you have to see her to believe it. He did an amazing job, she is truly a master piece.”

That seems to drive Suho off the edge, he surprises me by punching me in the face, knocking me back on to the couch. “That girl is not my baby!” He yells. “My baby is dead. She was beaten into a bloody pulp because we couldn’t save her, because that bastard brought her into the light of our world making her a target. So stop mentioning anything about them. That girl is not to be mentioned in this house ever again, got it?”

None of us respond.


I glare at him before pushing myself up off the couch to stare that bastard in the eye, “You sound so strong and brave but you didn’t see her.”

“He’s right,” Kai blurts.

Sehun nods but isn’t able to look away from the ground, “You didn’t see how much she looked like her. When you see her Hyung,” He has to stop for a moment to regain his voice and an to attempt to keep the tears from falling which he fails. “When you see her, your whole world will stop. Any feelings you thought you were able to put away will be there in your face telling you to run to her, to take her even if she is a copy.”

That only seems to make Suho even more upset, he storms over to the TV and in my drunken state I’m a bit confused but only for a moment. I try to rush over to stop him but I can’t get my feet to move fast enough. The dark screen flashes on and the whole room goes completely quiet except for the small whimpers coming from the speakers.

“Please stop,” Her little voice begs. I drop to my knees in front of the screen and rest my hand on the glowing picture of her broken image. “Daddy please save me.” We could never watch the rest of it, the fleeting moment when you can see the life leaving her green orbs but I can’t get myself to look away.

“Do you see this?” Suho is barely able to choke it out.

“Turn it off,” Baekhyun demands.

Suho ignores him, “I’m asking all of you if you see this!”

“My baby,” Tao mumbles as he joins us in the living room, our five other brothers behind him, each show their heartbreak in their eyes at the sight of our baby try to crawl away from the monster holding the camera. His laugh echoes through the room, a haunting melody that I can’t get out of my head goes along with it.

“What is going on Suho?” Kris growls.

“Great everyone is here, now let me ask all of you again, do you see her?” He points to the screen.

Luhan nods, his eyes turning pink from on coming tears, “We see her.”

“This is our baby, my baby, our Jooyoung. Do you see what is happening to her? She is getting beaten to death. Her last words were her begging us to save her. Her last thoughts were most likely that we let her die. She is very right, we let her die. Now I want all of you to remember that when you look at that fucking copy. She is not Jooyoung. Now tell me who is that girl?” He looks at us expectantly.

“She is not Jooyoung,” We repeat back.

“What happened to our Jooyoung?”

“We let her die.”

“Now that we all seem to understand that, leave Jiyong and that thing alone,” He takes a deep breath as he rubs his eyes. “I’m going to bed.” He sighs before pushing past our brothers on the stairs to the hall. We sit in silence for a moment before I can’t stand to be in that room anymore. I stand up and make my way to my room in silence. I can’t stand being in the same room as them anymore, they are all still grieving in their own way. I lay on my bed in the dark, too tired to take off my suit and get under the covers so I just lay there. My bed feels so cold and empty but I can’t get myself to let anyone else lay with me.

I did once, four months after we left I laid with a woman, who I have to admit did resemble my Jooyoung, and for a moment I forgot she was gone. The body in my arms was so warm and small, I was so happy until reality came in and ruined all of it. I cringe at the memory of that morning when that disgusting woman put her hands all over me, I had to killer her. I guess I didn’t have to torture her, but I needed to blow off steam after a panic like that. I tore that woman to shreds.

My phone ringing brings me out of my fog, I almost don’t answer it but something nagging in the back of my mind forces me to grab the phone and answer the unknown caller, “Hello.”

“Daddy?” A little breath cries softly. My heart drops and I throw the phone. The screen lights back up and stares at me, the name unknown caller bright on the screen. “Daddy Xiumin,” That addicting voice calls. With shaking hands I grab the phone and hold it to my ear.

“Baby?” I choke out.

“Hi Daddy,” She cries back.

I can’t hold in my tears, “Is this real?”

“Of course this is real.”

How can this be happening? My baby is dead, I just watched her die, yet I can hear her sweet voice like it is coming from her pretty lips. I’ve lost it, that’s it. I have completely lost my mind. Yet I can’t get myself to shake away how amazing this is, I have my baby, even if it is for a short amount of time, I’ve got her.

“My sweet baby,” I cry into the phone holding it like it’s my lifeline. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

“Daddy please stop crying,” She begs me. “I forgive you, now please stop.”

“How can you really forgive me when I let that happen to you? I left you with those people, I don’t deserve forgiveness.”

“Well you are getting it now please calm down, I need to ask you something.”

I nod eagerly, “Of course my baby anything.”

“Can you move on?”

Her words cut me, even though the words are coming from my mind, it hurts. How am I supposed to move on from someone like her? “How can you ask such a silly question? I can never forget you.”

“I’m not saying you should forget me just move on. You shouldn’t be holding on to me anymore.”

I shake my head, “Please stop saying these thing, just because you are gone doesn’t mean I should just move on, I haven’t had enough time to deal with it.”

“It has been a year. One whole year since I’ve been gone and I’m in a really good place.”

I sniffle, “Are you happy there?”

“I’m very happy. It isn’t hard anymore but with you so focused on my I can’t focus on anything here, I just want to go back to the peace I had before.”

“I’m sorry, my baby, I’ll stop, so you can go back to resting in peace. Please just know that I will always love you and miss you.”

“I loved you too daddy.”

Just like that the line is dead.

“No, no, no, no, come back please come back!” I frantically try to call the number back but seems to have erased itself from my history. “No, I made her up she can come back if I made her up!” I scream at my phone. I can’t take it anymore and chuck my phone at the wall making it shatter into pieces. “I want her back!” I curl up on my bed, I feel like I lost her all over again. I can’t do this, I can’t live without her. That copy, I don’t care that she’s a fucking copy I need her, I need my baby’s face to be there when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I can’t live without her, not like this.

Jooyoung’s POV

The bed dips slightly as someone joins me in the bed, I roll over to find Jiyong sinking under the covers in nothing but boxers. I smile at his appearance and quickly burry myself in his embrace. I feel so much lighter with everything off my chest so I don’t have to worry about them anymore and focus all of my attention back on my amazing fiancé.

“You got home quick,” I muse.

He chuckles and kisses the top of my head, “I missed you way too much.”

I scoff, “You were jealous.”

“I was very jealous that Xiumin was able to kiss you tonight but I wasn’t.” He admits with a soft kiss on my lips.

“I called him,” I confess once he breaks the kiss.

He tenses, “You what?”

“I know I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry but there were something that I needed to get off my chest. I asked him to move on and he agreed.”


“Because I know they could make your life difficult with work so I wanted to solve this without some big thing. I called him and told him I’m happy now and that he should move on so I can stop worrying about what they might do and go back to focusing on you. Are you mad?”

“How can I be mad when you were doing it for me? I am so thankful to have you. Just please don’t seek them out anymore, just because you got Xiumin to move doesn’t mean he will be able to convince the others. I know they didn’t handle it well either.”

“As you wish,” I smile up at him.

I close my eyes and as happy as I am in that moment with my love’s arms around me I feel guilty. I had fallen asleep after I had gone through all of EXO’s files and called Xiumin, my mind heavy with the realization that all the things Haneul had told me about Tae’s cousins were about them. Sehun, Kai or Jongin, and Tao are the ones that are really bugging me. They tried to kill themselves. Was it because of me? Am I self centered for thinking that? I shake my head, I shouldn’t think about it no matter how heavy that makes my heart feel. I’m done with them, all of them.

My life is here with Jiyong now and I couldn’t be happier. He is so honest with me, so sweet and amazing. I was ungrateful once before when I would go running back to them whenever I could. I’m never making that mistake again and there is nothing that could change my mind.

I'm honestly just here to supply mitjo til mars updates again

submitted by anon:

I was pretty sure Mitch Mueller was going to kill me. As I grew up it was for different reasons but they all led to my demise. In middle school I thought he would hang me up a flag pole during summer break and let the birds eat away at my carcass. In senior year of highschool I thought he’d burying me alive in a ditch somewhere in the woods, or maybe tie me to a really heavy rock and push my in the river. A few weeks later I figured my end was near when I was asked to take pictures for prom and Mitch offered to drive me. God I hope that cyclist was okay. And now a few years later I’m staring at the bright red letters on the front of the hospital building, standing like an idiot with legs that feel like both jell-o and lead knowing damn well Mitch Mueller was going to give me a heart attack I swear.

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Adam McQuaid - Accent

Originally posted by weekendatbergysblog

Request: “  Holy poops the Adam Mcquaid one u just wrote is amazing!!!! I’m in actual awe by how awesome you are!! Can I request another Adam Mcquaid one where the reader is Bostonian and has the accent and Adam teases her about it but loves it as well?? Thanksss “

Seriously, you guys are the nicest?? Thank you, I’m really happy you loved it.

This one is a bit short, sorry about that!

Warnings: Poor portrayal of Bostonians because I am not, in fact, Bostonian 

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Just A Regular Hang Out - Dylan & Cole Fluff

Request: A nice Dylan and Cole one with the reader, a fluff moment of simplicity where their just hanging out, and things are normal? Maybe their debating what to watch on TV. Or for some drama the reader is sneaking them out of a public place so they don’t get bombarded with intrusive fans.

Warnings: Mild language

NotesI have never in my life said crisps 😂

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess @kindfloweroflove@katshrev @itsbee63 @lost-in-wonderland-x @princessal @love-darren-criss1234 


A laugh escaped my lips as Dylan snatched the tv remote out of Cole’s hand.

“We’re not watching the fucking discovery channel,” Dylan huffed as he flicked the channel for the 100th time. 

“Ooh, Orange Is the New Black is on. Can we please watch it?” I asked, as I saw the title appear on the tv screen. 

“It’s just a repeat from a few weeks ago - there’s no point if we’ve already seen it,” Cole whines, slumping further down the couch, that we were all sitting on. I was in between them with my legs were to my chest and arms were crossing over my legs, as I shared a blanket with Cole. We’ve all sat on the same couch for about an hour - debating what to watch. We flicked from Netflix to regular tv, but still found nothing we needed to watch.

“Fine, how about we just settle on ‘Once Upon A Time’?” Cole suggests as the title of the show appeared on the screen. 

“Ooh yes please,” I smile, looming over at Dylan, who still had the remote. 

“Fine, only because this one’s a good episode,” Dylan finally gave in, leaning over and placing the remote on the coffee table, that was situated in front of the couch.

“Right, who wants food?” I ask as the adverts start up, pushing off the blanket and getting up from where I was sitting. 

“Me!” they both shout, causing me to laugh at them again and walk to their kitchen. I searched in the pantry and found a bag of flavoured crisps, as well as a bag of M&M’s. 

“Okay, so we have crisps and M&M’s. Which one?” I call out from the kitchen. 

“Crisps,” they both reply, in their cutesty American accent. Coming back in time for when the show started up again, I sat back in my seat and opened up the bag, to which Cole snatched it and took a handfull of them. I just giggle and shake my head at him, paying my attention back to the show. 

Originally posted by mallverine


The show finished, and it was getting quite late.

“Hey, do ya’ll mind if I crash here for the night?”

“Of course not! You don’t have to keep asking,” Cole laughs, getting up and stretching. I smile and thank him, making my way to the guest bedroom. A few minutes later, Cole knocked on my door;

“Hey, I - uh - have a few spare clothes from last time you were here,” he smiled, walking over to me and handing my my clothes. 

“Thanks, Cole. I completely forgot that these were here,” I laughed, and so did Cole.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then,” he smiles and walks out the room, closing the door behind him.  

Now You See Me: Jack/Reader

Now You See Me is such a great film! Can you please write a jack wilder imagine set when he fakes his death and you believe it and then yeah major fluff when he returns

AHHH!! Jack Wilder!!!! Maybe something where he sneaks in your room while you were at work and when you get back he’s there trying to make dinner for the both of you!! AHHH!! Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘😘

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

I watched in silence as the car on my TV screen exploded in a ball of fire. There was a part of me that prayed that it wasn’t real. But the rest of me knew that it was. Especially when I called Henly. The phone rang a few times before she picked up. When she did, I asked her quickly if what I saw was real.

“I’m sorry (Y/N).” She told me. I covered my mouth and hung up without another word to say. As I put the phone down, tears began forming in my eyes and spilling down my face.


“Henly, I just want to eat something and stay in.” I slid my key into the lock and turned it.

“You sure? (Y/N), you’re always welcome to come out for drinks.” Henly told me over the phone. I considered it for a second before answering.

“I’m good, thanks.”

“You sure?” She asked once more.

“Yes Henly. I am very sure.” I pushed open the door and froze. “Listen, I have to go.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Bye.” I whispered before hanging up.

Usually, it would be silent and there wouldn’t be any smells inside my apartment. Except I could smell gas and someone moving around in the apartment. Keeping my phone in one hand, I reached inside and grabbed the can of mace I kept inside of my umbrella stand. I had an umbrella tucked under my arm so that counted as another weapon.

Carefully, I tiptoed into my apartment making sure I kept the door open. Who knew if I needed to run out? Creeping into the apartment, I walked towards the kitchen where the only source of light was coming from. I raised my umbrella and creeped into the kitchen.

“Jack?” I froze with the umbrella still raised. He turned around and looked surprised. Sitting on the stove were two pans.

“You’re home!” Jack’s face was a mixture of surprise and happiness. I dropped the mace can and it hit the floor with a clatter as I walked towards him, my umbrella still in my hands. There was a smile on his face.

It disappeared when I whacked him with the umbrella. Jack raised his hands to block the umbrella.

“HOW DARE YOU?” I yelled whacking him once more. “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” I lowered the umbrella and leaned it against a wall. Jack watched me carefully in case I was going to hit him again.

“I know, I was going to tell you.”

“When were you going to tell me? It’s been a month!”

“I was going to tell you when I had dinner ready. I also thought that you were going to be home later.”

“Well, no. I start work earlier and finish later. You’d know if you hadn’t faked your death.” Every word was dripping with venom. I pinched my nose and left the kitchen to close the apartment door. After that, I went to my bedroom and locked the door behind me. Changing out of my work clothes, I could hear pots and pans clattering around in the kitchen as Jack continued to cook. I lay on the bed for a few minutes until the noise stopped.

“Dinner’s made.” Jack said from the other side of the door. He could’ve picked the lock of the door but I could tell that he was still standing there debating on what to say. Eventually, my stomach convinced me to get some food.

Sticking my head out of the door, I saw that Jack had set up a small dinner. There was a candle on the table and two plates opposite each other. I stepped out of my bedroom in my sweatpants and t-shirt and walked over to the table.

“I’ve got the food.” Jack said behind me. I stepped out of the way so that he could place both plates on the table. Once he had, I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his face. Jack wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tightly.

“If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll kill you.” I mumbled. Jack laughed and I could feel his chest shake.

“I won’t. I promise.” He assured me. I looked at him and smiled.

“So, what’d you make for dinner?”

“Pasta. I hope you like it.”

“I probably will. Do me a favour?” I asked.

“Yeah, what is it?” Jack raised his eyebrows.

“Remind me to kill Henly.”


Request:  Dear Tesla (aka life ruiner), can you please write me Bucky x reader, where poor sweet Bucky is having a hard time sleeping, so the reader does cute things to help him get back to sleep (mostly playing with those luscious locks because, yes)? I trust you to add other fluffy things that will sink me deeper into the pit. xoxoxoxo

Word Count: 1,121

Contains: Fluff. So much fluff.

A/N: For my dear Kait, @winchesterenthusiast! Hope you all enjoy!

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Bucky absently chewed on the beef jerky, his mind blank as his eyes remained trained on the television screen. Sleep had avoided him once more. He could have sworn that they were nemeses. Exhaling loudly through his nose, Bucky glanced up as he heard footsteps approaching, his body unconsciously preparing to defend itself.

He relaxed when he recognized you, a smile dancing across his lips. You were wearing his red shirt, the one that you loved on him but wore just to have the scent of him surrounding you.

“Can’t sleep?” you questioned, walking up to him.

Bucky pouted childishly and nodded, pulling you close by your hips and resting his head on your stomach. You grinned and stroked his hair back before tapping his shoulder.

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San Myshuno, December 2016

Ivory: I’ll see you tomorrow, darling. Thanks for helping me set up the big screen television in the living room. It feels like having a movie theater in my own house!

Zeke: You’re welcome, my love. I told Nicole we can watch Frozen together on it this weekend.

Ivory laughs: Oh please no, Zeke. I’m so over that movie.

Zeke: You and I can watch something else tonight if you’d like.

Ivory sighs: Zeke.You know that Nico will be over later on. And he can’t find you here.

Zeke gently tilts Ivory’s face up toward his.

Zeke softly: I’m getting very impatient with this situation, Ivory.