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Great Ways to Ask Out a Girl

•Will you be in a duet with me?
•Will you be the harmony to my melody?
•Will you blow my horn?
•Wanna learn some new fingerings?
•Will you be the drum to my major?
•Wanna get picco-low?
•Will you be my first chair?

•Will you be the major to my minor?

I don’t really know your point anon. But I’ll make my own point. Between streaming services, iTuneS, and Bandcamp, it’s actually really hard to make much profit off your work. Here’s a photo of a breakdown of how much I actually get to pocket from every Bandcamp purchase.

But it’s nearly impossible to divorce yourself from these sites and services because that’s where people go. It’s where they buy your music. It’s this necessary evil if you want to make any money.

Because of this yeah. I shamelessly push my shit hard. Because it can take a couple thousand to pay musicians, and record, and pay the sound engineer, plus the countless hours writing the music. So I go in hoping to break even on any project basically.

173 Nu Disco/Chillwave/Future Funk/Vaporwave Albums.



Love Like You (Chill Trap Remix)

Via popular demand, I extended my short trap remix of Love Like You, and you can get it now on my bandcamp! Also listen to it on my soundcloud.

Edit: The original version I uploaded yesterday had a few audio issues. The main one being the whole track was so compressed that quiet parts were louder than necessary and it threw off the impact of the drops… but it’s fixed now, so I hope you download the more enjoyable version :P