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I don’t know why but i headcanon Yakov as a Wine Mom™️


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My stomach danced with nervousness and excitement. The loud chatter and din of the airport completely drowned out all but one thought; Josh. I stood on my tiptoes, groaning impatiently. My best friend, (y/bff/n), laughed.

“Calm down, he’ll be here soon,” she said, laying a hand on my shoulder. I sighed.

“It’s been six months, let me live,” I whine. She giggles. My phone beeps, and my heart race increases. I stare down at my phone. ‘Just touched down, be there soon. i love you! xx’. “Oh my God, they’ve touched down.” she squeals, getting out her phone.

“I’m recording this, it’ll be adorable,” she says, smiling. I roll my eyes. Five minutes pass, and that’s when I spot him. 

He’s halfway across the airport from me, but he’s never looked so beautiful. His messy, red hair piled on top of his head, covered by a black beanie. A slightly too large black sweater hangs off of his shoulders. His thin legs are clad in tight, ripped black jeans and black sneakers. His brown eyes sweep the crowd, his chiseled jaw angling up to look for me. That’s when he sees me.

And then I’m running towards him, tears streaming down my face, me shouting his name in excitement. A smile lights up his face as he lets go of his suitcase and he sprints towards me. People part as they realize we’re headed for each other.

We meet in the middle. I jump into his arms and wrap my arms around his neck, and he falls to his knees, his hand on the back of my head and the other arm wrapped tightly around my waist. My hands are curled in his hair, sobs wracking my body. I move my head and kiss him, feeling tears on both of our cheeks. People around us begin to clap, and we just lay there, holding each other even after the applause dies out.

“God, I missed you,” I say, smiling and laughing through my tears. I pull away and admire his face, lightly tracing it with my fingers, needing to touch it. I never wanted to let go of him ever again.

“I missed you, too, y/n,” he whispered, his eyes wandering around your face. And he pulls you in for an even tighter hug.

“Hey, what about me?” Tyler asks, lightly hitting your shoulder. You laugh, stand up, and hug your best friend, who you’d also missed. “Thank God we’re back, he wouldn’t shut up about you.” 

  • them: okay we shouldn't be giving voice to literal nazis, to explain this i will give you an example using colors and the sky okay--
  • them: you know i'm talking about literal nazis right, not the fucking color of the sky?

the one time i tried to confess to a friend that i had obsessive-compulsive disorder, they said, “no you don’t, your room is way too messy, haha”

a human being literally said that to me


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Me all the way thru watching The Get Down: When is Jaden Smith gonna kiss his white toaster strudel boyfriend why yall so in love

The end of The Get Down: (Plot is literally to get a record to the gays™) (Jaden is in a gay club with white boo) (There is trans/drag/queer representation) (Kisss)




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Author’s note: Finally! Here it is, Part 3 to the horror game series! Apologies for letting it take so long to write it, but here it is at last. There will be a Part 4, which will probably be the last part. So because of that, is there a specific horror game that you want to trap out TFW and the Reader in for the last part? Let me know! (Also, if anyone wants to be tagged, let me know too :) )




“Eh, hello? Hello, hello?  I wanted to record a message for you to get settled down on your first night… Eh, I actually worked in that office before you. I’m finishing of my last week now as a matter of fact so… I now it can be a little overwhelming, but I’m here to tell you: there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll do fine! So let’s just focus on getting you through your first week, alright?“

Overwhelming… That surely was one way to describe the situation you were currently in. You weren’t so sure, however, that the ‘There is nothing to worry about’ part was that close to the truth too. Because as far as you knew, you were stuck in an old office, surrounded by murderous animatronics that could kill you instantly in many different, not so nice ways. Only the thought about their strong, sharp teeth closing around your neck made you shiver. If the game itself already scared you, how would you ever survive this real life version?

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What if (green) Jack wets the bed when he's stressed? Like I can imagine him having a flight delayed or something and completely soaking the sheets wherever he's staying. (I personally like to think it's Mark's house, with him having to confront Mark/try to hide it from him the next day, but it can be anyone's) Don't mind me, just wanted to share ;u; Hope you're doing okay, owly.

(i’m doing a lot better, anon!!) and oh gosh poor jack!!

he’s so stressed about his flight, if he’ll get back in time to record more videos, everything is just crashing down on him.

mark brings him a blanket and pillow so he can sleep in the guest bedroom, jack thankful mark let him in. he settles in the bed, still worried about his flight and if he’ll make it.

it’s not until halfway through the night he feels warmth all over his legs and crotch, cuddling into his pillow and moaning at the sudden warmth. feeling much more relieved, less stressed. the low hissing and pee pooling under him.

wait, pooling? jack groggily sits up, pulling back the thick blanket and seeing his wet pajama pants. he begins to panic as he rolls out of the bed, stripping the sheets and blanket. he freaks out over mark’s reaction, how he’ll pay for the bed, if he can use the washing machine downstairs to clean up the mess secretly.

jack is only halfway down the hall before he bumps into mark, nearly scaring him to death.

“jack? what are-”

“i’m-i…i’m so sorry mark, i’ll pay for the bed if it’s too ruined and i’ll clean it all up, i just-”

“no, don’t worry about it. accidents happen, you know. and your my guest, here, let me handle it. you can go get changed and um, sleep in my bed.”


“don’t worry! i don’t mind sleeping on the couch,” mark sleepily smiles, taking the wet bundle from jack and reassuring him once more, patting his back and telling him he’s okay.

jack changing and falling asleep in mark’s bed, curled up with mark’s comforter.

he wakes up in the morning with mark spooning him, his arms embracing closely. jack blushes before curling up closer to mark – thankful for how understanding and sweet he was.