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2018: Rise of the TMNT

Looks like we’re getting a new cartoon earlier than I thought. Nickelodeon is gonna launch “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (working title) in autumn 2018. 2D animation, mystical elements, probably will blend the humor of the 2003 series and the 2012 series.

So this means all new fanfiction and all new headcanon. We get to start over.

So, I started in the fandom when I was nine years old in 1988. I’ll most likely stay in the fandom when I’m postmenopausal. I’ll read forum posts by teenagers and adolescents who will still complain about other fans complaining, and I will totally resist the urge to giggle and say shit like “When I was your age we only had mailing lists and there was no social media! But we still yelled at each other over shipping.”

Like, will they even know what Mirage is? Will they remember the great Capritello fan fights? The Shiniangelo Saga according to Greg Cipes and Gwendoline Yeo? The Battle Nexus championship? The battles over why Leonardo always kills the Shredder? The debate over the cartoons being “for kids” even as the original comics were for adults? Which version of Michelangelo was the least stupid? Whether or not Donatello had a personalized stress relief outlet nobody ever saw? Whether or not there will always be a Klunk?

I’ll still be here.

so like……..i want to live on my own in a small shack by a lake in the woods, human contact limited to having the groceries delivered & taking my cats to the vet. but like……..i want everyone to know that thats what im doing. i want to be a household name whos changed the lives of thousands whose personal details are common knowledge whom everyone considers the best in their field. but i want to be…..alone in a field. my ideal me is sipping hot chocolate, painting the scenery, stroking my two-dozen cats, enjoying a silence that stretches for weeks. while also being mind-bogglingly famous. do you understand my dilemma

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you have too much free time but not enough free time at the same time

Somewhat, I do have a lot of free time rn (I took a gap year before college so I could work as much as possible and save money), so that’s pretty accurate!

Boundaries - A Short DBZ RP Fanfiction

Based on the AU played with @inauspiciious. Thirteen tries to explain romantic boundaries to a man who often never respects them.

One cannot call Bojack ‘naive,’ not in the sense that his knowledge is innocently lacking. After all, Thirteen knows that this alien is a cold-blooded killer, his remorse sorely diminished from years of embracing an almost demonic lust for blood and conquering. Unfortunately, Bojack also has few qualms flirting with others (which, given his violent introduction to earthlings, stuns Thirteen; a threat is a threat, after all, no matter how handsome).

Given his humble and somewhat conservative, Southern upbringing, Thirteen’s discomfort bubbled to palpable proportions. Finally, he manages to get Bojack to sit down at a quiet little cafe (apparently, coffee reminds Big Teal of something called ‘kehah’ or ‘keyach’ and actually mellows him out) and talk.

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Full Transcript of The Next Star Wars Movie
  • *Rey shows up on Luke's mountain*
  • Luke: I literally came here to not see people wtf are you doing here?
  • Rey: You're my dad, right? Tumblr seems to think so.
  • Luke: What the fuck? Like I'd leave my own kid stranded on a planet.
  • Rey: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
  • Luke: You are NOT my daughter, I promise you that. Now, I'll just show you some force stuff and get you off my mountain.
  • Rey: Whateves fine.
  • *training begins*
  • ---
  • *Finn and Poe just chilling*
  • Finn: So you date any girls around here?
  • Poe: Girls aren't my...thing.
  • Finn: Are you gay?
  • Poe: Yeah...
  • Poe: wut
  • Finn: I LOVE YOU MAN
  • *they kiss*
  • ---
  • *R2D2 and BB8 hanging out*
  • R2D2: Beeeeeep beeeep bleep
  • BB8: *blushes* Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
  • ----
  • *Rey and Kylo fighting*
  • Rey: I'm sorry for breaking your face with my saber, Kylo. I must say, it does make you look hotter.
  • Kylo: It's no big deal, scars are emo. Wanna make out? Fighting is useless.
  • Rey: Sure, why not.
  • *they kiss*
  • ---
  • *very very very end of movie. Hux quietly enters a pet store.*
  • Hux: That one.
  • *Millicent purrs and climbs in his arms. Hux stalks out of the store, cat in arm.*
  • The End

When I see people complaining about the flaws in Eurus’ plan (i.e. how did she get that fake cell put up, etc.) I find myself laughing because I’m the daughter of an architect. I’m the granddaughter of an architect. I’ve grown up playing with Barbie dolls while on building sites. Architects and builders do not give a shit what they’ve been commissioned to build. They see it in terms of extensions, refurbishments, what walls need to be knocked down, what dimensions can be fitted, etc. etc. What you do with it is your business.

This is probably how the conversation would’ve gone down:

Governor: We need you to build a fake cell at the bottom of the garden, facing the house. You will be paid handsomely for your discretion.

Architect: So, it’s like a studio. What dimensions are the garden?

Builder: I’ve done small bathrooms, I’m cool with anything.

Honestly, the only thing that could’ve stopped Eurus is planning permission.

67.) Marco made the mistake of asking Jean to play Until Dawn with him. Jean screamed at practically every jump-scare, and hid his face in the couch every time a Wendigo appeared. Needless to say, Marco was the one to make all of the choices as Jean continuously yelled for everyone to “–just get off the damn mountain already, oh my fucking god!”

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Here's my prompt: There are no fireplaces in the bunker and Oliver makes an off-hand comment to John while training about not having a place to hang his stocking which Felicity overhears via the intercom.

okay so I know that I said I was starting this countdown tomorrow but I was actually able to split one of my prompts into 2 days and start earlier :) (tomorrow will be the previously promised neighbors au, I wanted to get this one up before tomorrow night’s episode) thank you so much for sending in this prompt, enjoy!

“Well it’s not like there’s anywhere down here for me to hang my stocking.”

Felicity paused what she was working on as her ears perked up to the conversation echoing through the bunker that she had been previously tuning out.

“And maybe if I just ignore the holidays, nothing terrible will happen to anyone this year.”

The sound of the escrima sticks hitting each other punctuated his words and she frowned.

“Man you love Christmas though.”

“Because it always brought with it good memories of celebrating with my family before everything changed, and some almost normalcy to my life. But I also love not getting kicked off of a mountain or having to rescue my friends from a psychopath or holding my fia—holding Felicity while she bleeds out in the middle of the street.”

She stiffened in her chair, almost afraid she suddenly wouldn’t be able to feel her toes as memories flashed through her mind. The past two Decembers certainly hadn’t exactly been the merriest and—she looked down at her empty ring finger— and even the good parts had been tarnished, but that was no reason to avoid celebrating the holidays this year.

Because Oliver deserved at least an attempt at a Christmas without anything traumatic happening.

Because she needed to pretend that everything was normal and fine and that her heart wasn’t hurting as she thought about how much had changed since last year.

While everyone was trickling out for the night, she tugged Curtis and Rory aside.

“I need you guys to help me with something.”

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Two fanmixes exploring Bill & Ford as they go their separate ways. || Thanks to washingtub​ for giving me some song suggestions for Ford’s side!

Side A: Bill Cipher // We Had A Deal || “A deal’s a deal, Sixer. You can’t stop the bridge between our worlds from coming. But it would be fun to watch you try! Cute, even!”

1. All The Same To Me ▲ Anya Marina || 2. Cigarette Daydreams ▲ Cage The Elephant || 3. Becky ▲ Be Your Own PET || 4. For The Damaged Coda ▲ Blonde Redhead || 5. Black Sheep ▲ Metric || 6. Short Change Hero ▲ The Heavy || 7. Marked Man ▲ Mieka Pauley || 8. Lake Pontchartrain ▲ Ludo || 9. Bones ▲ MS MR || 10. I’m Gonna Win ▲ Rob Cantor || 11. Plastic Soul ▲ This World Fair || 12. No Children ▲ The Mountain Goats

Side B: Stanford Pines // Getting The Devil Off My Shoulder || “I’d been betrayed.”

1. Somebody’s Watching Me ▼ Anna Waronker || 2. Dear Fellow Traveler ▼ Sea Wolf || 3. Little Room ▼ The White Stripes || 4. Dread In My Heart ▼ Mother Mother || 5. Hermit the Frog ▼ Marina and the Diamonds || 6. Ugly Heart ▼ G.R.L. || 7. Vegas Lights ▼ Panic! At the Disco || 8. Willow Tree March ▼ The Paper Kites || 9. The Only Way Out ▼ Bush || 10. Cough Syrup ▼ Young the Giant || 11. Help I’m Alive ▼ Metric || 12. Miss Missing You ▼ Fall Out Boy  

creepy man

deathbydrpepper submitted: 

 I went outside to smoke a cig and piss like i normally do at night. And i saw flashing lights on the mountain. And walked off my porch to get a better view of them. i turned and looked at the lightpost on the corner of my street and saw a man just standing there. i turned my porch light off to piss. when i went to turn it back on, i i saw he was right at my driveway. all i could think was how the fuck did he get there so fast. finished my cig and closed the door. being paranoid i looked from my window to see if he was still there.  he was at my fucking porch! i woke my mum up and told her about him. she called the cops. i looked out the window again. nothing. got in my car to check around. nothing. light post just turned off. and another one turns on. he is there. fuck, im not going to sleep tonight.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I hope he’s not standing behind you right now… 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!