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anywayz i think today is gonna be a painting day :^) its cold and gloomy outside so im gonna make myself some hot cocoa (with maybe just a splash of rumchata 😉) put on some records and just get right down to it !

mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…

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listen i’ve watched like 12 hours of buzzfeed unsolved in the past two days so honestly it was only a matter of time


who’s gonna bite the bullet and write the larry au where harry is the conspiracy theorist who thinks hey, maybe marilyn monroe WAS a kgb agent and who screams everytime the wind blows because he thinks a ghost is breathing on him, and louis is the fondly exasperated pragmatist who goes along to make sure harry doesn’t accidentally fall down an abandoned mine shaft trying to get an audio recording to prove demons are real

and they were only put together to do this shitty webseries because their editors are grasping for relevancy, and they spend the first few episodes sniping over their differences in opinion, and assume it won’t matter because surely this little experiment won’t last

but then it becomes this online sensation and suddenly they have merchandise and fan clubs. so they have to do a second season, another eight weeks of shared hotel rooms and sleepless nights and hours spent researching cold cases. terrible coffee and excellent beer, laughing themselves hoarse because they’re sleep deprived and everything’s funny when the ghost you’re looking for is named Yankee Jim

and louis finds out that maybe spending the night on the dusty floor of an abandoned hospital isn’t that bad when harry’s the one curled next to him (but not sleeping, because that’s how the ghosts get you. Father Thomas says so). and harry finds he doesn’t mind louis’ eye rolls all that much because now when he screams and jumps at every little sound, louis is there to hold his hand

Songs that need to be on The Get Down soundtrack right now

  1. Francisco Cruz singing to the record label
  2. Ra-Ra Kipling singing to his girlfriend over the phone
  3. Mylene Cruz singing ‘But By the Grace of God, There Go I’
  4. The song that plays during Thizzee’s painting scene
  5. Mylene Cruz’s song that she created with the drag queens
  6. Misty Holloway’s ‘Backstabbers’ cover
  7. Boogie Oogie Disco Biscuit

shiraw  asked:

43. “Are you drunk?” Paperhat :3. I love your writing too. You're just amazing!!

“Are you drunk?”

Dementia stepped into Dr. Flug’s private quarters cautiously. She eyed the empty bottles of cheap beer scattered across the floor, and then her friend, who sat slumped over at his desk. Slowly, she picked her way over to him, and laid a hand on his shoulder

“Flug are you-” Suddenly, Flug snapped to attention, nearly falling backwards out of his chair, and staring at Dementia through fogged up goggles. He stammered out,

“Wha? What are you… oh…”  He reached up under his crinkled bag and rubbed at his eyes. “HEy, DementiA!”

“Ah jeez, Flug, how much did you drink?” Dementia asked. The doctor held his hand in front of his face and tried to count on his fingers.

“Uhh… one, two…. Three??? Four. Maybe 5?” he muttered. Then Flug lurched in his chair and stood up to face Dementia. “ ‘M not sure!”

Taking another look, Dementia noticed their were were only 3 beers that were actually empty on the floor; she sighed internally in relief.

“All right, how ‘bout you sit down and we can have a lil’ chat,” she said. Then she guided her friend back into his seat, and hoisted herself onto his desk. “Why’d you feel like drinking?”  

Flug slammed him face down onto the desk with a loud THUNK, and groaned. His next ‘words’ sounded as if someone had managed to say a keyboard smash out loud, which caused Dementia even more concern.

“FLuuuuuuuggggg, what’s happening in that super smart noggin?” The doctor shifted so he could look the girl in the eye.

“Toooooo, many feeeeeelings, Dem,” Flug slurred.

“What KINDA feelings?”

“Heart stuff, like, bang bang in my chest and uhhhhhhhh, ya know?” Dementia was trying so hard not to laugh, but the way Flug was looking at her like he’d just revealed some big secret made her double over with laughter.

“You have a crush on someone!! Oh my gosh are you serious!? That’s why you’re drinking!!??” Even with his bag on, Dementia could tell that Flug was blushing, as the skin disappearing under the bag’s fringe was turning pink.

“I-its not f-funny DEM!” Flug shouted and folded his arms tightly across his chest like a pouty child. “I *hic* don’t want to feeeeeel things about him.”

“HIM!!!??? HIM!!!!!” Dementia jumped off the desk and began to bounce in front of Flug on tip-toe. Flug made that keyboard smash sound again, then promptly fell out of his chair and began to roll across the floor in no particular direction, just to get away from Dementia. She followed close behind. “Unless you’ve been getting out of the house Flug, which I KNOW you haven’t, there is ONE him in this house and-”

“StttoooooOOOOPP,” Flug groaned and slapped his hand up at Dementia’s face, then curled into tighter ball on the floor.

“I can’t believe this!”

“I’m gonna kill yah… and then ‘M gonna drown myself with drink.”

“No you’re not, silly! You and I are gonna swap stories about Blackhat now, and both reminisce over our mutual love for him! Although…” Dementia laid down and next to Flug and rested her chin on his shoulder. “Your ‘love’ is probably more genuine than mine, come to think of it. You’ve worked with him longer, know him better than any of us, and honestly sometimes I think I like him just cause he’s the only person around worth liking!” Flug glared at Dementia over his shoulder.

“I find that offensive, “ he huffed. Dementia made a gagging noise and then pushed him away from herself.

“That wasn’t meant to say you’re not worth liking, ya dolt. Just that you’re more like a brother to me or something,” she said. “Or like, you’re my best friend, and it would be weird to like you.”

“Yeah, whatever, Dem….” For a moment, Flug fell silent, as if he had snapped out of his slightly drunken stupor and become very much aware of what was happening all around him.

“What do you mean by all that though?” he asked quietly.

“Well, I guess I mean what you’d probably have a chance with Blackhat. I mean, I see the way that he looks at you after filming, when you’ve gotten hurt in some way? He seems worried, and he always tells 5.0.5 to check on you. A few times, I’ve even caught him checking in on you’re while you sleep, or carrying you to your room if you crash in the lab. He’s gentle in those moments, and I never see him like that anywhere else, or with anyone else.” Dementia crawled over Flug’s prone body to curl up facing him.

“You see, he acts really tough, but I’ve seen him with genuine fear in his eye over losing you. That one time you got kidnapped and held for ransom, he acted cool and collected when giving 5.0.5 and I instructions, but I saw him tearing apart everything in his room afterwards in rage. He… he almost killed me when he learned that I had failed to protect you…but you see, I know he cares for me too, ‘cause he didn’t. And later, when we got you back, he patted me on the back and said ‘you’re forgiven, but don’t let that happen again.” Dementia rolled onto her back, so he didn’t have to see the way that Flug was staring at her through his goggles.

“Now, you may say that Black hat just cares about you because you make him money, but… I don’t think that’s it, Flug. We’re his family in a way, and he won’t ever admit that, but we know it’s true. “ Dementia giggled. “I’m his annoying little sister, 5.0.5 the overly affectionate pet, and you? You mean the most to him, you’re… what he wishes was his love.”

The room fell silent.

As Flug’s gaze bored into the side of her head, Dementia grew increasingly uncomfortable, until she shot up to her feet and shouted,

“Well you know, I’m probably actually a lesbian for all I know!”

That got Flug laughing.

“Hey don’t laugh at me, mister! I have seen, like one girl, and she was hella hot okay! I saw her outside and was just like ‘wowie! Look at that artwork strolling down the street! Hey! It’s not FUNNY!” Flug was wheezing with laughter, sitting up and holding his sides trying to breathe.

“Holy Shit, DEm! I’m gonna die!” he gasped. Then that moment of awe striking clarity ended, and Flug became slurred with his drunkenness again.

Struggling to his feet, Flug began to stumble towards the door, but Dementia caught him, asking,

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m gonna go get Blackhat to confess his love for me!” Flug slurred. Now any good friend would have sat their friend down and told them to sleep off the drink so they didn’t do something they’d regret in the morning. Dementia, was not a good friend.

“Holy shit, I gotta see this go down! Let me get my phone!”

The next morning

Phone recording—

“Hey, it Dementia, here to bring you the aftermath of Flug’s Drunken Shenanigans! Let’s see what’s behind door number 1!”




“Wha? What’s going on? Dementia?”

“Flug! Flug what happened!!! You’ll tell me the truth!!”

“What? Nothing happened Dementia, we just feel asleep.”


“You guys are boring! You just cuddled and-”


“Actually sir-”


“But sir I-”


“Then why did you hold on so tightly and start purring like a-”


—end recording

“Sooooo, that went better then expected,” Dementia hummed. Staring Flug down as they both stood outside Blackhat quarters, where he had just slammed the door in their faces, she grinned mischievously and winked. “So what did happen, in there, Flug?”

“I don’t kiss and tell, Dementia.” Flug stated firmly.

“So you DID kiss him!!” Flug began to stammer and blush.

“NO! I didn’t say that!!

“It was implied! I’m gonna go shout this from the rooftops!”

“No you’re not!”

“Am too!” Dementia took off running down the hall.

“Get back here!” And with that, Flug sprinted off after her.

Meanwhile, in his quarters, Black hat sat at his desk with his head in his hands. Damn his cute scientist, and damn that annoying Dementia, he thought. They were going to be the end of him.

I hope this is to your liking? I was laughing for a good portion for writing this, and so thank you for this wonderful request! Anyone and everyone feel free to send me more writing prompts!

Samuel McAllister: Day 32

Transcription of Day 32 #1

Samuel: It’s March 1st, Wow, how time flows. It’s been more than a month since I moved in at Master’s place. A lot has happened. I seriously can’t believe that I have been living a lie all these years. I’m starting to get used to the idea of embracing my true self. Master promised that he would help me on my journey of becoming the man I was supposed to be - a gay bottom boy at the age of 36. 

Master bought me this new outfit. We are going to fetish night at one of Master’s favorite clubs a couple of minutes. I feel more comfortable wearing leather and rubber. Well, I won’t be wearing this outfit the whole night. At least, that’s what Master said to me before ordering me to clean my ass. I can’t wait to see what he is up to. Everything he does to me takes me one step closer to who I really am… However… There are still my wife and children. I can’t just abandon them… But then again, I’m afraid that they won’t accept me being gay… 

Master: What are you doing, slave?

Samuel: I’m recording a video for my journal.

Master: Get down here! We are going!

Samuel: Just a minute!

Transcription of Day 32 #2

Master: You like it, boy?

Samuel: I love it! There are so many hot guys!

Master: So, you find guys hot now? When did that happen?

Samuel: I think since you made me cum. Oh my, this one is super-hot!

Master: Let’s fuck!

Samuel: Right here?

Master: There is a special area. Let’s got there. I want to fuck you in a sling.

Transcription of Day 32 #3

Samuel: I can smell your beautiful cock, Master! It’s making me horney!

Master: You can suck my cock. Take it down your throat! 

Samuel: Thank you, Master!

Master: Yeah, that’s the spirit! Grease it so I can fuck you!

Samuel: Please fuck me now! I want your cock inside my ass!

Master: In the sling, boy!

Samuel: Oh yeah! That’s so great!

Master: Is it better than sex with your wife?

Samuel: Oh hell, yes! This is so much better! I can’t get enough of it! Harder, Master! Harder! I want to feel you deep inside of me!

Samuel: Yes! Yes! YES! AHHH! Fill me with your cum! I want your juice inside my ass!

Master: Squeak like the dirty pig you are!


Master: Yes, you are a dirty pig! You can’t get enough of cocks! I’m going to make so much money with you! From tomorrow on you will start hustling!

Samuel: If this is your wish I will obey.

Master: That’s right, boy. Your only purpose is following my orders… Ahhhh! I’m going to cum! Squeak a little more, pig!


Master: Fuck! Some cum dropped on my new boots!

Samuel: Let me lick it up. I won’t allow Master’s cum to go to waste.

Samuel: Ah, Master’s cum is so hot and tasty. 

Master: Good boy.

Samuel: I want to eat your cum for the rest of my life.

ezekiel [narrating]: shaolin fantastic was my best friend i love him so much i’ll always remember the first time we met & started our beautiful partnership <3

shaolin [onscreen]: hey. motherfucker. motherfucker. thats my record motherfucker

Nervous // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: could I request a NCT jaehyun fluff where you’re a new trainee at SM and you and jaehyun become close and SM puts you guys together to sing a duet for SM concert and the two of fall in love.

words: 1498

category: fluff + a lil angst

author note: beep boop sneep snoop it’s so hard to write for jaehyun oops

- destinee

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

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@post–grad​ said something about turning up the volume on a Bleachers playlist and yeah, I’m feeling that too. So here’s my favourite performance of my favourite song of theirs.

Story time: I was introduced to their music by a (now former) student who invited me to her a cappella group’s concert where they performed this but re-wrote the lyrics to reflect life at our uni, with references to campus and classes and the town, and how stressed all our students always are.

Secret Santa, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is Reader’s secret Santa.

Words: 1176

Author’s Note: I’m back! Has it been a bit? Anyways, the holiday season has made me think about sappy shit so here you go.

Warnings: None.

Askbox | Masterlist

You were trying to precisely apply your eyeliner when your name was called, causing you to jolt and mark your cheek with prominent black ink.

“Whoops.” Lin muttered when you turned to him with a glare, “Secret Santa.” He said, pushing a Santa hat filled to the brim with papers in your direction.

“You’re lucky you’re the star of the show and I can’t technically murder you.” You told him, stuffing your hand into the hat and pulling out the first name you touched.

You unrolled the scroll.



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They’re Mine (Suga)

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! I absolutely love your writing. Can I request a scenario where you and Suga have twins (1 boy and 1 girl) and he won’t let the rest of BTS hold them❤️😍❤️

Yina and Sihoo were Yoongi’s whole world. Today was their first real outing that they could really enjoy and they were going to see the boys of BTS. 


“Is their bags packed?” you ask as Yoongi grabs your hips “honey I got them don’t worry” he says as he pulls you in for a kiss. It was passionate as all can be before you stopped him “we already have twins” you says running your hands over his chest. “Have a good day” you tell him as he smiles and nods.


Yoongi held the hands of his twins as they waddled down the halls of Bighit. Half way down the hall they could hear a loud call and turned to see Hoseok there “ah its my favorite little people” he said as he bent down to them “don’t touch until you sanitize your hands” Yoongi said as Hoseok made a face and Yoongi began walking back down the hall.

After getting to the recording room Yoongi had his twins propped on his lap as they sat in a swivel chair so he could easily move away or spin the chair if the boys tried to touch his kids. “Why did you bring them if you won’t let anyone touch them?” Taehyun whines “you know fine art? You can look BUT not touch” Yoongi says seriously as Taehyun looked annoyed as he reached over and quickly poked Yina’s cheek then took off running. Confusion filled the little one’s face as Yoongi kisses her cheek and gets back to what he was working on.

His phone rang and he reached out for it and almost instantly two sets of little hands were reaching for his phone. His head tilted back as he slid the green button and brought the phone to his ear. “Hey babe” he said “you won’t let the boys touch the twins?” you say as he rolls his eyes “who tattled?” he asked “Taehyung wants to hold his niece and nephew and your greedy little butt won’t let him” you call him out. “They’re mine” he says simply as Sihoo stood up and looked at him. He smiled as his son basically stuck his hand into his mouth. “Let them hold them or I’m holding out on you” you state. The no sex threat usually got him.

“Done without it for nearly 6 months before” he states “you got other things that weren’t sex” you say to him. You two covered other bases when home run wasn’t an option. “You won’t touch me at all?” he asks “that’s what I said” you say in a sing song voice. “If I let them. I’m expecting something after the twins go to bed” he tells you as a naughty smirk comes across his face. You sighed “fine” you tell him “alright-” “pictures as proof that you let them” you say as he laughs “love you” he says “love you too” you say as the call ends. “I guess you can hang out with your uncles” he says to the twins as he brings them close and gets up heading out to find their uncles.

Special Programme: Perfume "Collaboration" Excerpts

Morisanchuu: How will Perfume be like when everyone turns 50?
N: I think we’ll still be together.
K: Yeah, We do talk about it quite a bit huh - how the 3 of us will be like. I wonder if we’ll still be able to dance when we’re 50.
A: That is a problem huh. 50 years old - that’d be around the same age as my mom.
K: So it wouldn’t be weird to have a 20 year old daughter huh.
N: Well, but I get the feeling that there’ll definitely be something interesting that we can’t imagine. Don’t you think so?

Kimura Kaela: If you were to change your hairstyle, how would it be like?
K: Since I’ve always had long hair, I want to try having hair around as short as Nocchi’s, or maybe even Kaela-san’s.
A: Since Kashimama’s is short too, it’ll probably look good.
K: What about A-chan?
A: Huh, I don’t have any in mind.
N: What about the colour?
A: Ah, well, it seems like it’ll be really fun to wear black clothes with hair that’s browner and brighter.
K: That’s true, huh. It’ll change their impression on others.
A: So I guess, maybe a bright colour or something?
N: In my teens, I had hair about as long as Kashiyuka’s. But right now, I really feel like having a fringe again.
K: You haven’t had a fringe in some time huh.
A: Nocchimama has that hairstyle too. (Laughs)
N: Yeah, all of my female family members have started having that hairstyle.
K: Well, since everyone has more or less the same image, it probably looks good on everyone.

Takahashi Yuu: How do you keep the things you treasure?
N: Well I do have a treasured items box.
K&A: Me too.
N: With like our matching bracelets.
K: And straps.
A: And costumes, as well as letters from fans - as much as six boxes.
N: That’s amazing!
A: That’s why I keep mine above.
K: Ah, so you’re the above type? I’m the below type. The things I don’t have space for at home I leave at my parents’.
N: I guess I’m the below type too. But they’re all scattered about in various places.
A: Please keep them together! (Laughs)

Yuusuke Santamaria: What do guys do that make your hearts skip a beat?
N: I like nasally voices. Nasal inflammations are the best! So if we’re talking about actions, I like it when they cough. Like “eghem” or something.
A: Ain’t that no good! (Laughs)
K: I like it when they make a face like nothing’s happened after they almost fall. Like when they think no one saw, and without letting out their voice, they gaze off to the side.
A: Something that makes my heart skip a beat… The person I like!

MIKIKO: What are the moments that make you most happy for joining Perfume?
N: Though there a plenty, recently it’s been when we receive choreography from Sensei, and being able to dance that really cute choreography makes me go, “This is the best!”
K: For example, when we have our first lives at overseas locations, the moment we start, I often think, “Our dreams are coming true! Right now! Ah, I’m so glad that it’s the three of us, I’m so glad that it’s this team. There really isn’t any moment that’s happier than this!”
A: Yeah, I understand that. We get really nervous, right? But somehow, standing on stage, overcoming our nervous selves, being together with our precious comrades, and at the very end, we say “Well then, we’re Perfume! Thank you very much!” And then when we bow, I often think that I’m really glad to have joined Perfume. Like, nothing can replace that sense of accomplishment, and I can’t get enough of it.
N: It’s a bit complex, but I get it. And I’m sure Sensei thinks the same.

Miyagawa Daisuke: What are the parts about the others that you dislike, or wish would be changed?
N: Well, I mean it’s not like I wish for it to change, but if I had to say it, there is something… So A-chan likes to eat tasty things, but she has a small appetite, so when she gets full in the middle of a meal, she’ll become a little moody. The first bite is her peak, like “it tastes so goood!!”
All: (Laughs)
K: I also have something about A-chan.
A: Oh no! What could it be? Why is everyone choosing me? (Laughs)
K: It’s not like I dislike it or want it changed, so it’s like just some info, but there are times when she really gets into the choreography, and gets into a groove, and becomes unable to dance normally.
All: (Laughs)

Pornograffiti: What kind of house do you live in right now?
N: I’ve tried out various spacious floor plans, but the clutter began to build up, so now I’ve tightened it up.
A: You remodeled a lot huh.
N: I did. It’s left me worn out.
K: You threw away quite a lot of things, right?
N: Yeah.
A: All at once, right?
N: Yup.
A: As for me, my kitchen doesn’t have partitions to separate it from the rest of the living room, so I have to keep it clean. Other than that, the scenery is pretty.
K: Because it’s high up, huh.
A: Yeah.
N: Kashiyuka’s room is the probably the one I’ve seen the most photos of.
K: Ah, maybe so.
N: Inside anan (the magazine).
K: It’s scary how much of it is available to see. (Laughs)
A: She has plants, and she’s an animal person too. She really loves raising things. (Laughs)
K: Yeah, I have many living things.
N: If you look it up in anan you’ll probably more or less understand how it’s like. (Laughs)

Maeda Kenta: Do lives feel good?
A: Well, it feels suuuper great.
N: Feels suuuper great. Nothing can take its place.
K: I want to experience even more of it.

Chatmonchy: What kind of pajamas do you wear to sleep?
N: Recently, I’ve been wearing rompers, the one that look like a pair of shorts and a T-shirt joined together. The thin one.
K: I’m finally wearing the one I got from A-chan.
A: Really? I’m happy! The organic cotton one right?
K: I got it for my birthday but I thought I’d be too cold if I wore it in winter since it’s thin. So I’ve finally gotten to wearing it recently.
A: Recently I’ve been particular about the materials. To begin with I already have 80 or 90 sets, but I really really love pajamas, so there are times when I’ve bought one before I know it. Like, why’s this in my bag? (Laughs)

Maximum the Hormone: If you had to get a tattoo, what and where would you get it inked?
N: I think, I’d get something tattooed onto my scalp after shaving my hair.
K: How scary!
A: Wouldn’t that be troublesome for the tattoo artist? (Laughs)
K: I’d tattoo a triangle onto the back of my neck.
A: Ah! The fashionable sort.
K: If I got something like that, I wonder if it’d make feel like an android.
A: I can’t imagine it, but I like the kanji for strict (厳) because I think it’s the most balanced.
K: You’ve mentioned it before, huh. (Laughs)
A: Yeah. I’d tattoo that.

Manabe Daito: What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced from using technology?
N: The pressure from Cannes was overwhelming, huh.
K: Yeah.
A: We had to wear the machinery on our shoulders for about an hour huh.
K: Yeah, on standby.
A: Yeah, after putting on the costumes and turning the switch on, the nervousness continued to build. Usually for our lives we put on our costumes right before the performance begins. But for Cannes, we didn’t know when our turn would come, and we didn’t know if we could smoothly put on the machinery, so we decided to get dressed earlier.
K: But overcoming that slow build-up was really fun, right? Like, the feeling of slowly getting closer to our goal was really enjoyable.
A: Yeah. That’s why we’d like to continue to challenge new things, so we’ll continue to await any new proposals too.
N: We’ll be in your care.

Seki Kazuaki: What MV(s) did you dislike filming?
A: Wasn’t the reverse playback really difficult?
K: That’s what I thought of too.
N: (Groans)
A: (Laughs) But, y'know, wasn’t Seki-san waiting for that answer?
K: All that hard work…
A: In the second chorus of Magic of Love, though it looks like we’re dancing normally, the truth is that we danced it in reverse.
K: From the way our hairs fly up, and the balls move backwards, you can tell that it was in reverse.
A: Yup yup. And the movements were a little weird too. (Laughs) That really was difficult..
N: We had to download a reverse playback application.
A: Yeah, and we recorded a lot with it, and because it was so difficult, we had to save all of it.
K&N: (Laughs)
A: And when we tried doing it for real it looked really bad.
K: We took quite a lot of takes huh. But it turned into an interesting MV, huh.
A&N: Yeah.
A: I really love that MV.

Notes from the Nakata interview
- It’s been about 14 years since they became acquainted. Nakata was about 22-23 at the time. Perfume were around 14-15.
- Nakata used to look much more like an uncle than he does now. His hair was short, and was blacker. He was wearing sunglasses too. It’s because he thoughts adults were cooler, so he wanted to look like one sooner.
- A-chan practiced hard to get the strange rhythm for Oishii Recipe down, but Nakata was very cold during the recording, which made her feel frustrated and tear a bit.
- Nakata talks about why he gets his vocalists to sit down while recording but I don’t really get what he means because it’s too abstract.
- Nakata uses auto-tune just because he thinks the songs would sound better and cooler with it.
- It’s not like Nakata has always had confidence in his music. But from some point, he began having confidence in the tracks he gives to Perfume.
- Computer City was the changing point in Perfume’s attitudes towards Nakata’s music. It was the song that made Perfume understand what Nakata was going for with his music. They brought the single’s poster to their high school to promote it. Before that, they used to be embarrassed about and keep quiet about their activities.
- Nakata has never told them, but he has always planned for their music to go in a cooler direction when they grew a little older. And looking back, they went in that direction earlier than he expected.
- The reason Nakata doesn’t really go to Perfume’s lives is because he doesn’t want it to change his impression of what songs he should be making for Perfume.
- Nakata thinks it’s important where a person is born, and he tries not to make music that can’t have its place of origin identified by the listener. So he doesn’t really go overseas much because he’s afraid of having his music sense changed.