get offa me

(a very silly scenario that popped into my head lmao)

Kirishima: Hey Bakugou, you have any friends from your old schools you still talk to?

Bakugou: the fuck are friends

Kirishima, looking at him horrified: …………………………………….!!!!!!!

Kirishima: *hugging Bakugou and crying* i’ll be your friend, Bakugou!! *sobs*

Bakugou: *pushing Kirishima away* get the FUCK offa me before i blast your dumbass fucking face off

Todoroki, watching from afar: Friendship sure is amazing, huh?

Kaminari, sweating nervously, watching Bakugou try to murder Kirishima and leaving a path of destruction in his wake: U-uh, yeah… sure….. that’s one way to put it……

Todoroki: I’ve never had friends before….

Kaminari, looking at him horrified: ………………………….!!!!!!!!

Kaminari: *hugging Todoroki and crying* I-I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, DUDE!!

Todoroki: *blinking and looking quietly happy* U-uh… thanks.

*explosions continue to rage in the background*

thanks to the mic levels of newsies live, we can finally hear the ensembles comments.

including but not limited to:

aw five to one, jack stomps ‘em - ben cook (meeting the delanceys)

hey get offa me - ben cook (meeting the delanceys)

yeah seriously I want more papes - chaz wolcott (davey refused jacks papes)

oooooh oookaaaayy - nick masson (they was coronas)

aww come on - josh burrage (new newsie price)

yeah right - josh burrage (sleeping in a worse neighborhood)

uh I can’t afford that - ben cook (new newsie price)

but I got no choice - josh burrage (maybe we don’t buy papes)

hey hey hey stop touching me - ben cook (les pushes everyone away)

no no thats not what he said - josh burrage (davey mentions a strike)

aww gee im touched - jeremy jordan (i nominate jack president)

nice - chaz wolcott (unioned we stand)

does anyone knows whats happening? - Anthony zas (discussing the strike)

yeah alright race - chaz wolcott (pleasure to tell weasel myself)

aww siddown - jeremy jordan (how’d she know my name)

wait really - josh burrage (you’d make the front page)

what? I liked it - josh burrage (crutchie’s strike sign)

we can handle ‘em - chaz wolcott (scabs arrive)

ah you’ll still smell - nico dejesus (last in time for the tub)

whats he saying - michael dameski (ya erster)

thats an oyster race - everyone (ya erster)

all right albert - nick masson (broom dance)

get ‘em - ben fankhauser (spoon battle)

spoon fight!! - josh burrage, nico dejesus, nick masson and ethan steiner (spoon battle)

thats it? - ben fankhauser (kara’s first tap solo)

thats pathetic - chaz wolcott (kara’s first tap solo)

ya gotta be kidding me - michael dameski (kara’s first tap solo)

that’s not right - ben fankhauser (jordan’s speed taps)

we made the front page - iain young (king of new york dance break)

he’s a sellout - nick masson (jacks betrayal)

guys! - ethan steiner (Jeremy and kara’s kiss)

lookout - nico dejesus (finale turns)

**feel free to add your own**


“ So, you’ve been tellin’ everybody I’ve been sleepin’ with ya, huh? Well that explains it! That’s why these people treat me like some dime-store floozy. They think I’m screwin’ the boss! Oooh, and you just love it, don’t you? It gives you some sort of cheap thrill like knockin’ over pencils and pickin’ up papers! Get your scummy hands offa me! Look I’ve been straight with you since the first day I got here, and I’ve put up with all of your pinchin’ and starin’ and chasin’ me around the desk because I need this job. But this is the last straw! Look, I’ve got a gun out there in my purse. Up until now I’ve been forgivin’ and forgettin’ because of the way I was brought up, but I’ll tell you one thing. If you ever say another word about me or make another indecent proposal, I’m gonna get that gun of mine, and I’m gonna change you from a rooster to a hen with one shot! And don’t think I can’t do it.

Michael Shannon auditions for the role of Doralee in “9 to 5″ (x

Blanket War - A Supernatural Fic

Author’s note: Happy Birthday, @thebest-medicine ! I’m sorry this fic is so late, but I hope it’s alright! 

Description: Dean and Cas are having a movie night, but things go awry when Dean won’t share the blanket.

Wordcount: 1,117


“Dean, give it back.”

“Sorry, what?”

“The blanket. You’ve stolen a considerable amount.”

“Oh, come on, Cas. Angels don’t need blankets.”

“My vessel had acclimatised to the temperature over the past half an hour – I feel cold now.”

Castiel frowned, reaching across the sofa to retrieve the fabric which had earlier insulated both hunter and seraph. Neither party had intended the movie night to happen, yet when Dean had collapsed on the couch after returning home, he seemed incapable of movement. The quiet of the bunker was somewhat unsettling – for once, everything was peaceful. It was late, Sam having already turned in for the night, leaving Dean and Cas with the TV blaring softly. However, Dean had developed a case of the fidgets, growing increasingly restless over time. Until, having had enough of sharing, he managed to pull the blanket so it was no longer covering the both of them. The freckled grin that greeted Cas as he attempted to regain the bedding was smug to say the least, Dean’s hand repeatedly snatching the blanket just out of reach.


“Yes, Cas?”

“Give it-Dean!” The angel let out a small growl as he pounced onto Dean, one arm outstretched and grappling for the blanket.

“Get offa me!” Each fighting to gain the upper hand, the pair of them descended into a pile of limbs, the only discernible part being the bedding that remained suspended out of reach. With a small humph at the childishness of the situation, Cas grabbed Dean’s hip and pushed himself towards the blanket, other arm reaching upwards, ready to grab his victory-

A sharp yelp sounded, and Cas found himself tumbling downwards as the hunter beneath him seemed to disappear entirely, dislodging his supporting hand. The seraph landed, confused, on the cushions once more, and frowned at Dean – the hunter was sprawled on the floor, entangled in blanket.

“Dean! Did I hurt you?”

“N-no, no, Cas, I’m fine.”

“What happened?” Head tilting comically, the angel regarded his human, bemusement lacing through his eyes when the freckled brunette sat up and refused to meet his gaze.

“Nothing, it just…felt weird.” Dean was blushing, Cas noticed. The seraph watched with curiosity as he clambered back onto the couch and glared at him.

“What are you lookin’ at?” The Winchester muttered, tossing part of the blanket in Cas’ direction. Ignoring the confrontation, Castiel persisted, shifting closer to his human as he spoke.

“What do you mean it ‘felt weird’?”

“Just drop it, C-AS!” A swift jab from said angel, and Dean was huddled against the cushions, one hand covering his torso defensively. Something clicked for Cas, and he turned to glance at his friend with amusement, a smile playing on his lips.

“You’re ticklish.”

“No!” He didn’t need mind reading power to know Dean was lying - the truth was already in the blush that tinted his cheeks and ears. In a split second, he was above his Hunter, pinning Dean to the couch and observing the green eyes that refused to meet his gaze, and oh gosh his eyes were so much brighter when he was blushing-

“Cas, I’m warning you,” The hollow threat drew Cas back out of his own thoughts. The Winchester’s face was an endearing mix of nerves and mirth, and the angel had to look away when Dean bit his lip in an anticipatory smile.

“You stole my blanket,” A grin playing on his features, Castiel let out a playful growl before pinching Dean’s sides, his legs blocking all escape routes.

Bright laughter immediately filled the room as the hunter threw his head back, eyes creasing at the corners whilst his hands pulled at Cas’ wrists.

“Cahahas! Nohohoho! Stahap!”

“‘No stop’ is grammatically incorrect - but, since you asked nicely, I suppose I’ll continue.”

“Nahahahaha! Nahat what ihi meheant! AH! Cas, Cas…please. Don’t.” Frozen like a deer in headlights, Dean glared warily at his angel’s hands, which had stopped tickling in favour of resting just above his hips. His reaction earned a brief eyebrow raise, followed by a worryingly mischievous smirk.

“Is it that bad?”

“Y-yes, Cas, please-”

“Oh, good. Then you’ll be sorry for taking the blanket.” Wasting no time, Castiel grabbed his friend’s torso and wriggled his fingertips in tandem over the skin, adding a tiny flutter of his grace for good measure.

  The cacophony of shrieking, hysterical laughter that exploded from Dean was music to his ears. A giggle escaped the angel as the squirming Hunter beneath him let out an undignified squeal when Cas’ grace reached his navel.

“NAHAHA! CAHAHAHAS! PLEHEHEHEHAHA!” Hands flailing futilely, Dean threw his head back, allowing the laughter to pour from his vessel like liquid joy. The Seraph watching him merely smiled, sending out more grace and relishing in the shriek it warranted.

“I’ll stop if you apologise,” He bargained, switching to lightly spidering his nails over the buzzing nerve endings.

“SHIH*T! CAHAHAHAS!” Dean’s legs kicked out, feet scrambling on the couch in a mission to distract himself from the torture.


“PLEHEHEHAHA! PLEHEHEASE!” The Winchester’s eyes were screwed shut, a quite frankly adorable smile plastered onto his features that left the room glowing.

“You want me to stop?”


“Then apologise!”


“Alright. Just remember, you asked for it.” Castiel gave an amused sigh, celestial waves of Grace radiating outwards from his fingers and snaking into his human’s vessel, eliciting a series of shrieks that sent his heart soaring. Every few seconds, a snort would punctuate the giggles, tears of mirth leaking from Dean’s eyes. He shook his head slightly, laughter reaching a peak before descending into silence, his hands pushing weakly at Cas’ wrists. With a considerable amount of reluctancy, the brunette withdrew his mojo, leaving Dean nothing more but a blushing, giggling mess.

“Are you going to say sorry?”

“Fine, whahatever, I’m sorry.”

  Castiel raised his hands once more, the fingers twitching threateningly.

“Say it like you mean it.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Dohon’t!”

“Fine,” Grinning, Castiel moved out the way, grabbing the blanket and turning his attention to the screen again. Dean huffed, a blush dusting his cheeks as he shuffled over and leant on the angel’s shoulder. The pair sat in silence for all of a few moments before the hunter turned to smirk mischievously at his angel.

“Cas, you forgot something.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Nobody - and I mean nobody - tickles a Winchester and gets away with it.” The flash of an evil grin was the last thing Cas saw before he was tackled to the cushions, hands pinned. A pair of glinting green eyes smiled down at him.

“Dean, wait - no, don’t! DEAN!”

 Needless to say, neither Cas nor Dean would get much movie-watching done that night.


::One out of many I’ve been writing all at once today, I’m so happy to have those followers to tell me that taking my time is fine. Love you guys. I don’t remember ever listing a prompt like this. This is so cute that i just had to write it.::


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This is a request from the dear @fatedeniedhope : Obviously female s/o doesn’t realize that Reaper is interested in her, she been usually a second choice for most ppl. Then actually realize his innuendo actually mean something, cue blushing and stuttering. “ I think omega would be a better choice, I’m a beta . I won’t be able to satisfy a alpha , I wouldn’t know what to do any way.” Here’s my swing at it

You fell back hard into the chair in the Talon common’s area, dragging a hand over your face with a heavy sigh. Most days, you were perfectly content and happy being a beta; it granted you a cloak of invisibility from the hyperdominant posturing of Alphas and made it easy for you to communicate and relate to Omegas without either of you feeling pressure to make a move on one another. Today, though, you wished you were anything but. Betas were ‘useful’ to have around, especially in an organization filled to the brim with more Alphas and omegas than anyone could count.

Betas could charm two Alphas into backing down without getting your throat torn out in a display of clashing dominance or cowing from their aggression like an omega might. Being a beta-O, you could approach unpaired omegas in heat and calm them down and get them to the nurse for suppressants or wait with them comfortingly until their Alpha came to retrieve them. You had separated two fights earlier that day, escorted one omega to the medbay and been absolutely assaulted and coated by the pheromones of an omega whose Alpha wouldn’t be back til that evening. An hour long shower late, plus special soap, and you still had a lingering stench of that omega on you from earlier. It would subside given time but it irritated your sense; your nose itching and sneezing every so often. Maybe a bit of holo-vids would take you mind off of it…


A shiver rolled down your spine and you prayed that he didn’t see it, but the quiet chuckle that sounded from behind you revealed otherwise. You tilted your head all the way back until you caught sight of Reaper, licking your lips unconsciously as you caught sight of him. This was a two-fold rare treat; one, seeing him in completely casual wear and two, being the focus of his attention if his eyes travelling over your body was any indicator. He wore a tight black shirt and a pair of sweats that were probably supposed to be loose but clung to his thighs hungrily. You had notices that the Reaper had been paying you special attention as of late, sharing short conversations, asking how you were doing, visiting you when you had a graveyard shift and he was on base.

But you had already quelled any hope he had any real interest in you…He was just being…polite, definitely polite. Even now, it was more than likely he was smelling the leftover vestiges of that random omega’s pheromones. Another thing to add to the ever growing list of reasons why you hated being a beta, you would never be as appealing as an omega, especially to an apex alpha like Reaper. Standing up with a sigh, you turned on your heel and forced a respectful, yet kind smile to your face.

“Hi there”, you said simply, suddenly feeling shy as you pushed a lock of hair behind your ear. His gaze was eating you up, probably because of scent you mind reminded you to crush the rise of hope that threatened to bubble up again. “Uh…how’re you?”

“Good”, he said in that low, rumbling tone of his that made you shiver again, this time not even trying to hide it. You were pinned in place as you watched the taller man dip his head down towards the side of your neck where your scent glands were and taking a deep breath. You watched him, hands balling into unsure fists at your side as you watched his scarred feature crinkle in confusion. He pulled back but didn’t stand all the way up, hovering over you slightly, the occasional tendril of smoke floating off of him. His lips twitched downward ever so slightly into a frown. “You smell different.”

“Oh”, you said quickly, lightly pulling at your shirt with a mirthless laugh and a shrug. You glanced back his way, seeing that he was still studying you with those blood red eyes of his. There were times that you wished that he wasn’t a man of such few words and expressions, the neutral scowl he had only twitching up and down every so often. It’s probably because your scent was throwing off the ‘tantalizing’ smell of someone else’s heat. “Was a referee and therapist today, y’know Jill of all trades. Seems that I can’t get Janikowski’s pheromones offa me but hey, what can you do?”

“I could help you with that.”

Gabe stood back to full height, this time a small smirk tugging at his lips as you stared up at him before you started laughing. You snorted once before dissolving into a set of giggles, shaking your head slightly and giving the Alpha a humored smirk. It was kind of him to joke with you at least a little bit, although a part of your mind loved the idea of him holding you, nuzzling you, absolutely drenching you in his heady scent. Your face burned as you shook your head again, more to dispel those thoughts and the creeping blush.

“Oh haha”, you said with a snort, even going so far as to lightly touch his shoulder, boldness accompanying your mild incredulity. “What’re you gonna do, scent me til it all goes away?”

“Exactly”, he said with a smirk, taking half a step closer to you as your jaw dropped. “You going to object?”

“Wh-What”, you stammered, tripping over your words, mouth opening and closing in shock as your face began to burn. You tried to laugh but the sound that came out of your mouth sounded more choked as your mind tried to calculate what he was saying. “Y-y-you scent m-me? Hahaha…y-you’re…you’re serious?”

This is the closest you had ever been to seeing a smile on Reaper’s face as the scared man chuckled, muscular arms crossed over his chest as he watched you. He was absolutely eating this up.

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like it”, he answered back, confident energy rolling off of him and hitting you squarely in the chest, knocking out what remained of pheromones. Sandalwood, spice and something heavier that made your tongue feel thick in your mouth, unable to talk. He leaned forward and took a half sniff, chuckling gruffly in his throat. “You smell like you’d want nothing more.”

This had to be a joke, right? Like, he couldn’t really overlook all the other, much more attractive omegas this base had to offer.

“Haha”, you forced out weakly, feeling like you might swoon at his smirk, his energy. “Wouldn’t an omega be a better choice? If you hadn’t noticed, I am a beta. I ha-haven’t been in a heat in like eight months…I won’t be able to satisfy an alpha. Not in the same way way an ‘o’ would, y’know… H-Hell, I wouldn’t know what to do anyway!”

Your hand jumped up to your mouth as you realized you had said too much, revealing that you had never laid with an alpha before. It felt like your face had been engulfed in an inferno, although your heart tugged as you saw another small smirk cross his lips as his hand reached out and grabbed your chin gently.

“Don’t worry mamita”, he stated simply, tilting your face from side to side to soak up more of your appearance. “I like you and I’d be more than happy to teach you.”

High School Days (Introduction)


 Avengers High School
Warnings: None
Notes: High School Days Masterlist. Hey guys… so here it is… the first part of my High School AU series! This is just kind of an introductory part, it’ll get into the real stuff in the next bit. Thankyou so much to everyone that helped me with ideas for this, @elegantgardenchaos, @mrs-quicksilver, @fandomcosmos and all of you that submitted your ideas! I hope you enjoy it, and your feedback is always welcomed!

“Marvel High is one of the most prestigious schools in the state, not only do we pride ourselves on furthering the academic capabilities of the bright young minds that attend this institution, but we also produce some of the most capable and hardworking young people in the country.” The balding man babbled, you think he’d said his name was Mr. Coulson, but honestly you couldn’t remember that far back into the conversation. He seemed perfectly nice, a little over enthusiastic maybe, but that wasn’t always necessarily a bad thing. Picking at the hem of your t-shirt you mindlessly nodded along to Coulson’s rant, even though in reality you’d stopped listening what seemed like hours ago. Letting your eyes drift over the multiple cases of trophies you wondered where exactly you’d fit in at this school. They seemed to have awards and prizes for everything from archery to mechanics, and from what this Coulson guy had been saying almost every student had their own specialty in which they excelled.

“Miss L/N?” The blonde woman on the reception desk called, causing your head to turn in her direction. Standing up you headed over to the desk, murmuring in acknowledgment. “Here we have your timetable, as well as a list of extra curriculars.” The lady smiled, sliding over a small pack. “Thank you.” You nodded, quickly tucking the pieces of paper under your arm. “I assume you’ve already spoken to the administrator about your electives?” She asked, glancing at the computer screen in front of her. “Oh yes, thank you.” You smiled back, nodding your head slightly. “Okay good then, is there anything else I can help you with?” The receptionist asked kindly. “Um, do you know where the student parking lot is?” You queried, brow furrowed slightly.  “Oh yes, I nearly forgot.” She smiled, quickly passing you over a map of the school. “This should help you, though if you do find yourself lost then don’t hesitate to come and find me.” Returning the ladies smile you left with a murmured thank you.

Standing on the edge of the parking lot, you glanced over your timetable. Most of your classes were fine, with the exception of Algebra (that was just going to drag.) “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” A familiar voice spoke cockily, snapping you out of your daze. “I was gonna ask you the same thing.” You smirked, looking up into the face of your best friend. “Ohh you wound me sweetheart.” He grinned, clutching his chest. “Oh yeah, I’m sure you’ll never be the same again.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes at his exaggerated actions. Pulling you into a bear hug he just chuckled as you squirmed to get free. “Get offa’ me Buck.” You giggled, pushing him away slightly. “You really know how to hurt a man’s feelings, you know that?” He smirked, looping an arm over your shoulders. “Oh yeah, might be a good idea to take you down a few pegs.” You grinned, pushing him in the stomach lightly. “So…” Bucky grinned, looking up at the large school in front of you, “You’re officially a member of Marvel High now then?” He smirked looking back down at you. “ I guess so.” You shrugged, wrapping an arm around Bucky’s waist.

Part 2

Better Luck Next Time

Prompt: While hunting a werewolf, you find you’re not the only hunter in town.
Reader Gender: Female
Character: Dean Winchester
Word Count: Somewhere around 1,900
Warnings:  Language, talk of injury & blood, nothing more than what’s on Supernatural.
Author’s Note: GIF not mine. Found on google images. Is it yours? Let me know.

Breathing low and steady, you crouched behind a large shrub, and took aim through a gap. You could hear him snarling, the werewolf, but you had failed to lay eyes on the beast. By your calculations, he was about twenty yards past the line of trees on the other side of the clearing, and should be breaking through in less than two minutes. You only knew that because of the scent you had sprayed on the plants and trees. It was your own special blend of female werewolf pheromones and human blood. What alpha werewolf could resist that?

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No, this isn’t some kind of Pokemon GO Team Instinct fic if that’s what you’re thinkin’! This just happens to be my first ever Werewolf Dean request!  Anon so kindly asked for this and what better way to post my first WolfyDean fic than as a request? :D

As anon requested, “Can you make a Werewolf Dean x Reader? With wolf thought, realizing who his mate is, etc. Thanks!”

This is before the brand split and I’ve never written a wwe werewolf character x reader fic but I’ve read a few here so hopefully those will help :>

This is gonna be one hell of a ride so I got two words for ya…

Let’s go!

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“You sure you gonna be alright for our match tonight?” Roman asked worriedly. “You don’t look too good… ” Dean snarled deeply, the sound ripping through his chest as he raised his head to glare at the Samoan with bright gold eyes.

I’m fine… ” he growled as his eyes shifted to it’s usual blue. “Wolf is just…going crazy…” Dean grunted a little as he grimaced. “…I’ll live… ” Find mate…Mate is home… “I don’t have a mate you stupid wolf…” Dean murmured sourly but Roman caught it and his eyes widened.

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anonymous asked:

There had been a bench practically taken over been plants not too far from scribs house. It looked like there was a giant pile of butterfly's on it but no, it was a very annoyed luciel covered in butterfly's "GET OFFA ME!" He flailed his arms making some of the butterfly's fly off. He hadn't noticed scribs not too far away

Scribs giggles as he walks up to Luciel. “Look at you! Butterflys love you, sure youre a demon and not an angel?” He smiles and sits next to Luciel. @omega-tom

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I please have a scenario in which Baku Todo and Izuku are walking to class and they are hugged suddenly by their younger sister ( their class took a field trip to ua ) and the 1-a classmates are all shocked since they didn't know about the younger Sister?

Bakugou was brooding and snarling to himself at lunch when Denki and Kirishima walked up and tried to converse with him. It’s not that he hated them, he would rather just not talk to anyone who was lower than he was. He was going to be the number one hero in the world, who needed friends. As soon as the bell rang Bakugou sprang up and started walking to the locker rooms, after lunch they had hero training so they would go get changed and meet All Might out on the course. He changed quickly, avoiding any more needless conversation with anybody and walked out of the locker room “KASTU!!” a shriek came from a group of what looked like children. He glared at the group of children and while most cowered in fear, there in the middle of it all, was his younger sister waving like an idiot at him. He rolled his eyes and went to turn away when he felt two tiny arms wrap around him and a face pushed into this stomach. “(Y-Y/n)! Get offa me!” he shouted and tried to get you to let go. “Nope!” you smiled stubbornly and held even tighter. By now the whole class had finished changing and was watching the predicament play out with the other children off to the side. “I told you my big brother went to school here!” you turned your head to your classmates and they all giggled or shivered from the death glare Bakugou was sending you. “I-I’m so sorry sir!” you teacher came over and tried to pry you off of him, “She is our crazy child of the group, I apologize!” “Hey! My little sister isn’t crazy, she’s passionate! Only I can call her crazy.” Bakugou growled at the teacher. “S-So she is your sister?!” the teacher’s eyes widened and let go of you. “Of course she is!” he took your hand and sent a glared at everyone around him. “I-I’m so sorry, I thought she was joking about having an older brother here. She likes to make things up sometimes, you know how funny seven year olds can be.” the teacher reached out to take you back to the group and you took their hand happily and went over to your classmates speaking very animatedly about how cool your big brother is. “She can be weird but she doesn’t lie.” he snapped at the teacher and kept walking to get to hero training. “BYE KATSUUUU!” you smiled widely at him from your class and he rolled his eyes again and waved slightly at you as he turned away. “Dude you never told me you had a little sister!” “She’s so small and cute! What happened to you?” “Why does she look up to you? She knows who you are right?” Denki and Kirishima rapid fired questions as the rest of the class laughed quietly about how he defended you and how cute you were. “Hi Deku!” was heard across the way again as Izuku came out and waved at you happily. You ran over to him with your teacher chasing behind you trying to bring you back to the group. “DEKU STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!” was heard as explosions started to go off.

Todoroki was tired, but he was always tired. He was suiting up to go to hero training when he heard what sounded like a class of children outside being given a tour. He ignored it for the most part until he stepped out of the locker room and his name was yelled across campus. He turned hid head towards the voice and saw his little sister running towards his at full speed, fire at her heels repelling her faster toward him. He braced for impact and caught you ungracefully as you swung around his neck and wrapped your legs around his torso. You were five so you weren’t heavy, your weight was simply unexpected. He steadied himself and looked at you slightly surprised, “(Y/n), what are you doing here?” he questioned and you smiled hugely at him, “My class is here for a class trip!” you squealed excitedly and bounced up and down. He laughed under his breath at your enthusiasm and turned towards your teacher who was staring at him with wide eyes, “I’m sorry! She can be a little spitfire sometimes! She likes to run around and be a little heathen, I’m sorry you were mixed up in her shenanigans this time around.” the teacher looked incredibly worried and Todoroki sighed, “She can be a handful, don’t let her run off like that. I don’t want my little sister getting lost.” he set you down while your class and you whispered to your classmates that he is your big brother and he was super cool and had fire AND ice, not just fire like you. “L-little sister?!” the teacher looked from him to you back to him again. “I apologize, I will try to make sure she doesn’t run off again.” the teacher bowed, they must have known his father. “Don’t worry about it, just keep an eye on her.” he said and knelt down to you, “(Y/n) don’t go running off without your teacher, they are stressed out enough as it is with a whole class of kindergarten children.” you nodded and hugged him again, “Okay Todo! I won’t run off unless I see something cool!” you smile and Todoroki raised an eyebrow at you, “Fiiiiine, I won’t run off at all.” you pouted and he patted your head and stood up to get to training. “Wow! I didn’t know you had a younger sister!” Izuku said and looked at you in wonder, “She’s still getting her quirk, but I think and hope it will be the same as mine. I would hate for her to only get dad’s fire.” he watched as you happily chattered with the other students in your class. “She’ll be fine Todoroki, look at her. She seems like she’ll make a great hero some day.” Iida smiled at you and you flashed a toothy grin back at him. “She is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! You better protect her when she’s older.” Uraraka laughed as she watched you bounce up and down while following your teacher. “I will. She would get lost if I didn’t protect her.” Todoroki smiled slightly as they all turned to get to training.

Izuku jumped when he heard his name shouted across the campus. Your feet barely touched the ground as you ran over to him and jumped up to give him a hug. “H-Hey (Y/n), w-what are you doing h-here?” he blushed as you nuzzled your face into his chest. “My class is on a trip here! I told them I had a big brother here and they said we might see you, but I really wanted to see you so I walked around until I found you!” you smiled and Izuku’s face went pale. “Y-You lost your class?” his eyebrows raised in worry as he looked around him for your class. “I didn’t loose them! They didn’t follow me so I left them!” you smiled at him, not seeing the issue with this. “W-We need to find your class!” Izuku exclaimed and looked around even quicker trying to see if they had come into sight in the past few seconds. “Deku, you aren’t supposed to bring brats to school.” Bakugou walked past and stuck him tongue out at you. “Shut up!” you stuck out your tongue back and flicked a rock at his head. You had inherited your mother’s quirk and could throw objects with your mind. Bakugou growled at you and then Iida came up and interrupted, “Who is this small child? Where did they come from? Are you lost? Do you need help? We need to find a teacher straight away!” you laughed at his funny arm motions and followed them with your head. “I’m not lost, I have big brother!” you smiled at Iida and he looked at Izuku surprised. “You never said you had a little sister!” Uraraka had heard the last of the conversation and walked up to you, squishing your cheeks and making you giggle at her. “Where did she come from.” Todoroki walked out of the changing rooms and glanced at you. “Sh-she got separated from her class and w-we need to get her back to them!” Izuku tried to explain. You had fallen silent as you stared at Todoroki with an intense gaze, “There was a teacher down the hallway shouting for an (Y/n), would that happen to be her?” he glanced down at you again. “Y-Yes! Did you see which way the teacher went?” Todoroki pointed and Izuku sped off to find them. “I want to touch his hair.” you said with interested eyes as Izuku took you with him to find your teacher.

“It’s funny how opposite those two are.” Uraraka laughed as she saw you wander the other way and Izuku ran back to grab your hand to prevent you from getting lost again. “She’s a brat and Deku is useless. I don’t see the difference.” Bakugou rolled his eyes and continued on his way. “She seems like a cutie, there’s no way she’s a brat.” Uraraka smacked Bakugou in the head and also continued, pulling Iida behind her so he would stop rambling to Todoroki about how he should have stopped the teacher and helped them.

Blind Faith: Chapter One

Chapter Two

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Phew! Done with the first chapter! This is my fic based on the Blind Faith AU, where Stan and Ford get stuck in the portal together. Lots o’ angst in this story. Thank you to my sister, farfallavendetta, for editing this chapter and helping make it much better!! Hope you guys like it.

Stan groaned and stirred on what felt like stone ground. What the hell happened? Was he mugged? Had he gotten beaten up again? Was he going to wake up in some alleyway stripped of his coat and shoes? No, those were still there. Stan wiggled his fingers, his toes. So far so good. Nothing really out of place, no bruises…except… He hissed as a sharp searing pain lanced through his shoulder. Then everything came crashing back on him like a tidal wave. The basement, the portal, the fight… a searing pain, the lurching feeling of seeing his brother suspended midair, then grabbing him around his waist. White light, breaking through a gelatinous membrane, a tingling sensation, then nothing.

That meant…


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Undeniable Forbidden Love

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One of my main suggestions was a Roman supernatural based one. I don’t have a specific plot but I was thinking the typical werewolf mate fic w/a spin on it where the reader is also something supernatural. Not necessarily a werewolf, maybe a vampire, it’d be your choice.

My first request! This part will NOT have smut in it. However, this is going to be a mini series, so one of the following parts will most likely have smutty smut!

Roman is the leader of his own wolf pack, they are out hunting one night, only to come face to face with a rival pack. What Roman wasn’t expecting, was that his mate was the daughter of the man that was the leader of said rival pack.

Enjoy my 2nd Fanfic I’ve ever written!

Roman took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He was sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter that was like a bar. He sipped his coffee, having a view into the living room from where he was facing forward toward the counter. This view gave him the opportunity to see that Dean and Seth were arguing again. He rolled his eyes, ignoring them as he continued to drink his coffee. “The hell are you two arguing about anyways?”

Seth shoved Dean away, growling. “Where we’re hunting tonight. Dean wants to go to a place that’s in the next territory, which is where we’d run into a rival pack, and no doubt, get some of our pack injured. He doesn’t give a fuck!”

Dean smirked, crossing his arms over his chest, “We’re a strong enough pack, Rollins. I doubt any of our members will get themselves hurt.”

Roman shrugged. “Why not try hunting where Dean wants to? We’d probably have more to hunt, right? I like it.” He nodded to Ambrose, who grinned and flipped off Rollins, only to get tackled to the ground in return, which he groaned in slight pain. “You’re nothin’ but a sore ass loser, Seth! Get your ass offa’ me!” Dean growled and shoved him off of himself and to the side.

Roman rolled his eyes, again. He was used to Dean and Seth hardly agreeing on anything. He got up and went outside, holding his coffee cup as he drank from it, looking around at the landscape. He squinted his eyes when he caught the shadow of a figure that he couldn’t quite make out. He shrugged and headed back inside, finally seeing Dean and Seth sitting and eating their lunch.

Later that night…

You were getting prepared to take the pack out for the hunt. Your father would take them out, but being he’s getting up there in age already and isn’t as fast as he used to be, he decided to give you the task. Which, of course, you accepted proudly. You saw this as your chance to make a name for yourself in the pack, otherwise everyone really only knew you as the heir to being the leader of the pack.

“Y/n! Are ya ready, lass? It’s time to go for the hunt!” Your friend, Finn yelled to you from downstairs.

You groaned and rolled your eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I’m comin’ Balor!” You grabbed the bag you had packed with spare clothes and everything for the next morning. You threw the duffel bag’s strap over your shoulder and ran down the stairs to be met by your friends, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor.

They were more than friends though, being an only child, you had always looked out for yourself, but when you were old enough to become involved with the pack, Sami and Finn were the first two to take an interest in you. From then on, they became like brothers to you, because they helped you, protected you, and definitely were there to ward off any men that they saw as trouble when it came to your love life.

When your father started showing signs of his age finally affecting him in his wolf form, they became your right hand men. Any pack meetings, they were there to help you.

“Dad, we’re heading out for the hunt!” You yelled to the kitchen, running into the room he used as his office. You kissed his cheek and ran back out before he could say anything, and he sighed. Sami and Finn stood in the doorway of his office and saw the look on your father’s face. “Don’t worry sir, we’ll make sure she’s safe.” Zayn nodded and smiled. “I know you will, that’s why I made damn sure you two were going with her tonight, being this is the first hunt she’s been in charge of.” Your father said to him. “Now go, I’m sure she’s jumping around in the car just waiting for you two.” He chuckled and they nodded, heading out to the car, sure enough, you were bouncing around in the back seat, waiting excitedly for them. “C’mon guys! We got huntin’ to do!” You grinned.

Sami and Finn both chuckled, tossing their bags in the trunk. Sami got into the driver’s seat, turning the key in the ignition. Finn climbed into the passenger seat. You gazed out your window and became entranced by your daydreams. You couldn’t lie, you were lonely, even with friends like Sami and Finn.

You sighed heavily, trying to keep your mind away from the thought of never finding your alpha. Soon enough, you arrived at your hunting grounds, only to find a few unfamiliar vehicles there. You furrowed your brows in confusion, quickly climbing out of the car. You growled and saw some men getting out of the vehicles.

Your instincts took over before you could even approach them in your human form, and soon enough, your snow white fur covered your body and your eyes had changed to their grey color. Sami and Finn stepped out of the car to see you in your wolf form already and their eyes widened, having never seen you turn so fast before.

The fur on your back was standing on end as you snarled loudly, catching the attention of the two men that were with the one you had been glaring at. Before they could act and warn their samoan leader, you had sprinted and pounced on him, catching him off guard and making him fall to the ground. You growled in his face, your paws on his pecs as your eyes met.

Roman was about to react, but soon his nostrils were filled with an intoxicating, sweet smell that honestly aroused him almost instantly. His eyes rolled back as he tried to snap out of his hypnotic state. “D-Do any of you smell that..?” He groaned as he actually had started forming a tent in his jeans.

Sami, Finn, Dean, and Seth all looked at each other, then down at you and Roman, and shook their heads no in response.

Roman groaned as he laid his head back, you were still growling in his face. You silenced your growls once you smelt his arousal. Thinking it through, remembering the affect a mate would have on her alpha, being the men had told you plenty of times, mostly your father. Also remembering what your thoughts were on the way here, you had observed the raven haired Samoan’s reaction from the moment you pounced on him to right now.

You began to think everything through, trying to connect the pieces. You stared into the man’s eyes, his were a bluish gray, which wasn’t far off from the hue that your eyes were. Everything around you soon began to fade away as if you were the only two there.

Dean looked at Sami and Finn. “That your leader? Wanna tell ‘im to get offa’ our alpha?”

Sami laughed. “I would, but I’d rather not be a victim to her wrath for invading on her when she’s trying to keep our territory safe.”

Seth’s eyes widened. “Her? I thought the leader for this territory was a male?” Sami nodded. “Our alpha is her father. He’s not as fast as he used to be, so he gave her the task. It’s her first time leading a hunt, and man, she’s not a weak one like most of the pack thought.” Finn nodded, taking out his phone and snapping a picture of you pinning down the large samoan, sending it to your father.

Your tail began to wag happily as you suddenly felt the man’s strong hands gently petting your fur. He leaned in and took another breath in of your scent and groaned, his eyes rolling back in bliss. “G-Guys.. The scent that’s affecting me is coming f-from her..” You moved to his lap, giving him the ability to sit up and hold you close, burying his face in your fur as he continued to take in your hypnotizing aroma.

Dean looked at Seth, confused. Seth was the one that did the most research and knew more about how werewolves worked than even most werewolves knew.

Seth rolled his eyes at Dean. “I think our alpha just found his mate. That smell that has him so weak and not willing to fight her off, is usually the scent of a mate. When we find our mate, the smell from them is intoxicating enough to excite us and make us vulnerable, but it can also make us very protective of what is ours.”

When you heard the man say that the scent can excite them, you tilted your head in confusion as you looked at him as the man held you close, savoring your sweet scent.

Seth understood the part you showed confusion at and crouched down to look into your eyes. “When I say the scent can excite us, I mean in all ways, but it excites us the most.. sexually.”

When he finished that statement, you finally realized something poking your back end, squirming free from the man. All of them looked at you in confusion, then you pointed your muzzle towards his crotch, showing the tent to all of them.

Dean grinned, “Well! Looks like Roman’s got himself his mate then, huh Seth?”

You heard his name and wagged your tail happily, finally knowing the name of your alpha. The alpha that you thought you’d never find.

Roman growled and covered himself. He gazed at you curiously, causing you to tilt your head in confusion, which made him chuckle. “You’re so damn cute when you do that.. I just wish I would’ve seen you in your human form before your wolf took over to protect your territory.” He bit his lip, getting on his knees. You jumped up so your front paws rested on his chest as you stood on your hind legs, licking his cheek gently. He smiled widely, using his thumbs to gently rub your cheeks, causing you to close your eyes as you enjoyed the tenderness he was showing.

Sami and Finn watched this, they weren’t too sure if they could trust Roman. They knew they had to give him a chance, but he was the leader of a rival pack. The only reason they’d give him a chance, was to see if he really could make you happy. So far, your first meeting with you as a wolf, and him as a human, was definitely showing that he could make you happy.

The next morning…

You slowly woke up, being snuggled between Finn and Sami, enough room in between where it wouldn’t be awkward, being they were like brothers to you. You slowly sat up and rubbed your eyes, covering yourself slightly, making your way to the car, grabbing your duffle bag from the back seat. You quickly pulled on your undergarments, and your jeans. You heard movement from a car nearby and you turned your head quickly to investigate. You pulled on your shirt and slowly walked towards the rustling, finding Roman laying there in his jeans as he slept. You figured he must’ve woken up earlier and pulled the jeans on, then fell back asleep.

You smiled softly, remembering the events of the previous night. You crouched down, gently running your fingers along his arm, tracing the tattoo that was there, biting your lip shyly when you felt his muscle flex under your touch as he slept.

You were soon brought out of your thoughts when you saw him open his eyes. His gaze didn’t meet yours, as his instinct of being prepared to defend himself kicked in, and you were soon pinned to the ground roughly, being under him. He growled a bit loudly, but he finally looked into your eyes, and taking in a breath, your familiar scent flooded his senses. He bit his lip as he moved a hand to caress your cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb. “So this is you in your human form.. No wonder your wolf form is so beautiful…” He paused, realizing he’d never even learned your name, he looks at you.

You smiled softly, getting the hint. “Y/n. My name is Y/n..” You said softly. He smiled and nodded. “God, you’re so beautiful…” He took your face in both of his hands, using his thumbs to stroke your cheeks gently. “I have such a gorgeous mate.. I never thought I’d even be blessed with a mate but here you are…” He said softly.

You giggled softly, biting your lip as you gazed into his eyes. “And I never thought I’d have an alpha.. But here you are..” You smiled brightly.

Roman chuckled softly and got off of you before sitting back and pulling you into his lap as he had his back against the side of the car that he arrived in. He cradled your face in one hand, pulling you in close to him. He glanced at you for any sign of hesitation, and finding none, he smiled. Roman pressed his lips against yours in a deep kiss, testing the waters before he gets too into it but as he went to break the kiss, you raised your hand. You tangled your fingers in his hair, keeping him in place as you added passion into the kiss. Your bold action ended up earning a groan of pleasure from him into the kiss.

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