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I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

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Layer gifs of best Hannibal art

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I joined the fandom just this May and I’ve felt so welcome. Onward to a bloody new year! 

I hate that trope of characters who are like “oh being poor doesn’t scare me” like okay I’ve been financially unstable and lived in an economically depressed area most of my life and it scares the daylights out of me bc I know some of the consequences

like…this isn’t about how hard I’ve had it bc there’s loads of people who had it much harder, it’s about the fact that I /hate/ when people who have never really experienced financial hardships bad enough to compromise their ability to afford basic necessities romanticise poverty as somehow ~simple and ~wholesome in contrast to the ostensibly exhaustingly complex lifestyles of the rich

it’s not simple it’s complicated and difficult and can severely impact your mental and physical health and making it seem all rosy-tinted is just another way for rich people to make themselves feel better about wealth inequality

one of my favorite MBMBaM things is when Justin gets so enthralled by his brothers’ banter that he forgets to contribute

like, Griffin and Travis really get on a tear about something, and after a couple of minutes, they realize Justin hasn’t been saying anything

and they’re going “Justin???? are you dead???”

and you just hear Justin giggle and say, “you guys are funny. this is a funny show”


From the Paolo Sebastian X exhibit at the adelaide art gallery

I didn’t think that I would have the reaction to the final gown that I did.  It’s a ballgown in pink with these beautiful delicate rose branch and flowers.  (I’m not really a pink person.  Or a ball gown person)
But my reaction was  hard to describe. I found the way it stood within the circle of flowers so ethereal and beautiful  and then I contrasted it with the two boxed dioramas which you can see in one of the room shots.
Those dioramas are of war and death and are both dark and confronting and the way that they contrasted with this beautiful gown.  Idk it just got to me. If I go to heaven then I want a dress like this one please XD
Flowers are reminders of life and death given as a gesture of love whether to a friend, or left on a grave.

Future Voltron episode

Imagine a future episode, maybe next season maybe even later (the later in the series the better honestly).

It starts off with them on some planet, maybe they just saved it or are just kinda visiting it, and just kind of wandering around with the locals.

  • one of the paladins notices a shady looking dude just kinda lurking in the crowd
  • a local tells them that he is a notorious bounty hunter
  • so the paladins keep an eye on him
  • suddenly no one has eyes on him and they can’t get a hold of Hunk
  • they finally see the bounty hunter dragging Hunk aboard his ship and taking off
  • they all run back to the castle and their lions to follow him
  • the team is mad as hell btw. how dare this bounty hunter try and take a member of voltron
  • unfortunately the bounty hunter’s ship is really fast and even the red lion is having trouble keeping up, but is just about to reach the ship–

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I don’t think we talk enough about the fact that Leorio’s nen abilities aren’t just for punching assholes in the face

They serve a  medical purpose  (no equipment required= low cost, so he can most likely afford to treat patients for free)

If he could develop this ability and eliminate internal tumors completely…

Leorio could detect and cure cancer, and do it for free.
Help me eat while i go to school pls

Sooo if any of yall want to send me gift cards so i can eat while at school here my amazon wishlist tho a couple of things are just things i want or for my art if yall want to help me there too¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ETA: Ill do small art pieces for you if you want you can check it ouy on my ig (nahnopedenada) or my art blog @doddlesart which has a lot if my older sthff and slowly adding newwer things


pleakley’s doubled in weight over the past couple weeks and is officially a FatBaby™ ❤️

a couple food opinions i just really need to get off my chest: brownies are the superior dessert, and that’s just a fact. also i would die for chips and salsa. that’s all i have to say for now good day

I don’t actually post much about myself, but I guess this is my blog. Panic attacks are scary. You’re just laying there trying to fall asleep and then you’re suddenly it feels like your chest is about to catch on fire. Mine are primarily physical symptoms that tend to very closely mimic those of a heart attack. Which I’m not having, but in the moment you’re not thinking right and you have to convince yourself that you’re not actually dying. It’s a chore. I’ve gotten so that I can recognize when it’s starting and with deep breathing pretty much keep it from getting worse, but the feeling kind of lingers for awhile, lurking and just waiting for you to stop concentrating on breathing.

I don’t know what I’m worrying about right now. Usually it’s my health. I have an irrational fear that when I get sick I’m going to be really sick, when in fact I’m in quite good health and in the care of some very skilled health care professionals. My asthma flared up a bit in the past few days, but that’s controllable. Am I worrying about school? I don’t know. There is some uncertainty about what I’ll be doing for the summer session, but I should be happy because I ended the 2nd semester with 4 As. Really that’s something I should be proud of. Getting straight As in grad school is nothing to scoff at. Maybe I’m worried about working after I finish school. I definitely am nervous about getting a job and then being on my own more or less, but that’s still a ways off. Maybe I’m worrying about being alone and not feeling wanted. I never dated anyone seriously in university and I feel like I really messed up there and don’t really know what to do now. I’m shy in person and make friends very slowly. Online I’m outgoing and strike up conversations with people all the time, but in person I don’t know what to do. I’m scared I’ll be alone and not wanted. I know this is irrational because it’s not true, but I worry about it.

I guess by writing this all down it helps me figure out what I’m panicking about. Maybe this helps someone else too.


Pairing: ReaderXRoman (Hemlock Grove)

Prompt: After spending the night with Roman you wake up to an unhappy Ms. Godfrey who snaps at you only to have Roman snap back.

A/N: I feel like the Hemlock Grove fandom gets ignored a lot because it isn’t a super popular TV show but I’m gonna show it some love!

By: Claire

You woke to the sound of a heart beating in your right ear and a strong arm wrapped around your waist. You knew where you were, you knew what had happened, and you couldn’t help but let a small smile come onto your face. Your eyes fluttered open and you shifted your body only to hear the groan of Roman and feel the arm tighten around you.

“Morning.” you chuckled, not fighting his grip on you and letting your head rest back on his bare chest.

“Good morning beautiful.” Roman said in his raspy morning voice. You lifted up your hand and began to trace small doodles on his chest, knowing his eyes were following your finger and knowing he had a small smile on his face.

“Any plans for today?” you asked after a moment of peaceful silence.

“I was thinking I would spend it with you.” he smiled. You shifted your head to look up at him, looking at the grin that you rarely saw due to his troubled life.

“Well in that case, I’m going to get some food so you don’t hear my stomach going off the entire day.” you chuckled before pushing your body up and kissing him gently before standing up and throwing on a t-shirt. “Want anything?”

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“No, I’ll be down as soon as I put some pants on.” he spoke, watching you closely as the fabric fell over your skin. You exited his large bedroom and made your way down the stairs and into the kitchen, jumping when you saw Shelley sitting at the kitchen table.

“Shelley, you gave me a heart attack.” you giggled, holding your chest with one hand and clutching the counter with the other. A big smile came onto her face as she reached down to type on her speaker.

“Did you spend the night with my brother?” the machine asked in its robotic and feminine voice.

“Yes I did.” you blushed slightly, only feeling a bit awkward about telling Shelley, his younger sister, about what had happened. 

“Good.” the voice responded and Shelley’s smile grew even bigger.

“Do you want anything?” you asked reaching up into the cupboard and taking out an empty glass before walking over to the sink and filling it with water.

“Can you hand me the butter?” her voice asked. You turned to see the tub of butter sitting on the counter and grabbed it, walking it over to her and then returning to the counter. 

“What are you doing in my house?” a sudden regal sounding voice asked from the doorway of the kitchen. 

You turned to see Ms. Godfrey standing, her face red from anger. You had nothing to say, you simply looked at Shelley quickly for backup, but she too had no words. 

“I don’t allow rats in my house, get out before I slit your throat and leave you to bleed out.” she threatened moving quickly up so she was in your face. It was only then that she saw you in Roman’s shirt with only your underwear on under it. “You bitch.” she spat before slapping you hard across the face.

“Mother!” you heard a stern voice shout from behind the two of you. Ms. Godfrey turned to see Roman standing in the center of the kitchen. “Get away from her.” you felt Ms. Godfrey back away slightly, so you took the advantage and slid away from her and ran over to Roman who grabbed your arm and pulled you behind him. 

“Roman, you can’t defend that vermin.” Ms. Godfrey spat, seeing the way her son showed care towards you and knowing that it wasn’t the same care that he showed to her or Shelley.

“I can and I will, now leave us be.” Roman said once again, his grip still strong on you. Ms. Godfrey glared for a moment more before finally backing away and exiting the kitchen, leaving you, Roman, and Shelley alone.

“Are you okay?” Roman asked a moment after she left, turning around and releasing his grip on your arm, bringing both his hands up to examine your red cheek.

“I’m fine, I’ve been slapped before.” you chuckled, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. 

“I apologize for my mother’s behavior, she doesn’t take kindly to many people.” he spoke in a hushed voice as though Shelley couldn’t hear. “I won’t let her get to you again, I promise.” he smiled before wrapping his arms around your waste and pulling you in for a kiss.

“Ew.” the machine voice said causing you both to stop and look at Shelley who was smiling. She knew Roman was happy with you, and considering how unhappy he had been in the past, it made her happy as well.

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