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Warning: angsty

A/N: so this wasn’t requested but its my birthday so this is what became of it.


Waking up seems like a big task until I realize that it is my birthday, which essentially puts me in a good mood. I turn towards where my loving and caring boyfriend, Damon, is, or should be at least as he is not there. Thinking that he might be making me breakfast, I get up walking towards the kitchen only to see instead of seeing Damon I see a note instead.


Elena needed my help, sorry.

Don’t know when I’ll be back,

Love you


I sigh, maybe he is planning a surprise party for me, yeah maybe that’s it, I thought.

All throughout the day no one even once told you happy birthday just talking to me like it was just another day, and maybe it was, it just hurt when my own boyfriend spent the day with another girl, not once wishing me a happy birthday or even wishing for me to have a good day.

It’s 9pm when I get back to the boarding house, thinking that maybe just maybe they did plan a party but it was the opposite of what I was expecting when I walked in. Damon and Elena were making out on the couch in the lounge room not even noticing my presence so I walk out going straight towards the grill for a well-deserved drink. By 10pm Klaus walks in and notices me at the bar, slightly tipsy, he walks up to you

“No why on earth is the birthday girl drinking alone?” he asks, surprising me as no one has talked to me, only the bartender asking what drink I wanted.

“What?” disoriented, I glance up at him. He looks at me worriedly

“You alright love” he asks

“Define alright?” I mumble into my drink, taking a sip

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh a part from the fact that I have horrible friends? Well let’s see, I woke up alone, my boyfriend spent the whole day with another girl, no one besides you, in this god forsaken town, wished me a happy birthday, not my family, no one. I have had a shit day only wanting to come home to spend the night with my loving and caring boyfriend only to find him making out with Elena. But apart from all that I have no idea what you are talking about” I rant, looking to Klaus afterwards with a tired look on my face and a tired smile, he just looks at me, listening to what I have to say.

“well they are idiots especially that Salvatore for ever betraying you like that, that Scooby-doo gang that you hang out with don’t deserve to be your friends or even look at you “Klaus says with the sincerest look on his face


“Absolutely, I haven’t, and wouldn’t lie to you sweetheart” he says truthfully

“You mean that?”

“Of course” he says just as a group of people walk through the door, who just so happen to be my so called friends

“Ignore them love” he says to me, pulling my face away to I was looking at him instead

“Oi! (y/n)! what are you doing talking to him come over here?” Caroline calls out to me, I look over at them and look straight at Damon who has a confused look on his face. I look back to Klaus, seeing him look calm but also worried, for me, and I felt nice because it has been a long time since someone, anyone has looked at me with such tenderness and love.

“Nah, I’m good” I say, they all look surprised at what I said. I turn back to Klaus and grab his arm pulling him out of his chair and pulling him towards the door

“I’ve got a hot date to celebrate my birthday with” I say as Klaus and I pass by them. Klaus made the rest of my birthday the best birthday I have ever had.

Happy Suho Day: Happy birthday to the sweetest, dorkiest, funniest, and best leader out there. Thank you for blessing us with your presence and the privilege of witnessing some of your greatest times in life. We thank you for the seven years of hard work you’ve gone through and how you continuously work just as hard today. Not only are we proud of the man you’ve grown to be, but we love you, our bunny prince, and we will continue to love you until the colors fade from this world 🐰❤️

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Guzma, we know, you love Guzma so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Guzma, we KNOW , you love Guzma you fucking love Guzma ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE GUZMA. WE GET IT.

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Being Lily Evans' younger sister? I absolutely adore your work and can't wait for more imagines xxx

A/N: This is ridiculously long, I don’t know what happened. I’m going with Lily’s sister is two years younger. So when the reader starts at Hogwarts, Lily will be in her third year.

  • You’ve gotta have a flower name: Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, etc. Take your pick

If you’re a Muggle:

  • When Lily shows you her magical abilities, you try hopelessly to copy her
  • She comforts you when you realise you can’t do the same things she can, and promises she’ll always be there to do magic for you
  • Like Petunia, you’re jealous of her magic
  • Unlike Petunia, your love is greater than your envy and you don’t let it ruin your relationship with your sister 
  • Lily’s friendship with Snape creeps you out, and you hate when he hangs around. Either he looks through you like you don’t even exist, or he ridicules you for not having magic
  • You write letters to each other every week. You worry yours are a little dull in comparison to hers, but she never complains.
  • The house seems so quiet when Lily’s away at school
  • You can’t wait for her to come home during the holidays. It’s like she brings the sun back with her
  • Lily tells you about some arrogant sod called James Potter. Not even two years later, and she’s introducing him to you as her boyfriend. It’s confusing and makes it glaringly obvious how much of your sister’s life you’re missing when she’s away
  • You try and keep the peace between your sisters, but it’s not easy
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding, and do your best to make up for Petunia not being there. You barely know anyone else there, but they all do their best to make you comfortable. It’s still a little awkward and overwhelming, and you’re happy when it’s over
  • Lily never tells you about the danger she’s in, and you only find out after her death
  • You go to the funeral alone; your parents are already dead and Petunia wouldn’t attend. You don’t talk to anyone and go home to cry alone
  • Dumbledore leaves Harry with you. You’re hopelessly unprepared to raise a child, being less than 21 years old and completely inexperienced. The only reason you agree instead of trying to find someone who could raise Harry the way he needs to be raised is because of the blood protection spell. There’s no way in hell you’d let Petunia raise him, knowing how she, her awful husband and spoilt child would treat him
    • Well, that’s the main reason. The other is his eyes, it’s just like looking into Lily’s. They remind you that he’s all that’s left of your sister and knowing that she sacrificed herself to keep him safe, you’ll do everything in your power to protect him too
  • Things are hard at first, but Harry is a fundamentally good kid and you adore him. He grows up strong and happy, knowing he’s loved. 
  • Maybe you get married to a Muggle, maybe you get married to a wizard/witch. Maybe you don’t get married at all. The one thing that never changes is that Harry is 100% your priority, 100% of the time, and he’s always going to be the most important person in your life
  • You cry when he first goes to Hogwarts, and spend the next 7 years constantly worried about him. He sure gives you enough reasons to be
  • Making sure Harry always knows how proud his mother would be of him

If you’re a witch: 

  • Lily’s so excited when you show her that you can do the same things she does 
  • Petunia’s jealousy is even worse. You try not to, but sometimes you and Lily end up accidentally excluding her. 
  • When Lily first goes to Hogwarts, you start counting down the days until you get to go too
  • It’s the greatest day when you finally get to board the train as well. Lily’s incredibly excited to show you around the castle and to introduce you to all the people she’s being telling you about 
  • She’s so proud watching you be sorted, she doesn’t care what house you’re in
  • Lily is the only thing that makes your homesickness better. You miss your parents and old friends. You even miss Petunia, even though she’s horrid to you most of the time
  • All of the Professors know you are ‘Miss Evans’ sister’ at first. It’s a little intimidating because they expect so much of you. Slughorn, in particular, is interested to see if you’re anything like your sister. 
  • You do manage to make your own reputation and step out of Lily’s shadow soon enough.
    • Even if James and Sirius insist on calling you ‘Baby-Evans’, ‘Evans Jr.’ or the like
  • Lily’s always there to help you if you’re struggling with a spell, a potion, or anything at all
  • You always make time for each other, and the two of you are closer than you’ve been in years now that you’re both going to Hogwarts
  • Snape creeps you out. He just barely tolerates you when Lily is around, ignores you when she’s not. He says nothing when his friends call you a Mudblood. You hate him for it.
    • You hate him even more after he calls Lily a Mudblood, and though you’d never tell her, you’re happy that it’s the end of their friendship
  • You maybe have a little crush on one of the Marauders. 
    • You do agree with your sister that sometimes they go too far, but they are actually quite funny and you’d kill for a friendship like theirs.
  • Watching her fall in love with James is honestly the most entertaining thing. Teasing her about it is so easy and you almost feel bad for taking advantage of the obvious target. Almost. 
    • Watching her introduce James to Petunia and Vernon is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You never bring it up again and pretend it never happened at all
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding. The whole day is filled with so much love and magic, and you have the greatest time.
    • You tease both James and Lily, cementing your future role as annoying little sister to the both of them.
    • Sirius teases you, cementing his future role as the annoying big brother you never asked for. He does let you graduate from ‘Evans Jr.’ to just plain ‘Evans’ though
  • It’s the oddest feeling getting on the Hogwarts Express the year after Lily graduates, knowing she isn’t somewhere nearby on the train
  • You still have all your friends at Hogwarts, but it’s lonely being the only Evans in the castle
  • Whenever something interesting happens you make a mental note to tell Lily about it at dinner, forgetting she won’t be there
  • You’re so happy to see her during the holidays that you practically launch yourself at her
  • You’re really worried when she tells you she’s joined the Order
    • Obviously, you agree with the goals of the Order, but you really don’t want Lily to get hurt
    • James talks to you privately and assures you he’d never let anything happen to Lily. Then Remus does the same thing. And so does Sirius. You’ve kind of gotten the point by the time Peter talks to you. 
    • You still worry, but you trust the Marauders will do anything they can to keep her (and each other) safe.
  • You’re one of the first people she tells about the pregnancy
  • Lily goes into hiding during your last year at Hogwarts. 
  • You join the Order as soon as you graduate to try and protect her, James and your unborn nephew 
    • It’s Lily’s turn to worry about you. The worst thing is that she can never come with you on missions, she has to trust Sirius, Remus and Peter to look after you. The three try their best, but you still come back injured more often than Lily can stand
  • Meeting baby Harry for the first time is incredibly emotional and you love him the second you hold him
  • You and Sirius are the only guests at Harry’s christening. In your opinion, Sirius is the perfect choice to be his godfather. If there’s anything the last few years have shown you it’s that there’s nothing Sirius won’t do for James and Lily
  • It makes perfect sense to you that Peter actually becomes the Secret Keeper, while you and Sirius, the more obvious choices, act as red herrings. 
  • A week later, Lily and James are dead and you’ve never regretted anything more
  • When you arrive at Godric’s Hollow you find Sirius and Hagrid arguing about Harry
    • “Give Harry to me, Hagrid, I’m his godfather, I’ll look after him.’
    • “Dumbledore said I’m ter take Harry to his aunt.”
    • “Well, it’s a good thing that she’s already here then.”
  • You persuade Hagrid to give Harry to you, instead of taking him to Petunia’s as Dumbledore requested. Dumbledore has no right to decide what’s best for your nephew
  • You stop Sirius going after Peter alone, convincing him you’ll need his and Remus’ help with Harry.
  • The four of you go to Lily and James’ funeral together. It’s still a horrible, horrible day, but it’s easier having each other to lean on for comfort
  • (I’ll save raising Harry with Sirius and Remus for another involve; this is already too long)
  • You are constantly worried about Harry. If he ever needs anything, you’re only an owl away
  • You die during the Battle of Hogwarts (as a parental figure of Harry, it is your duty)
  • Before you even have time to process your death your sister is crushing you in a hug, thanking you for everything you’ve done for Harry
  • Even thought it’s been 16 years since you last talked to her, you fall back into the role of little sister like you no time has passed at all

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Involves Masterlist: (x)


Kiss the Cook

@freshmangotea said - domestic elams attempting to make dinner. I’ve got to say, I’ve never worked with the trio before and am sort of half in love with them.

Eliza’s feet were thudding faintly, her blue pumps dangling in one hand. There were days, few and far between though they were, when she regretted her promotion. Certainly, her voice traveled farther across the table with the board than on the floor of the group home, but she missed seeing the kids every day. Mostly, she regretted losing the easy kinship with them she’d so painstakingly built. Other times, she just missed her tennis shoes.

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Could you write Viktor, Guang Hong and Leo surprising their s/o by picking them up at the airport after they have been away on a long business trip? Thank 😁

Ugh these types of moments are wonderful ;-; I cherish the airport reunion troupe like a religion. It’s so cute and I simply loved writing this. Thank you for the requests; I hope you enjoy~ ((This got kind of long, so I put Leo and Guang Hong under the cut to save time for people scrolling by))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • The last few weeks have been extremely lonely for you and your boyfriend, since you’ve been on a lengthly and important business trip
  • and you may or may not have had to keep yourselves somewhat content by engaging in phone sex every few days but hey whatever gets you through it
  • But the day has finally come, and you’re stepping into the terminal of the airport and ready to go home to see Viktor
  • You remember that you promised Viktor that you would call him as soon as you landed and pull out your phone to dial his number
  • You keep a fast pace while you hold your phone to your ear to get to the luggage carousel, ready to get the hell out of there
  • you feel so stressed and worn down and you have to carry all of your shit and U G H you’re ready to die
  • Viktor answers the phone right away and you know he was waiting around for your expected call; you tell him about your flight, but you can’t help but notice how loud everything sounds on his end of the phone
  • “Ah, sorry, (Y/N). There’s a lot of people here. Oh, damn, that person is so beautiful. Oh my god. (Y/N), I think I’m seeing an angel…”
  • “Viktor? Where are you? Are you hitting on someone else? Who is it? What are you—?!“
  • You’re cut off when a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist from behind and lift you off of the ground
  • A scream nearly leaves your mouth, but Viktor’s laugh invades your eardrums and his familiar scent fills your nostrils
  • i am willing to bet millions of dollars that he wears expensive-ass designer cologne imported from other countries js
  • He releases you and turns you around, and you’re greeted with his familiar eyes, smile, and hair; it’s the most comforting sight you’ve ever seen
  • You throw your arms around him, hugging him tight and peppering kisses on his face wherever you can reach
  • “I see you missed me, love. I missed you more. Let’s go home and make up for the time we lost, shall we?”
  • Viktor carries your luggage and things all the way to his car, insisting that you relax and rest after your long trip
  • You allow yourself to doze off in the front seat while Viktor safely escorts you home, holding your hand across the console the entire drive home

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being as anxiety-ridden as he is, this whole trip has made him nervous and anxious ever since you left, and you can say you’ve felt the same for the last few days
  • It’s only been about a week or so, but Yuri is worried about being separated from you and he misses you with all of his heart
  • And you feel the same, but the exhausting feeling increases ten-fold as soon as you step off of the airplane and into the airport
  • and you’re so anxious to get home but you look at your phone quick and yuri texted you and told you how much he loves you ;-; that alone is a good enough reason to push through and get home
  • You go through the airport in a haze, collecting your luggage and dragging it out to the sidewalk without much recollection of how far you’ve actually walked since getting off of the airplane
  • You do your best to hail a cab, but no drivers seem to stop for you, and you become frustrated quickly
  • and honestly ???? you’re debating just walking home because you just want to see your damn boyfriend already
  • Finally, a cab driving rather erratically pulls up to the curb, and you gratefully open the back door and throw your luggage onto the seat and crawl in after it
  • Once the door is closed, you tap on the window separating you from the driver rather to tell them your destination
  • The window opens, revealing the sweet, blushing face of your boyfriend who is sitting in the passenger seat of the cab with a dumb smile on his face
  • You yell his name and throw your arms though the window, eagerly touching his face and hair that you missed so much
  • he wishes he could hug you but of course he couldn’t sit in the back or that would ruin the surprise, so he just hold your wrists and laughs at your excitement
  • “Ah, (Y/N), I missed you so much and I love you! You’re tired, yeah? Don’t worry, we’ll get you home safe and then we can relax.”
  • You raise your eyebrows because you are unsure of who ‘we’ is referring to, but the window opens a bit wider to reveal Viktor sitting in the driver’s seat
  • Yuri quickly exist the vehicle and joins you in the back seat, though you have to practically sit in his lap because your luggage is taking up so much room.\
  • “Don’t worry, (Y/N), you and Yuri will be home soon, and you can continue your reuniting ritual in private, okay?”
  • Viktor winks at the both of you with a flip to his bangs before closing the window and driving off, leaving you and Yuri blushing in the backseat while you hold each other in your arms

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Even though Yuri is a hard-ass and is always acting emotionally detached and independent, the last few weeks have really taken a toll on his sanity
  • He misses you more than anything, and he’s been spending a bit too much time in his room while he awaits your arrival
  • You’re eager to see him to, and you bounce anxiously on your toes while you wait for you luggage to come around the carousel
  • and you’re tired enough as it is but like just wait lmao it’s gotta get worse before it gets better so oops sorry hun
  • You glance at your phone and see a notification that your Lyft driver has cancelled, and you no longer have a ride home
  • Internally, you panic because you have no idea how long it’ll be before you can get home to see your precious Yura
  • You hurriedly grab your suitcase as soon as you see it and bolt outside, hoping to get on the phone and get a ride as soon as possible
  • you want call yuri but ???? it’s super late at night and he might be sleeping so he can be more awake once you come home like f U cK
  • You sit on a bench and go to Lyft, hoping to be able to find another ride this late at night, but your hopes are not up
  • It takes a few minutes, but you’re able to find a ride; you don’t even look at the driver’s profile before accepting it
  • Less than ten minutes later, a blue car pulls up to the curb where you’re sitting, and you eagerly get up and open the door to the back seat
  • You drop your suitcase to the sidewalk in shock when you see your Yura sitting in the back seat of the car with a variety of snacks and a fairly large cat stuffed animal
  • and you’re so excited that you drop all of your shit on the ground and pounce on your boyfriend like lmao you were so SCARED BUT NOW IT’S OKAY
  • Yuri’s grandpa is driving, and you’re surprised you didn’t recognize his vehicle; you’ve been in it many times before
  • You get yourself and your belongings situated and cuddle right up to Yuri, and he accepts your embrace by molding his body against yours
  • “This was all Grandpa’s idea, (Y/N). Sorry if we scared you, but this whole thing was planned. Don’t worry now, though, we’ll get home and rest for a while. Does that sound good?”
  • You nuzzle your face into his jacket and relax into your boyfriend’s body heat, drifting off now that you and your love are reunited

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Patater Pining fic (high school au)

There’s one thing Alexei should’ve known not to do.

Fall in love with a boy who doesn’t know he exists.

It’s not one of those cliché situations where the boy he loves secretly loves him too and he just doesn’t know, either. Kent Parson, the most beautiful seventeen year old boy in the entire world has no clue who Alexei is. Alexei sees the eleventh grader in the hallway every day, but the pretty blonde never notices he’s there.

Alexei isn’t bad at flirting either. It’s just he literally never has the opportunity to. He sees Kent for about fourty-seven seconds in total every day at school and the boy has no idea who he is, so it’s not like he can really walk up to him in the hall and randomly start a conversation. It would be too weird, too spontaneous. If Kent was in grade twelve, things would be different. Alexei would have lunch at the same time as Kent, maybe even a few classes with him. But Alexei has never been that lucky.

Instead he walks by Kent every morning on his way to buy a coffee in the cafeteria, while the boy sits at a table with his friends. That’s five seconds, plus another five on the way out of the cafeteria with his hot drink. He sees Kent on the stairs for another ten seconds on his way up after the first bell, then on his way down the stairs at the beginning of Alexei’s fourth period lunch. Once lunch ends, Alexei enters the same classroom that Kent is leaving. Two seconds. At the end of the day, Alexei hovers near the bus stops as Kent and his friends wait for the other teens to board before getting on themselves; fifteen seconds.

On a regular day, forty-seven seconds of watching Kent live unaware of his existence is all he gets. On a good day, Kent might make eye contact with him as he passes. Sometimes Alexei imagines him blushing as their eyes meet for that hundredth of a second, but he knows it’s just a fantasy. In reality, Kent’s eyes brush over him as if he isn’t there at all.

* * *

Alexei is sitting in the stands of the school’s skating rink, watching his five closest friends on the ice. Snowy, Thirdy, Jack, Shitty and Auston are all members of the Varsity hockey team. The team is having it’s first preseason game and even though it doesn’t count for anything, the arena is packed full of students from Alexei’s school, and those of the visiting team’s school. Hockey is kind of a big deal here.

Kent is here with his friend’s Eric and Sara. Alexei noticed them immediately and chose a seat as close to them as possible, which ended up being on the very end of the row, exactly seven seats away from where Kent sat. The blond is wearing a shirt with the school’s logo on it, holding up a brightly coloured sign that reads: “Jack Z is #1 on the ice, and in my heart! GO RAIDERS!“

Alexei really shouldn’t be jealous, but of course he is. Kent has been the biggest fan of the hockey team since his first day of high school. He has a new sign at every game, and he worships the team like gods. Why did Alexei have to choose football over hockey? What was he thinking?!

The first period starts. Jack gets ahold of the puck and skates down the ice, passing it to Shitty who slaps it into the net, making it look easier than two plus two. Alexei watches sadly as Kent leaps to his feet, cheering excitedly. Why can’t Kent be a football fan? Alexei is the defensive captain this year, too.

Sara notices the large brown haired boy staring at Kent. She doesn’t say anything, but nudges Eric gently and nods her head in his direction. Eric giggles and glances at Kent who is completely oblivious.

During the break after second period, the score is 5-2 for the Raiders. Alexei gave up on his hope of Kent noticing him two goals ago and is texting his Russian buddy.
“Excuse me,” the loveliest voice in Canada says. Alexei drops his phone to the floor before leaping to his feet. His chair folds up and he steps back, allowing Kent room to walk by him and to the stairs leading out of the arena. Kent murmurs a thanks as he goes by, not giving Alexei a second look. When he’s gone, the Russian sighs and sits down, scooping his phone up from the ground. Kent’s friends are looking at him but he pretends not to notice and goes back to texting his friend Sergei. Kent returns a few minutes later and Alexei doesn’t drop his phone this time. The rest of the game is boring for him, though Jack scores two more goals, and a new grade nine player managed to score one.
“That was Dex! He got his first goal!“ Kent had screamed to his friends.

The raiders win 8-3, which wasn’t a surprise to anyone in the arena. The raiders have always been a good team. The game didn’t go so well for Thirdy though, who managed to break a rib from some rough checking. Alexei feels bad for him, but he doesn’t stick around to see him after the game. He just goes home, eats and then goes to sleep. He wasn’t in the best mood.

* * *

Kent has his legs spread wide, with one on Alexei’s shoulder as the Russian fucks into him roughly. Kent moans prettily, his face looking so overcome with pleasure that Alexei wishes he could remember it forever.
“You take me so good, baby,” Alexei says huskily, thrusting at an unforgiving pace. Kent can’t form proper words, all that slips out of his mouth are loud, girly moans and screams. His nails rake up and down Alexei’s back. He’s so warm and tight around Alexei, the older boy is struggling to keep control.
“H-harder!“ Kent begs, despite the fact that he’s already being fucked rougher than most people could handle. Alexei groans and lifts Kent’s hips off the bed before slamming in and out of his tight hole so hard the blonde sees stars. Kent is a mess. After a few more thrusts, he is coming with a loud sigh. Alexei slows down his thrusts as Kent comes down off his high. The pretty blond looks up at him dazedly, the satisfied expression is enough to finish Alexei off.

And then he’s jolting into a sitting position, a painful hard on pressing against his leg and his clothing drenched in sweat. Of course it was a fucking dream, Alexei isn’t that lucky. Kent would never want to make love with him.

* * *

On Monday morning, the entire school is celebrating the hockey team’s win. Alexei doesn’t understand, the game doesn’t count for anything after all. It’s not fair how much undeserved attention the team gets. Especially from certain gorgeous blondes named Kent Parson.

The brooding Russian stores his jacket into his locker and then heads into the cafeteria to buy a coffee. He sees Kent standing at his usual table with his friends, laughing about something. He’s so beautiful when he laughs. Alexei tears his eyes away from the captivating boy and ducks inside the room where the food is sold. He buys his piping hot $1.65 coffee with a spoon of creme but no sugar. Real men don’t take sugar, apparently. When he exits the food room, he immediately looks towards Kent’s table. To Alexei’s surprise, the blond is looking as well, and they make eye contact for half a second until Kent’s gaze wanders somewhere else. Alexei leaves the cafeteria, ignoring some of the stares he was receiving from grade twelve students.

That half second of eye contact was enough to make Alexei’s heart stop all together, and then suddenly speed up.

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nice job stealing people's art and photography in ya moodboards

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i have a notion and it's lena teaching little stella how to play chess and it's entirely different from lena playing chess in her own house because there's so much laughter and casual teasing and stella uses her powers to cheat and then vehEMENTLY DENYING IT WHEN ASKED and maybe i'm just being extra

its so funny bc i’ve had a v similar notion sO LET ME YELL ABT IT SOME

  • stella is the only of the superbabies to show any interest in chess for more than a passing moment and is the only one to be able to sit still long enough for lena to teach her the game and lena’s like???  so excited when, one day when stella’s like four or five maybe, lena and kara are playing and stella nudges at lena’s arm until she moves it so she can crawl into her mom’s lap and she settles back against lena and studies the board with this v serious look and kara’s biting back a laugh until stella quietly requests show me mommy? and then kara’s softening and lena’s all but melting tbh like woah her kiddo want to play this game that lena loves a lot and she wants to learn??  she wants lena to teach her???
    • so lena goes out and gets this little children’s chess set the very next day, gets this set bc it has little labels on the board to indicate where each piece goes and it’s got this pretty mother of pearl inlay around the edge of the board, around the base of the pieces and lena knows stella will love it
    • they pick sunday afternoons for practice, lena lifting stella up to the big family calendar they keep in the kitchen so she can pick a day and put a little heart next to it.  so every sunday afternoon, right after stella’s napped for a bit, she bounces into lena’s study and watches v carefully as lena sets up the board, explaining what each piece is, what they do, where they go.  stella asks questions sometimes, but mostly she watches at first until she kind of gets an idea of what’s going on
    • but then when they get into the game??  hoo boy, stella is hilarious and pretty savage, like she’ll look at some move that lena’s made that she apparently doesnt approve of and will look up at her mother with this one raised eyebrow and sort of sigh really?  and it’s the cutest thing and lena cant help but laugh and stella’s rlly so sweet, she drops the look she’s giving her and starts laughing with lena and it will take them a fair few minutes to sort of reign it in
      • and omg as stella gets older??  she starts learning a few basic strategies, she does, but she’s still losing to lena basically every time (though every once in a while, lena throws it just because the look of elation on stella’s face is probably one of the brightest, purest things lena’s ever experienced) so she takes to poking holes in lena’s strategies, gently harassing her to try and get her off her game, but lena throws it right back at her, sort of narrowing her eyes and quirking an eyebrow when stella goes to move her knight when she has a pawn in perfect position and stella just sort of snorts, nods like yeah okay ya got me there
      • good god they laugh so so much during these games.  like they rlly do and lena is so so happy abt it like??  this is literally all she’s ever wanted, all she’s ever dreamed of for her kids.  they’re getting exactly what she never had, are able to feel safe enough that they poke fun at her like stella does when lena makes a careless mistake and leaves her king vulnerable (it’s not a mistake, it’s lena carefully working lessons into each of their games tbh, like she is nothing if not methodical)
        • an excerpt:
          • mom, oh my gosh, don’t you have, like, three advanced degrees?
          • don’t you have a move to make, stelly-bean?
            • and stella’ll groan at the nickname but she’s also grinning super wide, super bright and lena’s just??  basking in her happiness i guess
    • omg and when stella learns to read minds, it’s hilarious bc she’s not slick abt it.  like??  u can sort of feel her when she’s there, in ur head, like a little bump or nudge near the base of your skull, and lena thinks its hilarious that she’s trying that, that when she couldnt get a vibe for lena’s next move, she looked to lena’s mind and she sort of pokes a little fun at stella for it, asks we’re not cheating, are we? in such a gentle, teasing tone that has stella stammering, flushed, uh no of course not like why would you say that as i am perfect and have never done anything wrong in my entire life, ever
      • when stella gets older, she gets a lot better at reading ppl without them knowing, but kara and lena can always tell (mostly bc of that first psychic connection??  like they’re slightly more attuned to stella too) and so stella thinks she’s Rlly being Slick but lena sort of rolls her eyes and groans stella and its hilarious watching her daughter’s reaction, going from shock to worry to vague annoyance to out and out laughter as she tries to deny it, puts up a good fight before she’s reduced to giggles
        • like at some point its not even practice anymore, they just turn into weekly chess games, just for fun, just bc its calm and sweet and warm and when stella’s in college and Going Through Some Shit, it’s something to anchor her and lena loves that her daughter still likes the game, still likes spending time with her.  like??  they’ve only ever missed one sunday, bc stella had the flu, but that was made up for on tuesday when she felt better
  • and like??  chess sort of becomes this touchstone for them, like it always was for lena, but it also brought up some weird and painful things too, but now its just all good things, just stella and quiet sundays and laughing and messing up the board bc they needed to push the game to the side in order to set their ice cream bowls on the desk
    • like it sort of becomes a thing between them, like one mother’s day, stella gets lena this truly horrendous cat chess board bc she thought it was hilarious and lena laughs so hard she cries when she opens it (she still keeps it in her office though, next to one of her #1 Mom mugs and the pencil holder finn made in preschool
      • and then lena fires back with a fantasy inspired chess set for stella’s birthday, bc the dragon looks ridiculous and its just the thing stella loves to mock mercilessly
        • without fail, one of them always gets the other something chess related for any gift giving event.  one christmas, stella gets a purse shaped like a knight; on lena’s birthday one year, stella got her a set of bookends that looked like bishops, and so on and so forth
    • and then, to get ~emotional~, lena gifts stella her very own custom made chess set for her college graduation and stella treasures it for the rest of her life tbh, like it makes her feel warm and safe like she always did in her mom’s study, sunday afternoons, sipping tea between moves and laughing until her stomach hurts.  like ??  it’s just a tangible thing for all these good memories and honestly ???  im crying ????  

Rawhide strap. If you find that the fur you are tanning has significant slip, you don’t need to throw it out, there are several options. Leather, vellum, rawhide, and hide glue are all possible, but rawhide requires the least processing.

I usually brain tan all of my hides without a pickling step, but I decided to give citric acid pickling a shot for this invasive eastern grey squirrel. Unfortunately, the method I used resulted in 100% fur slip! I neutralized the acid with a baking soda bath, rinsed the hide, rubbed all of the hair off, scraped it, and then dried it on a board for several days to get the rawhide pictured in the first image.

Rawhide strap is made by cutting a circle or oval out of your original piece and then cutting a spiral of strap out of it. Near the center, the turns will begin to become so tight that they will compromise the structural integrity of the strap, and you’ll need to stop. The scrap can be used for small crafts or boiled down into hide glue.

What do you do with rawhide strap? It is an unusual material, in that you work with it wet, and then it shrinks and tightens as it dries, locking itself into place. Traditionally, it was used to make all sorts of things, from slings to bowstrings to whips to horse gear, to decorative braided items.


I won’t be able to do the entire month, but I will participate, darn it. MariChat May Day 1: Cat Tendencies.


“Is he okay?” Alya asked.

Marinette looked up from her hand of cards. Chat Noir lay face down between her and Alya, his claws buried in a plush blanket, fingers stretching and closing repeatedly. A loud purr rumbled from his chest. “He’s fine,” Marinette said. “Hit me.”

The deck of cards sat on Chat’s lower back. Alya skimmed one from the top and gave it to Marinette. “Are you sure? He’s been down there a while.”

Marinette reexamined her hand. “Trust me, I’ve seen him go longer than this. But if you’re that worried…” She leaned over and grabbed Chat by the collar, yanking him up to her eye level and upsetting the deck of cards.

He blinked at her, dazed. “What?”

“Nothing, minou,” she said. She kissed his nose before releasing him, then focused her attention back on the card game. Within seconds he started kneading the blanket again. Marinette showed Alya her hand. “Twenty.”

“This is weird,” Alya said as she flipped over her second card.

“No weirder than me dating a superhero,” Marinette assured her.



anonymous asked:

Could I get Avdol and s/o spending a rainy day together?


-Avdol is, surprisingly, very fond of rainy days (despite his stand having to do with fire). Rainy days are very calming and is an over all stress reliever for him. It’s perfect for getting work done, reading or just a plain old lazy day.

-He loves spending a relaxing day at home with his s/o on a rainy day. He would have an arm draped around his s/o and a book in his opposite hand. He also enjoys indulging in hot tea (or coffee if that’s what his s/o prefers, he isn’t too picky) on these kinds of days.

-If Avdol gets board of reading he would start telling his s/o stories. He would account on the fond memories of the adventures he has shared with Joseph and company, as well as memories he has of his hometown in Egypt. He also admires when his s/o shares their own stories (he is a very good listener).

-If his s/o could see stands he might consider bringing out Magician’s Red. He would use him to light candles scattered around the house or even to help warm up his s/o if they were cold. He is also very delighted to see his s/o’s face light up when he sets something on fire with Magician’s Red.

~Admin Okuyasu

12 Days of Larents - Day 4: Trick Wrapping

Louis is starting them young. Nobody is safe.

Nevermind, Harry is just as fucking bad.

This will prolly come back to bite the both of them in years to come.

So I absolutely love Christmas and even when I was little, my absolute favourite part was anticipating the look on everyone’s faces when they opened presents I got them. Unfortunately I can’t send you all a something individually though, so I hope this is an okay substitute?

Brace yourselves  for 12 days of dumb little pictures about the Larents getting ready for Christmas. I’ve been sitting on them for a little while so I’m super excited to see what you all think :D


sbelleventura  asked:

I was thinking, Uber A its supposed to be deadly and so scary. So far the boardgame is boaring... don´t get me wrong I love the idea but.... go visit a sick friend, seriously? In the end the map is supposed to lead them to Mary... I´m pretty sure that all the anticipation was for nothing,

I think it’ll get worse next episode when Hanna has to slice a corpse (I think, judging from the promos). And eventually AD makes Aria put on a hoodie. (That’s 100% fan service to the Aria is A theorists. But hey, I don’t say that as a bad thing.) So the board game will get more intense. It’s still early days.

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I don't get it though, lol. I've seen Sid say the word 'pussy' so many times, heck he called Chara a 'c*nt' during the 2013 playoffs (theres still a clip of it on youtube) so why suddenly is everyone so pissed off by it?? Also lol at the people acting like he's the only NHL player to use those words.

Im totally on board with getting certain words out of the every day vocabulary but hating on every player we happen to catch saying it knowing that every player you like says it is ridiculous. 

I also doubt there is a poster on here who doesn’t use gendered insults in their own life. If someone were to take the time to go through the blogs of those so offended do you really think we wouldn’t find something to pounce on? Words like d*ck, p*ssy, b*tch, etc. Those words are engrained in the language and it takes time to change behaviour. 

i can’t think of anything less helpful than just attacking and calling every person who uses one of these as homophobic or misogynistic. If everyone who says bitch is an evil misogynist then 99% of the population is evil - you’ll have to unfollow every person on tumblr and social media including yourself. 

I don’t have the energy to be that needlessly angry all the time.